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    Taryn and I found two small chairs behind us, and we sat down with a slightly uneasy feeling. Except for the glow and occasional flicker of the monitors behind our host, the room was so very dark. Large, iron walkways hung over our heads, stairs leading to the basement level. The buzz of mechanical contraptions, lightly humming in unison. And then there was Erick... Even while silhouetted in darkness, his boyish beauty was evident. A playful beauty, void of arrogance or pretense. Natural, with the hint of wickedness behind his smile. Dark hair and eyes, slim and slender build. I didn't realize that I was staring until Taryn gave me a nudge. Erick leaned forward, the slight squeak in his chair piercing the silence. "Let me start off by saying that everything that happens here tonight...never happened here tonight. Understood? Trust me, it's just as much for your benefit as it is mine." He said. "You must be Justin. I'd say that I've heard a lot about you, but I haven't. Doc's never been one to keep secrets from me." He looked over to my right and said, "And who are you?" I spoke up and told him, "This is Taryn..." "His boyfriend, Taryn." He added, attempting, too late, to hide the touch of envy in his voice. Erick merely nodded with a smile, and spun back around to focus a majority of his computer monitors on the underground audio frequencies that Doc sent him from the Jeweler's private communications. The room lit up as filtered voice and wavelength patterns began to ripple and vibrate with every spoken word. Erick had somehow separated all of the voices, put them on a frequency of their own, and was having the spoken words translated into text. I couldn't understand a word of it,but he seemed to be tuning into the conversations just fine. He turned back to face us again. "Do you two know what you are looking at right now?" "Um...no. Not really." I replied. "You are looking at one of the biggest finds in vampire history as far as we average night walkers are concerned. I mean, this is like finding out that Clark Kent is Superman. I still can't believe that I'm seeing this with my own eyes." Erick took a few of the audio tracks and expanded them on the screen to his right. "Listen to it. Do you hear that?" Taryn and I listened, but we still couldn't understand it. "It retained its beauty. The language...after all these centuries...it's like fine poetry." Erick rolled closer to us with an excited smirk. "Where on Earth did you find this???" "I don't know. Friend of a friend of a...'friend', I guess?" I kept my mouth shut. The last thing I need is more exposure. "Well, I hope your friend of a friend of a friend is well protected. Because if any of the Elders were to get wind of this, they'd send their top soldiers to murder us all." I know what Pan and Doc told me before, about them finding vampires actually speaking verzpertillio, but I thought they were putting me on. Imagine my surprise when I actually got to hear it for myself. Oh God! It was unbelievable!" Taryn and I heard a few noises as we saw Fallen doing some rearranging of random items in the darkness around us. He was keeping his eye on a separate laptop that looked like it was built into a Titanium briefcase. And every once in a while, an alarm would beep, he'd press a few buttons, and then go back to whatever he was doing again. Erick typed in a few more passwords into his system, and his eager smile got even wider than before. "However, once I actually started trying to translate the actual texts, I found myself having a great deal of trouble with certain parts. Huge blank spaces that we couldn't figure out. I couldn't figure out why. Fallen built that translator program all on his own. There were tons of ancient scriptures that it was able to crack with no problem. That's when I discovered the REAL beauty of it all." "What was that?" Taryn asked. "Well...what you and your friends have found here isn't just the ghost of an old dead language. What you found was the modernized version of a language that never died to begin with." He said. I was still a bit confused, and he seemed shocked that we didn't get it right away. "What I'm saying is...the reason that the translator didn't work is because it was built off of the original language of the shadows. The iluminirae version of ancient verzpertillio. But they're not speaking the original language of the shadows. This is new. It's evolved. That means that there are vampires who have been passing it down in secret for thousands of years, and it continued to grow." Erick scooted up closer to the largest screen in the center to point out certain details. "The first thing that I noted was that these messages mentioned times of day, and actual dates of the year. But the script is clearly verzpertillio." "What's so weird about that?" I asked. "Well, when back when verzpertillio was supposedly still a functional language...there was no sense of mechanical time. No clocks, no watches, no twelve month calendars with the baby kittens on them. There was night and day, Winter and Spring...crop seasons, high and low tides, moon gazing and star alignments, maybe...but there was no 12 O'clock. There was no January 15th. They didn't exist." He said. "It took a great deal of calculations on my part, but I was able to make sense of it. Words come and go, and in between they can change meaning at the drop of a hat. But numbers are always the same. Probability factors for letter usage and phrase analysis, I was able to figure out what some of these new words were. And what I found blew my mind! Look...there are addresses, they mention airplanes and flight numbers, internet sources, cell phone numbers, blood banks inside the city limits...these are all NEW things! And that means that the language is still as much in use today as it was back when it first grew out of its original Latin roots." I told him, "I'm not really following you. I mean...is this good news? Or bad news?" "Oh...er...um...I don't know. That's the part I'm still trying to figure out." Erick said, a little pout on his lips. "You can't read it?" "Oh, I can read it, believe me. I just...doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense." He told me. Fallen spoke up as he shut of another alarm in his briefcase laptop. "It makes perfect sense to me. Erick here just doesn't want to believe it." "What does he mean?" I asked. Erick's faced wrinkled up a bit as he looked in on a few of the hidden conversations online again. "It's silliness. I keep looking for some kind of sensible chit chat, but all they do is babble on and on about the 'chosen one'. That whole vampire Mimic thingy where he returns to us and brings enlightenment and peace or whatever. It's all just a bunch of hooey." "Some people believe it's true, dude." Fallen responded. "That's what you said about the whole 'Comicality' legend, remember? And was HE real? No." Fallen stuck his tongue, but Erick didn't pay it much attention. "I don't know if you guys would be able to gather much meaning out of all this mess. From what I can tell, this Jeweler guy is some kind of philosophical weeny who wants to talk vampire hoopla with his friends. Prophecy and meditation and old vampire dogma. It doesn't really give me much of anything concrete or scientific to work with at all." A bit worried about what I might hear, especially since I had Taryn standing right there next to me, I stammered to say, "Can....can you tell me what it says?" Erick shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sure. Um...well, take this passage right here. I think he quoted it out of somewhere or something. It says, 'And now that we have found him, we shall assist the unbalanced angel in finding his focus. And we will help him deliver his divine message to the world, ushering in a new dawn for us all. The complete destruction of a corrupted human consciousness, and the rebirth of a pure and unified perspective.'" Erick shrugged again. "See? Nothing sensible. I can't make heads or tails of it. It sounds like it's coming from the age old sects, but they put everything in the present tense. I think they actually believe what they're saying right now." "Sects?" Taryn asked. "Sects, covens, tribes...keepers of ancient vampire folklore and tradition. Like...vampiric religion. Some interesting ideas, but they're mostly just fairy tales. It seems awfully odd that they would risk being targeted for execution for something like this. I mean, they could have swapped tall tales in any language. Why verzpertillio?" Erick asked. "They certainly seem to talk about you an awful lot though. Oh...and you see this?" He said pointing to a small yellow beacon on the screen. "Luckily, Doc's laptop is encrypted with something that Pan gave him to stay off the radar, because this Jeweler guy is trying to locate you in a major way. Doc's protection won't last forever. You may want to handle this before he comes looking for you on foot." "Dammit!" Fallen grunted. "Erick, we've got an issue here." "What is it?" "Your defense systems...the pitbulls are already inside." Erick said, "But...that's impossible." Switching his screens again, Erick typed in a few commands, and tried to rapidly protect his system from being invaded. It looked like the decryption codes were coming from a bunch of different places at once. "Why you crafty little beavers. You actually found a way in." With a small stylus, Erick took a pad in hand and began writing out a few complicated math problems, sending them into the computer. "There. They'll have to solve those before they get a chance to start tinkering around with my system again. They must really want access. I've never had them do that before." Taryn and I looked a bit worried, but Erick put us at ease. "It's fine. We deal with this sort of thing all the time. Don't we, Fallen?" Another alarm went off on his laptop. This one was louder and a bit more urgent than the other ones. "Not like this!" Fallen answered, now scooting up a chair and sitting down to his laptop to help. "Something's wrong. They are really banging hard at our backdoor right now. We must have tripped something. Some kind of secretly bugged frequency." Erick seemed bewildered. "But....but...the math...?" "They're solving all of the problems. At record speed." Fallen said. "They must have a savant on their side." "A savant?" I asked. "Sometimes the Elders crossover someone at genius level. A higher brain functioning extra, or an autistic, that specialize in cracking codes and solving problems like this. The thing is...it's only used in extreme cases." "How extreme?" I asked. "Oh...you know...like the difference between a rent-a-cop giving you a jay walking ticket and...James Bond, licensed to kill everybody in the room, shit." Fallen seemed a bit shaken, and everything that he did to conceal our location was blocked and countered. "This is serious, Erick. I don't know if my firewalls can keep them from sneaking in." With a wrinkled brow, Erick spun back around in his chair, and cracked his knuckles as he prepared all of the screens and keyboards before him. "A bunch of wise guys, huh? Ok, then. Let's dance...." Taryn and I watched in silence as the two boys waged a digital war against the very people we were hiding from. Fallen began putting up blockades at every turn, redirecting their search to places all over the globe and attempting to plant viruses into their feed whenever he saw a split second opportunity. Erick's hands were frantically busy, switching back and forth between keyboards, opening up new windows, closing down old ones before they could be traced. He switched back to his pad, writing out problems that were more and more complex....lines and numbers and equations that seemed to go on forever. Some of them word problems...typed out in a variety of different languages to throw them off. But whatever 'savant' the intruders had on their side...he was burning through them in no time flat. Fallen was slamming his fingers on those keys as fast as he could, but he couldn't keep up. "Erick...." "I know..." "Seriously, dude....this doesn't look good..." "I KNOW!" Erick said again. I saw a grid of all of the programs that were trying to zero in on us. They were like little worms, eating their way to the core of an apple. Erick went from screen to screen, worm to worm, putting a block in their way. "First!" He said with every barricade. "First! Annnnnd...FIRST!" "We've got decoys!" Fallen shouted, and I saw the electronic worms on the screen triple in number. "I can't stop them all! They are WAY too fast!" "Meanies!" Erick said. "First, first, first, first....ugh!" He looked over at Fallen to give him a nod. "They're not playing fair. I think we should shut it down." "I'm on it." I saw them both get up and start packing their bags in a hurry. "Umm...what's going on?" I asked, taking Taryn by the hand and holding him close as my adrenaline began to rush. As a bunch of different sirens and alarms began to go off simultaneously, Fallen told us, "You hear that sound? That's the 'let's get the fuck outta here' bell! Because if the Elders lock onto this location...ummm...we'd better not be here." Erick asked, "What's the response time for hit squads in this area?" "Two, maybe three, minutes. Maybe less." Fallen told him. They were both moving around us so fast that I suddenly became short of breath. They were erasing files and smashing equipment, they really meant business. "Come on, Erick....we don't have a lot of time..." "I'm going as fast as I can." Taryn began to tremble at my side, "Justin, let's just go. Let's get out of here." "Wait..." I said. "Erick? The messages you saw...are you sure there wasn't anything 'dangerous' about them? Nothing at all?" "Little busy here, Justin." He said, still scrambling to get his stuff. "You've been studying it all this time. Just...I need to know what to expect. Please." Erick's eyes met mine for a moment, and he said, "From what little I got...they think you're a god. An angel of light. They're convinced that you're the chosen one. Dangerous, not dangerous...I guess it depends on how serious they are about their beliefs. It's a short walk from believer to fanatic. I don't really know if I can tell you much more than that yet. I just figured out the linguistic evolution, now I've got to tap into the mythology to figure out what the heezy they're talking about. But as soon as I find another safe place to set up, I'll contact you again." "How many more files do you have to shut down?" Fallen called out. "Seventeen!" "We're not gonna make it!" "It wouldn't be a good idea to leave these traces behind Fallen! They will lead them right back to us!" Erick called back. Taryn clung tightly to my arm. "Justin?" "Right. Let's go." I said. But before I could even get two steps away, Fallen warned us, "Umm...I wouldn't just walk out the front door like that. NOT good." "Is there another way out of here?" I asked. "I wouldn't go out the back way either. They'll be closing in on us from all sides." Fallen said. "They? Who are they?" "They...are the people who come bearing some pretty nasty gifts if you go looking at stuff you're not supposed to. The Elders are more of a Mafia than a government. So when they get here, it would be best if we were long gone." Fallen turned back, "Erick?" "Fourteen to go..." He said. The tension began to build up within me, and my breathing became short. No....not now. Please, not now. Erick was working hard to clear all of the records of what they had been working on, and Fallen was desperately shoving tools and exposed hard drives into bags. It was then that I felt a surge of energy rising up inside of me. The hairs on Taryn's arm stood up as the electricity passed from my hand to his. He looked at me to see what was going on, but as hard as I tried to contain it, the anxiety of making a hasty escape from this place and protect Taryn at the same time was too much for me to bear. Soon...little blue and red sparks started to flicker around me...and with a burst much larger than the small episodes I had around Doc's laptop...it shot our in all directions and every electronic device in the room suddenly glitched and shut down. Every screen went black, the systems wiped clean. Erick and Fallen stopped what they were doing and stared at the screens in disbelief. "Erick....?" Fallen asked. "...Did you do that?" ".....No." Erick answered. They were both so shocked that they forgot we were in the middle of an escape. "Do you think they finished the trace?" "I don't know..." Just then, I heard the loud crash of breaking windows coming from overhead. I saw, what looked like, an entire army of soldiers dressed in all black fatigues with gas masks on their faces. They poured in from every corner, and were already making their way down to our level. Jesus Christ, they got there fast! I put Taryn behind me, keeping him close. But Fallen and Erick had obviously done this before. With the flick of a few switches, the two boys brought down a series of chain link fences, blocking all of the metallic stairs leading down into the basement. It was only seconds later that the soldiers began to cut their way through. They bought us another 30 seconds, I doubt it would be much more. Erick tossed Fallen a giant duffel bag full of their notes and equipment and told him, "I'll hold 'em off! Get outta here! You know where to find me later!" "Right! See you then!" Fallen turned to us, "C'mon! I know a quick way to get to the loading dock from here! Follow me!" "What about Erick?" I asked, already hurrying behind him with Taryn in tow. Before he could answer me, the fences were kicked open, and the vampire pitbulls were practically climbing over the railings like an angry horde of army ants. As they dropped down, closing in on Erick from all sides, I saw his eyes glowing bright red...his fangs dropping down from his gums as he slowly crossed his arms over his chest. "Get down on your knees! Do it! NOW!!!" The soldiers shouted. Erick knew better. We all did. There were no arrests to be made here, tonight. We were all as good as dead. "They're not gonna have too good a time." Fallen said. Taryn and I watched as Erick stepped one foot over the other, crossing his ankles. And suddenly, he began to spin his body around like a top. It was so fast that he became a complete blur to everyone around him. The soldiers warned him to 'power down', but he just kept spinning. Taryn and I exchange a look, and I asked Fallen, "That's his extra? He...um...he spins around really fast?" "Yep. He spins around....really fast." He answered. "That's it???" "That's it." Fallen replied, and just as Erick hit his top speed, he grabbed Taryn and I by the hand and said, "Um...I'd duck, if I were you?" "Why....?" Before the words left my mouth, a FLURRY of razor sharp shuriken exloded from the center of Erick's spinning and flew out in all directions. Sparks flew from every metallic object they hit, and Taryn and I dove behind a nearby cabinet to keep from being cut to shreds! The soldiers surrounding him were being pelted mercilessly by the shrapnel. They didn't stand a chance. The others responded by drawing their pistols and firing off as many shots as they could, but Erick was actually moving fast enough to spin out of the way. Bullets couldn't touch him. And as soon as he figured out where the shot was coming from, the soldier became his next target. I had never seen anything like it. Even during his dizzying display of circles, his aim was immaculate. He could almost curve the path of the shuriken to glide sideways and hit its target from around the corner. And yet, for those that got anywhere near him, he could stop on a dime, and fight them, hand to hand. It was as if he had a whole martial art developed for his extra alone. Always moving, always spinning and rolling to one side or another. One soldier put his hand on Erick's shoulder from behind, and he spun so quickly that it broke his arm! Erick kicked him back a few steps, and a few bladed stars found their way into his face! Taryn and I were so amazed that Fallen had to remind us to keep moving. "I know it's quite a show, folks! But unless you want this to be our final curtain, I suggest we take advantage of the few moments he's given us! Let's MOVE!" "COVER THE EXITS!!!" Shouted their commander, and I saw even more soldiers flood their way throughout the dark warehouse. Trying to cut off our route of escape. Taryn and I had trouble keeping up with Fallen. He was moving SO fast! Suddenly, two soldiers appeared in front of us, and I watched Fallen swiftly move into action to disarm them both. Another one was coming up behind me, and I saw Taryn move to push him up against the wall to protect me. I delivered a few blows to disable him, but the others were catching up to us fast. It was better for us to keep running than it was to stay and fight. We'd be overwhelmed in a matter of seconds if we gave them time to strategize and position themselves around us. As we kept rushing forward, a strange feeling swept over me. Like a bright light in my mind, blinding me from the inside. So bright that it almost hurt. I watched Fallen run up and blindly turn around a dark corner...and he suddenly took two bullets to the head, and one directly in the heart! Killing him instantly! But....once I saw it, the light in my mind faded. And I noticed that all three of us were still running. Fallen wasn't dead. He hadn't reached that part of the 'circle' yet. I saw him approaching the dark corner ahead. "WAIT!!!" I shouted, and without thinking, I used Chad's speed to blaze forward and yank him back around the corner...just as the three fatal shots missed him by just a few inches! Breathing hard, Fallen said, "Ok...I think I owe you one!" "Stay here..." I said. At my command, a dark halo surrounded my head, and after a few short breaths, I charged out into the middle of the corridor, my feet leaving the ground and taking to the wall as the soldiers did their best to get a fix on me. Jun's focus allowed me to steady myself long enough to aim, and with a scream...the brain geyser energy burst forth and sent them flying backwards like leaves in a high wind. More soldiers came up on my right side, and I reached out a hand towards the fallen enemies down the hall, absorbing their pain and suffering from the blast, and converting it to Comicality's shadow energy, and raising my other hand to deliver a blow to the other soldiers heading our way. Fallen's eyes gazed at me with awe. "You're just full of tricks tonight, aren't you?" I grabbed Taryn, who's eyes had already gone red, his fangs lowered and ready to do whatever he could to make sure we made it out of there alive. As my fangs unsheathed themselves, I took a brief look at Taryn, and found the demon in him eerily beautiful. I leaned forward to give him a quick kiss on the lips, and we continued towards the loading dock. As we reached the end of the long hallway, we heard bullets ricocheting off of the walls. I pushed Taryn's head down, and Fallen kicked the door open. We spilled out onto the dock, and I turned around to hold the door closed. Fallen hopped down to the driveway, a large open space with a few 18 wheeler cargo carriers on either side of us. I felt the sudden impact of the soldiers crashing up against the other side of the door. They forced it open for a moment, but as Max's strength kicked in and began to increase, I found myself able to push it shut again. I was strong, but I didn't think I'd be able to hold it shut for much longer. "If you've got a plan, Fallen...you'd better get it working fast!" Another sudden jolt slammed against the other side of the door, causing my back and arms to ache as I fought even harder to keep them from coming through. I saw a few black figures drop down from above. They must have come from the rooftop! I shouted out to tell Fallen to watch his back, and within seconds, he had a fight on his hands. I wanted to help him, but it was taking everything that I had just to keep the door closed. It was then that I saw Taryn moving to jump in with Fallen...and the horror that ran through me was immeasurable. The thought of him being hurt, of one of these intruders getting a lucky shot....it created a change in me. As I felt the soldiers pushing on the back of the door....pushing....pushing...PUSHING...Max's anger extra keeping me strong, further enhanced by using Jenna's empathic ability to draw from the soldier's anger as well to make me even stronger...I felt the cold, icy, of shadows surrounding my arms. My hands began to tremble with rage. A guttural growl escaped my lips, and I tapped into the source of madness that I had been holding back for as long as I could. Without warning, the soldiers hit the door with a battering ram, and it knocked me forward, nearly blowing the door off its hinges. Stunned, I tried to get back up on my feet. Before we knew it, they were all over the three of us, and we began to scrap with them as best we could. Fallen was a good fighter, but he was taking some serious damage. Taryn was able to get some hits in, but he's not a fighter. My focus was more concentrated on keeping him safe than the soldiers themselves. I was easily taking on three or four soldiers at a time, but they just kept coming. However, it was death from above that helped to even things out a little. A hail of shuriken rained down on the soldiers, and Erick jumped in to join us. The four of us held our own at first, but I saw two of the soldiers drag Taryn away from the center of our little circle of protection. Taryn fought and screamed, but they held his arms down, and two more soldiers came to grab his legs. There were just so MANY of them! I instantly tried to run to Taryn's rescue, but the pitbull squad had already figured out that they needed to put most of their energy on me alone. I couldn't take a step forward without them jumping all over me. I flashed my eyes at two of them, blinding them instantly. I put my hand on another, and froze his bulletproof vest to his chest, striking out to shatter it into a million pieces. I wrapped acid webs around the throat of another, having it burn his flesh in agony. But no matter what I did, I couldn't get close enough to reach Taryn. They began to kick and beat him on top of the loading dock, and I had to think fast! I wasn't quite sure if it was going to work, but I had to try.... I had been so close to Taryn for so long, that using his telepathy extra came easy. Except this time...I didn't send him a mental message made of words. This time, I sent him the muscle memory and fighting techniques that I had learned myself. I saw his position, and had to think about how I could get out of it. The message was sent, and I saw Taryn's eyes open wide as his body reacted to the extra input. His slim frame twisted around and broke the soldiers' hold on him, then moving to elbow the two behind him in the stomach, and delivering a vicious jumping spin kick to knock the others to the floor! Even Taryn, himself, was surprised at what had just happened. He looked at his hands, and then down at me. We shared a nod and kept fighting. I wasn't able to have Taryn retain the fighting knowledge for more than a few seconds at a time, but as long as I kept my eyes on him, I was able to send him message after message, his stances and fighting styles changing as needed. I suppose playing all those fighting games growing up came in handy after all. I still had to fight off an entire army on my own, but I kept a mental link with Taryn, feeding him moves to fend off everyone who came his way. I busted a few heads, Taryn busted a few heads, back and forth...trying to concentrate on both wasn't easy, but soon Taryn and I just fell in sync, and we battled the whole damn army together as one! Erick spun from one end of that loading dock to the other, knocking soldiers down four or five at a time! And at one point, I saw Fallen target five soldiers in a cluster, and spread his fingers out in front of them. They all stopped dead in their tracks, their bodies feeling weightless, as if they were lost in an endless freefall. The sensation increased to sickening levels...and suddenly, Fallen quickly slammed his fist shut, and a shockwave shot through them with a fury! Bones broke like toothpicks as the impact hit them hard from within. It was as if they had been thrown from the top of building and hit the ground at full velocity. I was stepping over unconscious bodies now, piled up in every corner, and I jumped up onto the dock to stand with Taryn, back to back, while we tried to catch our breath. "Are you ok?" I asked. "Yeah. I'm fine." He said. "A quiet, danger free, evening, huh? Just coming to talk?" "Ugh! I hate it when Bryson is right!" I said. I wasn't sure how many more soldiers are coming, but something tells me that this whole conflict is just foreplay. Pitbulls are one thing...but we're going to be in serious trouble if they get Hunters involved. After my last few run ins with Hunters...I don't look forward to seeing another one. We're getting out of here. ALL of us. I can promise you that!
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    An English Teen, Circumcised in the USA by Riley Jericho The Last Dance Luke collapsed back at the table to take a break from the dance floor. Sweat dripped down his back, making his shirt stick. The table was still stacked with half-empty drinks, though most of the empty food plates had been shifted, and he was gasping, so he took a long swallow from what he hoped was his. In front of him the dance floor was humming and, without a doubt, he was having an awesome time! The music hardly let up and it was one of those times everyone wanted to dance and have fun. He'd even participated in a couple of the totally stupid, but quite hilarious, games! Todd dropped down beside him, occupying Owen's chair, his face sheened with perspiration, too. Thirsty, he drained his glass of punch in one long swig. Luke didn't blame him—at least now it wasn't as humid as it had been. There had been a brief downpour during the evening, though the main storm had passed to the east. The tent held up to the weather, and it kept everyone inside dry as the party ratcheted up several notches! Luke searched the spot-lit dance floor, and then scanned the marquee to see where Owen had gone. Not spotting him anywhere, he shrugged. If the guy didn't wanna dance, nobody could make him. Still, he worried that he should have done more. He glanced at his watch. It was getting late, and he even wondered if Owen had bombed and gone home somehow. Surely he would have said? On another front, his other worries seemed unfounded. He'd hardly spoken to Stacey all night. Everyone seemed to want her and she'd spent most of the time with her school friends, to the point where he wondered if he had got the wrong idea about any of her advances. Instead, he’d hung out with Todd and a couple of others from the Academy; guys the year up from theirs who also seemed to know Stacey through the church youth scene. The food had been spectacularly 'chickeny', though quite tasty. But now, having sat down, he decided he was danced out and about ready to leave. He'd plans for the next day and didn't want to be home too late, as Ryan was planning to come round in the morning. With end of term exams looming, they’d agreed to do some revision, and there was no point in being totally knackered! He also couldn't wait to tell him that Todd was a church guy! Who'd have believed it! He stood up from the table and again searched the milling crowds for Owen. Where the hell had he gone? One of the Bracey Babes came by. She’d been nibbling away at Todd all evening. “Have you seen Owen?” he asked her, trying not to smirk at the private look of horror flashing across Todd’s face as she rested her hand lightly on Todd’s shoulder. She shook her head. “If he’s not in here, you could try the house. Some people went there for a little space, if you know what I mean!" she said. “Come on Todd, I love this song!”” Luke grinned, getting the picture—though it was highly unlikely that either Todd or Owen would be exploring some girl’s dental retainer that night! He left Todd in her capable hands and ducked out of the marquee and into the warm night. The rain had stopped. He walked across the lawn, and then through the back of the house and into the kitchen. The kitchen was spacious, and with the abundance of chicken served during the evening, he wasn't at all surprised to see it occupied by half a dozen young people stacking containers, all of whom were wearing Chick-fil-A branded shirts. They glanced at him, but he ignored them and passed through to continue his search for Owen. Following the sound of voices, he put his head into the lounge, where he came across a dozen teens sprawled out on the sofas. Owen wasn’t among them. He retuned to the kitchen and approached one of the Chick-fil-A guys, all of who turned out to be embarrassingly well-spoken and helpful. Several of them had to be about Luke’s age. “You haven't seen a fairly heavy-set guy—about my age—have you?" he asked one who seemed to be the most approachable. "He has a Welsh accent.” "No, sir. Some people did go that way a while back." The guy pointed in the direction of another longish corridor going off one side of the kitchen. “You could check…” Luke thanked him and went to explore. The corridor was wide, and dimly lit compared to other parts of the house, and he only had to go half way down to realize it wasn't going anywhere. There were a couple of doors, but there was no way he was going blundering into what might be someone's bedroom! Bloody Owen! Where could he be? It looked like there was no other option than to go back to the marquee. As he about-turned, he heard a voice and paused. It was coming from the door he'd just passed. He stood closer to listen. In retrospect it probably wasn't, but at the time he convinced himself that the accent he could hear sounded distinctly Welsh! He decided he might as well check. If it was Owen, then it might save a lot of time. He was about to tap on the door rather than just barge in, when he noticed the handle showed an indicator—the type normally associated with a simple indoor door lock. It was a bathroom. But then...? Still not quite computing it, he leaned closer, heard a noise, and froze. Quite unmistakably now, it appeared that there was not just one, but two people in there. Yet the sounds were—to put it mildly—disturbing: soft whispers and grunts that began to sound breathless and rhythmic. Luke picked out one of them to be a guy’s voice that was…aroused. It hissed with quiet and tight excitement. “Oh God, don’t stop! I’m almost there…!” Luke recoiled, flushing immediately. Oh my God…. Surely it wasn't Owen? Getting a blow job in the bog? It was quite unbelievable that he could be in there, doing...something...with someone. Luke quickly glanced up and down the corridor, hoping nobody else was around, and he went hot and cold just thinking about it. He tried to stop the thinking. Oh my God—how embarrassing! Two things happened. The first, the voice that came from behind the door returned. With it, Luke couldn't help himself. He knew that he shouldn't, that it was none of his business, but he stepped a little closer once more. The sounds remained muffled, but grew ragged. Now, quite distinctly, he could pick up every syllable. At least now it didn’t sound at all Welsh. “Fuck...I'm close..." There was an hiatus—a tight silence as it teetered—then a squeak of surprise as if whoever it was, wasn’t quite expecting the end so suddenly. Following that came a series of heavy ragged breaths. There was no doubt he'd just unloaded, and a girl's voice giggled, whispering, "Shhhhh!" Luke’s eyes widened. Oh My God! In someone’s bathroom? Worse—what if they opened the door and found him listening? Quickly he stepped further away from the door! Then the second thing happened. Just at that moment, further down, almost right to the end of the corridor, another door crashed open. Out of that door flew a wheelchair. Following the wheelchair, Owen stuck his head around the doorpost. "Luke?" Owen peered at him and looked at his watch in apparent surprise. “It's not time to go home is it?" "What are you..." started Luke. But he got no further as the wheelchair came careering towards him. He stood to one side, but the owner still managed to run over his foot. He could swear it was deliberate! "Sorry... " That was all he got from the occupant as the chair disappeared into the kitchen. "Shit!" Luke hopped on one leg before reaching down to rub the damage. There was a noise behind him, reminding him that someone—someones—were still there in the bathroom. And the last thing he wanted to know was who! "That was Olly," Owen grinned, stepping towards him. Luke stared at the bathroom door, wondering how Owen would know that. "In the wheelchair...the guy who nearly ran you down...?" Owen seemed bemused as Luke continued to stare stupidly at the bathroom door. "Oh...right...." The name flicked out of the many cards and presents he’d seen. That was Stacey's twin brother? Fucking hell! He gathered himself, wanting to exit the building as quickly as possible, and they went back up the corridor and into the kitchen, where they found Olly at an open fridge door, drinking milk straight from the carton. "THAT,” Olly declared, “was fucking good!" He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as the Chick-fil-A guys looked on, scandalised. Olly ignored them as they gathered to one side and hid behind their branded shirts. Luke ignored them too, and got out his phone to text home. "I guess that means we're going soon?" Owen said. He watched as Luke pressed send. Luke nodded. "She'll be here in about twenty minutes. I'm going back to the marquee." "Cool—me, too!" Olly said. He raised his blond eyebrows. "Are you coming?" Owen grinned. "I guess—try not to hurt anyone else, though!" Olly stuffed the milk bottle back into the fridge. "And so it will be! Lead on McDuff!" He still pushed on ahead, driving his chair between the rest of them. At the door, with what Luke suspected was a parting gesture to Chick-Fil-A, he stuck up his middle finger. Luke shook his head in despair, and started walking back towards the party, too. Ten minutes later he checked his watch yet again. His mum would be arriving soon, and he didn't want to keep her waiting. His ankle hurt and he was more than ready to leave, by then. Back at their table, Owen had recovered his seat, and Stacey’s rather irritating twin brother—and who cared if he was in a chair or not—had decided to barge in! Pushing chairs out of the way, he’d manoeuvred his chair into center-stage at their table. Way to go bud! Decided to join the party at last...your party! Still, he wasn't hard to tune out, as Luke’s main problem just then wasn’t Olly, it was the tape that kept playing. Not the DJ—in fact he wasn’t playing any music at all right then, having disappeared for a break. No, it was the other one that he couldn’t stop replaying in his head, that bothered him. ‘Oh God, don’t stop! I’m almost there…!’ (rewind-rewind), ‘Oh God, don’t stop! I’m almost there…!’ He shook his head to try to clear the unwanted imagery that went with the tape, and looked around to see if anyone was watching before reaching under the tablecloth and pulling at his loose jeans to free up the SmartKlamp that was hampering the unwelcome boner. SHIT it was uncomfortable! A brilliant night up until then, he'd quite forgotten about that little item. Now it wouldn’t go away—and he just wanted to go home. Finally, with a little twisting, he freed the whole contraption so it sat better. He hoped his wanger would go down shortly. Trying to ignore it, he took a sip from his freshly-replenished glass and looked around the room. He needed to spot Stacey so that he and Owen could offer a polite and final goodbye. "Mum’ll be here in about ten minutes,” he reminded Owen. “We'd better just see Stacey." "And what would that be for, Luke Summers?" The familiar voice came from behind, spoke softly, and came with two arms dropped to rest on Luke’s shoulders. Squirming under the provocative touch, he sensed a train coming. He got up fast, hoping to dislodge the arms. "Umm...Stacey...hi! We were just coming to look for you. It's just we're needing to go in a bit. Mum's picking us up." "Not without a last dance, surely?" She regarded him evenly, her mouth achieved a playful, sensuous pout. "Come on, you haven't danced with me properly yet!" It was true. Staying in bigger groups on the dance floor, he'd managed to keep out of her way. "And it IS my birthday…” Without waiting for any excuse, she took his hand and drew him away from the table. "But there's no music!" In fact, nobody else was dancing either. He wondered how to slip her grip without upsetting her. "Tell you what, I'll buy you a drink instead." It was meant to be funny, but her forehead furrowed. Then, as she walked him out onto the completely empty dance floor, the sound system came to life. Wherever he had been, the DJ was back. If he hadn't have known better, he might have said it had all been planned! Strains of The Carpenters singing 'It's only just begun' filled the tent. All eyes were on them and there were more than a few appreciative whistles as she seemed to have a fixed idea of how they should dance to what was clearly a song for lovers. She wrapped her arms around his back such that the only place he could conceivably put his without looking a total dork, was around her waist! “You could relax, you know,” she suggested. She could probably tell he was anything but. “I’m not much of a dancer, I’m afraid.” Not like this anyway! It was the time of the evening when the lights softened and the songs with them. The moment when those who came as singles but would leave as couples, presented themselves and their intentions for all to see. Gradually, spurred on by the appearance of young love, more couples joined them on the floor. As the space around them filled, he became a little less self-conscious. “So what’s with all the chicken?” He made an attempt to steer the conversation towards something with little chance of being considered a romantic chat-up line. “Chicken?” Stacey looked at him oddly. “Oh…” She seemed to realize at last what he was talking about. “Dad works for Chick–fil-A.” “Not at a counter, I’m guessing.” She pulled a face. “No…if you must know, he works in the head office. He’s their Director of Marketing.” She seemed surprisingly uncomfortable revealing this. Glancing to the stage, Luke now realized where the sound system must have come from. “I prefer cow,” she added. Now it was his turn to look confused. “Longhorn?” She looked bemused as she reminded him of where they’d first met. “Oh…beef. I get it.” It felt like he was losing a sparring match. She twirled him around, back on top of the conversation once more. “It looks like Owen’s had a good night,” she noted, turning him again so he could see the Welsh teen at their table, deep in conversation with Olly. Whatever the pair were talking about, they both burst out laughing and Luke studied them as he and Stacey moved to the music. Whatever he thought of Olly, he was happy to see Owen actually having a good time. At least the night wouldn't be a total screw up! "You never told me you had a twin brother?" Her eyes flicked to her brother, and he could tell now how alike they were—just not in temperament. "You never asked." Her face was unreadable, and he guessed that the next obvious thing people asked was, 'So why is he in a wheelchair?' “He seems to have spent most of the night with Owen!” he said instead. He didn't know whether that was a good thing or not, but she frowned and he guessed the latter. "I met him earlier—he's quite a character!" “Ah—you probably think he's a seriously irritating jerk. Did he run over you?" Luke blinked. "I didn't mean it like that." Watching his discomfort, Stacey snickered in a light, easy way. “No, I’m sorry. That was mean. I was just teasing! You’re right, Olly can be quite a pain sometimes, and he has this habit of running over my friends!” “Yes, but….” Luke didn’t get far as Stacey stepped closer. Maybe she wanted to try to soothe his embarrassment, or maybe she knew she’d caught him with his resistance at a low point and was moving in for the kill? Dropping her arms lower down his back, she pulled him close into her body. “You’re so funny and sweet, you know," she murmured, and then stopped, went quiet and stared into his face curiously. She seemed surprised, perplexed even, as though at odds with herself. Tentatively she pulled him close again and her expression changed from puzzlement to something else, and he had absolutely no doubt that she was trying to make sense of the large and unexpectedly hard lump of the SmartKlamp that was resting in his pants! ­ Oh shit! It hit Luke full on. She thinks I’ve got a boner! It was written all over her. Without any doubt, she’d got the idea that dancing with her had been so exciting for him, it had brought up an erection! Immediately, he twisted away to put a little space between them, as, whatever was going on in her head, she appeared to reach decision. “We could always date, you know. If you wanted to…” She was slightly breathless, yet watched him expectantly as, artfully, she pulled him against her again. This time he felt her nudge against the plastic lump of his SmartKlamp. “I can’t…” he said, and eased her away again. It wasn’t brilliant, but it would do for a start as he wracked his brains for something better. She looked uncertain, even hurt as he continued to hold her at arms length. And, for God’s sake it wasn’t actually her fault. As far as she knew, thirty seconds ago he was dead set on impregnating her with his sperm. Now he was rejecting her! “…until I’m a Junior!” “What?” She looked confused. They’d stopped moving as they stared at each other. Others were beginning to notice. He forced himself to take hold of her again, but still kept his groin out of the way as they continued dancing. His voice became a tight whisper. “I can’t date until I’m in my Junior year. I’m really sorry. My parents said Simon and I couldn’t go out with anyone until then.” Of course, they’d never said such a thing, but it would do —at least for now. Whether she was listening to him or not, he didn’t know. She said nothing and avoided his eyes as they kept dancing until the Carpenters decided it was time to bring 'We've only just begun' to an end. Couples began to leave the floor as they remained rooted to the spot. He didn’t know what else to do. Maybe she regretted how she’d acted? Maybe she felt a conflict with her church beliefs? Maybe she felt guilty? Maybe she just felt plain rejected? Unable to look him in the eye, she appeared flustered, and mumbled, “I’m really sorry Luke, I’ve embarrassed myself and you. Please forgive me.” With that, she let go of his arms and hurried off the dance floor leaving him standing alone and feeling like a crap bastard. Many eyes seemed to watch her go as she passed through all the tables and rushed out of the marquee. Those same eyes returned to glare at him, accusingly. Her father also caught him in his gaze and glowered before striding out of the tent after his daughter. Just then, his phone chirped with an incoming message. It was his mum. Trying to avoid any more eye contact, he gathered Owen and hurried out, too. For all the wrong reasons, he felt ashamed, so he kept his head down and tried not to see anyone. They got away without any more fuss. “How was it, then?” Lucy was inquisitive as she drove them home through the night. “Great!” Owen beamed—the one who had actually enjoyed himself for once. “Yeah, it was fine,” Luke said as the spotlight strayed in his direction. Like hell it was!
