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    I think what resonates with me is those stories pegged as having characters TSTL... or Too Stupid To Live. Okay, there's a lot of apocalyptic genre television/movies that contains them as well. I think there's a fine line between creating flawed characters, stupid characters, evil characters and making them caricatures that are too unbelievable to enjoy reading. A geek can be a big ole introvert but have a childhood friend they connected with, the jock can not do well in school but maybe is good at cooking, good friend can have a bad habit, the hero can be flippant at the wrong time, the villain can have a person they care about... 

    But never, ever, will the peppy blond cheerleader live. It's just not right. :P

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    Ask An Author 3.0 #5

    Thank you to my questioner for the interesting questions about my Carthera stories! It was fun thinking about it and revisiting the series in my own head. And maybe just have Dav on the side and keep your Noah, @astone2292... a little fictional boyfriend never hurt anyone. LOL Thanks for featuring me. ;) 

    11 hours ago, Timothy M. said:

    I love Cia's Carthera stories as well, and like you I love snakes, so Dav and Ellis are among my favorites too. I keep hoping Cia will post the cat and dog series here (read it on another site ages ago), and in particular the little side story with the two best friends.

    Thank you! Um, I'm lost... cat and dog series? I post stories on GA and my personal blog for the last few years. That's about it, and most of my published works started here and stayed here too. And all 5 of my Carthera stories are here. Did I write something I completely forgot about? 🤪

    11 hours ago, aditus said:

    The Carthera stories were among the first stories I read on GA and one reason more to finally join. And yup, I loved the snake too.

    Thank you, Aditus! I love the snake man... snake? No. :P

    5 hours ago, Valkyrie said:

    I've heard great things about this series.  I've enjoyed everything I've read by Cia, even though I haven't read this series yet.  

    Well, maybe one day. ;) It's okay to have your preferences for story types. 

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  1. So funny @Myr I'm only cooking dinner about 1/3 of the time you message me. And yes, there is a weekly menu on the side of the fridge so I can pick what to make each day and ensure all the ingredients are ready. Organization rules! :P 

    On 4/20/2021 at 4:20 AM, drpaladin said:

    What would be the specialty of the house in a place named The Troll's Cave?


    On 4/20/2021 at 5:33 AM, Valkyrie said:

    Roasted bone marrow with a grog chaser :P 

    😆  Yep, definitely meat, meat, and more meat!  In the freezer right now are homestyle meatballs, bbq pork ribs, smoked pork loin, turkey burgers, turkey breast, chicken breast, turkey burger, venison burger, venison backstrap, bear sausage/pepperoni, breakfast sausage, andouille sausage... Troll and Troll jr. like their meat. The bottom shelf has a whole bunch of stir fry veggies, country veggies, plain veggies, veggies with cheese, stuffed pierogies, etc... for the girl and myself who are "more than meat" menu fans. 

    "Now I don't mean to brag, but I make a mean weedrat stew!" 


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  2. Encourage a new author to join in the anthologies, if you read their work too! It's a great way to get more exposure. :)

    I do my own taxes, which can be a bear. I have a spouse, 2 kids, a house, 4 different revenues including 2 self-employment income streams with multiple sources of documentation, AND my husband works in a state that taxes income even though we live in a state that doesn't, so I have to file federal and state taxes. It can take HOURS. I'm usually a nightmare to all around me during those hours, but we've only had to pay once. Not this year. Take that, government! (I'm not uttering those specific acronym people, they're always watching! :ph34r: ) 

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    Author Guess Who #14

    Wow, I got a mention. 😊  I do firmly believe that SOME "rules" should be followed to a T, but that is flexible depending on the story genre, author style, place of publication, and soooo much more. It's hard to know how to make those decisions without knowing the rules first. It helps I teach SPED K-5 reading & writing... you'd be surprised how many of these rules we learned back in elementary school in the US! 

    I can never guess who these are. I love them, though, because it's just like another interview and those are so much fun to read on the blogs! 

  3. Yes! My teenage daughter has been doing puzzles and mod podging them together, putting pinholes in Monster energy drink cans with interesting graphics and filling them with battery powered twinkle lights to make lanterns, crocheting, doing this weird online room design challenge website where people vote on themed rooms you go head to head against another designer on... I even bought a 'design your own stickers' book so she could draw all over them and cover her water bottles and mini fridge in custom designs. Decoupage might be the only craft she isn't trying. :P 

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  4. On 1/1/2021 at 9:21 AM, Sweetlion said:

    Hey Happy New Year! I hope I'm following the correct blog, it's the Gay Authors one right?

    I love so many different authors and stories here, but favorite is probably the Bridgemont series. 

    Yes, the one this blog post is posted in. :)

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