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  1. So my dog was my four-legged baby, and I had to let Deus go last night. He's not been feeling well for a few weeks, but it was hard, and I may be short for a bit. I apologize in advance if I seem curt, I am just trying to get things answered or done but I am not in the most positive of moods. I'm just missing my sweet, needy baby at my side driving me crazy each day already. 


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    2. wildone


      So sorry, Cia 😢 I know he was your baby as you say.

    3. Slytherin
    4. K.C.


      I'm so sorry Cia.  Always sad losing a fur baby. 

  2. Cia

    Long time since I've seen you around! Don't think I didn't see you peeking at my profile! 😄

  3. Today, I've been a GA member for 10 years... Where has the time gone???? 🤯🎉🎉🖋️📖💙

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    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Happy GAnniversary, Cia! Hard to believe that we joined within a month of each other! Lol, my 10 years is in October.

    3. Daddydavek


      Happy GAnniversary!

    4. CassieQ


      Happy GAnniversary!!

  4. We need Premium short stories themed "Coming Out" for Pride month. Do you have one you want to sell or donate to support the site? 5 to 15k, we can work with authors on editing! More information below: 


    1. comicfan


      I'm writing, honest.

  5. There's a new flash fiction holiday writing game that will be announced AFTER the anthology deadline (that's Nov. 15th--are your stories ready?!), so get your author brains ready for a doozy! 🎅 🤶🎁❄️


    *Responses will be limited at 100 to 500 words, so all authors will need a collection series to post their story.  Game responses will be posted all together on December 23rd, so if the game inspires a longer story as well, authors would have the option to continue (consider the game response a prologue, perhaps) in a separate submission that could be posted live after that date. 

  6. The hubby gave me a gift card to Shutterfly for my birthday. I made a few different things, but one of the things I really liked and fits me perfectly as a lifelong reader and storyteller, a parent, and an educator is this keychain I can't wait to get! The images are from pixabay and depositphoto, with some tweaking on the magic book to make the blur and swirl of the stars, and the quote is by Pam Allyn but was a tad too wordy to add to the keychain. 



    The full quote actually is:

    Reading is like breathing in and writing is like breathing out, and storytelling is what links both: it is the soul of literacy. The most powerful tool that we have to strengthen literacy is often the most underused and overlooked, and that is a child's own stories. ~ Pam Allyn

  7. This morning a total stranger with 2 dogs at the school/park said good morning and told me I had real dedication because he saw me out there working hard all the time (I have been hobbling the last few days with an ankle/foot brace getting a 5k in my hour workout due to the dog's trap aka yet another hole in the yard leading to me falling while mowing incident last week). It was a little strange, but also a great pick me up because I'd been sweating and suffering for 45 minutes and flagging. Plus, his dogs were super cute so I enjoyed the brief pet while they mobbed me (they were leashless which led to our exchange) before I finished up with 3.31 miles today. Sometimes a much needed boost comes from an unexpected source at a random moment!

    1. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Totally agree!!! Sometimes you just need that little boost :)

    2. Daddydavek


      Random acts of kindness are the best!

  8. This morning I dressed, made the bed, made my hubby's lunch, cleared my email, fed the dog, started a load of laundry, read while I walked for an 65 minutes (3.71 miles), showered, transferred laundry, put away the clean dishes, moved the frozen food back out the garage freezer and picked up the clean cold packs/ice chest/storage bags from where they'd been washed/dried in the backyard after Xander's birthday party this weekend, and could've walked out the door for work at 7:15 AM this morning, which I'll be doing in about a month.

    If I do online work during half of my walk on my phone, which I keep on a swivel mount on my forearm, and only read the other half, my days will start off even more productive and I won't have to sacrifice my morning walks. I got this!!

    1. Valkyrie


      My "productive" days are a small fraction of what you mentioned.  :worship:  :unsure:  

  9. Hey authors! Comicality did the Adjectives and Adverb writing challenge, (with a cemetary scene, check it out!) but he's the only author so far! 😥It's 100 to 300 words only, and you have a few more days. Plus, we're doing a part two challenge next weekend/week to play around with the scene you write. AND you'll get a newsletter feature! 