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    “You know, Heath, you're the only one I feel I can trust,” Simon voiced with soft affection as he dipped his bread into the olive oil. “Yeah?” Heath faintly smiled before slowly taking a sip of wine. “Why?” Simon licked the garlic and crushed pepper from his fingers before grabbing a napkin to wipe his mouth. “Well, because…” He chewed slowly giving himself a moment to reflect. “How long have we known each other now?” “Hum… I don’t know, since junior high?” Heath shrugged casually. “Yeah, since eighth grade." “Yeah, you were the only one who continued to be my friend, after finding out who I was… who my family was.” Simon lowered his head, pushing away the sadness. At this point in his life he pretty much accepted the hand he was dealt, but he was human after all. Though some days were better than others, it never stopped him from handling his business. “Hey, it’s okay.” Heath smiled, he too thinking back to the time when he and Simon became friends. “You were the only one who wasn't afraid of my dad.” Heath threw his hands up in defeat. They both laughed, mimicking fear at the thought of Heath’s father. “Yeah man, your father was a stone trip,” Simon teased. ‘Home by the five o’clock cannon.’ He shook his head as he reminisced about those times. “Damn, we should have gone out for the track team as many times as we had to beat that fuckin’ cannon.” “Yeah.” Heath laughed, he grabbed a piece of bread and dipped it. “How is your old man anyway?” Simon asked as they casually nibbled on their appetizer. “He’s doing well.” Heath nodded affirmatively between chews. “Thanks for asking.” “Man,” Simon snickered into his fist. “Remember the time your dad came home early and almost caught you and Michelle up in your room?” He laughed boisterously. The thought made Heath laugh as well. “Man, I haven't thought about that crazy girl in forever!” Heath said with a glint in his eye. “Hey.” Simon snapped his fingers. “Remember our senior year? How we had to leave something behind for the underclassman?” “Yep.” Heath rolled his eyes and chuckled regretfully. “Yeah...‘and to Michelle Arnold, I leave alone,’” Simon quoted the statement Heath had written to Michelle in the senior yearbook. “Man, that was cold,” Simon bragged,“That girl read that and went home crying that day. God, Heath, you were vicious.” Heath smiled weakly. Simon sighed with a faraway look in his eyes. “Those were the days.” “Yeah, look at us now.” Heath scratched behind his ear as he reached for his glass. “Yeah, look at us.” Simon’s lips turned up into a proud smile. “We’re making big money, No dads, no uncles, and no 'family business'… just my business." Simon's voice took a serious tone, which was Heath’s lead in. “Speaking of, what’s up with Alec?” Heath slid in the question. “Ahh, Alec...” Simon narrowed a sinister gaze for a moment. He was about to speak when the server sat down a deep-dish meat pie. Both Simon and Heath cleared the table, allowing room for the server to sit the pizza down, only half listening as the server asked if anything else would be needed. Simon nodded no then looked at Heath, who nodded no as well. As soon as the server walked away from the table, Simon continued, “I ordered a pie; I remembered you loved the ones my aunt made when we were kids; this in the closest thing you will get to hers.” He smiled. “Anyway, I’m pulling you from Tax Masters.” Heath looked both surprised and confused. “Why… when?” He asked, setting his glass down. “Why? Because you’ll have your hands full with Alec. I need you on him 24/7, around the clock," Simon said while pulling a slice of pie on to his plate. Heath gave a slight nod. “And when…immediately. I’ve taken care of that for you.” Simon grinned. “Your brother died and you had to fly home. You couldn’t say how long you will be gone, so you just resigned.” “Brother?” Heath questioned. “I don’t have a brother.” “Exactly,”Simon winked. “But they don’t know that.” “And Bo?” “I’m keeping him there, but I still want you two to work together until this is done.” Heath gave a quick and understanding nod. “Alec will be acquiring another company to add to his portfolio, and I want that too.” Simon eyed Heath, making sure he understood the importance of his assignment. “Okay, that’s the business end of it, but why do you want me to become involved with him in a… um… you know?” Heath gestured with his hands, hoping Simon would know what he was talking about. “Oh,” Simon glanced up and laughed. “Well….” He stopped suddenly, giving Heath a confused look when he noticed he hadn’t touched his food. “Aren't you eating?” He asked, holding up his fork. “I will, but go 'head. What were you saying?” Heath placed his elbows on the table, leaning on them and paying close attention to what Simon was saying. “That, my friend, is complicated," Simon said, rubbing his forehead as if trying to rid himself of a headache. “I don’t understand. This is obviously personal with you.” Heath shrugged one shoulder with a questioning look in his eyes. “Why do you want me to get so close to Alec? I could just get in, get the money, and get out. Why go through the whole charade?” “Are you a professional?” Simon challenged. “Of course I’m a professional, that’s why I got the job,” Heath retorted, “But at the same time, Simon, it doesn’t have to go that far.” “I hired you, Heath, which means you work for me. This means we do it my way, no questions, comments, or concerns. As of right now I just need you to do one thing.” Simon cut into his slice of pie. “And that is?” Heath sighed. “Your job,” Simon said in a serious tone before stuffing his fork into his mouth. “Mmm.” He closed his eyes savoring the robust flavor and spices of the deep-dish pizza. He opened his eyes slowly meeting Heath’s gaze dead on. “Eat. It’s delicious.” The conversation was over. Heath huffed silently sending Simon a short nod before reaching for his glass of wine. *** Nina sat in front of Alec’s building smoking a cigarette, debating on whether it was the right time, or if she should give Heath another chance. She threw the half-smoked cigarette out the window when she noticed Alec walking up, carrying a couple of grocery bags. Watching him walk like he had not a care in the world, like he was happy, even satisfied, made her reflect back to the last time she'd seen him; wrapped in Heath’s arms. The same Heath who only hours earlier had pushed her aside, kicked her to the curb, made her feel like a used toy that you give to Goodwill once you get a new one… one named Alec. “Sorry, Alec, this is not personal… I promise," she said under her breath as she decided to rake Heath over the coals. She justified her actions by saying she was helping Alec, being that she knew he knew nothing about Heath. No one did for that matter. She ran to catch up with Alec just as he was about to enter the building. “Alec, hey! Wait up.” She waved as she ran to catch up with him. Alec was caught off guard as the young woman approached him. “Hey," she said, out of breath after she caught up with him. “Um…hey," he returned the greeting, trying to remember where he knew her from. Alec stood there, bobbing his head and all the while wondering, who was this woman, and how did she know him. After a few seconds, Nina introduced herself. "Oh." She slapped herself on the forehead. "I'm sorry, you might not remember me. We met at Cody's, I was with Heath." She pointed to herself. "Oh... oh yeah.” Alec still looked confused. "What was your name again?" "Nina, remember?" She smiled. "Hey, let me help you with those," she offered, grabbing one of the bags from Alec's arms. "I see you're on your way up." "Um...yeah, I was, but." Alec shrugged his shoulders as an answer. "What are you doing here, and how do you know where I live?" He asked, drawing his eyebrows together, clearly confused. "Oh, Heath told me." "Heath.... really?" Alec questioned doubtfully. "Yes.” Nina paused. "Actually, Heath is the reason I'm here. Can we go inside and talk?" She suggested, holding up a bag. "Oh... okay," Alec said, leading the way and stealing a quick glance over his shoulder. Once inside, Alec took the bag from Nina and offered her a seat. Nina glanced around, admiring the décor, clearly impressed. "Okay." Alec walked back in, rubbing his hands together. "What can I do for you?" He asked as he sat across from Nina, who gave a fake smile and removed a few strands of hair from her eyes while adjusting herself in her seat. "Do you really like Heath?" She asked. "Well, what I mean is... does he seem like a nice guy?” “Yeah, I guess so. Nina, what's going on?" Alec raised an eyebrow questioningly. Nina looked down at her hands and shrugged."I just want to know..." She said. Alec looked at her skeptically, not buying a word she was saying. "So... you show up at my home, stating that we met before, offer to help with my bags, want to come inside and talk, and you just want to know if I like Heath," Alec questioned. Nina ducked her head biting her lip nervously. "Actually, I wanted to tell you something important." Alec nodded for her to continue. "How much do you really know about Heath?" She asked. "Nina, what is this really about? Is Heath okay?" Alec asked, concerned. "Look, I know we don't really know each other, but I think I might know something that could affect you," Nina said. "You know, it might help if you just tell me what it is..." Alec said warily as he rubbed his forehead to ease the tension. Nina sighed. "Alec, I think Heath is hiding something." No use in beating around the bush. "Hiding something, like what?" Alec asked. "That's just it, I don't know, but I have this feeling... you know.” She tilted her head slightly brushing her hair behind her ear. “Like something bad is going to happen. I think Heath has something to do with it," she explained. So... this woman comes into my home, claiming that they've met before, and saying that she had an unknown, bizarre "feeling" that my current.... whatever he is... could be plotting something bad that might affect him? Alec sighed, feeling like he jumped into that movie, Ghost. "What, so you're a clairvoyant now?" He asked. Nina glared. "Alec, you've got to believe me. Do you think that I'd be here if I didn't feel like something was up?" Nina defended. Alec looked unconvinced. "Nina, to be quite honest, I don't know you." "Do you know Heath?" She probed, raising her voice an octave. "Do you know anything about him? Oh, he's cute, he's charming," Nina mocked. "Alec, do you even know where he works?" "Nina, quite frankly, this is really none of your business," Alec countered. "I know. That's exactly right. It's not my business; it's possibly your business that's on the line," She stressed. She didn't give him time to respond. "Do you even know where he lives?" "Somewhere downtown," Alec answered. "Yeah, that's what he wants you to think," Nina scoffed. "He has two separate homes, Alec. He drives two different cars; one's worth over $250,000. The life that he lives cost far too much for that paycheck he gets at Tax Masters." She paused giving Alec time to process what she was saying. “Heath, Darrell and Bo Valentine walked in there liked they owned the place.” She continued after a few seconds. “Newbie’s and yet they got all the best clients and…” "Nina,” Alec cut her off, “How exactly do you know Heath?" Nina looked down, shifting in her seat as if she felt unnerved by his question. "We’re dating..." Nina said slowly. She watched the look of shock unfold on Alec's face before deciding that she could use her revelation to her advantage. "Did you know that, Alec?" Alec was stuck. He didn't know what to think, but he refused to be swayed by Nina's accusations. He then looked at the clock for an excuse. "Look, Nina, I'm kind of busy, so I'm gonna have to cut this short" "But–“ She objected. "Nina, the elevator...." Alec stood stilling his shoulders. Nina sighed heavily. "You know what? Fine! Be an idiot! Sleep with the enemy! I don't know why I came down here anyway. Trying to help some stranger realize that his boyfriend is a lying bastard!" Nina shouted. Standing up. She made her way to the elevator, pressing the open button frantically, shouting over her shoulder. ”I hope you're happy, Alec! Prepare for the heartbreak!" And with that, she stepped in with the doors closing behind her. Nina had no idea how close to the truth she really was. Alec laughed nervously, scratching his head trying to process what had just happened. He fell back on the sofa, wondering why Nina felt the need to tell him about Heath. What was in it for her? Was there any truth to what she was saying? He sighed as he made his way to the kitchen. Kaila was on her way over, and he would run this by her and get her opinion. … Heath sat down on the dock, looking out over Lake Michigan feeling even more confused. Simon still wouldn't give him any more information than he already had, but one thing for sure. This was a personal vendetta, one which Heath wondered if he wanted anything to do with because, not only was this personal for Simon, it had become personal for him as well. He thought back to his night with Alec, and how wonderful it felt being with him. So warm, so easy... so natural.Heath wasn't a whore by any means, but he had dated a few men as well as women, but never serious. No one had held his attention long enough, unless he was being paid to for a job. He was never with anyone long enough to develop, or want to develop, feelings. This was not the case with Alec. Something was different about him; Alec made Heath feel things, things he had never felt before, and want things he had never wanted before. For the first time, Heath wanted to love... to love and to be loved. At that moment, Heath decided what he wanted, and that was Alec. Now, the question was how would he get what he wanted? Heath rolled his eyes toward the sky and said a silent prayer before pulling out his phone. He needed to talk to the only person in the world he knew he could trust. He scanned the contacts until he found the right number. After running his fingers over the keypad, he hit the talk button and waited. "Hello," The voice took Heath back to his childhood "Dad?" … "Okay, so let me get this shit straight.” Kaila was walking behind Alec, who had just dropped the noodles in the boiling water. He walked back to the counter to chop up the mushrooms. "She just showed up here?" "Um... hum," Alec agreed. "Okay. So she says Heath has two homes, two cars, and a side job, right?" Kaila asked, getting the facts together. "Yep," Alec answered, shrugging his shoulders without looking up. "Oh...I wish I had been here, I would have kicked that bitch out on her ass so damn fast." She stopped then tilted her head, trying to make eye contact with him. "Wait a minute; you did kick her out, didn't you? Or were you your diplomatic, kind self?" She rolled her eyes with a heavy sigh. "No, I kicked her out,” Alec assured her. He stopped chopping, took another sip of wine and leaned back against the counter to face her. "But do you think there is any truth to what she’s saying?" He asked with a curious look in his eyes. "Maybe," she answered nonchalantly. ”But look at you, Alec," she pointed out. "Maybe he's rich, but wants to be careful much like you. Maybe he wants you to like him for him, not for his money.” "Maybe," Alec agreed, chewing on the inside of his mouth. “But she seemed to think whatever he does has something to do with me.” "Hum... what could he possibly do for a living that has anything to do with you?" She wondered aloud. "Does he even know what you do for a living?" Kaila asked while popping a cherry tomato into her mouth, following it with a sip of wine as she made the salad. "Sounds like a conspiracy theory if you ask me." Alec walked over to the stove, removing the noodles from the heat. "I don't know." he sighed. "I really like him, Kaila." Alec winced as he realized that he sounded like a lovesick puppy. The wince was replaced with a huge smile at the thought of Heath's handsome face and crystal blue eyes. He was lost in the thought of Heath's voice filling his ears like songs of a melody... a love song. "Alec... Alec, did you hear me?" Kaila asked, waving her hand across his face. "You’re going to burn lunch." She laughed. “You need to check on the salmon, too. Damn boy, you got it bad." She kissed him on the cheek before draining the noodles. "Yeah, I do," Alec agreed. "And it's all happening so fast, I don't understand it." He shook his head as he removed the salmon from the oven while Kaila mixed the noodles and pesto together. "Well Alec, you haven't felt this way," She sighed as she set the table. "Since you-know-who." Alec breathed a heavy sigh, trying to push the thought from his mind. "No, actually I have never felt this way about anybody, not even him," Alec pointed out. "That was almost a disaster, wasn't it?" Kaila cringed every time she thought about her friend almost making the biggest mistake of his life. "You were way too good for him." "Let's not talk about him," Alec said, wanting to change the subject. "Okay," Kaila smiled as she sat at the table. "So... you really like Heath, huh?" "You sound like Nina, Alec laughed. “That's the same thing she asked." "Oh hell! Don't compare me to that crazy bitch," Kaila protested, causing Alec to laugh even harder. "And yes I do.” "Then tell him," Kaila stated, point blank. "Tell him how you feel." "You want me to tell him how I feel?" Alec asked leery of his own feelings. "Yes." "You want me to tell him that he gives me butterflies every time I see him. Tell him I get all tongue-tied and I can't think straight and my palms get sweaty. Tell him that my heart skips beats and I get all dizzy when he's around... you want me to tell him that?" Alec laughed. "Okay... okay, well not all that, but tell him you like him," Kaila giggled. "I think he knows that, duh." Alec laughed, sucking a noodle between his teeth. "Well, I'm happy for you, and don't let the bitch Nina spoil it if for you. I say go for it. And if you feel uncomfortable, have him checked out..." She shrugged. "With all your connections, you can have a background check on your computer in a matter of hours." "Should I?" Alec questioned, biting his fingernail. "I mean… I don't want him to think I'm checking up on him." "Well you are, and besides after what happened before, you can't be too careful." She smiled. "But for the record, I think he's okay." "She said that he drives a two-hundred and fifty thousand dollar car." Alec eyed Kaila, waiting for a response. "So that means he's got money, so he's not after yours," she stated matter of fact. "You know what... this is crazy... just ask him what he does for a living. He may own business like you do," she pointed out. Alec nodded slowly. "Hell, when you meet folks, you don't introduce yourself as Alec Russo: the founder of the Alec Russo Foundation, owner of Russo's Publishing Co., oh, and the man that's about to be partners in Coral Imports and Exports, do you?" "No," Alec sighed in defeat. "Okay then," she said before taking a bite of her salmon. "Mmm, this is good, but we need to hurry if we want to make our massage appointments on time." "Okay... okay." Alec smiled adoringly at his friend. Kaila always looked for the good in people. She was Alec's biggest fan, and wanted nothing more than Alec's happiness. He shook his head, feeling blessed to have her as a friend.
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    Over the next few months Shane became more or less a fixture at my house. Our typical routine was for him to come over after judo, to eat everything I had in the house, and then for me to fuck him silly. It was a simple routine, but it worked for us. Most nights after we fucked, he would spend the night. So I was surprised when I heard, and felt, his signature door bang and it was Saturday afternoon. I hurried to the door and wrenched it open. I barely was able to stop my response when I noticed that Shane had brought someone with him. What the fuck is he doing, I thought. "Hey Shane." "Hey. This is Marc," he said with a backward nod. "He's in ROTC with me." Shane walked past me without another word, heading for the fridge. I held out my hand and smiled at the obviously nervous young man, "Hi, I'm Matt. Come on in." "Thanks. Shane said you wouldn't mind if I came along. We just finished drill," said Marc as he shook my offered hand. I motioned him in as I heard the typical clatter of Shane getting food out. As he walked past, I checked out Marc. Not my typical tastes in men, but Marc managed to make it hot. He had short, dark auburn hair and very pale skin. A little taller than I was, he was fairly slender. I followed him into the kitchen where Shane had started feeding. I smiled at Marc and motioned at the food, "You better grab something. He will eat everything in sight." Shane looked at me and grunted agreement around a mouth full of sandwich. Marc started out slowly but was soon matching Shane in the speed they inhaled the food. Soon the meal was reduced to scraps and both of them looked full and happy. As Shane started to walk away, I jerked my chin to the mess. "Clean it up. I'm not your maid." Marc snickered a little as Shane muttered something under his breath, but moved to help. Soon they had the mess cleaned up and had a beer apiece which they were quickly draining. As Shane drank his, he let out a loud burp and then looked over at me. "I'm horny. Let's watch some porn!" "Really? You want to watch porn?" I asked, looking at Marc. He looked at Shane, who was already almost panting at the thought, then at me, and with an almost imperceptible nod he agreed. I shrugged and headed for the rec room. As they moved down behind me I flipped through the videos. While not a huge collection, I did have a few hot ones, all man-on-man of course. Wondering if Marc knew what he had got himself into, I popped in some college muscle porn that I thought they might like. The room was dim, illuminated mostly by the flat-screen TV. As the first scene opened, two hot college men started making out. Their kisses were hot and sloppy as they stripped each other. As the action progressed, I looked over at my two guests to see how they were doing. Shane was unabashedly jerking himself through his shorts, and Marc seemed to be kneading his own dick with his eyes glued to the screen. As one of the actors began to get his ass eaten I heard a low moan from Shane's lips. "Fuck, that's hotter than shit," sighed Shane. He looked over at me and licked his lips, his hand now inside his shorts as he beat his meat. Casting a glance at Marc, Shane stood up and walked over to me and kneeled down in front of me. He pulled down my jeans and then my jock. Once free of the confining mesh, my cock leapt up and slapped wetly against my stomach. Shane was almost panting with lust as he pried my cock down and stroked it slowly. I looked at Marc and he watched wide-eyed with his hand slowly traveling up and down his cock. Scooting down to make access easier for Shane, I put my hands behind my head and relaxed to enjoy whatever happened. I moaned at the slick feel of Shane's rough hand as it moved up and down my hard cock. Soon I felt a hot tongue dig into my slit and the two lips wrapped around the head of my cock and started sucking. As Shane's lips touched my dick, I heard a strangled moan from across the room. Smiling to myself, I focused on the delicious sensations pulsing from my granite hard dick. I was surprised to feel another tongue dig into my pits. Cracking my eyes open slightly, I discovered that Marc had stripped and was slobbering over my pit with his face pressed into my steamy underarm. I reached over, grabbed his hair in my fingers and pressed his face tight against my pit. "Lick it out bitch. Suck all that stink out of my hairy pits," I said with a growl. I heard, and felt, Shane's moan around my dick as he watched his Army buddy eat out my pits. As the two of them assaulted my body I felt every nerve come alive with desire for these two hot college boys. Suddenly Shane came off my cock and stood up. Without a word he climbed over me, reached between his legs and positioned my leaking cock at his hole. Gripping my torso he started lowering himself, my cock disappearing into his hot and steamy ass. Shane groaned loudly as he bottomed out on my cock. Another gasp came from Marc as he watched my cock disappear into his buddy. Moving quietly he moved behind Shane, kneeling, his face inches from my thick, hard pole that was sliding in and out of Shane's hairy ass. Leaning closer, he finally reached out and ran his fingers over the union of Shane's ass and my cock. Moving closer, his tongue snaked out of his mouth and began licking and tasting both of our bodies. As he tongued my ass and balls, my body spiraled into new levels of desire. Between Marc's hot tongue and Shane's frantic ride, I knew I wouldn't last long. As the porn flickered in the background, I relaxed and accepted the pleasure being given to me by these two men. Grabbing Shane's shoulders, I started ramming into him hard and fast. Simultaneously, Marc dug his tongue into my ass and starting rimming me. I gasped and pinned Shane against my crotch as the first jet shot from my dick. Shaking with release, I shot volley after volley into his clenching muscle ass. Coming down from my euphoric high, I felt Shane's dick unload over my stomach. As he ground against my semi-hard cock, he continued to burp semen out of his jerking cock. With the last squirt, he collapsed on me. Marc watched our orgasms from his intimate location. He ran his tongue over us, tasting everything he could reach on either of our bodies. My deflating cock slowly slithered out of Shane's gaping hole. As the glans cleared Shane's hole, Marc sucked it into his mouth and licked it clean. Grimacing as he attacked my tender dick, I was glad that he quickly moved to Shane's distended ass. As I relaxed I heard the slurping sound of Marc fletching out Shane's filled twat. As Marc swallowed the last of the hot white treasure from Shane, he stood and rammed his own leaking cock into him. As he immediately started pounding into Shane's wet tunnel I could tell Marc wasn't going to last long. Running my hands over Shane's back I watched with pleasure as Marc's pale body arced repeatedly as he rushed toward his nut. Shane sighed softly as Marc's trim cock started hitting his prostate. Marc's body jerked raggedly as his body started to overload. Gripping Shane's hips tight Marc fucked his buddy, adding his load to mine. Marc's orgasm finally subsided to body twitching. He ran his hands over Shane with his dick plugging his hole. Shane smiled and glanced over his shoulder at Marc, "Did you get what you wanted Richards?" "Yeah," said Marc, "and it was fuckin' good too." Shane turned back to me and lightly kissed my lips. "We're just getting started Matt, just getting started." Oh god, what have I gotten myself into, and what are these two up to. Marc pulled out and announced, "I gotta go piss. Where's the head?" I directed him to the bathroom upstairs and watched as his pale white ass moved up the stairs. I turned to Shane and looked him in the eye. "What's going on? Who is this guy?" "Yeah, he's hot isn't he?" "That's not what I asked. What's going on?" Shane sighed, "He's been kinda hitting on me. You know, like patting my ass, rubbing my shoulders. That kinda stuff. So when he kept wanting to do something with me I thought I'd bring him over here and you and I could play with him." "You dumbass! What if he hadn’t wanted to do play?" "Oh he did. I could tell." "Oh god, don't tell me you think you have some kind of damn gaydar." Shane snickered, "Nope, more like a boy pussy detector." I threw up my hands in surrender. "Whatever. Well what are we going to do now? He'll be back in a few minutes." "Yeah, and I still think we can have fun," said Shane. Taking my hand he led me over to the wrestling matt and pulled me down beside him as he lay on the dense foam. Shane lay on his side and slowly ran his hands over my bare body. Rubbing his fingers against my hard nipples, he leaned in and started working them over with his mouth. Soon his teeth and tongue were playing with my sensitive nipples like they were the accelerator for an Indy car. I relaxed and enjoyed the sensations, only dimly aware of Marc's soft footsteps until another set of lips moved across my chest. As they both covered my torso with soft kisses and gentle nips of their teeth, my cock began to swell again. They moved lower and closer to my now happily bouncing dick. As they converged on my penis, Shane grabbed its root and shook it at Marc. "Come on Marc, lick it. You'll love the taste of Matt's cock snot," said Shane with a chuckle. Hesitantly, Marc closed the distance to my now throbbing cock. He tentatively licked though the tiny pool of precum that had collected on my slit. Moving back, I watched, as he tasted his first cock juice. Marc smiled at me, moved back and wrapped his hand around my cock. He ran his tongue over it and cleaned the clear fluid from it. Shane watched for a few seconds and then lay on the floor behind my ass and opened my cheeks slowly. He licked his lips as he moved in and started running his tongue over my hole. As they both worked on me, my body responded fervently and I was soon arching my back in response to their attention. Before I reached the point of no return I sat up and grabbed both of them, pulling them to me. Realizing what I was wanting, they began making out with each other and me in a hot three-way session. Marc's pale skin was already flushed pink as I fastened my teeth on his neck and sucked a hickey. The combinations of stimulation became endless with all three of us reaching a fever pitch in our lovemaking. My two Army stud's found themselves in a hot tongue wrestling session, which gave me the opportunity I had been waiting on. While they were preoccupied, I moved behind Marc and opened his small ass cheeks. His pale and almost hairless crack was in sharp contrast to Shane's full bubble butt and his infrequent hairs were deep auburn in comparison to Shane's forest of blonde curls. His deep red pucker also looked small and tight while Shane's brown-eye had loosened up considerable over the past few months. I moved in closer and smelled his deep earthy scent that was the only similarity to Shane, their masculine smell. Unable to resist any longer, I pressed the point of my tongue into Marc's tight hole and moved it back and forth. Marc broke his kiss with Shane and gasped, "Oh fuck! What are you doing? Damnit, don't stop. That feels amazing!" Rubbing my finger over his flexing hole, I smiled at his slender heaving body. "You like having your ass eaten Marc? Does that feel good to you?" I asked. "Oh hell yeah. God that feels good." Shane moved back in front, gripped Marc's head and pushed it toward his own leaking dick. I lowered my face and began to work Marc's ass in earnest as he started polishing Shane's thick cock. My attack on Marc's hole quickly had him whimpering and moaning as he licked Shane's fuck pole. Suddenly a slap that sounded like a rifle shot echoed out and I realized that Shane had smacked Marc hard across the face. "Suck it bitch! It's not a fuckin' lollypop." yelled Shane. Marc looked up at Shane with a whipped puppy look in his eyes, but then slid his mouth over Shane's dick. Shane grabbed his head and started fucking his mouth. Marc's cheeks hollowed as he sucked and licked over Shane's dick. He soon matched his rhythm to Shane's and soft moans escaped around the thick cock in his mouth. I abandoned his ass, and retrieved the lube that we would need. Moving back I pumped several squirts of it into the top of Marc's almost hairless crack. Running my finger down his butt, I rubbed my finger around his hole. His ass started thrashing as I teased his butt and then slipped my finger into him. His slender body was twisting between us as Marc was assaulted from both ends. As Shane pounded his face, I slowly slid in a second and then third finger. I could feel his body shake as I slowly explored his butt. Squirting another dose of lube into my free hand I reached between Marc's slayed legs and grabbed his hard cock with my soaked hand, stroking it as I finger fucked his tight white ass. Shane sped up his attack on Marc's mouth. I watched in fascination as his ass clenched with each thrust. As his fucking reached a fever pitch, I moved behind Marc, rubbing my purple cock head against his tight pink pucker. Gauging my timing carefully I watched Shane as I slowly worked my dick into Marc's butt. As Shane tensed, releasing his torrent into Marc's mouth, I shoved my cock completely into his ass. Marc's screams of pain only served to send vibrations around Shane's cock, stretching out his orgasm as I remained still and deep in his ass. Eventually Shane released Marc's head and let his softening cock slip out. As soon as his mouth was free Marc started to beg, "Oh god Matt, please take it out! It hurts like a motherfucker! You're too big! Take it out!" "Relax Marc, your tight ass is clamped down. Give it a minute and it will get better," I said. Looking at Shane I nodded downward. He smiled, immediately understanding, and lay on his back. He slid his head under Marc and rose up, taking Marc's soft cock into his mouth and nursing it. After a few more minutes Marc's gasps of pain seem to have transitioned to soft moans as Shane nursed his dick back to life. Finally feeling his ass relax around me, I pulled out slightly and then slipped back in. Marc collapsed on his elbows as Shane and I dealt him a double dose of pleasure. Finally hitting a rhyme, I pulled almost out, coated my cock with lube again, and then shoved it back into Marc's ass. Changing the angle slightly I rammed against Marc's prostate, causing his body to tremble and a loud groan from him. "Fuck! What was that? Holy shit that was good!" cried Marc. "It was your prostate cutie. It'll make this all feel really good." And with that Shane and I sped up. I pounded Marc's ass, hitting his button more times than not while Shane deep throated his slender dick like a pro. I heard Shane's pace change and knew Marc was unloading into his mouth. I continued jackhammering into Marc as my own climax rolled through my body. Marc was panting and thrashing on the floor under me as my nuts empty their load into his hot, tight gut. I felt a tongue exploring the seam where my cock and Marc's ass join, and I knew that Shane was licking up the leaks from my explosion. After a few more stiff pushes I collapse against his back, my cock still lodged inside him. "Oh god! That was amazing! I've never came that hard before," said Marc with a soft moan. I looked over to see Shane crawling toward Marc. His cock was dark red and dripping. I knew Marc was about to get round two of tonight's fuck fest. I rolled off Marc, giving Shane full access to his dripping ass. With a look of shear lust, Shane opened his tight ass and started licking his swollen and abused ass lips. Soon his face was glued to Marc's hole as he feasted on the leaking man juice. Releasing Marc's ass, he crawled up and started rubbing his granite hard cock up and down Marc's hairless ass. Shane grabbed the lube and flooded his dick and Marc's ass with the slick substance. As he pressed his almost purple cockhead into the tight, abused alabaster ass under him, Marc began to struggle. "Fuck no! Shit! I'm already tore up. Don't Shane! Please!" Shane was past caring about anything other than getting his rocks off. Ignoring the pleas he pressed his dick into Marc's tender ass and almost immediately began pounding it. The combination of Shane's powerful grunts as he thrust into Marc and Marc's own mews of both pain and pleasure soon had my own dick hard again. Looking at Marc splayed under Shane, I felt some pity for him and decided to hurry Shane along. Wetting my finger with spit, I slid it along Shane's humping ass and quickly sank it to the hilt. Ramming my finger against Shane's prostate, I felt his ass convulse as I triggered his orgasm. With a few last hard thrusts he pinned Marc and added his cum to my own. With that we all collapsed to the floor, a pile of sweat and exhausted muscle. As we lay recovering, I began playing with the dark auburn pubic hair surrounding Marc's dick. I found his tall, slim build, pale skin and almost hairless body strangely appealing. Moving closer I sucked his flaccid penis into my mouth and began sucking it clean. His cum was definitely a different flavor from Shane, sweeter somehow. In typical college boy recovery time, Marc's dick began swelling back to its erect state. I was delighted to discover that his dick was perfect for me to deep throat. Shane watched silently, slowly fondling himself as he stared at me licking and sucking on Marc's cock. As our leisurely session evolved, Marc began to respond to the attention I was giving his dick. As we became more and more focused on each other, Shane suddenly spoke, "I wanted fucked. Matt, I want you to fuck me." Somewhat caught off guard, I twisted flat on the floor and motioned him over. Gesturing to my now hard dick, I said, "Sit on it Shane. I want to see you fuck yourself on my dick." After smearing more lube on his ass, Shane moved over my waving dick. Positioning it against his hole, he slowly sank down until my pubic hair rubbed against his ass. He leaned forward, his hands on my chest for balance as he started pumping himself onto me. Marc crawled from in front of me and moved so he was again watching my cock disappear into Shane's butt. As I watched Marc practically drooling over the sight, an idea came to me. Motioning Marc down, I grabbed Shane and pulled him against me. Marc caught on quickly and squirted more of the rapidly emptying lube over his hard dick. As Shane lay on my chest moaning, I fastened my teeth to his shoulder and motioned for Marc to slide his cock in beside mine. While not matching mine in girth, the combination of being plugged by two cocks brought Shane from his haze. "God damn fuckers! You assholes! You're fuckin' tearing me!" he screamed. With a look of 'yeah fucker, like you did me' Marc rammed the rest of his cock deep into Shane. Unable to do more than hold Shane, I felt Marc's hot cock slide over mine as he flailed Shane's ass like it was his last. Shane never got past the point of mixed pleasure and pain from the double fucking, but his cock stayed hard during the entire time. Shane's ass was unbelievably tight with both of us inside him. Marc soon was panting with need as his balls fired off again. The hot cum flooded Shane's ass and surrounded my cock. As Marc slipped out, I started plowing through the slick fuck hole. Gripping Shane's hips, I pounding into him, my dick finding new recesses as it drove through Marc's slick residue. Shane's own cock was again red and throbbing, leaking precum over my stomach. Soon our grunts of effort were joining as we both approached climax. Shane fired off first with thin strands of hot cum across my chest. His clenching ass triggered my own orgasm, adding my own cum to Marc's. Our bodies shook and recoiled with Shane collapsing onto my chest, Marc momentarily forgotten as we began to cuddle. Suddenly I felt a third hand running over my butt and remembered Marc. Reaching down I pulled him to me and kissed his lips gently. He returned the kiss and then lay down with us, adding his own body to the pile of men. The gentle exploration continued for some time, but eventually I kissed each of them and then said, "Ok, we can't stay here all night. We need to clean up." "You sure? 'Cause I fuckin' think we could stay here all night," said Shane. Marc added his own chuckle to the conversation. I walked over, retrieved a wet cloth and washed myself off. Rinsing it I brought it back to them and tossed it on Shane's cock. "Clean up!" I said, "We'll order some pizza." The thought of food spurred them both on and we were soon upstairs and at least minimally dressed. The delivery boy seemed to take the sight of three almost naked men all in stride; of course a large tip didn't hurt. After helping finish the pizza, I caught myself yawning. "Guys, I hate to be the spoil sport, but I need to get some sleep." "Yeah, I'm beat too. Lets go to bed," said Shane who then turned and walked to me bedroom. I looked over at Marc, who was not hiding a look of confusion and desire. I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back with me. "It's a big bed, we can all sleep in it," I said and then guided Marc to the bedroom. As we stripped and crawled into bed together we somehow naturally fell into a pattern that was very comfortable. Somehow in the tangle of butts, pillows, arms, cocks and blankets we all managed to fall asleep very quickly. <><><><><> The next morning I slowly woke to the soft sound of wet slurping. Rolling toward the sound, I found that Shane and Marc were already awake each with a mouth full of dick. I lazily stroked my cock as I watched them, finding it incredibly hot to lay inches from two hot college studs and watch as they were lost in giving each other pleasure. After several delightful minutes of enjoying the show, I moved to join in the fun. Moving down the bed, I positioned my face against Marc's little ass, pried it open and rammed my tongue inside. A loud, strangled groan drifted from Marc as I hit his tender red pucker. As I rimmed him, I felt him open under my careful attention. As his moans escaladed in volume I knew it was time. I grabbed the convenient lube and coated my hard dick, smearing the remaining lube over Marc's hot ass. Sliding a couple of slick fingers inside him, I greased him for the coming event. Finally I moved behind him as he and Shane continued to work on each other. Pressing my cock against his hole, I began to slowly slip it into his hot tunnel. Marc gasped and let Shane's rigid cock pop out of his mouth. "Oh fuck. Yeah! Fuck me!" said Marc through the panting. At that I sunk my cock into his ass, burying it deep. Pausing I looked down at Shane and was given a wink as he pistoned his mouth over Marc's wet cock. With that acknowledgement I started sliding into Marc, pounding his tight ass as Shane sucked his dick. I knew Marc wouldn't last long since he and Shane had already been playing for a while before I joined them. As predicted, I quickly felt his ass ring grip my dick, almost locking it in place as he emptied his balls into Shane's sucking mouth. Shane slowly pulled off and then moved closer to me. Kissing me hard, he slipped Marc's load into my mouth. As the hot liqueur moved through my mouth, I again tasted the sweeter taste that was the trademark of Marc's cum. The taste and texture of hot college cum drove me as I pounded Marc mercilessly. Quickly my nuts were hugging my shaft and I was hosing his cannel with hot ball juice. As the waves of orgasm flowed over me, I saw that Shane had moved so that he was gripping Marc's hair as he jerked off. As the last tremor ran through my body, Shane started shooting, covering Marc's face with juice. As Shane fired over his face, Marc let out a huge groan and grabbed his own cock, stroking it furiously. As he rolled onto his back, I lay on the bed behind him and tongued the leakage from his red, swollen hole. At the same time Shane had grabbed his nipples and was twisting them hard as Marc almost screamed with his orgasm. His body trembled as white-hot jizz started shooting from his hard cock. Arching upward the first shot hit Shane squarely in the chest, with the second making a nice splatting noise as it hit Marc's cheek. I ran my hands over his hot pale skin as his climax ran its course. Shane leaned down and kissed his forehead and then looked up at me. "I think we could all use a shower. Think that thing of yours is big enough?" said Shane. "Oh yeah, it's big enough. There might be a little rubbing, but I don't think anyone will mind that," I said with a chuckle. Amazingly we moved from the bedroom to the shower with a minimum of horseplay. I turned on all the showerheads and adjusted the temperature while both boys were rubbing each other and me. We moved into the shower and managed to shower and wash off with every bit of our bodies cleaned and rinsed. With three guys, the shower actually was a little crowded so I did a final wash and got out. As I dressed for work I heard louder and louder sounds coming from the bathroom. Walking back in I was greeted by the lovely sight of Shane pressed hard against the clear glass wall with Marc pounding his hole. Shane opened his eyes and saw me as he ground himself against the shower. Within seconds his cock started shooting, white jizz shooting between his skin and the glass as he did. His ass must of clamped down on Marc's cock too because the next thing I heard was, "Take it bitch! Take my fuckin' load! Ahhh!" As Marc unloaded into Shane, I shook my head at the hot scene but already late for work I didn't have time for play and left them to get out on their own. But my drive to work that day consisted of one hand on the wheel and one squeezing my cock.
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    The Journey of Jacob and Kyle is a story of an undying love between the two main characters. This is their journey of finding love, maintaining it, and going through life’s ups and downs together, all the while learning from their life experiences that have been forced in their paths.
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    World News Network Pacific Bureau Sydney, Australia Kelly Simmons, the Pac Bureau’s science correspondent, had five minutes’ notice that there would be a full staff meeting in the Bureau Chief’s conference room. Everyone that wasn’t in the field or on the air was supposed to be there. Something very odd was going on even in her little niche of the kingdom. Scientists loved to talk about their work. Many of them saw outreach and education as vital part of their job. They loved to tell you all about their newest micro-chips or pulsars. Public or private sector, they all wanted publicity for their work. Something had changed over the weekend. Most of her contacts at universities and research institutions were suddenly unavailable. Even good old Jack Willoby of the Australian National Observatory was unavailable and not answering his private cell phone. Their staffs said that they were either on leave or at a conference. She was getting stonewalled by people that she usually couldn’t get to shut up. The staff hurried into the big conference room on the first floor. She took the seat behind Liam Ross of the political desk. She said, “Liam, you have any idea what this is about?” He replied, “No but it’s making me nervous. The Yanks, NATO and the Aussie military just announced a massive joint forces military readiness exercise and are calling up their reserves. That’s just not done. Those sorts of exercises are announced months ahead of time.” Quinton Bagley of the International desk said, “That’s not even the best of it. Yesterday the Yanks had a closed joint session of Congress and our Parliament is doing the same. Something serious is afoot.” Drew Collins, Bagley’s second asked, “China? North Korea?” Bagley shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. They haven’t even been rattling their sabers. My guess is Iran. Maybe they tested a nuke or something.” The Bureau Chief Ian McAlister entered the room and had a quiet word with a technician. There was a brief discussion and Ian motioned to his staff for quiet. The monitors around the room came to life as the teleconference connection was established. Soon the all of the networks major Bureaus were online: New York, London, Washington, Montreal, Los Angeles, Moscow, Beijing and Tokyo. McAlister stepped up to the podium and began, “Good day mates. I am Ian McAlister: Chief of the Sydney Bureau. For the last few days we Bureau Chiefs have been talking. We have all seen a number of strange things happening with no explanation at all. At first we wrote it off as the usual stuff that happens over a weekend. It’s now Monday afternoon and we still have no answers. We arranged this teleconference to see if we can figure things out.” “Brian Barnes: Washington Bureau. Before dawn this morning the President’s press secretary faxed everyone on his list that the President and Vice President’s schedule had been canceled through Wednesday. There is a closed Joint Session of Congress. The Pentagon announced a surprise Joint Forces Readiness Exercise and has called up the National Guard and Reserves.” “Richard Holmes: London Bureau. The situation here is similar to that in Washington. The Joint Forces Readiness Exercise was announced by NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Forces in Brussels. Downing Street and Parliament have been quiet. All the European Union’s militaries, including France, are calling up their reserves. All the naval vessels that are ready have put to sea and the rest are making ready.” “Gregori Petrovich: Moscow Bureau. We are seeing the same military activity that you describe. Our sources tell us that NATO and Chinese officers have been seen inside the Kremlin and that Strategic Rocket Forces are on high alert.” “Walter Neville: Beijing Bureau. We have been asked by the Peoples Republic to suspend operations until Wednesday. Before we were shut down, we too received reports of a massive military mobilization and the Peoples Republic Civil Defense has been activated. I get the impression that we are under martial law without actually declaring it.” “Takeo Kurita: Tokyo Bureau. There has been a call up of the Self Defense Forces. We have confirmed that Japanese, South Korean and Chinese naval vessels have joined an American carrier battle group and are operating under a unified command in the East China Sea.” McAlister spoke: “I have spoken to our correspondents in Cairo and Tel Aviv. The Middle East has been quiet for months. North Korea has been quiet as their new Great Leader consolidates his power. I just don’t understand it. A mobilization of this size and traditional adversaries appear to be working together? What are we missing?” Someone from the New York Bureau said, “If it’s not a big, ugly war brewing the implications are frightening. Has there been an outbreak of some sort of disease? We’ve been hearing about bird flu and drug resistant pathogens for years.” The London Bureau answered, “We have rock solid sources at the World Health Organization. There are no reports of any unusual or particularly dangerous outbreaks.” “Paul Kincaid: Los Angeles Bureau. We have reports of numerous scientists on University campuses being approached by men in suits and driving away in SUVs. I thought it was just crazy conspiracy talk but the reports are adding up. Faulk and Conners from UCLA, Jenkins from USC and a handful of guys from Stanford: all well-known and famous in their own fields.” Petrovich of the Moscow Bureau said, “We have seen this too. Many Academicians have been suddenly called to a conference at Novosibirsk.” McAlister asked, “What scientific disciplines do the scientists represent?” Kincaid replied, “Faulk is a physicist, Conners is a biologist and Jenkins is an astrophysicist. The guys from Stanford are all either in the biosciences or the physical sciences.” Petrovich said, “It is the same is Russia.” McAlister sighed and said, “Does anybody have anything that might shed any more light on this?” Kelly said, “Sir, late last week I saw something odd that I wanted to follow up today but none of my contacts are available. I get a copy of the email listserve that the big observatories in the Southern hemisphere use to coordinate their activities. Friday night there was a lot of traffic between the Australian National Observatory, the Keck in Hawaii and the European Southern Observatory in Chile. Dr. Willoby of the ANO found something and wanted the other observatories to confirm his findings as it was near dawn in Australia. Keck and the ESO apparently did follow up, as did the JPL and the Gemini. That’s when everything stopped. The mailing list went dead and there hasn’t been a peep out of any of them since.” Shocked silence followed. Someone said, “Oh my God. They found something out there.” Kelly said, “It doesn’t make sense. ANO was doing a survey of Wolf-Rayet stars in the Southern Hemisphere. The VLTA in Chile was looking at the most distant galaxies visible and the Keck was looking at star forming regions in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Those are all deep space objects. I can’t imagine what they might have seen that would have caused such a panic.” McAlister said, “It’s a lead and right now it’s the only lead that we have. Kelly, do you remember that retired chap who discovered the comet last summer?” “Yes- that’s Mr. Chambers. He built an observatory for himself out near Coolgardie in Western Australia when he retired in 2005. Since then he’s discovered a comet and a handful of asteroids.” McAlister said, “I need you and a remote team on a plane for Coolgardie in a half hour. Take the information you got from the email conversation and see what Mr. Chambers can find. We need to see what they’ve found out there.” “Everybody else: I don’t care what you have to do. Beg, borrow, bribe, abduct your sources if you have to: just get us something that we can use!”
