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  1. 3 minutes ago, Pmsingtiger said:

    I may steal this idea... 😙


    Feel free! I got the book/galaxy idea online too, but I've wanted the quote for a long time. It's not quite done yet, but after 2 hours my skin was welted and started to get too irritated. I had her expand the galaxy area from the inspiration image already, but she's going to play up the heart at the base of the galaxy in the box, blend the center colors more, and fade the edges outward on my touch up appt in 2 months. 



    I like it! The anatomy is good, because I think your proportions are pretty spot on, but I think the light and shadow work is what's "off". The light source isn't bright enough to warrant the depth of shadow behind the head, and the face/neck doesn't have the right shadow contours beside the nose or below the jaw, for example. That being said, I cannot draw like that at all. My eye mostly comes from photography/digital art work. 

  2. Thanks, Emi and Valkyrie!



    I've never seen this flower before...

    Locally it's called a "Bachelor's Button" and historically has been used in boutonnieres. Comes in a variety of colors, but the most common is blue. They're all over the Gorge where I grew up. 


    I chased this bee all over a field full of them behind my parents house trying to catch him just as he touched down on a flower, so yeah, I probably looked crazy. ;)  

  3. @ Iarwain: I thought so too! Thanks, hun.


    @ Mann: Yeah, the lighting was perfect to create a lot of visual texture to the images. I've had it printed locally 1 HR so I can see if it's a nice image at 8x10 for the fair this year. You're not the only one who doesn't like them... my good friend runs screaming from butterflies. *shakes head* Weirdos!

  4. The screen is a touch-screen and every time I tried scrolling down he kept attacking my hand.  lol


    LOL.  My son's cat does that when I'm scrolling, but to be petted. Our big black cat's been known to try to crawl on top of my keyboard on the laptop table before, just to get attention too. *shakes head* They're so arrogant!

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