    1. Valkyrie


      I really want to tackle this one, but am not sure I'll have time.  I may have time tomorrow, since it's so short.  

    2. Puppilull


      I'm in Spain with no laptop... can't think and write on my phone. :(


  10. Can you write a 100-300 word scene with only 3 adjectives and 2 adverbs? C'mon... I dare ya! Join the fun in the Writer's Circle Club. 


    1. Valkyrie


      Gah! I'll try, but I do love my adjectives.  lol

  11. Ahh, internet! I missed you! Some construction workers cut the line or something, which downed access to Comcast (no internet, TV, or phone) in my neighborhood and I swear there were 12-20 guys out there working for 12+ hours late into the night trying to fix it. Someone is getting a HUGE bill. The family had to watch actual movies on DVD last night; I thought they were going to freak out. No TV?! OMG! Waaaaaah! 

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    2. Valkyrie


      The horror!  I'd be freaking out more over lack of internet than lack of TV.  lol 

    3. Puppilull


      Funny really how we've grown accustomed to being online in many aspects. When I think back to big power outages during my childhood, it was an adventure. Now, so much of our lives is online. Not saying I'm different, just times are so different from just 30 years ago. Yes, I'm that old... 😂

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      When the internet goes down at work, we all manage to talk to colleagues and tidy our offices. It can be quite useful. :lol:

  12. Baby J was born today! Go say Happy Birthday and congratulate Renee in the topic in the Lounge! :D 

    1. Mikiesboy


      thanks Cia ... that is a wonderful way to start the day!

    2. comicfan


      And the whole family looks great.

  13. Knocked a TON off my computer to do list: Posted 2 GA blogs, finished the site newsletter, wrote up this week's Challenge with 3 Word Choice challenges to pick from (are you part of the Writer's Circle? Join now to check it out!), edited 4 chapters for an author, plus misc. PMs/emails and some small photo/file organizing things. I also did 3 loads of clothes, got a new battery in my car after jumping it since my battery was super dead this morning, and made stir fry with noodles and pad thai sauce for dinner AND burgers for the boys who came home from their rafting trip and turned up their noses, plus dishes. All while the damn disc in my back has either bulged or tore open again. Only time it doesn't hurt is when I'm flat on my back. Soooo annoying. I went from 7-13k step counts to like... 1k today total. 


    But, I'm a silver lining gal. So, I will consider it two-fold for a few days. One, I will get a chance to catch up on my writing, editing, graphic work, site work, and reading. Two, I've had 2 blisters about an inch to two inches long/wide under the calluses on the balls of my feet from walking a few miles in a sudden rainstorm on Monday that haven't had a chance to heal with all my walking/stairs I do each day. 

    1. Valkyrie


      I think you need to change your name to "Super Cia".  Sorry to hear about the back pain.  I can relate to that all too well.  But yay on all the rest :D  

    2. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      I don't know how you do all you do 😮 I am too easily distracted to get through more than three-quarters of my to-do list each day. 

      Hope your back eases off and gives you a break from the pain soon :hug: 

  14. My daughter and I made Korean bbq sauce beef that also had a garlic ginger marinade and red and yellow peppers over jasmine rice for dinner, but it is spiiiiicy. So I'm toning it down with my Starbucks almond milk horchata frappe. How worldly of me! *snorts* 

    1. Mann Ramblings

      Mann Ramblings

      Spicy Korean food rules!

    2. Cia


      Tomorrow it's my choice--Pad Thai with shredded chicken, noodles, and mixed veggies. 

  15. Btw, update on the job front: After my interview at 10:30 this morning, the elementary school principal told me they'd hopefully let me know "later today" about the resource paraeducator job once they checked my references. I spent 5 minutes in the car texting the 4 teachers to let them know to expect a call, since only 2 of them knew I was interviewing today. I started home, and not 10 minutes after my interview ended the principal called me and offered me the job!! He said I had stellar references (all 4 had given me letters of reference anyway, and I had 2 verbal references from the resource teacher at the school I worked at last year plus the SIS teacher I worked for) and it was just good to meet me and hear my enthusiasm for learning/education in general and helping students. So yay! I got the job, which means I don't have to wonder all summer about where I'll end up like a lot of the paras. Now I can relax and focus on GA, writing, and enjoying the time off with my family until mid-late August when we start gearing back up and do HR stuff, a few training days, back to school events, etc... 