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    From the album: Me

    My youngest sister Brianna and I in Oregon.
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    For me personally, the last two weeks have been a quietly controlled spell of manic activity in the bigger scheme of things. For a while, I have been locked down in a world of woe, wondering what tomorrow will hold and when the inevitable is going to happen. It is never a pleasant feeling, knowing that you are headed for a world of pain, and there is nothing that you can do to avoid it, side step it, or even really prepare yourself for it. These are facts of life, nature in all of its cruel splendour, the things we have no control over, pain, sadness and sorrow that there is no words for, no proper way to describe, no real effective means of communication. What is lovely about being busy is the fact that my mind has little time to ponder these circumstances. I have thrived over the last two weeks, not only from the personal fulfilment of a long time desire, but also from the satisfaction of feeling productive, needed, back in control of something. It may sound stupid, but being able to make decisions, being allowed to make a contribution, being involved as a working part of the dynamic is a strangely rewarding and liberating feeling. In some ways I am ashamed to admit these words. Regret that I feel this way. Feel bad that I like to feel alive and part of something that I can influence, control and manage. The feelings of uselessness are abated the frustration of having to sit and watch, unable to change the course of nature is soul destroying and only depresses the mind, body and spirit. There is only so much that one person can handle, and when we are faced with things we cannot affect, we are not only completely out of control of destiny, but also out of control of our feelings and abilities to deal with what is happening around us, this is when we find ourselves at our lowest. This is when we are vulnerable, exposed, out of our comfort zone, alone! I know what tomorrow holds for me. Maybe not in the physical sense of tomorrow, the day after today, but I know what is coming in my near future, and as I struggle to prepare myself for this eventuality I have begun to realise that I am totally incapable of preparing myself. I do not have the skills or the experience to know how I am going to handle the things I will have to face. I know not, where I will find the strength to do the things I will have to do. I cannot begin to plan for it, do not want to face it, cannot accept that it is necessary. Yet, this is my lot. This is the reality of my situation, and so be it. I begin to understand too, that while I am not in a place or frame of mind to really be able to cope with these things, I am in some ways starting to plan for these times. While focusing my mind on things to keep my busy right now is in keeping with my trend of burying my head in the sand and pretending I do not have to deal with these things, in so many ways the things I am engaging in right now are the foundations of my preparation for life beyond my current situation in life. Networks and friendships I am forging with people who understand, care, love without condition and share without expectation are the corner blocks of setting up a life line, a safety cord that I can reach out and hold in the dark times ahead. There is a sense of relief in knowing that someone, anyone will be there. Loneliness is a curse that no one wishes to meet. It is one that far too many of us live with, accept and embrace. It is a bitter pill that swallows us! I don't want to feel alone, and I know that you don't want to feel its embrace either, so when a simple post card drops through my letter box, the person that took the time to write it can never know how special the words scrawled across the white surface mean to me. When a short and simple message pops up in my message box saying here is a random hug for you, on a day I was just thinking about you, the writer of that message can never truly know how much the words enclosed in that missive sent through the marvel of the internet really means to me. The cheerful banter in a chat room, the laughs we share on skype... The stories that I manage to get lost in, the encouragement through comments, feedback, conversation..... It all adds up. And I don't think we really give full credit to the power of these simple actions we undertake on a day to day basis. You are reading this thinking, "heck, maybe he is right," or maybe you are not, but did you stop and realise while you are reading this, just how special YOU really are? No? Well take it from me, in my eyes each one of you that make the effort to be a friend are so much more than you allow yourself credit for. It is people like you that make the world spin. You give life meaning, bring a sense of purpose to survival, and without realising it give value to the things, relationships, actions we each undertake, that we become a part of, that we live for daily. Those things that have kept me busy for the last two weeks, gave me cause to sit and think to myself today while I was working. Yes they kept me active, they thrilled me and involved me and made me feel productive and useful. However, they also gave me a reason to reflect on how much I value the contact that I have with people. People like you reading. Many of you will interact with me in some way, simple and brief as it is, it is appreciated You may be reading and have never spoken with me before, yet what I say rings true in your own mind, and mirrors itself on your own experiences. Who knows, maybe in reading this blog you will for the first time reach out and say hello, to me or someone else important. Whatever it is that prompts us to take an action, make an effort, touch a life, it is our humanity and our need to be seen and to feel needed and wanted and accepted that allows each and every one of us to add value to each others lives. I am much like you, much like the person next to you, much others dotted in over 7 billion places across this globe of ours. We are all essentially the same, thoughtful, vulnerable, curious, mysterious, unique, interesting, judgemental.... I could carry on using words into eternity but at the bottom line of things, we all have to accept that we are no better than the richest or the poorest, the most arrogant or most humble, most knowledgeable or most severely disabled among us. I am NO better than you because of what I do or who I am, and the same goes for you. When we overcome this perception of ourselves and our fellow man, maybe we can begin to understand how special we are, and what level of potential each of us holds. We can change the world by touching people, we can reach out and fill that void of loneliness, fear and pending hurt. We can all make a difference to someone's life, circumstances and sense of self worth, and is that not something worth trying to do? For today, I am grateful that I have reached out here, and made friends. Friendships that I treasure, relationships that grow with every day. I say this kind of thing often, and will continue to do so, as I really do believe the things I have said before, right now, and will say in my future are true, important and real. You are Special, today, tomorrow, forever. Thought for today - "Butterflies do not know the colour of their wings, but human eyes marvel at their beauty. Likewise you cannot see how good you are, but others see and know that you are special." Author Unknown Song for today - Feeling the Moment by Feeder
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    Your blogs always give me so much to think about; your joys, your melancholy beautifully expressed.
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    Yeti, I don't know what you're facing, and won't ask or pry. It's rare that I read a blog. But, if you need or want, my hands are empty, my arms open, and my mind clear. If you need a virtual hug, a chaste nibble on the neck, or a good brushing, you only have to ask. The darkness is not so pure as to be without light. Love to you, brother. rusty
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    Hang in there Robert. You are a fantastic man.
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    The Journey of Jacob and Kyle Chapter #13: This Cold heart (Cont.) Time line: Monday The boy’s washroom was poorly lit and in great need of some updating and general maintenance. It had old frosted windows, with an extra layer of dust covering over the tinted glass, which always hindered the sunshine from shining through at all hours of the day. If Jacob’s mother had ever seen the filth in which this washroom resided, she would’ve screamed bloody murder, but that was another matter all in and of itself. No one really understood why the bathrooms had always been left in such disrepair, especially if you were to consider that there was a janitor whose responsibility was to clean the entire school. Though Jacob didn’t fret because at the very least, the toilets were always cleaned, and everything from toilet paper to paper towel was stocked on a daily basis. There were also three sinks upon a marble countertop with mirrors above each one. Above all, there were four urinals, and five toilet stalls that had scratches and remnants of old permanent marker scribbled across the surfaces of the doors. Jacob always read one of the stall doors in particular, as it declared, loud and clear, that he and Kyle weren’t alone in their sexuality, ‘William loves Jacob 1981’. Jacob constantly wondered who the other boy was that shared his name, but he always found solace when he read this declaration of love, for it brought comfort to his heart and reassured him that they weren’t the only gay kids to ever grace these halls. Reading this declaration always left him wondering how it had been for these boys back in their day, especially if they’d ever come out of the closet publicly for all to see. After reading the stall door, Jacob and Kyle placed their new pink t-shirts into their back pockets and walked towards the urinals. They were quick to unzip their pants and unleash their hot fury of piss into the awaiting drains, and as they released the bulging tension from their bladders, their eyes went astray and wandered down towards each other’s most intimate of parts. These special glances weren’t abnormal in their eyes and had since become some sort of routine as time had come to show. It didn’t take them long to realize that not only were they looking at each other again, but actually had finished peeing altogether. They smiled nervously towards each other and in that moment, Kyle gazed deep into Jacob’s hazel eyes and for that split second in time, he saw a glimmer of happiness return to his beloved’s eyes. Kyle was relieved to see such a sign, any sign from Jacob, for in these past twenty-four hours all he’d managed to see from within was heartache and despair, and even a little anger mixed in, as today obviously came to show. They then gave their boyhoods a good one-two shake, carefully zipped up, and went to wash with soap and water. Once their hands had firmly been dried, Jacob cheerfully removed the proudly pink t-shirt from his back pocket. “I think now’s a good time as any,” he suggested, holding it up in front of Kyle’s face. “What do you think?” “I don’t think I could agree with you more my love,” Kyle replied cheerfully, removing his new shirt from his back pocket. “And to be honest with you, I don’t think I could be more happy to be wearing these, I mean, now that we’re finally out of the closet and all, so why not, right?” With the conclusion of those words, they began stripping off their normal shirts and replacing them with these proudly pink t-shirts over their boyish frames. “How do I look? It doesn’t make me look too boyish does it?” Kyle questioned, flaunting his body around the boys washroom. “Well do I?” Kyle had never been the type to be flamboyant and all in all out there, but a deep yearning inside of him wanted to see that glint of happiness return to Jacob’s eyes once again. It tugged at his heartstrings, and he soon came to realize that if he was going to get the reaction he wanted, then it was going to require action rather than the thoughts floating in his head. He then gracefully began prancing about, flinging his hands to and fro, trying to garner any sort of excitement from Jacob. Even while doing this, Kyle felt that this was a shot in the dark, but one worth his efforts to fill the longing for a prompt and just response. Though, he didn’t need to wait very long before a smile slowly crept across Jacob’s face. ‘This is working better than I expected,’ he thought as he continued to act silly, walking circles around Jacob. Jacob’s smile was intoxicating, so much so that even Kyle couldn’t stop himself from smiling right back. Soon their smiles turned to giggles, and then to all out laughter; it was a special moment between them, and one where nobody could interfere and judge them for what they shared. In the midst of their joyfulness, Kyle could see this cheerful laughter letting light penetrate deep into the eternal abyss and allowing him to see more of what he sought out to find. Jacob soon stopped laughing and grabbed for Kyle’s hand. “Kyle, thank you, I really needed to let loose like that. And I don’t know how you do it, but you always seem to know just what to say and do, and I love you more every single day,” Jacob breathed out, squeezing Kyle’s hand harder. “And might I add, you look very cute, and absolutely amazing in that tight t-shirt, baby.” In the moments that passed by, their lips hungered for contact and began moving ever closer, inch by inch, until they caressed and shared in a lip-lock of greater proportions. However, their intimate kiss didn’t last long as they were soon interrupted when the bathroom door creaked open, and it echoed throughout. When Jacob looked towards the door, he saw Thomas enter, and after realizing who it was, he didn’t hold himself back. “Listen, if you’re here looking to fight again then go ahead, cause it’ll be worth seeing you get expelled. And believe me, I’d love to take another swing at you.” “I’m not interested in fighting you,” Thomas said in a low voice that was barely audible. “Sorry … I don’t want to fight; I don’t have the willpower to do so, nor do I want to do that. Listen, I’m … I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things, I just –” “Just? Just what? That you’re some conniving little shit who stomps on anyone who doesn’t see things the same way that you do?” Jacob didn’t try to hide his anger; he wasn’t going to be so easily fooled by this whole barely-able-to-talk routine. “Well? I’m waiting … or are you somehow trying to think of some idea to convince me otherwise? I’m sorry, but I won’t fall for your little small-minded tricks.” Thomas exhaled slowly, almost at the brink of tears, fighting desperately not to cry. “I only wanted to tell you that I’m sorry, and that I have something important to show you,” Thomas replied with more conviction in his voice, while struggling to remove his backpack. He then pulled out a bright neon pink t-shirt and showed it to Jacob and Kyle. “I only wanted you to know that I bought one of these.” Jacob and Kyle gazed towards Thomas. This was an unexpected turn of events, especially coming from him, who had no more than a few hours ago called any and all gay people ‘defective fuckers’. In their surprise, they looked at each other in astonishment, and their eyebrows rose. Jacob wasn’t about to be so easily fooled; he wasn’t going to buy into Thomas’ lie, not for a second. Even if his intuition was wrong, he would stand by this conviction wholeheartedly and would only change his mind with proof. “I don’t know what you’re trying to get at here, but I’m not in the mood for playing games,” Jacob belted out. “But, and this is a huge one, but if I see you put that shirt on then I just might believe you for a second. Especially after all the things I’ve had happen to me today, I find it hard to believe that you’re truly being genuine.” “I can’t do that right now,” Thomas whimpered, looking down towards the floor. “Well, now’s better than later. What could you be so afraid of? That I will see you with your shirt off?” Jacob questioned. “A little, yeah, but not because I think you’ll get turned on or anything … no, really!” “Okay, well I don’t believe you then. So I’m just going to go tell Mr. Matthews that you’re not genuine. No, really!” Jacob commented back bitterly. Jacob’s own bias made him blind to Thomas’ gentle tone in which he spoke. Thomas had been genuine, and yet, Jacob didn’t want to give him the chance to spill more filth from his mouth, and thus he allowed his actions to speak louder than words. He then started heading towards the door, and pushed Thomas to the side to make his way to Mr. Matthews’ office, but before he could leave, Thomas grabbed his wrist and stopped him in his tracks. “No, I beg you, please don’t go and do that,” Thomas said softly, “I’ll do it.” Thomas slowly released Jacob’s wrist and began removing his t-shirt with great displeasure. As he struggled in removing his clothing, he sucked his teeth; it was as if this caused him great pain and discomfort. Once Thomas’ shirt had fully been removed, he threw it towards the floor, and Jacob’s eyes instantly became wide with fear. “OH MY GOD! I didn’t do that to you did I?” Jacob asked when he saw the huge black and blue bruise upon Thomas’ back. “Holy shit! Kyle, come over here and take a look at this. I’m so sorry if I did that, shit that looks like it hurts.” Thomas shifted his eyes. “Unfortunately, no, you didn’t do this to me. It sure hurt like hell when you pushed me up against the blackboard though,” Thomas explained. “Wow. That looks really bad dude! Did you have the school nurse look at that yet? And if Jacob didn’t do this to you, who the hell did?” Kyle inquired; he was concerned and had never seen an injury to this extent before. The bruise was almost the entire length of Thomas’ back with intermediate shades of black, blue, and green. Thomas didn’t need reminding of what lay upon his back as he’d already seen the reflection of it from his bedroom mirror just the night before, and had taken a good amount of time to examine it in all of its gruesomeness. Even though he didn’t expect to find it any different than what he could remember, he craned his neck around and attempted to look at what Jacob and Kyle had found as horrific. In his struggle to take a second look, he felt sharp pains radiate down his spine and rather than stopping, he continued to push further until he managed to see a glimpse of his deeply discolored skin. What he found didn’t surprise him, but he soon discovered that the bruising had grown dramatically and discolored even more so than before. Ultimately, he knew where these marks had come from; the memory was vivid and etched deep within his mind, as if a tape playing on repeat. Once he got a good hard look, he returned his gaze to Jacob and Kyle and began shifting his feet. In those fleeting moments, no one attempted to say a word as they eyed one another; it was almost like some rule, something left unspoken, a question, an inquiry that begged to be asked, and yet no one dared to make the move. This silence made Thomas feel out of place, almost like a mist that could blow away at any moment with the slightest hint of wind. He didn’t much like standing there, being an object in Jacob’s warpath to be made fun of – had Jacob wanted to – nor did he want to be thought of as a freak for not wanting to take his shirt off. Thus with these thoughts deep in his mind, he tried to explain, but as he did so, his vocal cords abandoned him and nothing came out, and in his defeat, he closed his mouth and wallowed deep in thought. It was as if something was holding his tongue, making his feeble attempts to speak almost impossible. His head drooped forward and looked at the floor, his emotions quickly took over and his eyes welled up like Niagara Falls. Thomas’ skin then became pale and clammy, and he soon collapsed to the floor; his legs now too weak to stand. There was an awkward silence as Thomas sobbed away; his tears forming a puddle on the floor in front of him, causing Jacob and Kyle to look at one another with a look of bewilderment across their faces. They were at a loss for words, and this caused Jacob to mouth, ‘What should we do?’ Kyle didn’t know either, and merely shrugged his shoulders in disbelief at what was happening before their eyes. “Thomas? Are you okay man?” Kyle questioned. “No, I’m not … please, just leave me alone,” Thomas cried through the heaving of his chest. “This is why I didn’t want you to see me with my shirt off. You’ve got what you wanted. Now please go.” “I didn’t wish this for you Thomas; never would I wish this upon anyone!” Jacob explained. “Now who did this to you? We can do our best to help you.” “Well if you must know I fell off my skateboard.” “That’s not true, now is it Thomas?” Kyle questioned further, standing directly over Thomas. “Okay, well, no, it’s not, but you see … I’m a klutz and I fell down the stairs, so please don’t tell anyone okay?” Thomas replied more confidently. “Thomas, look at me,” Kyle instructed. “Tell me the truth, because you and I both know that you wouldn’t be crying if you hurt yourself.” Thomas looked up from the floor with tears still rolling down his cheeks. Kyle could see the pain in his eyes, the hurt, the need to be loved; he understood this entirely, he knew this face and understood where it had come from, and he wanted to help. Kyle felt that he should at least try to comfort him, help him ease back into normalcy, and thus extended his hand to Thomas’ shoulder, but when Thomas’ winced in pain, he quickly removed his hand. “Sorry about that,” Kyle apologized. “So was it a kid from school or something? You can tell me you know. I’m not here to judge you, just to help if you need it.” “No! Now would you please just leave me alone,” Thomas protested. In his heart this all made sense, but in his mind, he didn’t want to be left alone. Kyle read deeper into Thomas’ words; he could see by the look in Thomas’ eyes that he didn’t really want them to leave. “Well I’m not going to say I’m a doctor, but let me see your back again for a second.” Kyle helped Thomas to his feet, and began inspecting the bruising. Upon inspection he could swear he saw a hand mark, a fist, and numerous welts as if coming from a whip or a belt. “Did someone hit you?” His voice rose as he began to touch the wounds. “What would make you think that?” Thomas’ voice broke midsentence and his body began tumbling towards the floor; his feet gave out from under him and Kyle with his cat like reflexes caught him before he made a thud onto the floor. “OWWWW!” Jacob quickly helped Kyle bring Thomas back to his feet. “Sorry, I didn’t want you to hurt yourself anymore. What happened just now? Did you just faint or something?” Kyle questioned. “I don’t know. I felt kind of dizzy with you prodding around my back; it just hurts so much. Now will you please just leave me alone; I don’t want to be falling on the floor all afternoon from your constant prodding.” “Okay, no problem. Just let me help you get that new shirt on at the very least. So will you raise your arms up in the air for me?” Thomas simply complied with Kyle’s simple request. In his mind, he thought it would be the easiest choice of all, since he was sure it would be difficult getting his t-shirt back on. Even if he could, and he wasn’t sure that he could, it would simply take too long. He simply raised his arms to the ceiling and allowed Kyle to help. Kyle smiled and was glad that Thomas was going to allow him to help. This was the first step towards coming to an understanding, one of support and friendship, or so Kyle hoped was in the cards. Kyle then grabbed Thomas’ pink t-shirt from off the floor and slipped it over Thomas’ arms and down to his waistline. After Kyle had flattened the creases out of Thomas’ shirt, he took a few steps backwards and looked at Thomas, who had finally stopped crying long enough for him to be able to speak once again. “You look good in pink,” Jacob announced with a smile. “Listen, I’m really sorry about earlier. I can see now that you were being genuine in your apology. Maybe we can end up being friends, but I don’t know about that just yet, and that’s if I’m being honest. Let’s just take this a step at one time.” “Okay Jacob, no problem, I can understand that, after all, I was a total jerk earlier. And let me say that I’m thankful for you helping me, I appreciate it.” “No problem, it was my pleasure; I’m just glad that I was of service,” Kyle said, “But I want to ask you this one final time, I won’t be asking again, but who did this to you?” “Why do you care so much?” Thomas questioned more sternly, feeling fed up with being asked time and time again. “It’s not like you can stop my fa–” Thomas’ eyes began scanning between Jacob and Kyle as he thought if he should complete his sentence. Did he really want to open this can of worms? “–ther.” He ended up completing before he could stop his lips. “Are you telling me that your father did this to you?” Jacob questioned hastily. “Cause if so, then we need to take you to speak with Mr. Matthews THIS VERY SECOND!” “No … please, I beg of you … I don’t want him to get in trouble, he’s trying to help me –” Thomas said sheepishly. “Is that what you keep telling yourself?” Kyle broke in. “Like seriously, what the fuck could he be trying to help you with. Your father shouldn’t EVER lay a hand on you.” “You just wouldn’t understand. He’s trying to teach me the ways of life. You know, all about the hardships, goodness, peace, and serenity; or so he says. I deserve this, I really do, and if I could tell you the reason why, I wouldn’t because this is what’s required of me and it’ll help me become a better man.” “I won’t understand … really? Well, let me show you what I understand!” Jacob declared, grabbing for Thomas’ shoulder and forcing his back to face the mirror. “I see black, blue, green, pain, discomfort, anger, unhappiness, and tears. So please tell me what I don’t understand, or what I should see. Explain it all to me so that I can see how you see it, because what I see right here is a father who uses his son as some sort of punching bag whenever the fuck he feels like having a good time. I would also suspect that your father is some sort of a lousy drunk, or something like that, and if he’s not then I apologize for that comment, but this is fucked up.” “Please, just drop the subject. I don’t want you to know all the details, just forget that I said anything, okay?” Thomas suggested, hoping that this would just fall away and become a non-issue. “Now is there anything that I could do to make you forget what you’ve seen and what I’ve happened to say? I’ll do anything that you want, I swear, but please don’t tell anyone, I can’t let my dad find out; he will kill me! So just name your price, a blowjob, a kiss, something, anything, please just tell me! Also, how did you know my father is an alcoholic?” “Like … he’d literally kill you? Holy shit dude we need to get you help this instant,” Kyle questioned, his voice spiking upwards in a panic. “And as to our price, we don’t have one. Jacob and I are dedicated to each other, and no one will EVER come in between us, including you. As to your father drinking, I’d say this was a lucky guess.” “Well, no not exactly, but you know what I mean, like he’ll be angry with me, he will beat … me?” Thomas utterance struck him like lightning and the tears that had since subsided came with a new ferocity. Thomas’ newfound realization was like a smack to the head, and one that hurt like a thousand knives to the chest. He never once thought of his father as one who was the vindictive type, but now he understood; what his father was doing was wrong in more ways than one, and with the help of Jacob and Kyle pointing this out, he needed a way of escape. Even with all these things being presented and brought to the forefront, his mind tried to rationalize his punishment, which he wasn’t going to be telling Jacob or Kyle as to the reasons why, but he could clearly see now, that no one should be hit like he was, no matter how bad they were. This was a secret he’d take to his grave, and to some degree he finally understood what it felt like to hold onto a secret so deep that if anyone happened to find out it would obliterate his life to a point of no return. “Listen Thomas, we’re already late for class as I’m sure you already know and I don’t want to force you into telling us the details, but please just know that WE are here for you if you need someone to talk to,” Kyle said, trying to muster a last ditch effort in making Thomas spill his guts. “And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about you crying, or your bruises. I just hope that one day you’ll learn to trust us so that we can try to help you. Oh, and one more thing; I think Jacob feels the same way too … am I right, baby?” “Oh, most definitely, I’ll stand by you just like Amanda and her friends have stood by me. I learnt so much today about acceptance and understanding, so I’ll extend you that same kindness and be the friend that you don’t really want, but absolutely need,” Jacob announced. “So with me saying that; we’ve got your back if you ever need it.” Thomas looked deep into Jacob’s eyes with a sense of sincerity within them; it was genuine and was an unforced moment of true appreciation. Jacob and Kyle noticed this deep gaze, it was odd to say the least, but they did see a glimmer of something more, something they just couldn’t pin, or figure out as to what it was. Soon after, Thomas lunged for Kyle and wrapped his slender arms around him. “Thank you so, so, so, much Kyle,” he breathed before kissing him on the neck and then gunning for Jacob like some ravenous fox. He followed with the same things he’d done to Kyle and then backed away. Jacob and Kyle looked at one another after Thomas had let them go from his kung fu grip. They somehow pondered between themselves, and wondered what the hell was up with Thomas; it was weird to say the least, and one that left them with many unanswered questions. Though they quickly realized that this was something new and had been a one hundred and eighty degree turn from what had happened only this morning; this left them puzzled and without words. “Well like I said Thomas, we’re already late for class, so I think it’s best if you got to class too. Please try to have a good day,” Kyle said, making his way towards the bathroom exit. “Yeah, uh, well, um, I guess we’ll see you around, I guess,” Jacob said awkwardly, following Kyle towards the door. Once they were in the hall, they walked at a fast pace towards their third period class, but before they got there, Jacob commented about Thomas’ weird behavior. “So what the hell do you think that was all about?” “Shit, I was just thinking the exact same thing,” Kyle commented. “Something is definitely wrong in his life I can say that much for sure, and I think we need to figure out a way to help him if he wants it. There’s absolutely no way he goes from being a smart ass kid to a wimpy kid in a matter of hours. And did you happen to see the look he gave us? What the hell do you make of that?” “If I were psychic I would tell you, but since I’m not, I have no freaking clue whatsoever,” Jacob said, stopping dead in his tracks to think; but no other solution came to mind. “But we can only hope he’ll speak to someone right? At least, personally I hope he will. After all, those bruises looked pretty bad, and do you think he’d hate us if we talked to Mr. Matthews about what we saw? I think we should tell somebody, anybody, because what his father’s doing is wrong, dead wrong.” “I know where you’re coming from Jacob, but baby? It’s his secret to keep and if we have any hope of helping him, then we need to just be his friend and support him, and like you said with Amanda, we need to be that friend for him no matter what. But with all things aside, do you think we’re going to be in shit for being late?” “Hell if I know,” Jacob commented, placing his hand upon the classroom doorknob. “I guess we’ll soon find out, now won’t we?” … TO BE CONTINUED … And please don't forget, if you enjoyed the story, hit the like button. I would love to hear what you thought of the story. And feel free to leave a review.
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    His eyes were closed, but he couldn’t get away after thinking about Neil and everything that was intertwined. He tried going back into the Meadow. However, something happened that kept him from going back. Gabriel was starving, in constant pain and his focus was shot. His head would pound and his body shook. He ended up grabbing the blanket off the bed and wrapping it around him, fighting the pain of his shoulder, still dislocated from days earlier. He couldn’t find tears anymore, they failed to fall from his face. His eyes drooped while he sat against the corner of the wall, holding his knees. They shut immediately when the door opened, letting in the blinding light from Scott’s room. He brought his good arm up to shield his eyes before blinking several times to see who stood there. He guessed correctly when Scott’s figure came into view. Gabriel didn’t even look up at him, almost feeling like he should give up. But this was a game, it was always a game. There were several ways to play it and in order to survive; he had to play it right. Could he give Scott the idea that he had given in? It could work; the wolf himself seemed to be too high strung on his own power maybe he wouldn’t notice himself being tricked. Gabriel wondered if he could pull it off. He was pulled from his thoughts when Scott kicked at his legs, just enough to shock him. Gabriel gasped softly, whimpering a little bit. He didn’t look up so he missed seeing the grin on Scott’s features. “Hungry puppy?” he sneered. The sudden snarl in Gabriel’s stomach made him curl over tighter. Scott gave another kick and Gabriel let out a small cry. “Answer the question.” Gabriel had to think and had to think fast. Would it work? He had to take the chance, if not he’d perish in this cell. “Yes sir.” He barley recognized his own voice. It was so course, he hadn’t talked out loud, not even to himself. He sounded dry and so weak as his eyes dared to glance up. He added the ‘sir’ to see if it was sufficient enough for Scott to not kick him again. He was glad when it had been, the male reaching down and pulling the boy to his feet. No warning was given as Scott grabbed his shoulder and instantly popped it back in place. The utter shock caused Gabriel to tense and cry out, his hands reaching and grabbing for the only thing close to him. Scott. He didn’t want to see the obvious smirk on the man’s lips as he held him. He was at least better now that he had full use of his arm again. With not much time to react, Scott grabbed Gabriel and dragged him out of the cell, making the boy turn and face him. “Now, you remember the little spill I gave you a week prior don’t you?” A week? Gabriel had been in that room for a week? How the hell did he even survived that long? It hadn’t felt that long. Maybe because he slept half the time. He did remember though, he remembered it like it happened a day before. He gave a nod. Scott smiled. “Good. If you fuck up just once, I’m shoving you back in that room understand?” Just once? Gabriel swallowed hard and gave an almost desperate nod. His legs shook under his weight, feeling so weak after not eating or drinking anything. Scott let him go, the teen falling to the ground and sitting there, unable to really move. Scott walked away and out of the room. Wasn’t one of the rules that Gabe always had to be at his side? He doubted he could even get up and follow. Feeling defeated already he moaned. His eyes stared at the floor until he heard foot falls again, looking up to see Scott walking back with a large glass of water and food on a tray. His stomach lurched and he couldn’t help but lick his dried lips. Scott saw his eyes widen at the food and smiled. He had the Jarkla right where he wanted him. At his mercy. He placed the food on the bed and went over to grab the boy, lifting him and setting him down. Gabriel wanted to go for the food, but fear kept him still. “Do not eat it fast. If you so much as heave, I’ll throw you back.” Gabriel wanted to grumble but instead he frowned. Great, even if he made the slightest mistake of puking the food back up, it was possible he could just get thrown back in his cell. He nodded a few times as he eyed Scott, as he moved to lean on his bed and turned the TV on again to watch it. Gabriel was careful as he grabbed a piece of bread and began to nibble on it, his stomach arguing and urging him to gorge. He ignored it, the painful cramps making him wince but he fought against it. Holding the glass of water in his hand as he ate slowly, he took sips, his eyes going to look at Scott who continued to watch the TV as Gabriel ate. Was this how it was going to be? Gabriel felt like he would become nothing but a pet, a tool as all the others had become. What was so wrong about shaping his own life? His eyes looked down to the food as he continued to eat slowly. He was going to have to gather his strength, and hope to god that Orion was searching for him. He wanted to ask about Jake, but refused to even think about it. He didn’t need Jake to get killed, or hurt. He wondered how he was fairing. Scott’s eyes moved from the screen to Gabriel who quietly ate, obviously following what he said as the boy ate slowly. He smirked and scanned the boy’s body. He wanted him weak, but not pathetic. After a day of recuperating, Scott thought about training him, just to tone his body. The thought slowly stopped him in his tracks. Amaya had run from him, and that was the last thing he wanted. But perhaps, with another type of ‘training’ he could make this boy choose him over anyone. The smile on his face didn’t hide his thoughts very well when his eyes caught Gabriel’s as the teen glanced up at him. Gabriel found himself stopping in mid chew, quickly looking away. He didn’t blush, but he didn’t feel all that great either. The humming speech of the TV had zoned him out so he didn’t pay much attention to the man who watched him so keenly. He could feel his stomach’s urge for more food, but he continued to eat slow and steady, feeling some strength return. He hoped he could get to the meadow after he ate some more. Swallowing he felt the bed shift, he gazed up as Scott got right in his face. “Not as vocal as before, puppy. “ Gabriel swallowed the piece of chicken he was chewing before trying to think of what to really say. He was about to say something when Scott continued. “I hope that changes when I take you. I love a screamer.” His breath on the teen’s neck made his whole body shiver and Gabriel had no idea how to reply to that. His hands shook and his eyes stared at the plate of food. He tried to keep his hands steady by clasping them together. Things looked horrible to him, and feeling Scott’s hand against his skin on his neck, moving him closer, Gabriel gasped. He went to grab the water glass, afraid he’d spill it over the bed, but felt Scott’s other hand when he moved. He stopped his movements, his eyes catching Scott’s. “I can be nice when I want to, and as long as you’re a good little puppy, I’ll be nice to you. Remember that.” He finished with another lick on Gabriel’s cheek which grossed him out. He closed his eyes and shivered again as Scott let him go. He said nothing more as he stood and stretched and then left without another word or glance. If panic wasn’t settling into Gabriel’s chest now, it was defiantly making its way there. As much as he told himself he wasn’t hungry after that, his body protested. He ended up eating everything on the plate during the few hours Scott left him alone. Afterward, he placed the tray carefully on the end table and glanced around the room. It was very nice and very expensive looking. He looked to the TV and wondered if he could change it without Scott jumping down his throat. He bit his lip and decided against it as he looked at the screen. It began to filter through missing persons reports and his eyes widened when he saw his own face. He had shorter hair, and it was his school picture. Had it been Lance that put this up? He wondered if he even looked like that anymore. He jolted when the door opened to reveal a very large male. His stature reminded him of Orion, but the guy still couldn’t match Orion’s looks. He held another glass of water and something else in his hand as he walked over. Gabriel eyed him wearily before the man reached out and, opening his hand, revealed some pills. “Take these. It will help you regain your strength and give you nutrients.” Gabriel was slightly hesitant but his eyes caught someone in the doorway and fear developed again as he took the pills slowly and the glass from the man. “Tank, go get more food for it. And fetch a bitch. She’ll need to bathe him.” Tank turned to his alpha, bowing his head. “Yes alpha.” Gabriel was almost dumbfounded, taking the pills and eyeing the two. Tank was much bigger than Scott in a human aspect, but he guessed that wolf wise, Scott ranged in the bigger size. It came with being alpha didn’t it? He watched him leave and felt Scott staring at him again. Gabriel didn’t say or do anything, watching from the corner of his eye as Scott left and the doorway was filled with someone else. He gazed up at the red headed female who hardly looked beautiful. She had scars on her arms and even one across her face. How cruel was this pack? She went to him and bowed deeply, Gabriel almost felt sorry for her. He could feel the despair in her emotions. “I need to bathe you Jarkla, please allow me to help you.” He wanted to whine, to take this female into his arms and hold her, but something was stopping him. Could she also feel the fear he had for the one they deemed as their alpha? “You can help,” he mumbled softly as she held her hand out for him to take. Walking would be a challenge but he did feel renewed strength as he got to his feet again. She helped him to the bathroom and he looked around to see if anyone else was there. He wondered about Jake, how he was doing again. He bit his lip when the woman began to get the bath ready and Gabriel stripped of his clothes. “What’s your name?” he asked softly, his voice starting to come back to him. She looked at him, shocked a little. He gave her a smile, one that he hoped would help loosen the tense atmosphere. “Heather,” she said in a whisper. He could understand why she would whisper. Bathrooms always echoed, and he wanted to speak to her, ask her about Jake. He continued to smile at her. “You can call me Gabe if you want.” He saw the faintest smile on her lips when he said that. He smiled wider, taking her hand as she helped him into the bath. The warm water felt good, and it soothed him instantly. It especially helped with the soreness of his shoulder. He gave a sigh, watching as she left and got him a change of clothes and a towel. Gabriel took the time to wash himself, feeling better being clean and not so grimy. When she came back, he sat up some. “Say Heather, can we talk?” She looked worried when he asked the question, looking back at the door and then back at him. He frowned. “It is forbidden for anyone but the Alpha and Beta to speak to you unless serving you.” Gabriel’s frown deepened. “But why? Is it just this pack?” She gave a small nod and he frowned even more. He didn’t want to get her hurt, so he turned away and sulked in the tub. Heather saw his sadness, and even felt it. She looked back and bit her lip, moving to peek if anyone was around. She scurried back and sat beside the tub. “I can serve you by answering questions if you have any.” Gabriel looked at her when she whispered again. He had to think for a moment before it dawned on him that it was a sneaky way of talking. He smiled and perked up again, resting against the tub as she did the same. “Ok, how old are you?” He guessed he would start with simple ones, just things to make it seem to whoever was listening that he was just curious and nothing more. “I’m 45,” she replied with a smile. He was happy to see her smiling now, it gave him a good feeling and it made him feel as if even now, away from Orion, he was making a difference. ‘Scott is in for a rude awakening later’ he thought to himself. “You look a lot younger,” he muttered. Even if she did have a scar on her face, she could pass for a teenager like himself. “It’s the werewolf thing isn’t it? With all the slow aging and all, right?” She gave him a nod. He thought back to Neil. How did the pups age exactly? He pondered the question and decided now was the best time as any to get an answer. “So, next question, when a puppy is born, when do they start…looking their age, in a way.” At first Heather didn’t understand the question. She looked at him in a curious manner before starting to answer it. “Well, it takes years for the pups to actually look like a teenager. As you see, I am much older than I appear. For puppies, a newborn moving to a toddler phase can take several years. When they reach around 20 years, it also depends on the pureness on their blood and gender; they can look between the ages of four and ten.” That made more sense now that he thought of Neil. But he was only half wolf, and the only ones to really answer the Jarkla questions, were the Jarklas themselves. He thought back to what Eli said, when he mentioned he was 45 but he looked close to 30. Perhaps that poured in with the werewolf gene and if the Jarkla was considered part of the moon, then it would be the purest of blood right? He didn’t realize how silent he was with all this thinking until Heather tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. “You ok?” she asked with a head tilt. Gabriel smiled. “Oh yeah just thinking. I’m ready to wash my hair though…” She smiled at him and handed him the shampoo and conditioner as she pulled out the attached hose. He smiled and took it. “I can do it myself…thanks, Heather. Oh, one more question.” He lowered his voice. “Jake, he came with me, is he ok?” Heather’s happy expression had changed as she moved closer to whisper back. “He’s watched constantly, and not allowed near you. Alpha is always having the others beat him. I talk to him often, he’s worried for you. I was going to tell him how you are fairing…would you like me to send him a message?” Gabriel was smiling, not because of what was happening, but because Jake, at least, was alive. He felt tears again, and rubbed at his eyes. “Yeah, tell him to hold strong and…give him a big hug for me will you? “ Heather gave him a nod and smiled tenderly. “I will. Shall I leave you now?” she said raising her voice a bit louder and Gabriel understood why. “Yeah, I can do it myself. Thanks.” Heather stood and took her leave, almost bumping into Tank as he had been standing in the doorway. She stared up at him, frightened, but the man only gave a nod and let her go, moving in to stand blocking the door so that no one else could enter. He listened to the water’s movement as Gabriel finished washing himself. He continued to stand there until Gabriel walked out wrapped in his towel and noticed his clothes on the bed, a simple pair of slacks and a white wife beater. To say Tank surprised him was an understatement. He gasped and jumped back; losing his balance as Tank grabbed his arm to keep him from falling. “Jesus you scared me!” he exclaimed, not knowing just how loud he was. When Scott heard the exclamation from downstairs, he made his way up to see a disgruntled teen stepping into the slacks and Tank standing with his back to the boy. “I didn’t mean to Jarkla.” Gabriel hadn’t noticed Scott yet as he gave a snort, showing that he was pretty much back to his spunky self. “Well you could have said something, like you were outside the door or something. Give me a heart attack why don’t you,“ he grumbled, pulling the wife beater over his head and then noticing Scott leaning in the doorway with a grin on his face. Oh how Gabriel wanted to throat slam him into the ground. “Puppy is talking freely I see.” Gabriel instantly wished he hadn’t been so loud. He was afraid of what Scott was going to do and just stood where he was. Tank turned to see his Alpha advance slowly. “You may leave Tank. My nephew needs his daily dose.” Gabriel’s stomach dropped when he heard that. He kept his hands against his side and looked down at the ground as Scott stood in front of him. He felt Scott’s hands on his body and tried to ignore them, feeling him pinch his arms, his chest and stomach. He winced at some of them and even blushed when the wolf lifted his shirt and rubbed against his sides. His body tingled and shivered as he tried to stop himself. He heard a chuckle. “Not so talkative now are you?” When Gabriel didn’t respond, Scott growled. “Not really…” he muttered. Scott’s hands squeezed his sides, causing him to squirm and groan painfully. “Not really what,” Scott growled between clenched teeth. “S-sir?” He was hoping it would work, praying even that Scott would stop squeezing him as he felt too uncomfortable. It did slowly stop and he was able to stand straight, but Scott’s hands never left his sides. “Much better. Puppy will need to learn how to respect his Guardian and give him anything he wants. Won’t you?” He was terrified at that statement. What was Scott going to make him do? He gave a soft cry as Scott lifted him and threw him on the bed. Gabriel tried to scramble off but Scott was on top of him and pinning him against the mattress. “Tell me, you ever kiss anyone yet? Did my darling little brother break you in yet?” Gabriel’s chest heaved and he shook his head, trying to move away as Scott came closer and licked his neck again. “Mmmmm good, that means I can take it.” He had forgotten what tears felt like even in that short week, and now he felt the wetness of them as they dropped from his eye lids. Scott began to nibble and kiss on his neck. He hated how it affected his body, causing him to squirm and whimper softly. He didn’t want this to happen. He shut his eyes and dealt with it as the wolf continued to nibble, lick, and even at times, bite at his neck and shoulder. Gabriel never wanted Orion’s company as badly as he did at that very moment.
