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  1. Ultimate Magic: Over centuries wizards and witches have been slowly finding ways to advance in other branches of magic. The meaning of Ultimate magic, or the practice of making magic its strongest, started back in Egyptian times, when black magic wielders escaped. These wizards and witches who hated black magic band together to advance magic itself to overcome black magic. (Which was the strongest magic at the time.) How Black Magic Came About: Ultimate magic, has been an ongoing plan from long ago. When black magic was first created, it was used to fight in wars for the benefit of the ancients. (It wasn’t called black magic at the time.) It was used to destroy beasts, creatures, and unknown things that threatened Egyptian villages and homes. This was the ultimate magic at its time. Black magic had proved to work in these situations. The warlocks, sorcerers, wizards, and witches who created the new magic, knew of its corrupting capabilities. They only let certain men and soldiers wield such magic. Never allowing anyone to permanently hold this power in their body longer than needed. For it was far too great and dangerous. The title: ‘Wielders’ came from the act of soldiers given temporary uses of the new magic to fight foes. They only wielded it at times of impossible danger. After each war crisis was over in these ancient civilizations Warlocks, Sorcerers, witches, wizards would cleanse and extract the black power from the wielders (soldiers) body. Storing it away in an impenetrable, sacred hiding place. This was another extra measure taken to ensure the safety among the villages and towns. Years down the line, a big war came to the Egyptians territories. This was a different kind of fight on their hands. Magic was being used on both sides. Many were killed, beasts were summoned, people were transfigured, souls were taken. There was so much magic being used in one area the earth shook, adding further destruction to chaos. When the long exhausting war finally ended, it was time for the creators to come together as one and do the cleansing ritual on the soldiers. They were carrying on with the cleansing of the wielders when something different came about. There were soldiers missing and some soldiers who were refusing to let go of the power. The war went on so long, that the soldiers were being corrupted by its uses. They begin to enjoy having the dark uses of magic at their will. While most soldiers came for their cleansing. The others who were corrupt ran into hiding. When the Warlocks and Sorcerers realized not all of the wielders were accounted for, they quickly spread the word to find these individuals. No one had seen any of the wielders in the villages. The Warlocks grew angrier everyday that passed. The sorcerers grew worried and frightened at the idea of having the ‘Dark corrupting power’ being used with no limits. Egypt was in trouble if these wielders ever decided to use their powers against them. Still, after months of searching for the wielders with no luck of finding them, they soon realized these wielders probably left Egypt. Which happen to be a good and a bad thing. The good part was: these wielders couldn’t corrupt other people in Egypt with the deadly power. During this period in time, Black magic was the strongest magic there was, so their villagers lives were safe with these people away. The bad part was: These wielders scattered away in different locations of the world. Some got away by boat, some ran away by foot, and others by horses. The warlocks had no clue what these wielders would do in their new habitats with power so unchallenging. Later, these escaped wielders began to teach the art to others in their new nation. They mated, having children who ended up permanently carrying this magic inside of their magical being. (There are four parts to wizards and witches: The mind, the soul, the body, and the magical being. Magical being is, where all magic stems from.) Meanwhile in Egypt, where the great power was created, all of the magic users came together in hopes of strengthening their branches of magic to counter an overcome black magic. Which in years of time they were successful in their attempts. The warlocks, and Sorcerers advanced in creating their magic strong enough to combat with any black magic user. After their discovery and advancements in braches of magic they all agree to keep advancing magic itself. They all knew as long as there were wielders of black magic, they would be continuously growing in their own arts. The sole creators all prayed to one day correct the balance of magic. They would erase, obliterate, and cleanse all black magic: its wielders, its carriers, and most importantly, its users. Cleansing; Cleansing is the act of extracting black magic out of a carrier or user’s magical being. It is the only way to get rid of the magic entirely. Black magic was proven to be so strong that it entangled itself permanently inside the carriers or wielders offspring. Marking the child as an automatic carrier even before birth. These children could potentially become users of it. Sadik a wizard who was a seer, wrote in the book ‘Gifted Prophecy’: “There will come a time when all carriers and users of the forbidden, dangerous art will be cleansed thoroughly by the gifted child. Baby, child, adult, carrier, and users will be cleansed rightfully. Nothing will prevent it.” Since black magic is tangled so deep in the beings of carriers and users, cleansing isn’t what it once was in the ancient times. The warlocks of Egypt could do rituals to rid the power from the wielders bodies. Since this dark power has been around so long, and it is hosted inside the magical being, cleansing has become different. It is proven by thousands of cleansing warlocks, witch, and wizards that when you successfully extract the blackness from a dark wizards magical being. The user/carrier burst instantly into tiny glittering fragments. It is described to look exactly like: gold dust. This happens because, once the magical being has lost the blackness it disrupts. Causing the mind, body, and soul to collapse simultaneously, which leaves the golden dust. (This can only happen to a dark user or carrier.)… I closed the book ‘Legends of Magic’. I finished reading my chapter for the day. I got up putting the book on my shelf that was neatly stacked with other magical books. Then I sat back on my bed, thinking how my life was about to have a drastic change soon. The Dark Grandmaster, Jaffar came to me ten years ago giving me these books to read and study. I didn’t understand him, I didn’t understand what was going on, I didn’t understand anything in the books at first. As I grew older, things began to thin out and become clear. In the middle of my thoughts, I could hear my parents down stairs, screaming at each other… as usual. I really didn’t get how they manage to stay together all this time. All they do is argue. Those two didn’t care if the matter could be avoided or if it could be a small problem, they just keep at it all day long. Grandmaster Jaffar, told me, ‘they loved each other but what keeps them mad at one another is they were both carriers of black magic’. It was too bad they didn’t know what powers they could have. I got so use to them arguing with each other, that I picked those fine times to open one of the books Jaffar gave me. The reading took me away from the human world. It always let me know there was more happening outside the walls of home. I enjoyed all of the magic books. I was really into reading the dark spells in the book: ‘Advanced Black Magic’. This book gave me something to practice when I was bored, or when my parents were arguing. After so many years of reading the spells, I was getting the hang of them. Even though Jaffar told me not to use magic on anyone yet. It was a real let down because I had so many uses in mind for it. Instead, Jaffar encouraged me to practice on the stuffed animals laying at the bottom of my closet. Which I did almost all the time. I walked to my window, pulling the curtains aside, and drawing my blinds up. Out my window I over looked the mid-September’s slightly s chilly weather. There was gray cloudy appearance settling in, over swirling red, yellow, and orange leaves. The colorful leaves fell slowly, from the trees in the neighborhood. Turning, twisting, as they landed noiselessly on the green grass below. Soon I will be seventeen. I thought watching the scenery. October 3rd was creeping up quickly. That’s the age Jaffar said I would be experiencing the drastic change in my life. I got nervous thinking of what the change could be? I really don’t like surprises, and I definitely hate waiting. I didn’t know what was coming with change so it scared me sometimes. Speaking of waiting on my seventeenth birthday, Jaffar said, I would finally be able to open the thin rectangular box he gave me when I was only eight years old. I can’t believe I still remember that. I have been waiting so many years to see what it was, so much time had gone by and in a few weeks I would see what this box held. I was in third grade, when my eighth birthday came. Jaffar gave me the box when he visited, and a wand. I was so excited that day. All the reading in the books paid off. My first thought: ‘I can finally start casting practice spells, so people beware!’