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  1. Sorry to hear about the problems you've been having to deal with. You have written many wonderful stories which will always be cherished. Don't lose that wonderful sense of humor that you manage to reflect in what you do. Stay Strong and God Bless.

    Chapter 15

    Glad to see Mrs. P is thawing out towards Drew. Naughty Drew, would have loved to see Cole's face.

    Chapter 13

    For the record, my like does not apply to the fact that there are less than 10 chapters left in the story.

    Chapter 7

    Glad to see Drew finally grew a pair. Glad he was able to calm down before talking with "dad". I'd hate to get on Drew's bad side. His tongue's sharper than my kitchen knife.
  5. Oh, come on. No need to drag this out another week. Just tell him already.

    Chapter 5

    I hardly ever comment, but just wanted to say that I love @Dabeagle's stories. Can't wait for the next chapter. BTW, we are now at 50. 😁
  7. Welcome to GA ~!!~

  8. Welcome to GA. Kick your shoes off and relax. You're in good company.

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