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    2011 was a hard year but hard serves as a path to a little wisdom. It was the year that my parents died. They lived full lives and had difficult deaths. As always they set an example for their children. I’ll tell you something right up front: my parents were loud, smart, opinionated, sometimes incredibly narrow minded for such generous people. They were good enough that many times I was hard on them for not always living up to the high expectations that they set for themselves and also for others. It was a high bar to reach at times. Regardless, they loved one another and their children fiercely. Arguments were part and parcel of that love. Because if you can’t be honest with the ones you care about who else matters. And brutally honest they were. Now honesty doesn’t always mean you are right, it just means that you think you are. Being smart also doesn’t always make you right but you have better tools to persuade others. So family dinners were often a free for all. The food was good but that wasn’t the point. They had an open house and an open table: the price of admission was to engage and if a little fur flew well at least you made an impression. Christmas was one of those times and last minute guests were always welcome. So what if you didn’t celebrate Christmas, all faiths understand sharing, the breaking of bread and the opening of your home to others who were maybe a little adrift that night. So it was not an uncommon occurrence to have Jews or Muslims at the table. And while my parents hated religion per se and steered away from any organized religion, they were spiritual in a loud non-conformist way. My dad who was born secular Jewish worked hard to be WASP and mum while often proclaiming atheism could never fully shed the lessons learned from the nuns. I’m glad dad was the first to get sick. If it had been mum, dad would have still been there for her as she was for him. But in the end, I think that he was more afraid of dying so it his dying first was ultimately easier on them both. Most people who met my parents would have taken my dad for the extrovert and he was. But being an extrovert doesn’t make you confident socially just as being an introvert doesn’t make you awkward. Sometimes our dispositions and our gifts are not fully in balance. My parents forged their balance together. Mum could confidently make big decisions because dad always had her back. Dad could stick up for the underdog because mum was always in his corner. I don’t want you to think that they were perfect. Well maybe they were, but they were also bull headed, opinionated, stubborn, and not a little prejudiced. I think I already made that clear but I wanted to make sure that you were paying attention. Mum captured some of this when she would say with all honesty: “My mind is made up, don’t confuse me with facts.” The problem with illness is that people and especially the medical profession treat the ill differently. They do their best, give good, no, excellent care, but little by little they read the chart more and the patient less. And no matter the best intentions, it does not help when people two generations your junior, strangers, address you by your first name or as “dear” never offering up their own. They hide behind the impersonal Dr. They are also busy, tired, and doing their best. In the end, sometimes the patient is not going to get better so a strictly professional focus only goes so far and ends up insulating the health professionals more than it helps the patient. Honesty, respect, and direct interaction are truly worth something. It lets the sick know that they are still alive and not just a chart. Both my parents were wicked smart, though differently so. It didn’t really help them much when they were ill. During the worst days, illness makes even the smartest, dull and a bit confused at times, not because they were losing it but because their bodies were failing them. If you can’t eat or sleep, or are in pain or hazed from all the meds to deal with those ailments, you are not at your best. That said my parents received platinum care. Furthermore, Mum, a physician herself, could oversee dad’s treatment to ensure that he got quality of life and the truth. Mum’s turn came even as dad was still dying though she ignored the signs of her own illness until after dad died. Honestly ,as a doctor she didn’t get any better care for being in the profession if you gauge care by access to care or treatment options. The special care that she did get was through having a fierce band of friends and colleagues who ensured that her choices were listened to and that she heard the evidence unadulterated, because what is choice without information. As a superb diagnostician, she was under no illusions. I still think that before dad died, before she ever saw a doctor, she pretty much knew she was facing a terminal illness herself. It just wasn’t the time to deal with it – yet. Fierce and stubborn, mum made sure to squeeze some real quality time out of her final months. This included a final trip to California to spend time with my brother and the older grand-children, culminating in a rowdy cross country trip across the continent with dogs barking in the back of the car. Mum bundled in the passenger seat, a bald wizened Yoda, happily issuing instructions and backseat driving. When you see people at their worst, you also see them at their best. I know my parents set me a high standard to live up to. I also see that I have one more reason to be glad for being a father. I know that if I am lucky I can pass on a bit of what is best in me to my daughter, in fact I am obligated to try my best to do so. 2011 was a lousy year and I would not have missed it.
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    Matthew has lost the most important person in his world. Why is this the moment when his estranged mother decides to walk back into his life? Why can't this be a happy moment?
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    My phone had been off the past week. I tired of ignoring his calls and reading his texts that said, “I'm sorry. I can explain.” in one form or another. I neglected his email messages. They sat in my mailbox unopened. I didn't want to speak to him. I didn't want to see his face. I didn't want to admit how perilously in love with Ogre I was and how his betrayal was killing me. I spent my time on automatic. I woke up, got dressed and went to class. I sat in my courses, took my notes, participated minimally and generally tried not to be noticed. My art classes were uninspired. I couldn't find the mindset that would throw me into my work and create something beautiful. I kept waiting for magic to happen. It didn't. All I could manage were poor, shallow compositions. My appetite was virtually nonexistent. Hunger rarely came to me and I ate only when necessary. Everything was bland and uninteresting. I wasn't even going to the gym. I didn't want Ogre to show up. I was avoiding being at home. I wandered around campus a lot without direction. I didn't want to face Eric. I didn't want to be anywhere someone knew me. I hadn't even explained things to Eric. He held me until I cried myself to sleep that morning and I've barely spoken to him since. My I-pod drowned out his attempt at words. When he asked me questions I turned up the volume. I couldn't face him when no other distraction was available. The shame of it all kept my silence. I'm not sure where I would begin. I found myself needing a lot of sleep, I was so constantly tired. When I was home I just wanted to lie down and turn off the world. Eric had been keeping a respectful distance. I could feel his rejection, his confusion struck me like a dirty blade, damaging and leaving its rusty infection behind. I didn't want anyone that close to me right then. Sometimes I wasn't really even asleep. I just laid in my room half-conscious waiting for time to pass. Saturday night I heard Eric on the phone. I couldn't find an excuse to be gone on the weekend so I stayed in bed. “Hey, Ogre. . . No, he's sleeping. . . He shut off his phone. . . I don't know. He's not talking to me either. . .” My pulse began to race at the sound of Ogre's name. “I think it's about a guy he started seeing after the party. . . I think it all went south. It must have been really bad. He was out early last Friday morning and came back and had a complete meltdown. . .” I buried my face in the pillow to keep from crying as the memory came back to haunt me. “I don't think I've ever seen him this hung up on someone. . . Seriously. . . Sometimes I wish he could just fuck and run, but he's not like that. . . I wish I knew what was going on. . . No, he hasn't said one word to me. . . No, don't come over. I don't think he wants any company right now.” I breathed out in a shaky semblance of relief. If Ogre was on his way I would have bolted out the front door. There was no way I could bear to face him. “This is what he does, man. When he's hurt or upset, he just goes to bed. When he's ready he'll let us know. . . Thanks, Ogre. Don't sound so down, he'll come around. I'll talk to you later.” I hadn't meant to eavesdrop, but it'd been so quiet in the house lately that every sound seemed enormous. I wasn't sure how to absorb this. Ogre was pressing Eric for information on me. He wanted to see me and know how I was doing. I couldn't even fault Eric for filling him in. Under different circumstances, it would be perfectly normal for the three of us to share every detail of our lives. I just didn't know what the next step should be. Do I say nothing and just move on keeping Eric in the dark and pretending my friendship with Ogre was as solid as ever? Could I bear his presence in our lives as integrated as it was? Or could I betray Ogre's trust and tell everything? I felt he deserved it. Then I replayed every word of his phone call with Eric and everything seemed so small. Perhaps it was unfair of me to expect so much from him. His self-identity must have been confused and tenuous. The whole affair was sudden and powerful. Could I really expect him to change his whole set of preferences overnight? Could I really ask him to shout it from the rooftops? What would he say? Until that morning, everything was looking perfect. If I'd never gone to his apartment unannounced we would still be learning this new facet of ourselves. It was frightening how fragile our house of cards was. One gust of wind and it was all gone. I was losing track of time. The days were merging together. I knew I would have to come back to the tangible world soon enough. There was a numbness following it all and I needed to create some kind of reality. Monday morning I dragged my worthless carcass out of bed still wearing the unwashed clothes I'd been in all week. I carefully opened the door to Eric's room and entered. I slipped into his bed and wrapped my arms around him. “Hey, Little Man,” he whispered. Eric rolled over and drew me to his chest. It was the most comforted I'd been in days. “Hey.” My reply was tiny and apologetic. “It's good to have you back.” Eric squeezed me gently in his familiar arms. “I'm sorry.” “It's okay. You never have to apologize to me.” Eric softly kissed my forehead. “Do you want to tell me what's going on?” I shook my head. “No. It's too embarrassing and I don't want to cry anymore.” “You never have to feel ashamed around me for anything.” I simply nodded my head in assent and pressed in deeper. “You can't stay in bed forever,” he said. I sighed. “I know. That's why I'm here. Baby steps.” “If you ever want to talk. . .” “It can't make anything better,” I interrupted, “I'm actually better off scrubbing my hands clean of the whole thing. It was stupid of me to think this would turn out well.” “You're a better man than he is.” “It doesn't feel like that right now. But it will.” I pulled him tighter. “It will.” At that moment I had resigned myself to secrecy. I felt that exposing my dalliance with Ogre could only undermine the relationship we all shared. I would make a grand sacrifice for Eric's sake. I couldn't bear the guilt of removing a close friend from his life. If I spoke of it, Eric would never forgive Ogre, that much I could be sure of. Ogre would keep the peace. He wouldn't want to be exposed. Eventually, it would all be back to normal. “Good. Now speaking of scrubbing your hands clean - get up. You stink.” Eric laughed at me. Eric pulled me up and led me out of the bedroom, his hand placed paternally between my neck and shoulder. He led me to the bathroom. “Strip,” he ordered. He turned on the water as I obediently peeled the grungy garments from my dirty skin. I stood naked in the bathroom and saw my reflection. I looked like shit. My hair was matted and my eyes were sunken and dark. Eric placed his hand on my shoulder again and directed me into the shower, closing the door behind me. “Get clean. I'll have breakfast ready by the time you're done,” he said. The bathroom door closed and a tiny smile crept over me as I began the lather. It would be all right. My world seemed a little clearer after I finished my classes. I actually participated and had a few idle conversations with other students and I found myself a little more like the person I remembered myself to be. I hadn't recovered, but I could see myself coming back. After I went home I cleaned around the house and took care of things I neglected. I finally picked up all of my belongings I had knocked off my dresser. Once my room was in order, my world was beginning to appear like itself again. It was just an appearance, but that was okay. Baby steps, I told myself. I needed some exercise. That would likely help screw my head back on. However, I didn't think I could face Ogre. Not yet. Not without Eric to provide a comfortable buffer. Since Eric was in class I decided to go for a swim. Ogre was never in the pool. I grabbed my gym bag and headed out. The quick drive was uneventful and Ogre wasn't in the weight room as I passed through the building. Inside the locker room I stripped down and changed into my pair of dark green speedos. I was acutely aware of the men dressing and undressing as I kept a look out for Ogre to arrive. I garbed myself quickly. Swimming would place me in another section of the gym and I could avoid the weight room entirely. The pool entrance was through the locker room showers placing it on the opposite side of the facility. An hour of swimming laps would help clear my head. I needed to ground myself. I walked through the open shower room ignoring the few attractive men who happened to be showering as I passed. I climbed under one of the open nozzles and wet myself down. I walked into the pool room and listened to the echoing of other swimmers in motion. The pool was near Olympic size. Swimmers practiced a variety of strokes as they passed from one end to the other. The lanes were mostly full. I scanned for a lane and at the middle waited for the incumbent swimmer to finish the lap so I could signal him to share. As I waited for him to come back this way, a swimmer in the lane next to me pulled himself from the pool. He had massive muscular flanks and thick strong legs clad in a red speedo with a strong contrasting white stripe on the side. I was aroused from the corner of my eye. “Little Man?” said the man in the red speedo. It was Ogre. “You've got to be fucking kidding me.” The words came out of me in an exasperated breath. His visage was sad. His body seemed weak, his natural energy was muted. There were circles under his eyes. This week had obviously unsettled him as well. I wondered how he had been sleeping. “How are you?” he asked. It was a stupid question. He just didn't know what to say. “What are you doing here? You never come in here,” I replied. “I came in here because I didn't think you wanted to run into me,” he whispered. His voice seemed small. I felt flushed and uncomfortable suddenly. Ogre immediately began fidgeting and wouldn't stand still. His eyes sketched to every corner of the vast room. He hadn't planned this. It looked like Ogre had attempted the same thing I had. I wondered if he simply wanted to get back to normal and create some distance. I wanted distance too. The sight of him was leaving me conflicted. I wanted him. I wanted to beat him with a baseball bat. The colossal room felt claustrophobic and the floor felt uneasy. I couldn't stay. I could feel the swell of pressure in my chest and face. If I stayed, I risked breaking into tears. Without a word, I turned and headed back towards the locker room. Ogre grabbed me by the arm. “Clay, wait. Please,” he pleaded. A surge of resentment washed over me as my eyes flashed to the hand on my arm. I wanted to leave. “Let go of me, Ogre, or I'll shout out to everyone how we know each other.” His blocking my escape was inciting my wounded wrath. “Go fuck your whore.” The venomous whisper was unnaturally harsh. His face nearly collapsed in sad shock as he released me. It was a cheap shot. I didn't look over my shoulder as I left him behind at the pool. I changed back into my street clothes and left the recreation center. Ogre didn't follow me out. I was relieved to find Eric at home when I got back. The sight of him defused my craziness and made the world a calm place again. It was very sobering. “You want to get something to eat?” I asked. I really didn't want to be alone. “I can't, Little Man. I have to spend the evening with my study group. We have a presentation on Wednesday and have to finish sorting it out. I may be a while. I think my professor put me in this group because they're all a bunch of fuck-ups.” Eric was clearly annoyed. He was racing around the house collecting his books and resources and stuffing them harshly into his backpack. I was disappointed, but tried to not let it show. “That's all right. We can do something fun later.” I threw my bag into my room. “I'd tell you to have a good time tonight, but I think that's already been decided.” Eric gave me a dirty look as I teased him. “I'm sorry. We'll do something tomorrow. I promise.” Eric frowned slightly as he headed for the door. He was genuinely unhappy. “It's fine. Take care of business. I'm good. Go.” I walked up behind him and playfully pushed him out the door. I watched Eric's car pull away and I sat back wondering how I would spend my evening. I was feeling mildly melancholy. Eric's situation had made me forget about my encounter with Ogre, but now I was starting to think back. I dug through my DVD collection looking for something distracting that could burn a few hours. Episodes of “Venture Brothers Season 4” seemed like just the ticket. I turned on the television and the DVD player when I heard a knock at the door. I set the disc down and opened the door. My chest tightened instantly. Ogre stood on my porch looking even more unsettled than at the pool. His normally well groomed appearance was haggard, his clothing wrinkled and unkempt. I couldn't help but notice the subtle twitch that ran his body as he stood there. His eyes were downcast in some vain attempt to hide the redness in them. “Can I come in?” he asked feebly. “What for?” “Please, Clay. I need to talk to you. Don't make me beg.” He sniffed and stifled a tear. I sat there for a minute contemplating my next move. He looked so fragile. The strongest urge to slam the door shut rushed across me. “Get in here.” I stepped backwards and he followed me inside. I closed the door and wished the movie was in the player to alleviate the eerie quiet. Ogre's weight shifted from side to side and he kept fidgeting with his hands. “I waited for Eric to go so I could talk to you alone.” “Why are you here?” I wrapped my arms around myself. “I need to explain. You wouldn't return my calls or texts or anything. What was I supposed to do?” “Take a hint?” “Clay, please.” He stepped closer with outstretched hands and I immediately stepped back. His hands dropped back to his sides. “I don't own you, Ogre. We'd only been fooling around what, two weeks? You're a big boy, you can do what you want.” “Why didn't you tell Eric?” I sighed. “He still needs you as his friend and I don't think I could handle the humiliation.” “I don't expect you to forgive me, but can I explain what happened?” Ogre rubbed his hand along the back of his head as his eyes were wide. I felt my forehead scrunch as my annoyance level shot through the roof. “You fucked some girl barely twenty four hours after having sex with me in an amazing, spectacular way and cheapened it into some drunken bar slut hookup. What's to explain?” “I didn't want to!” he shouted. Tears overflowed his eyes as a pitiful gasp for air escaped him. “What?” I was clearly annoyed and confused. Ogre's voice was growing frantic and upset, his verbal pace was quickening. “Heidi is just a friend who comes over every once in a while and we hook up. She doesn't want to complicate her school with a boyfriend so every so often we get together. My roommate knows all about it. It's not a secret.” “After that night at the gym I came home and Paul had let her into my bedroom. She was waiting for me. I didn't know how to say no.” The hand rubbing his head had begun digging into his skull. “I didn't have an explanation ready for why I had to turn her down. Paul didn't know what was going on. He didn't know I was seeing anyone. He's on the football team too. If I said no he'd ask questions. I panicked when I thought he'd tell everyone and it would get out. I figured I could just get through it and I'd find a way to end it afterwards. It was such a shitty move.” I sat back stunned as he told me the details of his liaison before he buried his face in both hands. “Then you showed up. Oh God, I should have found a way to say no. You deserved so much better than that.” Ogre took a deep breath to try to contain the quaking sobs struggling to get out. “After you left, I went back into my room and told Heidi all about you.” “You did what?” I was having a hard time believing what I was hearing. “I had to. She wouldn't stop asking questions until I'd told her everything. It all came spilling out. She was pissed, but didn't freak on me. Probably because I couldn't stop crying.” He laughed at himself sadly. “I think I needed to confess myself to someone. I told her how I'd just ruined the best thing I'd ever found in the world. She told me I had to find a way to fix it.” “Do you think that's even possible?” “God, I hope so. I. . . I have been doing things I've never done before because of you and loved every minute of it.” His eyes were wet and his words were halting as he struggled to find their courage. “I can't get you out of my head. Every time I'm with you, I'm already planning the next time we can be together. I may have fucked up, but Heidi made me admit something to myself.” This large man, normally larger than life and confident, trembled before me, vulnerable and shattered. He shook as he spoke the next sentence. “I am so much in love with you and it's killing me.” I was speechless. I inhaled sharply but found it difficult to exhale. I wanted to run forward and leap into his arms. I wanted to lay endless kisses on him and tell him I loved him back. Then I remembered how I felt after the party when he ignored me and the heart crushing despair I felt when I found him with her. “How do I know you're not just saying that to save yourself?” I couldn't control the accusatory tone in my words. “How do I know you won't go back to her?” “I can only think of one way to make you believe me.” Ogre picked up his phone and dialed. I could hear the ringing through the speaker. “Heidi?” he answered. I was shocked. He was calling her in front of me! “It's Ogre. . . yeah I'm a little messy right now. I'm here at Clay's. . . No, not yet. I was hoping you could help. . . Could you? . . . Thanks. . . Just a second.” Ogre handed the phone to me. “She wants to talk to you.” I was feeling out of sorts. She wanted to talk to me? This was unheard of. I shot Ogre a dirty look. “You must be joking.” “Please. . .” His lip began to tremble and I found myself hesitantly reaching for the phone. “Hello?” I tried desperately to calm my voice as I spoke into the phone. “Clay? This is Heidi.” Her voice was soft and serious. “I know you probably don't want to talk to me of all people, but if you'll let me I'd like to say a few things. I'm really sorry about the other day. You have no idea how sorry. If I had any idea, it never would have happened. I'm still a little pissed he broke our first rule.” “What rule is that?” “The rule about no getting together if we're involved with someone. Even still, I understand why he didn't say anything beforehand. I'm not happy about it, but I understand. I put him into a really unfair position. He never knew I was coming. It was a game I wouldn't have played if I'd known about you. When you left he fell apart and when I started asking questions, he started confessing everything.” “What's your point?” I walked with the phone into the kitchen to separate Ogre from the conversation. “I think he really needed to tell someone. The guilt was killing him.” I listened quietly as Heidi continued. I resisted the urge to hang up and walk away from the whole situation. I needed to know. “I've never seen Steve want to keep someone he was involved with so badly. Not even me. I'm kind of jealous, actually. He picks his real friends very carefully, because everyone wants a piece of him. People throw themselves at him all the time. I've never known him to chase anyone. He never had to. You must be pretty amazing. It definitely explains a few things.” “Like what?” “Not to go into any detail, but Steve seemed. . . distracted. Not like his old self at all.” “Oh.” I sighed restlessly. “I'm not sure what you expect me to do.” “If you have any chance of forgiving him, do it. If you can't, cut him loose and move on. It took an incredible amount of courage for him to actually admit to someone that he loves another man. He took an awful risk in telling me under the circumstances. Ogre had no idea how I'd react. He needs you and I think you need him too. Otherwise, I think you'd have hung up on me from the start.” I gripped the phone tighter. “Can he be trusted?” “Only you can decide that for sure. I'm just his friend. In spite of all of this, I trust him.” “Thank you, Heidi. Thank you for being someone he could confide in.” With a few final pleasantries I walked back into the living room and hung up, handing the phone back to him. Ogre's eyes were bloodshot, his face flushed with a runny nose and his lips trembled as he awaited my response. “I can't believe you did that.” My voice was soft and I could felt my eyes moistening as I stared at him. I was trying to keep my expression contained but it was so difficult. Ogre's shoulders sunk as he looked away from me. His whole body seemed to be struggling to hold its own weight. Streaks of moisture ran down his cheeks down to his neckline soaking the fabric of his shirt. My mind was awash in conflict. The man in front of me made me flush with desire and scream with betrayal. I wanted him and wanted to hurt him in the same breath. My mind screamed at me to tell him to walk out the front door and never come back in a desperate attempt to protect my sanity. The inner voice with all its strength was logical and correct. That was exactly what I knew I should do. I walked closer to him, turned his face to mine, stood on my toes and placed a kiss on his lips. For a moment, he stared unbelieving into my eyes. I brushed his lips with mine again and he returned desperately in kind. Ogre pulled me in tightly crying through his kisses as a weight lifted from us both. I was still angry and hurt, but I couldn't continue. I stuffed the inner voice into a deep corner and quieted it. I needed this man so badly; I was willing to work through this. I had to. My eyes overflowed as he sobbed into me with a great relief. “Thank you,” the penitent man kept repeating over and over softly. He smothered me with kisses. I couldn't help but return his fervor. Slowly, he broke away. With my face in his hands, his eyes bore into mine. “Nothing like this will ever happen again.” I stayed silent. The inner voice was trying to whisper into my ear again and I was keeping it at bay. “Clay, I need to show you how serious I am.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “I need to show you how much you mean to me. This is the only thing I can think of that spells it out.” He took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I had to admit, I wasn't impressed that he wanted to have sex to show me how much he cared, but my own need was smothering my thoughts. He laid a smoldering kiss on me before he undressed himself and lay on my bed. Ogre then rolled onto his stomach and stared with a frightening intensity into my eyes over his shoulder. “I want you to fuck me,” he said. Now I understood. Ogre was going to give me the one thing he had forbidden as a show of faith. He was giving me his virginity as a present to affirm his intentions. There was only one problem. Ogre didn't really want to be a bottom. It made complete sense to me. He wanted to be punished. He wanted it to hurt and give me the opportunity to get back at him and make things even between us. Ogre was intent on balancing the scales so we could move on and I was sorely tempted. Part of me wanted to brutally punch fuck him until he screamed for mercy, knowing full well that he simply wouldn't. I could abuse him and take out all my frustration over the last week and he would simply let me. If that was what it took to get me to keep him, he would. Ogre would allow me to leave him bruised and bloody if that's what I wanted. But that wasn't me. I enjoyed vigorous sex, but corporal punishment was beyond me. However, I wasn't going to let such an opportunity go to waste. I stripped my clothes off as he watched; the sight of my naked giant already had me aroused and hard. “Spread your legs,” I commanded. When I roughly slapped his ass, he complied. I roughly kneaded the two large mounds of his ass enjoying the free ticket ride I had now been awarded. I ran my thumb over his exposed pucker and watched him cringe slightly with each pass. I teased him slowly for a minute and suddenly buried my face between his cheeks and devoured his opening. Ogre's whole body froze in seizure, crying out in confused pleasure as I attacked his virginal territory. I knew what it felt like, as he had done the same to me, but I was determined to be even better. I wasn't planning on punishing him. I was planning on breaking his last boundary, mark my claim on him and make him enjoy every second of it. I ate his ass for long minutes until his body relaxed and his moans became pure gibberish. I commanded him to roll over on his back and gripped the dripping erection that presented itself. I wet my palm with saliva and stroked his cock while I kneeled and placed his feet over my shoulders and resumed my buffet on his rectum. Eventually I released his legs and they dropped around my hips. His organ was harder than I remembered and the precum was keeping him slick. Ogre was panting in nonsensical grunts and his eyes were glazed and needy. I climbed from between his legs as I retrieved the lube from my nightstand. I laid my body against him in the opposite direction he was laying in. He instinctively reached for my cock. “Hands off,” I commanded. He complied. I poured lube over his cock and balls making sure the syrup ran down into the cleft of his ass. I reached around and started massaging the liquid into his assaulted hole. I heard an awkward grunt when the first finger went in. With my other hand I gripped his slick testes and I swallowed his cock to the base. Ogre's back arched as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him. I attacked his member as fervently as I had his ass. Now I penetrated and pleasured him at the same time. The second finger went in smoother than I expected. He lifted his leg slightly to give me better access. Ogre's resistance was crumbling. I wanted to be sure that by the time I was done he would no longer identify himself as a straight man. Ogre's other hand grabbed ahold of my left buttock. His ecstatic moans grew louder and he hugged me tighter while I worked to change his outlook on life. When the third finger went in I could feel him writhing and bearing down to force my hand deeper. He was ready. I separated myself and spun around. I ordered Ogre to hold his legs up and I climbed between them. I positioned my cock head at his opening and looked him in the eye. “Ready?” I asked. He wordlessly nodded, his head unable to utter coherent syllables. I slowly and carefully started to enter his channel. The moaning inhale that came out of him echoed the movement of his legs that pulled me in and forced himself all the way down in one stroke. I held my breath as the incredible sensation nearly overtook me. I needed Ogre to come first. I pressed my feet into the mattress and rolled Ogre's haunches into the air. “Do it,” he hissed. I saw no reason not to deny his request. I slowly slid my cock back until just the glans kept him open. I sat there a moment watching him anxiously waiting. I slowly pushed all the way forward and watched his eyes roll back into his head while listening to the passionate howl that released from his lungs. I picked up speed and pumped him harder and harder. I grabbed his slick cock and stroked it in matching rhythm with the pounding of his ass. Ogre's whole body twisted and his head tossed back and forth. His chest heaved with each thrust, his nipples swollen. His skin was flushed and his hazy eyes were focused on nothing. I found his prostate inside his tight tunnel and attacked it mercilessly. That was it. Ogre bellowed as his orgasm savagely flexed every muscle in his body. I aimed his cock as I stroked through the apex and watched him paint his chest and face in his own fluids. The spasms of his ass sent me over the top and I buried myself as deep as I could and unleashed a week's worth of untapped emotion inside him. Once we calmed down I let Ogre lower his legs as I pulled my wet cock from his hole. I reached for his face and wiped streaks off and fed the remnants to him. Once I was finished I planted a soulful kiss upon his lips. “You like that, baby?” I asked. He shook his head with flushed cheeks and grinned. “You said you loved me. Did you really mean it?” “Of course I did.” “Good. Listen to me.” I leaned in close to his ear and softly spoke through heavy breaths. I held his head in one hand holding him still. As I spoke I could feel his shudder. “You just took your lover's load up the ass. You are not a straight man anymore. You can call yourself bisexual or straight, if and only if, I let you go. You're mine now. And I'm yours. No one else ever comes between that. Are we clear?” I shifted back and turned his head as Ogre simply nodded with an open mouthed grin. While I had his undivided attention I reached up and painfully grabbed his ear. “And if I ever hear about anything like this ever again,” I growled, “I mean I won't need to walk in on anything. A rumor will be enough. Outing you to all your friends and family will be the least of your problems.” The smile faded and Ogre's wide eyes never left mine as he softly nodded in agreement. “Never happen again,” he whispered. “I love you, Steve. But don't be surprised if I have moments where I don't completely trust you.” I pinched his ear again to make my point. “You need to earn it. You're not off the hook. You'd better get used to being on the bottom. Because until I'm convinced, you're gonna be my bitch for a while.” Internally, I gritted my teeth and steeled myself for the ultimatum. “If you can't do that, you need to leave now.” I let go of his ear as Ogre bowed his head slightly and reached up and caressed my cheek. “I'll do anything if it means I have a chance to get you back.” His eyes seemed to tremble and swell with tears. He sniffled hard and let out a pained exhale as he stared patiently, waiting for a response. I pulled him into a kiss as we entwined ourselves into each other. I was ready to give him that chance. Neither of us spoke for long minutes as we fiercely held each other, tighter than we had before. I hoped I wasn't making a huge mistake. My voice finally broke the silence. “I still can't believe you told Heidi everything.” Ogre nodded against the side of my head. “I had to. What happened wasn't right. It was the only fair thing to do. No matter what would have happened.” “I know it wasn't easy. I'm proud you did it,” I said. I brought his face before mine, stroking his head and crown. The feel of his close haircut was oddly soothing for me. “Shouldn't we tell Eric?” “I want to.” I closed my eyes and breathed deep. “But if Eric finds out that you're at the center of this shit storm, he'll go ballistic. He won't be able to forgive you. I can't handle that right now. Let's let things calm down a bit first.” “Are you sure you want to do that?” “No. But I know I'm right about it.”
