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  1. Happy birthday :)

  2. I'm here, what seems to be the problem? #romeisburning

  3. don't forget...go check it ;)

  4. **le sigh**

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    2. thephoenix


      **corners Cole and starts tickling mercilessly** >:D

    3. 1Coley


      **gives Fawkes a look <_<, then licks him on the cheek and winks ;)**

    4. 1Coley
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  5. I'm taking ten classes this term and I somehow ended up with nothing on Thursday's....how the hell did that happen?

    1. 1Coley


      Maybe a little...too soon to tell lol

    2. thephoenix


      jeez. 10?! Interesting..thursday is going to be my busiest day of the week this upcoming semester...

    3. 1Coley


      gah...my monday, wednesday, and friday's are going to be hellish!! >.<

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  6. You should go check yahoo when you get a moment before bed :)

  7. Haha thanks...me too :D

  8. Hey...txt me :)

  9. It's you :P lol

  10. sitting atop this tree...whistling as if I were a bird. These songs but mere impressions of thought put forth to air. Ringing sweetly through the forest as I watch you sit beneath me.

  11. omfg...bananas in pajamas. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!1

  12. **pokes Eric** don't be a stranger cutie...I don't think I could stay sane without a hello here or there :P

  13. Welcome to GA....enjoy the awesomeness :D

  14. Chats being retarded...if you know it...hit me up an yahoo!

    1. Lugh


      LOL booki it's a server issue, should be back up by 1 am eastern

    2. Bumblebee


      whats 1am eastern?

    3. 1Coley


      In about 3 hrs Bee lol

  15. Yo...how goes it?

  16. Maybe if you heard no once in a while...you'd realize the world doesn't revolve around you....you know not the meaning of true sacrifice...what it truly means to go without...you don't know true hardship and I doubt you ever will.

    1. 1Coley


      You could say that lol

    2. Michael9344


      You sounded angry... a lil. Lol. :)

    3. 1Coley


      it may or may not have been said in anger...I'll leave that for you to decide :)

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  17. of course...my pleasure ^_^

  18. at the rents for the weekend...whoopidy doo!!! ok...sooo...what's your favorite color?

  19. To put it simply...I lost the happy =\

  20. I'm torn in many different directions...but it feels good none the less. no one ever said that life wasn't messy, you just gotta clean it up...and if someones down on their knees scrubbing right beside you. then you know the mess isn't that big of a deal!

    1. Bleu


      Bitter-sweet but positive :)

  21. spending the morning with a scrub brush..a vacuum, windex, and netflix. hooray for making my apartment spotless so my mom won't kill me when she shows up!!!

    1. Dark


      Good for you and yay for us! We'd be sad if your mom killed you. ^_^

  22. Tis a better day than many...a worse day than some...just wish you were there to share it with me.

    1. 1Coley


      And yes...this one IS about you.

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