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  1. The eye doc thinks little man is nearsighted and needs glasses.... 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kitt


      Now the trick...Keeping glasses on a two year old!

    3. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @wildone @Kitt honestly, we're going to try and get him to wear them, but aren't going to stress it too much. Neither me or D liked how this eye doc was with him and were on the verge of walking out. Next year, we'll wait for our regular eye doc, and if he agrees, then we'll put more effort in keeping them on him.

    4. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Well, the eye doctor who actually owns the practice heard about our visit today and has offered to redo little mans eye test and hopefully give him a better experience. Im the first to admit little man was being a stinker, but it was extremely clear the one today was frustrated and losing patience with him. He's frickin 2 and it was his first time there. What did the guy expect!?

  2. Car shopping tomorrow! We found exactly what we want, now just have to go test drive it. Hopefully it drives as good as we hope, cause I'm currently carless....

    1. wildone


      Get a s***plow on the front of it :gikkle: 

    2. Mann Ramblings

      Mann Ramblings

      I'll be waiting to hear how it goes!

    3. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Long day, but car hunt complete. We now have a 2014 Ford Explorer.

  3. Renee could handle the s***, it was the hurricane level winds that came with it that was the problem. That heavy, wet, s*** weighted down the trees and combined with the winds that toppled tree after tree!
  4. Thanks, but I just post them. @spikey582 is the one responsible for the great review!
  5. Yes, it is 4 am and yes, I am wide awake...

    For all those other migraine sufferers out there, I have a question for you!  When you get a migraine, even when you get it under control, do you have a bit of a headache all the rest of the day? What about the following day? I ask because...

    I had a migraine "attempt" to hit on Saturday. Meds and a 2 hour nap and I managed to keep it at bay, but had a bit of a headache the rest of the day. Move on to Sunday, a bit of a headache hanging around, mainly noticeable when I'd sneeze, or cough, or things like that. A little sensitive to light. Plus, just that feeling of it waiting in the background, just waiting to try to grab hold of me. Ended up taking a 3 1/2 hour nap.

    Now, here it is, Monday, 4 am, and thanks to the naps, I'm wide awake, PLUS the headache is completely gone now and I feel as good as I ever do. Is it just me who migraines affect this way??? (Though I may be taking a nap with my little man again today, lol.)

  6. Happy Monday, y'all! I'm running behind and really should be sleeping, so I'll make this quick! Its time for a new review, if you haven't already read this story, check out spikey's review and then go check out the story! Do You Remember ObicanDecko Reviewer: spikey582 Status: Complete Word Count: 56,780 Perhaps I’m a bit of a romantic at heart, but sometime I just really need to sit back and enjoy a more lighthearted story, something that has me smiling as I read. Life has been rather stressful for me of late, and so when I do take the time to read something, I really do prefer something that is a bit of an escape from my daily stresses. Do You Remember by ObicanDecko, was just that kind of story for me. This story follows two young men, Alex and Jeremy, who meet at a summer camp in their early teens, and become fast friends. The camp ends, and they go their separate ways, with promises to keep in touch, but of course life gets in the way. They are reunited by coincidence ten years later, and begin to rekindle their connection. All that being said, this tale isn’t without its conflicts. Alex has had to move back home and drop out of university, seemingly a failure with serious financial problems. Jeremy, though realizing his dream of opening his own bakery, and doing what he loves, is also living a bit of a double life, hiding who he really is from his family. Then of course there is Brandon, the wealthy, attractive, eligible bachelor who has his sights set on Alex. Seeing how all these characters interact, how they navigate the challenges set before them makes for a delightful read. There’s some definite bumps along the way for these men, but joining them through their journey, had me constantly smiling throughout, and there may be been a single manly tear or two as well. If you are looking for a bit of fun drama and romance, this is highly recommended. Check it out. Category: Fiction Genres: Drama, Romance Tags: teen, young adult, gay, coming of age, coming out, love, friendship Rating: Mature
  7. I'll state this again later on, but during theme selection next year, the number of pot luck themes may be dependent on exactly how many get used this coming year.
  8. In the scheme of things, it's not really a big deal, but I really wish I could figure out what triggers my migraines...lost 2 hours of my day today when one hit out of nowhere, and despite getting it under control with meds and a two hour nap, my head is still a bit achy. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @CassieQ I'm thinking that it may be partly because of our crazy weather... 

