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  2. Wayne Gray

    Not Boyfriends

    Yep. They hadn't checked anything else yet. It was the same time. The fence was new, though.
  3. ObicanDecko


    Thank you, I hope it doesn't disappoint!
  4. Geemeedee

    Not Boyfriends

    They need to get a dog that’ll bark whenever someone comes around. Wait — maybe not. The uncles might poison it, the fuckers. I’m confused about when the rototiller was sabotaged and the toolbox stolen. Was it at the same time tractor was tampered with?
  5. scolvert

    Chapter 32

    Can't wait for the next story - there has to be drama around the wedding, right?
  6. I always loved rain. And always will be. Even though it's raining backwards... 


  7. It's Raining Backwards It's started to rain, in backwards All the clouds started pulling Every puddle out of the earth Drop by drop they filled It's started to rain, in backwards Sqalls succumbed by the trees Absorbing the musky air, filled with dirt, From the observant manly nose It's started to rain, in backwards Lands illuminated electrical shots Draining colours to result in white Sparkly spread throughout the sky It's started to rain, in backwards Mighty roar reflected from the hills To patch up between haze and to Lighten the gap to maintain level It's started to rain, in backwards Just like my poem's spirit of My definition and my ideation Against my heart's desires
  8. Thanks so much There have been a lot of great prompts this year, although I struggled a bit this week. Thanks for reading and commenting. It means a lot to me
  9. GanymedeRex

    Alo Chapter 30

    Isn't evicting a family with 6 hours notice - who had been living on a property for 20 years kind of cruel? Doesn't the country have notification laws for these sorts of things? I can understand not wanting to lease or trying to recover damages to property, but really, I don't understand the reason for this. It seems heartless.
  10. Today
  11. droughtquake

    Not Boyfriends

    I'm sure he would have seen them working with Beecher since he's a neighbor… ;–)
  12. Wayne Gray

    Not Boyfriends

    Yep. Wren is comfortable with that word, it seems. It fits into what he was doing in his old life in San Diego. Though, it remains to be seen if that sort of world-view will work for Kentucky. Those uncles. You gotta wonder what sort of mischief they'll try now, eh?
  13. Headstall

    Day 16 to day 20

    Sorry I missed these at posting. I think there is a 'witch' in every neighborhood, in every childhood. Bees have no business in beer, especially emotional ones. I just want to say how strong I've been finding your poetry throughout this month. You and @Valkyrie have been outdoing yourselves, and we are the ones who benefit. Keep stretching and growing, Adi. Your poetry is absolutely wonderful. Cheers... Gary....
  14. Wayne Gray

    Not Boyfriends

    Well, "partner" means something different to different people. Ragan has known the boys as they grew up. Not exactly close, but enough to be fond of them and know that they're nothing like Wren's uncles.
  15. Geemeedee

    Chapter 12

  16. Ooops. Missed these. 14, 17, and 19 were brilliantly amusing. Your ode to the rooster was spot on, and I saw it as both literal, and a metaphor. Poor peas.... 20 was disturbing, but powerful and vulnerable as well. The things we have to process as children.... Fog... was just great!
  17. chris191070


    Loved the photo shoot.
  18. droughtquake

    Chapter 12

    I think that Andrew considers them to be part of his family.
  19. More examples to prove you are a consummate poet, a weaver of words with an understanding of the world you live in. You paint beautiful pictures, evoke stirring memories, and open your vast heart and old soul for all to see. What more could I ask for than to be lifted up, amused, cared for, and share this connection to nature you most certainly have. I am your faithful fan, Parker.
  20. Hermetically Sealed

    Chapter 12

    Well, technically Freddie and Harley are nothing to Andrew. They're just baggage that came with the new bitch that sperm donor has been playing house with. Umm, technically they are his step brothers. You are basically demanding that Andrew and Richie punish them for something their parents did. Like it or not, they are step brothers now. The two younger boys don't get the nuances of the situation, and punishing them for something they had no say in is wrong. This vitriol towards both Harley and Freddie is fairly unwarranted.
  21. chris191070

    Not Boyfriends

    So Caleb and Wren are fuck buddies, I wonder how long that lasts before they become boyfriends. Lets hope the cameras act as a deterrent for the Uncles, highly unlikely.
  22. droughtquake

    Not Boyfriends

    Caleb and Rachel seem to be confirming that he has moved out of Charles & Tracy's house and in with his partner, Wren. ;–) Everyone, with the possible exception of Rachel, understands that to mean more than merely business partners. ;–) But even Ragan, the old neighbor, accepts Caleb as Wren's partner. ;–)
  23. Timothy M.

    Chapter 12

    I agree with everything you said, but this in particular. And he should have told Andrew (gently) that he was looking forward to spending time with his brother, and bringing Harley along would prevent that. But I guess we can't blame Richie for having a soft heart and giving in to Andrew.
  24. droughtquake

    Not Boyfriends

    Well your last story included nanny cams, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to think you'd come up with a similar solution again! ;–)
  25. jaysalmn

    Chapter 12

    Well, technically Freddie and Harley are nothing to Andrew. They're just baggage that came with the new bitch that sperm donor has been playing house with. If I were Richie, I would have told Andrew that they could go NEXT TIME, or canceled the outing all together. I wouldn't expect Andrew to kno because of his age, but Freddie knows the situation and is grown up enough to kno that tagging along isn't right and should have talked to Harley and declined.
  26. Timothy M.

    Chapter 12

    I'm not blaming Andrew (or even Harley) - and neither is Richie. But the rest of them, and especially the adults should know better. But of course, they want to force Richie to spend time with Freddy for their own selfish reasons.
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