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  2. Looking forward to a week on Crete. Sun and sea! Will be nice! 

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      Have a great time! 

  3. I'm delighted that Robbie is opening up to Jo, and that seeing her is making him feel better. I hope he does tell Don what Jo said about Symmonds. (I'll have to back and check the exact wording.) At least Nathan made an effort, and I guess he does care a bit about Robbie.
  4. Jo managed to get all of Robbie’s major secrets out! She’s amazingly good. I would have expected Robbie to drag this process out for closer to a year. But maybe that’s just me and my stubborn reluctance to expose myself to a therapist… ;–) I wonder how long before Robbie’s little prank question about buying a gun produces an uncomfortable response from the authorities? In the US, that sort of question might prompt a police investigation, complete with a search warrant! Donnie-boy would love having his reputation smirched by a police raid on his house. ;–)
  5. The Fly

    IOI Chapter 1

    Nice start to the story And glad that I finally found the missing link.
  6. I'm imagining Cupid chuckling at how perfectly his arrow hit Hymen the moment the youngster saw Kathros. Hopefully, his mother Aphrodite will look upon his prayer with favor. At least his best friend did try to help out with what he knew about the girl.
  7. In Houston right now. The traffic is intense.

  8. I can understand Max's (and Aeriol's) reaction to hearing the news of the deaths of the two German boys. I can remember a feeling of sadness the first time someone I knew died (or at least someone too young to be expected to die). In my case I was only about twelve years old, and it was a boy the same age as me who had been run down by a car, and who had been my next door neighbour before we had moved house a few years earlier. I think it was the first time in my life that I learned to accept my own mortality. Nate is still a bit of an enigma to me. But the fact that it seems that he deliberately called round to see Max as soon as he got back off holiday feels like a good sign. I'll be interested to find out what it is that Nate said he wanted to talk to Max about... I'm almost sad to learn that Geoffrey is intending to move to Brazil and live there almost permanently. Seems like Max may be losing his confidant. And I'm looking forward to reading what happens at Jules' house party... Great chapter, and great story, @Talo Segura!
  9. One problem is gone, the next problem arrived with Don being home. I hope Don let Robbie see Jo. A good chapter Dodger i hope the next chapter will be here soon.
  10. According to The Big Bang Theory, incorrectly as it turns out, rabbit testicles are located above the penis. Sheldon Cooper’s pedantic urges did not extend to correctly pronouncing Japanese names. He was also wrong when he stated that four state capitals are not served by the US Interstate system. His writers did not fact-check all of his statements.
  11. Sorcerer