    3. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Weather pressure changes can trigger migraines for some people. Did your barometer drop ?

    4. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      @Timothy M. Monday through Tuesday we had what they called Wyocane. Category 2 hurricane force winds (the radar of it even looked like a hurricane) and wet heavy snow. Our temperature went from mid 80's to 30⁰ overnight. It was crazy. Wednesday and Thursday were cool and were back to shorts and tanktops now!

  9. Well, that's it for this years voting! The voting was for the top 4 themes to use in the first two themes of the year 2021. The remaining themes have been put through the list randomizer at random.org and will be split up for the potluck for those same themes. Since there were 43 themes left over after the top themes were chosen, one anthology will have 21 themes in the potluck, and the other will have 22 themes. The third and final theme for the year will be a Pre-2021 Anthology Themes and won't have additional themes, so here we go! Anthology #1 Top Theme #1: On the Road Top Theme #2: Forbidden Potluck Themes: But Wait; There’s More Through a Glass Darkly Of Gods and Monsters It Takes All Kinds Darkness Falls Boys of the Hills You Wouldn’t Understand On the Beach Great Balls of Fire Laughter, the Best Medicine Ozark Rumors The Tracks National Park The Warmest Color A Visitation New Moon Turn Back Time Chiaroscuro Jump Ship King of Eighteen Up! Anthology #2 Top Theme #1: A Winding Path Top Theme #2: An Unconventional Gift Potluck Themes: Pick Your Poison Lockdown Left Behind Dire Monotony Mutation is Progress Blood Moon Birthday Presents Falling for Fall Elves or Elvis? Life’s Past The Woods Rings of Fire Plateau Wolves Rock Men and Women A Legend Retold Echoes The Last Sentinel Tomorrow A Label Surpassing Twilight Falling Anthology #3 All Pre-2021 Themes More info regarding next years anthologies will be announced after the Fall Anthology.
  10. as i've heard that the storm that hit here has garnered international coverage (it apparently made the news in France) just thought i would let my friends in here know that other than a single tree that was sacrificed with no damage to anything else,, me, Hubby, and the little guy came through relatively unscathed (it got a bit chilly) and have power back.
  11. i dont know if this storm is set to hit you, Sir, but if it does, i hope you are able to stay safe and warm.

    1. MacGreg


      Thank you, renee. We did get hit in CO, but I'm currently on the California coast, so I'm in sand rather than snow, which I'll happily take. Hope you and the family have fared well through it.

    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Happy to hear that, Sir. We did okay. No power most of yesterday but had generators and a gas stove so was able to stay fed and mostly warm. Plus we had the fifth-wheel as a backup option.

  12. Here it isn't just gusts, and some of the gusts are hitting higher than 60. Its super ugly... thank God for pellet stoves, generators, and keurig! (Cause I gotta have my coffee)
  13. This storm is probably the worst I have ever seen! Power has been out for 5 hours, we have one tree down, one of the neighbors massive pines came down and according to Hubby, it hit the side of their house.... andnits a world of swirling white....

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Reader1810


      Hope the storm is past now, Renee. 


    3. clochette


      It made the news here on France.  Shocking drop in temperatures! Hope you a d your family stay safe and warm :hug:

    4. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      We're safe. There is A LOT of damage around town, and the power was out for 19 hours (we got it back at 7 tonight, but some are still without power). Hurricane force winds and snow do not make a good combo. We only lost the one tree, and it was one we needed to get rid of anyway, and it didn't do any damage, so we are much luckier than most. At least 3 homes in our block had large trees fall on them and cause significant damage. 

      It went from Mid-80's yesterday to 30 today with a feels like of 12.

  14. Was in the mid 80's today and is forecasted for mid 30's tomorrow due to a winter storm front moving in. I believe it too! Hubby said it dropped 35⁰ in an hour!

    1. wildone


      We had off and on flurries all day. 

    2. Renee Stevens

      Renee Stevens

      Well, the storm has hit. We are currently without power and in the last hour we've heard no less than six transformers in the area blow... this is gonna be a long and probably chilly night.

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