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    As I read this, Hunter really is just that: a hunter. Keagan's obviously looking for love, but Hunter seems to be only interested in getting his rocks off. I'm not even convinced Hunter is actually gay - for example it seems that Keagan is the one who has to initiate the kissing. I hope I'm wrong. And, if I'm not, I hope Keagan isn't going to get hurt too badly when he realises his love isn't going to be reciprocated. Beautifully written, nonetheless, @Comicality!
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    A Trial Weekend

    Another great chapter Bill.
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  5. On Wednesday night, about an hour after we’d finished dinner, I got a call on my cell phone. The number looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t immediately place to whom it belonged. I answered it anyway. “Hello.” “Dr. Currie, its Holly Reynolds.” “Oh hi, Holly. I’ll have to add this number to my contact list.” “You can, but it doesn’t make sense, because it won’t be ours in another month. My mother won’t be living here and my brothers and I will be with you by then, so none of us will have this number.” “That’s true and I hadn’t thought of that. So what can I do for you?” “The twins wanted me to call and see if they could come visit you again this weekend?” “Just the twins?” “Yes, I want to stay and spend time with my mom.” “Sure, and they can spend the weekend if they want, and if it’s all right with your mom. We can pick them up after work on Friday, and then we’ll bring them home on Sunday. Just let us know how they all feel about doing this.” “I’m sure the boys would love that, and I don’t think my mother will mind either.” “Great. Then just make sure they have a change of clothes for Saturday and something nice to wear to church on Sunday.” “Ok, I’ll help them get their things ready, because Mom can’t do that for them any more.” “Yes, and I’m sure it must bother her too, but I’m glad you’re willing to help out. Thanks for doing this for them and tell the twins we’ll see them Friday night.” “Thanks for letting them come to your house again, because they like having the other boys to play with. They also like that there’s so much to do there.” “Yes, there is, and we look forward to seeing them again.” We then ended the call and I went to tell Brandon and Dad what I’d just agreed to. After they had been informed, I went to tell the boys next. Wyatt was the most excited about the news, and Tristan was a close second as they both looked forward to having the twins spend the entire weekend with us this time. The other boys merely brushed the news aside, because it didn’t really affect them like it did the youngest two and Revin. He’d be with us again this weekend as well, and I was convinced that Tristan would relay the information to him at school. Now that everyone had been informed, we went back to what we were doing before. As soon as Brandon and I got out of work on Friday, we drove over to the Thornton’s house to pick up the twins. After Holly answered the door, we went inside to say hello to Julie and she greeted us warmly. “Thank you… for taking… the boys. They like… going to… your house.” “And we enjoy having them. I just hope you don’t mind that we offered to take them for most of the weekend.” “No, and… they are… very excited.” “We’re glad, because Wyatt and Tristan are excited that they’re coming to stay with us too,” Brandon added. She smiled and we could tell she felt good about this. After the boys kissed her goodbye, I grabbed the small suitcase Holly had packed with their things and carried it out to the SUV. Brandon opened the rear door so the boys could get in, and then I placed the suitcase on the floor next to them. “Thank you for letting us stay with you for the whole weekend,” one of them commented as I was driving away. I didn’t see who said it because I was watching traffic as I pulled into the street, and when I finally had a chance to look into the rearview mirror they were both grinning from ear-to-ear. “You’re welcome. You’ll soon be living with us, so this will be like a trial run for you.” “And the other boys like it when you’re with us too,” Brandon added. They didn’t say a word and merely nodded their heads as they continued to grin. When we reached the house and pulled into the driveway, Wyatt, Tristan, and Revin came tearing out the front door to welcome them. “We’re glad you’re here,” Tristan told the twins as they were getting out of the car. “Yeah, we’re gonna have lots of fun,” Wyatt followed. “We like being here with you too,” Hunter told them, and then they followed the boys inside while I carried their suitcase and Brandon made sure all of the doors were shut tight. The boys went straight to the family room and began playing video games, so I set their suitcase next to the staircase in the foyer. “Where are the twins?” Dad asked when we went out to say hello to him. “They’re in the family room.” “Ah, I didn’t see them come in.” “They followed Wyatt, Tristan, and Revin directly into the family room.” “I guess I’ll say hello to them later then.” The boys continued playing video games until we told them to wash up for dinner, and Wyatt and Tristan reminded them where they could do that. When they were ready, they came to the table to join us. “I didn’t get a chance to say hello to you earlier, but I’m glad you two are here again,” Dad told them. “I decided to have Manwich Sloppy Joe sandwiches, French fries, and corn tonight. I hope you like those things.” “Yeah, we do,” Hayden confirmed. “We like them a lot,” Hunter added. “I’m glad to hear that, so sit down and dig in.” During the meal, Dad quizzed the twins about different foods to see which ones they liked, and by the time we finished eating he had a fairly good idea about what he could fix while they were here. The twins also told us about the video games they’d played with the other boys and how much they liked being here with us. Wyatt and Tristan told them they liked it when they were here as well and that they couldn’t wait until they were actually living with us permanently. Just as they were cleaning off their plates, I decided to tell them what we were going to do next. “We’ve fixed up a bedroom for you and you can sleep in there tonight. You’ll just have to decide who gets the top bunk.” “Uhhh, could we sleep together tonight?” “Do you mean in a big bed and not the bunk beds?” “Yeah, just ‘til we get used to sleepin’ here.” “Sure, that will be fine and we have an open bedroom with a big bed in it that you can use.” “Can I sleep with them too?” Wyatt wanted to know. “You’d better ask them.” “Can I?” he repeated, and the twins looked at each other for a second before they answered. “Yeah, let’s do that,” Hayden agreed after getting a little nod from Hunter. “Then all we have to do is to decide what you want to do until then. You can play video games again, spend the time playing games in the rec room, or you can play board games with us.” “There are too many of us to play a board game,” Tristan pointed out. “There are two games, so one twin can play against Wyatt and me, and the other twin can play against Tristan, Revin, and Brandon. Then tomorrow night the twins can play against the group they didn’t compete with tonight.” “Yeah, we can do that,” Hunter agreed, “and then we can go out to the backroom and play those games later.” I knew he meant the rec room when he said the backroom, but I didn’t correct him. “Ok, that sounds fine, so we’ll clear off the table and set up the games.” I started out with Wyatt and Hayden and we played Candy Land, while Brandon played Chutes and Ladders with the other three. When those contests ended, we switched games and played again. After the boys had finished each game, they went out to the rec room without us. When it came time, we went to tell them to get ready for bed. “Do you take a bath or shower?” Brandon asked. “Our mom used to give us a bath, but when she couldn’t do that any more we started taking showers and would help to wash each other,” Hunter replied. “Do you want to shower with me then?” Wyatt quickly followed. “Both of us?” Hayden asked, looking confused. “Yeah, we do that all the time,” Wyatt answered. “You just have to be careful when three of you are in the shower at the same time,” Brandon explained. “If you’re careful then you can do it.” “Yeah, ok,” Hayden agreed after Hunter nodded at him. I carried their suitcase upstairs and we showed them to the bedroom they would be using tonight. While they were checking it out I heard Tristan and Revin enter the bathroom. I knew this meant the boys would have to wait a little longer before they could shower, because Benny and Joshie were probably in the other bathroom. We told the boys to get undressed, and then Wyatt and the twins spent a couple of minutes checking each other out. They were all circumcised and had very similar pre-pubescent penises, although Wyatt’s was slightly longer than the twins.” “Your pee-pee is bigger than ours,” Hayden commented. “This is nothin’. You should see my brother’s penis.” When I saw the twins’ reaction to what Wyatt had said, I made a comment. “The boys see each other naked quite often, and being a doctor I make sure they use the correct terms for the different body parts. That’s why Wyatt referred to it as a penis, instead of calling it a pee-pee.” They seemed to accept my explanation, although they still might have been a little overwhelmed. “Come on and I’ll take you to the bathroom where they’re takin’ their shower,” Wyatt offered. Hayden and Hunter looked surprised by Wyatt’s suggestion, but they followed him nonetheless. When they got to the other bathroom, Wyatt started to open the door when one of the twins spoke. “Don’t they lock it?” Hunter asked. “Nah, it’s just us boys.” Wyatt then led them inside. “Hey you guys, can the twins see your penis?” A second later the shower curtain slid back and Benny and Joshie stood facing the twins without trying to hide anything. “Wow, that’s really big,” Hunter stated as he gawked at Joshie’s penis. “Why does yours look funny?” Hayden asked Benny, so he explained the difference to them and slid his foreskin back and forth. “Neat, I’ve never seen nothin’ like that before.” Once their curiosity had been sated, Benny and Joshie closed the curtain again and finished their shower. While they were doing that, the other three headed to the other bathroom just as Tristan and Revin were finishing up. “Do you guys walk around like that all the time?” Hunter wanted to know once he saw the other two emerging naked from the bathroom as well. “Yeah, when it’s just us boys. We can’t do it when Grandpa Josh’s granddaughters are here though.” “And it’s why we gave your sister the bedroom on the first floor,” I explained. “All of the boys are used to running around naked up here and I didn’t want to shock her.” “Yeah, that’s why we started takin’ a shower and washin’ each other, cuz we didn’t want her to see us with nothin’ on,” Hayden responded. “She offered to give us a bath when Mom couldn’t do it any more, but we told Mom we didn’t want to do that.” “And we won’t tell her that none of you boys wear clothes up here,” Hunter added. “And we won’t tell our mom either,” Hayden confirmed. “That’s good, because some people might not understand,” Brandon told them. The twins seemed just as comfortable running around naked as the other boys, but that might be due to the fact that they’d always done it in front of each other, as well as in front of their mom, at least until recently. Brandon and I stayed in the bathroom while they were in the shower, just to make sure there weren’t any accidents, but we didn’t actually watch them wash one another. We heard a lot of giggling, though, so they must have been enjoying what they were doing. When they finished up, we handed each of them a towel to dry off. After that, we led them back to the bedroom. “What do you boys usually wear to bed?” Brandon asked. “We always sleep in our underwear,” Hunter answered. “Don’t you get cold in the winter?” Wyatt asked. “Nah, cuz we wear long johns then,” Hayden clarified. “Ok, then let’s get a fresh pair out of the suitcase for each of you,” Brandon told them. “I take it you share your clothes.” “Yeah, we both wear the same stuff,” Hayden confirmed. While they were putting them on, Brandon found a plastic bag with their toothbrushes in it. “I’m glad Holly packed these too,” he said holding up the bag. “Mine’s the blue one,” Hayden said. “The purple one is Hunter’s.” “Ok, so now you can go brush you teeth.” When they and Wyatt finished doing that, we told them to climb into bed. “Wyatt, will you sleep in the middle so we can both be by you?” Hunter asked. “Yep. It will be a Wyatt samich.” Wyatt then had to explain what he meant by that and it caused the twins to giggle. “That’s funny,” Hayden stated. “And tomorrow night we can make it a Hunter sandwich,” Hunter offered. “Yes, you can take turns being in the middle whenever you sleep together,” I agreed. “Now, we usually kiss the boys goodnight when we tuck them in, so would you mind if we did that to you?” “Nah, we don’t mind. Mom used to kiss us goodnight when we got in bed too, but she can’t do that no more,” Hunter answered. “Yeah, I’d like it if you kissed us too,” Hayden confirmed. We then tucked the boys in, kissed each one on the forehead, and wished them sweet dreams. “I really like it here,” Hunter said before we left the room. “Me too,” Hayden agreed. “We’re glad, because it will make it easier when you move here for good,” I commented before I closed the door. When the boys woke up the following morning, Dad fixed them breakfast, because we’d already left for work. Dad said they spent the morning watching cartoons, and when we got home we all had lunch together. “What are you boys going to do this afternoon?” I asked. “Can we play the bean bag toss game?” Tristan wanted to know. “Sure, I can set it up for you.” “You guys will like it,” Wyatt told the twins. “It’s fun.” As soon as everyone was done eating, I got the game ready, and then I went inside and started doing my chores. A short time later Tristan and Revin came inside to ask me a question. “Is it alright if we play kick ball in the yard?” “Of course. The rubber playground ball is in the chest in the rec room and there are four plastic bases in the closet.” “K, but we got to see if Benny and Joshie want to play too,” Tristan added. “Maybe I’ll ask Ryan and Noah too.” “Just knock on Benny and Joshie’s door first if they’re in their bedroom,” I urged, and Tristan looked at me and grinned. He understood my message. “Ok, I will.” The boys played outside all afternoon and didn’t come in until we called them to eat. They were giggling and chatting excitedly when they walked through the door. “Go wash up for dinner,” Brandon advised them. The twins followed Wyatt and Tristan again. “What are we having?” Tristan asked when they returned. “Grandpa Josh bought some DiGiorno pizzas, so we’re having those and a green salad. I hope you boys don’t mind having salad again,” I added while looking at the twins. “Nah, Mom makes us eat salad all the time,” Hunter answered. “Ok, we have several dressings for you to choose from, so you can use the same one as before or try something else.” While they were eating, Dad asked a question. “What have you boys been up to? I haven’t seen you since lunch.” “We’ve been playin’ outside,” Wyatt answered. “Yeah, we played kick ball, tag, and hide-and-seek,” Hayden added. “And Tristan showed us how much land you own,” Hunter followed. “So what do you think of the place?” “We like it, cuz there’s lots to do,” Hunter confirmed. “Yeah, and lots of boys to play with,” Hayden added. Since the boys had been playing all afternoon, we decided to watch a movie with them after we finished eating. When the movie ended, we sent them upstairs to shower and get ready for bed, and this time there was absolutely no hesitation as they got undressed and headed toward the bathroom totally naked. “They beat us again,” Wyatt said referring to Tristan and Revin. “Let’s wait in the bathroom until they’re done,” Hunter suggested, and that’s what they did. It’s a fairly large room, so it wasn’t a problem, and I think the twins wanted to do that so they could see the other two naked again. After they showered and brushed their teeth, they put on a clean set of underwear and climbed into bed, but this time with Hunter in the middle. “It’s a Hunter sandwich tonight,” he shouted gleefully, causing the other two to giggle. We then kissed each of them goodnight and wished them pleasant dreams. The next morning as they were getting out the cereal, Wyatt warned them not to eat too much because we would be going out for brunch later. The twins didn’t have a problem with that, and when they finished we sent them upstairs to get dressed for church. Brandon went up to make sure they looked ok before he went to change as well. Once we were all ready, we had the boys pile into the SUV. Since we had more bodies today, Ryan and Noah rode with Dion and Trey, and Dad and Pop rode in Pop’s car. We still picked up Becky, though, seeing Revin was riding with us. When we arrived at the church, many of the other parishioners asked who the twins were, so I explained they would soon be living with us. The others took it in stride, seeing we did this a lot, and then Wyatt led Hayden and Hunter to his Sunday school class. The twins seemed to be in a good mood when they joined us for the church service, so I decided to ask them about it. “What do you think of this so far?” “It was pretty good,” Hayden answered. “And we liked that we were in the same class as Wyatt,” Hunter confessed. We had those three sit with Brandon and me on one side and Dion and Trey on the other so we could quiet them down if they got carried away. That didn’t happen, although they weren’t totally tuned in to the sermon. When the service ended, we went out for brunch, and the twins seemed impressed with what they saw. “Doesn’t it cost a lot to feed everyone?” Hayden wanted to know. “It costs more than fixing it ourselves, but it’s a treat we enjoy every week,” I explained. “So we’re gonna do this every Sunday after church when we come to live with you?” Hunter followed. “Yes, we do this almost every Sunday, except when we’re having a special early dinner at home, like on Easter,” Brandon confirmed. When we finished up at the diner, we dropped Becky and Revin off at their place, and Revin thanked us for letting him spend the weekend with us again. When we got back to the house, Brandon went upstairs with the boys to repack their suitcase and to make sure they took everything with them. When they came downstairs again, the twins said goodbye to everyone and then I had them go out to the SUV so I could drive them home. Of course, Wyatt and Tristan wanted to go with us, and while they were buckling up, Hunter asked a question. “Can we do this again next week?” “I’m afraid not, because we’re not going to be home, but you can spend the weekend after that with us.” “K,” he responded, although I could tell he was slightly disappointed. I was glad the other two hadn’t said they’d still be home, because I didn’t want to put that responsibility on Dad, Pop, Dion, or Trey yet. The twins could wait one more week, and then the weekend after that they’d be moving in for good. When we dropped them off, we went in to say hello to Julie, and she eyed her sons when they came inside. “Did you… have fun?” “Yeah, we did,” Hayden answered. “It was even better than last time,” Hunter added. She looked at us and smiled before she spoke. “Thank you,” was all she said. We stayed a little longer as the boys told their mother what they’d done, but they kept their promise and didn’t mention the bath time activities. When they were done, I explained that we wouldn’t be home the following weekend, but we’d love to have the boys stay with us again the weekend after that. We also mentioned that since that was Memorial Day weekend we wanted her, Holly, and Julie’s home health aide to join us on Monday for a cookout. She tried to turn us down, but the kids weren’t about to allow that. “We want you to come and see where we’ll be livin’,” Hayden told her. “Yeah, you asked Dr. Currie and Dr. O’Hara to do this, so we want you to see what it’s like,” Hunter insisted. “But I’m… in a… wheelchair,” she objected. “We wouldn’t have any trouble getting you inside and showing you around the first floor so you could see what its like,” I offered. “And Holly’s room is on the first floor, so you could see where she’ll be staying,” Brandon continued. “And you can watch the boys while they’re playing games.” “And then we’ll be eating outside, so that shouldn’t be a problem either,” I added. “There will be plenty of food and we’ll be having hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbeque chicken breasts, along with a bunch of different salads. Can you eat those things?” “Not the… hot dogs… but I… can eat… the other… items… as long… as I take… small bites… and chew… carefully.” “It just takes her a lot longer,” Holly added. “Please come that day, Mommy,” the twins begged in stereo. “Ok… I’ll do it,” she relented, which caused her sons to cheer. “Great. I’ll give the directions to your aide when we pick the boys up that weekend, and then we’ll see you on Memorial Day.” Wyatt, Tristan, Brandon, and I all said goodbye and then we headed home. The weekend had been a total success.
  6. Let’s hope Ryan is okay with Damien and nothing bad happens. Let’s hope Jasper do anything stupid.
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    @Headstall Thanks, Gary. I deliberately left it open to interpretation. Yes, it means one thing to me, but I'm happy for other people to find different meanings.
  8. northie


    Thanks, dear friend. You know some of the background to this.
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    Chapter 15

    So Magda is a traitorous bitch. Just wait until Julian finds her and Tobias. Raven better be okay.
  10. I still feel bad for Brandon. Jeremy will move on and life will get better and Alex should check the numbers and see if he should place a bet before someone wins! Life is good
  11. I'm here. Time to celebrate the unsung hero on this Global Garbage Man Day. In celebration they will be served Stewarts Root Beer, Apple Strudel, and Cherry Tart's.