    Chapter 27

    It is very nice to see a side of Jamie he doesn't readily let out. That he cares, not just for Eli, but his sisters, dad, and friends. That's real for him. Finally picked up that the story is named for Eli, not Jamie. Velocity is Eli, and he is really the handle around which everything else revolves, even if told from Jamie's point of view. Nice work.
  12. 😎…..……….And just like a bad recurring dream, Don is back. Lets see how he has changed in the absence,,,, or not! Rob is getting great counseling, I hope Jo takes a stab at Don soon! Great chapter!
  13. The following song came to my mind when part of my reply to a reader's question about one of the characters in one of my GA stories finished with the words "Sometimes some of the questions we may ask in life just never get answered."
  14. Oh hot damn! The asshole showed up. But now I want the next chapter! This willdefinetely be worth the wait!!
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  16. Thank you, Rick. I think that's the greatest praise a fanfic writer can get. I'm so glad you enjoyed enough to leave a comment.
  17. I can remember reading Sky's the Limit shortly after joining GA, at a time when I rarely left likes or comment. It was good to revisit this great story. I'd love to read the sequel mentioned in the last chapter.
  18. The first snowfall of the winter dumped over a foot of the crisp, white stuff in a vast swathe across Southern Ontario. The power was back on, and the house was warm, but I was in no hurry to drag myself out of a comfortable bed. With Daniel still asleep on the other side of the room, this would have been prime wanking time for any normal sixteen-year-old, but not me. The sudden loss of my sexual appetite had left me with a shocking amount of free time on my hands. More time than I needed for all of my other hobbies combined and it made me think. I was busy doing the math, trying to work out how many hours had been lost to self-gratification over the years when I was interrupted by Sue’s shrill voice calling me to the phone. I leapt from my bed and ran upstairs to the kitchen in a panic, wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. “It’s Jo,” said Sue as she handed me the phone at arm’s length and looked disapprovingly at my flimsy attire. Amy thought it was funny, so I poked my tongue at her and smiled bashfully at Sue before turning my back on them. Just as Daniel predicted, the buses had been cancelled, and there was no school, but my appointment with Jo would go ahead as planned. She called to ask if she could pick me up at one. “I think that’ll be okay,” I looked across the kitchen at Sue, and she nodded before I could ask. “Yeah, I’ll be ready at one o’clock.” I put the phone down and then winced as Nicola slapped my back on her way past. She laughed as I looked for something to throw at her, but Sue was watching. “Did you see what she just did?” “Well, maybe you should put some clothes on then, dear?” “I didn’t have time to get dressed. I was still in bed when you called me!” “Why didn’t she just call you on your cell phone?” asked Nicola. “How do I know?” I glared at my sister and then spun around in a huff, jarring my funny bone on the counter. “FUCK! Look what you made me do.” I was hoping for some sympathy as I dropped to my knees, holding my elbow, but all they did was laugh at my melodramatic performance. It was an all too familiar scenario. The more annoyed I became, the more they would laugh at me, but this time, I managed to surprise everyone, including me by joining in with a little giggle at my own expense. Controlling my temper wasn’t easy, but I enjoyed the response. Even Nicola was lost for words as I picked myself up, rubbed my arm and walked to the stairs with a wink and a suggestive slap on my butt. It made them laugh, but six months earlier, I would have died of embarrassment. It was one of the positive things that had come from living with a family, which I rarely gave any thought to. I had no reason any more to feel self-conscious about my body. I returned half-an-hour later dressed for the artic and sat down next to Nicola. “You're all, or nothing aren’t you?” she said, and I removed my ski mask and put it on Amy. “I didn’t realise your counsellor was a woman,” said Sue. “She sounds really nice.” I knew then why Jo called the house phone. There was a logical reason behind everything she did, and on this occasion, it allowed her to talk to Sue and gather a little more information. I shared a look with my sister; she knew what I was thinking. “She is nice,” I said. “You’ll probably get a chance to meet her this afternoon.” ‘This is going to be funny’. I couldn’t wait to see Sue’s face when Jo showed up, but it wasn’t to be. By lunchtime, she was back in her room with another headache, and I was outside helping my brother clear the driveway. * * * “She needs to see a doctor,” said Daniel as he pushed another shovel of snow against the fence and stopped to catch his breath. His rosy cheeks made him look healthy and vibrant, and despite a runny nose, unusually clean. He wiped the snot on his sleeve and breathed into my face. “Are you even listening to me?” “Yes, but she works at the hospital, there are plenty of doctors there.” “I know, but she probably won't say anything to anyone.” Sue’s bedroom was directly above the garage so I edged closer to him so we couldn’t be overheard. Close enough to smell the toothpaste on his frozen breath. “What do you think her problem is?” I already had my answer, it wasn’t difficult to work out, but I wanted to hear it from Daniel. “Dad!” It wasn’t exactly news to me. I had been picking up on it for months. The gradual appearance of cracks in the hitherto smooth walls of Don’s supposedly flawless castle. It didn’t surprise me. Sue’s attempts to hide her marital problems from her offspring were ineffective, and Daniel and Nicola were too old to be fooled anymore. Don’s continued absence and his attempts to force his outdated values on a family unwilling to live in the stone age had only fuelled dissent. Now Daniel—his only probable ally at home—had, unsurprisingly, joined Nicola in the ranks of the opposition and Don’s fate was sealed. His heavy-handed approach and stubborn refusal to listen to anyone with a different opinion made him dislikeable, but until recently he still commanded respect within the family. It was a tenuous position which relied heavily on Sue’s compliance, and that was no longer guaranteed. It looked as if I might not need Jo’s help to get rid of Don. He was doing a pretty good job of it himself. As his influence began to wane and the threat level diminished, I found it increasingly difficult to hate him. There was a time when I wouldn’t have pissed on him if he was on fire, but he was still my mom’s brother, and that had to count for something. I yelled and dropped my shovel as Daniel pretended to whisper in my ear, before grabbing my coat and forcing a handful of snow down the back of my neck. The ice, lodged between thermal clothing and warm skin, quickly began to melt sending cold steams down my back as I chased him with everything I had. He escaped, and it was probably for the best. Almost a year after our initial, quite even skirmishes, Daniel had grown in every department while I was pretty much the same. I put it down to my accident and the handful of days spent hospitalised in a coma, but it was probably more to do with the fact that he regularly worked out, ate better, and played a lot more sport than me. My once admired body—the result of a youth spent in the swimming pool keeping pace with my mom—was now in steep decline. Since her death, the only physical activity I willfully indulged in was the occasional bout of naked wrestling, usually performed in bed with various partners. For a while, Nathan’s stringent and often depraved work ethic was the only exercise I got, but our breakup and the painful episode with Alex had turned me into a couch potato and easy prey for my younger brother. He teased me as I struggled to keep pace while chasing him around the house. It was becoming embarrassing, and I was in danger of being lapped so I stopped and resorted to a long-distance snowball fight instead. Anything to avoid the possibility of hand to hand combat with a sibling who I was certain would easily beat me. Before Alex, the prospect of being held down against my will in the snow by a well-toned and highly excitable teenage boy would have been enough for me to take a dive, but not anymore. Even the sight of him parading naked around the bedroom as we changed from our wet clothes did nothing for a very under-nourished looking penis. I was convinced it was shrinking and tried to hide it from my brother and certain ridicule. Once again, I was worrying over nothing. Daniel wasn’t interested in my genitals, preferring instead to feast his young eyes on a heavily pixelated photo of Pamela Anderson. A giant poster of the curvy Baywatch actress with oversized jugs had recently appeared above his bed and served only one purpose. I was surprised Sue didn’t object to the display of