. Jaffar stopped me saying, it would be better if I practice on nonliving things before using them on people, of course. It was like he read my mind. I remember Jaffar sitting on my bed, holding his black staff with the golden cobra coiled around its length. When I took the box trying to pry it open with all my strength, which didn’t work. He watched me trying ‘open-sesame’ spell to get the box to open. The smooth, white hairs of wisdom on his pointy, short beard moved as he began to speak, “Blaine Ramsei, trying to open that box is useless.” He calmly started in a low mumble. Jaffar was old and you could hear it in his wheezing voice. He might have been old but he was one of the most powerful dark wizards ever to be known. That was how he earned the title ‘Dark Grandmaster’. “I casted a concealment spell over the box. It will not uplift until you have reached the age of seventeen.” He said, lifting his finger. “What I ask of you to do until you are seventeen is: read, read, read and study all six of the books I gave you. It is necessary.” He stroked his short pointy white beard. “So you may be ready for what is to come. You will be ready for the drastic change.” He wheezed again. The day is inching closer. I will be able to open the box and see what has been a mystery to me for years. Then I will get to experience the drastic change or whatever it may be. I kept my word about: reading all six books, throwing in practice sessions, and not using magic on anyone yet. Perched on my window sill I watched more colored leaves whoosh with the autumn winds. I don’t know what happened to Jaffar. He stopped popping into my room when I reached eighth grade. Sometimes I think he abandoned me, sometimes I believe those cleansing warlocks may have hunted him down… or that snotty, little chosen rat must have got him! I promise myself, every day since Jaffar stopped coming around, I would seek vengeance on that gifted brat! I wanted to show that kid the disorder he is causing. The immense, distaste I hold for that boy, only gets stronger. Not only for them cleansing Jaffar. (If that is what happened) but also for the magical genocide he and his sorry supporters wanted. They were all foolish! Those who follow, the gifted one, will be cursed by my wand. Coming to think of wands, I definitely need a new one. The wand Jaffar gave me when I was eight is aging, worn, and you can see splinters of wood sticking out. It works okay but not as good as it once did. It needed more force or something. Given its condition that’s probably why it lacked such great power. I noticed when I’m casting practice spells, my spells give just a little push. Not enough to cause the damage I want to inflict. Not the kind of harm that I would want my first foe to endure. I closed my window, letting the blinds back down and pulling the curtains together. My thoughts of Jaffar leaving me, or perhaps being cleansed, was getting to me. I stepped away from the window sill and went to my closet. I searched, looking on the top shelf, in the highest left corner. Where I kept the box, my worn wand, and the black orb. (another thing Jaffar gave me.) The black orb was something Jaffar said, would help me later in life. Another thing I couldn’t wait for. Just like I couldn’t resist trying to open the magically seal box. I couldn’t help gazing into the black, revolving, murky clouds inside the orb. I pulled it down, snatching the cloth from covering its round surface. I sat back on the bed holding the orb under my nose, inspecting it. “The eye of Sadik.” I repeated to myself, watching it closely. The orb was made by black magic. The seer who wrote the book ‘Gifted Prophecy’, the same guy who foretold: ‘All users/carriers of black magic would be cleansed,’ this beautiful, black orb was made from his left eye. I read about how it happened in the book: Legends of Magic. Sadik had a younger half-sister, by the name of, Sadika. She happened to be a user of black magic. She hated her brother for writing such dreadful things about our kind. So she killed him and took his left eye from his skull. She then, performed a dark transfiguring spell, creating this seeing orb. Sadika wanted to see what her brother saw. She wanted to know if he was telling the truth. What better way to see something, than to see it for yourself. To her astonishment she couldn’t see anything but inky black clouds rotating, circling the insides of the orb’s glass. She didn’t understand why her idea didn’t work, why she couldn’t see the future. Sadika kept the eye (orb) as a treasure. Only telling other dark wizards and witches what she had done and her needing to see if the prophecy was true. After many tests they later found out the black orb could not see the future because it was disconnected from Sadik’s magical being, which had a special energy that feed it life. The orb wasn’t rendered useless. Under further testing, it came to knowledge that the orb was capable of seeing anything, anywhere, that was happening in the present. Whatever was happening in the ‘now’ would be viewable. Staring at the orb, I could see my reflection blinking back at me. My ravenous black hair hanging low to my shoulders. My almost, black mirror like eyes, starring fixed at me. The brown coating, underlying the tinge in my skin, could even be made out. Most students at school didn’t believe me when I told them my dad was Persian. I get my color from my Persian and black roots. (Dad and Mom) No one believes but who were they anyway? Nothing in my book. I focused intently on the black, cold glass surface, before asking it a question. “Are my parents still fighting downstairs?” The black, murky clouds, quickly shifted. A liquid sky blue lettering of: ‘Yes’ popped in the orb. Then as if I commanded it, the black clouds split and swiveled apart. Showing my dad and mom, in the kitchen arguing. She was preparing dinner and he was sitting at the dinner table with papers. His skin and hair matching mine, until veins showed in his neck from yelling. My mom had black curls wrapped in a head band stirring something in the pot. Watching them curse and call each other names went on for two more minutes, before mom reached on the cabinet drawing a knife and came rushing to dad’s face. She pointed her finger at him while clutching the knife in her other hand. I hurriedly placed the cloth back over the black orb, running to the closet, storing it in the left corner top shelf. I raced downstairs, down the hall, making a left, passing the dining area and straight in the kitchen. I was just in time. Mom’s knife hand came diving down aimed directly at dad’s chest. “Mom!” I yelled not knowing how else to stop her. She stopped in the middle of her stabbing motion. She turned her curly head of hair seeing me. While my dad sat with both hands covering his head. “Blaine, go away!” my mom screamed unnerved. “This has nothing to do with you, ugh!” She sounded like she was upset with me. Then she dropped the knife. This was all insane but nothing new… It was just a regular day, in the Ramsei residence.