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    He couldn’t let it go, Savan thought a few weeks later. This raging desire that burned between him and Cole, it was intoxicating and he couldn’t let it go. Each week that passed, he promised himself it would be the last. He needed to break it off, he needed to walk away before they got too intense. Three weeks later, and he was still sinking deeper. After Takayumi’s show ended, Savan figured his trysts with Cole would dwindle to an end, after all, they weren’t working together anymore. How wrong he’d been. Every night, he ended up at Cole’s penthouse, or Cole ended up at the loft in Bovian Image. What scared him in all this was his growing need to be around Cole. To hear him laugh, or talk about the plans he had for Niad Fashions, or even gripe about his mother’s latest petty projects. It scared him every time he felt compelled to be in the kitchen while Cole cooked. On the weekends they were both free, Cole took him on two-day long trips out of the city. Savan let out a shaky sigh as he finally realized something. He was having a relationship! The sharp sting of pain on his left index finger had him dropping the knife on the chopping board and jumping around cursing loudly. Shaking his finger, he brought it to his mouth, sucking on the painful cut, while he glared at the potatoes on the chopping board. This was harder than he thought. Bloody Cole made cooking look so simple. Moving to the sink, Savan ran water over his finger trying to wash away the blood so that he could see the damage. There was plenty, he noted after a few seconds. Three cuts on his left hand, two of them on his index finger and one on his thumb. Fuck dinner, they could eat out. Turning off the water, Savan left the kitchen and went in search of band-aids in the common bathroom. Cole found him cursing up a storm as he tried to wrap his thumb with the stubborn band-aid he'd found that was supposed to make the cut seal right away. “What happened?” Cole asked, coming into the bathroom and taking his hand for a thorough inspection. “It looks like he was trying to cook.” Liang commented from the doorway. Glancing up from where Cole was blowing his cut, Savan frowned at his best friend. “The last time that happened, I almost had to call the fire brigade.” “Oh, baby, were you trying to make us dinner?” Cole took over the first aid making Savan blush when he dropped a kiss on his thumb before putting the band-aid. Looking up, Savan found Liang laughing silently at the doorway. Making a face at him, Savan showed him the finger behind Cole’s back. Liang doubled over with laughter and had to rush away when Cole finished bandaging Savan’s fingers. “You don’t have to do this to yourself. I don’t mind cooking,” Cole said with a small smile. “Although the idea of you in the kitchen wielding knives is rather sexy. Do you think Liang would mind if I had you on the kitchen counter?” Savan wrapped his arms around Cole’s neck and lifted up to meld their lips together in a kiss. He didn’t know about the kitchen counter, but the bathroom one was quite available right now and a session with Cole might alleviate his sudden irritation. Cole pulled back slightly, his hands resting on Savan’s hips. “I’m starting to think you have a thing for bathrooms.” “I’m not the one who insisted on doing it in a public bathroom last night.” Savan leaned up to kiss and lick at Cole’s neck. Nipping slightly, knowing that it was driving Cole crazy, he pressed a kiss to the spot again. The night before, they'd supposedly gone to the movies, but thirty minutes into it, Cole had dragged him out of the dark theater to the bathroom. “I never got to see the ending of that movie.” Cole hissed at him, using his hold on Savan’s hips to pull him closer so that he could feel how hard he was. “You’re a terrible tease. You needed to be taught a lesson.” “You could have waited until we were home.” Coming up on his toes, Savan fused their mouths together, enjoying the feel of Cole pulling him closer, as he tightened his arms around Cole’s neck. He loved the taste of Cole’s mouth. Melting into the kiss, he closed his eyes as Cole took control. Deepening the kiss, relentlessly exploring his mouth, taking his breath away, he clung tightly to Cole’s broad shoulders wondering if it was possible to be any closer. The darned clothes were in the way. Savan bunched Cole’s shirt in his fingers and moaned. An impressed whistle interrupted his clouded senses. Cole let go of him reluctantly. Pressing his face into Cole’s shoulder, Savan sighed. “What is it, Liang?” “I was wondering what you wanted to do with the potatoes.” “Get screwed,” Savan said, peeking at his best friend over Cole’s shoulder. “I’m not the one who has potatoes decorating every inch of the kitchen. If you’ve had enough, you two should come help me clean up the blood too.” Cole laughed and Savan punched him with his right hand since his left was still stinging from all the cuts. “Laugh all you want, that’s the last time you’ll ever see me try and make you anything to eat.” “Come on, Savan, he’s just teasing you,” Cole said, when Savan pulled out of his arms and headed for the door. “Oh really, well, then you two should be best friends, and you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.” Liang guffawed at the comment, and Cole grumbled. “I didn’t even say anything about the fucking potatoes. Why do I get punished?” Clean up took only a few minutes, Savan was restricted to the island table while Liang and Cole set about making dinner. Apparently, while he’d been chopping his fingers off, the two had gone off grocery shopping together. They teased him mercilessly about his attempt to cook through the whole process. Cole couldn’t stop laughing when he threatened to throw them both off the balcony if they didn’t stop. When dinner was ready, they sat around the island table talking about the upcoming holiday week. Golden week was tough for the salon, since people still wanted to look fabulous on their day offs, Bovian Image remained open while Niad took the week off. “Does that mean we can’t go on vacation together?” Cole asked, looking between Liang and Savan. “You two can’t miss out on the hot spring at our home estate. Come on, it will be a blast, Michael and Antonio are bringing their wives down.” “Unless it’s after Wednesday,” Liang said, popping pieces of fish into his mouth. “Usually, Savan and I run the place with one other assistant until Wednesday. The staff returns on Thursday and we take our off then.” “That will have to do,” Cole said with a sigh. “You’ll love it, and Liang can get to know my family. Savan, when do I get to meet yours? Since you already know everyone in mine, I think I should at least make an effort and pay my respects to your parents.” The glass of water Savan had been sipping dropped on the table. He hadn’t been expecting that. Grabbing the napkins in the holder, he dumped them on the spilled liquid, while he tried to figure out the best way to answer Cole’s question. Liang reached out to right the glass. Amazingly, it hadn’t broken. Pushing his chair back, Savan wiped up the mess. “What?” Cole asked, when they finished and Savan and Liang had taken their seats. “Did I say something wrong?” “No,” Savan said shaking his head. He glanced down at his food. His mind blank, he couldn’t bring up any of the stories he always had ready for this kind of thing. It had been a while since he’d actually had to answer questions about his family, and he didn't want to lie to Cole. “Savan’s parents died when he was young,” Liang came to the rescue. Savan looked at Liang and gave him an appreciative smile before he turned to Cole and shrugged. “It’s no big deal.” “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think—” Cole sighed. “I should have known. You don’t talk about it.” “It’s no big deal,” Savan said again standing up abruptly. “Don’t worry about it.” Unable to keep up the lies, he took his plate to the sink. This was the reason why he shouldn’t be getting closer to Cole. The deception between them was getting difficult. Cole had nothing to hide: he was opening everything in his life to Savan. But he could share nothing about his own life. “Who’s up for a little fun?” he asked abruptly. Anything to get away from all this thinking, he wasn’t cut out for relationships. “Let’s go to Hitoiro. I feel like releasing some steam.” “Savan,” Cole started but Savan stopped him by leaning down and kissing him. The taste of lemons filled his mouth. Savan wondered if Cole tasted his lies, pulling away, he smiled at Cole. “I’ll go take a shower first.” *** Pacing in the security room at Club Hitoiro, Ahmon watched his head of security running the picture he’d gotten from Han through facial recognition software. They’d run it through so many programs he was starting to think he was never going to get the proof he needed. He had his suspicions, but he couldn’t approach his father without proof. If he couldn’t get a positive identification on the picture, they were going to have to keep investigating. “Why are we running this using the club’s cameras?” The head of security asked as he continued to add data from two years back. “I have a hunch,” Ahmon replied. Walking to the windows, Ahmon stared at the Bovian Image building across the street. He was in time to see Liang and Savan emerge from the salon followed by a taller man. They crossed the street and a smile formed on his lips. It looked like he was about to meet Cole Lucianne. Everyone at Bovian Image had been talking about the romance brewing between Cole and Savan. It was pissing him off that Savan had yet to bring the man over. Or maybe he was feeling abandoned. Moving away from the windows, Ahmon was about to leave the room to go meet Savan when his head of security exclaimed. “Boss, we have a match.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, he just walked in.” Ahmon let out a relieved sigh moving closer to the monitor to stare at the confirmation blinking on the screen. “This stays between you and me. If it goes beyond us, there will be consequences. Do you understand?” “Yes sir.” “Delete the research, hand me the original copy of that confirmation. No other documentation is necessary, and report straight to the Ashika consortium house to watch Han. I’ll call you for further instructions.” After a few taps on the keyboard, the man handed Ahmon a small memory card. Ahmon waited for him to corrupt the hard drives. He didn’t care about cost, replacing would be the only way to help Savan, no, SarEr. He could barely stop his excitement. When they finished, they left the security room and he urged one of his men to drive the head of security down to Ginza. Taking the elevator down to the second floor, he located Savan immediately. He was on the dance floor with two of the waitresses. The deejay had just finished warming up the crowd and was now spinning full-blown dance music. He’d missed Savan’s energy. There were nights Savan came into the club to dance and get as drunk as he could. Immersing himself into the loud atmosphere, as though he was trying to forget. Ahmon fingered the memory card in his pocket. It all made sense now. It was hard to imagine that the long lost heir to the largest corporation in Asia was standing right there and he could say nothing. Ahmon couldn't even alert Savan that he knew who he was. “You’re staring.” Liang came up beside him pulling him out of his disturbing thoughts. “You’re pissing off his boyfriend.” “He’ll get used to it,” Ahmon said dismissively. If Savan was SarEr, then Liang had to be the boy from the Lee family, the dead girl’s brother. Liang was Zun. He fought the need to ask that question and instead brought up their previous encounter. “Is he alright? He’s been avoiding me. You did tell him there was no harm done that night.” “Yeah, he’s fine.” Liang dropped a heavy hand over his shoulder. “You had better be supportive of his relationship with Cole. I like the person he is when he’s around Lucianne.” “As opposed to whom he is when he comes to me.” “Yes,” Liang said. “I’m not exempt in this, Ahmon. Cole is good for him.” “We’ll have to see about that,” Ahmon said. “But, for now, I don’t think I’m the one Lucianne has to worry about. Looks to me like Savan is about to let it go on the dance floor with that woman.” “Wait for it,” Liang said leaning on him. “Cole is the jealous types.” Cole had managed to navigate through the crowd and was now standing right behind Savan. To Ahmon’s surprise, Cole didn’t miss a beat, fitting his body to Savan’s shorter one, he held on to Savan’s hips, grinding his own into Savan. Savan leaned back against Cole, eyes closed, his lower lip caught in his teeth. He looked aroused, all that blonde hair falling over his handsome face in jagged edges. His slender body encased in black leather and a slim fitting shirt. Cole was all kinds of man in jeans that hugged his ass to perfection. “I hope you have a license for indecent exposure,” Liang teased when Savan turned after a few minutes and seemed to wrap himself around Cole. “Those two don’t know when to stop when they get started.” “You’re not making it easy,” Ahmon said with a sigh. He could never get Savan to be that open with him even on the dance floor. The couple kissed, and he felt a sharp stab in his heart. So that was how it was. “Fine, whatever, I’ll give them space.” Liang chuckled and winked. “I don’t think there is anything else we can do right now.” *** The night they returned from their visit to Cole’s family home, Cole insisted they stay over at his pent house. Savan didn’t want to leave Cole after their fabulous weekend together. He urged Liang to stay over at the penthouse too. Liang took one of the guest rooms and after a light dinner, they all turned in for bed early, anticipating a busy morning the next day. Cole made love to him that night with his usual intensity. Savan fell asleep afterwards content in his lover's arms. Savan wasn’t sure what made him wake up deep in the night. He moved to sit up in a panic. Before he could fully come up, a hand clamped over his mouth and his head slammed down to the pillow. Eyes wide, his hands coming up to fight off the hand at his mouth, he froze when he felt the barrel of a gun against his forehead, and the owner of the hand pressed a knee to his chest. “Shh…” the masked intruder said. Turning his head slightly, Savan turned to his left, hoping to find Cole asleep. Shadows moved in the room and the lights came on. Savan felt everything inside him still at the sight of five men standing around the bed. All of them wore black masks, each armed with a gun. The man standing close to Cole pulled out a syringe out of Cole’s arm and Savan shook his head in terror. “Come with us, or he gets hurt, make your choice. I want a single nod, and no talking when I let go of you.” The words barely reached his ears, all he could think about was keeping Cole safe. Closing his eyes, Savan gave a single nod and the man holding him down eased his hold on him slowly. The gun didn’t move as they flung clothes at him. Taking the jeans, he pulled them on under the covers, and sat up to pull the white t-shirt on. Turning to make sure Cole was alive; he shrugged off the hand that clamped his right shoulder in warning. He couldn't leave without knowing that Cole was still breathing. Pressing a finger to Cole’s pulse on his neck, relief flooded him when he felt a strong beat. Pulling the sheet up to cover Cole, he pressed a kiss on his forehead and got off the bed. His captors grabbed his arms and led him out of the bedroom, their footsteps so silent, it felt like he was dreaming. ***
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    The Journey of Jacob and Kyle Chapter #3: This Changes Everything Time line: Friday Jacob could feel the bitter cold trying to penetrate his skin like pins and needles. The air surrounding his body felt damp and cool to the touch, which caused his entire body to start shivering uncontrollably. Naturally his body reacted to these cold frigid temperatures by turning every part of his body into goose bumps. Considering that he didn’t have any idea of where he even was, he placed out his hands and waved them wildly in front of him; this was his attempt at feeling what was around him, with the strict intent of making sure that there wasn’t something in his path that he would inadvertently walk into and hurt himself. When he was confident in knowing that it was clear for him to move, he took a step forward blindly into the abyss; which was the darkness that was surrounding him. He shifted his weight about from his other leg and felt as his foot started to displace something soft, which evidently resulted in his foot sinking deeper into this unknown substance. To some small degree, Jacob thought that it might have been mud that was trying to seep in between his toes, but he wasn’t a hundred percent sure of that. And seeing as he was still unable to figure out where was, even after feeling around this weird, yet extremely mysterious place, he frantically tried to look around his surroundings, but it was simply too dark to see anything; he couldn’t even manage to see an inch in front of him. So Jacob figured that he would attempt to take another step forward, but when he had done so, he felt like his feet were somehow sticking to the ground, which caused him to almost fall over. Although he was quick to shift his weight back to his other leg to re-establish his balance, and in doing so, he quickly stabilized himself and regained his composure. Jacob soon came to his wits’ end and became fed up with not being able to see a damn thing in front of him; in addition he was somewhat curious as to why the floor was so sticky. Thus he decided that he would try to find his light switch so that he could see again. So he reached out his right hand and tried to find something that he could grab a hold of to help guide him. But he found something that he didn’t expect to find; which was a sharp object that poked his finger and caused him to yelp aloud. “Ouch! What the hell was that?” Jacob was quick to respond to this sudden painful prick on his finger, and he swiftly shoved it deep into his mouth to help soothe the pain. But immediately after, he got a taste of his own blood, which had begun to drip onto his tongue. “Oh shit, I’m bleeding,” he said, still suckling on his finger. “Who’s there?” called out a formless male voice through the darkness. “Matthew is that you?” beckoned Jacob out into the direction of the voice. “No I’m not Matthew. Are you Matthew?” replied the voice. “No I’m Jacob. Who are you? And what the heck are you doing in my room?” barked Jacob, while he tried to figure out who this unknown voice was. “I’m Kyle. And what do you mean this is your room? This is my …… prison,” sobbed the voice. “If this is a prison then where are all the steel barred cells?” asked Jacob. “Some prisons aren't the physical kind,” said Kyle in a low voice. “I don’t understand,” thought Jacob, while looking around his surroundings and trying to get his eyes to somehow adjust to the darkness that was surrounding him. It felt so foreboding to Jacob; it made him feel like he was about to be attacked at any moment by some unknown force. It truly was an eerie place for Jacob; it was like some sort of raw emotion was being projected onto him from every facet around him, or possibly by the mere atmosphere of this place. Emotionally Jacob felt like all of the happiness inside of him was being drained from him; which left him feeling like an empty shell of sadness. He believed that this wasn’t by his own doing, but the place of which was quite possibly holding Kyle captive in this state of disillusion, or despair. In Jacob’s desperation, he tried harder to get his eyes to focus on his surroundings, hoping in some way that he would be able to get a better look as to what was around him and where in the world he even was. For this reason, he turned his body around and looked behind him, which almost caused him to fall over again. Off in the distance he could see a very dim light that was desperately trying to cut through the darkness. “Kyle where are you?” beckoned Jacob back through the darkness, but when he received no reply, he yelled, “Talk to me so I can find you … Please! …” “I’m over here,” said Kyle, directing Jacob to come deeper into the darkness and away from the dim light. Jacob tried his best to move forward as he struggled to fight his way through this sticky substance; carefully moving a foot at a time and getting closer and closer by the second. But something was amiss, because with each step he took towards Kyle; the light seemed to intensify. Eventually Jacob began to see the outline of a small boy that was beginning to emerge out in front of him; he eyed him carefully and began to see Kyle’s body starting to slip out from the shadows and into the light, which had begun to illuminate him in its wonderful glow. With Jacob now able to see Kyle more clearly, he noticed that there was something very different about his little boy wonder; Kyle seemed to be much smaller in size and he even looked considerably younger. When Jacob had fully reached Kyle, he stood standing directly over him and noticed just how much the light had increased in its intensity; he was now able to see everything, including the vines which seemed to have thousands of thorns protruding off of them and a mud based floor. It didn’t take long for Jacob to start making sense of the imagery that his eyes were showing him, and he soon realized that he was in some sort of cave and just like that; it all came swiftly rushing into his mind … “Kyle’s Picture!” … ******************************************************************************** “Holy shit! What in the bloody hell was that all about?” thought Jacob, sitting up swiftly in his bed almost like his ass had been set on fire. Carefully he began removing his covers from over his body and threw them down onto the floor. He got out from his bed and swung his feet out and onto the floor. “That was freaking intense,” muttered Jacob under his breath, while wiping the sweat that had accumulated from his forehead with his hand. He then gave a quick rub to his eyes to get the Sandman’s dust out. “Is that what Kyle’s picture truly means? That he’s somehow in prison? Why would anyone choose to be in such a dark place like that? Or is he quite possibly trapped where he feels like he has no means of escape? But escape from what?” he thought deeply concerned. But then he started to talk to himself, “Okay Jacob … it was only a dream. He will eventually tell you what the picture means – I just really hope that it’s sooner than later.” Slowly Jacob started to become aware of his surroundings. He began looking around his room and quickly glanced over towards Matthew, who he found to be totally and utterly buck naked. “When the fuck did that happen? Wait, where the hell are his damn clothes?” he thought, while looking back over towards his alarm clock, which read five forty-two am. He then walked to the other side of his bed and found Matthew’s clothes thrown off to the side, resting in a bunched up mess. Matthew was definitely lucky that Jacob had awoken before their mother and father had; because what would they have possibly thought if they walked in on them being in the same bed, let alone both of them naked. Jacob was without a shadow of a doubt completely and utterly pissed off with Matthew, words couldn’t describe his mere stupidity, or so Jacob felt. He became filled with anger and began to shake his brother’s small frame with his bare hands to try and wake him up from his restful sleep. “Dude what the hell man!? When did you take your damn clothes off?” asked Jacob in a hushed tone, so that he wouldn’t wake anyone else up. “Well good morning to you too!” said Matthew, yawning and rubbing his eyes. “I honestly didn’t think you’d mind. You were naked after all and all of that snuggling we were doing throughout the night was making me feel very hot – you produce a lot of body heat you know. And most of all, I felt like I was overheating, so that’s why I took them off. Are you mad at me?” Jacob almost immediately began to feel his anger lose its grip over him. So he sat back down on his bed and began to rub Matthew’s back with his hand. “No I’m not mad at you,” said Jacob sincerely. “It’s just that you really freaked me out. Like what if mom or dad came in, you know what I mean?” “Yeah I suppose you’re right,” said Matthew, reaching down to grab his underwear from the floor. He then got himself out of Jacob’s bed and put on his undies to cover his cute, cut wiener. “Hey Matthew, I don’t think that I’m going to be able to sleep anymore since I’ve slept, what … nine hours now, give or take? So I’m going to go hop into the shower, but you can continue to sleep here if you really want to,” said Jacob, while grabbing out a clean pair of underwear from his top dresser drawer. When Jacob found a pair of undies that he fancied, he put them on and left out into the hallway towards the bathroom. While he made his way towards the bathroom, he observed his surroundings and noticed the true gentleness of the morning and how quiet it really was this early in the day. He truly loved this peaceful serenity in the silence. But with that notwithstanding, he continued to make his way towards the bathroom, but soon spotted the Speedo that Kyle had worn laying outside of the bathroom. Jacob reflected on its placement for a moment and thought that he must have dropped it during his and Kyle’s little kissing session. Jacob looked down at the ‘Speedo,’ and it made him smile; inside and out. Only yesterday he would have never imagined that this would have happened to him, even in his wildest dreams. But the reality of the whole matter was that he had made a promise to Matthew in making sure that they got cleaned after Kyle had used them. In some respects, he felt careless in leaving them on the floor like he had, even if he did it unknowingly. So he bent down and picked up the Speedo from the floor and brought it to his nose to take a long solid whiff, hoping in some way that he could get the scent of Kyle from them. But all he smelt was the remnants of chlorine, which was overpowering to his nose. “Shit,” he thought, walking into the bathroom and closing the door, locking it in the process. Jacob walked over towards the shower stall and turned the knobs, and set it to where he felt that it would be a comfortable temperature for him. Once he was satisfied, he closed the shower door and returned his gaze back to the Speedo and smiled about how tight they had looked on Kyle’s sexy body, but there was truly nothing wrong with that either, because it gave him the chance to see everything that he desired to see; it was definitely better than just fantasizing about it. And now he knew exactly what Kyle really had and he really liked what he saw with his very own eyes. Jacob slowly tried to place the Speedo into the hamper, but he was finding it difficult letting go of it. Considering he deeply desired to cherish these moments forever, but ultimately he knew that he needed to let go, so with a long exasperating sigh, he released the Speedo into the hamper and turned face towards the toilet to take his good old morning piss into the awaiting toilet bowl. When he had finished peeing, he gave his boyhood a good shake, which he always seemed to do, but he always did it in a manner like he was playing with himself. Next he looked over towards the mirror and decided that he wanted to go see what his hair looked like. Sure enough it looked like a tornado had its way with it; some hairs were sticking right up towards the ceiling, while others were pointing out to the side, it looked so funny, even to Jacob. His bangs were getting long, so much so that it was starting to hide his ears beneath the bush that he called his hair, but it didn’t bother him too much, because he loved it at this length. The only problem with it was in the mornings it had looked like that. By now the steam from the shower was starting to fog up the mirror. So he turned around and walked over towards the shower stall to readjust the temperature, until it was perfect. Jacob then stripped off his underwear from his body and hopped into the shower. But as soon as he got inside he positioned his back directly under the shower nozzle and felt the warm water running down over his entire body. He quickly closed his eyes and felt the water run down from his back, down through his butt crack, before finally falling down into the drain. Jacob found it to be really refreshing as the water soothed his muscles and started helping him relax. After several minutes, Jacob opened his eyes and went to grab for the shampoo bottle from the ledge. He quickly tipped the bottle over and began pouring some of it into his awaiting hand, before finally putting it into his hair and lathering it up. With the lather that remained on his hands, he took it and put it onto the few pubes that he did possess and even put some into his crack as well as he wanted to be sure that even those hairs got cleaned too. Not long afterward he began to feel as the lather bubbles exploded and started to tickle his puckered butt hole. “Holy shit this feels amazing!” he thought swiftly. Jacob had never really thought of putting lather into his crack before, but in that moment it felt like the right thing to do; ever since he had started high school he was getting more and more concerned about smelling from every part of his body. At least he figured that anyone in their right mind would want their butt hole to smell nice. But when the lather bubbles had all but dissipated, he stepped back under the nozzle to spray off any soap residue that may have remained on his body. Next he reached for the body wash and started to pour it into his hand. Soon after, he stepped out from under the shower nozzle and started to rub it all over his body. But when he reached his boyhood, he started to use this slippery substance all over it, letting his fingers slip back and forth over his boyhood; which caused his boyhood to start growing and pulsate within his hand. Eventually Jacob began to think that using the body wash to jerk off was so much better than jerking off with just dry hands, which he would normally do. “I’ll have to remember this,” he thought as he continued to pump his hand back and forth over his hard boyhood. But when he was getting close to releasing his boyhood seed, he felt something deep down inside of him tell him not to release it here and now. He didn’t quite know why, but he stopped playing with himself instantly and continued to rub the body wash over the rest of his body. By the time he had finished scrubbing all over his whole body, he was white with thick soapy residue. Jacob didn’t know what had gotten into him, but he felt really giddy and excited, which made him proceed to sticking out his index finger and point it at his chest to use it as a pen. Firstly he began to write the letter, “I” up around his nipples, then he moved down to the middle of his chest and drew a “heart,” and after moving his finger one final time, he started to write the word, “Kyle,” around his belly button. It felt like the right thing for him to do, considering he had deep feelings for Kyle and every part of him hoped and wished that things would go even further. But after having his fun drawing upon his body, he decided to step back under the nozzle to wash off any leftover soap residue that remained lingering on his body. Now that he was clean, he made his way out of the shower. Jacob was quick to grab for a towel from the holder and attempted to dry off any remaining water droplets that lingered on his body. When he was finally dried off, he made his way over towards the mirror and gave it a quick wipe with his left hand to remove the fogginess from its surface. He glared at himself curiously in the mirror and admired his own naked body; he liked what he saw, and he somewhat hoped that Kyle liked his body as much as he did. “You’re such a sexy boy. Look at that sweet looking bum of yours … Mm hmm … sexy just emanates from you. Seriously, what boy wouldn’t want you?” he thought, while brushing his hair at a distance so that he could still see himself fully naked in the mirror. “Are you done in there yet Jacob?” said his father through the door. “Yes dad, I’m just finishing up now,” said Jacob, while throwing on his fresh pair of undies. Jacob opened the bathroom door dressed in only his undies and walked passed his father, but said, “Good morning,” in passing. When he got inside of his room, he found Matthew still sound asleep. He quickly took notice to Matthew’s huge smile that happened to be radiating across his brothers face and figured that he must have been enjoying whatever he was dreaming about. Jacob slowly made his way over towards his bed and lifted up the covers and saw that Matthew’s undies were indeed tented with a morning wood. “Yup,” he thought. “A sexy dream it must be. I think I’ll let him enjoy his dream, because I really hate being woken up when I’m dreaming something really good.” He then made his way over towards his dresser so that he could try and find something to wear. The first shirt he picked out from the pile in his drawer was a black t-shirt that had the words, “To Write Love On Her Arms,” written across the front, which he’d actually received as a gift from a friend last year in junior high. His friend had told him that in some way this shirt was special. That it was made by this organization and their message was that, “You were created to love and be loved. You were meant to live life in relationships with other people; to know and be known. You need to know that your story is important and that you're part of a bigger story. You need to know that your life matters.” At this present moment in time, Jacob felt like this shirt was the perfect choice to wear after the dream he had last night, or at least before he was awoken by it. So he threw the t-shirt over his head and down his slender frame and instantly started feeling like he was somehow a walking billboard of love; it made him feel a little awkward but he truly believed in the message it portrayed. Pants didn’t really much matter to Jacob, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, so he simply picked out the first pair that he could find and put them on. When he was fully dressed, he felt ready for the challenges that today could possibly pose and he exited his room to go downstairs to find something to eat. When he walked into the kitchen, he found his mother sitting at the kitchen table drinking her morning cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. “Good morning Jacob. Are you feeling better today?” asked his mother sincerely. “Much better,” announced Jacob. “It’s really amazing what a good night sleep can do for you and a great hot shower to boot.” “Well it better have been great! Because you’ve been in there for over thirty minutes,” said his mother. “What? Seriously? What freaking time is it,” asked Jacob, looking over at the clock above the stove. “Holy shit! It’s already six eighteen? I suppose I was in there longer than I thought – man does time fly sometimes,” he thought swiftly. “Are you hungry Jacob? Did you want me to make you something to eat?” asked his mother, breaking his thought process. “Sure mom,” said Jacob politely. “That would really be great. But can we have pancakes with some blueberries and chocolate chips?” “Sure, I suppose that would be fine. It’s your favorite isn’t it?” asked his mother. “Yup! But I think Matthew loves them too,” said Jacob, watching his mother get out of her chair and walking over towards the fridge to grab some eggs. “So what did you boys even do all day yesterday?” asked his mother, reaching for the pancake batter in the cupboard. Jacob started by telling her about how his first period class had went, making sure that he left out the part about him having the hots for Kyle. How they ate their lunches together and how he eventually invited Kyle over after school had finished. He then went on to tell her that they went swimming in the pool, making sure he said that Matthew let Kyle wear his Speedo so he could go swimming. Until she had called and said that she was going to be late getting home. And even how Kyle had inadvertently forgotten to call his mother and tell her where he was, and how Kyle thought that he was going to be in a lot of trouble. Jacob’s mother seemed to gasp at the sound of Kyle not telling his mother where he was, because her face contorted into a look of horror, almost like, “Oh no he didn’t!” and then she just seemed to look deeply concerned. Jacob noticed the look on his mothers face and swiftly said, “No, it was okay mom, she was really worried yes, but he didn’t get into much trouble, well not that I know of anyhow.” Jacob also failed to mention the part about where he had been upstairs and how they’d kissed each other and anything closely related to that event. In closing he told his mother that Kyle’s mom had come and got him and that shortly after he had left, she arrived home. “Well, I’m really happy that you had fun yesterday. You really like Kyle don’t you?” asked his mother nonchalantly. Jacob’s brain instantly went into overload and did a tailspin from this question; which caused his mind to speed up for a split second as he began to wonder if she somehow knew about something that he wasn’t even aware of. “Yeah, he’s cool I suppose,” said Jacob, trying not to lead onto anything. Not even a second after Jacob had finished his sentence, he began to hear the wood in the stairs start to give way a little. Shortly after he heard a young boy’s voice speak. “Good morning mom,” said Matthew, walking into the kitchen to join them in nothing but his undies. But that’s not to say that this wasn’t abnormal for either of them. Jacob took a quick glance over towards Matthew and then returned his attention back to his mother, but he soon did a double take back towards Matthew and swiftly noticed that his brother was still harnessing his morning wood. And without giving any attempt to say a word, Jacob grabbed Matthew by the wrist and turned him towards himself. He swiftly pointed down at his brother’s extremely tented undies to draw attention to what he was sporting. Matthew instantly clued in and realized what Jacob was implying and he bolted from their sight and ran quickly back upstairs. “What was all of that about?” asked his mother. “Oh it’s nothing mom. He just forgot that he needed to cut down a forest,” said Jacob giggling, trying his best not to let on what really was the problem. “I don’t get it. What is that supposed to mean? Is that some sort of new slang word you kids are using these days?” asked his mother. “No mom it’s not, you’ll never understand,” said Jacob giggling yet again. “So is breakfast ready yet mom?” asked Jacob, feeling as his stomach began to rumble and twist into knots. “Very soon my little impatient son!” said his mother smiling. Jacob heard the stairs begin to creak again, and he somewhat expected to see Matthew fully dressed this time around, but instead he was greeted by his father entering into the kitchen with Matthew following not too far behind. Matthew had managed to put on some slick looking pajama bottoms and a plain t-shirt. Their father on the other hand was only wearing his black bathrobe. They then walked over towards the dining room table and sat themselves down. But after a few moments Jacob’s father looked over at his two sons and asked, “So did you boys happen to hear that thunderstorm last night?” “Sure did dad,” said Jacob looking over at Matthew, thinking if he should mention to his father that Matthew was a scaredy-cat and ran into his room. But he decided that it would probably somehow end up making things worst. “Nope I slept right through it,” lied Matthew, looking over at Jacob and making his face look like an evil eyed monster. “Breakfast is ready boys – eat up,” said their mother, placing down their plates in front of them. A stack of four pancakes now sat in front of everyone, they were perfectly browned and looked very fluffy and perfectly circular. Jacob thought that they looked very scrumptious even before he’d taken his first bite. He quickly grabbed for the maple syrup which was sitting in the middle of the table and doused his pancakes into a soupy syrup mess. Like his mother would have said, he inhaled them. Matthew had only eaten one of his pancakes by the time Jacob had finished everything placed down in front of him. Matthew gave a look over towards Jacob by raising his eyebrows and mouthing, “Holy shit dude!” Since Jacob was finished eating, he got up and took his plate over to the sink to rinse it off. After he had finished washing off his plate, he returned back to his chair and waited for everyone else to finish eating. “So what did you end up doing yesterday dad?” asked Jacob, while his father was getting up from his chair to place his plate into the sink. “What you mean other then pulling a double shift at the factory? Nothing … absolutely nothing at all,” said their father bitterly. “Well I’m sorry I even asked then,” barked Jacob bitterly back to his father. “I’m sorry Jacob,” said their father sincerely. “I didn’t mean to sound bitter. It’s just that I would have rather spent my time home with you boys,” concluded their father, getting himself ready to head upstairs to change for work. His father’s words made him feel like a complete jerk for what he had just said to him. So he got up from his chair, with Matthew following in his brother’s lead and went over to give their father a hug before he even had a chance to get up the stairs. “Thank you boys I really needed that,” said their father, continuing on with his original plan and headed up the stairs. “Matthew honey, are you going to go take your shower now?” asked their mother. “Uh no … I had one last night, remember?” replied Matthew. “Oh yes, sorry I forgot about that,” said their mother, while they came back and sat down at the kitchen table. The three of them just sat around talking about general things of this and that, until it was almost time for them to get ready to leave for school. Their mother seemed to quickly take notice that Matthew was still in only his pajamas and swiftly instructed him to go get changed into some proper attire for school. Jacob decided to follow Matthew upstairs, although not to get changed, but to go and brush his teeth and to double check on how his hair looked. But instead of Matthew heading straight for his bedroom to change his clothes, he followed Jacob into the bathroom to brush his teeth also. “I guess we were thinking the same thing,” thought Jacob. “So are you excited about Kyle coming over again today?” asked Matthew enthused. “Very excited,” said Jacob, biting onto his toothbrush. “Do you think that it’s possible I could hang out with you guys today?” asked Matthew. “Oh I don’t know about that Matthew,” said Jacob, considering he wasn’t even sure if Kyle and him needed to talk about what had happened yesterday, or maybe not for all he knew. But for that matter, he was absolutely fine with what had happened, but the question of the hour was; is Kyle okay with what happened. “Well I really just wanted to be able to hang out with you guys. I guess I’ll just have to see if Nicolas wants to hang out after school,” said Matthew in the saddest voice Jacob had ever heard. “I’m really sorry Matthew,” said Jacob sincerely. “But today I need it to just be him and me. And I promise you that we’ll all hang out together some other time.” “Do you pinkie promise?” questioned Matthew. “I promise,” replied Jacob, extending out his finger. Almost instantly, Matthew lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Jacob’s neck and gave him a tight brotherly hug. Although when Matthew had finally released Jacob from his grasp, he grabbed for his toothbrush and quickly began to brush his teeth. Matthew finished brushing his teeth before Jacob had and swiftly left to go get himself ready for school. Whereas Jacob finished shortly after and left to go get some socks from his dresser drawer. After he had his socks on he went back downstairs to ask his mother a question. “Hey mom what time can I expect you to be home tonight?” asked Jacob, walking into the kitchen. “Oh honey, I’m not sure. We’ve been pretty busy at the office lately and I think they’ll need for all of us to stay even later tonight,” said his mother, frowning. “And what about dad?” asked Jacob, fishing to see how much time Kyle and him would hopefully have alone after school. “He has to pull another double shift at the factory again tonight. So he probably won’t be home until late as well – I guess it’ll just be you, Kyle and Matthew tonight then huh?” explained his mother. “Well it’s funny you should say that, because Matthew told me that he was planning on visiting Nicolas after school. So it’s probably only going to be just Kyle and me,” said Jacob, smirking at his mother like an evil mastermind. “Well I suppose in that case – don’t go burning down the house while we’re gone,” said his mother, laughing hysterically. “Anyway, I’m going to pull out some frozen pizza from the freezer for you boys to make for dinner. But if Kyle would like to spend the night with us, then that will be fine too. And to be quite honest, you haven’t brought many friends home with you before and I think that it would be good for you to spend some more time with Kyle. Well – that’s if you want to.” A light came on Jacob’s head; he hadn’t thought of asking Kyle to spend the night over. “Shit that would be so cool,” he thought, wishing he had thought of it himself instead of his mother. “That would be really cool mom! Thanks for the idea,” said Jacob, smiling at his mother with glee. “Well you better get ready to head out for school, it’s almost time to leave,” said his mother, before turning her head and looking up towards the stairs. “‘MATTHEW! HURRY UP IT’S TIME TO GO!’” The sound of Matthew’s feet flying down the steps could be heard echoing throughout the kitchen; soon Matthew reached the last step and almost tripped, falling face first. “Whoops!” said Matthew giggling. “It’s alright mom, I’m ready to go – don’t worry.” Since they were both fully dressed, they walked towards the front door to grab their shoes and backpacks. They quickly sat themselves down onto the floor and began placing their shoes onto their feet. Once their shoes were tied; they were ready to leave. But they couldn’t possibly leave without saying goodbye to their mother, so they called out to her in the kitchen, “Bye mom! We’ll see you later.” ******************************************************************************** “Kyle honey, it’s time for you to get up for school,” beckoned his mother, while she opened up the bedroom door. She then walked into his room and realized that he was already awake. “What are you doing up already? Are you having trouble sleeping again honey?” “Sort of, I’ve kind of been awake since five forty-two am,” said Kyle, half eyeballing his mother and half looking at the wall. “That’s a really weird hour to be waking up honey. Did you have another bad dream?” asked his mother concerned. She looked over at her precious son and sat down beside him to listen to what he had to say. “Yeah I did have a bad dream, well sort of. It was kinda different than all my usual ones,” said Kyle, still staring at the wall across his room. “Honey what are you looking at?” asked his mother, looking over at the wall too. But all she was able to see was Kyle’s closet door, which was slightly ajar, his computer desk which had a small CD sitting on top and a poster of “Pearl Jam”. “Sorry, I’m just a little distracted,” said Kyle, looking back at his mother with his precious blue eyes. “Is there something that’s bothering you honey? You can tell me you know,” said his mother in a concerned tone, reaching out her hands and gripping Kyle’s cheeks in her palms. Kyle shook his head no and went on to tell her about his dream. “I know it’s going to sound a little weird mom. But I saw this boy dressed in armor, kind of like what you would see in one of those old British films in medieval times. The boy was wearing a full suit of armor too and I kind of thought he was like a knight or something. Eventually he fought his way to get closer to me and the weird part about all of it was while he was fighting, the light that was around him seemed to increase with each step he took forward. And when he finally reached me, the light that he’d brought with him; it chased away the darkness.” “Were you scared of him? Did he try and hurt you at all?” asked his mother concerned. “No mom, he made me feel really safe and I felt this peace come over me. I wasn’t scared of him at all, I don’t know why, but he didn’t seem dangerous at all,” said Kyle, looking at his mother with his eyes filling with tears. “Well it was just a dream, it’s over now baby. But we can’t just lay around dwelling about it all day now can we? So how about you get up and I’ll go make you some breakfast. How does that sound honey?” asked his mother. “That’s sounds good mom. But can I ask you for a favor? Do you think that I can have fifty dollars?” asked Kyle nervously, hoping and praying that she would say yes. “What do you need fifty dollars for honey?” inquired his mother. “I really want to be able to go to the mall after school and buy a present,” said Kyle, almost like he was pleading with his mother to give him the money. “Well I suppose I could do that baby. You’ve been pretty well behaved lately and other than the incident yesterday you’ve been doing great,” said his mother. Kyle became so excited that he jumped out from under his covers and wrapped his arms around his mother; he was so filled with joy that he was going to be able to buy something very special for Jacob. But in the mix of it all, he had completely forgotten that he had gone to bed completely and utterly naked. “Um, honey? Why are you … naked?” questioned his mother awkwardly, which caused her to jump off from his bed and into shock. “‘OH SHIT!’” screamed Kyle, quickly jumping back underneath his covers. “I’m sorry mom. I was just so hot last night, I was only trying to cool myself off.” “Okay I believe you. But next time, please try and remember for mommy’s sake, or you’re going to give her a heart attack,” said his mother, getting herself ready to leave the room so that she could give him a little time to cover himself up. When his mother had left the room to go downstairs, he jumped back out from under his covers and walked over towards his dresser to pick out some clothes to wear. Firstly he went and grabbed for a t-shirt that he’d only got a few days previous. On the front of the shirt it said, “Duh! Winning!” which was clearly a Charlie Sheen reference. He’d gotten a pretty good deal on it, considering he was now just some wash up in show business. But with all those things considered, he mostly wanted to wear it because it was really fitting to his present mood. Next he went scouting for a pair of clean undies and eventually decided on wearing a pair of blue ones with red trim around the edges. But when he spotted his favorite pair of cargo pants in the next drawer, it was a no contest. With everything he needed to wear for school picked out, he got himself dressed and quickly grabbed a fresh pair of socks prior to exiting out into the hallway to head for the bathroom. After taking his morning pee, he reached down towards his flaccid boyhood to start jerking off, but when he did so, he got a gut feeling that he shouldn’t jerk off this morning, which was his usual routine. So he simply flushed the toilet and started to make his way downstairs. His mother had already begun making breakfast for the both of them when he entered into the kitchen. Seeing that it wasn’t quite ready yet, he sat himself down at the kitchen table to wait for his mother to serve the French toast that she was making. After several moments, Kyle’s mind began to think about his past and his mouth started to speak without much thought. “Mom, I was kind of wondering about something. Do you ever think about dad?” asked Kyle, catching his mother off her guard that she exhaled slowly through her nose and took a drawn out pause before she decided to respond. “No honey I don’t,” said his mother blankly. “Why not?” demanded Kyle, pushing the boundaries that had never been crossed before. “Because KYLE! What kind of a father would just pack up his things and leave us like that, especially without even saying a damn word to you and leaving us to fend for ourselves,” yelled his mother at the top of her lungs towards the wall in front of her. “He’s a selfish son of a bitch and I HATE HIM FOR WHAT HE’S ––” Kyle watched as his mother struggled to regain her composure, she waited for several minutes before she calmed down enough to speak again. “Honey, I know that he hurt you and it deeply hurts me that he hurt you the way he did,” said his mother calm and collected, trying her best to control her anger. “But he was just a coward that couldn’t handle the truth, er, pressure I suppose.” “Mom you know why he left don’t you?” said Kyle, feeling like she was somehow hiding a part of the story from him and since he wasn’t getting a response, he soon started yelling at his mother. “‘MOM!’ I’m not some little boy anymore. You need to stop calling me ‘Honey’, ‘Baby’ and every other childish reference you like to call me by. I’m not your little ten year old boy anymore! You know why he left NOW TELL ME! PLEASE!” “Baby I –” said his mother, but Kyle cut her off. “MOM PLEASE STOP CALLING ME BABY! I NEED TO KNOW, I DESERVE TO KNOW,” cried out Kyle with tears running down his face. “Kyle I’m sorry but I just can’t do this right now. Please give me some time, I will tell you everything you want to know, just not right now,” said his mother, struggling to fight back her own tears. When Kyle saw her tears; he felt guilty because he had lost control of himself. “Listen Kyle, I don’t want you to feel guilty or sad over all of this. I’m still here for you no matter what. I love you very much, hon – Kyle,” said his mother, staring deep into his eyes. “I will never leave you Kyle, EVER! Did you not just hear what I said? ‘I will never leave you Kyle,’ I love you too much.” She reached out towards her son; grabbing him from behind his neck and pulled him closer to her body. She then wrapped her arms around him and embraced him in a tight and very much needed hug. When she finally loosened her grip around him, she kissed him several times all over his face. “I heard you mom and I love you too,” said Kyle, hugging her back as tight as he could, without actually hurting her. When his mother had released him fully from her grasp, she looked a fright, the stress of the past few minutes was clearly written all over her face; it was beet red and showed of her emotional overload, with even her eyes looking empty and drained. She walked slowly over towards the stove, collected her thoughts and tried her best to calm down her nerves. After exhaling some air through her mouth she began to calm down and reached for the French toast that was still on the burner, she removed it from the heating element and dished it out onto a plate for Kyle to eat. Kyle was quick to put some maple syrup onto his French toast prior to eating everything set out in front of him; he was really hungry to say the least. Although once he was settled and had his fill, he pushed away his plate and began to think. But by doing so, he started to feel emotionally drained from what had transpired between him and his mother; he felt deeply bothered that his mother was still trying to hide things from him. He was now a freshman in high school after all, and yet, she still tried to treat him like he was a juvenile. “Honey – er, Kyle. Here’s the fifty dollars you wanted. Try and have a good day at school and please make sure you call me before you leave to go to the mall. But especially when you get to Jacob and Matthew’s house too,” said his mother calm and collected. “I will mom, try not to worry so much and I’m really sorry if I made you upset,” sobbed Kyle. “No it’s alright Kyle, you deserve to know. I should have been better prepared, much sooner in fact. Now please go and get ready for school,” said his mother. “Okay mom,” said Kyle, getting up from his chair and making his way upstairs to brush his teeth. Kyle finished in the bathroom rather quickly; he brushed his teeth, checked his hair, put some deodorant on and left for his room to grab his backpack, which he had set down at the end of his bed. But while grabbing for his bag, his mind began to think about how this day had started for him and especially about what happened downstairs; he felt a bit down, sad even. But at the end of the day Kyle knew that he would have a lot of things happening today and he really didn’t want this bad start to affect his entire day. Kyle was also very happy too, because his mother had given him the money he asked for; he was really excited to be able to buy something for Jacob. It was truly something special that he was planning to buy and Kyle was really looking forward to spending some more time with Jacob too. He really hoped that today would turn out like he was planning, one of which he could think back to in ten years. So he quickly grabbed for his bag from the foot of his bed and left to go back downstairs. “I guess I’m off now mom, I’ll talk to you later,” said Kyle, walking out the front door without even putting his shoes on. “Shit!” he thought when he stepped out onto the concrete step outside his door. “I forgot to put my shoes on,” yelled Kyle back into his house. He quickly sat himself down onto the door frame and went to grab for his shoes which were sitting beside the door. With his shoes now on his feet he beckoned back towards his mother, “Okay I’m off to school, for real this time.” he said giggling, shutting the door behind him. ******************************************************************************** “Jacob, I have a really serious question for you. Please don’t be mad at me, but what does it mean if I like boys and I like girls too?” asked Matthew when they had gotten clear from their house. “Well that would mean that you’re bisexual,” explained Jacob, wondering why his little brother was even asking this type of question. “Oh … okay, I understand I think,” said Matthew, like his question hadn’t raised any eyebrows. “Why would you even ask me something like that Matthew?” asked Jacob curiously. “I was just curious – that’s all,” said Matthew, not even bothering to look at his brother to gauge his reaction. “Do you think that you’re bisexual Matthew?” asked Jacob. He waited for a response, but when he didn’t receive one, “Matthew? C’mon dude talk to me.” But yet again Matthew didn’t respond, so he grabbed for Matthew and forced him to stop in his tracks, and made Matthew face him. “I think I am Jacob. But I feel really dirty for what I’ve been thinking about my friend … Nicolas. I can’t help how I feel about him; I just want to be normal. Normal like you, and have a girlfriend and –––” explained Matthew, but Jacob stopped his brother from speaking and tried to tell him to slow down. “First of all, I don’t have a girlfriend anymore and can you explain to me what it means to be normal Matthew? Like seriously, you need to learn to follow your heart. If you feel like you quote-unquote like Nicolas, then that’s perfectly fine. But you just need to remember, he may not share those same feelings about you. I know this might be difficult for you to understand because you don’t have any control over this type of situation. But you can’t control who you like buddy,” said Jacob in the best words that he could come up with. “How would you know? You have no idea what it feels like Jacob,” barked Matthew like a deranged dog ready to bite, but Jacob cut him off once more. “I understand more then you know Matthew,” said Jacob, while Matthew started giving him a look of confusion. “What do you mean?” asked Matthew in a low voice, trying to fight back the tears that were beginning to well up in his eyes. “Oh God, do I seriously want to tell him?” thought Jacob. He figured that maybe he should, he would obviously be the first person he had ever told. But the question of the moment for him was, “Can he keep it a secret?” But when he looked back down at his brother, seeing the anguish, uncontrollable fear and pain emanating from his every being, he knew he had too. He took a deep breath, extended out his hands and placed them onto Matthew’s shoulders before he let it flow out from his lips, “Matthew … I’m gay, please understand and know that I know exactly how you feel.” “But you’ve dated girls and even had girlfriends. You’re just saying that to make me feel better–––” replied Matthew in his unbelief. “No it’s true Matthew. I did what I felt was required of me to do and I fought my urges for a long time. Please don’t make the same mistakes that I’ve made. Be – Who – You – Are,” said Jacob slowly, staring into his brothers eyes, hoping he would see without a shadow of a doubt that he was telling him the full truth. Matthew moved like a gazelle who was being chased by a lion and before Jacob could even have a chance to react, he’d thrown his arms around Jacob’s neck. Matthew then loosened his grip, peeked his head around and looked around the block to make sure that no one was watching them in particular and kissed Jacob on the cheek. “I love you Jacob,” said Matthew compassionately, while releasing his arms from around Jacob’s neck. “And I’m sorry that I lied to you.” “Lied to me? What have you lied to me about Matthew?” asked Jacob apprehensively, fearing that he was tricked and would soon be on the chopping block. “Well I’m not really bisexual – I only like boys. I just thought you might take it easier if you thought that I still liked girls. I don’t know why I thought that way, but I guess if I’d known you were gay I wouldn’t have tried to lie about that. I’m sorry Jacob,” said Matthew, who was looking up at the sky, trying to avoid his brother’s eyes. “That’s alright Matthew. It’s never easy to come out of the closet and say those types of things, but it will get easier in time. And maybe you’ll get lucky like me, I got Ky…le,” said Jacob accidentally. “Are you saying that you’re fooling around with Kyle?” asked Matthew swiftly. “Well sort of, we kinda kissed last night before he had to leave our house and he also felt me up in our pool. But that’s all that’s happened so far, so we will see what happens later today,” said Jacob smiling uncontrollably. “Oh –––– I see, very nice. He’s a cute one don’t you think?” said Matthew, winking and giving the thumbs up in support of some kind. “But I can honestly see why you need to talk to him alone tonight. Good luck with that.” “Cute? He’s beyond cute … but hey, we’d better get moving or both of us are going to be late for school. Oh and remember what we just talked about, it’s our little secret so, ‘SHHHHH!’” said Jacob, starting to walk again. Matthew nodded and agreed that what they’d talked about was undoubtedly their little secret. When they went to say their goodbyes to one another, Matthew gave the thumbs up again and turned the corner to head towards his school. Jacob giggled to himself on the inside at his brother’s excitement, he didn’t quite understand why his brother was so happy right now, but whatever had just happened between them, it truly meant something to him. Jacob continued to watch his brother momentarily from the other side of the street; a part of him really wanted to be sure that Matthew was okay, for all he knew this whole conversation was a ruse, but he suspected Matthew’s genuine nature in it all. Truth be told, he was quite happy to finally get those words – I’m gay – off of his chest, even if it was to his brother. With Matthew now out of his line of sight, he started walking again towards his school. But like his usual self, his mind began to ponder the chances of both him and his brother being gay. “I wonder how long he’s known,” he pondered deeper, at least until he heard a boy’s voice cry out towards him from a distance. “HEY JACOB! JACOB! JACOB STOP! JAKEY!” Jacob stopped walking when he heard his name being called. He looked around frantically to find the source of the voice; he looked across the street, then the houses beside him, and finally behind him and discovered a boy about a block away running desperately towards him at full speed. But with the sun still making its rise into the horizon, it was blinding to his eyes, which made it extremely difficult for him to see the figure clearly; so he tried squinting his eyes in his attempt at making out who the boy was that was getting closer and closer by every passing second. With the boy only two houses away and still running at a full sprint, Jacob braced himself for the inevitable. He felt as their bodies connected; the force hit him like a freight train, causing him to become airborne and come down with a thud into the grass. The jolting impact of the fall managed to steal his breath away until a sudden sharp pain in his side broke the air lock, making him gasp. A familiar voice soon spoke and Jacob quickly opened his eyes. “Hey Jakey,” said Kyle, who was laying directly on top of him with his arms tightly wrapped around his slender frame. “Well good morning to you too. What is this some new wrestling move?” asked Jacob, straining to reposition his body into a more comfortable position. “Why yes it is. It’s of my own making and I call it ‘THE HUG ATTACK!’” said Kyle giggling. “Oh I see,” said Jacob, still trying to reposition himself. “In that case I have one question, does it normally include the person laying on the ground like this?” “Um – as a matter of fact it doesn’t, but for you? Most definitely,” replied Kyle giggling yet again. Jacob could see that Kyle was really enjoying this close contact; considering Kyle couldn’t stop staring deeply into his eyes, almost like he had somehow turned transparent and could see deep into his soul. Jacob was absolutely without words, he didn’t know what to say or do. After a time his mouth began to open wider by every passing second. “Stop it! You’re going to catch flies in there. Do you need a mouth cover to protect you?” asked Kyle playfully, lowering his mouth down to Jacobs. “No not here Kyle – not now,” whispered Jacob swiftly, before looking over at Kyle’s face and noticing that it seemed redder than normal. “Dude, have you been crying or something?” asked Jacob concerned. Which instantly made him wish he hadn’t, because the moment he had Kyle stopped smiling. “Yeah I have a little bit,” said Kyle, exhaling some air through his mouth and trying not to look Jacob in the eyes. “My mom and I got into a fight at home and I kind of upset her and it upset me too.” “Is everything okay then? Are you still allowed to come over to my house after school?” asked Jacob softly, looking into Kyle’s wonderful blue eyes. “Yeah everything’s fine! But I can’t come over to your house directly after school. I have something that I need to do first,” said Kyle, which made Jacob start to feel somewhat sad. “But don’t worry though. Once I’m finished doing that thing I need to do ––” Jacob began to wonder if Kyle was somehow trying not to let on what he was ultimately planning to do, it bothered him, at least in some small way. “I’ll be right over and then we can go swimming again,” concluded Kyle with a smile, which made Jacob smile too. Kyle then slowly started to force himself up from Jacobs body. But while doing so, he planted his boyish hands directly over Jacob’s crotch, putting down his full weight upon Jacob’s boyhood and gave it a firm squeeze between his finger tips. Kyle’s hand soon slipped off from Jacob’s groin and he attempted to quickly reposition his hand. But his efforts were in vain; his hand came in contact with the grass directly in between Jacob’s legs. Kyle forced himself to form a half smile and proceeded to force himself up onto his own two feet. Kyle then extended out his hand and helped Jacob up. “Feel better now?” he asked. Jacob didn’t speak. He merely began stretching out his back in order to put everything back in its proper place. After a few loud resounding cracks from his back, he spoke, “Much better. In fact I think I can feel my legs again.” Jacob really took it in stride, getting dirty and all, a grass stain here, a grass stain there, you know. But what he noticed most of all was how far Kyle had come out of his shell in such a short time. But that also included him as well. It was like they’d known each other for years, but in reality it had only been yesterday that they first really started to talk, not the same old hello and goodbyes, surface chatter type stuff. This was a deep intimate type of thing, which didn’t need to be sexually related. The whole thing just made Jacob glow; making him feel warm and fuzzy inside. “So did you sleep okay last night Kyle?” asked Jacob, after they had started walking towards their school again. “Well sort of,” said Kyle, pausing momentarily. “I kind of woke up at five forty-two am this morning after having a dream. After that I couldn’t fall back asleep,” said Kyle, mentioning it like it wasn’t a big deal. “Dude are you freaking serious?” asked Jacob with haste in his voice. “Yeah why?” asked Kyle, unaware of the implication of the dream. Jacob’s mind started to think about the dream he had; the one that had managed to wake him up at that very exact time. “What the hell is going on here? What are the chances of this happening between the both of us?” thought Jacob, looking oddly into the sky, with his mouth opening in awe of the possibility. “I had a dream too Kyle. It kinda looked like I was inside of that picture you showed to me and Matthew yesterday, you were there too,” said Jacob, half paying attention as he focused on trying to make sure the street was clear for them to get across. “And um, you came … uh towards me?” said Kyle, like he was almost frightened to finish his sentence. “Uh, yes, er, yeah I did, how did … you know that?” said Jacob extremely slowly, which made it feel really awkward. “Tell me everything you saw right now,” demanded Kyle with his lips moving at lightning speed. Kyle swiftly threw his arms onto Jacob’s shoulders and stared deep into his hazel eyes. In starting Jacob began by telling him, “I felt like I was alone in there. I was a bit scared too, because I had no idea where I even was. It felt so eerie and chilly to me, which made my whole body shiver.” Kyle simply nodded and continued to listen. “But when I went to try and move, I almost fell over. So I went to reach out for something to grab onto, but when I did, I pricked my finger on something really sharp. I yelled out from the pain and I heard a boy speak, who I soon found out to be you. Eventually I fought through this weird sticky substance that was trying to stop me from getting closer to you. When I finally reached you, it was odd, because it seemed like the light increased in its intensity, it was so weird. But you also seemed to be like four years younger. You also said something to me earlier, you said, ‘It’s my prison,’ and when I asked you what that meant you said, ‘some prisons aren't the physical kind,’ do you have any idea what that even means Kyle? Also when the light made everything bright, it looked exactly like your picture,” concluded Jacob. Kyle didn’t even blink once while he listened to Jacob speak about his dream, he was quite simply mesmerized by the details that were being given to him; they were exactly what he had dreamed. Kyle couldn’t help that his mouth had opened wide, just like Jacob’s had in hearing all of the details about their freakishly shared dream. “I’m sorry but did you need a mouth cover?” asked Jacob giggling uncontrollably. “No not right now I don’t, but thank you for asking,” laughed Kyle, before proceeding to tell Jacob of his version of the events. “Well I felt like you had in the beginning, emotionally I mean. But then I saw a boy in a suit of body armor; kind of like what knights used to wear. Somehow he made me feel peaceful, serene and comfortable, and in some way I felt that he loved me. I watched as this boy began to fight his way over towards me and when the boy finally reached me, there was this light that just seemed to emanate around him. But when I was about to call him my knight in shining armor, I woke up at the very moment that I was about to say it.” “This is sooooooo freaking weird,” said Jacob with his eyebrows raised and talking with his hands. “You think?” replied Kyle, in the same disposition as Jacob. “So what do you think this even means?” asked Jacob, looking at Kyle, not knowing what to think or do at the present moment. “I think that you’re my knight in shining armor,” said Kyle, reaching out his right hand to touch Jacob’s face and leaned in to kiss him, but he stopped himself suddenly and simply remarked, “We’ll save this for later.” “NO! I meant the dream. Are you going to tell me what all of this means?” asked Jacob. “I’ll tell you soon, just not right now, okay? But hey – we better get to school before we’re both late,” said Kyle as he started to walk again. By the time they’d made it inside of their school, they were already forty minutes late. It seemed utterly pointless for them to go to their biology class with only five minutes remaining in the period. So instead they walked towards Jacob’s locker and he grabbed his second period books from within it as they were expecting the bell to ring at a moment’s notice. “Hey Jacob, so I guess I’ll be seeing you later then,” said Kyle, placing his hands over Jacob’s and winking his eye. As Kyle went to walk away to head towards his own locker, Jacob beckoned, “Make sure you come and sit with me at lunch time or ELSE!” “Or else what?” said Kyle walking back towards Jacob. “Don’t forget I could always put you in a neck hold again if you’d like.” “You’ll just have to wait and see, now won’t you?” said Jacob, give Kyle’s ass a quick tap just as the bell rang. Jacob watched as the swarm of kids started to file out of their classrooms. So he deciding that it was time for him to make his way towards his math class. Jacob really hated math; to him it was a good for nothing subject. With most of the kids now gone to their classes, he decided that it was time for him to go as well. So he made his way into the classroom and sat himself down at the very back row of desks. He really just wanted to be left alone. But mostly he just wanted to get to lunch period so that he could be together with Kyle again. ******************************************************************************** “Hey Nicolas, how are you doing today?” asked Matthew, since he had finished some of his school work. “I’m doing alright Matthew. What are you up to today?” asked Nicolas. “Oh nothing much really,” said Matthew, peaking his head up to make sure the teacher couldn’t hear them. “I was actually kind of hoping that you might want to hang out after school. So do you wanna?” “Sure that would definitely be COOL! What did you wanna do?” asked Nicolas, smiling, thinking of something more sinister. “Oh, well I just figured we could make out … er, sorry I meant hang out, play video games, you know, fun stuff!” said Matthew, hoping that he didn’t read between the lines of his word slip. Matthew could see that Nicolas was thinking; looking like a deer caught in the headlights. Nicolas placed his hand to his chin in a thinking motion like he was going to say something that he really was struggling to say, or was fighting to withhold in some way. “Make out huh?” said Nicolas. Matthew’s mind began to panic at the thought. “What do you think I’m gay or something? I know we’ve been friends for a while, but what would ever make you think that of me?” whispered Nicolas in a low voice, trying to make sure no one else was eavesdropping. “SHIT!!!” thought Matthew feeling like he’d just totally fucked up. How could he have managed to say that was beyond him. But his obvious goof up was self-evident; his friendship might end. Matthew felt like he quite possibly was outed. “I’m cool with that you know,” whispered Nicolas, who was trying his best to lighten up the mood when he noticed the deep concerning look across Matthew’s face. Matthew swore that his heart skipped a beat at the mere implications of Nicolas’ words. “Is Nicolas possibly just screwing around with me?” he thought quickly. “Let’s talk about this a little bit later … maybe during lunch time?” said Nicolas. Matthew nodded and they both went back to their school work. ******************************************************************************** Time almost seemed to stand still for Jacob. He had managed to check the school’s clock about every five minutes and that made him come to believe that it may have been broken; from his perspective the minute hand didn’t seem to be moving at all. It was so agonizing to him that he began to let his mind wonder about what Matthew was going to be doing. He somewhat hoped that he was going to his friend Nicolas’ house, selfish as it may have been; he wanted time alone with Kyle. As Jacob reminisced of the last time he had met Nicolas, he’d thought that even then he was kind of small for his age; he had to be only about four feet six inches tall and maybe eighty-five to ninety pounds. He had short brown hair with blue eyes, just like Kyle, except Nicolas’ were a lighter tint of blue. And even still, Jacob seemed to think that Nicolas was somewhat of an odd ball. But what did he know. By the time he had freed his mind from worrying about Matthew, the school bell rang. He quickly grabbed for his text books and ran towards his locker. But when he got there, he found Kyle already wait for him. “Oh hello there kind sir,” said Kyle, while Jacob opened his locker and threw his books inside. “Hey there sir,” said Jacob, raising his eyebrow, confused as to why Kyle was calling him sir. “I’m here to pick you up for our lunch date. Are you ready to eat something scrumptious?” asked Kyle, with Jacob giggling at his posture. “That would be depend if I’m eating real food, or,” said Jacob, turning his head slightly and squinting his eyes, “something else?” Kyle shook his head in disbelief to Jacob’s questioning that eventually he just grabbed Jacob by his shoulders and directed him to walk towards the cafeteria. When they arrived, Kyle asked, “So what is it that you would like to eat today?” “You?” said Jacob giggling. “Mm hmm … No seriously Jacob. What do you want to eat?” asked Kyle once more. “How about the special? It’s fried chicken with some French fries and gravy,” said Jacob, eying the menu board. “Actually that does sound good,” said Kyle, before they both told the lunch lady what they wanted and eventually went to take their seats at one of the open tables. Once they had sat down in their chairs and placed their trays down. Jacob asked, “So where is it that you need to go after school?” “It’s a surprise Jacob,” said Kyle, smirking, and much enjoying Jacob’s need to know. “Oh C’mon!” cried Jacob, curling up his lower lip and puffing it out. “Tell me please?” “I’m sorry I can’t. You’ll just have to wait and see later,” said Kyle. “Okay fine!” said Jacob bitterly, feeling a little disappointed. “Don’t worry about it right now. And if you don’t stop that whining then I’m going to come over there and kiss you in front of all these people,” whispered Kyle, hoping that Jacob wouldn’t press the issue any further; because he wasn’t even ready to come just yet. “Alright then,” said Jacob, biting into his fried chicken and Kyle did the same. “So uh,” said Kyle, trying to break the silence. “What did you want to do today?” “Oh I don’t know. I kind of thought that we could go swimming again. Speaking of which, did you bring your swim trunks or anything?” asked Jacob. “Come to think of it, I didn’t, I must have forgot to grab them,” said Kyle, not trying to lead onto anything. “But I’ll have to grab my trunks after I do that thing I need to do.” “Okay good. So what did you want to do after we’ve gone swimming,” asked Jacob, fishing around for some ideas. “We can do a lot of different things I suppose. But we’ll figure all of that out later, okay?” said Kyle, unconcerned about that right now. Before they even realized what time it was, the lunch bell rang and they tried their best to finish up their lunches as fast as they could. ******************************************************************************** “Hey Nicolas, can I talk to you for a moment please?” asked Matthew, after they’d finished eating their lunches, “in private?” “Sure man! Let’s go talk in the bathroom,” suggested Nicolas. Matthew felt a little apprehensive about going into the boy’s washroom, but in his mind he figured that as long as there was no one else in there, then it would be okay. So Matthew followed Nicolas towards the bathroom and followed him inside. Matthew watched as Nicolas looked around the washroom, which made him feel somewhat safer. When Nicolas had finished looking around thoroughly and found them to be alone, he watched as Nicolas locked the door from the inside. “So what do you need to talk to me about?” asked Nicolas playfully. “Well I just wanted to be able to clarify something with you. Earlier I didn’t mean to say ‘make out,’ what I had meant to say was hang out, honestly,” said Matthew, trying his best to lie through his teeth. “Are you sure about that?” asked Nicolas, pushing Matthew towards the bathroom wall. Nicolas paused for a moment as he looked deep into Matthew’s eyes. Looking up at the boy standing right in front of him, he leaned forward and kissed Matthew directly on the lips. “Oh God!” thought Matthew the second Nicolas’ lips touched his. Nicolas began to stick his tongue deep into Matthew’s open mouth and started to probe around inside. Matthew felt like he’d just hit cloud nine, he didn’t have the strength to try and stop Nicolas, nor did he want to for that matter. Matthew soon felt his boyhood start to grow as Nicolas kissed him, but when Nicolas broke their intimate lip lock; he felt sad that it had ended. “See? You wanted this. Don’t try and hide it,” said Nicolas in a soft voice, placing his hand over Matthew’s crotch and giving a feel to his boyish tool. “You didn’t even try and fight me when I kissed you. Admit it, you’re gay, just like me.” “Yes … it’s true, I’m gay. But can we do more of this stuff at your house after school?” remarked Matthew curiously. “You know I wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Nicolas with a smile. Soon after, Nicolas took Matthew’s hand into his own and swiftly placed it directly over his own crotch. Once he had finished directing Matthew, he placed his hands under Matthew’s t-shirt and started to rub all over his chest. Nicolas really loved nipples, he really just wanted to suck on them right now, but he knew that their time alone was somewhat limited. Matthew was unable to resist Nicolas’ soft hands as they felt around his body. Matthew was without a doubt hornier than a dog as he soon started to get his groove and started to feel his friend’s boyish tool in between his fingertips. Nicolas was also having his way, enjoying the feeling of Matthew’s hairless chest, wanting desperately for more. Matthew soon hit cloud nine once again when Nicolas leaned back in and started kissing him again; probing around in Matthew’s mouth, they played passionate tonsil hockey. After several blissful minutes, Nicolas pulled away from Matthew and said, “I think it’s time for us to go.” Matthew didn’t have plans on going anywhere; he surely didn’t want this fun to stop. “C’mon we’ll have more fun later,” said Nicolas, giving him a love tap on the shoulder when he’d noticed Matthew frowning. “Okay!” said Matthew, instantly feeling happy again. Matthew watched as Nicolas unlocked the boy’s washroom door and they walked back out into the school yard to run off some of their unspent energy. ******************************************************************************** “This day actually seems to be going a lot faster than it was this morning,” thought Jacob, sitting down next to Kyle in their third period class. Jacob always enjoyed computer class; it had always given him time to think, or to just fiddle with the computers. Unlike this morning, he always paid attention in computer class. You see Jacob was a lot faster than everyone else was, well in regards to typing. Mrs. McDonald was having everyone do typing skill exercises today in her efforts to help her student’s get their WPM up on the keyboard. As was per normal, Jacob was the first one to finish. Looking around the classroom, he saw that many of his fellow classmates were struggling; they kept looking down, using one finger at a time. It was annoying to Jacob. Looking back over to his side, he saw that Kyle wasn’t faring any better. “Kyle do you even know where all of the keys are?” asked Jacob, to which Kyle did a half smile and raised his eyebrow. “Not quite,” said Kyle. “I don’t have them all memorized just yet.” “Alright, so I’m going to teach you a rhyme then, it’ll help you get faster at typing. If you can memorize this, then you’re golden,” said Jacob. First your Left hand. Quick Ask Zoe (‘Q’,‘A’,‘Z’) First row, use your pinky finger. What Stops X-rays (‘W’,‘S’,‘X’) Second row, use the your ring finger. Even Dogs Can't (‘E’,‘D’,‘C’) Third row, use your middle finger. Red Fish Vanish (‘R’,‘F’,‘V’) Fourth Row, use your index finger. Then Grow Bigger (‘T’,‘G’,‘B’) Fifth row, use your index finger by moving over one row. Space bar, use your thumb. Now your right hand. Space bar, use your thumb Yaks Hear Noises (‘Y’,‘H’,‘N’) Sixth row, use your index finger. Under Jacks Mattress (‘U’,‘F’,‘M’) Seventh row, use your middle finger. I Keep Commas (‘I’,‘K’,‘,’) Eighth row, use your ring finger. Over Long Periods (‘O’,‘L’,‘.’) Ninth row, use your ring finger. Peanuts (‘P’) Tenth row, use your pinky finger. “Also if you get lost when you’re typing and not looking, find the little bumps on the letters ‘F’ and ‘J’, these will also help you navigate around the keyboard,” instructed Jacob. After Jacob had finished teaching Kyle his little rhyme, he told him to give it another shot and to especially try not to look down. When Kyle tried, without looking down, Jacob saw a huge improvement in his typing; his average wpm was up by twenty. “Good Job Kyle,” said Jacob, feeling really proud of him. “Thanks man!” replied Kyle just as the bell rang and they left to go to their fourth period classes. Kyle obviously walked Jacob to his locker like a true gentlemen. Jacob swiftly reached into his locker and pulled out a change of clothes for him to change into for his physical education class. “So am I going to see you before you go to that thing?” asked Jacob sheepishly. “No probably not. I want to be able to leave right away, so just go home after school and I’ll come knocking sooner than you know it, I promise,” replied Kyle. “Alright, I guess I’ll see you later then,” said Jacob, watching as Kyle started to walk away from him and down the dimly lit hallway. Jacob gave a swift exhale as he was already starting to miss Kyle. He quickly shrugged it off and walked towards the gymnasium with his shorts and t-shirt in hand. When he arrived in the change room, he made his way over to one of the toilet stalls to get himself changed. Once changed into his gym clothes he walked out into the gymnasium and waited to find out what they were all going to be doing in class. “Alright boys,” said Jacob’s gym teacher, Mr. Morris. “Today we’re going to be playing some indoor hockey. So what I want you to do is form a line in front of the storage locker, I’ll hand you a hockey stick from there and assign you to your teams.” When Jacob had got to the front of the line, he grabbed a stick and was assigned to the shirts team, whereas the other team were to be wearing no shirts. By the time they’d started playing; time seemed to fly. Jacob was having so much fun that he had forgot that Kyle wasn’t there with him. Jacob seemed to be really good at hockey too and had he known that he was any good; he would have joined a team or something. By the time it was all said and done, Jacob had scored seven times, which had ultimately helped his team win the game. But before they all knew it, the school bell sounded, which echoed throughout the entire gymnasium. School was finally over and they all started to make their way into the change room. Jacob was so hot that his sweat just seemed to pour out of every ounce of his body and he felt like his whole body was utterly soaking wet. Jacob quickly went to grab for his normal clothes and got himself changed. “Good game guys,” said one of the boys in the change room as he was leaving. Jacob made his way towards his locker and quickly dropped off his gym clothes into his backpack. With everything he needed now in his bag, he started to make his way home. ******************************************************************************** Matthew was extremely excited while grabbing for his things from his locker, he was so happy that it was finally time to go home, well to Nicolas’ house. Once he had everything, he walked over towards Nicolas and tapped him on the shoulder. Matthew was glowing when he approached Nicolas from behind, he couldn’t wait until they got to his house for some more fun. “Are you ready to go?” asked Matthew. “Yup I’m ready, how about you?” said Nicolas. “Yup, whenever you are,” replied Matthew. “Alright let’s get going then,” said Nicolas as they exited the front of the school grounds and started walking towards their final destination. … TO BE CONTINUED … And please don't forget, if you enjoyed the story, hit the like button. I would love to hear what you thought of the story. And feel free to leave a review.
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    The Journey of Jacob and Kyle Chapter #2: The Best Day Ever (Cont) Time line: Thursday When Jacob and Kyle entered into the house, they stopped suddenly and stood standing immobile at the front door when they heard Jacob’s stupid little brother, Matthew, singing away yet again. “What a dork,” thought Jacob, while listening to Matthew’s high pitch screeching. After listening to the deafening noise for several seconds, which happened to be originating from the kitchen, Jacob looked over towards Kyle, who gave him an awkward look across his face; it was almost like Kyle was embarrassed for him. But embarrassment would have been an understatement for Jacob because he was absolutely horrified. Soon the weight of this humiliation became too overwhelming for him and he couldn’t stand to bear it anymore. In haste, Jacob beckoned into the kitchen at the top of his lungs, “Hey Matthew! Would you freaking shut that trap of yours for once? Please?” When Jacob had finished his sentence, silence fell over the house and the irritating sound that was his brothers singing ceased. But the silence was short lived. “Um, let me think about that for a moment,” said Matthew sarcastically. “How about NO!” said Matthew mockingly, sticking out his tongue. “So what are you going to do about it Jacob? … Well?” But when Jacob didn’t reply fast enough, to his utter dismay, he watched as Matthew dropped down his pants to the floor and began mooning both him and Kyle. Matthew wiggled his tiny little butt at them, although it had been mostly at Jacob, but in reality, this was spurring Jacob on for a brotherly quarrel. Jacob couldn’t fathom the thought of what was happening right before his very eyes, that before he knew what he was doing he’d started sprinting directly for his brother. Jacob truly didn’t like to be mocked in the first place, especially by his little wimpy brother, but even more so considering that he was being made fun of right in front of Kyle. Within a couple of seconds, Jacob had made it into the kitchen and grabbed Matthew directly across his chest, but all Matthew did was giggle and squirm at his brother’s feeble attempt at subduing him; as Matthew soon began to wiggle his way out of his shirt. But after much struggle on Jacob’s part, he lost his grip over Matthew’s tiny frame and watched as Matthew ran away from him. Matthew was soon hiding behind the dining room table and was making sure he had sufficient distance between them both. In the mean time, Kyle stood watching at the front door as these events unfolded in front of him and he gave a real big chuckle at Jacob’s failed attempt at subduing his very own baby brother. Although Kyle never really knew what it was like to have a little brother, so he never really knew how slick those little ones could possibly be. Be that as it may be, Kyle somehow felt that he would be able to help Jacob in some form or fashion, so he said, “You know Jacob you're doing it all wrong. You do know that right?” When Kyle had gotten Jacob’s attention, he gestured for Jacob and Matthew to come over towards him. But Matthew was a bit hesitant, so he was quick to ask Jacob for a truce; to which he agreed. With the truce now made and Matthew feeling somewhat safe, he walked back around the dining room table and picked up his t-shirt, before finally placing it back onto his body. By now Kyle had already walked into the living room, which was just to the left of where he was previously standing. When Matthew and Jacob arrived into the living room, Kyle quickly instructed, “Okay, so let's move this coffee table out of the way. Then I'm going to show you guys some wrestling moves. How does that sound?” “That would be so freaking cool!” said Matthew excitedly. “It's not going to hurt is it?” asked Jacob apprehensively. Kyle smirked at Jacob and simply shrugged his shoulders; hinting that he would soon find out. So with Kyle’s instructions in mind, Matthew and Jacob quickly pushed aside the coffee table, placing it beside the TV stand, which sat in the corner of the room. Once it was fully out of their way, Jacob simply remarked, “Okay done!” But before Jacob could even finish the rest of his sentence and was on his way to saying, “Now what?” He was grabbed and was now falling towards the carpet. He swiftly felt Kyle wrap his arms around his neck and under his arms, but when he was finally down on the floor, he soon began to realize that it didn't hurt, because Kyle’s arm seemed to have protected his neck by taking the full force of his body. Although with Kyle protecting him, it still wasn't enough to protect him from getting rug burned during the whole commotion. Jacob felt a little uncomfortable with his hands floating above his head, but he figured that he was in some sort of neck hold, or something like that. Kyle had his arms fully wrapped all the way through Jacob’s underarms and his hands were resting on Jacob’s neck. Although as much as this was uncomfortable for Jacob, he was actually quite enjoying this close contact; he could feel Kyle’s thighs touching his butt. “See? Let me see you try and wiggle your way out of this one,” said Kyle enthusiastically. But when Jacob gave little effort in trying to get out of the hold, Kyle said in a child like voice, “C'mon you can try harder than that. Please wiggle a little for me, won't you Jacob? C'mon lil Jacob, wiggle your way out of it.” With Kyle trying to spur him on, he began to wiggle like a worm, but when that didn't seem work, he tried twisting his body to get free, but Kyle somehow placed his knee out and put all of his weight down; it was now utterly hopeless, there was nothing that Jacob could do no matter how hard he tried to get out of it. Jacob soon began to let his body become limp because he couldn’t manage to concentrate on anything else but to see stars; his mind began to wander off into the great unknown. It was a beautiful place of peace and serenity, a place where he felt completely secure and loved unconditionally. Although this moment was very short lived, when he was brought back to reality with Matthew staring down at him and laughing uncontrollably. Kyle had a tight grip around Jacob’s body; he was unable to move out of this hold, nor did he really want to try anymore for that matter. Jacob was really enjoying this much needed attention with Kyle’s hands touching him all over; it was pure bliss to him. It had taken Kyle about thirty seconds to loosen his grip around Jacob’s body, but he wasn't planning on stopping just yet. With a swift flick of his wrist Kyle switched moves and rolled Jacob up into a ball with his legs dangling precariously over his head; Jacob was pinned down to the ground with Kyle’s full weight being pressed down against his butt. Kyle cupped his other hand directly over Jacob’s crotch and gripped it firmly between his fingertips. He’d done this to maintain control of the move that he happened to be showing off to Jacob and his little brother Matthew. But Jacob began to panic and did a somersault out of the move when he started to feel Mr. Wood trying to rise up and come out to play; Jacob most surely didn't want his brother to see that the “Evergreen Forest,” so to speak, was about to be erected, or even let Kyle have a chance to feel it as it grew to meet his soft hands. “Wow! I've seriously never seen anyone do that before,” giggled Kyle. “Yeah, well … uh … yeah,” said Jacob, making a smile back towards Kyle. Kyle couldn't seem to do anything else but to giggle, and Matthew well … he was laid out on the floor rolling around and gasping for air as he really seemed to find these turn of events hysterical. On the other hand, Jacob’s mind was racing and all that he could think about was that Kyle had touched him and that he even touched his boyhood. “Was this intentional? Was that a part of the move?” he thought, although he somehow knew that it was, but he could swear that Kyle had given it a nice firm squeeze with his fingers. With some force behind him, Jacob planted his hands down onto the carpet and pushed himself up from the floor and tried his best to downplay the whole situation by asking Kyle, “So … how about those notes?” Kyle shifted his eyes slightly off to the side, before looking back at Jacob reluctantly, “Yeah, um, about that … uh, I didn't take any notes during class. I was kinda sketching on my notepad.” “What do you mean you were sketching?” questioned Jacob sternly. Kyle was a bit disarmed by Jacob’s sternness, but replied, “Well I can show you if you want me to. But please don't make fun of me.” Jacob watched closely as Kyle walked over towards the front door and went to grab his backpack from off of the floor. Jacob slowly repositioned himself so that he could be in direct view of Kyle when he bent over to pull out his notebook, but when Kyle started to bend over Jacob really started to enjoy the view of Kyle’s now really tight butt, which seemed to shine like a morning sunrise. Jacob was fully able to see Kyle’s two magnificent globes that started to protrude through his pants, revealing a slight hint of his crack and the rubber band that was attached to his blue undies; he surely had a good view from this vantage point that was for sure. “Shit! Where did I put that stupid thing?” questioned Kyle aloud. “Ah-ha found it,” announced Kyle, walking back into the living room and positioning himself directly beside Jacob and Matthew. Kyle slowly opened his notebook and started to look for the last page he'd used to sketch on. Once he’d found the page that he was looking for; he passed the notebook to Jacob. Matthew soon leaned in and took a look at the drawing. Both Matthew and Jacob were surprised to find a very well drawn picture that they both commented on it, “Wow! You're really good.” “No doubt, I wish I could draw like that,” announced Matthew. It was definitely a very good drawing; it was very obscure and prophetic at the same time. It showed a faceless boy sitting in what looked to be some sort of cave, it had large thorns scattered around the entire cave that seemed to consume everything in sight around this poor little boy. The boy was sitting in the middle of the cave with his head facing down into his knees; it almost seemed like the boy was crying, or at least Jacob thought he was. In the foreground, at the mouth of the cave was a dim light that seemed to be trying to cut through the darkness that surrounded this faceless child. But it was just too dark for the light to penetrate deep inside, so not much could be seen, other than the shadows that the thorns projected, the very dim light and a very blurry image of a boy. “What does this even mean?” asked Jacob concerned, that his voice broke in mid sentence. Jacob and Matthew watched as Kyle’s face turned a scarlet red, almost as if he was embarrassed or ashamed of something. There had to be something that he wasn't telling Jacob or Matthew for that matter. Jacob could feel it deep within his bones that there was something more to this mere picture than what he was letting on. “But what is it? Is Kyle being abused,” he thought, but as he did so, his face contorted into a look of horror. Jacob somehow felt that Kyle had noticed the look that his face had made, or possibly read his mind, because Kyle seemed to shut down immediately; his eyes began to go glassy, his head drooped down towards the floor and he spoke almost inaudibly, “Don't worry guys, I'm not being abused or anything, if that's what you're thinking. Maybe I should just leave.” “NO!” said Matthew and Jacob in unison. “You're not going anywhere,” said Matthew, “But I must ask you – are you going to be okay?” “I think I'm going to be alright. But thank you so much for asking though,” said Kyle, wiping a tear from his left eye. Jacob began to feel his impulses take over and before he could even realize what he was doing, he walked up to Kyle and wrapped his arms around him and gave him a much needed hug. He could feel as Kyle tightened his grip back around him and reciprocated the hug. Kyle really needed this attention, the need for release of something unknown and Jacob could tell that it was surely helping him a lot. Although this whole moment seemed to make Kyle feel very sad, but for Jacob it was something special; he was hugging the boy of his dreams and it felt surreal to him. Jacob was trying his best to formulate a plan to find out what Kyle was attempting to hide, he somewhat felt that he needed to find out, or it would eat him alive. So he slowly tried to force himself to let go of Kyle and attempted to loosen his grip, but Kyle seemed to have other plans. Because Kyle swiftly pulled him back into their embrace and Jacob ended up resting his chin onto Kyle's shoulder for a few more moments before he pulled himself away a little bit. Jacob couldn't help himself while he looked deep into Kyle’s wonderful blue eyes and he felt so sure in himself in that specific moment; that he leaned forward and kissed Kyle on the cheek. But when he had done so, he felt Kyle’s whole entire body shiver in his arms, which really made him wonder if he had somehow done something wrong. This made Jacob start to panic at the mere implications of his actions, “Was that shiver from, ‘gross, why did you just kiss me?’ Or was it possibly, ‘Oh God, please do it again’,” he thought feeling deeply concerned. So Jacob said the first thing that came into his head, “Sorry about that, I really thought you might have needed that.” But that was all that he could manage to get his lips to put together in coherent speech. “Nah, it’s alright man. I really did need that, thank you for being so thoughtful,” replied Kyle, with a sense of sincerity emanating in his voice. “Are you going to be okay?” asked Jacob, taking a step backwards away from Kyle. “Yeah dude, I’ll be fine,” said Kyle, all the while fidgeting with his hands and trying to compose himself. “Can I have a hug too?” asked Matthew, which really surprised the hell out of Jacob. “Sure, I suppose that would be uh … okay,” said Kyle awkwardly. Jacob watched Matthew stroll up towards Kyle with his arms opened as far as they’d go. He watched as Kyle gripped Matthew liked he’d done to him; tight and firm. There seemed to be a genuine sense to his touch, it didn’t seem to be forced or overly tight. It was in that moment that Jacob realized that there was so much care and compassion that was being given to Matthew and him just mere seconds ago. There was almost a yearning of some sort, almost like he’d bottled himself up and buried things deep down inside, “but for what reason?” thought Jacob, while he continued to admire Matthew and Kyle’s embrace. It definitely was something very special and Jacob believed that Matthew knew it too. After a few moments, Kyle released Matthew from his grip with tears flowing from his eyes. It deeply saddened Jacob to see Kyle in so much pain, especially not knowing what he was truly feeling in this moment. But with that notwithstanding, Jacob watched in horror as Matthew gave Kyle a kiss on the cheek, just like he had done, which made him start to think … “Why’d he go and do that for? Is he trying to best me or something?” he thought in haste, but that was only for a moment when he finally came to his senses and concluded that it must have been an innocent act, “He’s only trying to be like me I suppose,” he thought once more. Jacob smiled over towards Kyle when he had finally let go of Matthew and watched as Matthew walked back over towards him. With Matthew and him now standing side by side, they both looked over at Kyle, but before there could be any sort of awkward silence, Jacob chose to change the subject. “So, uh – what did you want to do? We can always go play some video games if you want, or maybe we could just watch some TV, or possibly go for a swim in our pool,” asked Jacob. “To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t mind going for a swim, but there’s only one problem, I don’t have any swim trunks,” answered Kyle. “Well we could always go skinny dip,” said Jacob quickly, but on second thought, it was too forward, “I’m only kidding! Hey Matthew, do you think Kyle can borrow your Speedo?” asked Jacob. Matthew pursed his lips and looked off to his left while he thought, but eventually concluded, “Sure I guess that'll be okay,” said Matthew, “But you’re going to be washing them after he’s done with them. No offense Kyle, but your boys touching – never mind.” Jacob looked over at his brother and gave him the meanest looked he had ever given in his entire life. “Fucking idiot!” he thought, if looks could kill then Matthew would have died right there on the spot. “Yes I’ll wash them for you,” said Jacob, after a few long seconds of staring down his brother. “So what do you think Kyle? I know it’s a Speedo and all, but it’s better than nothing.” “Well let me first ask, why do you even have a Speedo Matthew? Isn’t that like a European kind of thing?” asked Kyle. “Oh – didn’t you know? Well I’m on the regional swim team at my school and we wear Speedos because they produce less drag, in fact a lot less drag than you know board shorts would. Every millisecond counts in a race you know,” said Matthew, with a huge smile on his face. Jacob was extremely happy that his brother had said yes in allowing Kyle to use his swimwear. For Jacob it was a big deal because he wanted to, needed to, see Kyle in his brothers Speedo. His main intent was to be able to see what Kyle had downstairs, but especially how tight they would probably be on Kyle, considering his brother had a smaller waist. Jacob was so consumed by this whole Speedo thing; that he was unable to think about anything else. “I guess that would be alright,” concluded Kyle, after deliberation of the choices. “Awesome! I’m going to go get us some towels and while I’m doing that could you go get your Speedo for Kyle please?” asked Jacob. “Right away your majesty,” said Matthew mockingly, before darting off to his bedroom upstairs. “Okay Kyle, I’ll be right back,” said Jacob, running up the stairs. ******************************************************************************** As Kyle stood standing by himself at the bottom of the stairs, he began to think about how he had just embarrassed himself, especially in front of Jacob and his little brother Matthew. He felt that he shouldn’t have lost control and started to cry, even if it was just one single solitary tear, he felt that now he was just some pity trip. Kyle started to gently rub his cheek where both Jacob and Matthew had kissed him in order to comfort him, or so he thought. He felt like such a downer, that he would somehow ruin their day for them. If they could only understand the pain he felt inside, the things he’d buried deep down inside of his heart, the battle scars that he’s had to live through. Deep down all Kyle really wanted was to feel loved and accepted, just like anyone else had the right to feel. But he just wasn’t getting what he most desired … a “Hey Kyle!” said Matthew, “Here’s my Speedo enjoy your time in the pool. It’s really nice and warm in the water this time of day. I’m sure you will really like it though.” “What are you going to be doing while we’re swimming?” asked Kyle awkwardly. “Well … I still have some homework that I need to finish and I still need to do some of my chores around the house. But even if I really wanted to go swimming with you guys, my mom would tan my butt for not doing my work,” replied Matthew calmly. “Oh – okay, sorry I just didn’t want you to feel left out is all, I know all too much how that feels,” said Kyle towards Matthew, who was only half listening to him with his iPod shoved deep within his ears. “Alright then,” said Kyle. “Alright make sure you have lots of fun,” yelled Matthew, before he was halfway back up the stairs. ******************************************************************************** “Shit! Where the hell are my board shorts,” thought Jacob, while looking around his room frantically. “Man, I can’t seem to put anything back in the same place ‘EVER!’ Why do I keep doing this to myself?” he thought once more while he shifted things around underneath his bed. Jacob continued to looked around his room; he looked inside of his closet, throughout his dresser drawers, “Shit where is it,” muttered Jacob under his breath. When Jacob was at his last hope, he glanced back at his dresser once more and spotted them sitting right on top, folded and untouched, “God I’m blind sometimes,” he thought, before he giggling and called himself a real git. Jacob quickly grabbed a hold of his board shorts and dashed towards the bathroom to get some towels for him and Kyle. But when he was about to go inside of the bathroom, he saw Matthew running past him with a huge smirk across his face. “What did you do?” asked Jacob, giving the evil eye to his brother. “Nothing, I swear …” exclaimed Matthew, still running down the hallway. “Well, you better not have,” barked Jacob, watching his brother closely while he ran towards his room and slammed the door shut behind him. With Matthew now gone, Jacob turned into the bathroom and tried to remember what he was doing, “Okay, towels, towels, towels,” he thought, desperately trying not to forget what he originally came into the bathroom for, but he soon lost his train of thought and his mind shifted into thinking about how he was about to see Kyle in his brothers … tiny … Speedo. As Jacob’s mind began to wander; he envisioned Kyle’s amazing body in a size to small for his frame and how he would get to see everything that he could ever possibly want to see. Jacob was soon interrupted when he started to feel Mr. Evergreen decide that he wanted to come out and play; Jacob knew that he absolutely knew, he couldn’t possibly go downstairs with him being as active as he was and still be able to swim. So he quickly decided that he was going to call down to Kyle. “Hey Kyle!” yelled Jacob down the stairs, “I’ll be down in a minute. I just need to take a piss first.” With that being said and done, Jacob slammed the bathroom door shut, locking it in the process and casually making his way over towards the toilet bowl to give Mr. Evergreen his own much needed attention. He started by going slow as he pulled back and forth over his now extremely stiff cut boyhood. “God, I bet Kyle looks even hotter in a Speedo,” he thought as he started stroking faster and faster. Jacob could feel as the head of his cock began to swell up to twice it’s normal size and he began to see pre-cum start to spill out from his piss slit. Jacob was so extremely hot right now that he couldn’t contain himself anymore, he felt his body begin to react to his own touch and he soon gave into its desires. He could hear himself starting to squeal and moan as his breathing got deeper and shallower, he was trying his best to remain quiet as possible, hoping no one else would hear him having his fun. But it hit him like a freight train as he hit his stride, “OH FUCK!” he screamed into his free hand as he tried to muffle the sounds he was making. Jacob felt the first shot fly out from his dick almost like it was a cannon ball and flew onto the toilet seat. The second spurt flew out of him with less force, landing on the rim of the toilet. “Holy shit,” panted Jacob, “I’ve never shot this hard before.” But it wasn’t over just yet, because Jacob felt his body expel a third shot of cum right into the middle of the toilet bowl. Soon after, his body came down from the ecstasy that had run throughout his entire body. Jacob’s orgasm had finally subsided and he came back to reality. “Holy Fuck!” said Jacob under his breath, “That has to be the best cum I’ve ever had.” Jacob stood still for a few moments while he tried to catch his breath, but when he had and was finally ready, he grabbed some toilet paper off of the roll and started to clean up his mostly clear looking cum that he’d made. When he was done cleaning up his mess, he felt like he needed to go pee. You know how it is after you cum; it feels like your bladder filled up all of a sudden. Well yeah, it was one of those types of pees, massive. Jacob quickly flushed the toilet and reached for his board shorts which he previously had placed onto the counter. And without much hesitation, Jacob put his swim trunks on over his body and went to grab the towels from the linen closet, before finally starting to make his way downstairs. “Sorry about that, taking so long I mean. It was being really shy and it didn’t want to come out,” lied Jacob. “No problem, but hey, can you tell me where your bathroom is? I still need to go get changed,” asked Kyle. “It’s the first door on your right at the top of the stairs,” explained Jacob. “Alright, I’ll be right back in a moment then,” yelled Kyle, running towards the stairs. As Jacob watched Kyle running up the stairs towards the bathroom, he smiled to himself. “God his butt is so … magnificent,” he thought while enjoying the view. When Kyle had fully ascended his way up the stairs, Jacob slowly made his way over towards the kitchen table and placed the towels down onto it. But when he was about to sit down, it hit him. “Shit! Shit! Shit! Did I flush that toilet paper?” he thought frantically. But before he knew it; he was making a running dash for the stairs to knock on the bathroom door. “Hey Kyle are you done changing yet?” asked Jacob through the door, hoping in his efforts that it would keep Kyle’s eyes in the direction of the door; it was his last ditch effort to not let Kyle see what he may or may not have forgotten to flush. “Nope, I’m not done yet,” replied Kyle through the door. “Well hurry up! I wanna go swimming,” sulked Jacob. “I’ll just be a minute. It’s being shy, just like it was for you,” explained Kyle. Jacob soon started to hear the sounds of someone having their own fun, “Oh fuck! Oh … fu … Mmm.” But the only problem was; it didn’t seem to be coming from the bathroom. “Where the hell is that coming from?” he thought, instantly forgetting why he had come upstairs in the first place. He slowly started to track where the sounds were originating from and soon stopped dead in his tracks when he’d found the source of the noise; it was coming from his little brother’s bedroom. “Holy shit!” thought Jacob, when he realized that Matthew was jerking off. He didn’t mince words by waiting, so he quickly knocked on Matthew’s bedroom door and entered without getting a response. “Dude stop being so fucking loud!” whispered Jacob, once he’d forced his way inside and had shut the door, “For crying out loud, what if Kyle hears you? And I can hear you all the way … down. I mean, from down the hall.” “Why do I need to be quiet for when even you couldn’t keep yourself quiet for your little quickie in the bathroom. And don’t you dare try and lie to me. I heard you playing with yourself,” said Matthew a little bit louder than Jacob would have liked. Jacob’s mouth dropped wide open; he was extremely surprised at Matthews reply, let alone that he was still jerking off his cute little cut boyhood right in front of him. “Doesn’t he have any sense of decency?” he thought. “I’m sorry Matthew, but could you please do your best to be quieter? You might freak Kyle out and then he will never want to come back here again. And if that happens, you know who’s going to be dead meat,” insisted Jacob, staring down at his brother with his arms crossed. “Oh and by the way Jacob, I found that present you left me in the bathroom. After you left the bathroom I went and took it. But don’t worry, I’ve already gotten rid of the evidence, you forgot to flush it you know. But it’s in good hands now,” said Matthew, with a huge smirk across his face. “Wait what? You know what, never mind. Okay – but could you just try to be more quiet for me please?” said Jacob, while stepping backwards out of Matthews room. He tried his very best to close Matthew’s door as soft as he possibly could. But to say Jacob wasn’t in shock would have been an understatement; he couldn’t believe that this had just happened in front of his very eyes. “What the hell did he mean it was ‘in good hands?’” he pondered in hindsight. “What are you doing?” asked Kyle, frightening the crap out of Jacob for the second time today. With the sudden surprise of Kyle showing up, Jacob whipped his head around to find him standing directly behind him. But with some luck, Jacob didn’t fall over this time. And thank God for that; Jacob would have felt like a complete idiot. “Oh it’s nothing really. I was just telling Matthew something real quick. Let’s go swimming now,” said Jacob with haste as he tried to get away from the possibility of Matthew moaning again in earshot of them. And without any prior notice or indication, Kyle grabbed Jacob’s hand and they both set off towards the stairs at a running pace. Kyle just seemed to giggle at Jacob for the surprised look that came across his face, but when they’d reached the bottom of the stairs, they continued running out the backdoor through the kitchen. For Jacob, his mind was doing tails spins, he was so stuck on the fact that Kyle was holding onto his very own hand; that his whole body seemed to warm up suddenly and he began to sweat profusely, it was almost too much for him to bear. When they’d made it outside into the backyard, they swiftly jumped into the deep end of the pool and felt as the water smothered their bodies with its warmth. It was a breath of fresh air for Jacob when their hands had finally disengaged and he felt normality return to him once again. “Doesn't this feel nice all over your skin Kyle?” asked Jacob curiously. “Oh God yes, this feels amazing. I could stay in here forever,” said Kyle, treading his hands around in the water, “Holy shit! You’ve got a diving board? That thing looks so awesome. How high is it?” “About ten feet high I think. Why do you wanna jump off of it? Wait, what am I saying, of course you do,” said Jacob playfully. “Oh heck yes!” retorted Kyle. Jacob decided that it would probably be best for him to just get out of Kyle’s way, so Jacob started to swim to the shallow end of the pool and gave Kyle the space he needed to have some fun jumping off of the diving board. With him now in position, he watched with great attention as Kyle got out of the pool and noticed how the water seemed to have created a vacuum effect around his swimsuit; the water sucked the Speedo really tight over Kyle’s skin, making it look almost transparent. It was something marvelous to Jacob; he could see everything that called Kyle a boy, the way his crack meshed into his lower back and especially the way his package was utterly to die for, by Jacob’s standards at least. It also seemed to Jacob that Kyle liked his dick to point upwards instead of having it resting over his sack. As Jacob continued to look over Kyle, he thought that Kyle was quite possibly sporting a partial wood; it looked to Jacob to be about 3 ½ inches soft, if he were to guess. But he remained immobile in the shallow end of the pool while he continued to admire Kyle’s amazing body, even while Kyle climbed up the ladder to get ready to jump for his first time. When Kyle was at the edge of the board, he tried to show off by flexing his muscles, point where he intended to land, so on and so forth, until he eventually jumped into the water and made a huge splash. “How was that?” asked Kyle when he finally resurfaced. “It looked good to me,” exaggerated Jacob. “Go ahead and do it again if you want.” Jacob continued to watch Kyle jump off the diving board several more times, until Kyle yelled down to him for the very last time, “Hey Jacob are you watching? Watch me!” “I am bro, go for it man. JUMP!” yelled Jacob in reply. But this time when Kyle jumped; it was a little different. Because after Kyle had jumped off of the diving board and into the water, he didn’t come up to the surface straight away like he’d done with all of his other jumps. Typically all of his other jumps had ended with him swimming over to the edge of the pool and getting out to jump all over again. Jacob was seriously beginning to panic; until he began to feel two soft boyish hands start to slide up from his ankles, to his knees, over the top of his groin and finally his waist and chest. After much touching of Jacob’s body; Kyle reached the surface of the water and was standing right in front of him. Jacob felt really awkward in that specific moment, that he thought his face went all bug eyed just from the sheer surprise that he’d just received from Kyle. And well … Kyle just seemed to smirk. “Pretty cool huh?” asked Kyle enthused. “And which part would that be?” asked Jacob in a serious tone of voice, “The fact that you jumped and didn’t come up right away for air? Or for the very simple fact that you just felt me up while coming to the surface?” “Maybe, uh … a little bit of uh … both?” said Kyle hesitantly. “HEY JACOB mom’s on the phone and she wants to know what we want for dinner,” yelled Matthew out of the backdoor, holding the cordless phone in his hand. “Great timing you have there Matthew,” yelled Jacob sarcastically. “God he’s always got to ruin shit for me,” thought Jacob spitefully, swimming towards the edge of the pool. “Just tell her to bring home some pizza or something for all I care,” yelled Jacob back to his brother. “Shit what time is it?” asked Kyle concerned. “It’s almost six o’clock Kyle. Why?” inquired Matthew. “Oh shit!” said Kyle, looking frightened, “I’m going to be in so much trouble. I completely forgot to call my mom. How could I forget to tell her where I was? Oh my God – she’s probably already sent out a neighborhood search party for me by now.” Jacob understood the point that Kyle was making, because he knew all too well how mothers could be too overly protective. Nonetheless, Jacob could see the worry on Kyle’s face and he knew that this was a serious thing for him. So Jacob watched as Kyle swam to the edge of the pool and watched as he hopped his cute little ass out of the water, “Listen dude, I really think I gotta go,” explained Kyle nervously. “Just calm down for a second. First let’s call your mother so you can tell her that you’re alive and well, but also be sure to tell her you’ll be home soon,” instructed Jacob firmly. “Okay I will,” said Kyle panicked, with the look of fear in his eyes, “But my mom is absolutely going to kill me!” Kyle looked terrified; he deeply thought in his heart that he was going to get into a large amount of trouble. So Jacob jumped out of the pool and followed Kyle into the house. When they got inside, Jacob grabbed for the towels from the kitchen table and handed one to Kyle. “Mom said that she’ll be home in about thirty minutes. She also told me to tell you that dad has to work a late shift tonight, so we may not even get to see him tonight,” said Matthew sulking. “Okay cool!” said Jacob swiftly, ignoring what his brother had just said, “But where’s the cordless phone? I need it.” “Right here,” said Matthew, waving it in front of Jacob’s face like a total moron. “Thank you Matthew,” said Jacob, before turning around to look at Kyle and instructing him, “Okay, so call your mother now and please let her know that you’re okay. I can’t let you get killed over this.” Jacob watched Kyle with great attention while he dialed his home phone number and waited to hear if he was going to be murdered. Jacob was greatly worried; he didn’t want any harm to come to Kyle before he’d ever had a chance to make him his boyfriend, well if he was gay that is. Nonetheless, Jacob waited eagerly and listened to what Kyle was saying to his mother. “Mom it’s me,” said Kyle with great hesitation, “I’m really sorry I forgot to call. I’m at my friend’s house … Who? Jacob and Matthew’s mom. We went swimming in their pool and I kinda lost track of time, I’m really sorry mom! Please forgive me.” Jacob took notice to the exasperating pause between Kyle speaking and his mothers, there seemed to be some yelling or instruction or chastising of Kyle and this worried Jacob somewhat, he somehow hoped that Kyle’s mother would understand that he had made a mistake and learned from it. “I know mom! I know I goofed up. I’m sorry …” said Kyle into the phone. “Where the blazes am I?” asked Kyle suddenly. “What, do you mean my address?” asked Jacob, looking curiously at Kyle. “Yup,” replied Kyle. “Okay,” breathed Jacob with a smirk across his face, “So our address is: 2932 Mountain Fairway Dr, Naples, FL and that’s located in the United States of America.” “You’re such a dork, you know that right?” said Kyle, smirk back at Jacob. “Yeah Mom, I’m at 2932 Mountain Fairway Dr,” said Kyle calmly to his mother. He paused for a moment and waited for his mother’s response, “Okay mom, I will see you soon. Again I’m really sorry and I love you too mom.” Jacob then watched Kyle hit the end button on the cordless phone and returned it to the docking station on the kitchen counter; he then looked back over towards Jacob. “So … um, are you going to be killed tonight? I surely hope not,” asked Jacob, looking deep into Kyle’s beautiful blue eyes. “Nope!” exclaimed Kyle, “And thank God for that huh?” “Well that’s good then – so let’s get you dried off, so we can get you back into your street clothes,” said Jacob, unable to stop himself from saying what was really on his mind. “Are you offering?” asked Kyle enthusiastically and giggling uncontrollably. Jacob felt like his eyeballs popped out from his head after hearing those words, especially considering those words had come out of Kyle’s own mouth. Jacob really began to believe that his face turned a bright scarlet red, because Matthew seemed to stare at him like he’d just committed some sort of cardinal sin. “Uh, no, what I meant was, uh … why don’t you go dry yourself off and get your street clothes back on,” said Jacob quickly, fidgeting with his fingers and looking off to the side, “And you’d better hurry before your mom comes and sees you in those sexy – I mean swimsuit.” What Jacob’s mind really wanted to say was sexy Speedos, but he was able to catch himself in time, well sort of. “Okay I’ll be right back,” said Kyle as he ran towards the stairwell to go upstairs and get changed. “God Jacob, what is freaking wrong with you today? You’re definitely acting really … weird,” asked Matthew, peering down at his brother with his tiny hazel eyes. “It’s nothing Matthew, just forget about it would you!” barked Jacob, while he sat down at the kitchen table to wait for Kyle. ******************************************************************************** “God I’m a total fucking idiot,” thought Kyle, while he tried to strip off the Speedo that seemed to have attached itself to his body. Kyle began to wonder if Jacob had somehow known that he was intentionally trying to touch him in the pool. He felt like he couldn’t manage to keep his frisky hands to himself because he couldn’t stop himself or he’d somehow explode, or something along those lines. “I really do like Jacob,” he thought. And he truly hoped that he wouldn’t screw this up and somehow have Jacob ending up hating him. Kyle had really thought that Jacob looked really cute in the swimsuit that he chose to wear in the pool and also thought that Jacob had an amazing body. Kyle really started to believe that he somehow made a mistake in coming over to Jacob’s house today; he felt that Jacob and him couldn’t ever possibly be, well more. Although to Kyle it seemed that Jacob was flirting with him too and Kyle just couldn’t seem to grasp his intentions quite yet. “Is he just being overly friendly to me?” he thought, while he continued to struggle with getting the Speedo off of his body. “Kyle?” beckoned Jacob softly through the door, “Your mom is here to pick you up. Try to hurry up because she’s waiting for you downstairs and she looks a little upset.” “Okay just give me a second,” said Kyle sorrowfully in reply, “I will be right down. I’m just having some trouble getting this swimsuit off.” Instead of going back downstairs, Jacob decided to listen through the door for a bit while Kyle tried his best to rush and get ready. Eventually he heard Kyle drop his towel onto the floor and could hear as Kyle rustled about trying to get his dry street clothes back on, or at least that’s what Jacob suspected was happening considering all of the racket he was making in there. After all of the noise had stopped, Kyle opened the bathroom door fully dressed, and met Jacob face to face, which made him smile at Jacob while he held tight onto Matthew’s Speedo in his right hand. “What should I do with these Mr. Skittish,” asked Kyle, holding up Matthew’s Speedo in front of Jacob’s face. “Oh I’ll take care of that for you,” said Jacob excitedly, smiling back at Kyle. Kyle slowly passed the Speedo over to Jacob and started to leave the bathroom to face the music with his mother, but when Jacob grabbed him by his arm; he stopped and looked back at him. Jacob didn’t know why he did this himself, but to him it just seemed like the right thing to do at that particular moment. “Hey Kyle?” said Jacob in a small voice, “I just wanted to tell you that I had a really good time with you today and I really hope that you did too. I also wanted to thank you for coming over and spending some time with me and I really hope that your mom will let you come back over again tomorrow – well that’s if she doesn’t kill you by tonight I mean.” Jacob moved his body closer to Kyle’s with each passing second that eventually he wrapped his arms around Kyle and embraced him in a hug, just like he’d done earlier in the day. After a moment or two, Jacob pulled himself away a little and leaned back in to give him a kiss on his rosy cheek. But for some unknown reason, Kyle shifted his body and before Jacob could even realize, or even have time to react; he was kissing Kyle directly on the lips. But before Jacob even had a chance to break a part their kiss, Kyle grabbed Jacob’s hand and gave it a firm squeeze. They remained in their lip lock for three to five seconds before Kyle had come to his senses and made a swift body motion to pull away and leave. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself,” said Kyle as the fear resonated from his vocal cords, “If you don’t want to be my friend anymore then I will totally understand. Shit man, I really need to go.” Kyle was overcome with fear as it permeated every fabric of his being, he went to bolt for the stairwell, but Jacob felt that he couldn’t let Kyle just up and leave like that, so he swiftly went to grab for Kyle’s wrist and pulled him back into an intimate embrace against his firm boyish body. “You need to just shut up. Do you understand?” said Jacob playfully, “I still want to be your friend. Nothing is ever going to change that,” concluded Jacob in the softest voice he could muster. Jacob looked deep into Kyle’s eyes and felt as his body began to relax and become less tense, but whilst looking into Kyle’s eyes he saw them start to glass over; almost like he was about to cry. Seeing this broke Jacob’s heart and he swiftly grabbed for Kyle’s lower back and pulled him even closer into his own frame, he held him in his arms for several seconds and stared deep into his eyes before he kissed him on his sweet lips once more and kissed him with the love and passion that he truly felt for him. Kyle’s reaction to this sudden attention caused his whole body to shiver in Jacob’s arms, just like he’d done earlier in the day, but this time it caused his legs to buckle from underneath him. Jacob instinctively tightened his grip over Kyle’s back and held him closer to himself. For Jacob this whole experience was somewhat unexpected, he didn’t know what had come over him, especially the boldness that he was demonstrating in this moment, but it was as if the will of the Titans had come over him and he simply didn’t care anymore. He just wanted to taste Kyle’s sweet lips against his own, he just didn’t have too … he needed too. After some light back rubbing on Jacob’s part, they broke away from their kiss. “Wow!” said Kyle under his breath, like he was at a total loss for words and couldn’t manage to say anything else other than to smile aimlessly at Jacob and look deep into his eyes. Jacob let his eyes do most of the talking as he too returned the deep stare back into Kyle’s eyes; he was smiling inside and out from the sheer joy he had just gotten from kissing and holding Kyle within his very own arms. After some time of staring and somehow seeing each other for who they really were, Jacob broke eye contact, but quickly looked back at Kyle and told him that it would probably be best for him to go see his mother, but instructed that he should adjust his face first, because he seemed to have the look of pleasure written all over it. Kyle smiled and nodded his head before he firmly stood up properly with his full weight being supported by his legs once more. Jacob soon returned his arms back to his sides and they both started to walk down the stairs together. When they’d reached the bottom step of the stairs, Kyle saw his mother standing and waiting impatiently at the front door. Kyle was quick to analyze the look on her face and saw her deep concern and worry for him; which made him feel extremely guilty. Slowly but surely, Kyle began to walk over towards his mother with his head facing the floor. He took small strides walking closer and closer, which seemed to be tiny baby steps in contrast to his normal walking speed, but for Kyle it was likened to being on death row; it was time to face the music. Kyle’s mother swiftly grabbed a hold of her son and planted a kiss on his forehead, before pulling him deep into her bosom and embracing him in her arms. Once she felt that the hug had lasted long enough, she swiftly brushed her hair aside and placed her arms to her sides. “If you ever do this to me again, I swear to God you’re going to be grounded until you’re thirty,” barked Kyle’s mother, “Do you understand me mister?” “Yes mom I understand, I’m really sorry,” said Kyle, looking down at the floor, unable to make eye contact, “I just lost track of time. We were having so much fun,” concluded Kyle, trying to fight back tears. Kyle’s mother paused for a moment and analyzed his response; she somehow took sympathy on her son as she could see how hard he was trying to maintain his composure. After all, she didn’t want to make him look like a fool in front of his new friends, especially considering Kyle didn’t really have friends, well none that she knew of. Eventually she looked down at Kyle, loosening her tense posture, “Well as long as you’re sorry, then that’s all that matters,” said Kyle’s mother. “Mom? I know this is a bit of a long shot. But do you think that I could uh, come back here tomorrow?” asked Kyle, stammering in a voice that almost made it seem like he was begging her. “I suppose that would be okay Kyle, but …” “But what Mom?” asked Kyle in haste. “I want to be ‘CALLED’ after you get done with school ‘AND’ I also want to be notified once you get here. Do you understand me?” Kyle’s mother instructed and questioned. “Yes. I promise on my life,” said Kyle excitedly. “Well then so be it. Thanks for your time boys. You two have a wonderful night,” said Kyle’s mother, walking out the front door to her car. “Well I guess that means I’ll be seeing you tomorrow,” said Kyle smiling gleefully. Kyle gave a joyous wave towards Matthew and took a swift look over at Jacob; he smiled once more and gave a quick wink, before walking out of the front door and shutting it behind him as he left. Something had changed inside of Jacob; a place that had once been void, had somehow been filled by one simple little kiss. He was so filled with joy that he simply glowed; he then turned to face Matthew and expressed his mere excitement at how well today had gone for him. Matthew nodded and agreed, “It looked like you two had a lot of fun,” said Matthew smirking. “If he only knew what kind of fun I did have. If he only knew,” thought Jacob. ******************************************************************************** “So did you have fun with your friends today?” asked Kyle’s mother, breaking the silence while they drove towards their house. “Yeah mom, I had lots of fun,” proclaimed Kyle. But for the most part, Kyle’s mind was lost in a whirlwind of deep thought, he barely heard his mother talking about her thinking of calling the police to look for him, how much she had worried and the likes. Ultimately Kyle was going over and over the things that had happened to him today in his head. The primal urges in him; wanted him, needed him to move his body at that precise moment in time when Jacob was hugging him. He felt almost as if his urges had somehow guided him; it had been fate when Jacob and his lips touched for the very first time. Kyle couldn’t seem to help it but to shiver in Jacob’s arms, because this was what he so deeply desired; to be loved and accepted by Jacob and by Jacob alone. But the more he thought, the more questions popped into his head, “What does this all really mean? Was Jacob just being overly friendly? Did he kiss all of his friends … like that?” “Kyle honey? We’re home. Now here’s the deal, obviously I wasn’t able to get dinner started tonight and I’m sure that you already know why. So here’s what you’re going to do,” instructed Kyle’s mother in a stern voice, “You’re going to go upstairs and get yourself changed into your PJ’s, then you’re going to come downstairs and make yourself a sandwich. And once you’ve finished eating, then I want you in bed as your punishment and that’s all there will be of that. Do you understand me?” “Yes mom, understood loud and clear,” replied Kyle softly. Kyle was feeling really ashamed of himself for letting his mother down like he had, although it was never his intention to make her worry about him; nonetheless he knew that he screwed up terribly. He made a promise to himself that he would try harder to be loved and accepted by his mother, mind you he was always treated fairly; it was just his own self confidence issues surfacing at any inopportune moment. Kyle had remained seated even while his mother got herself out of the car and had walked up the walkway to their front door. Suddenly, Kyle felt extremely lonely and decided that it would probably be best for him to go inside before he’d gotten into more trouble somehow, so he exited his mother’s vehicle and walked slowly up the patio stone walkway to his front door. He grabbed a hold of the doorknob and gave it a swift turn and entered into the house. Slowly but surely Kyle walked past his mother, who was standing in the kitchen and started to make his way up stairs so that he could get changed in his room. The first thing Kyle manage to do once he’d gotten into his room was strip himself down naked. It seemed to take Kyle a bit of time to figure out what he was going to wear for bed, that eventually he decided that he would wear nothing at all. But he couldn’t possibly go downstairs stark naked. So Kyle picked out a clean pair of black undies and a clean t-shirt from his dresser drawers, before finally making his way back downstairs and into the kitchen. By the time Kyle had entered into the kitchen his mother had already made him two P&J sandwiches with a glass of milk, which was sitting beside the small plate of food. Kyle was quick to eat what his mother had made for him; because he was very hungry. By the time he’d finished eating his sandwiches, and had drank his milk, he went off to find where his mother had gone. He really wanted to be able to tell her goodnight before he was required to go to bed. So with that in mind, Kyle went and looked in the living room and soon found her sitting on the couch watching some sort of sitcom. Kyle slowly but surely tiptoed up behind his mother and quickly threw his arms around her into a reversed hug. “Goodnight mom,” whispered Kyle into his mother’s ear, “I love you.” “I love you too baby. Have a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you in the morning,” said Kyle’s mother, kissing Kyle’s hand. With those words, Kyle let go of his mother and ran back towards the stairs and up to his bedroom. He quickly stripped off his black undies along with his t-shirt, before jumping underneath his nice and cozy covers and snuggled deep within them. Kyle had always really liked the way the covers felt over his body; for him it was like being caught in a tight embrace around his whole body. When Kyle was finally settled, he began to analyze all of the things that had happened today, as he was unable to shake the events from his mind. It was starting to make him feel extremely horny, but he surely couldn’t help it, because everything that called him boy was now fully awake and alert. Kyle soon began to allow his hands to explore all over his body, he let his hands begin to slide up and down over his fragile frame; starting from his chest, down to his smooth hairless stomach, until finally, he began to feel his boyhood start to swell. Shortly afterward, he let his mind take over and he started to pretend that it was actually Jacob exploring his body and by doing so it seemed to make him even hotter. Kyle was becoming so horny that he felt his animal instincts start to take him over and he swiftly grabbed a hold of his stiff, uncut boyhood and began to stroke it faster and faster by every passing second. Kyle could feel as his body began to respond to his own sensitive sense of touch; his breathing slowly became deeper and deeper the more he stroked his now hard as a rock boyhood. “I don’t think I’m going to last too long,” he thought in the moment. He then quickly threw the covers off of his body, just in time too, because he soon felt his body go stiff and he began to cum all over his stomach. Kyle could feel as wave after wave began to pulsate through his whole body, that even if he tried, he was unable to keep his eyes open as the ecstasy shot out from his body. He felt as the eruption came out from within him, not one, not two, but five full loads of cum shot out and onto his stomach. When Kyle’s orgasm had finally ceased, he continued to remain motionless for several minutes panting, but after a time, he finally felt his body fully relax. Kyle slowly opened his eyes to see a very clear, almost transparent load of cum resting on top of his tummy. With the mess that laid waiting for cleanup, Kyle hopped out of his bed and peeked his head out of his door. With the coast clear, he ran towards the bathroom to clean himself off with some toilet paper. Once inside of the bathroom, he quickly wiped off any remaining cum from his stomach and went to take a piss. Afterward, he quickly washed his hands with some soap and water and ran back towards his bedroom, where he jumped back underneath his cozy covers and fell asleep. ******************************************************************************** “Jacob? Matthew? Boys I’m home,” said Jacob’s mother, walking into the kitchen with pizza in her hands. “Hi Mom,” yelled Jacob, standing beside the sink. “So how was your day honey?” asked Jacob’s mother looking at her eldest son. “It was amazing,” said Jacob with a sparkle in his eye. “But if she only knew how amazing,” he thought, while he stared aimlessly at his mother. Once Jacob’s mother had put down the pizza box onto the counter, she requested for Matthew to fetch down some plates from the cupboard. Matthew swiftly did so and rested the plates down onto the counter, where they all soon grabbed themselves a plate and dished some pizza slices onto them. With Jacob’s pizza in hand, he headed over to the kitchen table and sat down, where he started salivating in the taste of the pizza, “Mmm, this tastes really good,” thought Jacob. But by the time everyone had finished eating their dinner, Jacob was starting to feel really tired; he suspected that it was because of all of the fun he had today and that it had just simply tuckered him out. “Hey mom I’m really tired. I think I’m just gonna head to bed. So I’ll see you in the morning,” said Jacob yawning. “What?” asked Jacob’s mother, surprised at her son’s willingness to go to bed so early, “Are you feeling sick or something? Come here let me feel your head. After all it’s only eight o’clock.” “No mom I’m fine, just tired is all. Good night you two,” said Jacob, before he leaned in and kissed his mother on her cheek and started to make his way up the stairs. “Don't worry mom. He's been acting really weird all day,” informed Matthew. “Weird you say? Hmm alright,” said Jacob’s mother. When Jacob finally got inside of his room, he found it just as he’d left it, which was completely ransacked. But he was cool with that because he really hated having to make his bed every day, for him it was a total waste of time; he just felt that he was going to mess it up again anyhow. Not being too overly concerned by the mess that was scattered around his room, he slowly closed his bedroom door and flicked on the light switch. Jacob stood standing immobile for a second or two before he started stripping off his board shorts, which seemed to be still somewhat damp. But the moment he fully removed his swim trunks, he felt the coolness in the air rush over his groin area. This had its own adverse reaction for Jacob as it started to make his body tingle and it also seemed to excite him, which caused him to get an instant boner. Now that he was fully naked, he walked over towards his bed and hopped his tiny little ass underneath the covers. Thoughts soon began to fill his mind, he was in awe of the events that had transpired merely hours ago; it was almost like a dream for him as he continued to play it over and over in his mind. It had come to the point where he needed to be sure that it truly wasn’t a dream, so he pinched himself on the arm. “Ouch,” he breathed out when he realized that today was unequivocally … ‘REAL!’ But as true and real as all of it may have been, Jacob was too exhausted to do anything about his erect boyhood at the present moment. Jacob continued to try and battle his exhaustion while he tried to continue going over his kiss with Kyle, but he was slowly losing the battle as his eyes closed for the very last time for the rest of the night and he soon drifted off into the land of dreams. ******************************************************************************** Jacob must have only slept for about five to six hours before he heard his bedroom door squeaking open ever so slightly. He could hear through the darkness someone walking into his bedroom and getting closer to him. “Hey Jacob?” said Matthew trembling, “Are you awake? It’s thundering and lightning outside and it’s really starting to freak me out. Can I please sleep with you tonight?” Not giving much thought to Matthew’s question, he didn’t see a big problem letting his brother sleep with him; after all he was his only brother. But before he could give much thought in remembering that he had gone to bed naked, he opened up his covers to Matthew and gave him a gesture to hop on in, “Hop on in then,” he whispered after a few seconds. With his eyes squinted, Jacob peered through the darkness and tried to see the outline of his brother trying to make his way across the room, but he thought that Matthew’s eyes hadn’t adjusted to the darkness yet either as he heard the sound of him stepping on something, which made a loud crunching sound. Jacob soon felt the force of Matthew’s body jumping into his bed beside him, which gave his bed a good shake. Matthew continued on by feeling around in Jacob’s bed to find where his brother was located, but in the process he inadvertently grabbed Jacob’s boyhood in his hands. Matthew responded by gasping in surprise and kicking himself backwards away from Jacob. “Dude!” protested Matthew, “Are you freaking naked?” “Shit, yeah I am, sorry I kinda forgot,” replied Jacob in a tone softer than a whisper. “Ah well, whatever your my brother. No big deal I guess,” said Matthew, snuggling closer towards Jacob into a spooning position. “Did he just deliberately push his butt into my crotch?” thought Jacob, right before his own thoughts were confirmed when Matthew wiggled his butt back and forth over his exposed dick and he knew that he was doing it on purpose. “Um, what is it you think you’re doing?” asked Jacob sternly, poking Matthew in the back. “Nothing,” said Matthew in an innocent child like voice. “You wiggling your butt over my crotch is not nothing Matthew,” said Jacob, “So what is it you think you’re doing?” “Okay fine! I just figured that since you got to see me jerking off today then maybe I could see your dick hard too,” replied Matthew, like it wasn’t a big deal. “So that’s what you’re after?” asked Jacob. “Yeah, that’s what I want,” said Matthew enthusiastically. “Well if you really want to see me get hard then you’re just going to have to jerk me off. I’m just too tired to do anything right now,” said Jacob jokingly, not expecting Matthew to follow through. But before Jacob could even say another word regarding the topic at hand, Matthew reached out his hand and gripped his semi-hard boyhood and started to slowly move his hand back and forth over the tip of his dick, which caused his dick to grow to its full girth. “Wow! Look how big it’s getting. You’re so much bigger than me Jacob, I really like it though – oh wait. Does this make me gay now?” asked Matthew concerned, still playing with Jacob’s dick. “Well you’ll get bigger too Matthew, but I’m sure you already knew that. And I really don’t know. Are you gay though?” asked Jacob, like it wasn’t a big issue. “I don’t know Jacob,” said Matthew concerned. “You know it’s okay if you … are – Matthew? I think you better stop or you’re going to make me cum all over, uh … you,” said Jacob, fighting back the urge to blow his entire load. “Oh shit sorry. I kinda forgot I was still playing with your toy,” said Matthew, releasing his hand from around Jacob’s hard boyhood. “Thanks,” said Jacob, feeling relieved that he didn’t just blow his entire load all over Matthew. “Well, we’d better get some sleep don’t you think? We still have school tomorrow after all. But at least it will be Friday when we wake up, so if you want to talk some more after school then we can,” concluded Jacob, yawning into his hand. “Goodnight Matthew,” said Jacob, closing his eyes and wrapping his arm around his brother. “Goodnight,” said Matthew, grasping Jacob’s hand It didn’t take long for Matthew and Jacob to fall asleep together. They didn’t quite know it just yet, but this was the beginning of a journey that they were about to embark on that would ultimately define their lives forever. And please don't forget, if you enjoyed the story, hit the like button. I would love to hear what you thought of the story. And feel free to leave a review.
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    The Shadow A shadow, a faceless figure stands off in the distance, in a black cloak dressed. My eyes narrowed, searching for the unknown motive, trying not to stress. As the shadow draws nigh, darkness seems to surround me. Where's the light? The heart quickens, cold sweat, muscles tense, I turn and take flight. I awake to the sound of beeps, in a room of white and disinfectant smell. Voices outside the door, people dressed in white, a place I know too well. Familiar voices enter the room. A man and a woman I hold dear. I look into their faces and turn so not to see the tear. Each night the shadow returns. Each night I hide or run. Each night the shadow grows. Now the days are without fun. Where has my childhood gone? Why do I have this fight? The night grows darker and even the days are fading light. A friend visits, my strength returns to fight my fight against my fear. With his laughter and his love, fun returns, and the light is near. With the love of parents, the strength of friends, I laugh in the Shadow's face. I fear the shadow no more, in the light I walk. To catch me now, he must quicken his pace
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    Stand Tall Stand Free At first the smell of smoke is carried on a gentle breeze. A loud knock on your conscience, makes your heart freeze. The many times you stood and ignored the warning signs. Fear questions, is it for you now that death draws nigh? The politician sings to the crowds of promises and hope. But in the end, as it always is, it's left up to you to cope. It matters not their color or strip; they're all the same. The speeches are inspiring, but it's all about fame. Wait too long, the howling malevolent maelstrom will take us all. Stand silent, do nothing, allow them to take, and freedom falls. Singing wanted words, shaking hands, kissing babies is all a game. Bribed with your own money, promise of more, all to make you tame. Let the trumpets sound, shouts to all around, Here we make our stand. No more, no more corruption, no more lies, together hand in hand. No more politicians, it's statesmen we need. United we stand, divided we fall. For truly, if we are all for one and one for all, we stand tall and conquer all.
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    O' My Lake O' my lake that brings my reflections, You are so true and faithful to my direction. For without your enlightenment, I would shudder, Being like a ship without a rudder. Majestically you lie for all to ponder The unlearned and foolish are left to wonder But the wise are washed in your grace, Which gives strength and wisdom in all we face. Balancing on the brink of hope and despair, Scanning to and fro for which would be more fair. I ponder the thought, can one exist without the other? You shout out from your depths, why bother? Your restful shores bring peace to my soul. And the colors of your face cure all my woes. To hear your lapping waves is music to my ears. O' my lake, you say very little, yet there's much to hear.
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    Prologue Mattie and me're layin' on our sleeping bags on the back porch, watchin' the sky. He's resting his head on my chest, lookin' like he's fixin' to fall asleep on me. I feel like I'm 'bout ready to doze off, myself. He sighs, rolls over so he's lookin' up at my face. "Lem?" "Yeah?" "We'll still be friends after school starts, right?" I blink at him. "Mattie, it's only seventh grade." "But it's in a different town. We don't get to ride the same bus anymore." "Havre's only down the highway. It's not like I'm moving to China or somethin'." "Oh..." He starts playin' with the fabric on my shirt. "I don't want you to go to middle school." "Don't reckon' I have a whole lotta' choice in the issue." He sniffles, starts cryin'. I can feel his tears gettin' my shirt wet. "Mattie... why'd you hafta' go and start cryin'? Nothin's gonna change." He hugs my sides and pushes his face into my stomach. At least he's not wailing. Momma walks by the sliding glass door. She stops and squints, opens the door. "What's wrong?" "He's sad." I look down at the top of his head. Momma walks over and starts rubbin' his back between his shoulders. "You okay, honey?" Best he can, he tries to nod up and down without liftin' his face up. Momma looks at me. "What happened?" "He said he doesn't want me to go to middle school." She kinda laughs as she talks, like she thinks it's cute. "Ohhh, honey. It's only for a year, then you'll be in seventh grade and you'll both be in the same school again." He turns his head out to the side. His eyes are all puffy and red. Just sniffs. "Give me five minutes. I've got some cookies in the oven." Momma smiles at him, squeezes his shoulder. "Okay?" Mattie nods slowly. "Lem, why don't you get the telescope put away and get the sleeping bags in the basement? It's almost bed time." "Yes, ma'am." She gets up and walks back into the house, closes the door behind her. I prop myself up on my elbows so I can get up, but Mattie just squeezes me tighter. "Don't go." "I ain't goin' anywhere." I rub his back. "You'll always be my best friend." He sighs. "I like your voice." "Huh? What's so special about it?" "Seems warmer." He's got the sides of my shirt all balled up in his fists. "I'ono. Just think it's nice. Easy to listen to." "My voice ain't changed none." "I think it has. A little." We sit there for a little while. My arm's startin' to fall asleep. "We should head inside." "Okay." He gets up and starts rolling up the sleeping bags. I take the telescope off the tripod and put it back in its case. Latch it shut. Mattie takes a sleeping bag under each arm and opens the door for me. I set the telescope just inside the door so we can have some cookies first. Momma's already got them fixed up on a plate in the middle of the table, and if we don't get to 'em now, Jason's gonna eat the whole damn batch. Momma saw where I put it when I came in, but she didn't jump my ass about it. Probably figures the same thing. She sets a glass of milk down in front of each of us, then calls for Chase. I grab a cookie off the plate. "Where's Jason?" I take a bite. Missus Jensen's recipe. "Dad made him pick up his mess in the barn. He didn't put his tack away when he rode today." She looks at Mattie. "How are they?" Mattie turns red and grins. "Good, thank you." "You bet!" She walks back around the island to start another batch to cookin'. Jason walks in through the mud room. Momma looks up. "Wash your hands before you touch those." He's already trying to get around the back of the table at the plate. I hold the dish up off to the side, try to keep it away from him. "Momma said to wash your hands, you horses ass." "Lem! Watch your mouth!" Jason smacks me upside the back of my head. Mattie catches the plate before it hits the table, but Jason gets all but one of the cookies off the plate before Mattie can even react. Jason starts around the back of the table again, then stubs his toes on the telescope case. "Shit!" He stumbles forward and drops the cookies. "Lem, pick up your crap!" Momma throws a ball of cookie dough at him. "Don't you start in on your brother." "Hey!" He picks up one of the cookies from the ground and sticks it in his mouth. Gathers the other ones and gets to his feet. Mattie stares, slack-jawed. "That's gross." Jason turns and looks at him, then blinks. "Lem, your boyfriend been cryin'?" "Get bent, Jason!" Momma almost roars. "HEY!" Jason smirks. "You don't even know what that means." Momma takes to pokin' him in the chest with her finger. "Quit patronizing your brother. Get on upstairs and get ready for bed before your dad comes in here and has a shit fit." He hangs his head, "yes, ma'am." He turns and starts to walk out. Decides to give the back of my head another duster before he goes. "Jason! Git!" She turns and points at me with a rubber spatula, "and one more word out of you and you're grounded for a week." "What did I do?" "I can make it two." I sigh. Chew on a little cookie pulp that's left in my mouth. "Yes, ma'am." Chase walks in and sits down at the other end of the table. She looks over at momma. "What's get bent mean?" * * * Mattie's got his sleeping bag right up against mine. I'm laying on my back, lookin' at the ceiling. He's laying facing me, kind of a fetal position. "Lem?" "Yeah?" "I'm…" He trails off. "You're what?" I look over at him. "I'm scared." I hate it when he gets like this. "Why?" "I don't wanna be alone." "Who says you're gonna be alone?" "Just feels like you're gonna leave me alone. I don't want you to go." I sit up. "Mattie, I'm not goin' anywhere. It's just… we're gonna hafta plan our time out better. Hang out on the weekends n' shit." He sighs. "It's gonna happen again. When I start high school." "But it'll be in the same town. And we'll take the same bus." He's wearin' a little thin on my nerves with it. "Mattie…" I sigh. We sit in silence for a while. I don't know if my tone hurt him or not, but he know better than to keep on pushin' it. He's scared. "Lem, can we be blood brothers?" I look over. "I don't see why not." "Can we do it now?" "It's the middle of the night." "Please?" "Now?" "Lem…" I sigh. "Will it make you feel better?" He nods. I get out of my sleeping bag and walk over to a pile of clothes. I search a pair of pants, try to find my pocket knife, but it isn't there. Takes me a bit, but I finally figure out they're Mattie's. I root around on the floor a bit until I feel denim. When I pick them up, I've got them by one of the legs. Everything falls out of the pockets. "Crap." I get down on my hands and knees and feel around. Something cold and metal brushes up against the side of my hand. The weights just about right, so I take it back over to where Mattie is. I can just see his dark outline against the dim light of the television set. I sit down in front of him. He leans forward a little. I pull the blade out. "Let me see your hand." He hesitates. "Will it hurt?" "Won't be too bad. Just a little cut. You wanna do it yourself?" "No, you do it for me." He puts his hand in mind. I turn it so it's palm up, hold his pointer finger in my hand. I ready the blade so the tip's over the tip. "Just breathe slowly. It's pretty sharp, so it won't be too bad." He holds his breath. I rest tip to tip. Put the littlest bit of pressure on it. Make a small cut about as wide as a penny is thick. He hisses and pulls his finger away from me. "That hurt!" "It's a knife, Mattie. Think it was gonna tickle?" He moans. "Guess not." He pinches his fingertip between the fingers on his other hand. I put the knife into the same finger on my left hand. Feel the sting, the burn. I fold the blade and set the knife off to the side. "Okay, give me your finger." He holds his hand out at me. Kinda points it like E.T. I take his finger and put it against mine, so the cuts are touching. Squeeze the fingers together and hold them like that for a few minutes. "There. We're blood brothers." "Not yet." He touches his finger to my forehead. I feel the warm blood on my skin. I don't know if it's what I'm supposed to do, but I touch his forehead the same way. Smear the blood by accident. He takes my hand. Sticks my finger in my mouth and starts sucking the blood off it. "What're you doing?" He takes my finger out of his mouth. "It's a blood oath." Starts suckin' on it again. I don't even like the taste of my own blood. The way I figure it, Mattie's always been my brother. We know things about each other, know each other better than anyone else, even our parents. I swallow hard, then put his finger in my mouth. It tastes like metal; warm, thick iron. Now, he feels like a part of me. Wonder if he thinks the same.
