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  2. aditus


    Happy Easter!
  3. Valkyrie


    Aww.. so cute! Happy Easter!
  4. We accepted the recast of the entire cast and premise, I think we can deal with them replacing one of the seemingly innumerable ‘Chris’ actors [Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, Colfer, etc].
  5. Lyssa

    Spring 2019

    Spring has arrived.
  6. Going all in to woo Theo! Even breaking some rules. I'm sure the butt tattoo will do the trick. 😂
  7. I seem to remember reading that Sablo wasn't always the only one doing his job, but his coworkers all gradually left, leaving him the last one doing the job.…
  8. Interesting you see this connection, considering Sgt. Getraer's real life son went on to play Captain Kirk in the current Star Trek movies. Sadly, I have heard he doesn't want to do another one. *sigh*
  9. Sablo went to visit Patrick! ;–)
  10. I am!. I watched both of them, plus the Fish spin off.
  11. Someone who's too young to understand the joke would never have posted it! ;–)
  12. good morning Sir, coffee?



  13. northie


    @frosenblum Another conquest! Eric in particular, has wormed his way into so many hearts. He's a character very close to mine. Thank you for your praise. That you put me ahead of such an accomplished author as @Carlos Hazday is added kudos that makes me .
  14. northie


    And @droughtquake , you win today's ⭐ . It was indeed God's Own Country,
  15. northie


    It takes a certain sort of person to communicate effectively with a class. Eric might have life experiences to pass on but he's not in the position to do it: he's still shy, he lacks social interactions, and his knowledge of kids and how they are, is virtually nil.
  16. Tonyr


    Guess next time they'll expirience some mouth and hands action....
  17. Today
  18. Tonyr


    Yeah cave he did. Happy i didn't take you bet, cause it happened way too sooner than i would have bet. So anxious for the next chapter.
  19. 4 firefighters from the rescue team knocked on the door... Ugh no, that's not the start of a sexy dream (I wouldn't have my hair in a nest bird and a dead mouse in my hand otherwise. I hope so). They were looking for mom. Someone had called them, worried she's not answering the phone (landline hasn't been working for 2 days and yesterday her phone was dead and she spent the day at the ER). 

    We're suspecting our GP.

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    2. clochette


      @Kitt yes it is. GP for General Practician, our family doc. He saw mom Monday  before going on holiday. She had fever and wasn't feeling well. He was worried and said to keep him update if she had to be hospitalized.

      To say the truth I was too dumbstruck to notice if they were cute. Only that the one in front was very very tall

    3. clochette


      @Valkyrie I was too shocked to noticed any of them :rolleyes:

      And yes I was really holding a dead mouse... Apparently a cat left it for dead on the terrace this morning. I hadn't noticed it and so a cat brought it at the start of the corridor leading to the bedrooms. I had just picked it up, wrapped in lot of paper towels and a little bag :pinch:

    4. Valkyrie


      :facepalm:  I think this scenario would make a good prompt story.  :gikkle:  :hug: 

  20. aditus

    Day 16 to day 20

    Yeah, me too. Thank you for your kind words and all your help.
  21. davewri

    Roar • Part V

    In the real world people say and do things we might not expect them to do. Placing our own thoughts and desires on other people. Keep writing this excellent saga just as you have been.
  22. Valkyrie

    Day 16 to day 20

    You had a great week, wolfie Such poignant questions in "soul-searching". I think the answer to the last question is 'yes'. And who knows? Maybe those two souls will meet in another place or another life I want to come to your place for some minestrone. I laugh every time I read about your beer bees I can picture the witch clearly and love the repeated warnings, which should be ignored. The ending is perfect As for the last, I think we all feel exposed in public at times and need to tell those voices to shut up. I can't wait to see what the last week of April brings.
  23. Hmmm, I hadn't thought of that. But I think I'd rather avoid more cross-overs. They tend to complicate matters, lol. I like this imp theory. He'd probably love to pay Theo back by stirring up trouble and making Sablo the bad guy. (And yes, you probably did hear Angel snort in annoyance. )
  24. Soul searching questions When a human looks for it, and finds nothing, Are they a monster? Can it be black? Do animals have one? Or plants? Or ants? Everything? Can it be beautiful? Is it only mine, or is it borrowed? Or part of an endless pool? Am I it or is it me? Are ours related? Can they melt together, touch, even if I’ll never touch you? Minestrone* Today it will be a minestrone Some nice medium carrots peeled and sliced potatoes, red green peppers, largely diced tomato paste, and olives without stone zucchini, spinach, green beans garden grown small elbow pasta briefly cooked, rinsed twice oregano, thyme, garlic, salt as spice Delicious soup we do not eat alone. We open the door and greet everyone Friends, neighbors and family come inside Please sit at our table and have some fun Mamma dips her spoon, her grin becomes wide Our dog herds the brood playing in the sun Pappa dons the ears, he has eggs to hide. Bzzzz—Bees* Five bees buzzed between beers, Got bored, called some peers, Each took a sip A brief dip became emotive and burst into tears. The witch* She was ancient, dwelling in that little dilapidated house, my parents warned me off the witch, but she had cats, and kittens. Kittens are born blind. Weird. And love to sleep in the bread basket and eventually open their eyes. Carelessly we threw caution to the wind One day she was gone. The cats were gone, the kittens too. The house was gone. Later they built an apartment block in its place. We were warned off the building site. We threw caution to the wind and explored, it smelled of damp concrete and freshly sawn timber. We found a package with cigarettes and a lighter. We were warned off smoking. Smoky kisses. We were warned off kissing too. Of kissing them. We threw caution to the wind. We are laughing with the wind now. The bug* I am not nude when I walk along the street, but in my head people whisper, I am naked.
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