such blatant wanking material, but I suppose she had more to worry about than her son’s rather odd masturbatory habits. * * * At precisely two o’clock, Jo’s car pulled onto our driveway. I was already waiting outside with Nicola, who wanted to see my cool counsellor for herself. She sent me on my way with a wet kiss on the cheek which I wiped off with my glove before slipping on the icy driveway and falling on my backside. Nicola thought it was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing as I picked myself up and walked tentatively to the car. I sat down sore, flustered, and bulging from several layers of bulky clothing. “Is that your sister?” “Yeah, that’s Nicola.” “You two seem quite close.” “Sometimes,” I said as I returned my sisters wave with a one-fingered gesture of my own. “Not always, though. We used to fight a lot.” “Any reason for that?” “She was a bitch…. Sorry.” “Don’t be, that’s what I want. Raw emotion is good. I don’t care what words you use as long as it describes how you feel.” I noticed that our session had started a little earlier than scheduled, Jo was already firing questions at me, and we hadn't even left the driveway. “Well, she was a bitch, but she changed after my accident, and when I came out, she got very protective.” “Isn’t she the one who dragged you away from the edge of the pier?” “Yeah, that’s her.” “Don’t knock it, kid, you're lucky to have a sister who really cares about you. It’s not always the case these days.” “I do love her. I just don’t want her to know, that’s all.” Jo laughed. “I’m only kidding. She knows stuff about me. I wouldn’t tell anyone else.” “Do you think you’d be able to tell me those things?” “I dunno, maybe.” “That’s a start. Maybe, is okay. I have to earn your trust. Tell me more about Nicola.” “What do you wanna know? She’s my sister, but she used to be my cousin. She’s a bit like you in a way, but bossier. If she has a problem with me, she’ll come straight out and tell me or shout at me. She speaks her mind, so I know where I stand with her.” “That’s good. Most boys don’t like bossy older sisters.” “I don’t mind. I kinda like her telling me what to do.” I paused for a while to stare out the window. “Don’t ask me why, though.” “Why?” I smirked as I turned to face her. “I don’t know why. It’s just easier, I guess. Fran was like that too.” “Who’s Fran?” “She’s my ex-girlfriend.” “I thought you were gay.” “I am, but it wasn’t always that way. I had a girlfriend for a while, but it didn’t work out.” “Are you bi-sexual?” “No, I just like guys. I know that now for sure. Fran can be quite sexy, though.” Jo looked for a second as if she was going to laugh. “Robbie, it’s possible you may be bi-sexual.” “No, absolutely not. I don’t like girl parts. Especially the bit down there.” I pointed to my crotch as Jo laughed. “Girl parts, what are they? Come on, Robbie, you can do better than that. You don’t have to be shy around me, it’s not rude to talk about sex. I’m guessing you mean vagina, but for future reference, I don’t wanna have to guess at what you mean. Just say it; I won't be offended.” “Okay. VAGINAS don’t turn me on. Is that better?” “Much, but you don’t have to shout.” “Yeah, well, I don’t know how guys can get so close. You know, with their tongues and stuff.” I glanced at Joe to be sure we were on the same page before continuing. “Fran made me do it once. I felt guilty because she always did stuff to me.” “That’s fair,” she said. “Not for me it wasn’t, I was almost sick. I gave her an orgasm, though.” It was something I was particularly proud of, but Fran never had a problem getting off. “Well, that was nice of you. Not many gay guys would do that for their girlfriend.” I was sure she was laughing at me, so I switched to a topic I was more comfortable with and tried to embarrass her. “I’m good at blowjobs. I used to do Nathan all the time, and he loved it. Sometimes I let him squirt in my face.” My cheeks were burning, and I could no longer look her in the eye, but Jo was unfazed. “I’m impressed,” she said. “So what else did this Nathan boy like doing to you?” “Don’t you ever get embarrassed?” “No, I already told you that. I know what you're doing, Robbie, but it isn’t gonna work with me. I told you, I wanna know everything about you.” “Everything?” “Uh-huh.” “Even stuff nobody knows?” “Especially stuff nobody knows.” I was sure she was referring to the marks on my neck. There was no way she was going to simply forget about that. I shifted a little uneasily in my seat and tried unsuccessfully to change the subject. “Is it gonna snow again today?” “No. So do you think you were attracted to Fran because of her personality rather than her sex?” “How do you mean?” “You told me she was like your sister, maybe you need people like that in your life, people to tell you what to do?” “Maybe.” I stared at her as we turned onto Main Street. “Maybe I’m trying to replace my mom.” Jo glanced at me and smiled. “That’s quite a good assessment. Are you after my job?” “I wouldn’t be able to do your job. I couldn’t listen to other people’s problems all day, or try to help people who are just losers.” “Is that how you see yourself, Robbie, as a loser?” “I’m sixteen years old and having counselling. You tell me.” “Does that make you a loser?” “It certainly doesn't make me a winner.” “It all depends on your definition of winners and losers. You’ve been affected by a lot of things that are outside of your control. It’s not your fault you lost your mom or what happened to your dad. You can’t judge yourself on their lives.” “Then I’m just unlucky, is that it?” I moaned and stared out of the window. There was a teenage girl in the back of the car next to us at the traffic lights. She glanced at me and smiled. I didn’t recognise her from school, but there was no guarantee that she didn’t know me. I smiled back at her as Jo turned her head to see the reason for my sudden distraction. “Are you sure you don’t swing both ways?” “I’m pretty certain which way I swing,” I said. “But it doesn't mean I can’t appreciate beauty in the opposite sex, and she did have a cute smile.” “You're a tease.” “I don’t mean to be. Girl’s just seem to like me, that’s all.” “Oh, you poor thing. It must be hell for you being chased by girls all the time. When all you want is a cute guy.” “Yeah, something like that.” I smiled at her and turned towards the window again. “So why Fran? Other than her personality, what did she have that you couldn’t resist?” “An older brother!” I had a smug grin on my face as Jo drove into the empty school parking lot. There was a time when I would have vehemently denied being gay, but not anymore, and it made me feel good. Now I felt embarrassed by the fact that I was once so messed up that I dated a girl, had sex with her, and even put my face in a place where no gay man should ever venture. It set the tone for the rest of our session, and over the next hour, we talked candidly about sex and relationships. I told her about Tom and my first, somewhat uneasy introduction to adult fun. “It wasn’t real sex, we just thought it was. We didn’t really know what we were doing. But I know now it was wrong.” “Why was it wrong, Robbie?” “Because my mom was dying at the time and all I could think of was…. Getting off with my best friend. She didn’t even know I was gay. I didn’t get around to telling her.” They were bittersweet memories from a period of my life I wanted to forget. It was a shame that my first taste of sex would be forever tainted by my mother’s death, but the two events were indelibly linked in my head and impossible to separate. I regretted not having the patience to wait for a more suitable time and felt guilty for putting pressure on Tom to do something I was convinced he didn’t want to do. I always believed he did it mostly because he wanted to make me feel better. Jo didn’t necessarily agree with my synopsis, especially about Tom, but it gave her further insight into my life and another piece of the puzzle. “It must have been tough on you both when you had to leave.” “Kind of.” “Do you keep in contact?” “We try. He came to visit me in the summer for my adoption. It was really cool having him here. It felt strange, but he hadn’t changed at all, not a bit.” “It sounds like you still think a lot of him, maybe you should make more of an effort to stay in touch. Even if it’s just as friends.” “Yeah, I do miss him. We had a lot of fun. I mean before we started misbehaving. Although we had fun doing that too. He was a good friend.” “I have a problem with a couple of things,” she said. “First I wanna know why you think you were misbehaving and second, if Tom is straight, then I’m a virgin. I’m sorry kid, I’m sure he’s a wonderful person, but it doesn’t matter how much he cares, there are limits. A straight guy will give you a hug, and if you ask him, he’ll probably hold your hand. He may even give you a gentle massage to make you feel better, but he ain’t gonna let you put your dick in his mouth.” Jo had a way with words; she tried not to over-complicate things, and this was a good example. “So you think he wanted it just as much as I did?” Once