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    There is no easy way to say this, but these last few days have been trying and absolutely overwhelming. I, tried my best, to stay afloat, and go about my business as usual- like hanging out with my friends on GA and joking around with them. But, my god, it felt hollow this week. There is a hole in my heart right now, and everything has simply gotten too much for me to handle. GA no longer felt like my home away from home, so, I faced a grim choice concerning my future on this site; should I leave GA or should I stay? In the end, I've decided to stay. But... I was sorely tempted to wash my hands of this mess and walk away. But the cons outweighed the pros; if I had left, it would mean leaving my friends, friends that for all intents and purposes are my family. And I couldn't bear the thought of doing so. However, staying doesn't unbreak my heart. And so, there will be changes on my part- for the foreseeable future, I am keeping my presence in the Forums to a minimum, and will focus on the thing that originally brought me here- reading great stories. Just remember, I love each and every one of you. And, I promise not to disappear entirely on you all. -Drew
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    I'm back! Thank you to Steve and Cia for taking care of the blog while I was gone. What a better way to celebrate being back than by starting a new blog feature called Improve & Encourage. It's similar to a review, in that the person doing the critique tells you what they liked about the story, but it differs in that they also provide constructive criticism. Each author signed up to participate, and sign up's are still open! These will post once a month until we no longer have content. Once that happens, I will critique the last author that posted. If you'd like to provide a critique for the blog, sign up in the thread. I'm hoping to have a lot more authors sign up, and just remember, by signing up, you are also volunteering to have your story critiqued and featured. Sparkle Aditus Critique By: Hudson Bartholomew Please give us a short summary of the story you chose. Sparkle is a 3-part historical vampire anthology, with each part told from the perspective of a different main character. The first tells the story of Zaidu and how he was abandoned by his mother as a child, eventually to become a vampire with a mission. The second is about Adam and his resilience and love of life, despite the hatred and intolerance he's endured. The third focuses on Adam's lover, Oliver, and how his nobility is inspired by the love he and Adam shared. Zaidu, Adam and Oliver come together at the end of part three, which feels more like a beginning than an end, with hints that many great adventures lie ahead. What do you see as the strengths of the story/poem? Aditus packs a lot of world building into each of the three short parts, bringing the reader directly into the action without any drawn out data dumps. The characters' personalities are immediately established, as are their motivations and desires. At the outset, the reader almost expects each part to stand completely independent from the others, but Aditus weaves the stories of the three characters together seamlessly, with each connection feeling natural and logical. By the time you get into the middle of part two, it becomes clear how each character compliments the others, so that by the end of part three, the stage is set for some epic quest (full disclosure: I have no idea if such epic quest exists, but I would certainly like to read it if Aditus writes it!). What do you see as the weaknesses of the story/poem? Much of the story is told in flashback, which was a little confusing until I caught on to what was happening. In parts two and three, Aditus uses italics to indicate a flashback, which helps to differentiate between what is happening now and what is a memory. As each part reads like a short vignette, I often found myself eager for more background or development of certain plot points. For example, Zaidu sounds like he has a long and rich history as a vampire, which is difficult to do justice to in a short vignette; and Zaidu and Adam develop a relationship off-page that I would love to read more about. There are only a few references to the specifics of vampire-hood within this universe (for example, their origin story, the effects of daylight, etc.), which could be expanded upon for more world building; to be fair, though, those details are not central to the story thus far. How do you think the story/poem could be improved? With more installments to the anthology! The first three parts really do feel like a set up for a much longer story, and I feel that there are many nuances to the characters that have been introduced, but not fully explored. I am quite confident that if Aditus chooses to continue writing Sparkle, many of my unanswered questions will be more than adequately addressed in future installments. What was your favorite part? (scene/sentence/etc) I loved the last scene of part three where Zaidu and Adam exchange some brief dialogue loaded with subtext. It hints at a deep relationship they've developed and leaves the reader wanting more. Also, even though he is supposed to be a mighty warhorse, Riah sounds adorable.
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    I pondered doing the same thing....I couldn't walk away though...so I sucked it up and decided to just have fun and socialize with my friends...besides I need you to run the dork side of the Dorky-Darkside
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    Thank you so much Hudson Bartholomew! I feel absolutely encouraged! You made my day! I put a great amount of research into this series and I'm so glad you liked and appreciated it. Even though vampires aren't 'it' anymore, they still interest me and I read much about their history and used some of this in the series. And there actually exist a fourth part since the last anthology: Dalkhu, which means demons.
