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  2. Thirdly

    Chapter 7

    If it were up to me, we'd weave many more. But, it's tough to line up my time with Robin's and she's a very busy dentist mom of 4 plus. ☹️
  3. RainbowPhoenixWI

    Chapter 7

    Beautiful story, I can't wait to see if I'm right in four chapters. So many things he could be. I'm also pretty curious about how the other omegas turn out. Gorgeously woven art. I hope you never stop weaving yarns.
  4. HLPNG Helping Leo pummel Leo's groin PUMML
  5. Black Paper

    Chapter 1

    This story is one of my favorites to be honest. Com just...💗 Here is your cherry pie. 🍒I made it. Enjoy it. 😘There"s something sexy about a cherry pie & in this case it's appropriate.
  6. Between the okra and tomatoes my favorite is gumbo.
  7. Daddydavek

    Chapter 23

    OK, Jamal isn't the smartest guy in the world and it seems he is still a racist. Not my idea of best friend material.
  8. Philippe

    Chapter 37

    Ok, horse first, then cart... Ranevargar’s bound to be shocked on all fronts. His thought provoking coaching of Kieran will be critical in light of so many unknowns. Hopefully, he accepts the changes to allow his focus on most critical. The High King seems to have suspicions but remains unsure if such a powers could truly be at call. Wise was he too respect the shift until a safe opportunity to do so; hopefully to reunite with his son.
  9. Love it. Well written, believable dialog, realistic character development. This is a great read. I do have one criticism: Kingsley Shacklebolt, not Shacklebolt Kingsley. He'd be Prof Shacklebolt to the students.
  10. Wayne Gray


    Terrified of how it feels, of this new, soulful song. It is that which captured me, but I'll pay if I'm wrong. A terrible thing you've done, I can't forget your face. Your dark brown eyes, sweet full lips, my heart a manic pace. In my mind the memory, your smell, tough hands and skin. I just need you back with me, to kiss your lips again. Exalt what they call sin.
  11. Today
  12. Philippe

    Chapter 37

    Woorawa and grandfather need to speak of restoration: the rebirth of a realm an training an adept will still require the wise of old.
  13. Philippe

    Chapter 37

    Time to make a Meathead Maynor Muffuletta; where he and his power masters get their traitorous rewards; serving them paralyzed in their own helmets.
  14. Lizzydolphin37

    Chapter 7

    I agree Will.
  15. Daddydavek

    Chapter 22

    There is always some asshole that can't contain its bigotry.
  16. pickuptoy

    Chapter 18

    I am searching my memory, but what happened to Lt. Robey. I thought he got over his wounds he had. I can't remember him being transferred or any more injury's. I know that was a while ago. I know him and Roberts were lovers. But at what stage or chapter of this book or the last one did he disappear?
  17. Philippe

    Chapter 37

  18. Parker Owens

    form to my wont

    Number 41 invites me to your sorrow, one which must be borne, but little shared. The last quatrain particularly strikes me, as images of smoke filled parties fill my head. Number 42 is most powerful, most memorable to me. I may make it part of my classroom door poetry collection. Number 43 tugs at my heart, and makes me think of the boxes of unsorted photos I still have from my mom’s house. I love 44 for its poignant simplicity. As a quartet, these are marvelous to read. Thank you.
  19. Angus McLeod needs his heart removed from his chest, preferably while still beating.
  20. mikeinatl

    Chapter 20

    David continues to show what an awesome father figure he is. As far as Tyler, he’s never seen his worth, and even when he’s had hints at it, it’s been a combination of friends lifting him up and circumstances being favorable. He’s not figured out internally exactly what he’s worth. And that’s a recipe for putting up with a lot of crap that no one with a positive sense of self-worth would put up with. I’m looking forward to him realizing how great a guy he is. And I can’t wait for Kyle and him to meet. Looking forward to seeing Jacob again, too!
  21. Thirdly

    Chapter 7

    You'll be too distracted by Regan by then.
  22. Cynus

    Chapter 20

    I like your addendum. I think modern Grim would, too, no matter how happily he skips in his cynicism. More on Odiran to come. Eventually.
  23. Cynus

    Chapter 19

    I didn't really know how this book was going to go, when I started. I didn't really know how I was going to do anything past "Shadow Honor" when I started the series. When I originally decided to start working beyond "shadow honor", I went back and analyzed the way Prism, Grim, and Veil in particular spoke about past. The interactions between the three of them formed my starting point for what I ended up doing with "Clouded Purity", just as the events in "Lonely Pride" contributed significantly to where I went with Veil and Neredos in "Tragic Genius". Some things formed earlier than others, and one of those was the relationship between Neredos, The Trial, and Ghayle. I knew what went down, though I didn't entirely know how, and thankfully I found my way there eventually. Wayar was a surprise character. He appeared in a chapter and then just popped up a few times without me knowing why. This finally brought it all together.
  24. droughtquake

    Chapter 4

    Yet no denial of Darren’s possible interest in Isaac… ;–)
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