again, Jo allowed me to draw my own conclusions with some helpful advice. “Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, but you ignore it because you're looking for something more complicated. It’s what everybody does. Most of our problems are relatively easy to diagnose and even easier to solve. Don’t look for complex answers to simple questions. I’ve never met Tom, but I know for a fact he’s not straight.” I laughed, mostly because it was what I wanted to hear. Even if it was unlikely I would ever see Tom again in the flesh. * * * The ninth of December had a special significance for me, but the first anniversary of my mother’s death was just a normal Thursday for everyone else. Nicola was particularly nice to me that day at school and Rory too, but I was Nathan who provided the biggest surprise. I found a note from him tucked in my locker. It was a simple message, just five words. ‘Thinking of you today. N’. I wasn’t sure how he knew or why he felt compelled to leave me a note, but it played on my mind all morning. I analysed it in detail, trying to work out his motive before remembering Jo’s advice to look for the simple answer. ‘Maybe he's just being nice’. The least I could do was thank him for it, so I waited outside the cafeteria after lunch and made him jump with a tap on his shoulder. “Robbie, you scared the hell outta me.” I laughed at him, and it seemed to put us both at ease. “I got your note and wanted to say thank you. I wasn’t expecting you to….” “I just wanted to know you were okay, that’s all. I know it’s a big day for you.” “Yeah, it is. But I’m fine.” He didn’t look convinced as he turned to look at Ginny. “I heard you were back in the hospital.” “Yeah. I’m okay now, though. They can’t find anything wrong with me. Maybe a few screws loose up here.” I laughed, but Nathan’s smile was fleeting and false. “You're having counselling, why?” “You heard about that, huh? It’s nothing serious. Just someone from the school.” “You're okay, though?” “Yes, why do you ask?” He stopped and faced me in the corridor. “Because I’m worried about you, that’s why. I still care, you know. That’s not gonna change because we’re not together anymore.” He sounded genuine, and it made me feel bad. “I just heard something, and I got worried. But I guess it was only gossip.” “What did you hear?” “Nothing bad, I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you.” ‘What are they saying about me’? He must have known I would follow him around the school for the rest of the day if he didn’t tell me. “You're gonna worry about it, aren’t you?” “I already am,” I said and he laughed. “Okay, well, there are rumours you tried to kill yourself, but I can see that’s not true, so who gives a fuck.” He turned to smile at Ginny, who hadn’t taken her eyes off me. “Yeah, who gives a fuck,” I said as they walked away. “I gotta go, Robbie. It was nice talking to again. Maybe we can meet up for a chat sometime. Oh, I heard you were seeing somebody, a guy from Port Hope. Good for you. Any news on Alex?” I shrugged, and Nathan smiled before disappearing into the melee of students gathered in the corridor. ‘Everyone thinks I’m a nutcase. They think I’m suicidal’. I tested my theory on David at the start of our English lesson. “How old do you have to be to buy a gun over here?” “What did you just say?” “I wanna buy a gun.” “What for?” “Hunting.” “You're crazy.” “Maybe.” Throughout the lesson, he kept turning his head to look at me as if trying to work out if I was serious or not. Nathan was right, everyone believed the gossip. I was hot news again, beaten only by my ex-lodger and abuser. * * * It was almost a week since Alex left our house to take Luke to the park, and there was still no news from my friend or his troublesome brother, but plenty of gossip. Rumours were circulating that he was the father of at least one teenage pregnancy at the school. Others claimed he had been surreptitiously moved on to avoid embarrassment after an affair with a married teacher. There were a lot of people who believed these stories, but to me, it was proof of how little they knew about him, and how well he had managed to disguise himself. In this case, I was sure that if or when the truth emerged, it would be less believable than most of the gossip. Despite constant questions from interested parties, I had no idea where Alex was, but I had a feeling he was okay. He would manage to land on his feet somehow, although I thought it unlikely that he was still in Cobourg. His future to some degree rested with me and how well I was going to be able to resist Jo’s attempts to work out what really happened. After school that day, I met her in the usual room for our third session in four days. She was aware of the anniversary and mentioned it at the beginning, but other than that Jo steered the conversation well clear of a topic which had been filling my head all day. “Do you celebrate Christmas, Robbie?” “Yes.” “And your family, are they Christian?” “I think, but only Don’s religious. He goes to the same church as Mr Symmonds.” “Yeah, I know about Don, but what about the rest of the family, what are your plans for the holidays?” “I think Sue’s brother and sister are coming to stay for a while.” “That’ll be nice.” My response was less than enthusiastic, and Jo scribbled something on her clipboard. “What about your boyfriend, you’ll be seeing him at Christmas surely?” “I don’t have a boyfriend.” “Maybe I got it wrong. I thought his name was….” She quickly leafed through a pile of notes looking at random scribbles written in different inks. It was all gibberish to me, yet somehow from that indecipherable mess, she managed to pull out a name which surprised me. “Conner,” she said triumphantly. “So who’s Conner?” ‘Who told her about him’? “He’s a friend?” “From school?” “No, he doesn’t live in Cobourg.” “Is he cute?” “What?” “Come on, I know there’s more to it than that. How long have you been seeing him?” “A couple of months, on and off. Where do you get your information?” “It doesn’t matter. How’s it going with you two?” I hesitated, deliberately slowing things down in an attempt to work out her angle, although I knew where it was heading. “Okay.” “Just okay? Are you having sex with him?” “No!” “Why? Don’t you like him?” “Yes.” “Does he turn you on?” “I suppose.” “Hmm. Does he have a penis?” “I hope so. What kind of question is that?” “I’m just wondering why you guys haven’t hooked up yet. I know you like sex, and it’s not like you're shy or anything. I’m sure Conner would appreciate your expertise.” “I didn’t say I was an expert and it doesn’t mean I have to do it with every guy I meet. I might wanna take things easy.” “I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t. It’s always better to take your time, but it’s not what you normally do. What does Conner think?” “I don’t know; we don’t really discuss things like that.” “What do you talk about?” “I don’t see him that much, he lives quite away from me. He wants to get closer, you know, sex and stuff, but I don’t think I’m ready.” “Okay, I understand. I’m just confused. I wanna know what happened to turn you off sex. You weren’t like that with Nathan or Tom, or even Fran for that matter. Who else have you been with, Robbie?” “No one.” “Are you sure?” “Positive!” “It’s okay sweetie, relax. You’ll tell me when you're ready.” I was ready. It was clear she wasn’t going to let this go. All I was doing was postponing it and prolonging the agony. “Alex,” I mumbled. Jo’s expression never changed as she pulled a piece of paper from her bag and sat on the desk to face me. “Do you wanna tell me what happened with Alex?” It didn’t take long to explain and unlike with Nicola, this time I left nothing out. I told her exactly what happened in plain and simple words. “It wasn’t what he did. It was the way he did it. He was angry and violent. He really hurt me. I thought I was gonna die. I was terrified, and I still can’t get it out of my mind. I can’t even think about sex without it coming back. It’s in my head all the time.” Jo reached out and touched my knee; then leaned forward to look me in the eye. She was much closer than usual, and I thought for a moment she was going to kiss me. “I’m glad you told me. I was pretty sure it was something like that. Now I know, we can start to make things better. I understand what you're going through.” “No, you don’t.” “Yes. I do.” “You can’t.” “I can. Believe me. You’d be surprised how big a problem it is, and it doesn’t matter what sex you are. Most of the teenagers I see are victims of some kind of sexual abuse.” “But I don’t wanna be a victim.” “There’s no shame in being a victim, Robbie. You didn’t choose it. You're not to blame. That’s the first thing you need to understand. It doesn’t matter how much you think you asked for it. It wasn’t your fault!” It would be a while before I could think the same way. I knew how much I used to tease him, and it wasn’t as if we hadn’t done stuff previously. “He probably thought it was gonna be the same,” I said. “When you fooled around in the past, did you have sex?” “Yes, but only once.” “He penetrated