  2. *Kato Tiltz* “Okay, class. Today in potions, we will be trying something new.” Professor Balum said, excitedly clapping his hands. That was his personality. He was always jumpy and peppy, despite his old age. Anyone who met him, knew he was young at heart. “On the cabinet in the back of the classroom, there are plenty of ingredients for the potion we will be making today.” He continued, pointing at the table behind us. On the black surface of the table laid glass potion bottles, leaves from odd plants, roots, honey, mushrooms, and a whole line of goopy liquids that bubbled strangely. Certain jars of things I had never seen before. I could only wonder what potion we would be mixing up today? Professor Balum continued his instructions as everyone scanned the table’s line of ingredients we were to use. “I’m giving you all a copy of the instructions. The paper should be on your desk.” He waved his wand lazily making a paper appear on everyone’s desk. “Be sure to read these instructions carefully. I don’t want any accidents happening again.” His grey bushy eye brows rose as he spoke making folds in his forehead. I glanced down at the paper popping on my desk out of nowhere. It read: ‘Anti-Headache Potion’ Ingredients; Mint leaves, enchanted roots, honey, blue speckled mushrooms,… I skipped past the rest of the ingredients and straight to the directions. There was so much the potion demanded; Chopping the enchanted roots into small rectangular pieces, Shaving the blue speckles of the mushrooms, stirring three times in full rotation to the left five times, five more times to the right… add this, add that, stir half clockwise, three drops of honey while stirring. This potion was going to be a hassle! I’d rather let my headache go away on its own if this is what it took to stop a head from hurting on a regular day. This ‘Anti-Headache Potion’, would give you a headache following the complex steps. The rest of the class agreed with my opinion. You could hear moans, and grunts as they looked at their instruction sheets. “Do we have to do this, today?” One girl complained. “I hate potions!” Another person said. Balum smiled through all the unpleasant noises the class made. The top of his head gleamed from the lights above. His hair was gray, frizzy and streamed along the sides of his head. In the middle of his head was bald. Balum wore red and white colored robes, with his plump stomach stuck out. His glasses hung over his nose as he finished going over the last of the instructions. “When you finish, I will come around to check and see if you have done everything correctly.” He stopped to look at the clock above the table in the back. “Now… you can all get up, a few at a time. Get your ingredients for your potions and get started.” He said smiling. Chairs slid across the floor as everyone migrated towards the back table, grabbing what they needed off the list. I could hear bottles clanking, when professor Balum’s short, pudgy body, came over to my desk. His hair was gray and wild as he approached. “Kato.” He politely laid a puffy hand on my shoulder. “If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask.” He readjusted his glasses. “You are the youngest student in this class. I know some of the directions can be difficult at times but never hesitate to ask for help. Your guardian here,” he motioned towards Jevyn, who sat beside me like a statue. “He can probably help simplify things for you. You must know, being ‘the gifted one’ the head master ask me to give you 11th grade magic potions.” He said in a low grumble. Wishing he could change the plans. “Yes, sir.” Was all I could say before he patted me on the shoulder twice and walked back to his desk. He seemed to understand my pressure as being known as the gifted child. As if the responsibility alone wasn’t already hard. Our headmaster Guyus, recommended me, a thirteen year old, to work and think like a seventeen year old. Putting me in these advanced magic classes, overstuffing me with work, hoping I would be ready to live up to the title when the day came. I just don’t get this most of the time. I don’t feel special. I don’t feel gifted at all. The hard work wasn’t all. Going to Warleague, sitting in classes with older students who looked at me like I was a rodent, was very uncomfortable. So I wasn’t the only person to think I wasn’t so special. Then add, how I have Jevyn as my guardian. Which means everywhere I go, everything I do, he is there. It’s tiring! Being thirteen years old with a gift. A gift to fight dark wizards that plan to kill me almost every day, Is tough! I don’t know what I did? I don’t get a break or a second alone. There is always someone or something threatening my life. On top of that, I’m so tired of being treated like a baby! I’m not a baby! No matter how much I tell Jevyn, Headmaster Guyus and the other Professors at Warleague School for Wizards and Witches. They continue to treat me like I’m some baby. “I’m going to get your ingredients. I’ll be back okay?” Jevyn calmly said getting up from the desk next to mine. Jevyn’s hair was black, the front of it coming to his mid-forehead, just above His eyes which were a medium shade of green. He’s been protecting me since I first started coming to Warleague magic school. I was only about six at the time. He is always going on and on about how I’m supposed to have three other guardians but the headmaster hasn’t found them yet. Hopefully when they are found they don’t treat me like a baby. Jevyn came back shortly. He returned with a handful of honey, potion glass bottles, speckled mushrooms, mint leaves, and enchanted roots. There was a serious face he always had. He never changed it for anything. He didn’t smile much, or frown much. Always keeping a stoic expression, something that creeped me out. “Okay, let’s get started.” He sighed picking up a sharp dagger, chopping the enchanted roots for me. “After I prepare the ingredients I’ll let you add them in. I don’t want you getting hurt. So I have to take extra precaution.” Jevyn grunted as he chopped the roots in perfect rectangular pieces. When I looked at everybody else’s progress, I saw they were ahead of Jevyn and I. Most of them were already stirring. Some people’s potions were brilliant glowing green, with sizzling bubbles and hissing fumes coming from their potion bottles. Professor Balum sat at his desk sorting papers with a stretched smile over his face. It looked like he may have been humming. I think he loved the bubbling sounds of liquids mixing. We moved further down the instructions adding: the honey, stirring, and strips of mint leaves at their appropriate times. The liquid in my bottle glowed brilliant green. Fumes began hissing from the green contents. As I stirred a warming peppermint sent filled my nose. “Be careful.” Jevyn told me eyeing my every motion. A small cloud of Smoke rose in a big puff. I got kind of scared thinking I added the roots at the wrong time. I glanced at the directions again. “Do you know what you are doing?” Jevyn’s green eyes watched me cautiously. He twitched as I stirred. He kept trying to make sure I was doing everything just right. Trying to make sure I wouldn’t somehow hurt myself stirring the liquid. Geez! I desperately hope the other guardians aren’t this protective. Jevyn has really been getting on my nerves for last past seven years. He was about eleven when I was only six, just starting my first year at Warleague. Ever since that day, his red and white robes, have stood relentlessly beside mine, always trying to keep me from dangers. Jevyn shaved the blue speckles off the mushrooms, leaving the surface of them smooth and spotless. He laid them beside the glass of brilliant green sizzling liquid. I added the shaved mushrooms to the bottle and cloud of grey smoke shot up from the bottle. “Whoa! Watch what you are doing!” Jevyn jumped at the flash of smoke. Other students stopped stirring to see what happened. When the smoke cleared, they went back to stirring like they were before. “I know what I’m doing!” I told him almost losing my temper. “Stop treating me like a baby!” I steamed out before I knew it. Jevyn gave me a frown. “I was told to guard you. If you die, what good are you to our side? The whole Warleague school would have me killed. If any, tiny thing harms you, the headmaster would kick me out of the ‘White Robes Organization’.” He threw his hands up frantically. “If I get kicked out of White Robes and Warleague, I won’t have a purpose for being a wizard. All my training would be a waste.” I stopped stirring by the end of his words. My potion was complete. It had a dark green, emerald texture. Sitting smoothly at the bottom of the potion bottle. As the last of the bubbles surfaced to the top and popped, the liquid grew still. Yes, I did it! Jevyn was always bringing up these points. He should be less strict on himself. He never really got to be a teen or a