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  2. mikedup

    Alo Chapter 29

    Excellent chapter, It would seem that if is time again to kick butt, it looks like it is his lot in life to kick butt
  3. lilansui


    Blade was a bit of a let down...hehehe. I've been working on a story that when I thought I was getting to the big end, I realized I was only just starting. It was a bummer to stop and be like, how do I rewrite this again so it's not so flat, I guess the climax didn't ring true at all. Now I'm stuck in the limbo of research and planning. This was a really useful article. I think I've some clear head now. My favorite movies, in terms of great planning with awesome climax, there is the 'House of Flying Daggers'. I really didn't see the twist coming at its height, also, Lucky Number Slevin, it has some great planning, the climax was amazing. Thank you for taking the time to write these articles!
  4. Today
  5. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 11

    I really enjoyed their visit to Oskar's family, Fritz and Helge are just lovely! So Oskar is an actual prince! Yet that's not the last secret he's hiding. As always, I'm looking forward to reading more!
  6. Hmm, very good question Aidan will feel like .... No, no, no,I won't give spoilers!
  7. Ha, ha, I didn't even realize that it could do that! And I call myself the author of this story!
  8. Aidan needs help, definitely. Heathcliff can be just so overbearing sometimes. I hope you'll like the next chapter!
  9. I think you'll like how they dance a lot, Wes
  10. aditus

    Day 16 to day 20

    You read my poems! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The witch died alone among her cats.
  11. ObicanDecko


    Thanks, I'm so glad to hear that! More will be coming soon. Hehe yeah, I agree. But Charlie was pretty sure Tom was batting for his team from the way they interacted before, so he took a chance.
  12. Gene63

    Alo Chapter 29

    It seems Lloyd can't catch a break!!!
  13. Ya gotta watch those trouble-makers. Thanks for a great ending to the holiday weekend.
  14. TALNT Terry's aware Louis' naked tonight. SIGHT
  15. I loved the moment where Jon made SFB piss himself.
  16. jryski


    Tom is cute! Charlie is so brave asking someone out like that in the country side. I never even do that in the city. I can't imagine throwing it out there the way Charlie did in farm country.
  17. chris191070

    Alo Chapter 29

    Awesome chapter
  18. Bill W


    Thanks, flesco, I'm glad you're enjoying this.
  19. **Follows behind the Easter Bunny and picks up some 'special' chocolate covered cashews and drops them off to @Valkyrie
  20. MEATY Making Edgar attractive took your TALNT
  21. I thought the Welsh loved long words…


    The “=” symbol that is now universally accepted in mathematics for equality was first recorded by Welsh mathematician Robert Recorde.


    I always thought that Hawkins' generated voice was his own. Does this mean that Dennis Klatt should have gotten a credit at the end of all those Big Bang Theory episodes? I know that after cancer-related surgery, Roger Ebert used a synthesized voice based on recordings of his own voice by CereProc.


    Someone here on GA (I can't remember who) disputed my differentiation of jam vs jelly. My definition was pretty much the same as  the first sentence here. I also knew that preserves were a chunkier variant of jams. But preserves, conserves, marmalades, and fruit butters haven't been a significant part of my life…


    Naturally, instead of crafting legislation to curb sexual harassment, they went after the defensive weapon women used to protect themselves from assaults!





    When you “lose yourself” inside the world of a fictional character while reading a story, you may actually end up changing your own behavior and thoughts to match that of the character, a new study suggests.

    Researchers at Ohio State University examined what happened to people who, while reading a fictional story, found themselves feeling the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and internal responses of one of the characters as if they were their own - a phenomenon the researchers call “experience-taking.”

    They found that, in the right situations, experience-taking may lead to real changes, if only temporary, in the lives of readers.





    I miss really @sandrewn's daily Status Updates. This is a shallow imitation of his efforts. It will have to do until he returns next year…

  22. Another Monday, and another great story to be featured! If you have overeaten ham, turkey, or other holiday weekend fare, then why exercise when you can sit back and read another fascinating story brought to us from our great Story Review Team! A Bad Day to be WET Myr Reviewer: spikey582 Status: Complete Word Count: 5,341 For this review, I felt like looking at something a bit different from what I've reviewed in the past. My first love, as far as genre fiction is concerned, has always been sci-fi/fantasy stories, and yet I’ve not read many of the GA offerings in that genre. So, to remedy that I decided to dip into some of the writing of GA’s own Myr. In A Bad Day to be WET, we get to experience a day in the life of one Bill Thomas, a test pilot in the Terran Confederation Spaceforce. Bill is a Jumper, one who can sense “jump points” in space time, and psionically “jump” a ship from one point or another. We meet him in the midst of calibrating the navigation system in a prototype bomber spacecraft. Shortly, he is being called away on a priority mission, flying through a hurricane, and transporting civilians through an active war zone. What I particularly love about this story is that it feels like an episode of an exciting sci-fi tv show. We get taken for a thrilling ride, and it is so much fun to experience. While this is a short story, that is somewhat episodic in nature, Myr still does an amazing job of developing his main character Bill. Be it through his daring flight skills, his forthright banter, or his casual flirtation with a senator’s son, we get a well-defined picture of what he’s like and what he’s about. The best part is that it’s all done through the action and dialogue of the story. A Bad Day to be WET feels in every way like it should be part of an ongoing sci-fi tv series. In fact, considering that Myr has written several other shorts set in this same universe, it can certainly be read as such a series. This is a fun, action-packed read. Go check it out, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I have. Category: Anthology: Crossing the Line Genres: Adventure, Sci-Fi Tags: young adult, psionics, space, military, future Rating: Teen
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