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    Chapter 15

    Ma'am, what are you trying to do to us? 😔 Just give us the damn book already so i don't have to sit at the edge of my seat wondering what that traitor bitch Magda has in store
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    Chapter 15

    - XV - “I didn’t know if she knew about you and magic,” Raven said ten minutes after Julian started driving. “Therefore, I didn’t say anything... Can you get us back via spell instead of driving?” Julian threw him a quick look and smiled his usual way, as if appreciating the fact that Raven kept his mouth shut. “No,” he said with audible regret. “I am not that good, unfortunately.” “I see,” Raven sighed and leaned on the back of the seat. He lit a cigarette and handed it to Julian. The blond took it with yet another small smile. “How long will it take us to get back?” Raven asked. “I mean, you have to be at work tomorrow, and...” he shrugged without finishing the sentence, knowing that the blond would know the end of it anyway. He was right. “A couple of hours,” Julian said with regret. “I will stay awake for as long as you want me to though,” he nodded. “I don’t care much about sleep. I mean, it’s certainly nice, but it is not my main priority,” he nodded without taking his eyes off the road. Raven looked at the car clock; it read 5:30. “Just pull over somewhere,” he said in a low voice, causing the blond to smile yet again. “I want you to be able to function tomorrow morning... I don’t want you to go broke for real,” he added, and Julian let out short laughter. ...They got back home a little after eleven, due to the fact that Julian had to pull over at least three times; one time after Raven told him to, the second time because he felt like it, and the third time, because of both of them. The second time was rather amusing. They just started to get into it, and Raven was halfway through removing blond’s shirt with his teeth, when there was sharp knocking on the window of the car. Julian let out an exasperated sigh, and rolled the window down. “What?” he asked impatiently after seeing some guy in militia uniform. “Your license, please,” the guy said with restrained intonation in his voice. Julian rolled his eyes and handed him his driver’s license. After less than a minute (as long as it took that guy to triple-read the name), the trooper started blinking very furiously, as if he was trying to get rid of something painful in his eye. “I apologize,” he said too quickly to not sound scared. “I apologize,” he repeated with a furious nod. “Drive safely, master Salamander...” and then he was gone from their view as if someone pushed some sort of a magic button. Julian closed the window, and it took them at least an hour to get back onto the road; maybe longer than that, Raven wasn’t sure. When they finally got back home, the car clock read 11:17. Julian let out a string of unintelligible obscenities, and the only thing Raven gathered from it was the fact that the blond didn’t have his house keys on him, thanks to Celeste, and would have to use one of the streams to unlock the door. Raven just laughed when Julian rang the bell for no apparent reason. “When I am around,” he said in a somewhat composed voice. “You don’t need keys, you should know that by now... Why are you ringing the bell anyway? There is nobody in the house,” he added, and the blond blinked with self-frustration. Raven reached for the doorknob when, suddenly, the door swung open. “Tobias...” Julian said slowly with a small frown. “What are you doing here? It is rather late...” Tobias was Salamander’s new butler; Julian hired him a little bit longer than a month ago. He was in his early thirties, had light-brown hair that started to recede on his temples, matching eyes, and he was very professional. Julian’s surprise at seeing him right now was easily understood – usually, every single member of the staff would leave at six in the evening. “I was waiting for you, master Salamander,” the butler said with a slight bow of the head. “I realized that you weren’t home, and I could not remember you leaving; therefore, I checked the garage, and saw that all of your cars were in there. I took the liberty of waiting for you, just to make sure that everything was all right. I apologize if that displeases you.” “I see,” Julian said thoughtfully. “Everything is fine, you may leave now.” “Yes, master Salamander,” Tobias bowed his head once more, turned around to grab his keys, and walked outside, bowing to Raven before he left. “Do you think he was lying?” Raven asked when the butler disappeared in the night. Julian’s expression was still quite thoughtful. “I don’t know,” the blond answered slowly. “Probably not... It’s just unusual to see such concern.” “Yes,” Raven said in a low voice. “It is unusual, especially when the concern is about you, and it comes from someone other than me...” Julian smiled at that his usual way and closed the door after they walked inside the house. Raven headed straight to the bedroom, concentrating on sleep, since he was rather tired for several reasons, and Julian disappeared in one of the rooms for several minutes. He walked into the bedroom when Raven was about to get under the covers. The dark-haired man froze in his spot and narrowed his eyes when he saw a slim, curved black dagger in the blond’s hand. “You are not serious,” Raven said slowly. “It’s eleven-thirty at night, and you have to get up at six-thirty...” “I will be fine,” the blond murmured and handed the dagger to Raven. Raven sighed in defeat even though he could feel those exhilarating sparks start running through him – he loved using blades on Julian, and the blond was perfectly aware of that. The thief didn’t care much about whips, cuffs of any sort, or electrocuting (even though he would do it if the blond was in the mood for any of that), but when it came to blades, he would become insatiable. He took the dagger and looked at Julian through his eyelashes, a tiny, cruel smile tickling his mouth. “Strip,” he ordered quietly, and the blond obliged. Neither one of them noticed a small black microphone hiding on the side of the curtain rod. **** A couple of weeks later, Julian informed Raven that he wouldn’t be home until at least eleven in the evening this upcoming Wednesday. “There is a company thing I need to take care of,” he said, running his fingers through his hair. “If you are interested, I can explain it in more details.” “That’s quite all right,” Raven nodded. “I am not interested.” Julian hemmed at that and said nothing. He knew that Raven couldn't care less about his business ordeals and it was fine with him; he never craved brunet’s attention to his work. “How’s the rock doing?” Raven asked lazily without getting out of bed. “Still there,” Julian shrugged and buttoned up his shirt. “You never researched it, did you?” Raven yawned with gusto. “No,” the blond admitted. “To be honest, I believe it would be a waste of time. Even if it is some sort of an artifact, it doesn’t matter right now, since it’s locked away. That and your friend never contacted you about it again, did she?” “No,” Raven frowned. “In fact, she hadn’t contacted me ever since I moved in with you... I might call her today,” he nodded and yawned again. “Miss your rush?” Julian looked at him seriously while his fingers quickly buckled his pants. “Yes,” Raven said honestly. “Well,” the blond left his belt buckle alone, since it was fine now. “If she offers you another job, run a research on the client first, will you? Or tell me, and I will do that,” he nodded slightly. “All right,” Raven said with a small smile. “Hey, this Friday is the second Friday of the month...” “Yes,” now Julian smiled as well. “I remember.” “Have fun at work,” Raven nodded with satisfaction, noting that the blond looked as impeccable as ever even though he only got three hours of sleep last night, and was ridden hard to say the least. “I will,” Julian nodded. “Sweet dreams, Raven...” Raven grinned at that and buried his face in the pillow. ...Wednesday evening, around 7:30 or so, Raven tried calling Magda again. He’s been trying to reach her since Monday, and he would only get her voicemail. “Hi!” Magda’s voice said with gloomy brightness, and Raven cursed softly; it was the damn voicemail again. “I am obviously not answering, so...” Raven sighed and snapped his phone shut. “What’s up with her?” he thought with tight frown. “All of a sudden, she just disappeared... Wonder if she’s all right...” He decided to run to her bank tomorrow morning and see if she has been coming to work lately. He threw his phone on the bed, and turned around, suddenly remembering that he left his wristband on the bathroom sink earlier, when there was gentle knocking on the door. “Yeah!” he called loudly, wondering if Julian would be able to get back earlier tonight than he thought. The blond said this morning that he would try his damn best, and Raven knew that he would. Then he glanced at the clock and frowned, wondering who was knocking at the door at this hour. The door opened just slightly, and there was the butler, his expression worried. “Master Delamorte...?” he said, and Raven blinked at that. He was still getting used to hearing his last name instead of his first from other people. However, if you live with Julian, you do not tell the staff to call you simply ‘Raven’ for various reasons. “What is it, Tobias?” he asked with a tight frown. The butler sure looked uneasy. “And what are you doing here this late?” “Master Delamorte,” Tobias said again and nervously glanced behind him. “There is a young woman downstairs, and she is asking for you...” He stuttered slightly. “Was... asking for you,” he nodded. “She is injured, and she is unconscious right now... Right before she lost consciousness, however, she asked for you...” Raven frowned even deeper. A young woman? The only young woman who would ask for him would be Magda, but how in the bloody hell did she even know where to look for him...? Finally, he slightly shook his head. “When did she get here?” he asked, walking towards the butler. “Ten minutes ago, master,” Tobias said quickly, stepping aside to let Raven through. Raven walked past him and was on his way towards the living room, when suddenly, there was a very unpleasant, sharp prick on his neck. He swirled around, trying to grab hold of invisibility rather automatically, without even trying to figure out what the hell was going on, but then everything around him flashed in violent black-and-white, and then the world ceased to exist. ...“Where is your car?” Tobias propped his arms on his sides. “Parked in the back,” the woman said, studying Raven’s unconscious face. “Give me the syringe...” she stretched out her hand without looking at the butler. He obliged without asking any questions. The woman took a quick breath and pierced her skin with the needle, slightly wincing at the sensation. She drew some of her blood into the syringe, silently biting her lip, and when she had enough, she pulled the needle out, and drew another quick breath. “Get me his vein,” she ordered shortly, and Tobias obliged once again, in complete silence. It took him several minutes to finally find a vein in Raven’s slender arm, and when he did, he looked up at the woman and gave her a sharp, curt nod. The woman slightly narrowed her eyes, and leaned towards the unconscious brunet, still biting her lip in hard concentration. “Are you sure it’s going to work?” Tobias asked tightly while watching her sink that needle into Raven’s arm. “I mean, even with the fact that he is the main priority aside, that psycho was attuned as well...” “It will work,” she said slowly and emptied the syringe filled with her blood into Raven’s vein. Then she repeated the whole ordeal several more times. Finally, she let out a small hiss and handed the empty by now syringe to the butler. Tobias took it without saying anything, put it into his pocket, careful not to prick himself, and stood up. “I don’t know how much blood he drank from that son of a bitch,” the woman said thoughtfully. “However, I am positive that my blood is going to be a hell of a lot more dominant than his...” she threw a quick look at Tobias. “Get him into my car,” she ordered shortly, and the butler nodded, wrapping his arms around Raven’s limp frame. “How long will it take...?” he asked while carrying Raven towards the back door of the kitchen. “A week at the most,” the woman replied. “Once my blood gets into his system, it’s only a question of time when the mirror is going to let me in... I’ll kill him after the ritual,” she nodded when she saw a small frown on Tobias’ forehead. “You will need to come back here until I call you,” she said firmly, and Tobias let out a small sigh. “I know,” he said while the woman opened the door. “It’s fine, however... I am just glad this part is over with...” He grimaced. “If I had to listen to their fucking one more time, I swear to God...” “Oh, please...!” the woman snorted and pulled a set of keys out of her pocket. “You were getting off on that, and you know it!” “At first...?” Tobias grinned. “Hell, yeah...! Lately though...” he shrugged and lowered the unconscious man into the back seat of the car. “...it was making me sick... Seriously, they fucked every goddamn night...! And every night would be different,” he nodded. “You recorded the whole thing, didn’t you?” the woman asked in a low voice. “You are going to use it whenever you jerk off, since I doubt you would find anyone who'd fuck you willingly...” The butler gritted his teeth at that. “I have good memory,” he said tightly, and the woman let out a very short laughter. “Believe me, however,” he nodded. “These two are into stuff that turns me off, and not on, okay?” “What were they doing?” the woman seemed to be genuinely interested, and Tobias tiredly shook his head. “You don’t wanna know...” he muttered. “Or rather, I don’t want to recall it,” he said after seeing woman’s almost hungry expression. “However...” he thoughtfully stared at Raven’s unconscious body. “That psycho would never do anything to him if he didn’t agree to it...” He glanced at the woman. “Whenever it came to pain, he...” Tobias nodded at Raven. “...would be the one to inflict it, and not the other way around... I don’t think that son of a bitch even tried that...” he added thoughtfully, and the woman shrugged somewhat impatiently. “Great story,” she said quickly. “Psychotic son of a bitch actually falls for someone... I should write a script about it, really... If I do it right, I will be famous for years! However,” she hemmed. “If I succeed...” she closed her eyes briefly. “I won’t need a stupid script,” she finished with a small nod, and opened her eyes. “Hurry up,” the butler said tightly. “I don’t have a slightest desire to be here again when that fucking blond comes back...” He nervously glanced around. “I almost crapped my pants two weeks ago,” he nodded quickly. “I am about to leave, and then there is a fucking doorbell-ring... Talk about fright...!” “Right,” the woman nodded and looked at her car keys. “Well, good night, Tobias... I will call you when I am sure my blood is dominant, okay...?” “Right...” the butler gave her another stiff nod. “Night, Magdalena...” He watched the woman sliding into the driver’s seat and shoving her key into ignition. He threw a last look at unconscious Raven. “Serves you right,” he thought darkly. “Whoever who is willing to do whatever you were doing to that bastard, deserves to rot in hell... And you were more than willing, all right...” He watched the car disappear in the night, and then he quickly went inside, took his keys, and left the house without leaving any traces of the fact that he was even here. When he stopped on the Stop sign, which led into one of the main roads, he became cold when he saw a hatefully familiar car waiting patiently across the street from him. “Shit...!” he thought desperately. “If he ever paid any attention to what I am driving...” That didn’t seem to be the case, however; blond’s vehicle crossed the street without as much as pausing by Tobias’ car, and the man let out a very shaky breath, reminding to himself once again to show up for work tomorrow morning.
  14. So I was this close to asking Jeremy for his hand in marriage and to find out he plays Dota 2 has made me reconsider. 😠 Real talk Alex is the biggest sweetheart in the world in this chapter! AHH if there was any doubt that he's a good person in spite of the mistakes he's made, there's the proof now :3 he cheers up his boyfriend and then hunts down the asshat who hurt his feelings! HAHAHA BRANDON HUNNY NOBODY BELIEVES THAT. That was lovely!! And a little sad! But a lovely sad. ❤️ Thank you!
  15. Happy June and Pride Month! One of the big themes this month is always coming out, or being out and proud, or just being out and not having to be afraid. A big part of that in many places is the GSA, because it's not always easy. Pilots takes a look at how that might play out in a wider setting than just a high school or college, and there's a real cast of characters to get to know in each chapter who will draw you in. Check out this older story if you haven't read it before! Pilots by David McLeod Length: 37,674 Description: Jacksonville, WY isn't the first place you'd look for an LGBT Alliance. Will it work? Follow the lives of the boys and girls who try to promote tolerance, and of those who attempt to stop them A Reader said: Having read PILOTS, I hope to enjoy this story as much. ~ Gene63 (of Pilots II) If you want to spread the word about David McLeod's story, download the graphic below and add it to your signature! Make sure you come back on Wednesday to see the excerpt I chose to share!
