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  1. Foster

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for a new story to spend my nights with. 😇
  2. Looks like I missed the chance for a hug. 🤨

  3. Foster

    Chapter 1

    Gosh, thank you. don’t get many readings or likes or comments so thank you twice.
  4. Foster

    A pale pink

    Thank you guys. I don’t know why you give me a look/like. It’s very kind.
  5. Foster

    A pale pink

    A pale pink Lightly shields Conceals A darkly heated Will Gilded ego With imitation patience For kindly meant Compliment You look nice today 6.21.18
  6. Foster

    All day

    All day I have... All day I can... All day I will... What? Hold hands Hide burning eyes Smile calmly Stand and walk out Leave Speeding Unmoving Unmoved Untouched Unabled Gripped Hard Demanding What? A smile A tear Both Anything Nothing It yearns with grace Visit Over 6.16.18
  7. Foster

    Working question hark

    I had a dream... a friend gone... how close... how distant reality
  8. Foster

    Working question hark

    Working Quest...guessing Question Hark Moving Stars are Returning Moving Heavens Wind Playing And there It Is Alignment An opposite fate A turning reversal Dragged slowly Tears mark A crying 6-6-18 Wednesday
  9. Foster


    Beautiful. Congratulations!
  10. Foster

    Mary's Boy Child

    “I write with the conviction that nobody is irredeemable… “ I like that comment.
  11. Foster

    Deck The Hall

    Thank you.
  12. Foster

    Chapter 4 - You're unexpected

    I am a happy reader. Thank you.
  13. My most loved friends in this life have been my dogs.
  14. Foster

    III. Springtime in the Park

    I still like them.
  15. Foster

    Aurora Borealis

    I am commenting because your story deserves readers and comments.

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