  16. I'm about to start a new thing on GA... a GA "classroom". I know, I know, I just finished school. LOL I found a book with writing challenges for 100 days featuring all different aspects of the craft. I'm not going to throw them out every day, but I was going to do one per week with features in the newsletter, social media, etc... so if you're interested in learning more about writing and having some fun at the same time, join the Writer's Circle Club now and check out the GA Classroom: Writing Challenges topic! 

  17. I got a job interview for the elementary position for next year! Of course, I was on hold in the queue waiting to talk to my medical insurance about nearly $500 of bills they're supposed to cover that Blue Cross keeps trying not to pay as part of our coverage when the principal called me... but I promptly took the call anyway and gave up my place to talk to him and arrange to interview at 10:30 on Tuesday. Then I called the insurance back, bawled them out per my typical constructive hostile negotiations tactics about the finer details of what exactly our benefits do and do not cover, and got the charges agreed to be paid TODAY because if I had to call back a 4th time, bad things would happen. 


    I'm pretty persuasive. And feeling pretty good about that job being mine next week. :P

    1. Valkyrie


      Gotta love insurance companies.  :unsure: I'm sure the interview will go great :hug: 

  18. Yesterday was the last day of school for the year at the middle school. Man, I'm tired. I knew from day one that I didn't really have a job in the program since it relies on student numbers each year. Upside, my boss and one of our resource teachers recommended me to the principal and a resource teacher at a nearby elementary school. Somehow all district para jobs were removed from the district listings a day later, but our teachers told me to email the principal/teacher about my interest. Within 3 hours the principal had the job reopened and asked me to send him my resume/references. So I did that on my lunch break on my last day in between loading back up the ice chests and 5 gallon bucks I donated to the school for our field day event that morning. Nothing like multitasking! :P


    Did I relax for my first day of summer vacation? HA! Do you know me? Up at 5, read till 6:30, chores/online stuff till 8:30, went to a book sale from 9-10, drop off some books I got for my BFF at her house, errands with kids for rafting trip supplies for son/hubby, chores, pick up daughter's friend, more errands, online book management for my kindle library, rafting trip meal prep, take girls to go hang out with friends at the park, run to the store, more chores, went and did a 30 minute speed walk, dinner, dishes, daughter and her friend back to her house for a sleepover, home to do more cooking for rafting trip and more dishes... and now I'm here to do some blogs and stuff. 


    Upside, my daughter is 14 and her friends were playing things like lava monster on the play structure and hide and seek when I went up to walk on the lower track area. Yes, they're loud, and most of them live in t-shirts, basketball shorts, weird socks, tennis shoes, and maybe could learn how to brush or do something with their hair (other than color it blue) but I adore that they're so sheltered and innocent still to play those games, even if my daughter did invite over a boy her BFF has a crush on who doesn't even know she does. 

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    2. Valkyrie


      I had the day off today and I took a nap, cleared some shows off the DVR, and cooked dinner.  :unsure: Oh, and also did some reading.  :read: I think we need to start calling you Super Cia :gikkle: 

    3. Cia


      I think I just got addicted to the step counter on my smart watch. My "goal" is set to 6k, but I get annoyed if I get less than 10k. Most days I could crack that before dinner though. 

    4. Ron


      OMG, Cia. How exactly are you retaining your sanity?! Mainlining chill pills? 


      Seriously, I think you’re just an old hat at this kind of regimen, you must be by now—nothing seems to faze you.


      Me, I might make it through the day, but I might work myself into a comatose state with (more than) a few drinks at the end of the day. “You kids go have fun now. Daddy’s taking a breather. See ya tomorrow.”