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    How could they do this to me I thought I was their son Put me out on the street Just because I loved someone. Because it was a boy That my heart went out to Because I found so much joy In every single “I love you” Our family now broken Never again will it be the same Hurtful words already spoken How could they call me those names? I'm not a bundle of sticks I don't think I'm so strange I don't need to be fixed Why must, myself, I change? Just because I'm not normal I now have no home Because I can't be formal I've lost all I've ever known I walk a little more Tears streaming down my face My feet are getting sore But I must pick up the pace Not knowing where I'll be Not caring where I am Hope I'm trying to see I'll carry on, I'll do what I can Staring at the white line On this long and desolate road Thoughts running through my mind Of my once humble abode I fall onto my knees And scream at the sky above God help me please I need so badly to be loved I never saw it coming Until it was to late The sounds of screeching tires The awful horrible fate I see myself lying in a bed My parents stand around me Monitors beeping, blood on my head Death the only thing to foresee A doctor comes walking in His head held low The look on his face was grim It was time for me to go Just before I closed my eyes For the trip into a sky so starry I heard my parents harmonize “Son We're so very sorry” All that could be done Has now come and past With God I am one I have found love at last With Angels I now fly Look Mom I have wings Tell Dad he shouldn't cry I will always loudly sing No more pain no more sorrow No more strife or grief No more wondering tomorrow How could they do this to me
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    “Gah can you believe how fast these guys have climbed the charts, I swear. Yesterday no one knew who they were. Today it’s like…Boo yah boy! And what a name Crimson Phallus, can you imagine asking your mom for their CD at Christmas! Ha ha ha… Yeah I don’t think so. But tonight we have them here, hidden away in a secret location for a one night only appearance. If you want to go and you’re over twenty-one, be caller number twenty-three. And here is the latest from ‘The Killers’…” I sat in the radio booth listening and watching as Kitten ‘Kitty’ Jax did her 11 AM to 4PM show. She flipped off her microphone and smiled over at me. “So you are going tonight, right Morri?” she asked in her street voice. It always amazed me how she could change the way she sounded so completely when she talked on the radio. “Of course, are you kidding? The Skin Shop is such a small venue. If I am ever going to get a chance to interview the lead singer from Crimson Phallus, it is going to be after a show there. I still can’t believe you were able to get me in,” I said pulling my bronze colored hair back from my face. “Yeah well getting you in is all I am doing. We don’t get to interview any of the band and no one has ever interviewed Zee. I have no idea what their dysfunction is, but no one gets any play.” “Yeah, they do like their image. You got me a whole lot closer than I would’ve ever been able to. I’ll worry about getting the face time,” I said, having no idea how I was going to get an interview with Zee, the lead singer of Crimson Phallus, just that one way or another I had to. If I could pull this off Jello Music, the magazine I was freelancing for would have to hire me as staff. The intern in the control booth signaled Kitty that the caller she needed was on the line. I watched her flip the mic back on. “Hey who is this?” “Sandy,” came over the speakers. “Did I do it, am I twenty-three?” “Well you’re caller twenty three. Are you over twenty-one, that is the real question?” “Yes…oh my god, oh my god,” the caller at the other end of the line shrieked. “Hey Sandy, you’re quite the squealer, now before I turn you over to my intern so we can get all your pertinent facts, why don’t you tell everyone listening who’s sending you to see Crimson Phallus.” “K-dog. Where what is wrong is oh so right!” Sandy squealed through the phone line. “That’s a girl, now stay on the phone, my intern Jill is going to collect your info. And here is what everyone wants to hear, Crimson Phallus with their hit, I Will Stroke You.” “I will stroke you till you come I will make you come undone …” Came over the speakers and Kitty turned down the volume till it was barely audible. “She sounded hot. God did you hear her squeal,” Kitty laughed. “What about your girlfriend,” I asked. “Yeah what about it, she decided we needed another break.” “Dude, seems like every two months one of you is calling it quits.” “Does seem that way,” Kitty shrugged. “Actually I think I’m done this time, tired of playing human yo-yo. But hey look what I bought,” She pulled an oversized shoebox out from under her desk. Opening the box she pulled out a pair of thigh high black leather boots with cutouts of stars running up the back and four-inch spiked heels. “Nothing like a rockin’ pair of boots to say hosta luego,” she laughed. “Dude those look deadly. Are you sure you don’t need to sign a waiver or something before wearing them?” I said, eyeing the boots skeptically. “I know right? So fucking hot!” She kissed the toes and put the boots back in the box. Looking up at the clock on the wall, I realized what time it was. “So the Skin Shop at eight, right?” “Yep, I’ll leave your ticket at the door. Don’t flake out of me mister man. I’m going stag and you are my date.” “Stag means you don’t have a date, dork,” I said, shaking my head. “Exactly, just like when we went to senior prom. Lesbo and F@g Boy back in action,” she laughed making an idiotic fist pump gesture. “Freak,” I sighed affectionately, kissing her on the cheek. Kitten Jax and I had been best friends since Junior High, maybe it was because we had both known internally we were different from the rest of our classmates. But the why really didn’t matter, she was like my sister. “Just wear something sexy,” she smirked. “Don’t I always?” I asked reaching for the door. “No, no you don’t,” she laughed and I knew she was looking over my current grunge wear of jeans, hiking boots, t-shirt and a flannel. “Chu, like I need to look sexy in here,” I said, leaving the studio and waving as I passed her outside the glass wall in the hallway. It was currently two o’clock. I had less than half an hour to get to my day job. Freelance journalism didn’t even come close to paying the bills. But working as a personal trainer kept me fed, clothed and housed, and allowed me time to pursue other interests. I entered the gym with ten minutes to spare and quickly changed into a bright yellow t-shirt with the gym logo on it and a pair of navy exercise pants. Looking at the schedule, I noted that I had three clients that afternoon. The first, Ms. Cox was a seventy-five year old lady who was trying to lose the forty pounds her doctor had told her to. She had a wicked sense of humor and she would talk constantly about her grandkids and her dogs, although sometime it was hard to say which she was referring to. Her routine was simple and as we worked through the circuit of weight machines I would try to push her by adding a pound and she tried to get me to remove five. Next was Mr. Harrington. He worked as a used car salesmen. It was hard to tell if he was going through a mid-life crisis or was just in denial, but every time I took him through his circuit it took everything I had not to cut off the strip of hair he combed over his head to hide his bald patch. Last was Ms. Pinkerton. Forty-five and divorced, she was a very attractive lady. The only problem was, she knew it. Her workouts always went really well because she was serious about maintaining her figure but she was notorious for creating awkward moments the second we were done. We had just wrapped up when she sat on the weight bench and took off her t-shirt showing off her surgically enhanced chest. “So what are you up to tonight?” she asked, giving me a look that definitely said she was interested in making me part of her plans. “Hot date,” I said exaggerating my outing with Kitty. She didn’t need to know I was going out with a friend or that Kitty would find Ms. Pinkerton a lot more entertaining than I would. “You tell him to treat your right or else,” she smirked. “Oh I will,” I said, returning her smirk. Chuckling, I imagined her face if I actually delivered Ms. Pinkerton’s message. Kitty would kick my ass if I said that to her. Waving at her, I hurried into the locker room before she had the chance to make the moment anymore awkward. Quickly showering and changing into street clothes, I headed home when I was done. Once inside my one-bedroom apartment, I put my mp3 player into the stereo and turned it on. There is something about having music going when you are getting ready to go out that helps to set the mood. I flipped it to my favorite getting ready playlist and ‘Mindless Self Indulgence’ came on singing ‘Faggot’. Singing along, I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and used it as a microphone as I danced into my room to get dressed. I opened my closet door and tried to figure out what image I wanted to portray. I have plenty of slutty club clothes but I wanted to interview them not jump their bones. There was a picture I’d seen once of Johnny Depp wearing a vest with a t-shirt underneath. He’d looked sexy as all get out but not slutty in the least. Pulling on one of my thicker white undershirts, I put on a black vest and a pair of black leather pants. Looking in the mirror, I looked myself over. Copper wavy hair curled around my face accenting my green-gold hazel eyes. I looked like I had just tumbled out of bed. My t-shirt was snug and the vest hung low enough to cover up the waistband on my pants. The leather pants looked good but I decided to go with jeans instead. Debating on my earrings, I decided to go with simple silver studs. I looking in the mirror one last time and decided it was good enough. Slipping on black leather boots, I was ready to go and play. The Skin Shop was an odd place. A little known member’s only club, they always had the best music, DJs, drinks and bands. Their chefs was trained Cordon Bleu and rumor had it there were sleeping accommodations to rival any five star hotel. Some of their stage shows ventured into the pornographic, so they kept it legal by keeping the club private. How KDWG the radio station Kitty worked at had scored this locale for their ‘super secret concert’ was anyone’s guess. It had to be costing them a fortune. Nearing the club, I could hear the heavy beat of the bass outside. A pink neon sign over the door read ‘The Skin Shop’ in loopy cursive writing. The outside of the brick building had been painted black and the door was the same color pink at the sign. A velvet rope blocked off the entrance and a man wearing a tuxedo blocked the doorway holding a clipboard. More than one person was turned away as he looked for names on a list, letting in only those who were on it. I walked up to him and said, “Hi Morriarty Fines, Kitty should have put me on the list.” “Ah yeah, she left a note for you too,” he said smiling. Taking the small envelope from him, I opened it and read ‘Morri, Meet me at the bar. I know you can’t dress yourself. Love your Kitty.’ I shook my head at the note. If she were really my kitty she wouldn’t be making fun of my clothes. “Thanks,” I said to the bouncer, walking through the door to go and meet her inside. The inside of the club was dark. Lights flashed across the dance floor temporarily illuminating the people moving to a heavy techno beat as they danced to the pounding music. The stage was blocked by a heavy curtain and the DJ set up to the side was dancing with a chick dressed in a bikini and high heels. I looked over at the bar and spotted Kitty standing there eyeing some half-clad woman on her left. She was wearing the most outrageous outfit I’d ever seen her in. A red corseted top barely met the top of black leather hot pants. The thigh high black boots she’d shown me at the studio were about three inches below. If she were anywhere but a club she’d be mistaken for an escort. Looking around though, I noted her outfit was almost conservative compared to what others were wearing. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d made the right choice by not wearing slutty clothes. It took me waving my hand in front of her face to get her attention. “See I knew it,” she said shaking her head. “What look are you going for, Johnny Depp on the red carpet.” “Maybe,” I said looking away from her. How she always knew what I was up to was downright scary. “Anyway look at you. Sheesh… you’re like three inches taller than me in those things,” I said looking at how she was precariously balanced on the dangerous heels. “Right?” she said smiling widely. “But come on we need to fix you.” “Serious?” “Absolutely, you want that interview right?” she asked, pulling me through the crowd and into the hallway where the bathrooms were. “Yeah,” I said skeptically. “Well I heard a rumor today after you left,” she whispered, stepping back and looking me over with a critical eye. “Oh?” “Yeah see…if you can catch the lead singer’s eye then you’ll get to spend some time with him. But you have to be trashy sexy and really...” She bit her lip. I frowned. She only ever bit her lip if she were getting me into crap that was better left alone. “Really what, Kitten Jax?” I scowled using her full name hoping she would understand I was serious. “He likes his partners…docile,” she said looking away from me. “Docile?” “Submissive.” “Submissive?” This didn’t sound good. It wasn’t that I always had to be on top, but I seriously doubted any lover would describe me as docile or submissive. “Yeah well, apparently he is really picky. He likes really pretty bottoms,” she said biting her lip furiously. “I am not submissive or docile and I seriously doubt anyone would call me pretty,” I said. I decided to ignore her bottom comment, feeling that it really wasn’t any of her business which position I took. “Oh, you can pull off pretty and you are really toned…and I bet for the chance to interview Zee you could play submissive for the night,” she said glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. I don’t know why it worried me, it would never sell anyway. The whole thing was a lost cause, but I might as well go along with her so I wouldn’t have to hear about it later. “Whatever,” I sighed, “what do you have in mind.” “Well first get rid of the shirt,” she said. “Kitty,” I whined. “Nope it’s gotta go.” Rolling my eyes, I removed my vest, holding it between my knees as I pulled the white t-shirt over my head. She took it from me and threw it into a nearby trash can. “Hey!” I said. “Please, that was what a five dollar t-shirt. I’ll buy you a new one.” Scrutinizing me she said, “Gah, I wish you’d worn leather pants.” Frankly, I was really glad I hadn’t. “Here take out those earrings,” she said, pulling a small baggy out of the small sequined purse that hung at her side, inside were two medium sided earrings of fox heads holding rings in their mouths. “Those look a lot like earrings from Final Fantasy 7,” I said, narrowing my eyes at her. “Well since I paid a Cloud cosplayer forty bucks for them, I would hope they do.” “Wait a cosplayer or a cosplay vendor?” I asked cringing. I knew I hadn’t heard her wrong and the thought of wearing someone else’s earrings was more than a little gross. “Cosplayer.” “How does that even work anyway? I mean he was wearing them when you saw them right?” Kitty was bizarre like that and it never ceased to amaze me when people would give her stuff they were wearing. “Well yeah. We were both at an anime convention, he was dressed as Cloud. I realized I loved the earrings and offered him forty bucks for them. He took them out, handed them over and I gave him the cash. It was all pretty simple really,” she said smiling as she put in the fox earrings in my ears adjusting them so they were straight. Stepping back from me she looked me over and said, “Something’s missing. Here let’s do this…” She pulled a wide dog collar out of her bag. “Another cosplayer?” I asked. The black collar had to be at least two inches wide and was definitely made for a large dog with its side-by-side buckles and two inch o-ring in the front. “Nope, grocery store. Isn’t it perfect though? I couldn’t have asked for a nicer one if I had bought it at the adult toy store. It’s so sexy simple with the heavy buckles and o-ring,” she smiled at me and I rolled my eyes. “Oh yeah…that too,” she said. “What too?” I could only imagine what else she had in her sequined bag of tricks. When she pulled out a black eyeliner pencil, I cringed. “Kitty, no…come on.” “Yes damn it, it makes your eyes look all big and super sexy. Just a little okay, I promise I won’t go all overboard like I did for prom,” she said holding up her hand like she was taking an oath or something. Problem was, there was a wide range between how she had done my make up for prom and wearing no makeup. She finished relatively quickly and then pulled out a tube of lip gloss with small sparkles in it. “I am drawing the line Kitty. No sparkles,” I said as firmly as I could. If she had her way I would look like some drag queen out on the Avenue. “Fine,” she said pulling out a tube of clear gloss with no sparkles. Sighing because I should have known she had back up, I allowed her to put some on my lips. Tousling my hair, stepped back from me and smiled. “Only one more thing,” she said and she opened up my vest. “Kitty?” I whined, as she pulled on one of my pierced nipples. “Ow, that hurts,” I hissed. She had given it a sharp tug and because I had actually taken the time to put real rings instead of the clear silicon space holder I usually wore these days, they were already sensitive. “Stop your whining,” she smirked. An auburn haired man stopped in the hallway on his way to the restroom. He licked his lips as he watched us. “Be a good boy, no one knows what Zee looks like remember,” she whispered smirking at the guy until he wandered into the men’s room. “I will get you back for this,” I said under my breath, giving her my best death glare. “I know,” she purred. “Can’t wait.” Shaking my head, we both knew I had no idea how I would possibly be able to retaliate. “Can you let go of them now?” I said not daring to pull away from her. There is nothing more painful that having a tender piercing pulled. Laughing she let go. “Why did you ever get them done anyway? It isn’t like you ever show them off or anything.” “It was college. I was rebelling and thought it would look hot.” “Well it does,” she laughed, “so quit being a baby and show them off. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.” Wandering back into the main part of the club, I couldn’t believe how self-conscious I felt. I wasn’t naked or even close to it. But between the collar around my neck, my piercings being exposed for the first time in forever and only wearing a vest for a shirt I felt like everyone was watching me. We neared the bar and I groaned realizing I recognized the bartender. “Morri,” he said smiling slyly at me. He gave me a slow once over making sure I knew he was checking me out. “Tosh,” I said. “Here for the show?” he asked glancing over at Kitty. I couldn’t remember if they knew each other or not. “Yeah, Kitty this is Tosh. He dated Jason and Mark and did you and Tony actually go out or…” I smirked. Kitty raised her eyebrow at me. I normally didn’t call people out, but Tosh and I weren’t friends and I hated the fact he’d gone through so many people I cared about. “You know none of them have a problem with it,” he smirked. “Anyway, what can I get you?” “Rum and Coke,” said Kitty and she held her hand out to me. “Club Soda with a lime,” I said. I didn’t want to drink if I was going to be trying for an interview. She slid a credit card over. “Just start a tab and put his drinks on it too,” she said. “Kitty,” I said starting to protest. “I get to write this off, you don’t. Besides,” she smirked. “I think I can afford your club soda for the night,” she laughed, turning toward the dance floor. The techno music faded out and the dance floor went dark. A single light shown on the stage and a man dressed in a crazy purple tux coat with tails and a plaid top hat stood in it. The crowd went quiet right before it erupted in cheers and applause. “How you all doing tonight?” The crowd whooped and hollered. “I can’t hear you, let’s try this again.” Raising his voice he said, “How you all doing tonight?” Earsplitting cheers broke through the room. “Well I know you aren’t all excited to see me. So without further ado…’Crimson Phallus’!” The curtain split open and the band stood on stage playing the opening riff for one of their songs. Pushing up against the stage, the crowd went crazy as they pulsed and gyrated to the sounds of the drummer, guitarist, and bassist. The heavy beat sounded through the club and although I could feel the rhythm pulsing in my chest, the real attraction hadn’t started yet. After a few minutes a semi transparent red tube rolled out onto stage like a blood filled circular fish tank. The lighting showed the silhouette of the lead singer Zee inside and the already frenzied crowd went crazy. “How the fuck are you?” he asked and the crowd exploded. “Are you fuckers ready to party?” Screams came from the bouncing crowd. “Then let’s get this party started…one two…one two three four…” And the band broke out in a grinding song that sent to crowd over the top. Bouncers kept the rabid fans off the stage and Crimson Phallus tore through two of their less popular songs. Kitty left me standing by the bar to go and circulate. I had been to enough concerts with her to know that she would wander around, dance a little and taking note of what people liked and didn’t like from the band. Looking over the crowd, I debated about joining them but decided that I would rather stand back and watch for a bit. The one thing about bands with heavy sexual innuendo in their songs was that the groups that flocked to their concerts were always interesting. Leather, lace, latex, boas, you name it and it was somewhere in the crowd. “So the guy at the end of the bar wants to buy you a drink,” Tosh said behind me. Turning, the guy turned out to be the one that had been on his way to the restroom while Kitty and I were in the hallway. He was cute enough, but it seemed wrong to accept his drink when I was trying to figure out how I could get backstage after the gig. “Tell him thanks, but no thanks. I’m actually here on a mission tonight,” I said, turning back to the stage and paying no attention to what Tosh was doing or not doing. After a while, I turned back around to take another look at the red-head only to see that he had vanished. Regretting not being able to take another look at him, I finished my club soda and decided it was time to join the crowd. I joined the throng of people and started moving and dancing my way toward the stage. Hands grabbed me, pulling me toward sweaty bodies and rather than fight with the crowd, I went with it knowing that no one in the delirious group was actually trying for anything serious. Within a few arms lengths of the stage, a tight arm wrapped around my waist and I could feel someone grinding behind me. Turning, I noticed it was the red-head from the bar. Shoulder length dark-copper hair skirted the collar of an amethyst button up shirt that could have only been made from silk. Only the three middle buttons were fastened showing off a well-toned chest and muscled abdomen. Dark leather pants hugged his legs and barely covered the top of his hips. Taller than my five feet nine inches by quite a bit I guessed him to be around six feet tall. “Hey,” he whispered in my ear. Smirking, I turned back around and pushed back into him. It wasn’t like I actually expected to meet Zee. I figured I might as well have some fun and this guy was definitely attractive. His hands grabbed my hips and we danced together grinding our bodies to the music. I hadn’t noticed him moving us forward until I was suddenly right in front of the stage. His hands caressed up my sides and down my arms. Placing my hands on the edge of the stage, he fisted my hair while running a hand over my chest. His hips never stopped pushing into mine and I found myself standing right in front of the blood red fish tank. The shadowy crimson figure inside the tube looked down at us, obviously interested in the show we were putting on. He ran a hand through my hair right before jerking my head backward, licking the edge of my ear, he whispered, “He is such a fucking voyeur. He is totally getting off watching me dry hump you.” I shivered at his words. My eyes were transfixed on the semi-transparent tube in front of me. When he whispered, “I think he likes you,” I felt a tight pull run through my groin. I moaned. Whoever this guy was, he was drop dead sexy and I felt like a puppet in his hands. His low baritone voice and words had me totally turned on. He pulled me flush to his chest. One hand danced up my abdomen, pinching a pierced nipple and the other skated the waist band of my pants, venturing so far as to undo the top button. I was about to protest when he gave a soft order, “Watch him.” I looked up and saw Zee staring at us through his ruby-colored glass cage. One hand was spread in front of us like he was trying to get out of the tube to touch me. I groaned as I realized everything the stranger was doing was to provoke singer. Glancing to the right and left, I noticed that no one else was paying any attention to our show. Relaxing into the embrace, I decided to see where the public display would take me. If this could get me a chance to talk to Zee, I was going to go for it. The song ended, but rather than releasing me the mysterious man held me tight. “You guys are so great I could cum where I stand…are you all having as much fun as I am,” Zee asked the crowd. My heart pounded in my chest. Somehow I knew that although he was speaking in the microphone to the crowd he was really focusing on me. “Are you hungry?” he asked. The crowd screamed. “Are you hungry for me?” They screamed louder. “Cuz I’m fucking starving for you,” he growled. The band started the first cords for the song… “I’m so hungry I’m going to… stroke you till you come I will make you come undone In the aftermath There will be no way out No clear path No doubt who owns you Ever-more You will beg and you will plead Won’t be enough to make me stop…op…op..op” The red-head’s hips were pushing against mine and I could feel his firmness through his tight leather pants. Long elegant fingers danced over my stomach and chest, occasionally teasing my piercings. I felt like putty in his hands as he worked my body into a tight ball of frustrated need. He licked the edge of my ear, kissed my neck around the heavy leather collar, all the while telling me to watch the lead singer. Zee pushed against the crimson confinement teasing us with glimpses of his facial features and hands. The band reached the chorus of the song and the red-head pushed me forward. I was shocked when two bouncers reached down and easily lifted me onto the stage, placing me between the crimson tube and the guitarist. Sandwiching me between the tube and his body, the guitarist pushed me against the glass. I could barely make Zee out as he sang and danced on the other side of the crimson barrier. Ghost like hands skirted along the glass as he sang, “I will stroke you Won’t stop I will stoke you Till you bleed” Transfixed by the show inside the red glass tube, I could imagine what his hands would feel like if the barrier were removed. “I will stroke you Make you mine I will stroke you Till you come undone” His face was inches from mine, lips skating over the other side of the glass. The guitarist pushed me forward so I was flat against the cool crimson surface. I started to feel lightheaded as he started singing, “I will bend you over, Take what’s mine Make you sweat Make you writhe You will know when I done Who you belong to As I stroke you Till you come undone…un…un..un..un.” As the last chorus of the song started, one of the bouncers came and led me off stage. I followed my head spinning in lust and confusion, wondering exactly what was going on. Rather than taking me back out to the crowd, he lead me down a hallway behind the stage. Opening the last door, he led me inside. Once I was in the room, he closed the door leaving me behind. I heard the door lock as soon as it was shut. “What the fuck,” I hissed, rattling the handle. “It is a precaution both for you and the band,” said a voice behind me that I recognized from the dance floor. “Trust me Mr. Fines if you really want to leave I’ll unlock it and no one will stop you.” “Who are you and how the hell do you know me?” I asked. A light was flipped on exposing a large dimly lit hotel type room. On one side was a king-sized bed and on the other a sitting area where the red-head from the dance floor sat. “I am the band’s agent and handler, Xavier. Everyone one on the guest list was checked out well before anyone was allowed in the door.” “You know most bands want the publicity and reputation,” I said, walking toward the sitting area. “True, but that is what makes us unique, different and the hottest commodity out there right now,” he said smiling. “Everyone loves a mystery.” He had a point. After all, it was why I had begged Kitty for a ticket when she mentioned that they were coming to town. “So what is all this, are you their pimp as well?” “All agents are pimps,” Xavier said, smiling. “Why am I here?” “Because you want an interview and Zee wants you. I believe that we can come to an understanding.” My heart was pounding in my chest. “What do you mean Zee wants me? He hasn’t even met me.” “The band had a chance to look over the profiles for all the guests before the concert. You know, your picture from your press badge doesn’t do you justice,” he smirked. Suddenly I felt trapped. What the hell was I doing here? He was talking about me using my body to have access to Zee. But some sick part of me wanted to confirm exactly what was going on and a sicker part of me wanted to do it. “Just what are you talking about?” “You sign this agreement stating that you won’t take any pictures or slander the band and Zee will give you an interview in exchange for a night of your time.” “I am not a prostitute,” I said, upset at what he was implying. “Everyone is a prostitute. We all exchange services for things we want or need. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes work, sometimes affection.” His voice was low and seductive as he eyed me up and down. “It’s just a matter of is what you want worth the cost of what is being asked?” Standing up, he sauntered forward, his hips reminding me of what we’d been doing on the dance floor. “Of course, it is entirely up to you, although you only have a short time before the offer expires. Unless you sign the agreement, I can’t allow you to have access to Zee.” His hand cupped the side of my face and I could feel the heat of his body inches away from mine. “Why would you want to see me with someone else? It seemed like you were having a good time,” I asked, feeling a little hurt that he was pushing me toward someone else. “Who said I was going anywhere,” he smirked. My mouth felt dry as he descended upon it. His lips skated across mine begging entrance. My breath caught and my heart felt like it had jumped up into my throat. I could hear myself moan as I allowed him access and his tongue danced inside. Wrapped up in the kiss, I didn’t realize we weren’t alone until another mouth descended on my shoulder. Breaking the kiss I turned around. Standing in front of me was a man who looked exactly like Xavier except his hair was dark and streaked with blood red chunks. He was dressed in black leather pants and a cream colored t-shirt that barely covered his abdomen. This could only be one person and his resemblance to Xavier was unnerving. “Twins?” I whispered. Zee smiled, “Yeah.” Turning to his brother he asked, “Did he sign?” Then switching back to me, “Did you sign?” Xavier shook his head no. Pouting, Zee picked up a gold pen off the coffee table and held it in front of me. Putting my hip between his legs, I could feel his hard length caress my hip through the fabric of both our pants. He nuzzled his face close to my ear, whispering, “Please sign it. I really want to play with you.” Running his mouth over my ear lobe and across my shoulder, I could feel his lips curl as they traced over my collar bone. He opened his mouth wide and I could feel his teeth grazing my skin. “Or don’t sign it’s up to you.” I took the pen, knowing I would hate myself for this later. It’s not like it would be the first time I’d had sex I’d later regretted. And last time I’d gotten a lot less than the interview of a lifetime and twin sex gods making me their playmate for the night. On second thought, maybe there wouldn’t be anything to regret. Xavier turned the document to the page that needed to be signed. I took one last look at the two of them, swallowed hard and signed the contract. The moment I set down the pen, Zee was on top of me. Sliding my vest over my shoulders, he pulled me to his body with a firm hand on the small of my back. “Do you know how hot you looked on the other side of that glass?” he breathed as his other hand looped my hair in a firm grip, licking and kissing my shoulder and around the collar on my neck. “When I saw Xav dancing with you on the floor…Gah, I’ve never regretted dancing inside of a cage more than then. I just wanted to climb out and grab you.” I moaned as his words sent small jolts of thrill through me. I pushed my hips forward even as I allowed him to walk me backward. His mouth felt hot against my skin. My hands grappled for purchase, finding the edge of his pants and his muscular shoulder. His mouth trailed down my shoulder to my chest. His lips curled as he took in my nipple into his mouth and I looked down to see him leering at me seductively. Licking the piercing, he twirled his tongue around my tender nipple. “This was something that wasn’t in your profile, you naughty boy,” he whispered as he sucked the hardened nub and pulling at the ring with his teeth. I gasped as the tender flesh was stretched. A small trickle of pain rolled through me, quickly turning into a coiled heat through my groin. Hands came up behind me, skating over my arms. Xavier’s mouth latched onto the back of my shoulder, hot and wet as he licked and nipped ultra-sensitized skin. I pushed backward into him. Everywhere our skin connected, his was bare and I looked behind me to see him standing nude against me. His arms reached under mine and he grabbed my chin, with one hand, forcing my neck to the side. I whimpered under his firm grasp. His other hand found the nipple his brother wasn’t teasing, and he began tugging and twisting it. The combined effect felt like I had a wire running directly to my cock sending currents of pleasure through my body. Between Xavier and Zee, I was spiraling quickly and I wasn’t even undressed yet. “Please,” I moaned, not knowing what I was asking for, just that I felt like a vibrating rod of need. Zee’s mouth left my nipple and kissed down my stomach. I looked down to see him staring up at me as he got on his knees. Smirking as he undid my pants, he ran a finger over the bulge of my cock, tracing it through the thin fabric of my boxer briefs. Leaning forward, he blew hot air through the material sending a wave of heat and want through my body. I cried out in sobbing gasps. “He’s going to suck you,” purred Xavier against my skin. I whined. “He is going to fuck you with his mouth and swallow everything you give him.” My pants and boxers were pulled down in one easy move. My boots were quickly slide off and before I could think I was naked between them. Zee kissed up my inner leg, licking and nipping my skin sending shocks of want directly from his mouth to my throbbing cock. I could feel Xavier’s hard member pressing against the small of my back as he ground his hips forward. His sack pressed into the crack of my ass and I could feel his pre-cum slicked head slide across my skin. I was never going to last, it was all together too much, the feel of Zee’s mouth on one side and Xavier’s cock on my back grinding against me on the other. I could hear myself panting and I laid my head back against Xavier’s shoulder as he kept me upright pinned against his body. When Zee’s hot mouth encompassed my length and his lips slid down around the base, I couldn’t stop the sob that escaped my lips. “Shh,” Xavier whispered. “Let go, we’re going to use you until you beg us to stop or pass out.” I could hear the confidence in his voice and it only served to add to the intense pressure I felt welling up in my groin. His words were like liquid fire in my veins. I looked down to see his hand grab his brother’s hair. I could tell by the muscles flexing in his forearm and the way his arm was brushing against my side he was using his brother’s mouth to fuck me. He ground his hips against my back in movements synchronized with the lips wrapped around my cock. There was something about the gesture that caused me to imagine him pounding into his twin’s mouth. “God,” I hissed as Zee’s tongue slide around my length, teasing the underside of my head right before he was pushed down to the base. I could feel the back of his throat on the tip of my cock and the slightest feel of teeth grazing my length. “I can’t,” I panted. “I’m going to…” Zee hummed around me. The intense vibration was like being struck by lightning. I reached behind me grabbing Xavier’s hair, the silky lengths sliding across my fingers as I gripped them tightly. “Ah, god,” I groaned as an orgasm racked my body. Black spots danced in front of my eyes and I felt my knees grow weak. Zee drank down everything that erupted from my body. Sucking me dry, he swallowed my cum and when I was done, his mouth was still latched onto me sending painful jolts of intense pleasure through my body. “I can’t,” I panted, looking down at the dark-haired twin. Jade colored eyes met mine and his lips curled into a smirk. Releasing my cock from his mouth, he rose up and pulled me out of his brother’s arms. His lips latched onto mine and the heady taste of my pleasure filled me. I felt Xavier move from behind me, but was too entranced with Zee’s tongue teasing my mouth and his firm hands kneading my back to notice where he went. Pushed backward onto the bed, I opened my eyes to see Xavier standing behind his brother. Fisting his brother’s hair, he twisted his head around kissing his dark-haired twin. I heard Zee moan as his brother ravaged his mouth. Grabbing the thin t-shirt his twin was wearing, Xavier pulled it off him, ripping it in the process. Zee’s chest was littered with hickies and light bruises and like a brick to my forehead I understood their relationship a lot better. If there was any doubt in my mind of Xavier being the dominate twin, it was now squashed as I watched him bite his brother’s shoulder while he slide Zee’s pants off his hips. Xavier’s emerald eyes held mine as if daring me to speak out against his treatment toward his brother. Swallowing hard, my head swam when Zee’s pants were lowered enough to see a black cock ring around the base of his engorged member. Xavier pushed Zee forward so he was over me. Mewing the dark-haired twin captured my mouth, his angry length brushing against mine. Goose bumps broke out across my skin as I realized he had to have been wearing the punishing ring the entire time. The distinctive sound of a cap opening caused my attention to refocus on the red-head. He held a small bottle over his twin’s ass and I saw thick liquid being dripped between his cheeks. Zee released my mouth as his brother began tease him. Lowering his head to my shoulder, his groan was like electricity dancing across my skin. “Fuck yeah,” he hissed against my shoulder, pushing backward into his twin’s administrations. His green eyes captured mine and his lips curled into a nerve wracking leer. “I can’t wait to fill you up,” he whispered. “To feel your tight hot hole around me as I pound into you.” I whimpered. Between his words and the feel of his flesh against mine, I was just as eager as he was. His tempestuous length rubbed next to mine and I could feel the soft expanse of his silky skin skate across my chest and stomach as his brother fucked him with his fingers, teasing him on top of me. His brother’s hand must have hit his special spot because Zee groaned and then growled into my chest. Rearing up, he flipped his brother onto the bed beside me. Panting, he looked down at us with a look of intense hunger. “Suck him,” he said, pulling me off the bed, holding me in front of him. It never even dawned on me to tell him no. I lowered myself between Xavier’s legs, kneeling on the edge of the bed with my ass in the air. Leaning forward I placed my forearm across his stomach so I could stroke his length. My other hand found its way between his legs so I could play with his sack while I devoured him. Licking my lips I lowered my mouth over his cock, swirling the head with my tongue as I took his length to the back of my throat. Xavier groaned and grabbed my hair, pulling it as I bobbed up and down on his length. “So fucking pretty,” Zee growled. I heard the cap of the oil bottle being opened right before I felt drops of the thick liquid fall on my crack. The feel of oil trailing down the sensitive path to my hole caused me to moan around Xavier’s cock. He thrust deep into my mouth, causing me to gag at the sudden intrusion. Zee’s finger trailed through the oil, circling softly before thrusting deep inside me. Gasping at the intrusion, I willed my muscles to relax. He placed wet kisses across my back as he pumped the digit in and out of me working my muscles looser. I could feel Xavier’s thick length twitch in my mouth as his brother added a finger stretching me further. Whimpering, the insistent fingers spread me, scissoring back and forth. His brother’s cock grew thicker in my mouth as my saliva coated the hand I was using to stroke him. “Gah, Zee, his mouth feels like hot velvet. So fucking good. Do you want to fuck him? Hum? Do you want to slam into him while he is sucking me off?” I could hear the sneer is Xavier’s voice. “Yes,” hissed the dark-haired twin as he added yet another finger, twisting and spreading the intruding digits as he prepared me for his cock. “Soon,” he said. “I’m so close. I want you to enter him as I’m coming down his throat.” I whimpered. My mind raced. What the hell had I gotten myself into? Not that I had a chance of extracting myself at this point, nor did I want to. But they talked around me as if I were just there to be used for their pleasure and I wondered if that weren’t really the case. Xavier’s hand tightened in my hair and Zee’s fingers left my body. “Now goddamn it. Fuck him now.” White lights danced in front of my eyes as I was filled with the dark-haired twin’s length. He seeded himself inside me and I could feel his sack brushing against the back of mine. My mouth opened in a wide ‘O’ as I fought the reflex to bite down. My throat filled with hot pearls as Xavier released. “Swallow it,” he crooned, caressing the side of my face. Tears sprang in my eyes as I fought to regain some control and swallow his brackish nectar. A finger wiped one of the tears off my cheek and I looked up to see him lick it off. “Fuck what is it about tears on my thighs that make it feel so fucking good,” he said, pushing me down on his cock gagging me slightly. I tried to breathe and swallow around the length buried deep in my throat. Zee’s hand grabbed my shoulder and he pushed his hips against me. Although he was in as far as he could go, the slight rocking of his hips caused the length of his cock to push against the small flower of nerves inside of me. I whimpered. “If he bites me, I won’t let you cum,” Xavier warned his twin. Caressing my cheek, he hooked his finger under my chin lifting me off his cock. “Such a good boy,” he purred. Getting on his knees, he crawled forward pushing me up as he neared. When my shoulders touched Zee’s chest, he kissed me, licking my lips and stealing the taste of his release from my mouth. His twin was still deeply embedded inside me and not moving. I felt his hand reach between us. The click told me he had released his brother’s cock from the restraining ring he’d been wearing all night. A sense of panic rose inside of me. I couldn’t explain why I was worried about Zee being able to fuck me in earnest, but it dawned on me that anyone who could wear one of those rings for that long had to have an immense amount of control. Xavier chuckled. “Such a beautiful sight,” he said. “Impaled on his cock, looking wide-eyed and afraid.” I tried to swallow and found that my throat was dry. “You don’t know how tempting it is to keep you. Have you backstage waiting for us after ever show,” he purred grabbing my jaw firmly, pulling me into a deep kiss. Rubbing his cheek against mine he purred, “Not this time” as he pulled away from me. My mind raced. ‘Not this time’ felt like warning or threat. But before I could fully process the words Zee ground into me, thrusting me forward as Xavier moved. He pushed my shoulders down into the bed. His hand lifted up my hips and he began to plunge in and out of me, spearing me with his cock. I could barely catch my breath as his intense thrusting rocked my body. He pulled out of me causing me to gasp. My nerves were on fire. I was a trembling bungle of want and as he flipped me over, the look in his green eyes was of a primal hunger. Lifting one of my legs to his shoulder, he lined himself up and pushed his way inside me again. The head of his cock skated across my prostate and my mouth opened involuntarily. Stars danced in front of my eyes and I heard myself whine uncontrollably. I wrapped my arms around him, wanting him to fill me, wanting him to keep fucking me. My dazed vision refocused and I saw Xavier move behind his brother. I knew the moment he pushed inside of his twin. Zee’s jaw tense and a look of euphoria came over his face. I could only imagine what it was like for him. Filled with Xavier’s cock, my tight dark hole surrounding his length, the look on his face said that he was in heaven. Our strokes were clumsy but they soon synchronized our rhythm. Xavier pushed into his brother causing Zee’s hips to thrust into me deeply and as the dark-haired twin’s hips rocked out of me his brother rocked back as well. The vision over me was sinfully perfect and soon I was desperate for release. I reached to stroke myself, only to have my hand yanked away. “We come together,” Zee hissed. I whimpered my muddled mind barely comprehending what he was saying. It dawned on me that Xavier was controlling our release and since he’d cum last, he was the furthest away. He held my hands above my head with one of his. Leaning forward he rested his forehead against mine, his emerald eyes large and needy as he allowed his body to be rocked for him. I could feel his need for release and I bit my lip as my own need welled up inside of me. Xavier leaned over his twin’s shoulder. “You are both being so good.” I whimpered as I looked up at his commanding eyes. He ran his lips over his brother’s back. “Cum, I want to feel your orgasm around my cock,” he smirked. Zee’s hand released mine and he wrapped his long elegant fingers around me, stroking my length in time with his thrusts. All I could do was hold onto him. My eyes caught Xavier’s and it was his face I watched as Zee stroked me to completion. He stilled, trembling as he filled my body with his orgasm. Xavier leaned forward and he buried his face in his brother’s shoulder, letting me know that our release had triggered his own. The black spots dancing in front of my eyes connected and I slipped into a sex induced sleep. Hours later I woke up, still exhausted and nestled between Xavier and Zee in the large king sized bed. The room smelled of sex and I couldn’t help but wonder if they had continued without me as I noticed fresh marks on Zee chest. Xavier’s words about not letting me go echoed in my head and I looked over at his sleeping face. There was something perversely erotic about the pair and my mind couldn’t help but think it wouldn’t be that bad to be kept by them. I shuddered and proceeded to quietly extract myself from them before I decided to stay and beg them to keep me. Finally out of bed, I looked back at them. They looked so much alike, but even in sleep you could tell they were very different. Zee’s face was curled in a half smile as he clutched the pillow I had replaced myself with and Xavier’s looked like he could have been sitting behind a desk doing numbers. They owed me an interview. But I decided not to push it today. My life was good, Jello Music would still be there when I finally got my story. A flashback of the night before hit me causing my cock to jump. Finding my clothes, I got dressed as quickly as I could. The memory they’d given me was electric and I needed to get home as soon as possible or I wouldn’t be able to control the impulse to crawl back between them. I pulled into my apartment complex and looked at the time before turning off my car. It read eight-o-five and I realized I had no idea what time I’d finally fallen asleep the night before, but it had to have been after three. I‘d met Kitty at eight but the band hadn’t gone on until ten and the concert had lasted until well after midnight. Something told me I was going on less than four hours of sleep as I yawned deeply and a wave of exhaustion hit me. I knew when I thought about it later I was going to regret not staying to get the interview, but a larger part of me was happy that I hadn’t. After all, like I’d told Xavier, I wasn’t a prostitute. Getting out of my car, I cast an evil look at the sun hoping I could convince it to either dim down the glare or hide behind a cloud for a bit. I walked up to my apartment and stood there stunned. Sitting in front of my apartment door were a bouquet of blood red roses. I picked out the card that was sticking out from the bunch and read, ‘We still owe you an interview. We’ll be back to pick you up after tour. XyZ.’ The card fell from my finger tips as Xavier’s words rang in my ears from the night before, ‘You don’t know how tempting it is to keep you. Have you backstage waiting for us after ever show.’ I exhaled. I couldn’t decide it I was terrified or excited at the notion of them picking me up after their tour.
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