child. From eleven he was trained to be a guardian. He needed his own time. I decided to get off the topic. Switching to another that wouldn’t cause him to talk about protection, guardians, or White robes. It was sickening to hear every day, every second, when you wake up, before you go to sleep… once again, I’m only thirteen! Can I please have one day without hearing all of the above? “Sorry, Jevyn.” I sincerely whispered before asking, “The school right next to us…umm what’s it-“ Jevyn shifted his black hair. His green eyes fell on me interrupting, “You mean, Sorcerer’s Association.” “Yes. The school where they wear the white and blue robes.” Warleagues school colors were red and white. While ‘Sorcerers Association’ school colors were white and blue. “Yeah, that’s them.” Jevyn assured me. During this time, Professor Balum came around to everyone’s desk checking their final outcome on their potion mixture. Balum gave some students a thumbs up, others he gave them advice. I heard him telling one guy: “Next time, cut thinner pieces of the enchanted root, it keeps the lumps out.” Walking over to another desk he issued a thumbs up. Then he said to another person, “Next time make sure all the speckles are shaved off the mushrooms before adding them.” He came around to my bottle of dark emerald green liquid, smiling and giving a thumbs up. My chest lit up with excitement. Even though Jevyn should really have the credit. He mastered this level of potions last year. What else would you expect from an eighteen year old in his twelfth year of magic? “Oh, I heard from the headmaster, at our last White Robe meeting, that there is another school being built beside Sorcerers Association.” I informed him. I really wanted to know if this information was accurate. What fun would it be to have a new school of wizards and witches. “They are nearly finished after all these years. You know they have been building that school since you were in your first year of magic?” He answered without looking at me. “I think the name of the school will be ‘Magic Society’ or ‘Society of Magic’… something like that, I forgot.” Jevyn blew the subject off. Professor Balum stood in front of the class and began to talk. He congratulated everyone on a job well done with their potions. Then he went into some of the uses for the ‘Anti-Headache Potion’. I wasn’t listening. I already knew when to drink a potion like this. I was more interested in the new school. “Hey Jevyn, do you know what colors their school will be?” I questioned curiously. Keeping my voice out of ear shot. Headmaster Guyus never wanted other students who weren’t involved with the secret organization (‘White Robes’) to ever hear what our discussions at the meetings were about. “I don’t know.” Jevyn shrugged still watching professor Balum speak. I began wondering. Warleagues school robes are white, with red seams, red edges, and the embroidered symbol of the “W” on the upper left position of the chest. The Sorcerers Association’s robes were white and blue, designed the exact same way. Only difference was their embroidered symbol ‘SA’ was in fancy letters. Both of the schools have the color white in common. Both Headmasters: Guyus (Warleague) and Zadavia (Sorcerers Association) have agreed in forming an organization which is called ‘White Robes.’ The wizards and witches at Sorcerers Association, were pretty nice. Everyone got along fine. We all knew that fighting together is the only way to completely cleanse the world from dark magic. When ‘Magic Society’ is finally built, we can snag them on our side. That would be a great advantage for the good side. Who knows, maybe my other three guardians are from Magic Society. “Okay, does everyone understand?” Professor Balum nodded his thick head. “Yes!” The class said loudly. “Good, good. Now you all can go to your next class after you clean your desk area.” My wandering thoughts caused me to miss out on everything Balum told us. I looked at Jevyn shocked to see him gone already. Where could he have- Right then, Jevyn’s red and white robes gushed forward as if he was gliding over the floor. He squared away the desk area, something I could have did myself. “I could hav…” I started to say. “Let’s go.” His green eyes demanded. I chased after him leaving the classroom. All I could see was white robes and decorated red rims, dragged through swarms of other robes that were identical. All the students off to their next class. I quickened my pace to catch up with him, pushing past student after student. Jevyn was at the end of the corridor when he pushed open the double doors at the end. I finally caught up to him by then. “Um Jevyn… I have one last question about the new school.” I was heavy breathing after fast walking down the long corridor. “Kato Tiltz!” He stopped in his tracks. A cool breeze from outside came ruffling his black hair, even my own blond strands blew across my face. “Stop worrying about that new school! There is a lot more at stake! You should worry more about your gift, your responsibilities, and what you have to do to cleanse dark magic!” Hearing him yell, I lowered my head a little. Everyone forgets how old I am. The way they shout and order me around. Laboring me with life or death responsibilities. It’s really hard to believe I am the gifted one. Everyone was so sure it was me. No one else but me! It was the great foreseeing wizard Sadik who wrote a book about someone like me coming into the world. “Pick your head up! A Warleague wizard never looks down.” Jevyn fired still standing there. After I straightened myself up, he had one last thing to say. “What is your next class?” Through all of the stressing and yelling he just did, it must have slipped his mind. “Umm… transfiguration.” At the sound of the word, an odd sensation tickled my hairs. Transfiguration was fun but the teacher she is… so strict. Professor Amelia. She happened to also be a member of the secret organization, White Robes. In my mind, I could already see her wobbly bun of blond hair screaming at us for doing something wrong. Professor Amelia was a total stress case. Oh boy, am I in for it!
  3. flawlesss

    Dark Legacy

    After mysterious visit from a powerful someone, as a child, life turns in a new direction. A road of darkness, corruption, and bitterness will pave the road to a journey no one has ever seen.
  4. The days were counting down. School was almost over. It was really ending. This was it. It was the month of May. People were saying their goodbyes. Seniors were sharing stories with each other about their early years in high school. Under classmen were busy talking about what they were doing this summer. Some people were moving away to another school, some people didn’t want this year to end. It had been a year to remember. We all wanted an encore. There was crying, and signing of shirts for memories, scrap books, pictures being taken, everyone was preparing for the end. The whole school wanted The A-list to autograph something valuable of theirs. Since all three of us were seniors and we wouldn’t be here next year. Everybody who was a fan or lived during our reign wanted to have something to remember us by, a souvenir to tell their children of the A-list. I didn’t allow any of my members to sign anything. I promised the students that we would be publishing an ‘A-list’ instead. It would be a grand closing to a long legacy. It would pack more power than a measly signature. I wanted to leave my senior year letting Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors know who ruled over them. Who knows, who may take over while I’m gone but I doubt they will achieve what I have. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ When it was graduation day, we watched the seniors walk by and accept their diplomas. Parents were clapping in the hot sun, people were crying for no reason. It was boring, and I didn’t care about them. None of these people were significant. Half of them I ruined, the others were too loser-like to speak of. Everytime I saw someone’s parents it never amazed me the resemblances and where some of these kids got their idiotic genetics from. The speeches were nonsense. When everybody threw their hats up I went to find Jade in the crowd of robes. He was standing near Korbyn. When we all met up finally, we agreed to get out of there. The only good things that came out of the whole graduating ceremony was: getting a diploma and leaving. The best part of school ending was my ‘A-list’ was published. The list I made would make these followers remember me for a life time. When they flip through the year books, their children will be amused by my stories, (and my picture). Their parents will have to tell them stories upon stories of what I did. Every generation will know my name. I will live on. My popularity is a legacy. **** Instead of going to the graduation party that some unimportant scum bag was hosting. My clique went to Jade’s house. At Jade’s house we conversed about a lot of random topics. Anything was better than a lame party with a bunch of kids we barley knew. Korbyn took off his shoes, politely asking me to lay down with him in Jade’s bed. I didn’t have to think, I took his offer quickly. We both laid there as he whispered suave arousing words in my ears. It bothered me that I still didn’t know what was wrong with him these past few days. He wasn’t himself. He squeezed me into a gentle cuddle. The feeling of his rippled firm abs rubbed my lower back. He had this feeling coming from his body that made me feel like I was flying. We became comfortable in that moment. We ended up sleeping in Jade’s bed. Korbyn had me locked tight in his skinny arms. He wouldn’t let go. I tried going to the bathroom a couple times but I couldn’t. His arms tightened at any signs of me leaving. If he felt a slight nudge from me, he automatically pulled me closer to him grumbling. Jade couldn’t help me get loose because he was on the phone talking to the mystery guy again. The days following that, Korbyn continued his overly polite manners. I still didn’t get it. I waited until a bright sunny morning to surprise him. It was something I regularly didn’t do. Jumping up unannounced and showing up on someone’s doorstep. On the Inside of my gut I kept having a hard, scary, weird feeling. I thought if I surprised him today, maybe it would put him in a more talkative mood. I know he would love to see me knocking on his door early in the morning. It was something I was doing just for us. For our relationship’s connection to reopen. I planned to spend the entire day with him. We don’t have school anymore. We graduated, both of our schedules were clear. Not only for those reasons but I thought long and hard about him, and I declared he was a good boyfriend. My decision was settled that today, after we spend time together he would take my virginity. A special gift I have kept to myself. A gift I preserved for the right guy. Something so sentimental and precious was all going to him… I actually believe I am making the right decision. He always asked me could he be the man that took my ‘V card’ today I will grant him his wish. I would all be in the surprise of the day. Jade woke early that morning. He knew everything about what I decided to do, and he supported me. Being the awesome friend he was, he also volunteered to drive me to Korbyn’s house. It was 8:05am the sky was perfectly shining. The air was fresh blowing breezes under white clouds. Jade was driving so calmly. There were a few spurts of conversation here and there nothing major. This was a perfect day. It was the best start of a day I have had in a long time. There were so many signs telling me I would lose my V card, on this beautiful day. It couldn’t have been a better day to pick. I am going to remember this for years to come. The wheels of the car slowed down and the car began to creep along the rest of the way. Then then the expedition stopped and Jade looked at me. The curious look in Jade’s face was as if he was asking me ‘What is going on here?’ Glancing beyond the pool, I searched beyond the trimmed grass, until my eyes adjusted enough for me to see a man walking out of the house carrying two suit cases. Now I was sharing the same curious expression Jade had. What was going on here? Jade immediately shut his engine off. I heard an engine still humming in front of us. It was coming from the black car sitting on the shoulder of the street parked a few feet in front of us. the black car was as close as a car could park to the house. As the man carrying the suit cases made it to the black car, he lifted the trunk shoving the suitcases in one by one. Then before I could stop myself from losing my cool, everything dawned on me. Wait a second… this isn’t so… say this isn’t so!... Jade gave an astonished gasp then he lowered his head to the steering wheel. He noticed what was happening here the same time I did. Suddenly, I felt like I was being left behind. I couldn’t take this! Not on a perfect day! Not after all my plans I made! It was still early, it wasn’t that time yet! I sprung out of Jade’s car slamming the door as hard as I could. Jogging to the trimmed grass area near of the stone pathway of Korbyn’s house. When no one came out of the French doors I ran to the black car to peer inside. This can’t be happening! Today was too perfect to be soiled. It was my lucky day. Everything was going to be better after today! EVERYTHING! Looking inside the black car, I didn’t see Korbyn in there either. Where is he? Where is Korbyn? He has to explain this to me! He owes me that much. This is not fair, it hurts. The man carrying the bags was the only person sitting in the car. He was behind the wheel with the engine still on. Whatever was happening here, the driver was still waiting on something too. I crossed my arms standing near the black car waiting… waiting to see what transpired next. Waiting to see if I would ever get real answers. Jade kept giving me sorrowful faces from the windshield of his car. He looked like he was hurting for me. I moved to the trunk of the car and I settled there with my arms folded feeling anger rival with disappointment, huge mixtures of shame. I waited there. I stood there. Not knowing if I was waiting in vain. If I was too late. I waited for… A door shut. Someone came walking out of the house. It was Korbyn. He had his back towards me as he locked his French doors using a key. His head was down as he walked over his lawn, he seemed in a daze, he was unfocused. “Korbyn!” I shouted sounding wounded. I could feel so many things. None of them felt like perfect. “Br-Bray…Braylon.” Korbyn stammered in confusion. It’s weird how he couldn’t say my name all of a sudden. “What are you doing here? I…” “Oh. Really? What am I doing here?” I spat sarcastically. No matter how I tried to stay calm my temper kept breaking free. I wanted answers but when I opened my mouth words I wasn’t expecting flew out. Korbyn stopped where he was for a moment. Like he was weighing things out, thinking things over in his head. After Taking a few steps we were finally face to face. Standing behind the trunk of the black car. “I called myself trying to surprise you. Trying to come over, trying to show you how much I care. I planned to spend this beautiful day with you.” I left out the virginity thing. I was so angry I thought if I mentioned it, it would make me look so freaking stupid. “Wait.” He tried to stop me from ranting. “I was trying to make our relationship better! I was dedicating time to us!” something inside of me was breaking. I could hear weeping in my chest. “I was doing my part. I was giving one-hundred percent.” “I know, I know, just wait.” He said with his hands motioning for me to take it easy… but I couldn’t. “How dare you? How could you?” I went off. My sight was becoming blurry, there was a feeling that soared through me like I was about to faint any moment. Things were breaking… “All this time you had, you couldn’t talk to me? You kept wasting time staring off when you could have been telling me how to make things better.” Something was truly broken. “Okay, I was-“ “You have betrayed me… you have betrayed my trust, my heart, my feelin-“ “Braylon, listen Okay!” He pleaded reaching out for me, wanting to pull me in, he dropped his hands to his sides when the driver turned around in the car to stare at us. He couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take it anymore. We were just standing there, he seemed like he didn’t know what to do or say. I skulked with my arms folded. I had to hear him out. Regardless of how awful this morning turned out. “Please don’t look at me like that Braylon. Please.” Korbyn’s green eyes trembled a little. I could see from his posture that this reaction I was having, was taking a toll on him. “I never betrayed you.” I didn’t believe him once again. It was back to the old days in my mind. I couldn’t get myself to think anything else. “Is this why you asked me to be with you again?” I was raging. It hurt so bad, I couldn’t contain anything. “Where are you going?” He paused staring at me. I could see his heart literally hammering behind his shirt. He opened his mouth then stopped for a second. Then he spoke. “I’m trying to explain.” “Explain.” I said in a lower voice. Trying not to look in his eyes for answers, then my feelings would resurface all over again. It was difficult. I wanted to vomit. “I’m sorry… I didn’t know how to tell you.” Korbyn’s model like face portrayed remorse. So he didn’t know how to tell me, huh? But he knew exactly how to hurt me. I feel so dumb. How could I fall for this? I came to his house thinking about giving him my all. I wanted to show him what he meant to me. It is so wonderful in return I get this. “I knew this day was coming. That’s why I kept staring off during