you?” She made it sound so clinical, and I pulled a face before replying. “Yes.” “Consensual?” “Huh?” “You agreed. He didn’t force you to do it.” “No, he didn’t actually force me, but….” “He pressured you?” “Yeah, he pressured me. I didn’t really want to, but he talked me into it. We took some drugs too.” Her ears pricked up at the mention of drugs. “What kind of drugs?” “I can’t remember what they were, but they were pills, he got them from his brother.” “How did they make you feel?” “Good, for a while. Then my heart started racing, I was scared, but he made me feel okay.” “Did this drug increase your sexual appetite.” “It made me horny for a while if that’s what you mean.” I smiled and blushed, but she remained stony-faced. “Was that the reason why you agreed to have sex with him?” “Probably.” “And you didn’t do it again.” “Not with him, no. He’s kinda…. I’m not sure how to say this without sounding rude.” “Robbie, it’s not rude, and you don’t need to feel embarrassed. You can use whatever words you want.” “Right. Well, Alex is bigger than most guys.” Jo nodded. “Okay, so he has a big penis, which was probably a little uncomfortable for you.” “No, it fucking hurt like hell. For a week.” She smiled at my terminology. “Sorry, you told me I could use whatever words I wanted.” “You needed to tell this guy to take a hike, what were you doing inviting him into your home?” “I felt sorry for him, and I still do.” “He hasn’t touched you since the last incident, though.” “No. But only because of Nicola, I think she’s the reason he ran away.” “Okay. Can you jerk off?” “What, now?” “No! not now, dummy. I mean are you able to do it at home, on your own. Geez, you’ll lose me my job.” I laughed at my own stupidity. “No, not since that day.” “That’s okay, it’s perfectly normal under the circumstances. Do you get erections?” She put her hand up. “There’s no need to show me.” “No. And I wasn’t going to.” I smiled at her joke but kept my head bowed. It was something I hated having to admit. “You don’t have to be embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with you that can’t be put right. You’ve had a traumatic experience. What Alex did to you was worse than you're prepared to admit even to yourself.” “He’s gonna be in trouble now, isn’t he?” “He was already in trouble. You can’t worry about him, sweetie. Focus on yourself. You're the one I’m worried about.” * * * It was dark when Jo dropped me home. The snow had gone, washed away by torrential downpours of rain, but Cobourg was beginning to look very festive. It seemed as if every house except ours had some kind of Christmas display. Some of them were tacky, others quite beautiful, but something was going on everywhere I looked. “Wait until it snows again,” said Jo. “This town looks pretty at Christmas.” “I’ve never seen a white Christmas before.” “Well, you will this year. It always snows before the holidays.” I waved goodbye to Jo and ran indoors to ask Sue if I could put some lights at the weekend. She was on her own in the kitchen, but I could hear Daniel and Amy in the basement. “I don’t see why not,” she said. “There are some decorations in the garage.” “Jo wants to see me again tomorrow.” “Okay, dear.” “Maybe you can meet her if she has time.” “We’ll see.” I was disappointed with Sue. I was expecting her to show a little more interest in the counsellor who she went out of her way to persuade me to visit. She was strangely subdued, and I wondered if she was still feeling ill. “I like Jo, she really nice and she makes me feel a lot better.” “That’s nice dear. Go get changed.” “She’s more than just a counsellor, you know. She works for the government or something and has special powers.” “Okay, Robbie. Perhaps we can talk about it after dinner.” I shrugged my shoulders baffled by her indifference, but it was going to take more than that to knock a hole in my good mood. “You’ll never guess what she said about Symmonds?” I had a big smile on my face as I spun around and walked straight into Don. “No,” he said. “But I’m sure you won't mind telling me.”
  19. Oak watched as the 200 RPHG’s and PHG’s come into large cargo bay of the warehouse in the marine camouflage uniforms that were supplied by Gen. Conway. Oak, like Kardin, was also dressed in the uniform. While Kardin had four stars Oak had five. The only difference was the PHG and RPHG patches on their sleeves. Though the differences between the Pangean forces were much greater between them. The Royal Pangea Hunter Guard were the most highly trained. The comparison is similar to comparing the US Navy Seals to infantry. Pangean Hunter Guard though were still more highly trained and would be considered equal to those of the Navy Seals. It was easy to tell RPHG’s from others by the sleeve badge, it is round, a black background, with a gold dragon in the center. The words House of Draken at the top and Royal Pangea Hunter guard in smaller letters at the bottom in red colors. There was bright purple stitching surrounding the outside and circling the dragon in the center. The colors of other units would depict symbols to match their territory such as in the Lycan Territory would have A brown wolf in the center of black circle. With the words Wolf Pack at top and Pangea Hunter Guard at the bottom in orange lettering the trim was a tan color stitching. The set up maneuvers plan, with presidential approval, were a go and they were to join a small battalion of 400 handpicked marines They were to leave tonight night at 22:00 hours on four Boeing C-40 Clippers for the United Kingdom. They were to join the marines at 13:00 hours. General Conway and General Kardin would lead their forces. While Oak would be in overall command. The Pangean forces in 12 Medium Tactical Vehicles came to a stop at the Andrews Joint Forces Airbase, followed by a jeep. The trucks were lined up side by side the backs facing the US marines in formation with General Conway and another officer in front. The marines were told they were to be joined by a group of the most highly trained military force that has ever existed. What they weren’t told was that they were not American, or from this world, and not all of them were human. They stood in awe as two men got out of a jeep. One a four-Star General looked to be in his mid-twenties, the other taller one was a five-star general looked to be near the same age. Oak Kardin and I walked towards the marines. The General and officer saluted as Oak and Kardin stopped in front of them. After returning the salute we turned. “Guard disembark!” Kardin yelled. The Pangean Forces poured out of the vehicles as if they moved in formation. The 200 men and women automatically got in formation by units and came to attention in less than a minute. “Guard at ease.” Kardin ordered. They moved in complete unison as legs spread and hands clasped behind their backs. “Your Highness, by order of the president of the United States I place Marine Special Forces Omega Company under your command.” “Your Highness, Pangean Guard ready for inspection.” “General Conway, I pass the honor to you.” “Your Highness, with all due respect. I think it would be fruitless to look for any flaws. The speed, precision and overall performance surpasses anything I have seen.” “I would be an honor Your Highness if a man with your advanced military background inspected your troops.” I was about to say not necessary, but the General whispered that the marines will have to learn to look past my physical age appearance and that they will soon learn the truth of not only our Pangean units but of my existence. “If it is your wish General.” “Marine Special Forces Omega attention!” “After you, Your Highness.” I nodded as the four of us approached the troops. I inspected the troops. With the general and his assistant and of Kardin beside me. They would be failing by Pangean standards, but they had not the Pangean training, not yet at least! “General Kardin and Captain Richards dismiss your men to store their gear and regroup in hanger 3 in one hour” “PHG Store gear regroup in 1-hour hanger 3, DISSMISSED!” “Captain I gave you an order.” I repeated. He looked over at Conway. “Captain, your commanding office gave you an order! Obey your orders!” barked Conway. “Yes sir.” He saluted General Conway and repeated my order. I didn’t react I just stored it away in my mind. *** When the 600 plus men and women were standing at attention, I yelled “Secure the hanger!” “General Conway told you this may be the hardest and most dangerous mission you may ever be on. I can tell you this if we are successful.it will be. If we are not, then a war has just begun.” I went on to explain everything from my existence, to vampire and Lycan. As if on cue Nick, Valkyrie and Akio entered with the extravagance I knew they would, kicking the door in ripping it off its hinges. I could feel Nicks momentary panic until his eyes fell upon me and he relaxed and started towards me. An air force guard grabbed for him and he just tossed the guy 40 feet across the hanger like he had thrown a pillow. “Stop they are with me.” As Nick came up to me, there were a few murmurs among