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  1. I wake up right about the mid-afternoon, With the sun in the sky but nights coming soon, I walk to the mirror just to fix myself, Yeah life gets harder when you love nothing else, So I pick my pills from the counter drawer, Pick my self-esteem up off the floor, I guess I'm a man of no recourse, As I crack another bottle, got no remorse, And I'll say a little prayer for the child in me, I swear I used to be what I truly believe, That I'm not just a man with these broken dreams, Eve...

    1. Nephylim


      That's cool. Why not post it in the favourite lyrics thread. it's very apt to sometimes in anyone's life I guess certainly mine :P

    2. Mark92


      Hey Stam thats great post it :)

    3. 1Coley
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  2. suis je bovered!!!?

  3. since you have such great taste in music ^_^ lol

  4. wow....straight into more skepticism....pun intended =\

    1. Marzipan


      **pulls out her gear to rescue Cole** Just say who cares, as long as you are comfortable within your skin!

    2. Tara00


      you have the power to confuse...do not underestimate it!! =D

    3. 1Coley


      lol thanks Maria. and Tara, I take full advantage of my power whenever possible haha

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  5. 1Coley

    Chapter 10

    great story so far...can't wait for the rest!!!! any hint as to when the next update is?!?
  6. there are never enough hours in the day...but it feels like I've been up for waaaaaaaaaaaay too long!!!

  7. of course ^_^

  8. 1Coley

    Chapter 14

    An interesting take on the Resident Evil story line...Very good story!!! I have but one question....is there gonna be a sequel? If so, can't wait
  9. because you were so enthusiastic to see me...lol

  10. 1Coley

    Chapter 5

    Just read it all, can't wait for the rest...assuming you're not done lol.
  11. Amazing story, I read all of it in about 3 hours. Can't wait for the rest. Any idea when the next chapter will be up?
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