  16. The Teen Music Awards was so exciting and exactly what the group needed after the rough week they had. Ryan, Blake and Jasper kept quiet about what had happened with Ryan so that Luke and Simon wouldn’t worry, but there was a lot of tension amongst them with the pressure of the constant media attention on Jasper’s sexuality and the threats of more secrets being released if the other members didn’t just shut up and do as they were told. Being able to go and talk to other popular musicians, including other boybands to get an idea of the kind of management they deal with was the plan for the night. The moment they climb out of their limo and start walking up the red carpet, camera flashes around them aggressively as they walk, some reporters calling out to them to try and get a short interview. The group knew Jasper’s ‘scandal’ would be hot on the tongues of each reporter but they also knew it would look worse to avoid them all so they make their way towards one of the reporters at the edge of the barrier. “How are you guys going? You look amazing!” She starts. “We’re great, we’re really excited to be performing here tonight and being recognized for our musical achievements is a real honor.” Simon answers for the group who all smile and nod in agreement. “Obviously, there’s been a lot of attention on you recently Jasper, how did you feel coming into your first public performance since the photo was released of what looks like you kissing a guy and what can you tell me about that photo?” “There has been a lot of attention on me, I am glad we get the chance to remind people that our music is what we want people to talk about, not our personal lives.” Jasper answers with a shrug. “Besides, I think all the attention will be on Ryan tonight as it’s his turn to surprise everyone.” “Don’t give away too much Jasper.” Blake nudges him. “We should get inside, I can see one of our rival boybands has just arrived.” “Thank you for your time, I’ll let you get to it.” The reporter ends her interview with the boys and turns her attention to trying to coax the next stars over. “That went alright don’t you think?” Luke comments as they walk into the hallway of the backstage area and immediately become starstruck by their company. All in the halls there was a mixture of people from all different styles of music, solo artists mingling with members of bands, others just standing in the hallway watching everyone else. “I am one Louis Tomlinson away from having a fangasm.” Jasper comments in a fake whisper as they walk into their dressing room. “Sorry to break it to you, but their 'hiatus', is really a non conclusive way of saying they aren’t coming back.” Blake pats Jasper on the shoulder comfortingly but Jasper just turns to bite back. “You’re one to talk. When are MCR coming back again?” He asks. “You’ve brought the sass tonight. You’re meant to love me, remember, the manager wants you to be getting all smoochy with me on stage tonight.” Blake winks at him. Jasper just rolls his eyes and turns around as the door opens and both Fi and Chris walk in. “Alright guys, you’re on towards the end of the night so we’ve got plenty of time to get you all ready, after the show, you’ll have a half hour meeting with a bunch of fan’s who’ve bought VIP tickets, then off to the after party where I’m hoping you’ll all be responsible and stop Jasper from drinking himself stupid.” Chris states with a sigh, Jasper just smiles and shrugs it off, no amount of joking at his expense could ruin how excited he was for the after party, chatting to some of the artists who’d inspired him to pursue music himself. “It’s going to be a wicked night.” Jasper says, clapping his hands excitedly. Their performance went off without a hitch, the fans screamed loudly for them when they got up on stage to perform their most popular song but the addition of the sexy dance routine Ryan had choreographed for the group was the big surprise that made the biggest impact, granting the group immediate gossip and love on their social media. Once they were back in their dressing room with time to talk to each other about the show and scroll through the reactions from fans they were buzzing. “Oh here’s a good on.” Jasper clears his throat to read a post. “Am I the only one thinking Jasper was made to sexy dance with a girl just to cover up the fact that he’s gay. It’s sad to see him have to hide himself to please the homophobes out there.” He looks up from his phone and shrugs. “I should have seen that kind of opinion coming.” He types a reply to the post quickly, ‘the dance was to show Ryan’s skills and challenge us to widen our skill sets, not to hide anything.’ It wasn’t long before the show was winding down and the guys were being ushered by Chris down the hall to where a room of their fans were waiting for a special meet and greet event. Chris rounds the corner with the members not far behind him, excitedly talking about how much they couldn’t wait to get to talk to some of their fans and feel the support they knew they would need in no time at all when things with Chris finally came to an end. Chris opens the door and introduces the band as they start filing into the room of screaming cheering fans, ready to do autographs, take photos and talk with their biggest fans. “Ryan~” A familiar voice sends a cold shudder through his spine and stops him dead in his tracks before he can walk in the door. “Damien, what are you doing here?” Ryan felt as though his blood ran cold as he turned and faced the slim man dressed in tight jeans and a button up tight fitted white shirt, an open bright red plaid shirt over the top. “I went to your Mum’s and she said you don’t live there and wouldn’t tell me where you went. Next minute you’re in a music video? Babe, I can’t believe you ran off and joined a band. I am so proud of you.” Damien steps towards him and puts his arms out to hug him, Ryan steps back. “Ryan, are you coming?” Jasper walks out of the room and over towards them. “Yeah I will be right there.” Ryan tells Jasper quickly. “Not even going to make time for me?” Damien pouts at him. “Are you a VIP?” Jasper asks plainly, wondering whether this was one of Ryan’s friends or his awful ex, looking him up and down he could see a lot of similarities between himself and this guy in regards to how he presented himself, making him super anxious that it may be the latter. “I was once. I’m Damien.” The guy confirms to Jasper who he was facing, with a smug smirk on his face. Jasper swallows down the feeling of jealousy and tries to act like he doesn’t know who he is while considering doing a complete self make-over to look as different as he could from Damien, clearly Ryan had a particular type. “Oh right, cool.” Jasper frowns and shrugs like he’d never heard the name. “Are you one of our fans though? All the others are in the room waiting for us.” Jasper points back at the door everyone had walked through before Ryan had been distracted. “I’m a fan of Ryan, in particular.” Damien winks at Ryan who was just looking at the ground, a little lost. “Ok, I’m going to read between the lines and assume this is a personal visit. Our fans have paid a lot to meet us though so I am going to have to steal Ry for a while but if you know each other then I’m sure you have his number. You can organize a time to catch up when we aren’t busy.” Jasper suggests with a shrug. “Nice to meet you though.” He fakes a smile at Damien and takes Ryan’s hand. “Come on, people are waiting.” He starts leading him away to the room the fans were waiting in letting go of his hand only when they were out of sight of Damien and about to be in sight of the 50 VIP fans. “Get yourself back, obviously he’s caught you off guard and you’re a bit shaken, you’ve shut down, these fans deserve to see the best of you.” Jasper whispers to him gently outside the door. “Sorry, I am just. I didn’t expect to ever see him again.” Ryan takes a few deep breaths. “That is...” “I guessed, but now isn’t the time. Deal with him after this, just give yourself to the fans for the next 45 minutes.” Jasper orders with an exaggerated smile until Ryan smiles back at him. “Did you see his face when you pretended you’ve never heard of him?” Ryan laughs. Jasper just nods with a grin and pushes the door open, the fans scream as he and Ryan walk into the room. The fan meet went well and as suspected, the whole night had put such a strong focus on Ryan that Chris would have to be stupid to kick him out of the band. As soon as they all walk out of the room with a grin on their faces talking with excitement about what the fans had asked them, Ryan spots the man he’d hoped he’d never see again still waiting in the hallway. “Hasn’t security escorted him out yet?” Jasper mutters to Ryan who was once again shutting down. “Come and grab a drink with me.” Damien smiles at Ryan. “No thanks.” Ryan shakes his head. “Please, just hear me out.” Damien pleads, giving Ryan his best pout. “It’s fine Ryan.” Jasper gives him a reassuring smile. “Who knows, you might finally get over him.” He whispers to him with a grin. “Ok. One drink, and none of your tricks.” Ryan states strongly. Damien just smiles and stands up. “If you say so.” He shrugs, the smile on his face suggesting he had no intention of caring about Ryan’s demands. Jasper turns to Blake confused, he was self-conscious about what ‘tricks’ Ryan was talking about with Damien. Blake puts his arm around Jasper’s shoulders. “Who is that?” He asks, watching as Ryan and Damien walk off together, Damien attempts to take Ryan's hand but Ryan just pulls his hand away and ignores him. “His ex. One I don’t think he is over and I’ve sent them off for drinks together so does that make me a good, trusting boyfriend, or a complete idiot?” Jasper asks. Blake just squeezes Jasper’s shoulders and gives a sigh. “You’re not a complete idiot.” He says jokingly, not very reassuring at all. Jasper sighs and leans into Blake’s chest. “Why do I feel like this is a really bad idea then?” Jasper asks sadly. “Am I a psycho if I follow them?” He asks and Blake laughs, turning him around and heading towards their car out the back. Simon and Luke get in the front and immediately start discussing the event between themselves. “So how far did they go? Further than you guys?” Blake asks Jasper quietly. “Why would you even ask that?” Jasper scoffs. “I’m guessing so, since all we have done is make out.” “Well I wouldn’t have sent my partner off with an ex that had gone further than I had.” “What possible difference would it make.” Jasper asks. “If you guys haven’t done ‘stuff’ and he wants to do it, then maybe it’s the easier option to hook up with his ex again.” Blake shrugs. “Oh, thank you, that’s a super helpful thought that I really needed to have right now.” Jasper rolls his eyes and crosses his arms, looking out the window of the car as they head back towards their apartment, wishing that he hadn’t insisted Ryan go out for drinks with his ex like this. “Ryan doesn’t seem like that much of an asshole, I’m sure he wouldn’t.” Blake tries to comfort Jasper but it was obvious the first thought was sticking in Jasper’s mind. “Yeah but what’d Ryan mean by ‘none of your tricks?’ Like does he think Damien will seduce him? Is that what he is talking about? Will he even tell Damien that we are together, or even that he’s in a relationship? From what I’ve heard I doubt even that would be something he would respect but still. I don’t know why I thought sending him off to catch up was a good idea.” Jasper stresses, dropping his head into his hands and shaking it. “I want to stalk them. I want to call him right now and tell him that I changed my mind and I want him home. What should I do?” Jasper looks at Blake with a childlike innocence, wanting his problems to be solved by a more capable adult. Blake just smiles and puts his arm around Jasper’s shoulder. “You should remember that this guy was a jerk, that Ryan is smitten with you, and that by allowing this, even though it’s tearing you apart right now with the ‘what ifs’ shows a lot of trust. Trust is so important in a relationship.” “Yeah but does it come across as trusting? Or does it come across as me not caring that his ex took him out for a drink? I don’t want him to be thinking I don’t care.” “Send him a dick pick. Let him know you’re thinking of him.” Blake jokes with a wink. Jasper stares at him stunned, his eyes narrowed with confusion. “That’s absolutely the worst advice I’ve ever heard.” Jasper comments back, dumbfounded by the suggestion. “Show him what he’s missing?” Blake shrugs. “Or remind him what he misses with his ex? Give him ideas? You’re being really unhelpful about this.” Jasper scoffs, turning and looking out the window again. “I’m joking around, trying to cheer you up.” Blake nudges him. “You’ll be fine. He’ll be fine.” “Do you think we should hook up?” Jasper asks, this time it was his turn to shock Blake with his suggestion. “I don’t think making him jealous is the way to go.” Blake replies very calmly. “Not you and me you tool. Me and Ryan.” “I don’t think it’s called a hook up if you’re dating the person.” Blake laughs at him. “You know what I mean. Because we haven’t gone there. Should I just do it? So he doesn’t feel the need to go to someone else for it.” Jasper asks completely seriously, though by the smirk on his face and the chuckle at the suggestion, it was clear Blake thought he was joking. “What’s funny about that?” Jasper snaps. “This is serious, you’re not taking this seriously at all!” “You are serious? Jasper no. Definitely not. If you think you have to rush things just to stop him from possibly cheating, then he’s not worth going there with in the first place. Please do not feel like you have to do anything more to keep him. If he’s decent and he cares about you, you’ll be enough, whether he has to wait another week or another year for things to progress. He should care more about you being comfortable and ready otherwise you’ll be upset that you rushed things. Plus if you did that, and he still ended up being a jerk and cheating, you’d feel completely used.” “We were happy and just enjoying things for what they were before his stupid ex showed up. Now I feel like I’m turning into Ryan with the way I’m stressing. I just really hope he’s ok right now. I know his ex was a piece of work so he is probably having an awful time with him now anyway.” Jasper sighs. “Do you have anything that could help me de-stress?” He asks a little more quietly. “No, sorry.” Blake answers, Jasper raises his eyebrow skeptically. “You do know you can’t get high on medical cannabis, right?” “Then what is the point of it?” Jasper groans. “To stop me from having seizures during shows. But you’re right, it’s otherwise useless.” Blake laughs and shakes his head amused. “You know with your badass look, you’d expect you of all people would have weed in some form other than epilepsy medication.” Jasper scoffs disappointed. “Have you ever even tried it?” Blake asks. “No, but tonight seems like a good time to start.” Jasper shrugs. “You know from the good little church choir boy you were when you first ended up here, you’re actually becoming more badass than me, I mean you’re pegged as the alcoholic of the group, you’re having sneaky kissy sessions with a boy, starting a rebellion against the manager and asking me for drugs. I’m impressed.” Blake teases him. The car pulls up at their place and everyone gets out and starts heading up to their rooms, while Jasper lags behind the others he takes his phone out and contemplates texting Ryan to ask about how his ‘date’ was going. He deletes the message and pockets his phone. It hadn’t been half an hour yet, it’d look way too clingy to be texting him yet. “Are you ok?” Blake asks, he’d stopped at the front door and waited for Jasper to catch up. “Please get me smashed and keep my phone out of my hands tonight.” Jasper passes Blake his phone. “Oooo~ I’m going to read all your sexts.” Blake jokes. “Mm, good luck with that. That seems like something that would make you more uncomfortable than me.” Jasper shrugs, smirking to himself as he walks past him into their apartment. His plan for the night was to keep himself distracted and not think about Ryan, that started with getting dressed and ready for a night of mingling with performers from the TMA awards. No re-appearing nightmare ex, was going to ruin the excitement he’d anticipated being at this party tonight.
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    very good short story Keega lust faded after the good sex. he notices that the Hunter only interested in sex with him has .but he should enjoy it sometime when he finds his big love determined
  18. jamessavik

    Red Grand Prix

    We woke up Tuesday morning and took the promised shower with Toby and Brandon did our clean up. Towels were folded, sheets were stripped from beds, and garbage was collected. By ten, we were on our way after I locked the place up. I stopped by Fred Henderson’s place and met my cousin Lee in the drive way. He didn’t recognize me at first. I couldn’t remember exactly how old he was other than he was in junior high when I was in college. He had the look of a Henderson: tall, wiry and tan. All he was wearing was blue jean shorts and sneakers. When he did figure out who I was, he gave me a great big hug, “Timmy! Look at you.” “And you Lee, what are you now, seventeen?” “Not for long. I graduated this year. Pa said that was you at the lodge. I would have visited but I didn’t want to inflict my little pack of ruffians on you.” I said, “They couldn’t be any worse than my own. Come here and meet the guys.” We walked over to the van and I introduced everybody. We chatted for a while about the grotto and the bear, but not in detail. Lee laughed and said, “You guys met Edgar.” Chris said, “The bears name is Edgar?” “We found him as a little cub and bottle fed him. He’s tame as a puppy and likes people. Will walk right up to you and lick your face. You can pet him if he likes you. Otherwise, he’ll just run away. He follows me around like a puppy when I’m doing chores.” Toby pulled out his sketch pad and showed Lee his rendition of the little bear. Lee looked at it and said, “Yep, that’s Edgar.” I left Lee chatting with my posse and went inside to find Uncle Fred drinking coffee. He had already been up since before dawn and had gotten most of his work done. He saw me and stood, “Tim, good grief, how are you boy.” It felt good to be hugged by my Mom’s brother. He was one of the few relatives I had left. “We had a great time at the lodge and, we cleaned up after ourselves.” I handed him an envelope. He looked at it and said, “You didn’t have to do this. You pay dues and you own the place.” “And you take care of it and, I appreciate it. I’m just now really feeling like getting out. It’s been hard since Mom and Pop passed.” Fred nodded, “I know you miss them son. Just remember you got kin in this valley. All the families up here know you could have quit helping us when your Dad passed away. You’re keeping this whole valley afloat. We love you Timmy.” I grinned at said, “Y’all are the only kin I have left. If you need me, just call. I should have come up here a long time ago. I just wasn’t ready to face the place yet. I almost didn’t recognize Lee. Good grief he’s grown up fast.” Fred chuckled and said, “They sure do at that age.” “Does anybody have the lodge for July 4th?” Fred said, “Nobody has it reserved until dove season starts in September.” Looking at the calendar on his desk, I said, “Good. I’ll want it from Wednesday the 2nd to Monday the 7th. We’ll be back and I’ll have some time to visit.” I shook Fred’s hand and returned to the van. By this time Lee had been joined by three of his friends and my crew seemed to be charmed by them. Lee said, “Tim, these are my friends Joey and Bobby Porter and this is Billy Johnson.” It was obvious that Joey and Bobby were twins and they had the Porter look that came from Native American blood: short, muscular with dark tanned skin and jet black hair they wore long. Billy was a tall long boned, light skinned black kid with a friendly smile. We chatted for a few minutes and Lee indicated that he wanted to have a word in private. We went on the side of the van and Lee asked, “Ummm Tim, I know it’s been a while but do you still like the hobby?” I grinned, “Oh yeah. We’re coming back for July the fourth. You want to party with us?” “Hell yeah. That’s a sporty looking crew you got there.” “Yours looks pretty interesting too. We’ll be back and can get together somewhere a lot more comfortable than a hayloft.” As we were rolling away from the Henderson place, Toby said, “I think I like country boys.” I said, “You’ll see a lot more of them come July 4th. I’ve got the lodge booked from the Wednesday before to the Monday after and Lee and his boys will be joining us.” Tony asked, “Are they…?” I said, “They call it the hobby. It’s a secret among a lot of country boys growing up around here. The girls are off limits and they have to get off somehow. Most of them are bisexual and fool around with each other until they get married and after that, only at deer camp and fishing trips.” Frank said, “I did not know that.” “They’re a little different but, they’re sweet. You’ll like them. They’re the kind you’ll make friends with in fifteen minutes and they’ll stick with you for life. I know they like y’all. Lee said you were a sporty looking crew.” Brandon said, “Is that country for hot?” “Lee looks like you without the muscles. I like”, Jed said. “My Mom was a Henderson so we’re cousins. I expect there’ll be a lot more around when we come back for the fourth.” On the way home we stopped by Taco Joes. We were a little early for lunch so the crowd wasn’t huge. I noticed on the bulletin board by the register there was a sign that said free kittens and I remembered that Frank wanted one. Joe took us to a big table and left menus. One of his girls came, brought chips and salsa and took our drink orders. I asked her, “Tienes gatitos libres?” She answered, “Sí señor.” I said, “Quiero uno para una sorpresa para mi amigo.” She said, “I understand.” “Excuse my Españolé. I’m trying. Bring us some queso too.” She left to take care of our orders and Tony asked, “What was that all about?” “I’m just trying to keep my Spanish skills alive and probably failing miserably. I might have just ordered donkey fajitas.” We had fajitas and they were a hit even if they did come from a donkey. Everybody loved them from the time they arrived sizzling hot and smelling so good until the last scrap is devoured. When the waitress came with the check, she winked. I told the guys that I was going to take care of the check and to meet me at the van in five minutes or so. When I took care of the check, I gave Tony a c-note and told him to keep the change. He took me into the office where one of his daughters had a box in her lap with four tiny kittens. After petting them a little, I picked a male orange tabby with a pink nose and parked the little guy in my shirt pocket. I asked Tony if he had ever considered expanding. I liked the idea he had and, it was the only decent place to eat in a two hour drive to the North. I told him that I had an idea that I would have to talk over with my family but I would know more after the fourth of July and would talk to him afterwards. He gave me his business card. When I got to the van and got in, no one noticed the tiny kitten in my front pocket. He seemed to like it there, purring and would peep out from time to time. Before we got rolling I said, “Frank, I’ve got a surprise for you but it will cost you a kiss.” He said, “I’d kiss you anyway silly.” “Look in my shirt pocket.” He did and said, “Oh my God, he’s adorable.” By now the whole van was curious as to what was going on. Frank moved to take the kitten out of my pocket and he objected vocally, “Mew, Mep!?” Toby laughed and said, “What did you say Tim?” Frank retrieved the little fellow who attached himself to his shoulder. With Frank petting him he settled right down and started doing happy paws. Chris said, “Congratulations Frank. You are now owned by a cat.” I laughed and