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  1. Welcome to GA :)

  2. spending the morning with a scrub brush..a vacuum, windex, and netflix. hooray for making my apartment spotless so my mom won't kill me when she shows up!!!

    1. Dark


      Good for you and yay for us! We'd be sad if your mom killed you. ^_^

  3. Tis a better day than many...a worse day than some...just wish you were there to share it with me.

    1. 1Coley


      And yes...this one IS about you.

  4. just because I'm 19, does not mean that I don't know what I'm doing...and just because you're as old as you are doesn't mean that you do!

    1. K.C.


      so true- I still make mistakes everyday!

    2. MikeL


      You've barely started KC.

    3. 1Coley


      I just dont particularly care for people diminishing my worth and abilities...with only age as their basis of why.

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  5. t'is a day for contemplation of those around me's relevance...Is going on a mental rampage right now!!!!!!!

    1. 1Coley


      That's because we're awesome Tara! Lol

    2. Tara00


      That I am, didn't know you were too :P *hug*

    3. 1Coley
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  6. Welcome to GA.. if you need any help at all, I'm more than happy to help :D

  7. Have a great day Jamie. *hugs*

  8. I only have .15 gigs left on my Ipod...this is a sad day :(

    1. jamiiewhiite


      Sad day indeed. How big is it?

    2. 1Coley


      8 gig....but I now has new toy ^_^

  9. love the new pic...not of your ass. Still very cute though :)

  10. "Waiting for the end to come. Wishing I had strength to stand. This is not what I had planned. It’s out of my control." Linkin Park

    1. WatchPatRun


      Good song! I love Linkin Park. How's that for a glitter loving homo? :P

    2. 1Coley


      you've been raised a few notches on my roster :P rofl. nah..you're alright. even if you're a little glitter crazed haha

  11. welcome!!! any questions feel free to ask ^_^

  12. Love the new pic Jamie...great smile :)

  13. One more step towards heartbroken...2 towards insanity...both taken alone. Never given a chance.

    1. rustle


      So sorry to hear. Take a breath, take a walk, and do something good for yourself, making sure to enjoy it.

  14. haha...no worries mate :)

  15. t'is a quiet evening with me, myself, and the rat. "Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts. "--Charles Dickens

  16. with a skip in my step and a song in my heart...this world shall be mine!!!

  17. Hey there...welcome to GA :)

  18. three years of promises to myself flushed down the toilet in a single hour....peachy. at least I can still breathe!

    1. 1Coley


      long story...

    2. Cia


      You know what, setbacks happen. It's how you recover from them that counts. Start again.

    3. 1Coley


      well...oddly enough...this time it wasn't all my fault

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  19. today just is not a good day emotionally....**twiddles thumbs while staring at the floor!**

    1. jamiiewhiite
    2. xerge


      feeling okay there bud??


    3. 1Coley


      yeah...s'all good :)

  20. I'm in an evanescence funk for some reason...meh!
  21. **le sigh**

    1. 1Coley


      hopefully these dreams to come will be ones that make my future a happy one!!

  22. my parents come home from the beach...and the first thing my mom does is bang on the bedroom door. Thanks for the wake up call!! "grumbles"

    1. West Coast Dude

      West Coast Dude

      She wants you to practice! Early to rise makes a man healthy and wise!

    2. 1Coley


      nah...pretty sure she was wanting the bed for herself haha

  23. VVV- "nuh unh" -VVV

  24. Indeed I do sir....I have family that lives near there. why?


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