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    From the album: Various

    So relaxing and really helps inspire the creativity!
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    We are the Dorky-Darkside Duo, lol. Thank you Sir. I look forward to the same, Sir. Love you too, JP! 🤗
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    I am saddened to read this Drew. I am buoyed by the fact you have chosen to say. I look forward to further discussions with you.
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    I decided the same the other day... I love you Drewbear! PM me when you feel like it!! 😘
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    I'm so glad my motorcycle has anti-lock brakes. They saved me a major headache today. I went out to lunch, had my hair cut, and then went to see King Arthur. On the way home I spot a bright yellow Jeep and become distracted while trying to see if CJ's at the wheel. It was a four door so it wasn't Defiant. And the brakes saved my ass!
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    I can't believe I haven't read these already. I'm checking them out now (I think I have 3 or 4 windows open to different stories that I'm reading....gotta love ADHD).
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    From the album: Various

    Can you picture a better place to relax and write?
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    Sparkle is a great series by a great author. A definite 'must' for vampire fans. Great job on the review, Hudson. Now I need to get going on my own review... I totally forgot about it!
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    About twenty years ago I stopped at Tim Hortons to grab lunch. I needed to go grocery shopping, but had to wait until payday and had five bucks to last the rest of the week. A dollar went further then than it does now, which meant I had just enough to pay for some cheap groceries until I got paid. It was very crowded due to it being "Camp Day", when they collect donations to send needy/ill children to summer camp. There were several people with boxes collecting donations and a girl approached me with a big smile and asked if I would like to make a donation. I looked at the dollars in my hand, did some math, and came to the conclusion that I didn't have any money I could give. She said "even just a dollar is fine". Or something along those lines. Giving a dollar meant that I had to skip eating, and at the time I worked 12 hour days six days a week as the assistant manager of an equestrian center. So it was very physical work requiring lots of energy. I apologized and said I wasn't able to donate. The look on her face made it very clear that she thought I was being a cheapskate. I felt horrible. I would have been more than happy to donate, had I been in a position to do so. Fast forward to today. It's Camp Day again at TH. I no longer have to worry about scrimping every dollar until payday. So I made a donation and included an extra dollar. I hope that person twenty years ago has learned some empathy. You never know what someone needs that dollar for.
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    This was brilliant, @Hudson Bartholomew. I could relate to all of it, and I agree with your assessments. You've set a high standard for the rest of us to follow.
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    @spikey582 I was watching the news on TV while having coffee and I was lost. Turned on the laptop and it's all over Facebook with people having fun. Not that I feel sorry for the guy but he definitely isn't getting a break. Oh well, this is one reason my footprint on social media is so small. You never know what will come back to haunt you these days. And after that time when my naked picture showed up in somebody's profile on Scruff...
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    Caesura has finally been updated! https://www.gayauthors.org/stories/chapter/38107-chapter-6/ And my Series 'Sparkle' is mentioned in Renee's blog! Wow! Thank you Hudson Bartholomew! *happy dance*
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    You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making. Stephen Richards
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    My best friend through high school and college had one of those at this house. His dad built a racketball court behind the house and the building had a small weight room and a large open space with a giant projection TV (before the modern stuff), a pool table, and a bunch of games. We spent more time in that room than anywhere else. The bathroom didn't have a urinal though.
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    *squeezing you rrreal tight* Love you baby boy
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    Time to go searching through Scruff because clearly I'm missing out.
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    A guy goes into a bar. He's sitting on the stool, enjoying his drink when he hears, "You look great!" He looks around - there's nobody near him. He hears the voice again, "No really, you look terrific." The guy looks around again. Nobody. He hears, "Is that a new shirt or something? Because you are absolutely glowing!" He then realizes that the voice is coming from a dish of nuts on the bar. "Hey," the guy calls to the bartender, "What's with the nuts?" "Oh," the bartender answers, They're complimentary." May 31st National Autonomous Vehicle Day National Macaroon Day National Save Your Hearing Day National Speaking In Complete Sentences Day National Senior Health and Fitness Day Did you Know? Fresh apples float because they contain 25% air.
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    If you have a man cave in the basement with all the features you described, is it any wonder the Squad makes good use of it? Come on, the john even has a urinal!
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