said, “I take it you’re familiar with cats?” Frank said, “I’m not. I’ve never owned a pet.” Chris said, “You don’t really own a cat. It’s more like you are pals.” The little cat was purring furiously, affectionately rubbed Fran’s neck and nibbled on his ear. “Now he’s biting me.” I said, “That’s not a bite. It’s affection from a cat to nibble on you.” Frank said, “He’s so cute it’s ridiculous. Will you help me train it?” Chris and I both laughed and Frank said, “What’s so funny?” I said, “You won’t have to worry about that. He’ll have you trained in no time.” When we got back to town we immediately picked up cat food and litter and since there was a sporting goods store next door, Jeb went inside and he picked out a few jocks. I stopped at the office and brought everyone in to look the place over. There was much more room than necessary but I showed them the tools and equipment I would be teaching them how to use. Toby and I used the Xerox machine to copy the sketches of the guys at the park who had molested him, willingly in one case but not so much with the guy in the Pontiac. Per our agreement, Andrew’s picture was left out. After collecting the mail at the office, we got back in the van and headed home. Once there we unloaded and I showed Frank and his new kitten where the litter box would be. The kitten got the idea immediately and made a deposit. There were about thirty messages on my answering machine. One was from Sam saying all was well and he would return home Thursday. Jeb was delighted with his new jocks. He modeled a red and black one and then disappeared with Toby and Brandon. When everything was put away and the washing machine was running, I asked Chris and Tony to take a ride with me. One of the dealerships in town handled Toyotas and GMC and we parked the Mustang on the edge of the lot and walked around to have a look. We picked out a full sized GMC Sierra with a silver and red paint job and I asked to see a salesman. The salesman didn’t look impressed with us. He was a fat, fortyish guy who sweated too much. He didn’t look too amused when I said we would take this truck and three more just like it. His impression of me rose considerably when we went into the office and he called my bank. Then his eyes widened and then couldn’t wait to fill out the paperwork. He apologized profusely that the other trucks wouldn’t be ready until Thursday. While the salesman did his thing, Tony asked, “What are the other three trucks for?” I said, “I’m going to give one each to the families in the valley. I neglected to visit them for far too long. You know how I am about family. I shouldn’t have stayed away for so long.” Chris said, “We saw what that memorial did to you Tim. You were spaced out for a while afterwards. Frank had to bring you back.” “I’m back now. I’m taking care of my family. Friday or Saturday we’ll drive them up to the Valley. It’ll be fun to see Lee’s face when I hand him the keys.” It took forty-five minutes and another ten on the phone to get the new truck added to the company auto insurance policy the van was covered under. I wasn’t thrilled with the wait but Tony was so happy to get his first vehicle he had tears in his eyes. I hugged him and said, “You OK to drive?” He smiled and said, “Sure boss.” “Then I have an assignment for you. Take beautiful Chris, drive up around the North shore of the lake to Mossy Oak Point where it’s nice, shady and private. Then I want you two to enjoy each other’s company and don’t come home before you both cum, capich?” Tony laughed and said, “Yes Godfather.” I drove home and found the pool service truck in the drive way. He said it was ready to use. We talked for a few minutes about the service schedule and we had a look at it. My father had it put in when I was away at college to help with his and mom’s aches and pains. It was very private surrounded by an eight foot wall on the east side of the house. It was thirty feet long; eight feet in the deepest part and there was a nice big hot tub immediately adjacent to the pool. I went inside to find Frank bent over putting clothes in the dryer with his new friend on his shoulder watching his every move. The little beasty mewed at me spoiling my surprise, and view as Frank stood up. I said, “It looks like you and your new friend are getting along.” “He follows me everywhere and, he’s happiest riding on my shoulder.” I kissed his neck on the opposite side from the kitten and said, “Lucky cat. He’s got seven guys that’ll spoil him rotten.” Frank and I embraced with full body contact and he said, “You spoil me. On our little holiday you basically gave me Jeb and Brandon.” “They wanted to be with you.” “But you allowed it. Why?” “I love them too. Frank, we’re gay. It would be stupid and destructive for me to be jealous. You are young, beautiful and still have some tom cat in you. All I ask is that it be open and honest. We’re basically sharing Jeb. Just… always come back to me. When I shared you with them, I made them understand that I was honoring them by sharing the love of my life with them.” That must have been the right answer because Frank kissed me for twenty minutes afterwards. During that kiss the kitten walked back and forth between our shoulders purring. I caught up with Jeb, Toby and Brandon on the couch in the room that they had pretty much occupied. Jed was proud of his jocks and I couldn’t blame him. He really was hung like a Clydesdale (a big horse) and getting that much meat under control must have been a great relief to him. He was wearing some board shorts over the jock. You could still tell that his crotch was impressive for a person of his size and frame but it didn’t wobble and dangle like it had. I said, “Toby come here, I want to show you something.” They all wanted to come but I said, “He’ll show you later but this is special for him right now.” Toby followed me out into the hall I opened my arms and he jumped. I caught him in what had now become a familiar embrace and kissed him on the nose. I said, “Close your eyes Toby. I want this to be a surprise.” He gave me that grin and nodded. I carried him down the hall to the East side of the house and came to the door that used to be my mother’s studio. I had recently used it for a drafting project but I didn’t frequent the place. I opened the door, turned on the light and said, “You can open your eyes.” He did and looked around. There was a stool at the big work table in the middle of the room with a machine on top that would hold paper and canvas at convenient angles. There were two big cabinets of supplies and a brilliant view of the marshland east of the house. There was a comfortable chair and end table by the window where my mother used to sit and drink her morning coffee before she would work. Toby looked, closed the door and said, “Tim, I’m sorry but I’m just going to have to blow you for this.” “You know we can’t. We both know it’s not fair. I know you want to. I’m sure I’d like it. Hell, I’d like to blow you sometime just to see you wiggle. I’d like to say fuck it and have a huge orgy with everybody but…” He laughed and said, “Just to see me wiggle?” I said, “I know I turn you on. I have to be careful when we fool around because you turn me on too, just in a little different way. I’ve very tempted to just say screw it and just roll around on the floor with you.” Toby said, “I love what you do let me get away with.” In typical Toby fashion he shoved his hand in my shorts and said, “You’ll just have to spank me later for being naughty daddy.” “Sure Pal. Come here. This is something you get to see first.” He went to the window and I pointed down. He saw it and said, “A pool? You’ve got a pool?” “Yeah. And see that little pool with the waterfall going into the big pool? That’s a hot tub. There’s a control that can make it warmer or cooler. The best part is the wall. It’s private enough for skinny dipping or nude sunbathing— without any bears of course.” The pool was a big hit. The kitten wasn’t interested in swimming but everybody else was. Chris and Tony returned triumphantly in the big, new GMC and they got into it as well. I told everybody to have fun and even Frank could hang out there since that time of day, the whole pool was in the shade. That distracted them enough for me to get away for a few minutes. I stopped in my office and called Father Ashley. His wife answered and he came on the phone directly. “Tim. It’s good to hear from you.” “Thank you Father; could you spare a half hour? There are a few things we need to discuss.” “Certainly.” “Thanks Father. I’ll be over in about ten minutes.” I grabbed the folio that I had prepared for the Father, got in my little truck and headed to the rectory adjacent to Saint Luke’s. Mrs. Ashley met me at the door and led me to the Father’s study. He rose and we shook hands. “Good to see you Tim. How can I help you?” “First I have a big problem that I’m going to share with you and then I’m going to show you a possible solution that I’ve been working on for some time.” “When I got the kids out to Arrowhead Lodge, they responded very well to me and they opened up about some things I doubt they would have told anybody else. How well do you know the Rankin boys?” The Father said, “Sam and I have talked a lot about them. I know they’ve had problems and I have a suspicion where you are going with this.” I sighed and said, “You know they’ve both been sexually abused?” He nodded. “Toby told me where it happened. Furthermore, here are two guys that need to have a bad accident.” I handed him the copies of the sketches. The Father’s eyebrows lifted and said, “Where did you get these?” “Toby. He’s incredibly gifted. If he sees something, he can draw it. Do you know a cop we could trust to hand these to?” “Yes Tim, I do.” “I wish that was all but, it’s not. We’ve got a corrupt sheriff working narcotics who is extorting teenagers into sex and dealing for him. I don’t know who he is but he’s been running this scam on Frank since he was 16. I’ve seen him around quite a bit. He’s always in the car marked SO-206.” The Father shook his head and I saw some of the Marine in him as a wave of anger washed over him and then brought it under control. He said, “If I know you, you want to go hunting and, I’d like to join you but this isn’t the right way. As soon as we’re done I’m calling the Chief Dodd of the Lakeview PD. He has a hunting license.” “Thank you father. Now here’s my proposal to fix this problem. There’s nowhere in our general neighborhood for kids to go that’s safe and supervised.” I opened the folio to a map of our area focused on the big marsh behind St. Luke’s and abutting my own property. I said, “I’ve been working on this for some time and hearing about this made me speed up the process. The foundation that I operate has obtained title to this land and a waiver from the EPAs usual wetlands regulations. This is what I envision.” I turned the page to the big blueprint that showed my drainage plan. I say, “First we install a drainage system.” I turned the page to the blueprint that showed the landfill plans. “We bring in sand and dirt to stabilize the land with pilings and concrete.” “Then we build this on it.” I showed him the plan of the park I envisioned with a pool, tennis courts, boat docks, green space and landscaping. “The tough part will be prepping the site. I’ve budgeted 1.8 million for that and the rest can be done for another two.” Father Ashley asked, “How can I help?” “First- I want St. Luke’s to be associated with the park. Father, do you know how much my Dad left me?” He said, “I take it that it’s a considerable sum?” I nodded. “It is and it generates hundreds of millions every year. My real job is my foundation. I have to give away millions or taxes will just eat it up. I can bankroll the whole project and, hire a few people to run and supervise it once it’s done but I must remain anonymous.” Father Ashley asked, “Why?” I said, “Two reasons Father. If people knew, I’d have to go into hiding. I would be swamped by the needy and the greedy.” He smiled and said, “Fair point. What is the second reason?” I said, “Matthew 6:5. My dad always had a low opinion of self-aggrandizement.” He nodded and looked at me appreciatively. “There are depths to you that I had not appreciated Tim. How will this work?” “Someone from the foundation will contact you about the project. I would appreciate that you kept my name on it as a consulting engineer. Everything in the package on your desk is enough to get the ball rolling for you. As consulting engineer, I can help with that. I already have a general contractor in mind and several subs who will do good work. This will give the kids out there a safe place to be.” He looked at the plans and he looked at me. “I’m in. Your Dad would be very proud of you Tim. You would make a fine member of St. Luke’s you know.” “I’m leaning that way Father. It’s good to have connections with someone who knew my Dad and the boss upstairs.” “Your being good enough with those kids that they opened up about what happened to them. I don’t think you know quite how amazing that is.” “Toby and Brandon are great kids. I think my own youth might be in my favor in dealing with them. I doubt they would have ever told a cop or a suit what they told me.” He grinned and said, “Tim, this is going to be fun. It would be worth doing just to get rid of the mosquitoes.” My meeting with Father Ashley lasted less than an hour. I got home, went upstairs put on some shorts and joined the crowd in the pool. We had fun and I ended up in the hot tub with Jeb who was looking remarkably smug. I sat by him and asked, “You are look like the cat who ate the canary.” He said, “Toby gave me something to smile about while you were out. I swear that kid could win the junior Olympics gold medal for blow jobs.” I winked and said, “How does he compare with the pros?” Jeb gave my crotch a little squeeze underwater. “I said junior Olympics.” I asked, “When is the cruising at the park most active?” He said, “Lunch time and just before dark. Why?” I said, “I just talked to someone and I’m pretty sure the place will soon be crawling with cops soon. Why don’t we make a run through there a little before dark and see if any of your friends are around and warn them.” Jeb grinned and said, “It’ll be fun to be seen with the hot guy. It’ll do my reputation wonders.” We splashed around and played grab ass in the pool for a while. While I was trying to save my virtue from the ravening cock-hounds, I recruited Toby and Brandon to go on our ride through the park just before sundown. On the way back up to my room Brandon fell in behind me and asked, “Can I take a shower with you?” I wanted to say in those silver speedos, you could do more than shower but I said, “Sure Brandon. We just have to keep it sort of clean.” He and I grabbed some clothes and a towel and we stepped into my bathroom. Brandon marveled at the big sunken tube and said, “You could have a party up in here. Are you going to invite me?” I said, “You and Toby, if you behave. You haven’t tried to double team me lately and I appreciate it.” Brandon slipped out of his speedo and asked, “Do you like?” “Hell yeah I like. I just can’t do anything about it.” He sighed and said, “I must be losing my touch. I used to be able to have men eating out of my hands.” “You aren’t losing your touch. You sure had Frank breathing hard last night.” “Yeah. That was fun. Thanks for that.” I turned on the water, got in the shower and Brandon followed. He actually behaved. I used the big sponge to get his back soapy and then they did me. It was the fronts that caused him to pop a big boner and I had what you might call a sympathetic boner. It was when I reached up to shampoo Brandon’s hair when the body and dick contact was made. He shuddered appreciatively as I lathered his hair. When I pulled him close to reach around him to wash his ass with the sponge he gasped as my finger tickled his pucker. As we stood there together I said, “This is a whole lot more than we’re supposed to get away with but what happens in the shower, stays in the shower or it goes down the drain.” He smiled and his hands closed around out cocks and he jerked us both to a furious, stress relieving orgasm. We rinsed off and sat on the seats around the sunken tub. Brandon leaned against me and I asked, “Are we cool?” He chuckled and said, “Of course. I think I understand you a little better. There’s a line. I get it. I’m glad you took me there and showed me where it is. I like it there. We had fun, we got off. Nobody got married. I loved the closeness. It was cool.” “Can you live with it?” He nodded. “When you turn legal, I’ll show you some wild shit but for now, that’s as far as we can go and, no I haven’t even come anywhere close to taking Toby there.” Brandon chuckled and said, “Take him there. He’ll love it. He’s so hot for you, he’d blow before you finished lathering him up.” I said, “Come here. This is fun.” He followed me to the big matt, I handed him a towel and we had fun drying each other off and it ended up in a minor wrestling match. We slipped into boxers, shorts and a shirt, combed our hair and were good to go. We met up with a spiffy and clean Jeb and Toby down in the kitchen playing with Frank’s kitten. The little beastie would puff his tail and bounce sideways on his toes like a fierce jungle cat. Then Toby would pet the kitten that would roll around purring and stretching. Then he would hop up, run to Jeb or Frank and start the whole process over. Brandon and I both got a chance to tame the fierce creature with gentle petting along his spine. Frank said, “You were right. He has us trained already.” “I think pizza tonight. What do you guys think?” It was a good suggestion we settled for three large pepperoni, mushroom and onion pizzas and Frank volunteered to go pick them up. After we ate it was time for our mission to the park so Jeb, Toby, Brandon and I rolled out in Jeb’s jeep. Were it not for a few tall trees, we could see right into the little park. We could see parts of it and all the boat ramps from my upstairs balcony. The neighborhood kids had bike trails all though the pine forest on the West side of my property. The way the roads went and a few creeks ran, we had to back track away from our destination and come around. I realized that I was seeing the park from a different perspective. I wasn’t in one of my vehicles and Jeb’s jeep was fairly distinctive. We passed the big park sign at the turn off and Jeb pulled into the park proper. We passed three elementary aged girls on bikes that made a point of giggling and waving at the handsome guys in the jeep. A giant old live oak wreathed in Spanish moss blocked the view ahead as we rounded the big curve and there was the bathroom with two bikes lying in the grass beside it. Jeb said, “That’s Cole and Barry. Pretty sure we know what’s going on up in there.” Toby fumed, “That rat!” “We shouldn’t disturb their fun. Let’s drive on down and see if we see anybody else.” As we drive down by the picnic tables, Jeb pulled up to one where the kid I recognized as Lance from Toby’s drawing was hanging out with another kid I’d seen around. Lance looked a lot like a younger Jeb but with a darker complexion and warm brown eye. He was wearing gym shorts and a half shirt with the colors and logo of the local public high school. The other kid had shoulder length strawberry blond hair, was wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt and cologne I identified as Eau de Marijuana. Both of them had eyes like road maps and were obviously higher than the space shuttle. Jeb said, “Lance, Kevin: this is Tim. He wanted us to warn our friends that the cops are going to be around soon. They’re going after the creeps that have been bugging us.” Toby and Brandon got out and everyone got acquainted. I kept an eye on the bathroom because I wanted to have a word with Cole and Barry. Lance said, “I’ve seen you around dude but, you never hit on anybody. What are you doing with these boner biters? Are you like… cool?” Toby said, “Holy shit Lance. Is he ever.” I grinned and said, “I’m looking after Toby and Brandon while their Dad is out of town.” Jeb said, “Tim’s way cool. He’s one of us but, he doesn’t hit on kids. You know the redhead in the Nissan?” They both nodded. Jeb continued, “That’s his boyfriend.” Kevin said, “Ohhh my God that’s hot. Please do some porn.” Lance elbowed him and said, “Be cool man. He could break you in half.” Toby said, “Tim wouldn’t. He’s nice. That’s why we’re out here trying to keep you boner biters out of trouble.” I said, “I know how tough it is being your age and looking for a place to have fun and not get poison ivy on your balls, your leg humped by some mutt or cops crawling up your ass. You’re welcome to hang with Jeb and the Wonder Twins here while the park cools down.” Kevin asked, “Where do you live?” Jeb pointed across the lake where my house was in full view. Lance said, “That’s your house?” Brandon said, “He’s got a pool and a gym in his basement. It’s easy to get there through the trails.” Kevin looked up and said, “Oh shit, it’s that creep in the red Pontiac. He’s busting right up in on Cole and Barry.” “Brandon, Toby: take these guys to the house. Go now through the trails. Jeb, drive. This shit ends now.” Jeb and I jumped in the jeep as Toby yelled, “Be careful Tim! That guys a freak.” Jeb cranked up and started for the bathroom. I said, “Go slow by the bathroom— like walking speed. Then take off and get the city cops. You know where they are?” He said, “Got it. Kick his ass Tim.” As the jeep rolled by the bathroom, I used the roll bar to get clear and hit the ground silently. As I walked by the creeps red Grand Prix, I quickly memorized the license tag. I avoided gravel and stepped quietly— toe, heel. Just shy of the door I heard a young voice say, “Please mister stop.” A gruffer, much older voice said, “If you little faggits like boy meat, you’re gonna love man meat.” I saw nothing but red rage. My father’s generation of Marines had faced Japanese soldiers with martial arts training and had found that their own basic hand to hand techniques were sometimes sorely lacking. For years after, various parties within the Corps worked to create a hand to hand combat style that could be taught to Marine recruits that would make them the equal or better of any soldiers they might face. As far as I know, that process is still ongoing. For years I would run with dad and my brother every morning. Afterwards he would teach us and we would spar. This was often accompanied by bruises, scraps and painful lessons. I once asked him why it was important to know this and he said, “If you ever need it, you’ll need it bad.” I thanked Dad for about the millionth time when I popped open the outer door without a sound. Before it could slam shut I did the same with the inner door and entered what I had once thought of as the “Game Zone”. Nothing had changed in the few days since the last time I had been there. There was still a sink to the right, two urinals and a stall. The boy I recognized as Cole was in the far corner opposite the stall with his shorts around his ankles and his shirt off over his shoulder. In the middle cornering the two boys was the creep. I’d seen him around but had wanted nothing to do with him. He was big, somewhere north of forty, and had a gut. He was holding an evil looking long bladed knife high in his left hand and had the smaller kid who I assumed was Barry by the hair forcing him to suck his cock. He looked over his shoulder at me contemptuously and said, “Oh hey pretty boy. You’re just going to have to wait your turn. I’ll be done with these little cocksuckers in a minute.” He addressed the boy, “You suck good cock little faggit. I might just have to bend you over and try your boy pussy.” The creep hip thrust into the boy’s mouth. I’m pretty sure that pissed off Barry because he bit the tar out the creep’s dick and tried to get away. The creep had a death grip on Barry’s long hair and raised the knife to plunge it down on the kid. Before he could, I snaked my left arm around his raised knife arm and grabbed his knife hand with my right. I had