a group marines. Nick being a marine was something I had discussed with General Conway. When an officer approached Conway held up a hand. “Marine anything to report?” he asked Nick. I put the thought in Nicks mind “If I may file my report with you in private at the appropriate time. Sir.” Nick saluted. “Very well.” Nick looked at me with a longing but sat with the PHGs. After a few more introductions, General Conway addressed the Marines. “Marines you have been chosen because you are the best in+ a given area in which you will be needed. Over the next two weeks you will be joined by other military personnel from other countries. There you will be trained by these ladies and gentlemen. I suggest you listen and learn because your lives and possibly millions of others may depend on it. You are no longer US marines but now part of the Combined Omega Forces.” The General, along with a few high-ranking officers, me along with Kardin, Nick, Akio and Valkyrie headed down the hall to a secured conference area. I heard the captain whisper to the general “With all due respect sir, you expect me to follow the orders of a boy playing army? I’d be surprised if he ever shot anything but a squirrel. He’s a kid.” I stopped and looked at the man. He looked as arrogant with the fake smile on his face as he was. he was about 40 and average height, and build. His face was pock marked, apparently teen acne issues. “Captain, you will find I can hear what is said a hundred yards away. I suggest you never make the mistake of belittling me again. You won’t like what happens.” I said, knowing the first few rows of the marines heard me. “Sir it against USMC policy to make personal threats against lower ranking personnel.” “General, get this garbage out of my face and away from this mission before he regrets anything I may do to him.” “Your Highness, I will do one better.” General Conway said. He was obviously embarrassed and peeved. “Sargent! Have Captain Richards placed in a secured location until he can be taken into custody.” “I act under the Vice President’s authority.” “Excuse me General if I may.” With a nod from Conway. “Richards, you are part of Company Omega am I right?” “Yes.” He spat. “I believe Omega Company was placed under my Command. Hence you also.” I waited for that to sink in. “General Karin care to explain what Pangean law states under these circumstances.” “Insubordination to a superior can result in loss of all lands and or death. Insubordination to the crown will be the loss of all lands and death.” “The crown? What the fuck, we don’t have a crown.” “I am the crown, you, insignificant piece of shit. One more word and I will carry out Pangean law and pull your fucking head off with my bare hands. Get him out of my sight before a change my mind and tell Cheney the next spy he sends I will send back in a box.” We continued into the meeting room. I watched as a Colonel, three Majors one captain and three lieutenants along with Kardin, Aiko, Valkyrie and Nick sat down at the table. I was surprised when Christopher came walking in. I got a mental message from him. I nodded and sent a message to Valkyrie as Christopher took a seat. I sat in my seat and watched as General Conway remained standing. “Marine officers, sitting at this table with you are men and women who are stronger, faster and more highly skilled than anyone you will ever meet. Their knowledge and expertise in fighting Is beyond reproach. You are to show nothing but respect, open minds and your best. You will ensure the men and women under you will do the same. With that said I will take my leave.” I watched as General Conway left after returning salutes. It was 1 hour to sunrise. “Before I get into details about our mission there is one matter I will address first. You will understand that over the weeks to come I will demand 100 percent loyalty. I am a being that is hard to fool. I want it to be known that I wasn’t fooled.” I looked at Aiko and smiled as his eyes went white and he collapsed from his chair in pain. I yanked the information I wanted out his mind and let him go. I was disgusted. As an Old-world vampire draining the life from a human is not needed but he did it. He did the same to vampires. He felt the same excitement that a rapist or sadist would have at torturing victims. I saw his sadistic ways and how he had hidden them with this Zen persona and education. I saw him giving information to the Elder contacts. What pissed me off the most was his desire to drain Nick. I stood up and nodded to Valkyrie. She quickly grabbed a still recovering Aiko and brought him to me. “Did you actually think I believed a word you said. I had you followed my old friend. I also gave you false information. You have betrayed your kind to fulfill your sadistic needs Do you have anything to say in your defense?” He stared at me and smiled. “I regret nothing. Just dawn me.’ “Not so easy Aiko. You need to suffer before you die like those you made suffer. Cut out his tongue, eyes, castrate him, arms and legs and dawn them. Then put him in a box and send it to his Elders.” I looked at the marine officers. They had mixed expressions, but they all showed one common thing. Fear. After he left I explained where they will be going. They will head to a castle in Italy I have owned since the 8th century. There they will eventually be joined by forces from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Belgium and two thousand more Pangean forces. I will be headed to the United Kingdom. Kadin will go to Italy as will Valkyrie. Nick, Christopher [KG2] and I got onto the small private jet just prior to dawn. Stephan and nick went into a cargo area and settled down to sleep. Our plane taxied and took off. I let myself lean back in the seat and relax; it may be the last time I am able to rest in long while. I smiled thanking the fact that the elders didn’t know of my contacts with the Marines. I was able to have the General make it look as if the troops were going to the United Kingdom instead of Italy. Seven and half hours later my plane landed at Heathrow Airport. I jumped into the waiting limousine and headed off to Windsor castle for my audience with her majesty Queen Elizabeth. Twenty-five minutes later I was Being admitted into the castle. I followed the Lord Chamberlain to her majesties private office and chambers. “Your Majesty, the High Prince of Pangea, his Royal Highness Okeanos. I was greeted by Queen Elizbeth. Also present was Prince’s Charles, William and Harry. I looked at her questioning as to why they were present. Instead of answering, she directed us to sit. After a few pleasantries and refreshments were served. I noticed the Queens Guards standing inside the doors. “Prince Okeanos we have much to discuss I assume.” She stated. “Yes, Your Majesty we do, though I rather we limit the ears for this discussion.” I said looking at the guards. “With all due respect Prince Okeanos, they are here for her majesties protection.” Said Prince William. “Your Highness if I meant harm to Her Majesty those guards could not stop me.” “William one of the things you must learn is when to listen and when to speak.” Said Prince Charles calmly. “Leave us please and we are not to be disturbed by anyone.” She told the guards. “Your Grace I understand there have been a lot more deaths recently. This disturbs us greatly.” “As it does me Your Grace.” I replied. I went on and explained in greater detail than I did with the President. This is our third meeting in her lifetime that she remembers. I out lined my plans and what I need from her. I explained to the three princes as to what we will be fighting, ,. I did know that there will minor battles before the major battle. Later, at a luncheon with the royal family I learned that Her Majesty remembers meeting me at age 16 after a private meeting with her father King George VI just before her uncle Prince George was killed. We discussed the few times we have met after that. As we finished our luncheon, I reminded her about the elders no longer having any authority to do business. I was about to leave when I stopped dead in my tracks. “Lord Chamberlain have that man arrested for being a spy.” “My grace you do not have the authority to make demands here.” He stated. “I do. Have him taken into custody. You will obey his orders from now on.” Said Prince Charles from behind me. I followed as the guard was taken into custody. I read his mind. He was highly trained and there was another mind there with me. I traced the other mind. I laughed out loud as they tried to get into mine. I allowed a slight entrance. ‘Hello Dorcia’ and then sent a powerful shove back. It wouldn’t kill her, but she will have a headache for several days. “He is mind controlled and compromised but he is not consciously guilty.” I stated before sending him into a sleep. “He will feel ill for several days, but he can return to duty eventually.” “She learned nothing other than I was here.” I told Charles after we left the dungeon area. “When can I expect the troops?” I asked. “By the end of the week Your Highness. I will also be sending Harry as our