  19. Loooong day. Took a personal day off work, but I had to take both our vehicles (separate trips) to get new tabs from the DMV and full gas tanks, a new bathroom medicine cabinet because the center one broke this morning when a hinge snapped and the center mirror hit me in the head, stopped at the bank, and did a full house clean before my mother-in-law came down to come see my daughter throw in her middle school track District meet. We were there for 4 hours because the hubby and I worked the girls shotput event, and they gave different schools the wrong times for starting. Got a wicked sunburn, but in the end, it was all worth it because my daughter took 3rd place in shot put. We're super proud of all her hard work this year! 

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    2. VampireMystic


      I need more sleep

    3. VampireMystic


      See it's stuff like that  I miss when I have to spend my energy trying to edit chapters and then have no energy to edit anything else. I'm not cut out to edit my own work on a schedule. Or at least I'm out of practice guess I got complacent


      Or energy, period. 


      Deadline is this Friday and I'm so stressed about the deadline that I can't work on what's for the deadline. Grrr

    4. Valkyrie
  20. I had no less than 3 PE classes today, plus 3 other classes to work through, plus the kids' track meet, plus I went to Costco afterward to order pizza and then pick up a few things while we waited for it to be ready. By noon I'd taken 8,054 steps, and right now I'm up to 15,328 steps. It dumped cold rain on us 3 different times at the track meet. I can't count the number of squats I did while measuring shot put for the girls. I may never. EVER. move. again.  :P

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    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Wow! Sounds like it’s time to try and sit and relax... 

    3. wildone


      Who was in the track meet, you or the kids :unsure:

    4. Valkyrie


      Time for a nice, hot bath :)

  21. I'm doing a book study at work on The Power of the Adolescent Brain and love this section from the peers critiquing work being more effective due to adolescents' physiological drive to bond with their age group that included a quote a teacher had for teaching kids about giving feedback in order to foster a better peer review system. From educator Ron Berger's philosophy: "In order to create beautiful work, we must be willing to refine. To refine, we require critique and feedback. In order to critique, we need models and standards. For feedback to be useful to us, it must be: kind, helpful, and specific." 


    Yes, yes, and more yes!! 

  22. I'm setting up a new flash fiction game for authors who get the GA newsletter and the announcement is coming out tomorrow. Sign up here if you want to play along; it's going to be a lot of fun! 

    Raining Cats and Dogs


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Valkyrie


      Based on the image, I'm guessing it has something to do with idioms or figurative language.  

    3. Cia


      @Valkyrie You've certainly put your thinking cap on! ;)

    4. Puppilull


      Oh... As a foreigner, I fear I may be in over my head and up the creek with no paddle... But I will do my best to buckle up and enjoy the ride!

  23. HUGE graphics deal! I did this last year to get a 100 credit pack at Deposit photos. They have a ton of great stock, and even the largest sizes and resolutions are just one credit. And, even better, they don't expire so you don't have to use the credits up when you don't need images! https://appsumo.com/depositphotos-2018/?utm_gid=WzYsIDE4NDI1OTksICIyMDE4MDQwMzIzMjQiLCAiZmIiLCAiaW52b2ljZSIsIG51bGwsICJsWTdLYSJd

  24. Wrote a 300 word flash fiction short story for the Facebook Queer Sci-Fi group's 2018 Flash Fiction contest. It's themed "Impact". I wrote a fantasy story and was so inspired by it I can't wait to write a longer story to expand it. If they reject it, I can do that in the next few months. If they accept it for their eBook, they have exclusive rights for a year after the eBook comes out, then I can. I'm not quite sure what I want to have happen. :P I did a cover for it already, though, because I liked it so much so I'm prepared no matter what.

    Unicorn Quests Small.jpg

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    2. CassieQ
    3. Dr. John NYC

      Dr. John NYC

      Celebrate       ⚖️        Read the

      with Cia.                       longer version             



      Hmmm... :/

    4. FormerMember4


      Congrats and good luck. I don’t have FB, I know what I prefer. 😊

  25. Tomorrow's site blog is the CSR Feature for All We Have Now by DavidAB! This month's back to normal with an author interview, so make sure you don't miss it!! Do you have a story (of your own or that you've read) that you'd like to see featured for GA's book club blog features? Send me a PM! 

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