leverage and he didn’t. The tip of the knife poked Barry in the shoulder but by that time I was pulling his knife arm up and away from the kid. He kicked out at me savagely but just grazed me with his foot. He let go of the boy to bring his right hand to bear but I used my leverage and all my strength to slam him face first hard into the tile wall. He growled, “I’m gonna gut you pretty boy.” Rather than wasting any breath, I heel stomped his leg with my left foot and could hear the bones snap and he collapsed to his knees against the wall screaming. I used my leverage and strength again to break his arm and shove the knife blade in his left ear to the hilt. Just to make good and sure, I gave it a half twist. He stayed motionless against the tile wall. I spit on him. After a few breaths to slow down the adrenalin rush, I said, “Cole, Barry: your friends sent me because they knew you were in trouble when this creep showed up. Pull you shorts up.” The two boys were in shock but they obeyed the man that had just killed their attacker. I looked down by the urinals and saw three big blobs of what was obviously cum on the tile floor. I said, “Cole, Hand me a wad of toilet paper.” He did as I asked and I cleaned up the spoo saying, “You were just two innocent kids minding your own business taking a piss when this creep showed up. Understand? The cops are on their way. That’s your story. Stick to it. You’ll be OK.” They both gave me looks I’ll always treasure: in a matter of a few seconds, it went from horror, to shock, to puzzlement, to understanding then finally oh shit, this guy understands and is looking out for us. “Barry, how bad are you cut?” He said, “It’s just a scratch. You… you saved my life mister.” Cole said, “You’re the guy that pulled Toby and Brandon out of the lake. What are you, a professional hero?” I said, “No guys, I’ve just been at the right place at the right time.” I straightened Barry’s hair where the creep had mussed it and said, “There was no way in hell I was going to let that creep hurt a couple of cuties like you.” Cole asked, “If you think we’re cute, why did you never… It’s like we’ve all seen you around.” I said, “Because you are kids and I’m a decent guy. I’ll hug you, protect you and help you in any way that I can but I’ll never, ever take advantage of you.” Barry said, “Please feel free. I owe you at least a blow job.” Cole said, “Me too.” I heard a siren and said, “It sounds like the cops are on the way. Remember, you’re traumatized boys that were just sexually assaulted by that monster over there. I’m your hero. You want to stay with me.” Barry said, “No shit. With a chest and arms like yours, I’ll move in.” I opened my arms and Barry got the signal. Just like Toby he jumped into my arms and wrapped his legs around me. He put his head on my shoulder and sighed. Cole said, “I want to be comforted too.” I said, “You apologize to Toby and I’ll comfort you a lot.” We went out in the front of the building with me holding Barry, who was loving it and Cole close by our side. The sirens were getting closer. Cole asked, “You like Toby?” I said, “Love him to death.” “I’d like to friends again but I really fucked up with him. I was stupid and scared. Could you help me with that?” “I will. Just tell him what you just said. You hurt him but, he loves you Cole. I knew your face because you’re in his sketchbook.” The cop car came around the curve with the Jeb’s jeep right behind it. They got out of their car and asked, “What happened?” I said, “The dead creep in there was trying to sexually assault these kids.” They went in, examined the scene and came back out. They both shook my hand and hugged the boys. Barry refused to be separated from me. He was shaking but the cops wanted to question us separately. I stayed where he could see me but they took him across the parking lot to question him. As soon as he was done he ran back to my side. While this was going on cars continued to arrive. Detectives, the coroner, crime scene guys and more cops. Thankfully, they set up a perimeter to keep out gawkers. While this was going on, they questioned Cole. As I was leaning against the wall, a paramedic came to attend me but I didn’t even know I’d been hurt. I had a shallow six inch cut on my right bicep where I had been struggling with the creep over the blade. When it was my turn to be questioned, I was surprised to see Father Ashley and Police Chief Dodd standing behind the detectives who were taking my statement. “I’m keeping the two Rankin boys while Sam is out of town and over the Memorial Day Holiday they opened up and told me that there were perverts stalking this place and that this one had been molesting boys at knife point. As I had no contacts with the police, I spoke to Father Ashley about it and gave him good sketches to turn over to Chief Dodd. At the urging of the boys we drove down to the park to warn their friends that this creep was doing this. The recognized the boys bikes and the creeps car. I sent the boys home through the trails and their friend Jeb Somerset to get the police and I went in.” “The creep was holding a knife over the smaller boy Barry and trying to force him into oral sex. Cole was trapped in the far corner. The creep said something really rude that angered Barry who bit the creep right where it hurt the most and the bastard was about to stab the boy. I grabbed the knife arm and got him away from the boys. In the subsequent struggle, the creep was killed. The kids were really shaken up so I tried to calm them down and waited for the police.” “That’s my statement.” One of the detectives asked, “You went in against a knife armed suspect bare handed?” I answered, “My Dad was part of the Marine Martial Arts program since the late forties. Every morning we used to run and then spar. There was no way in hell I was going to leave those kids alone in there. Hearing them talk about this guy, he was getting bolder and more dangerous. It was only a matter of time before one of these kids ended up on a milk carton.” Chief Dodd walked up to me and motioned me away from the crowd and said confidentially, “You got a conduit to my office now.” He handed me a business card. “Any time you need to talk, call me. If these kids are talking to you, we need your help to protect them.” “Thank you Chief. I’ll take you up on it.” He said, “Father Ashley and I are golf buddies and he filled me in on who you are. I know about a little project you and Saint Luke’s are working on. Jesus Mr. Shepherd, this is deep blue hero stuff you just pulled tonight.” I said, “For the city and the kids, we need to low key this. In your press release you might say that an unnamed friend or an uncle caught this before it got too bad and the perp was killed trying to escape.” He nodded. “I think that’s best for all concerned.” The Chief paused and said, “You seem to have a gift with these kids Mr. Shepherd. They never give us stuff like this.” “They’re scared. Scared someone will call them a fag or think it’s their fault. I saw that growing up myself.” The Chief said, “Could you do me a huge favor?” I said, “I will if I can.” “Would you be willing to talk to some of our juveniles? You seem to have a gift for it.” “I’ll try. I’ve got a good rapport with the Rankin kids and Jeb. They can help. How long do you need me? It’s getting late and I want to take the boys home.” The Chief said, “This is open and shut. We knew this mutt and he was a bad one. We weren’t really expecting this out of him but, he’s done. You can go. You got a ride?” “No. Jeb is waiting.” On the way out I stopped by the ambulance and asked one of the EMTs, “Do you guys have any anti-anxiety meds? These two boys are wound petty tight.” At this point I was getting rock star treatment and one of the medics said, “We give Ativan for post event trauma. Give them one tonight and another tomorrow. If the symptoms persist, my advice is to see a psychiatrist. They could get some post-traumatic out of this. You could too.” Jeb took us home just in time for the eight o’clock news on the radio: “In our top story, a Rivervine man was killed while trying to molest two local boys. The father of one of their friends intervened and the man was killed with his own knife in the struggle. Details are pending as authorities notify the next of kin. In other news, a local deputy was arrested tonight after an audit of drugs and money in the narcotics squad. That investigation is ongoing…” I said, “Come on in guys. You need anything?” Toby met me at the door and gave me a huge hug, “Tim, you saved Cole. Jesus. How can I…” Then he and Cole were kissing. Cole said, “I’m sorry Toby. I was stupid and I was scared. I’m so sorry I hurt you.” I said, “Barry, Cole you need to call your parents.” Barry said, “It’s after nine. He’s shitfaced by now. I’ll call him in the morning while he’s good and hungover so I can really piss him off.” “Toby, take Cole to a phone. Come on Barry. Let’s raid the kitchen.” As we went through the gym Barry said, “That’s a sauna isn’t it?” I nodded. He said, “Some of my favorite gay porn takes place in a sauna.” I asked, “Where do you see gay porn?” He said, “My Dad’s boyfriend thinks he hides the tapes.” I said, “Something tells me you’re going to be an interesting to hang out with.” When I got to the kitchen Frank nearly tackled me with a ferocious kiss and said, “Stop being heroic. You aren’t frikkin Batman OK? I love you and don’t want to be a young widow.” I said, “Have you met Barry?” Frank took one look at Barry, hugged him and said, “Oh my God, he’s adorable!” “He’s one of the two kids I went in there for.” I said, “Barry, this is Frank.” Barry looked up at Frank with a growing tent in his shorts and said, “Wow, you’re beautiful.” “Isn’t he though? Frank, this little guy has been through a lot tonight. Now they prescribed some pills to calm him down but I think a little weed would probably suit him better. Can you help?” Frank said, “Sure.” Barry reached way into his shorts and pulled out a fat baggie and said, “We’re good.” I asked, “Where on earth did you have that?” He grinned and said, “I’m not a big fan of tightie-whities but they do have a nice, convenient pouch for holding things under your balls.” “Frank, would you take care of Barry here and gather everybody upstairs, I’ve got to make a call.” With Barry following Frank like a puppy, I went to the office off the kitchen closed the door, looked on my rolodex and made a call. A gruff, terse voice answered, “Hello?” I said, “Gunny Anders, sorry to call so late but I needed a word.” “Little Shep, how are you doing boy? I was just watching the news and drinking a toast to the guy who waxed that pervert.” I said, “Uhhh… that’s what I’m calling about. That was me.” “Holy shit son. Your first kill; I was hoping you wouldn’t have to go through that. Tell me what happened.” I recounted the story; less a few details that would make the boys look like sluts. He said, “How are you feeling?” I said, “Just after it happened, I felt like I was going to puke. I focused on the kids and calming them down. To be perfectly honest, I don’t feel bad about putting that creep down.” Gunny Anders sighed and said, “Sooner or later, it’s going to hit you. You got people around who are close to you?” “Yeah, thank God. Do you still run that gym?” He chuckled and said, “Yeah, such as it is.” I said, “Gunny, I want to bring you some kids to work with. They’re out of school, unsupervised and trouble like we just had is bound to find them. I’d like to get them somewhere safe, learning the right stuff and, I can’t think of anybody better suited for that than you.” “My gym isn’t exactly overflowing with customers. I’d be delighted to take them. When do you want to bring them in?” “Tomorrow afternoon around one OK?” The Gunny said, “I’ll be looking for you and Tim, be careful. The feelings are likely to sneak up and blindside you. Call me if you need to talk about it OK?” “Thanks Gunny. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I went upstairs and found a crowd milling around the boys room. Frank had several admirers clustered about him: Barry, Kevin and Lance were all smiles standing in the hall talking to him. In the boy’s room, Tony and Chris were chatting amiably with Jeb, Toby, Brandon and Cole. I said, “Gentlemen. We’re going to have a boxer party. Everybody strip to your boxers.” Barry said, “But I’ve only got tightie-whities.” “You’re about the same size as Toby. See if he’ll help you out.” It didn’t take long our little crowd to get down to their boxers. There were several tents pitched. I said, “Does anybody know why we’re in boxers and the answer is not just because it’s hot.” Chris said, “Because this way, there’s nothing hidden among us.” “Exactly. Now we’re going to take a trip to a part of the house no one has seen before. It’s pretty cool and I think you’ll like it.” Toby and Barry appeared out of the boy’s room both clad in cute little boxers. “Is everybody ready?” Frank said, “Tim, you’re forgetting something.” “Oh. Sorry.” I stepped into the room Frank and I shared and stripped out of my clothes and put on my favorite red boxers. I was quite sure the new crowd wasn’t ready for me in red speedos. I kept hearing an unfamiliar noise and I realized it was the kitten purring curled up on Frank’s pillow. I returned to the hall and led the procession toward the west wing of the house. I rarely ventured there anymore. I stopped at a door and let the group catch up. I said, “Wait here. This will just take a second.” I opened the door and went into the room. It was unused before my parents passed away. Then I got the bright idea to make it into a party room. The problem was that I would sit in there and get stoned and not party or do anything worthwhile. Depression sucks. Depression and booze and weed really suck. One day I decided it was time to get a freaking life again, cleaned it up left and closed the door. I was a fair sized room of about 24 by 20 feet with a closet in the corner. The room was built around a Nakamichi stereo system. I flipped it on and queued up Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Around most of the room was a sectional sofa with a coffee table in the middle. It would be a little crowded but this bunch would like it that way. I turned on the black lights and turned off the overheads and the posters glowed garish and psychedelic. I noticed my boxers had turned a color you might see on an album cover. I went back to the door and said, “OK guys. This room will be snug for eleven but it will work.” As they came in and got a look there were various comments like cool and far out. Frank gave me a look that silently requested explanation. I told the group as they got settled on the couch that wrapped around the room, “I put this place together after my Mom and Dad passed away fairly close together. I intended it to be a party room but I was depressed and just sat in here listening to music and getting stoned all the time.” Kevin, the strawberry blond stoner kid asked, “What was wrong with that?” I said, “I was sitting on my ass doing nothing. I had to figure some shit out or go down the rabbit hole a lot of our neighbors get lost in of staying fucked up all the time. Finally some of the things my father and the people I grew up around caught up with me. What gives life meaning is not holing up with a bong; it’s what happens out there.” I gestured outside with my thumb. “Getting high or a little drunk is fun. It relaxes you but, my point is, this is a nice place to visit but you wouldn’t want to live here. Too many people do and it ruins them. Now— we’re going to get a little high because I know for sure Barry and Cole need to get that creep out of their head.” I opened the closet, brought out a hookah and put it down on the coffee table. I said, “I need a volunteer to run down to the kitchen and bring us a big glass of ice water.” Frank stood and his puppy Barry followed and they went downstairs. I put about a quarter ounce on a tray and, with some able help from Kevin and Lance, cleaned out the seeds. By the time Frank arrived with the ice water, the weed was ready. As Frank and Kevin prepared a little more, I poured the ice water into the hookah and got the hoses laid out. There were only four attached but we took turns and burned a bowl. By the time that big bowl had burned we were all feeling it. I asked, “Cole could you tell us a little about yourself?” He said, “I’m Cole Matthews. I’m fourteen and I’m crazy about Toby.” I chuckled and said, “We all are. I went in there after you because Toby recognized your bike. Come here.” Cole came to me and sat on my knee and we hugged. I stroked his hair and said, “I’m glad you’re ok. If you need to talk about it, I’ll listen.” He whispered in my ear, “Toby has told me a lot about you and I feel the burning urge for a spanking coming on.” I said at a normal volume, “I’ll be talking to you and Toby soon.” He gave me a hug, got up and I stopped him from returning to his seat. I said, “Some other people want to say hi too.” Frank took Cole on his knee, hugged him and said, “I’m glad you’re here. Get Toby to show you the sketches of you he’s done. I’m pretty sure he’s crazy about you too.” While Cole was being hugged by Chris and Tony, I said, “Barry, tell us about yourself.” Barry said, “I’m Barry Anderson. I’m 13 and you saved my life. I owe you at least a blow job.” He got the idea from Cole’s example and bounded over to me and knelt in front of me like he was going to deliver one on the spot. The guys laughed and hooted and he sat on my right knee that conveniently screened his left hand on my cock from view. Barry said enthusiastically, “You should have seen this guy. I don’t know whether it was karate or kung fu but that fat bastard said something I didn’t like and I bit the cock he was shoving in my mouth. I couldn’t get away because he had me by the hair. The creep was going to stab me but Tim snatched his arm up in some kind of hold and slammed him into the wall so hard that guys teeth hit the floor. Then Tim kicked him in the leg and we heard the bones snap and then Tim broke his arm and shoved that guys knife right in his ear.” Barry was shaking now, flashing back and big tears rolled down his face. I hugged him and he hugged me back as hard as he could. I said, “It’s Ok. It’s over now. You’re safe and that prick ain’t coming back. You are surrounded by friends that love you.” “Really?” Frank said, “Really. I wasn’t at all surprised when I heard what Tim did. I saw him jump off a thirty foot balcony and slide down a pipe to pull Toby and Brandon out of the lake when their canoe turned over. He doesn’t even think about it.” Barry moved over and sat in Frank’s lap and said, “It’s easy to love you back. You’re just… so pretty.” Frank kissed him on the forehead and said, “You’re pretty cute yourself.” Chris said, “Hand him here, I want to hug him too.” Barry had landed in his version of heaven. Cute guys were giving him attention and he loved it. I said, “So, Lance, tell us about yourself.” He said, “I’m Lance McCormick. I’ll be 16 in October. If this is a cult, I so want to join. You guys are awesome.” Chris said, “It’s not a cult. Maybe it’s a cult of personality. Tim is like a king or a duke from olden times. We’re drawn by his charisma but we stay because you can’t help but love him. Talk to me later about what he’s done for Tony or me or any of the other guys.” To say Lance was hot was a severe understatement. His eyes and his facial features were striking and gave him a presence that would be noticed in any room. He came and sat on my knee and said, “You came to warn us. You cared about us without even knowing us when everyone else runs us off or calls us names.” Then he hugged me and held it. I said, “But I do know you. I used to see you around all the time. I was tempted Lance. You’re a rare beauty yourself. I remember being in your shoes. I used to cruise that park when I was your age and I met the creeps, drunks and degenerates you meet between decent tricks. You think you’ve got it under control until some asshole drives up in a red Grand Prix and starts talking about wanting boy pussy.” Lance said, “They say actions speak louder than words. What you did tonight, I heard it loud and clear. I’m tired of being an outsider. I want to belong.” Frank said, “I know what you mean Lance. Before I met Tim, I had friends but they were scattered. Everything was sneaking around and secret. Now, those of us here, we can be like normal people. We don’t have to lie or be covert about being gay. I can hold Tim and no one can say shit about it.” Lance went to Frank’s lap and they spoke to each other quietly, laughed and looked at me. I said, “What?” Lance said, “I asked Frank if it was OK to tell you. We got together a few times. It’s been a while but we’ve been friendly and often eaten together.” I said leaning over and kissing both of them, “I’m not the jealous type. I’d say Frank has pretty good tastes if you ask me.” When Lance moved over to Chris, he said, “Confession time for me as well. Lance is just too hot. I was horny as hell, saw him walking by and he waved. One thing led to another and I took him off to have my way with him.” As Tony and Chris bantered with Lance, I said, “Kevin, tell us about yourself.” He said, “I’m Kevin Stone and I’m sixteen. You had me at the Pink Floyd you were playing.” I said, “Stone? For real?” “Yeah. With that last name…” I patted my knee. He came over with alacrity, and said, “I’m legal.” It was the first good, close look at the boy I had gotten. He was past cute and racing toward handsome with a stockier and more muscular build than the rest of the teens. He had a pale complexion matching his strawberry blond hair but it was bronzed and his hair had highlights from the being in the sun. I saw the tell-tale scars on his hands and arms of a cutter. I asked, “How long have you been cutting yourself?” He looked shocked that anyone would notice. I said, “I may be a little more perceptive than other people in your life Kevin. I know about cutting: you like a little pain?” He nodded. “It’s nothing to be ashamed about. It’s really common and it takes many forms. I’m not a sadist nor do I care for pain myself but I know a little bit about it. We can talk about it later and find different ways that don’t leave scars OK?” Kevin hugged me and said, “I’d like that. Lately even my parents have been asking questions and falling off my bike isn’t cutting it anymore.” I asked, “Don’t you have a car or something? How about you Lance?” Kevin said, “No. Nobody has time to bother teaching me to drive.” Lance said, “Me either. I’m supposed to be waiting for drivers ed next fall.” I said, “I’ll teach you both. We’ll go way out in the country and…” Kevin hugged me so fiercely I nearly fell over. Then Lance joined in and I had two really excited, very affectionate cuties on both my knees. “It’ll be fun. I know of some places we can go out near LaSalle National Park, we can spend a few hours going from spot to spot trading drivers. On the way back I can pick up some barbecue from a little place I know out in the country.” Kevin said, “Is this real? I’m not having some wild assed acid trip am I?” Toby spoke up and said, “That’s what I thought when we were at Arrowhead Lodge this weekend. I wasn’t sure it was real either so, I bit Tim on the ear. Then he tickled me so hard I thought I was going to pee. It’s real all right.” Kevin looked at me and asked, “Why Tim? Don’t get me wrong, nobody has ever treated me this well but what are we to you? Nobody else has the time of day for us.” I said, “There are lots of reasons. It’s a scary time to be gay with AIDS going around and creeps like that bastard that went after Barry and Cole. Then there are rednecks that you can’t tell if they want to beat you up or suck your dick until they’re doing one or the other. I’ll bet you’ve had trouble in school where you have guys that won’t even speak to you in public but want to come over and spend the night. Does any of this ring a bell?” Everyone in the room nodded and Cole said, “Oh shit. I thought that only happened to me.” I said, “No. It is not just you. Its