our time together, and our dates.” The corners of his mouth began to pull down. He looked like he was fighting tears too. “I tried to make dates... I really tried. I did all the things a boy would do for another boy he cared about.” His voice was breaking down during his explanation. It was even harder hearing the truth. The driver was peeking again being nosy. “Why didn’t you just tell me?” I said in a harsh whisper. “You could have given me a warning or something.” “I didn’t know how. I didn’t want to hurt you either…” “Don’t give me that ‘I didn’t want to hurt you’ crap!” I objected. I was so wounded by his actions that tears tried to arise every second blurring his appearance. “You sat there quietly, staring off on all of our dates, when you could have told me, or spent time talking and enjoying each second of me.” “It was hard for me to look in your face and say something like that!” Korbyn admitted trying to reach out for me again. He wanted to grab me so that he could get me to understand, but the driver kept watching so Korbyn slid his hands in his pockets. “I have never cared for someone so much. I didn’t want our last days to be spent moping and sad. I was quiet because I didn’t know how to word any of this. I couldn’t find the right words to make leaving you okay.” I heard him but I didn’t want to hear him. I wanted to know why but I didn’t care to know why. I was in a phase of trying to take on the worst thoughts the brain could give, and battling the worst feelings the emotions could produce. “You could have told me!” I yelled before I knew what I was yelling. “You could have told me I would be alone this summer! You could have told me where you were going!” I stopped for a minute to suck my tears back even further. “You could have told me… …” I couldn’t finish. I could hear my heart trying to crack because Korbyn had deprived me of a full relationship. Pictures of all the overly polite things he did for me showed themselves in my head one last time. Then they began to shred themselves from my memory. “You know what, you are right.” He made known trying to comprehend what pain I was feeling. “This was my fault. I called myself trying to secure you from pain, trying to protect you from hurting in our final days… all I did was cause more damage.” He started to scratch the spikes in his head due to all the tension he must have been under. He kept sighing and blowing out air to keep his feelings and tears in check. “I truly didn’t want to hurt you Braylon. I really didn’t… I wanted our last days to be our best. I wanted to leave you with feelings of amazement and happiness.” There was silence. Then understanding set in. I collected myself after hearing him out. I wasn’t feeling better about the situation, but the way I was taking everything changed. As we assembled ourselves, the air of emotion stayed. Our worlds were aligning again for only the short minutes I had left with him. “Where are you going?” I hesitantly asked. I tried to make my stare concentrate on the street below. My eyes filled with every good image that I had of my relationship. I started regretting the day I didn’t eat the cupcake he gave me. I started to regret fussing at him for knocking on my door that one morning before school. “I’m going to college in New York.” He told me grievously. His expression flat of everything. “My dad wants me to go to college where he went. I didn’t want to go. I tried talking my way out but it was already done… he started packing for us to leave weeks before school was out.” Korbyn made clear. “Shouldn’t you be already gone then?” “Actually yeah.” He said in muted tones through his braces. “The only reason I haven’t left is because of you.” “Me?” “I told my dad I wanted to stay as long as I could, I was trying to squeeze in as much time with you as I could. You were the only thing keeping me from leaving.” Korbyn’s face was more innocent than I ever seen. He was telling the truth. The out pour of his pure intentions were visible. “My luck ran out… I ran out of time. My dad wants me there, no exceptions.” He said, his lips partly closed. “So you were just going to leave me? You were going to leave without saying ‘bye’?” I couldn’t be mad with this new sadness settling deep inside. “I wanted to make it easier on both of us… or at least that’s what I thought I was doing. I thought if I told you, it would be a final goodbye for us. I wasn’t ready to face it. I don’t think I could live with myself If I said ‘bye’.” There was a lifeless quality about his appearance now. All the secrets were out in the open. “Why did you say, ‘final goodbye’?” I added sensitively. Shifting his legs, and shoving his hands harder into his pockets, “Because,” a complicated glare crossed his eyes. “I’m not coming back.” He answered frustratedly. “I hate thinking about it. I wasn’t expecting you to be here today. I really, really, didn’t want to tell you that I wouldn’t even be able to visit you… it’s already getting harder for me, as we speak.” I didn’t know how to handle myself. It’s insanity to find out someone is leaving you for good. No visits or anything. New York was so far from Texas. I wanted to kill him for not telling me: ‘I was living in my last days with him.’ Then again, how do you prepare for something like this? Sometimes, I have the idea no matter what route someone takes in a matter like this one, you could never fully prepare for the devastating blow. My mouth opened. I attempted to say something but nothing wanted to come out. After three tries my words tumbled forward, “What are we going to do about us? Our relationship?” My last concern. My last hope. The last thing we had together. Something I loathed bringing up because the possible answer it held. His green eyes went from solid to liquid, instantly. He parted his red lips to say something but choked. Korbyn was sharing the same damage I had spearing through my core. I can at least say he cares. It almost seems pointless to spend the final minutes of our time mad at him. I already wasted the days it appears. “I want you to break up with me.” Korbyn offered in a low sullen grunt. “Wait, what? Break up with you?” This was worse than I imagined. “Yes. You have to. We have to… I won’t be able to care for you like I want to when I’m in New York. All that attention, all the affection, protection… I hate it but I’m useless from distance.” The sad complaint vibrated in his throat. Taking the Versace shades out of his back pocket he covered his promising green eyes. “I broke up with you like an idiot on Valentine’s day.” he confessed. “Today, I want you to break up with me because this is all my fault. I have been over sighting things, and carless.” “Kor-Korb-Korbyn, you don’t mean that.” I tried to bandage his self-damage. I wanted him to reconsider his decision. “I deserve it.” He let loose. “It’s a way for you to get even with me for being that stupid jerk to you from the very first day, all the way until today.” His face started to change. New lines were showing in his cheeks that were never there before. He was trying his best not to cry. “This isn’t about getting even Korbyn.” Everyone knows I would do anything to get even, but this wasn’t something I wanted an evenness for. “I don’t know. I’m trying to make it easier for us to part, so you can leave without ever having to blame yourself for anything.” He gloomily murmured. “Maybe when you break up with me, I will experience all the hurt I put you through." He raised a finger and began naming things. “Like: Being your enemy, giving you those glares, laughing at you when you spilled that Gatorade, keeping Andreas gift, and breaking up with you, not telling you I was leaving for good.” He ended. “I wasn’t as good to you as I should have been.” “It’s okay, every relationship has problems.” “I deserve this one.” He wouldn’t let go. He didn’t see that I didn’t want him to have all that pain I harbored… but with him leaving I didn’t have a choice. He’s leaving me forever. “It’s… It’s… It’s over.” I clenched my eyes to get out the whimper. I had a feeling I hit the ground and all the breath was knocked out of me. I tried to fight myself. I didn’t want to say we were done but it was what I had to do. It’s something Korbyn wanted. All my hurt over the year, the pain, he wanted to bare it. Through the shades Korbyn’s expression couldn’t hold up anymore. There was a rough wind that messed with his hair but he stood frozen and stalk still. Although he injured my heart. I never wanted to put him through what I went through. There was a fake, smile he put on. The pain of me saying ‘it’s over’ was something he thought he could be ready to handle. He was hurting so bad he tried to smile again and it faded. His back slumped over for a second, and he rested his face in one of his palms. I heard sniffling as his shades moved up slightly. Tears were coming but he was wiping them with his fingers. I