royal representative.” “Very good. Harry is the wiser choice. He has the devotion to fulfill his duties.” “Thank you, Your Grace.” Charles reached out his hand. “It has been an honor to meet the longest reigning monarch and you personally Your Highness.” “My pleasure, Your Highness. I look forward to dealing with you again during your reign, though I am hoping it may be a while coming. Your mother is a grand lady” We shook hands, and I headed back out to Heathrow airport. My original plan was to head to France first, but I had some serious reservations about President Sarkozy. I decided to go to Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain and then to France. The meeting in Belgium went well. They will be sending 600 men and women. After a call to Prince Charles, I got another 100 as well as a matching contingent from Canada and Australia. Over the next two days, I had met with the German, Danish, Italian, and Spanish contacts. Between all of them I had 4,200 troops promised. I decided not to go to France. The meetings went as well as they did in the United Kingdom. The French government was not reliable. That and their history with wars was the deciding factor in not involving them. I instructed the pilot to go to Parma, Italy and to order transport from the castle ahead of time. I thought about the next phase of the plan. Getting into Drakenlager is not the problem. Going undetected, getting into position to learn their plans and then getting out undetected. That will be the problem. For this I needed the special team President Bush will be sending. I Yawned and checked my watch. I had a two-hour flight ahead of me. I closed my eyes and dozed lightly as Nick and Stephan came into the compartment. Pangea Thorga had disappeared again while Galen rode Thunder along the road though the flat plains. They went through small villages and past farms all day. Several miles outside the last small village Galen saw in the distance what appeared to be large animals not far off the road near a stand of trees. As they drew closer Thunder seemed to slow down his pace. Galen could make out more of the features of the large animals. They looked like a heard of elephants. As they drew nearer, he could see their features more clearly. They weren’t elephants but Mammoths. He looked at them amazed as Thunder came to a halt. The animals in front of him had long shaggy hair ranging from tan to dark brown, with long curved tusks. They had to be twelve to fourteen feet in length. Then Galen could see there were eleven drinking and bathing in a rather large watering hole. The wind shifted and the larger of the group caught their scent and took several steps towards them and bellowed a warning at them. Satisfied they were not going to come any closer he turned to his bathing. Galen was so intrigued watching them spray water over themselves he didn’t notice the twelfth one approaching the water. He felt or saw through Thunder the amazement at the one and watched as it approached. It was as large as the bull, but its hair was white with a yellow tinge. As it approached carefully several others saw it and charged. It stopped where it was. The others seemed satisfied it was not coming any closer and returned to the water. Galen assumed they didn’t except it because because of its coloring. An hour before sunset the heard moved off. Thunder and Galen approached the watering hole as did the White Mammoth. It stopped some 40 yards from the water and watched as Galen took off Thunders gear. Galen gathered wood as Thunder drank from the watering hole. Both purposely ignored the White Mammoth. Thirty minutes later while Thunder grazed nearby Galen thought about an old Lakota Indian story. It was about Wakan Tanka, the great spirit. He saw out of the corner of his eye the mammoth slowly approach. As it came closer, he could make out more defining features It was a male. He could also see that the end of his tusk was halfway broken off about a foot from the end. He could see the broken piece move as he walked and feel the mammoth’s pain as it moved. The Mammoth stopped about a dozen yards away from the water and looked at Galen. Galen could feel the confusion coming from him. Or was it wonder that he could sense Galen’s thoughts? Galen got up and went to the water, stripped, and dove in. He thought of how wonderful the water felt, trying to urge the Mammoth to the water. After a few minutes the mammoth entered the water not far from Galen. After ten minutes Galen slowly made his way towards the animal. The Mammoth just watched as Galen approached. He didn’t shy away, nor did he feel any fear but felt at peace with this small creature. “That’s it, big fella. I mean you no harm.” Galen soothed him as reached his hand out towards the mammoth. In return the he was greeted by the long trunk rubbing his palm. Galen took this as a positive sign and came closer. He stood beside the animal’s leg which was longer than he was tall. He rubbed it while the animal watched him. After a few more minutes Galen made his way out of the water several yards away from his camp. The mammoth followed him out of the water. Galen glanced over at Thunder who was watching him and the mammoth. The general thought he got from the horse was that he was insane. As the sun set Galen let the animals graze white he ate. Thunder giving the mammoth a wide berth. He laid out his bed roll and laid down. Galen wondered where Thorga had gone off to, but she usually turned up eventually. Before he knew it, it was early morning and Thunder was kicking dirt on him. “Can’t you just nudge me awake?” he griped at the horse. He got the thought from the horse that it wasn’t as much fun as kicking dirt. “Full of jokes, aren’t you?” He growled at Thunder as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Thunder whinnied and shook his head. “Ha, Ha Funny Thunder. You’re a jackass.” He quipped. Thunder stomped. He got images of a mule pulling a cart from Thunder, and then realized it was a jackass. He was insulted. Galen got images of be thrown off Thunders back. “Well if you acted like a normal horse, you wouldn’t be a jackass.” He laughed. Galen knew all too well Thunder would never throw him off his back, idle threats. Galen stoked the fire and put on a kettle for coffee. He sat back at looked for the mammoth. He was grazing in some tall grass a couple of dozen yards away. He could feel contentment coming from the animal and tried to send some thoughts to him. Which got a stomp from Thunder. “Come on Thunder, you had the same reaction to Thorga, and she turned out alright. Besides not like he will be coming with us.” He replied to Thunders disapproving stomp. Thunder replied with what Galen termed as a raspberry sound. Which meant “whatever.” The mammoth had started making his way towards them. Galen could feel the pain the animal felt with the movement of the broken piece of tusk. Galen thought about how he could help the animal. He remembered reading that when an elephant’s tusk is cracked they put a metal band around it. He didn’t have any metal to use. He thought as he poured the last of coffee from the pot into his thermos. He looked at the copper pot and smiled. He loved his coffee, but he could do without until he got another pot. He approached the animal thinking about the great spirit story again. He got a huff from the mammoth “Like that story huh?” he cooed as he rubbed the Mammoth’s trunk, then forehead as it was lowered, sadly causing the animal more discomfort. Galen sent images of what he wanted to do to help the big animal. “I guess you should have a name, How about Wakan Tanka? Great spirit seems to fit you. Though I think Tank will do for a nick name.” which got the approval of the huge animal. Galen went to work cutting the copper pot into strips. Once that was done, he fitted them around the cracked tusk. He fasted it with a few screws he took from various odd things he had on either side of the crack. After twenty minutes of work he stepped back and looked at his handiwork. The Copper band looked tight and made Tank look cool. Now they just needed to test it. He watched as Tank took a step then another. The tusk brace worked. Tank looked at him and started running off. He turned and started back towards them and stopped ten feet away. Galen laughed as Thunder relieved himself. “Big baby.” He said to Thunder, who snorted. Galen packed up his belongings and geared up Thunder while Tank watched. “Well Tank, we have a long journey ahead of us so we can’t hang out any longer. Be careful and stay away from the old bull.” He talked as if the animals understood his words as he rubbed Tanks forehead. Thunder and Galen were both in their own thoughts as they continued down the road. They made a brief stop at a stream. As Galen ate some dried beef and Thunder grazed, Galen noticed That they Had been shadowed by Tank. Who stood some 200 yards away. Galen stood up and yelled “Tank get your big ass over here.” He said and thought. He also got the ‘I told you so’ snort from Thunder. “No one likes a know it all Thunder.” He laughed.
  20. Superpride

