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  1. physically and mentally exhausted...blarghlemeh!!

    1. 1Coley


      Adam...lolwut?! rofl

    2. evergreen


      Just sharing in the frustration :D

    3. 1Coley
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  2. "It's never easy to be chosen, never easy to be called, Standing on the front line when bombs start to fall, I can see the heavens, but I still hear the flames calling out my name."

  3. ummmm...you're welcome? lol

  4. well that one's much cuter than mine lol

  5. Mean girl quote time--"I just wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we'd all eat it and be happy."

    1. 1Coley


      I wonder who's gonna be the one to say..."she doesn't even go here!". And that's a frightening concept.

    2. Audi


      LOL i love that part xD She doesn't even go here!!

    3. evergreen
  6. feelin ok, hoping for the best...at least I got this retard of a puppy to cuddle with ^_^

  7. going to bed before 4 for once...it's bittersweet

    1. Prince Duchess

      Prince Duchess

      Your still awake! I know it!

  8. why'd I have to open my god damn mouth?!?!

    1. jamiiewhiite


      Because I told you too! Now handle it like you said you could and I will do the same.

    2. Frostina
    3. 1Coley


      oh, I am..probably the one thing you can actually depend on me for, I don't break promises.

  9. 1Coley

    Mr. SuperHot

    so airbrushed it ain't even funny!!
  10. haha you said yourself that it will...just not tonight because you have a meeting on sunday :P

  11. oh my god...you do realize that we had like a 5 hour phone conversation after we stopped working on the story right?!!??

  12. if only what is between my legs would be enough!

    1. Audi
    2. Andrew Q Gordon

      Andrew Q Gordon

      that's a 'loaded' comment if ever I heard one :P

    3. 1Coley


      oh really Q? ;D

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  13. could you truly take me as I am? probably not...but that's not my problem!

    1. 1Coley


      cool, never heard it..I'll have to check it out


    2. MikeL


      We sing that song in church...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC_272dQnEo

    3. Luc Rosen

      Luc Rosen

      Good way to think of things fo sho

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  14. if only the beast on the outside matched the beauty within...for you'll fall in love with one far sooner, but is the other a dealbreaker?

  15. haha I don't know about professional! I go to SU in Florida...probably don't know what that is but I'll explain if you're ever in chat. hope to talk with you sometime!!

  16. 1Coley

    An Eternity

    Jamie.....you're too sweet ya know that?
  17. sounds like someone's gonna find themselves a keeper one day
  18. I've already become the unwatched pot on the backburner!!

    1. 1Coley


      my point exactly Nephy!!

    2. Michael9344


      And then do stupid things...

    3. Mark92


      no idea what this means but meh *hugs* anyways

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  19. ROFLMAO....thanks, all I did was google herp derp and it came up XD

  20. 1Coley

    A Single Tear

    I'm glad you should find hope in them haha. thanks Jamie
  21. I'm not looking forward to the reaming that I'm thoroughly going to get in 2 hours. Yay for Clarinet lessons!

    1. jamiiewhiite


      'Reaming' LOL, have fun :P

    2. 1Coley


      it wasn't as horrible as I expected lol

  22. Personally, I think that you should let this one go. If she doesn't have a problem with gay people, or their "lifestyle," then I wouldn't press the issue. It's her opinion and she's entitled to it. Why potentially put a rift between you two if she's okay with how you live your life, but simply has a different view on it? This is just my opinion, take it or leave it...but I hope it helps.
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