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  2. JeffreyL

    Farmer Wren

    I am a little embarrassed I thought Wren was not a very interesting/likeable character in chapter one. Coming home has shown a whole different side of him. I am excited to see what he and Caleb accomplish with Pawpaw's gift! I should have had more faith in your ability to tell a good story. Thanks.
  3. Your ramblings as you call them jp are more like you taking stock of things you want and or need to be aware of to move forward successfully. It seems to me you've got a good handle on what needs handling and or awareness of. Good for you, my friend.
  4. drogon

    Slothin' It

    Awwww😍that has just made my morning beyond cute😻😻
  5. Today
  6. Sometimes Mike is looking extremely NAIVE
  7. Wait, Lemony Snicket is an alumni?! To answer your question, yes, I like groups like Libera, and the American Boychoir School. Sadly, the latter group apparently shut down after filing for bankruptcy in 2017. I have a lot of different interests in music, but I guess I got "tunnel vision" for the younger artists after I met my kid brother-in-law.
  8. Awesome chapter. I’m glad that Vlad is able to enjoy spending time with his father and family when they are able to come to the apartment where Boris lives. The idea of going to the banya or bath house and Vlad had chosen to take Boris on a paid day so that they would have more eye candy to look at than just old men. From the description that Vlad used it appears to have been a great visit as they saw all kinds of different sizes of men who were at the same bath as they were. I think it’s great that Aiden was able to take Katrina along with him as he went to purchase the various tickets for the performances they planned to go see. Katrina was also able to taste her first Big Mac, fries and a drink with Aiden.
  9. Excellent chapter com.
  10. jaysalmn

    Chapter 12

    Umm, technically they aren't step anything. If I remember correctly, sperm donor and Linda are not married. Playing house doesn't mean they are all of a sudden family. FURTHERMORE, I haven't said anything bad about Freddie OR Harley. I feel they have suffered collateral damage in sperm donor's fucked up attempt at being a father. Suggesting that they all go on another outing another time and letting Richie and Andrew have their time together is not showing vitriol towards them.
  11. Yeah. I'm still crying in my beer over that.
  12. and one for Samantha
  13. Thanks A. Greatly appreciated. Hope all is well. Sorry about your team bud. 🤗
  14. Parker Owens


    You put us in the scene so well; the photo shoot is vividly etched in my mind’s eye. And how is Nathan ever going to let Jaymes go?
  15. Hang in there, jp. I got faith in you.
  16. Hey Guys, I want to thank all who have reached out. It’s greatly appreciated. Even if I don’t verbalize it. Update on my anxiety progress. There’s been noticeable improvement with my anxiousness on the new meds. I’m not obsessing on everything said and done. Going out is proving difficult, but I am going out. Keeping a routine to help overcome my recent fear. While meds address my anxiety... They have shown some side affects. Disconnected and in the clouds. Leaves me feeling like I have no control. Lack of concentration has been extremely difficult... Especially when I’m accustomed to a strict, structured life. While I do my daily meditation and lists, focus dictates everything. I’ve been struggling to write. The one thing I always turn to, but I’ve hit a block. Writing journal has felt like a chore, because I hear therapist on repeat. A very dear friend asked me to write something. I’m working on it. I appreciate her effort in me finding motivation and inspiration. My therapist told me to write what you know. I have been having difficulties verbalizing. Until today. Ah-ha moment. Accountability has been thrown out a lot lately. My therapist telling me to be accountable to her and myself. Writing an email today brought out this word again. I’m being accountable by writing what I know. Accountability weaves through all that I am. I thrive, and survive on it. My lifestyle depends on me being accountable. My focus depends on me being accountable. My confidence depends on me being accountable. Everything depends on it. Sorry for the rambling, but a brief moment found my voice. That’s progress for today.
  17. Defiance19


    It takes me a while, but it’s always a pleasure to catch up with the boys, CG. I feel like I’m part of something big that’s about to happen as I read. It’s nice to see how they are just all there for each other. That was my first thought, but Gary nailed it. They really are each other’s support..
  18. Hello Everyone, It's been a while and I hope everyone is doing well! I'm trying to reminiscence a very old story that I read a long time ago. It's about a boy who decided to go to SF because he was gay and wanted to find himself and gay culture. While on the bus to visit his brother, he meets a soldier and starts a relationship with him. After the soldier leaves for the army and visiting his brother, he hitched hiked to SF but along the way he met these people in a camp somewhere. Once at SF he realize that not everyone is kind(nice?) as he thought at SF. He thought that just because you're gay there will be a gay culture or gay group that he would be accepted in SF. Thanks.
  19. I agree, let kids be kids, unless they follow their father into the same sport, once at the college level. Even then, everyone should be fair about it.
  20. Are you a fan of choruses like the San Francisco Boys Chorus?
  21. Pmsingtiger

    Slothin' It

    Omg it did!! @Timothy M. I'm writing a new chapter right now 😍
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