stuff we all have to deal with. We’re all better off if we have friends we can trust and count on around us and people you can talk to about things that would make your Mom’s and Dad’s freak out if you brought it up. What we all have a need for is family that we can count on that has time for you, accepts you for who you are and watches your back. I want that for myself and I’m pretty sure you do too.” Kevin and Lance both hugged me and I noticed that Lance had a tear in his eye. I hugged them back and I said, “Here’s another good reason. All of you are going to grow up. It’s just a matter of time. When you do, I’ll still be here and I will help you with things like school and jobs. You won’t have to feel so alone and scared anymore. You’ll know that you’ve got someone behind you that will love and protect you.” Barry spoke up and said, “Or someone who will wade into room and kick a creep with a knife’s ass into the afterlife to get us out of deep shit.” Kevin said, “I’m in. How do we get started?” I said, “Lance, Cole, Barry- what do you say.” They all agreed saying variations of hell yeah. “Youngest first- choose one of us four supposed grown-ups to be your big brother. They are going to be your buddy. That’s who you can talk to, hang out with and help you out.” Toby looked at me anxiously and I said, “Toby, Brandon and Jeb- you guys know we love you. You aren’t losing anything.” Barry came right up to me and asked, “If I pick somebody else, that doesn’t mean I won’t get to spend time with you, right?” “No. I’m still going to spend time with all of you. In fact, as soon as we finish up here, me, you and one of your friends are going to talk, OK?” Barry said, “OK.” He moved over to Frank and said, “Would you be my big brother?” Frank scooped him up, kissed him on the forehead and said, “Of course I would! I was hoping you would ask.” Cole chose next and he went to Tony and said, “Toby says I should pick you because you’re really cool. Toby’s never wrong about these things.” Tony grabbed Cole in a big hug and said, “Toby is pretty smart.” Lance chose next and picked Chris. Lance sat on his lap and they talked quietly but they were both all smiles. Kevin said, “I guess you are stuck with me.” I shook my head and said, “No, I was hoping it would be you. We’re going to have a lot of fun.” I whispered in his ear, “Since you’re legal I can go farther with you than I can with the others. I’m going to teach you pain and pleasure without actually hurting you. Kiss me on the ear if you like the sound of that.” He did more than kiss that ear. He sucked it and whispered, “Yes daddy.” “Tomorrow we’re going to have a full day. Have fun but don’t stay up too late because we have an appointment for a checkup with a doctor. He’s not like most doctors because he’s gay and is very dialed in on the health needs of gay men and teens. He’s also going to tell you how to protect yourself from AIDS. After we’re done there, we’re going to the gym where I’m going to introduce you to an instructor that can teach you the martial arts that I used to fuck up that creep. Afterwards, we come home and enjoy the hot tub and sauna and I’ll give rub downs later. You’ll need them. It might not sound fun but, you’ll be together and that’s at least a little fun. I also want you to slip home and get some clothes.” Chris said, “One of Tim’s rub down is well worth it.” “I’m for that”, Frank purred. “OK you guys stay here and enjoy for a bit. I’ve got some chores to do. Barry, Brandon— please come with me.” They hopped up from where that were sitting and followed me. I grabbed two towels and they followed me out to the patio and around to the pool. It was a dark night but the stars blazed. None of the pool lights were on but the red wood around the hot tub was bathed in pure starlight. I said, “Brandon, Barry here has had a hard day and if I remember correctly you like him.” Barry said, “Really?” Brandon put his hand on Barry’s shoulder, sighed and said, “Tim, that’s cheating. I was supposed to help him figure that out.” “I’m not against romance. I just wanted to help move things along. We all love Barry in one way or another. He’s cuter than most of the guys in the teen girl mags. I think he needs someone that loves him to hold him naked in the hot tub. I would do it myself but, I thought you would be a better choice Brandon. What do you think Barry.” Barry shed his boxers with alacrity and said, “Tim is making a lot of sense.” Brandon looked at me and said, “You are something else Tim. Thank you.” Brandon dropped his boxers and climbed into the hot tub beside Barry. They put their arms over each other’s shoulders and put their foreheads together. I said, “Remember— this isn’t cruising. You have time and you are safe. Take your time and enjoy it. Just dry off and come back in when you’re done. Barry, see me before you turn in. Frank will want a hug too.” I returned to the party room where Pink Floyd had been replaced by the Cars. Toby and Cole were arm in arm talking and, the other guys were smiling and chatting amiably. I beckoned for the newly reunited couple to follow me and I took them to Toby’s studio. Cole gasped and said, “Oh Toby, I know you love this.” Toby asked, “Who put the love seat in here?” “I did. I thought it would be a good setting for a model; show Cole your sketch of him Toby.” Toby pulled out his special sketchbook and opened it to the beautiful sketch of Cole sleeping. Cole gasped and said, “Is that really me?” I said, “In Toby’s eyes. You hurt him but, he never stopped loving you Cole. I know why you hurt him and I think I can explain it to both of you.” I sat down on the love seat with Toby on one knee and Cole on the other. The contrast between the two boys was striking. They had the easy familiarity of two boys that had grown up together but a year or so had changed them. Toby still had a little baby fat and not come into his adolescent growth while Cole had grown tall and lean. Cole’s package suggested that he had surpassed Toby in other ways as well. Despite the changes, the warmth between the two was undeniable. I said, “Let me see if I am anywhere close to being right about you two. You were doing things with each other that you both enjoyed well before you ever knew that it had a Latin name and lots of people talk absolute shit about. Am I right?” Cole nodded sadly and said, “When I watched TV, gay people were dying.” He was wracked with a sob and said, “I was really scared and I had no one to talk about it with.” “You got really scared and didn’t understand. The more you were with Toby, the more you wanted him. You thought the only way you could cure yourself was to stay away from Toby but that didn’t work either. You needed that closeness and affection and you had to go find it again. You didn’t think Toby would want you back.” Cole was sobbing now. He choked out, “Yes. It wasn’t Toby. It was me. I was stupid and scared. Please forgive me Toby. You didn’t make me gay. I just discovered it with you.” Toby leaned forward and began kissing Cole on the chest. I said, “I have an idea that the reason you were with Barry was because he reminded you of Toby.” Cole twitched as Toby kissed his way down his stomach and finally kissing his bulging boxers. “I’m pretty sure that means he forgives you Cole.” For my next project, I needed hardware so I went down to the garage. I found the choke collar that had belonged to my brother’s beloved Labrador retriever many years ago and some thin soft nylon rope. In the kitchen I found a couple of a couple of clothes pins in the miscellaneous shit drawer. Every kitchen needs one of those. I returned to the party room and found that everyone except Kevin had departed. He was putting a fresh album on. It was Pink Floyd’s Wish you Were Here of which I heartily approved. I sat down, beckoned Kevin to come and sit with me and noted that by the state of his boxers, he was moderately aroused. I said, “Before we go any further I want you to know that I will not do anything that will hurt you. A little ouchie yes, serious hurt no. Do you trust me with that?” He nodded nervously. “I won’t ever be using a gag of any kind so if anything is too intense, just tell me. Now: tell me about your fantasies. When you jerk off, what is it that you visualize that puts you over the top.” Kevin described several pretty common fetishes that made him seriously hot. He had a taste for bondage, a little pain and he wanted to be dominated. I asked, “Do you want a daddy Kevin?” “Yes daddy. I do.” “Hold it. I’m not your daddy yet. Strip and show me that you are the boy I want.” He slipped off his boxers which must have turned him on because he hardened. His cock was almost as long as Jeb’s but it had a curve to the right and was thicker. It betrayed its excitement with pre-cum and danced with his pulse. “Very nice. Now turn around.” He turned his back to me. I massaged his ass and he quivered. I said, “That’s a nice ass. Is it virgin?” “Yes daddy. I’ve never been fucked. I’m afraid of AIDS.” “You’re a smart boy. I like that. I will teach you how to protect yourself. Now, turn around and kneel in front of me and show me that you want daddy.” He knelt and immediately started to pull my cock out of my boxers but I stopped him. “You don’t have permission to do that. Leave the boxers in place and show me your enthusiasm.” He kissed and licked his way up and down from my cocks head to my balls. His steamy breath and excitement built on my excitement. I stopped him and said, “Sit on my knee again.” He reluctantly gave up my cock but sat on my knee as instructed and asked, “May I hold it?” “Yes sweet boy.” He slipped his hand in my boxers and explored my cock. “If you are to be my boy, I have to have total truth from you. I will return truth with ecstasy. Understand?” “Yes daddy.” “I’m not jealous. I do not mind if you get with other boys. In fact, I’d like for you to have a boyfriend but, if you are to be my boy, you must ask for permission. Of the group that’s here, which ones have you been with?” He said, “Almost all of them. Not Toby. He was just so little; I didn’t feel right getting with him. Lance and I have a thing. We were trying to figure out where we could go when you and Jeb pulled up.” I stroked his hair and kissed his head and asked, “Barry?” He reddened and said, “Yes. Barry.” I said, “It’s OK. I understand. He’s cute and he’s a sweetheart.” Kevin flushed and said, “That’s true but, holy shit Tim, that little guy gives head like nobody I’ve ever seen. I don’t know exactly what it is he does, but I can’t last a minute with him on my dick. He’s like Mozart but instead of a piano, he plays the skin flute. He said he owed you a blow job. Take him up on it.” I chuckled and said, “I’m going to wait a few years on that.” He looked down and said, “I’ve also been with Jeb and Frank. Jeb and I, we’re buds but, Frank was so stoned when we got together, I’m not sure he remembers me.” I raised Kevin’s head, kissed him and rubbed his chest. His hand on my cock tightened its grip. When I broke the kiss he was panting and said, “Wow, what was that for.” “You told me something you thought I might not want to hear. I told you that I rewarded truth. Now Kevin, tell me about your drug use.” “I smoke pot pretty much every day. I’ve tried ecstasy and coke.” I said, “Pot I can live with but I don’t want anything stronger around the rest of the boys. Is that clear?” “Yes but, I just got an eight-ball. It’s in my wallet.” “Put your shorts on and go get it.” He did as I asked and I retrieved a mirror, razor blade and straw from the closet. He returned and I said, “Give it here.” The coke was in folded wax paper. Judging from my experience, it was a little more like an eight-ball and a half. Whoever had given him the stuff had been very generous. I used the razor blade to separate some and chop it into fine powder and create four respectable lines and a tiny pile that I reserved for later. He was practically drooling. I said, “Because you’ve been honest, I will reward you sweet boy. You may take two lines.” He did and I watched he reaction as the stuff hit his nose. He closed his eyes and shivered much like he was climaxing. “Come to daddy.” He sat beside me very warm and friendly. He was feeling the coke buzz on top of the weed he had smoked and was feeling very good. “Tell daddy where you got it.” “There’s a deputy sheriff that comes through the park. He picks me up sometimes and he likes for me to fuck him or he would put me in handcuffs and... do stuff. He gives me money, weed or coke. I’ve seen him in the bathroom with Frank before.” I said, “I am pretty sure something bad happened to Deputy Dog.” “How did you know?” “It was on the radio when we were coming home. Seems he was giving out too much candy and cabbage and they caught him when they did an audit. He was doing something similar to Frank and it started when he was about your age. He caught Frank with some weed a long time ago and has been extorting blow jobs from him ever since. Something bad happened to him because I made it happen to him. I protect the people I love. I won’t allow them to be used or exploited. I will protect you too. I really don’t like coke and other hard stuff Kevin. It’s very addictive and it ruins people. You’ve seen some gay porn?” He nodded. “The reason so much of it looks fake is that most of those guys aren’t really gay. They have trouble even staying hard and some of them just jerk off. They’re paying off coke debts. Assholes get them addicted to the stuff and they get to the point to where they’ll do anything for it. I love you Kevin and I don’t want to see that happen to you. Addiction is really nasty and it makes you vulnerable to the real sadists and predators out there.” Kevin said, “I really like the damned stuff.” “Everybody that tries it likes it Kevin. I did. The problem is that they like it too much and it destroys them. Since you’ve got a pile of it, there’s no sense in wasting it. When daddy is pleased with his boy I will reward you, OK? I’ll give you a taste but we’ll spread it out. The only thing I want you addicted to is my cock. That’s an OK addiction because the guy attached to it will never hurt you and will always look out for you.” Kevin was quiet for a moment and said, “My parents think I’m a fuck up.” I chuckled and said, “Sweetie at sixteen, everybody is a fuck up. You are still mostly boy but the world is shoving you hard toward adulthood. There are all sorts of pressure to decide what you are going to study and, do with your life. It’s like you are a pinball and you keep bouncing off of things but, you’ve landed in the triple bonus hole Kevin. I am with you now and I’m going to help you. How would you like a job?” Kevin twitched and said, “I’ve never had a real job before. Dad would be thrilled.” I said, “One of my hobbies is to buy old video game machines and restore them. I’ve got… maybe forty-four if Miss Pac-Man’s power supply doesn’t pack it in. That’s the making of a pretty fair arcade don’t you think? How would you like to run it for me?” He looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Oh my God dude, I’d love that. That would be amazing fun.” I asked, “Do you think between you and Lance, maybe Cole that you would like that?” He didn’t answer, he just hugged me. I took the choke collar and put it over his head and said, “You are daddy’s boy now.” He fingered it like it was a Cartier masterpiece. In one motion I pulled his boxers down and said, “Daddy loves his boy and is about to make him cum three times. Would you like that?” Kevin looked at me wide eyed and said, “Yes daddy please. Thank you. Three times?” I put my forehead to his and nodded and said, “Three for sure. In ten minutes.” I picked his up naked body and the effort made my arm and chest muscles bulge. He ran his hands along them and said, “Holy shit daddy. You’re ripped. I knew you were buff but…” I leaned my head over and kissed his stomach and abs and he gasped. Then I moved to his nipples and licked and nibbled them as he trembled in my arms. I licked pre-cum off the end of his big cock, he shivered. I laid him down on the sectional and used the soft nylon ropes to tie his hands and secured it to the wooden handrail on the sectional but left a lot of slack. Then I did the same with his feet but I left a slip knot in so I could free one of his legs. The clothes pins were not extremely tight. I used them for closing bags of potato chips. I was sure they wouldn’t hurt him or leave marks. They were just enough to sting a little. I applied them to his nipples and he gasped and closed his eyes. I said, “I’m sorry baby boy. I didn’t know I’d be entertaining in this manner and had to improvise on short notice.” He gasped, “Oh God, you’re doing just fine. It hurts so good.” With Kevin restrained I loved his body but left his cock alone. The cock is the primary erogenous zone on a male but, it’s not the only one. I ran my hands along his body, not trying to tickle him but the contact had similar effects. If you are into it, it’s a real turn on. I wasn’t so much into it as I was trying to show Kevin a great time. Judging from his throbbing boner and pre-cum that had dripped on his belly, I had a feeling I was on the right track. After getting him worked up, I brought out a fluffy feather and ran it over his skin in the right places. He really liked it when I ran them over his balls. He squirmed and writhed in pleasure. It was time so I pulled the cord and released one of his legs to hang over the edge of the sofa. I put my arm under his bound leg to lift him up off the sofa. I began by licking his balls and he liked that. Then I licked a little lower under his balls and he liked that even more. The closer I came to his pucker, the more he shook and squirmed. As soon and my tongue ran over his hole he stiffened. I knew something had gone badly wrong when I heard his panicked voice say, “Please… please don’t fuck me.” As soon as I heard the tone and timber of his voice, the puzzle of Kevin Stone snapped together in my mind with a click. Drugs, risky sex, and a number of other signs had been there, I just didn’t see them. In letting him live his fantasy, I had inadvertently unlocked his nightmare. I quickly disentangled myself from him, moved to where his hands were tied and pulled the one for quick release. He sat up and I sat where his head had been and gently put my arms around his saying, “Easy Kevin, easy. You’re safe. You can trust me. I won’t hurt you.” His panic subsided and he relaxed back into my arms. Big tears were rolling down his cheeks. He put his arms around me and I held him. He said, “I’m sorry. This was all so perfect and I fucked it up.” “Kevin, someone fucked it up but it wasn’t you. That was a flashback wasn’t it? You were reliving a rape.” He said, “Jesus— you’re drop dead gorgeous, ripped, rich and psychic? How did you know that?” “Kevin, I knew something was wrong as soon as my tongue hit your pucker. Most people like that a whole lot. You went stiff and panicky. I didn’t have to be psychic. Tell me about it so I can help you with it.” Suddenly Kevin looked very young and frightened. “It was a few years ago. I was Barry’s age. It was one of the older teen neighbors; I followed around like a lovesick puppy. We had been trading blow jobs for a while and his parents were out of town so we were all alone in his house. He licked me there and I liked it but the next thing I knew, he was shoving his dick in my ass and it hurt really bad. He stopped but I was bleeding a little and freaking out. He said he was sorry and he was really sweet to me but he tried it again a few weeks later. After that I wouldn’t go near him. He graduated and went off to college so I never see him anymore. That’s why I freaked out when you went there. Don’t get me wrong. It felt really, really good. I just wasn’t expecting it and it triggered that bad memory.” I said, “What if I untied you and told you I was going eat your fine ass like a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet?” He giggled and said, “I’ve never had anyone do that. I’m pretty sure I would like it.” I hugged him close and said, “You will. I will never do anything you’re not cool with. You can trust me on that.” “I do trust you. I think I even love you…. some… maybe…” The naked beauty in my arms blushed and I kissed him. I did eat his ass like a fat guy at an all you can eat buffet. He came four times and his chest and stomach were covered in the spoo. I ran down the hall to the nearby bathroom to get a towel and noticed the door was cracked and the light was on. I peeked in to see Tony on his knees being fucked by Lance. This was too good so I went to another bathroom for a towel to clean up cum splattered Kevin and we hatched a nefarious plan. We decide to bust in on Tony and Lance and give them a hand. Lance jumped as I walked by and rubbed his nice ass. I said, “Nice condom. They help you last longer than bareback. Carry on. Tony looks like he’s loving it.” I slipped into a sixty-nine with Tony and Kevin kissed Lance and rubbed his ass. Things happened fast once we showed up. I was still pretty hot after my session with Kevin and Tony always gave me great head. He was pushed over the top by my sucking him with Lance’s long cock up his ass. Lance pulled out and blew all over Tony’s back. It reminded me of a really good porn where the players weren’t all cokeheads working off their debt. We all cleaned up and chatted for a few minutes. Lance was a rare beauty. He and Kevin looked really good together. Tony looked a little ashamed at getting caught with the new guy and I said, “It’s dark down here. I can’t be sure what I saw.” After a few hugs with all of them and a nice lingering one with Lance and Kevin, Lance and Tony we headed back to the main house while Tony and I lingered in the party room cleaning up. How does cum get on a wall across the room from the action? We put everything up and we ended up hugging, enjoying the contact. I said, “You know, we forgot about the lines we left here.” Kevin said, “That’s a first. Save it. If I do it now, I won’t go to sleep.” As I was stashing it away, he asked, “Is that what it feels like to be fucked?” I said, “It’s a little different but it’s essentially the same. It’s more intense as a cock is more intrusive than a tongue but it does push all the same buttons. The reason so many people fail when they try it is that they just don’t know enough. You have to get the ass ready and some lube helps a lot.” He said, “Maybe I’ll try sometime but, it would only be with you. You helped me a lot tonight. I’ve never cum like I came with you.” I fingered the slip collar he wore around his neck and said, “Daddy loves his boy.” We split up as Kevin went for a shower and I went to check and see how things were going elsewhere. My first stop was the studio where a very naked Cole dozed on the loveseat as a very naked Toby sketched him. As soon as he saw me, his face brightened and he ran and jumped into my arms. Toby was happier than I’d ever seen him. In order to avoid disturbing Cole we stepped into the hall. I said quietly, “Are you having fun?” He licked my ear and said, “Oh my God Tim. It’s really true what they say about make up sex. If you notice, it’s the first time ever that you held me like this and I didn’t have a boner.” I asked, “Worn out?” Toby grinned and said, “I’ve always got some spunk for you sexy, just need to recharge. Where are Brandon and Barry?” “Last I saw them they were in the hot tub as naked as it is dark out there.” Toby said, “I was hoping that would happen.” “Me to. Now that you and Brandon have boyfriends, I’ll get a little more rest.” He said, “I hope we didn’t bug you too much.” “Don’t be silly. I love you and Brandon to death. It’s hard to not just say fuck it and jump in bed with you two but, maybe you understand now why I didn’t.” Toby said, “Yeah, I think I do now. If we had, I’d be in love with you and probably wouldn’t have been open to getting back together with Cole. Are we still good for a spanking every now and then?” “You bet.” Toby whispered conspiratorially in my ear, “I’d still like a taste of daddy’s dick.” I whispered back, “I