    Chapter Fifteen

    Thank you! Hopefully, Damien will defeat the lycans without getting a scratch on him and that Will and Alexandra return unharmed as well.

    A Ballad of the Vulnerable 

    Forty-nine hearts painted on a wall
    Went up overnight, June three years ago;
    A blank spot left held a final scrawl 
    Dedicating these to the victims of Pulse. 
    Rich the background in a dark-blue hue
    And the rainbow hearts stacked up in columns,
    Ten each time five; the fiftieth due
    Missing and where lived the dedication.
    It caught my eye, after the attack, 
    The first time driving busy Mission Street,
    For the quickness, it took me aback
    And offered some light to ongoing dread. 
    But as you see, my choice of past tense 
    Means it's all changed now; it's meaning expunged.
    Repainted light, the background's less dense 
    And forty-nine hearts, stack up meaningless. 
    The fiftieth, where the tribute stood,
    Got covered in white, and simply erased
    As if the lives were merely no good,
    And a sore burden they'd sooner forget. 
    So now each day, driving down Mission,
    I'm made to recall how likely we are 
    To have our past's whitewashed condition 
    Forced down our throat because we don't matter.
    The wall's owning passed out of Gay hands
    To hearts uncaring of the mural's point -- 
    They lightened it, as a whim demands,
    Spitting on our dead, with nary a thought. 
    So traveling on, I have to assume 
    Pulse changed nothing, and we're still all doomed
    To oppression by straights who'll leave no room
    For us to have lived lives they think mattered. 
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mikiesboy


      Dont change a word...this is sad beyond measure. Sad, horrible for us...but honestly it just shows the ignorance to all who dont measure up in this person's/group's eyes.  I am sorry so many humans are so callous and souless.

    3. AC Benus
    4. Lyssa


      I am not sure, what likethingy to give, so I simply choose a hug. :hug:I know, I said it before, but this is an other proove, that you have the gift to be a voice for the ones, who are not able to raise their voice and that is so important. Thank you.

  22. Now that would be so terrible! But I wouldn't put it behind him. Imagine all employees having to request potty breaks. And hey, Marissa Meyer was, I think, the one to say that 140-hour work weeks are possible, if you schedule correctly how many times you use the restroom!
  23. Ha-ha-ha, I was so devilishly happy when that happened in the show! I've never rooted for a bad character to die as much as for this one, lol! And,yes, Aidan is starting to grow a pair. Even bunnies can have balls!
  24. Yeah, that was pretty much what I wanted to say. Having had worked in a place where sometimes I couldn't eat for days because of stress, I just wanted to point out what awful it can be. Thank you for your comment!
  25. Well, maybe they're not members of a cult, but they bow with much adoration to St. Profit, which can be as bad as any other false gods. I haven't thought a lot about the boss and his motivations, as my intention was to leave him flat and sort of a cardboard character, but your description of him can be pretty much spot on. You're right to be cynical of his inclinations, and I'm glad that I succeeded in this 'show don't tell' portion of the story. Thanks a lot, as usual!
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