still owe you a shower. Accidents happen in those cramped showers you know.” I felt him harden against my chest and said, “I think you’re recharging.” Toby said, “I think I need a shower.” “Me too but we need to get Cole to bed and I need to check on a few things first. Go in there and put your boxers on and get Cole’s on. There’s a pill he needs to take before he goes to sleep I’ll carry him to your bed.” While the happy couple got their boxers on, I passed Tony and Chris’s room where Tony, Chris, Jeb and Lance were all snuggled like a basket full of happy puppies. I slipped into my room where Frank, Kevin and the kitten were snoozing soundly. Only Brandon and Barry were unaccounted for. I got one of the Ativan out of the little baggie the paramedic had given me, got a little paper cup of water and headed back to the studio. Toby and a very sleepy Cole were sitting on the love seat smiling at each other. I gave Cole the pill and the water and said, “The paramedics said you should take this. It’ll kill any nightmares you might have.” Cole said, “Being back with Toby has been the best medicine for me.” Then he swallowed the pill and drank the water. I said, “It hasn’t hurt Toby either.” I picked up Cole and asked, “Toby, show us your new sketches.” Cole said, “I could walk.” Toby said, “Enjoy it. It’s one of the ways he can be affectionate with us.” Both boys blushed a little as I followed Toby to the sketchpad. There were two sketches of Cole: one of sleeping nude and the other sleeping nude with an impressive boner. Knowing Toby, it was photorealistic. I said, “It’s beautiful Toby. I think you’ve found your model.” Cole asked, “Do you really think…” I kissed him on the cheek and said, “Definitely. If I were a few years younger but, you’ve got Toby.” I carried Cole down to the boy’s room and tucked him in by Toby. Before I left I heard Cole say, “Thank you Tim, love you.” Toby said, “Me too.” I went out to the pool and heard Brandon and Barry talking. Brandon said, “Tim is really sweet. He knows he turns us on but he can only go so far.” Barry said, “Oh God I want him so bad. Brandon, you should have seen him tonight. He just appeared out of nowhere, kicked that freaks ass and made it look easy. Big blobs of Cole and my cum were on the floor. It was obvious what we had been doing. He had the presence of mind to clean it up so we wouldn’t have to answer embarrassing question.” “That’s Tim. Toby says he’s Batman.” Barry said, “I fucking believe it. He’s rich, hot, saves gay kids from freaks and he hooked us up. He’s my super-hero.” “He’s not just yours”, Brandon said. “Just think of all the kids he protected from that guy with the knife. I know I love him.” Barry said, “Me too. I think I would nut in the water if he came out and got in the hot tub with us.” “Hey, save your nuts for me. I like ‘em.” They giggled and splashed around. I waited for some seconds, opened the gate and walked to the hot tub. I asked, “Are you guys having fun?” Brandon said, “Oh my God Tim. Barry is awesome.” They goggled as I slipped out of my boxers. They were so shocked I had to prompt them to move over when I got in. I sat between them and said, “It’s getting a little late. What you say we hang out for a little while and go to bed?” Barry stuttered, “You want to hang out... with us?” It was very dark and I couldn’t tell if he could see my grin. “Of course. What good would it be to be a millionaire if I couldn’t hang out with couple of hotties in my hot tube.” I goosed both of their behinds and they giggled. Brandon said, “The thing you have to remember about Tim is he’s really cool. You can trust him to follow the rules. He won’t wig out and rape you, even if you want him to. When it is quiet, dark and private like this, he lets us get away with a little grab ass.” I put my arms around them, kissed them both on the head and ignored the hands that were exploring me underwater. I said, “I still worry about your Dad Barry.” Barry said, “As long as I come home occasionally and tell him I’m here or there, he’s good. He’s more up Brad’s ass than worried about me.” I asked, “Are Kevin, Lance and Cole’s parents the same way?” Barry said, “In the summer time, pretty much. All three are inattentive but in different ways. Kevin and Lance’s parents work too much. They’re on the road more than they’re home. Cole’s parents actually want him to go out and socialize. Since he and Toby quit hanging out, he stays to himself too much. Getting them back together helped both of them.” I said, “You and Brandon seem to be pretty chipper together.” Barry relaxed and leaned into my shoulder and said, “Brandon and I have known each other for a few years and have fooled around a lot. I never thought about having a boyfriend of my own. Didn’t think anyone would want me but I like it.” I said, “Cruising is like that. You just have random encounters until you figure out that it’s a lot more fun to find one you like and stick with him. It doesn’t do your self-esteem any favors either.” “I was a gay and thirteen too. I know how it is. I had a huge crush on a tenth grader and, I thought he liked me too. It turned out he really liked blow jobs and didn’t care for me much after he got off. He never did anything for me in return. I won’t treat you that way. If you do anything for me, I’ll return it with interest.” Barry said, “That sounds great to me.” Brandon said, “Me too but, not tonight. After being with Barry a few hours…” I said, “Are you boys running about a quart low?” They both laughed and I said, “Let’s go to bed. I’ll try to figure something out that’ll be fun for you.” Barry said, “This is fun.” I couldn’t tell in the dark who was doing what under water but one was stroking my shaft and the other was playing with my balls. I said, “Have either of you heard of a game called Pearl Diving?” They both shook their heads. “I saw it played in college by a trio of straight couples. They play it in a hot tub naked. They go around in a circle and each player goes underwater, picks who they like and performs as much oral sex as they can while holding their breath.” Brandon said, “Now that sounds like fun.” Barry added, “I want to try that.” “We’re all pretty much shot tonight but we’ve got a nice big hot tub and others who would like to play.” Barry gave me the sweetest puppy dog eyes and whined, “Please… can we practice?” I said, “Not tonight guys. What you can do is tell the others about the game and see who wants to play. Hold on to me tight.” Brandon and Barry both wrapped their arms and legs around me. Erect boy parts were mashed against me as I picked them up out of the hot tub and stepped into the cool night air. I walked around to the shallow end of the pool, down the steps and towards chest deep water. I let them swim around a bit, cool off and bump into things in the dark water. A few minutes later we gathered our stuff and went inside. I sent them into the shower in the wet room by the patio on the first floor and told them that if they had to streak upstairs, it wouldn’t be the first time that had happened. I found a very sleepy Toby lying beside Cole who looked just as angelic as he did in a certain, special sketchbook. Soundlessly I picked Toby up, snatched some clean shorts out of his bag and carried him to my shower. He was mostly asleep so I turned on the water and stood under the shower holding him and realized that the sweet little pudgy horn-dog artist whose eyes could see and hands could create such beauty had completely and irretrievably stolen my heart. It wasn’t a sex thing. All of the others were many times more beautiful and sexy. It was a heart thing. I washed him with a sponge and did his hair. He insisted on doing the same for me then we stood under the water and rinsed off. I dried him off with a towel and realized that he loved the attention. In the dark I grabbed under-roos and damned if wasn’t the cutest little guy I’d ever seen. I dried off quickly and pulled on my boxers and thought that Toby hadn’t been grabby at all. This wasn’t horn-dog Toby. This was the little boy Toby that needed attention more than orgasms. It was heartwarming to meet him. I picked him up and realized that he was asleep. His trust in me was so deep that I could carry him around and he felt so secure he could nod off. As I carried him to the boy’s room I was intercepted by towel clad Brandon and Barry fresh from the wet room shower. They watched as I gently put Toby down beside Cole, kissed Cole and Toby on the head and tucked them both in. I stepped back into the hall and Barry quietly said, “Please treat me that way. That was awesome.” Brandon said, “He will Barry. That’s who he is.” I said, “Brandon, lend Barry some shorts. If you don’t mind letting me borrow your boyfriend, I think he might like to sleep between his big brother Frank and me tonight.” Brandon slipped into the room and reappeared with a pair of yellow boxers. I kissed Brandon on the head and he went to bed with Cole between him and Toby. I grabbed the towels, put them over my shoulder and picked up Barry much like I had Toby but he was a very different load. He was charged with sexual energy and excitement. I had Barry wait in the hall as I retrieved his Ativan and got a paper cup of water for him. Maybe that would calm him down. I grabbed a brush from my bathroom and had a look at Frank and Kevin sleeping the sleep of the stoned on the bed. Kevin was sleeping on his stomach but Frank, as usual was on his back and had a huge tent pitched. I would be revisiting that soon. I took Barry on the balcony. He sat on my lap and I brushed his longish black hair that tended to curl. We sat there for a while and he basked in the attention. I rubbed his back and he laid his head on my chest. Barry said in a dreamy voice, “This is wonderful.” I said, “Yes you are.” He sat up and looked at me confused, I kissed his forehead and said, “I love you little guy”. Barry couldn’t process this. He was still a little stoned and said, “Nobody really loves me. They like me because I suck great dick or they like my dick.” “I do.” “Why?” “Because I see the little lion that had the balls to bite that bastard with a knife’s dick rather than suck it. I see the guy that made my Brandon so happy. I see a kid that so sexy that even his older friends like Kevin say you give the best head they’ve ever had. There’s more to you than just cute and sexy. Being thirteen and having those hormones, it feels like all you want to do is nut, nut, nut…” Barry laughed and I tickled him a little. “…but you will grow through it.” Barry said, “Tim, please don’t take this as rude but… when I jerk off I fantasize about a guy like you: young, rich, hot, buff…” He ran his hand over my chest, licked my nipple and began to suck it. I began to harden and his hand found me. His excitement began to betray him and he quivered. Barry said huskily, “Please Tim I want you so bad. I’ll do anything you want. You can even fuck me if you want. My ass is still virgin thanks to you.” I asked, “Is this because I saved you?” “Yes and no. I’ll never forget you busting in like you did and kicking that guy’s ass but that’s not it. What makes me want you is who you are. I’m just a little faggit nobody wants around. Everybody says so but, you make me feel special and wanted.” I sighed and said, “That’s because you are special and wanted. That boner of mine in your hand should tell you that you do turn me on.” He laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s impressive. Let me have it Tim. I owe you a blow job. Please?” I asked, “How do you like your big brother Frank?” The non-sequitur derailed his train of thought. He said, “He’s really hot and very nice. Why?” I asked, “How would you like some of that?” His eyes widened and said, “You would tell Frank to…” “No Barry. I don’t tell Frank to do anything. Frank has a little quirk. When he high, he sleeps on his back and gets hard in his sleep. I often wake and find him that way and blow him. He doesn’t wake up until he’s actually in the process of cumming. We go in and I let you have that. When he’s about to cum, it’s easy to tell, you duck and I’ll finish him off. I’ll hold him a minute and he’ll go back to sleep.” I could feel Barry excitement. “You would do that for me?” “I like you a lot Barry. I just can’t do it with a thirteen year old but I can share my precious Frank with you.” Barry looked at me with huge eyes and said, “Oh my God, oh my God! You would do this for me? I love you, I love you! Frank is beautiful. Thank you, thank you!” He practically danced with excitement in my arms. I said, “We have to be silent and stealthy about it. You have to give it up when you taste a blast of pre-cum. That’s when you know he’s about to blow. I’ll take over then.” Barry said, “I didn’t know you could give someone a blow job in their sleep. I’ll have to try that on Brandon.” I said, “It doesn’t work on everybody and it works best on Frank when he’s stoned. It’s a really great way to wake up someone you love in the morning but never, ever try it on someone that’s not into it.” Barry ran his hand into my boxers and said, “Wow, you’re really hard.” I ran my hand over his boxers, tickled his balls and said, “So are you. You ready to do this?” He goosed my cock and said, “Hell yeah. Sure I can’t…” I sighed and said, “I’m sorry Barry. As much as I’d like to, I just can’t.” Barry hugged me and said, “At least I know you would like to.” We entered my room and there was enough light coming in to see. Kevin was softly snoring and in the same position. Frank’s cock, like an unruly tent pole, had slipped the bonds of his boxers and was standing high, hard and proud. I knelt by the bed and gave Barry a boost with my knee so he would be high enough to reach Frank without disturbing the bed. Of course Barry scooted over enough to grind his behind into my boner which seemed to be enjoying the upcoming festivities. I watched with fascination as Barry took in so much of Frank’s cock, I expected it to poke out the back of his head. Frank’s body shivered as Barry gently and lovingly swallowed his cock over and over. Seeing this made me harder and harder. It was a real turn on for me to watch one of my buddies blow Frank. I could tell that Barry was a gifted cocksucker; maybe even in the same league as me. It wasn’t long before I saw the signs that Frank was about to erupt. Frank began to quiver, Barry slid off my knee and I took over just in time. I wasn’t on his cock more than a half minute before he had a shivering orgasm and his hands came up and cradled my head. He blew several big wads in my mouth and stopped shivering as he subsided. He drew me into the post-blow job kiss that we always enjoy when something happened that was way off script. My boxers were pulled down and a wonderfully hot, silky mouth engulfed my cock. That little devil Barry was giving me a full on an assault blow job. As I was trapped kissing Frank, I couldn’t do anything about it or I would blow the whole covert operation. In my state of arousal, as good a job as he was doing, a night of being around people I couldn’t have and kissing Frank. This wasn’t going to last long. An involuntary twitch struck me and Frank whispered, “Are you OK honey?” “Uh-huh” I tried. I honestly tried to hold back but Barry was a freaking all-star. I came in his mouth hard and a lot. Frank began to laugh quietly and leaned over the edge of the bed and high fived Barry. I had been had. Kevin’s snore didn’t even change pitch. Frank got up and indicated that I should follow so Barry and I went with him down the hall to an empty room. We went inside, closed the door and even I had to laugh. Frank hugged Barry and said, “Please don’t be mad. I was just trying to help my baby brother here get his fondest wish. I knew if he pushed you hard enough that you would let him blow me.” I hugged them both and said, “Your baby bro here is an all-star. He took me in less than a minute. You got me bad. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.” Frank said, “You should have seen the expression on your face.” “There’s just one problem.” I turned on a reading lamp on the table for illumination. Poor Barry was hard as a rock and there was a big wet spot on his boxers. “We can’t leave him in this state. It would just be mean.” Frank and I did odds and evens to see who would rock bad boy Barry’s world. It was one of those contests where no one really loses. I won’t say whether it was Frank on me but one thing was for sure: Barry woke up the next day smiling with a clear complexion. A few minutes later we all crawled in bed: Frank into his usual spot, Barry beside him, me and then Kevin. We must have disturbed him because he snuggled close to me and laid his arm across my chest. This was an insane day but, but it was a divine sort of madness that made me excited to see what tomorrow would bring.
  19. chris191070


    Awesome chapter. I remember those after school trysts so well, always being quick before the parents get home.
  20. PORKR Pete orgasms regularly kissing Roger's NIPPS
  21. The first bell began ringing from the cathedral of Saints Andrew and Vitalis at ten, and, taking their cue from the mother church, the other bells of Strelzen awoke and sang. This was not the change ringing Henry knew from England, but the raucous and joyous carillon of continental Europe. As the noise swept and surged across the city, it set Henry’s nerve ends tingling. Terry had used his contacts to get them all into the Hilton, a new development on the low hill of the Sixth District, dipping into his not inconsiderable personal wealth to book luxury accommodations. So Henry and Ed woke in great comfort in an ample bed which they had used to the full the previous night; the smell of their multiple couplings was still hanging in the air. Ed went naked to the windows. He swept back the curtains, gazing down on the city from their ninth-floor eyrie. All looked quiet from that height, although the clanging and reverberating from the bell towers was audible even through the double glazing. The view was to the southeast over the palace grounds to the New City beyond. He could see the Rodolferplaz was already filling with people. Ed bounded back to bed, pulled the covers off Henry and slapped his small rump. ‘Come on, little babe, it’s Rudi’s special day. We can’t miss any of this.’ They showered quickly and dressed. Henry rang David’s room to make sure he would be downstairs waiting for them. Nathan and Justin were going to do their own thing, while Terry was busy with some jobs Will and Oskar had given him. Henry’s wallet was bursting with a huge wad of cash Terry had pushed into his hands with a kiss. While waiting for Ed to finish up in the bathroom, Henry checked Eastnet. Rudi was expected in Strelzen at noon, coming down from Modenehem in a special train. He was in a strange position. He could not be treated as a private citizen, but neither was he officially a public figure. The news bulletins referred to him as the ‘prince of Elphberg’ or ‘count of Hentzen’. He had been an absolute gift for the media, embargoed from reporting the election results till the polls closed. His every move was still being broadcast. Even now with the returns coming in, the arrival of an Elphberg in the capital was eclipsing the news concerning the collapse of the CDP’s bid for power. Trachtenberg, Maritz and their aides had disappeared behind closed doors to carry out negotiations about who would lead the new liberal coalition, and when they would schedule the referendum on the restoration of the monarchy. The rise of the Unity party had been relegated, as it were, to the back page. The current lead item on Eastnet 24 was the civic reception organised by the local authorities for the man everyone expected would soon be king. Until a new government had been formed, the participation of national-level politicians was ruled out. Rudi was therefore to be met at the railway station by the Burgomeister of the Nuevemesten and the Staroman of the Staramesten, the two cities of Strelzen, and the cardinal archbishop, who were clearly rejoicing at their moment in the national spotlight. *** Henry led his friends round the perimeter wall of the palace through streets swarming with happy, excited people. They bought Elphberg flags from the street traders. David scoffed at the tacky plastic ones showing Rudi’s smiling face, but Ed bought a few anyway so he could embarrass his friend with them when Rudi returned to school. Big though it was, the Rodolferplaz was jammed, and there would have been no getting a view if the boys had not been tipped off to go to No 33. Will’s old friend, a producer and cameraman called Bolslaw Meric, had a fourth-floor office and studio on the west side of the great square, where he had already set up his cameras in the window. ‘Hello, English boy queers. My facilities are at your disposal.’ He was a bald man in his sixties, rather fat and very roguish. Will had told them he was harmless, and not to worry about his mannerisms. They went to shake hands, but he gave them Rothenian double kisses, brushing their cheeks with his moustache, which gave off the smell of tobacco and what Henry thought might be absinthe. He showed them to his window, tall and wide, with plenty of room for them as well as his cameras. They hung out and looked over the packed square. All the other windows were full of people too, and most had flags hanging from them. Red and yellow bunting and drapes were everywhere. For the first time in many decades, workmen had taken out the posts, opening the royal drive up the centre of the square as a processional way. It was lined all the way up to the statue of Henry the Lion by soldiers in blue dress uniforms. When they leaned out, the boys could see the jutting apse of the Salvatorskirk further up the square, hung with religious banners. Apparently the ecclesiastical authorities were being given their moment to greet the Elphberg heir too, for a platform had been erected beneath a heavy brocade canopy. Henry wondered quite why such elaborate arrangements were needed. The bells of the city had fallen silent, other than those of the Salvatorskirk, which still clanged away above the crowded square. Once they had got used to Bolslaw they found him very pleasant company, if more than a little risqué. He had them open-mouthed with his stories of working in the gay-porn empire of Falkefilm. He made no secret of of his belief that Will Vincent was the hottest porn actor he had ever laid eyes on, brief though Will’s career had been. ‘You knew he was in porn then, naughty boys?’ David and Henry confessed to having seen clips from An American in Strelzen. David admitted to having subsequently tracked down all Oskar’s DVDs. ‘That Oskar,’ sighed Bolslaw, ‘so beautiful and so uninhibited. One of the greats of course, but he did not have the vulnerable sexiness of sweet Willemczu. I wish they’d made more than just that one film, but it still sells big for Falkefilm. It’s reckoned to be a porn classic. Look: across the square and north of us is Rodolferplaz 12, where Falkefilm has its offices. You can see the pretty boys hanging out the windows of the top floor studios waving flags. The gay community here in Strelzen is very enthusiastic about their new king. Not just that he is quite a hot-looking guy, of course. They seem to think that, once kings are in fashion, queens may have an easier time. Then there is all the dressing up for the new royal court.’ The boys were in stitches by then. He had cokes for them in his office fridge. ‘You’re like a gay granddad, Bolslaw!’ Henry chortled. ‘And you’re a nice-looking boy, little Hendrik. If you ever fancy a shoot, you’d take a sexy set.’ ‘What, not me?’ David groused. Bolslaw gave him a once over. ‘Not enough character for me, young man. But the less discriminating might like you.’ David guffawed, not in the least offended. The boom of an artillery piece from Bila Palacz rattled windows and sent pigeons into the air all over the city. The prince of Elphberg had reached the Kung-Rodolfs-Hauptbahnhof, and the municipal authorities had authorised a salute as near to a royal one as they dared. Henry asked Bolslaw if he had a TV set but was told he didn’t want one in either his office or apartment. He blamed television for the down-turn in the film industry that had been his living. Apparently, he had worked with Pasolini in Italy in the sixties. Henry was impressed. After about twenty minutes a stir in the crowd and the distant sound of military bands alerted them to Rudi’s approach. There were orders shouted over the murmur of the crowd, followed by a ripple along the line of soldiers leading up the square, as they presented arms. Cheers and applause began to be heard from Mikhelstrasse where it led into the plaza. Henry craned around the corner of the window jamb trying to see, with Ed pressing up behind him looking over his shoulder. Suddenly, military music sounded loud as a large band entered the square at the head of the procession. Flags began waving amid cheers and applause. A mounted squadron of Guards trotted on to the sanded cobbles of the royal drive, led by Rudi. He was not in an open carriage as they had expected, but riding a proud, beautiful, white stallion. He was wearing what they took to be a Rothenian general’s uniform, rich in gold braid and hung with aiguillettes – so that had been the emergency tailoring he had referred to. The red sash of the Order of the Rose lay across his chest, its star glittering at his breast. A laced shako with tall white plumes in the Austrian style graced his head. As Rudi entered the square and the roar of the vast crowd reached him, his horse skittered. With a masterful hand he checked it, bringing it back under control. He took off his shako and raised it to the crowd, a huge and boyish grin all over his handsome face, his red hair glowing as if lit by something more than Strelzen’s sunshine. He was a sight to see, still boyishly vulnerable but full of strength and hope. ‘Long lebst Kung Rodolf! Long lebst den Cherven Elphberg!’ rolled out again and again. Rudi replaced his cap with a flourish and rode on towards the head of the square. Henry found his cheeks were wet with tears, as few were not in the Rodolferplaz. Bolslaw blew his nose. ‘That I have lived to see such a day,’ he muttered in Rothenian. Then he let out an exclamation. ‘What is this? Why has the boy stopped at the church?’ Upon reaching the Salvatorskirk, Rudi had indeed reined his mount in. Once more he removed his shako, which he handed to the officer commanding his escort. The bells suddenly ceased their ringing, and a hush fell on the thousands assembled in the square. ‘Maybe he’s gonna ask the cardinal for a blessing?’ suggested David. ‘Listen!’ hissed Henry. The sound of a choir chanting rose above the murmur of the crowd, when out on to the square from Lindenstrasse came a religious procession. Henry heard the sound of Bolslaw’s heavy camera as he captured the historic moment. Acolytes bearing banners and candles preceded the chapter of the Salvatorskirk in their glittering copes. High amongst them on a litter they carried a tall reliquary, draped in red and gold. The choir’s anthem was suddenly preternaturally loud in the Rodolferplaz. Henry could distinctly hear the repeated phrase ‘Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord’. The crowd stirred as it realised that something extraordinary was about to happen. ‘No! It can’t be!’ Henry exclaimed. ‘What is it?’ Ed asked. ‘I don’t believe it! It’s gotta be … but, how?’ Rudi vaulted easily from his mount and climbed on to the platform below the apse of the church, where the litter halted before him. He carefully removed the veil from the reliquary. There was utter silence in the square, followed by a great roar as the crowd realised what they were seeing. For Rudi had taken the Crown of Tassilo from the reliquary and raised it above his head! Eerie silence returned once more, and as Henry watched, everyone in the square – clergy, soldiers and people alike – fell to their knees. Clear above the rustling and a few muffled sobs Rudi’s voice rang out: Bozh zechne zu, men folk. En otchosciske zechnen pren men detchen. Bozh zechne voyje prubehn und pruchehn. (‘God bless you my people. A father’s blessing on his children. God bless your going out and coming in.’). It was the kungliche pozechnen, said by an Elphberg to his people in the heart of Strelzen, and the bells of the city rang out wildly in reply. To lighten the moment, Ed asked, ‘Did you get a good one of Rudi on his horse?’ ‘Rudi, you call our young Elphberg Rudi?’ Bolslaw dabbed at his wet eyes. His eyebrows were raised. ‘Of course,’ replied Ed. ‘Didn’t Will tell you we’re at school with him?’ Bolslaw’s jaw hung loose. ‘This was not mentioned. Heavens! So you know him well?’ ‘Well enough to have punched him twice!’ David explained with a grin. ‘Dobra Bozh!’ swore the old man. They had to spend the next quarter of an hour satisfying his curiosity. Rudi in the meantime had resumed his mount. With the crowd milling round him – soldiers and people both – he began a slow progress up the square. Many there were who grabbed at his hand to try and kiss it. His cavalry escort had its work cut out to force a way through the press to the Osraeum Palace where Rudi was to stay that night. Others surged after the Crown as the clergy returned it to the Salvatorskirk, where it was to rest amongst flowers on the high altar till it was required for what everyone was now certain would be the inevitable coronation of King Rudolf VI of Rothenia. For the first time since 1919 the royal banner – the plain red lion on yellow of the Elphbergs – was raised over the city, as it broke from the flagstaff of the Osraeum. Henry later learned that the banner unfurled that day was the same one that had been laid on the coffin of Queen Flavia during her state funeral, then raised for Maxim Elphberg on the day the Thuringian dynasty fell. While crowds milled around the square, singing national songs in a mood of huge euphoria, the boys stayed in the studio. Bolslaw pulled a bottle of Rothenian fruit wine out of the fridge so they could toast the health of King Rudolf VI while they viewed his photos. They selected a few and he printed them out, giving them one that he said he wanted them to get Rudi to sign for him if they had a chance. Then he insisted on taking a few shots of them, singly and together, as souvenirs he said. They signed one of all three of them for the old man. They kissed him back this time when he kissed them. ‘Goodbye, pretty boys … come back and see me sometime soon! Bozh men! What a day!’ *** Visitors were staying on and partying all over the city, waiting for the huge fireworks display over the presidential palace that had been promised for after sunset. It was with difficulty and quite a delay that the three boys managed to find a late lunch on Mikhelstrasse. Afterwards, they went to stare at the people patiently queuing to get in to the Salvatorskirk to see the Crown. The long line already stretched far along Lindenstrasse and would be there – and indeed growing – all night. They decided not to join it, instead going off to meet Nikki Baltasar, Henry’s friend, at his home in Sudmesten. When other kids from the Anglican church youth group in Strelzen turned up, Nikki’s parents had a celebratory barbeque in their back garden. It was a brilliant afternoon and evening for the lads. Davey in particular was a big success with the Rothenians, both for his looks and charm. When they got back to the hotel a little before the fireworks display started, all three reckoned they must have had a far better day of it than the others. A phone call brought Nathan and Justin to join them in watching the awe-inspiring display as it erupted from the palace grounds just below them. ‘What did you two do today?’ Henry asked Nathan. Justin scowled at him. ‘You mean when we weren’t arguing and sulking? We watched the parade, then hit the Wejg. It was half-price Guinness in the Irish bar.’ ‘What’s got into you two?’ asked Ed. ‘Not saying,’ snapped Justin. ‘Don’t seem that Lord fuckin’ Underwood here will let anyone do anyone a favour.’ ‘Cut it out, Justy.’ ‘No, you!’ ‘I give in.’ ‘Good.’ A moody silence descended on the group until David wondered, ‘What’s up tomorrow? Wanna take us down the Wejg, Justy?’ ‘No chance mate … the mood he’s in, Terry might kneecap me. Anyways, I got an appointment I gotta get ready for.’ ‘Okay, Justy, confess. What’s the mystery?’ Henry demanded. ‘Not saying. Iss private.’ Henry turned to Nathan. ‘You know, don’t you?’ Nathan gave him a cold look. ‘Yeah, I know. But Justy’s right. It’s not to be talked about. Maybe later, but not now.’ Somehow all of them were glad at that point to disappear to their respective beds. *** On Tuesday morning, the queue to see the Crown was still so far down Lindenstrasse that Ed and Henry gave up the idea of joining it, They decided instead to wander the streets of their favourite city and visit some of the places they loved the most. As they crossed the Rodolferplaz, Henry cried out, loud enough for people to turn and look, ‘Hey, it’s Justy! Justy!’ It was indeed Justin, who desperately motioned Henry to cool it. ‘What’s he doing?’ Henry asked Ed. ‘Dunno, but keep it down, Henry. I think he’s up to something. This has the stamp of Terry O’Brien all over it.’ So they walked past Justin, dodged down a side lane and were followed into it by the lad himself. ‘What’s going on, Justy?’ Ed demanded. ‘Stuff. Like I told you. Now will you fuck off and let me get on wiv it?’ ‘This is Terry, isn’t it?’ ‘Yeah … it’s security stuff. I done work for him before. We makes a good team, so will yer please bugger off before yer screws everyfink up?’ ‘Okay, we’re out of here, but you’d better fill us in later.’ They made a good day of it. Returning to the Salvatorskirk late in the afternoon, they found the queue now reached all the way to the ring road. They walked on past the end and climbed the hill to the Strelzen Hilton, where Terry was waiting for them in the lobby. He seemed pleased about something. ‘Fancy clubbing tonight?’ ‘What, us … being scene gays? Oh man!’ exclaimed Edward. Terry gave a tight smile. ‘It’s not New York or London, but such as it is you can sample the Strelzen scene. Club Liberation’s having a special Ruritanian night, so I arranged some fancy costumes for you, with the help of Oskar and Will. They’re on your beds. See you in an hour.’ Henry and Ed found beautifully tailored nineteenth-century dragoon uniforms in their room, complete with real swords and plumed silver helmets. They even fitted, though matching Henry’s small size could not have been easy. ‘Sir Elton would be proud of us,’ Ed declared, as he preened himself before the mirror. They looked like the cast of a comic opera when they were all down in the lobby waiting for the car. Terry was dashing in a hussar officer’s pelisse and tight pants, a curved sabre at his belt. Nathan was an imposingly tall grenadier, Justin a monocled and beribboned general. It was David, however, who was frankly superb as a breastplated guard cavalryman, his long legs encased in boots and spurs, his head adorned by a tall helmet. He jingled as he walked. They practised saluting and heel-clicking and fell about. They drew quite a crowd in the hotel, which cheered them as they emerged into Rodolferplaz to join the colourful queue for the famous gay club. Most people had made an effort to look nineteenth century. The small gay transvestite population of Strelzen had gone to town in ball gowns, bustles and ostrich feathers. Cameras were flashing in all directions. Henry was trying to get shots of everyone on his mobile. ‘My first gay night club! This is so un-Trewern,’ Henry crowed. ‘Not even Shrewsbury could match this, little babe,’ Ed assured him, a little ironically Henry thought. Terry paid the entrance fees and they more or less strutted into the club, which was an amazingly colourful sight that night. They secured a booth in the tabled area, and stared round at the mass of people. There were rather juicy young Rothenian waiters, done up that night in the long aprons and waxed moustaches of the Café Royale. ‘This ain’t like many clubs, little babes. Bit old fashioned, but mercifully pretty much drug-free, which is why I’m reasonably happy to bring you younger boys. There’s a dark room if you really must …’ ‘Dark room?’ asked Henry. ‘Place to shag,’ explained Terry. ‘They keep the lights down.’ ‘Oh … right.’ Henry blushed under his helmet, though he couldn’t have said why. David had taken his tall, crested helmet off, and was getting a lot of attention – much more than the rest of them. Henry had got used to David’s looks and body, and had forgotten that he was rather better looking than the ordinary boy. Then a very pretty blond Rothenian dressed up like a Victorian aesthete leaned over their booth and asked David if he would care to dance. David hesitated and looked at Terry, who shrugged, so David nodded. His top boots gave him a little difficulty when climbing out of the booth. He swore and unbuckled the spurs, then disappeared into the crowd. It was a while till they saw him again, which was when Ed talked Henry on to the floor, and they had a go at dancing. David was in passionate liplock and close embrace with the Rothenian, sporting a massive erection visible in his tight white breeches, and a look of total bliss. The pair disappeared, and when David finally turned up again, he had a very smug look on his face. ‘Okay. What happened?’ Ed hissed. ‘Fucked him,’ David grinned. ‘What, here? How?’ ‘In the toilets. I got my boots off and breeches down. He took all his clothes off and bent over the loo. Then I fucked him up the arse! I don’t believe it. I’ve done it! I’ve fucked a guy, and what a looker! What a fucking, hot tight arse! His name’s Anton, and I got his number. We’re gonna do it tomorrow too! All fucking day! Oh bugger, bugger! Why do we have to go back home on Thursday?’ Henry laughed. He was very pleased for his friend. Ed leaned over and kissed him, saying, ‘So can we assume from this, Davey, that you’re over Henry?’ David gave a delightful laugh. ‘I’ll never be over Henry, but I’ve found a distraction at least.’ Terry reappeared at this point with Justin, with whom he had been dancing. He listened to the news and looked at little solemn as he stared at David. ‘Sorry, Davey babe, but I’ve got to ask. Did you do it bareback?’ David raised an eyebrow. ‘Er … I did it with my trousers round my knees.’ Justin looked amused. ‘He means, did you put a condom on?’ ‘Er … didn’t have one. Anyway, he was only a young bloke.’ Terry looked even more solemn. ‘He may have been young, but he was able to take you up the arse with very little preparation, so he must be pretty experienced and he must have been doing it without protection for quite a while. They have HIV here too, Davey babe.’ David’s blissful expression evaporated, and Henry hated seeing it replaced by a look of sick fear. ‘Wha …?’ David stammered feebly. ‘Oh God, no. Oh please … don’t let this be happening.’ ‘Trip to the clinic for you, little one,’ Terry decreed, and Henry was almost sure there was a tinge of malice in his expression. That was the end of the night as far as David was concerned. Ed and Henry spent the next half hour trying to reassure him. ‘There’s HIV here, sure, but a lot less of it than in the west. And anyway, did you tell him he was your first?’ ‘Well sorta,’ David nodded. ‘I said I didn’t have much experience.’ ‘There you are then, Davey,’ concluded Henry, his fingers crossed. ‘He obviously sticks to other young blokes, maybe virgins, just so’s to minimise the risk.’ David began to look a bit happier. It was a straw to keep him afloat. Ed asked, ‘So will you still meet him tomorrow?’ David sighed. ‘If it’s gonna be a short life, it’d better be a merry one. Fuck it. Yes.’ Ed grinned. ‘That’s our Davey. So what was it like?’ David grinned back. ‘I thought you knew?’ ‘I only know what it’s like with my Henry.’ David took on a confiding air. ‘We started making out and he kept rubbing my dick, and I got my hands down the back of his trousers and felt his bum, and fingered in his crack looking for his … y’know. He was squirming against me … oh God, so hot, I’m going hard again. Then he whispered in my ear – as he was licking it – that he had to have my English dick in him. So we got in this stall and he just lost his clothes, like one moment they were there and the next they were gone, stuffed down the side of the loo. I struggled out of these fucking boots. He pulled my breeches down and said he couldn’t wait any more. So he just stuck his bum in the air and I felt round with my dick till I found his hole. I pushed. It caught and sort of slid in after a bit. And then … well, my body just took over. Wham, wham, bang!’ ‘Did he enjoy it ?’ ‘He said it was great. Maybe it was just the danger and the moment.’ David gave a regretful little laugh. ‘It couldna been my technique. After that, he sat on my lap and we kissed a bit, then he dressed and said to ring him tomorrow morning as he was going home.’ ‘You can’t have performed all that bad then.’ *** It must have been a little past midnight, when they were all sitting together again with drinks, that a tall presence loomed over the table. A big man, doing a very passable impersonation of Edward VII, sucked at a cigar and smiled down at them through his beard. ‘Good evening Terry,’ he said in a mid-Atlantic accent. ‘I see you’ve brought your travelling harem with you.’ Terry grinned back up. ‘Evening, Hendrik. I thought I might see you. How you doing?’ ‘Fine, thanks for asking. Introduce me.’ ‘Lads, say hello to my old acquaintance Hendrik Wilemmin, otherwise known as Anton Aramis, founder and proprietor of Falkefilm, owner of this joint – for which I can forgive him a lot – and of much else besides in Rothenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Hendrik, these are Ed and Henry, Justin, Nathan and David. Visiting Rothenia on a school tennis tour.’ ‘My, you corrupted them quickly, Terry. Even for you that’s fast. Seriously, I was sorry to hear about Ramon. He was a great guy.’ Terry looked momentarily affected, and replied with a quiet thank you. ‘Come and sit down, Hendrik. You should socialise more with your customers. You’ve never gotten into the mine-host thing properly.’ ‘Terry, I employ people to do that. But you are not any ordinary customer. Come over to my booth. I have a few things to say.’ He disappeared to the other side of the club. ‘Now, boys, I’ve got some dealing to do. Justy, await the call.’ Justin grinned and polished his monocle, for which he had developed a strange affection. Ed looked hard at Justin. ‘Are we about to find out what you’ve been up to?’ ‘Sure, Eddie baby. You know when I saw you guys after lunch on Rodolferplaz?’ ‘Uh huh.’ ‘I was on my way to an appointment that had been fixed for me with Falkemodel – Hendrik’s gay porn agency.’ ‘Fixed for you?’ ‘Hendrik’s got only one weakness. He insists on auditioning all the new Falkefilm models and checking them out.’ ‘Checking them out?’ ‘Wanking them off, sometimes more.’ Nathan was glowering in the corner. Ed nodded and looked as though he understood something. ‘So,’ asked Henry, ‘who fixed the appointment? Justin grinned. ‘The same Elphberg sympathisers at Falkefilm who told us Wilemmin was selling us out. I was put on his day’s schedule as if I had been one of the boys picked up by their scouts. So I went up to the offices … just like me and Nate did last year when we got a bit drunk like, only this time I went all the way.’ ‘And enjoyed it,’ muttered Nathan. Justin looked momentarily annoyed, then gave an odd look at Nathan, as if he were an adult and Nathan a child. ‘Oh yeah, I enjoyed it, Nate. I’m more alive when I do these things than at any other time. Accept it, Nate. Iss what I am. I know you want to come and protect me, but babe, I’m a pretty mean piece of work meself. ‘S time you grew up and dealt with it. We ain’t kids in the back gardens of London anymore. Me, I was never a kid anyway.’ Although Nathan still looked rebellious, Ed asked Justin to continue. Justin nodded his head and went on. ‘So okay, I goes up to the reception and there’s three of us waiting. Nice looking lads … actually juicy-looking, super-hot lads; all of us wuz eighteen. They wuz nervous, cos I doan fink they’d done gay sex, and I doan fink they knew yet that they’d have to go all the way wiv Falkefilm. So I made ‘em even more nervous by coming on to one of them … y’know, hand-on-the-inside-of-his-thigh sorta thing. He freaked a bit but still sprang a boner. The other guy was more coy and up for it, I fink, so I came on even harder to him. I tried to talk him into a shag in the loos while we wuz waiting, only that freaked him. So like when they went in before me they wuz nearly wetting themselves with nerves. They musta done crap interviews, cos they got bounced straight back on to the street … did ‘em a favour really, I fink.’ ‘This was all in the plan?’ Ed asked, fascinated. ‘Terry’s plan, yeah. The two nervy virgins had been picked deliberate like – the coy dark-haired sexy sort we know turns Hendrik right on. And so it was my turn, the third of the dark-haired beauties, and a Westerner too. We know Hendrik likes Westerners.’ Henry was gaping. ‘This was a seduction scene? Bloody Nora!’ ‘Oh yeah. By now he was all fired up and frustrated. He must have tried it on wiv the second Rothenian, cos the kid came out of the room at a run and went straight in the lift. So it’s my turn now. I goes in all quiet and looking up at him through me long curlies and – be fair, mates – I’m not unpretty now, am I?’ ‘Anything but,’ confirmed Henry. ‘So he gave me the Falkefilm family spiel, sorta drooling at me as he does, and tells me to strip, which I do – no pants, by the way – and I spring a stiffie straight up. All the time I’m making love to him wiv me baby blues, and being sorta shy but eager wiv it. He can’t help himself, he comes over and starts wanking me, and then he really gets into it. He kisses me and tells me to display me arse, which I do, and he …’ Nathan got up and left with a snarl. ‘He what?’ David breathed, his interest in the scene very obvious. ‘He finger-fucks me, and I really get into it, moaning and cooing like. And I even rub meself against his leather sofa till I comes. That sort of spoils the moment, cos it’s expensive Italian leather and it’ll have to be cleaned, so he gets a bit cross. Otherwise, I think Nathan might have had a lot worse to forgive.’ Ed was confused. ‘I don’t get it. You seduce this bloke, but how does it help Terry?’ ‘Oh, well, guess! Wilemmin’s room was secretly wired for video coupla days ago by dissident technicians in the firm, friends of Will’s boyfriend, Felip, who Hendrik fired last year after he got into a head-to-head wiv Will over Rothenia’s future.’ ‘Oh … wow, so Hendrik is now filmed doing homosexual acts with a young lad who might easily have been underage! It’s blackmail,’ Ed concluded. ‘No, Ed, iss insurance. Hendrik is goin’ to use the fact that Rudi’s chief agent and the CEO of Strelsenermedia – Hendrik’s main rival – were gay porn actors, and he has footage to prove it, and some. He knows Will and Oskar have backed the winner in the election. He’s gonna threaten to piss all over the Elphberg parade if he doan get the same deal from Trachtenberg as he was going to get from Bermann.’ ‘Which was?’ ‘Licence to buy TV stations as well as run newspapers in Rothenia, which is currently illegal. He wants a bigger market share. He wants more money. What he’s telling Terry at the moment are his terms for Oskar’s surrender. And what … whoa, looks like I’m needed. Hold this monocle for me Henry. I’m going to introduce meself to Mr Wilemmin properly and give him a copy of the DVD we co-starred in. It’s Hendrik’s turn to get fucked, the dirty bastard.’
  22. Butcher56


    Great chapter. I remember those feelings of yearning for more after you got done making love. I still get those feelings after my friend and I get done, although recently it’s been just a quickie as we don’t have the privacy to get into anything more.
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