guess Korbyn wanted this punishment. Not only because I felt it before, but he wanted something in return for not telling me he was leaving me. In my heart I knew, I was only a part of his past now that the relationship is over. Korbyn sniffed, hastily walking up and grasping me. He wasn’t thinking about the driver watching anymore. He didn’t care. He had to touch me, he need it more than me. At once he caressed me in a gentle hug. It was a huge constrained affliction there. I burned with passion as well as he did for me. Our bodies felt like they wanted to kick and scream. They rubbed and touched for a fiery minute. Our bodies knew something as much as our minds. It was activated once we touched. They wanted to weep. My body wanted to cry because it realized Korbyn’s body would never come back to touch or nurture it again. Warm wetness slide down my cheek. They were not my tears, they were Korbyn’s. I heard him let out a small panting wind as he touched me for the last time. “I Love You.” He declared to me as he smothered his beautiful face in my shoulder. I couldn’t believe my ears. All this time, I didn’t know he loved me. It matters but knowing that he was leaving I can’t hold on to it too strongly, it would only hurt. If only I had more time with him. He pulled away finally. He stared at me for a long time. It was like he was taking a picture of me in his head. I haven’t had the chance to fall in love. I was sure I could have if he would have been able to stay. I didn’t want to say, ‘I love you’ back to him because I wasn’t completely there. It would haunt me in my sleep if I lied. I didn’t know what to respond with. I hope one day love gives me another chance. A love that begins in me. I want to know where love will be waiting, will love ever find me? Korbyn turned around from me pacing to the car. He never turned around to see my face. I know he thought if he looked back he would probably never leave. Looking back would only make a hard goodbye even harder. When he got in the car the driver started the engine again. I watched the back of Korbyn’s head waiting for him to turn around and look at me, or at least wave, but he never did. His driver drove him off until he was out of view. The realization sunk in. I knew right then, Korbyn was gone… for good. I walked to Jade’s expedition. When I got inside I told him everything. All the words Korbyn and I had, the feelings that stirred the air around us while Jade drove us around. He almost started to shed tears. “Oh my god Bray.” He sniffed holding himself together. “I don’t think I could take that. If I were you, I would go home and cry in my pillows for months.” “I know. It is hard to deal with, but I will find a way to live with myself. I always have.” I replied hearing my voice lower. When Jade gave a guilty look I knew he had something more to say. Whatever it was, wasn’t good. “By the way,” he stopped to look at me for a second. “I’m leaving for college too.” Was all he said. I couldn’t take anymore hurt. I know everyone had to grow up and have a life but I wanted our A-list to be forever. I didn’t reply to Jade right away. He knew I needed time to cope with my new world without him being near me. I should have known my clique was over when Korbyn left. Hearing Jade give me his notice for leaving I knew it was official. My beta. Leaving me. There was no easy way to put it. It was no easy way to accept it. At least he told me before hand, was all I thought to myself It was the only positive thing in his whole announcement. I don’t think there will be anyone else in the world who will stick by my side like Jade did. He was amazing. You could ask him anything about me and he would know the answer. It was natural order for him to abide by me. It was something we both knew from the start. He never fought it. He just went with it. Our friendship worked best because we happen to be opposites of the same. His brown eyes saw me cringing in the passenger’s seat at memories of when we first became friends. He wanted to comfort me, I know he did. As we both knew there are some feelings words can’t comfort directly. It seemed as if life was taking away everyone that I held close. Jade leaving me was the worst feeling imaginable. I was being dealt too many blows at once. I needed a break. I wanted to heal. I wanted to be somewhere else. A place of security, closure, and happiness where I can let the pain out, and begin recovery. Jade made a few jokes to try to get my mind off of things. He was really trying to warm me up. When he saw it didn’t have an affect he tried something new. Something he always did. “I think it’s time to tell who the mystery guys is.” Jade begin talking. There was a shocking whack that hit me over the head. I totally forgot about the mystery guy. I always wanted to know. Hearing him bring up the ‘mystery guy’ made me leave the feelings alone temporarily. “Who is it? I have been dying to know.” I was sounding desperate but who cares. “You might think this is weird, but…” “Come on, spit it out.” I was impatiently bouncing in the seat. “Okay, it is…” he kept driving with a twitching grin on his face. “Ryan.” “Ryan!” I exclaimed. Wow Ryan. How could I have not guessed that? Jade nodded while steering. “Yes Ryan… I’ll tell you how it happened.” He smiled lightly. “You know he is living with Keylan now?” he began to gossip. Which was another of his traits I was going to miss. I still didn’t know what I was going to do without my ex-clique members. They were both taking brand new paths of life. Paths that had me nowhere in them. Soon I let Jade drop me off at home. I told him this was a going to be a hospital for my damaged heart. I knew I was always welcomed here. I would always be invited. There was security within the walls. There was closure within the surroundings, and I knew happiness was in the heart. A true recovery could take place at this home. It circulated with currents of healing. When I got out Jade’s car, I knew I would be okay. My home, my sanctuary would take me in, and take care of my wounds. The pieces that were left, will find their way back to their rightful fitting places. I could already feel it happening as I approached the door. I’m going to let myself rest after what hit me today. I can still hear the explosions and feel the impacts of pain, anger, hurt from Korbyn. The excess damage was innumerable. I jiggled the door knob. It was locked. I slide the key into the doorknob. Surprisingly it worked. I twisted the key until the knob was free, proceeding to unlock the top lock’s bolt when I finished. I wiped a tear from my eye shutting the door behind me quietly. I came in the house seeing walls of white. Very blank. There were no decorations anywhere. There was a single table in the middle of the living room. A few other furnishing items were scattered about in places. It wasn’t the best but it could be. This place could use a makeover. I walked into an empty bed room. Then I stepped into another bedroom. Everything was empty mostly. I would find odd decorations in some parts of the house that shouldn’t go where they were placed. It was humorous to see. Everything was fresh. Everything was a brand new start here. Although there wasn’t much I knew, this had strong potential. I still felt welcome. I knew someone here would understand what I felt. Strolling into the empty bedroom I was surprised and happy to see someone wrapped in sheets. A burst of sudden relief filled my chest to see Mitch was still around. He told me not long ago he would get an apartment and it would be our home. The day he left a duplicate of a key hanging in my locker I never thought I would use it. The key came with a note taped to it saying: ‘Whenever you are ready, please come home.’ What a splendid time to use the key. I couldn’t have thought of a better reason. It gladden my heart to know Mitch was in my corner from the beginning. Even when I gave up on him, he refused to give up on me. More than ever, I needed him. I wanted his shoulder. “Mitch. Mitch. Mitch, wake up.” I shook him while sitting on the side of his bed. He rolled over tangling his body in the white sheets. “Mitch, it’s me. Mitch?” He grunted trying to return to his slumber. He looked so magnificent. Brown hair was untidily raked all over his face and the pillow. I never saw him sleep before. My eyes glazed over shirtless body, realizing I had never known how muscular of a shape he had. His chest was smooth hardness, leading down to his columns of abs. “Mitchy-Mitch.” I said. Wow this guy was pretty sexy. The baggy clothes and hoodies made it hard to see his stone like muscle structure. I wonder why I never thought to ask him to lift up his shirt? “Get up… I’m here in our home.” I pushed his body forcefully one last time. Suddenly he did a spin in the covers, turning his body so quick I didn’t have a chance to blink. He pulled a knife from under the pillow raising the point to my chin like a reflex. “Whoa! It’s just me. Please calm down!” I panicked trying to calm him. I know not to sneak up on him next time. Mitch stays prepared to kill if necessary. I guess it is his urban nature, but I didn’t feel like dying. At least I know the house will be protected when I decide to live with him. In his half open lids, I could see him recognizing my facial features. “What are you doing here? How did you-“ A sleepy frown transformed into a excited moan. He probably thought he was dreaming because a minute later after dropping his weapon, he darted his eyes around in a frenzy. “You must have forgotten you gave me the key.” I smirked holding up the duplicate key. “It came in handy. Especially after what happened today. Which is something I wanted to talk to you about.” “How could I be so dense.” Mitch rubbed his tired eyes. “Wait… does what you have to tell me have anything to do with me?” “No.” Mitch gave a lazy smile. His lips could barely move after just waking. “Okay, that’s cool. I thought I did something wrong.” I patted his bare back with my hand. Staring at his caring, indigo eyes. “You have nothing to worry about. Trust me.” His eyes began opening wider. I forget how beautifully blue his eyes can be. In a groggy tone he said “Are you staying with me now?...” He really wanted this. In the way he asked me I could hear him pleading for me to affirm. “No. I’m still going to live with my mom and my lazy brother. Ugh.” I sighed. “But I’m going to come to ‘our’ house when I need a break from them. Which will be often.” “I understand you. The last thing I want to do is rush you.” His indigo eyes flickered, while he raked a hand through his messy brown hair. “I want you to come over anytime. I want you to feel welcome, and know what’s mine is yours. When you start getting more comfortable, you can settle in. Then we can start a new life.” He paused staring at me for a minute like he said something wrong. “Well at least that’s my dream.” “I know, who’s to say it won’t happen.” I encourage him. Earning a big smile from him. “Don’t laugh at me but I called myself trying to fix up our place.” His arms were bare with lines of definition. Veins were popping out wrapping around his tight flexed arms as he stretched to yawn. “I’m not good at making things look lively I guess.” I chuckled leaning in a little. “I see that. That means this place could use my skills in decoration. I will have it looking fabulous in no time.” I insisted. “Good. I find it hard trying to do things without you now.” He acknowledged. “So since this is the first day of many, I want to start it off by saying ‘How was your day, babe?’ ” I moved closer to him. He began laying back with his arms behind his head, his pits exposed. I was getting distracted as I tried to retell the events of the day. How Korbyn tried to leave without warning, how everything was left when the news of New York invaded our plans. Mitch and I were back at a beginning. Seeing him there once again listening to my every word, commenting on the situation every so often like back in the days when I rode with him to school. It was almost a remake of our beginning. Maybe we didn’t get it right the first time. This was someone who had my back through the whole adventure. Even when I thought I forgot about him. His Valentine’s day gift gave me strength to get over the day Korbyn broke up with me. Now Korbyn leaves me, and Mitch is still here with open arms. Still inviting me into a home he wanted for us, a life he wanted with me. One thing was for sure, he wasn’t going anywhere without me. “Why are you over there?” he said patting the space closest to his side. “Come here.” Without resistance I crawled over the sheets to get in a closer spot next to him. I needed it anyway. As soon as I was beside him, he grabbed me by my waist tightly pulling me on top of his bare chested body. “There we go. I think that’s better.” I blushed at his bravdo. He had a rough touch but with all the gentleness I needed. His fingers glided down the length of my back, softly gripping my spine, and waist with a precision. “I agree.” I told him brushing his hair with my hands. Staring into his eyes getting sucked into a realm of passion, seduction, and protection. Before I got too aroused by his charms I had to break it. “Can we cuddle?” “Your wish is granted.” He playfully added. His hard arms coiled around me finding their place around the side of my form, when I slide from on top of him, and laid next to him. He held me snuggly not ever asking for more. I began to realize this was the first time Mitch cuddled with me. Somehow it felt better being in his embrace than anyone else’s. I know for a fact Mitch can heal me. Mitch would make sure my heart gets back to normal. Every word, Every day, Every faint touch, Everything mattered with him. This is how I know he can heal me, he has did it before. We lie cuddled in his empty apartment in quietness. No distractions, nothing extra just the two of us. His forearms were locked around my torso. He anchored my back into his body whispering. “What should I do with my life? What should I do next as far as goals and career?” Mitch wasn’t a goal and career guy. It’s crazy even hearing him say it, but I know it was me he wanted to provide for, and it was me he wanted become better for. My life, my feelings gave him something to fight for. the main things in life he probably would never think twice about. I gave him a few useful suggestions. Hoping I would help him. When I finished I turned my head to the side and he leaned from behind tenderly planting a soft kiss to the lips. Never breaking his embraced cuddle. I had not kissed this dude in a long time. The way I felt was too awesome. His kiss lasted so long, it filled my lips with excitement. It filled my face with lost sensations. Things that had been so long ago. There was sucking sounds we made, our lips passing each others in a romantic expression. “That is why I never gave up on you Bray. I will always care about you. I will always need you.” Mitch professed in a low thuggish tone that was impossible to evade. I pecked him on his lips again stealing a kiss. “I must say, I am really liking my first day in our home.” He laughed against my shoulder. I could feel shudders through his body. “You know after having you to myself finally, and cuddling, and kissing, I am having second thoughts about this being our home.” “Wait what?!” “Yeah,” he said talking to me over my shoulder. “I think this is your apartment really.” Mitch informed holding me firmly against his ripped chest. “I just pay the bills.” “Oh,” I said feeling the release of stress after realizing he was joking. “I knew that.” I smirked back. “You still have that alpha swag, even though you don’t have that clique of yours.” Mitch brought up kissing my ear. Quivers ran down me as he caressed me from behind. Kissing my neck, my ears, and cuddling me with physical desire. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to really. I was safe in his care. “The world changes, seasons change, but me being an alpha won’t.” I explained. “I will dominate no matter what path life gives to me.” Mitch squeezed my butt, “True that.” his voice fell on my ears, “does that mean you are going to make a new clique?” “Of course… that is, if they qualify.” I calmly said. “Maybe I should start with you. Do you want to join?” He laughed in that deep smokers tone I grew to like so much. “You are one funny guy. You know I would go anywhere you go, and join anything you are a part of.” He told me. “IF only you were serious about me joining.” “Hahaha, aww you are too cute.” I smiled looking over my shoulder. “When it comes to us being together, don’t count anything out just yet Mitchy. We both laid on our sides. Him behind me with affection. I fed off of his fuel. His presence dripped with energy I needed to carry on. Though things may have ended unexpectedly bad for Korbyn and I, it wasn’t that bad. It could have been a lot worse. (Especially if I had not arrived when I did) Should I let Mitch heal me wholly, then give him another shot? My feelings are picking up strongly again. I don’t know, I guess I have a lot to think about. What’s the rush anyway? It’s not like he is going to run off in the middle of the day. I still have a while to figure my heart out. “Tell me.” Mitch said from behind in a whisper. “Tell you what?” “What’s on your mind? You looked like you were in deep thought just now.” He noticed. His indigo eyes watched me carefully. Waiting. “Just life. Nothing much.” I brushed it off. Trying not to let him in. “Let me know if there is anything I can do.” He leaned against my back to say. The words came out gentle and sweet. “I want you to be happy.” “Aww thanks. You-“ I froze in my tracks. What I was about to say didn’t matter. Mitch pressed his lips to mine in a heartbeat. His Kiss held the power of a grenade. It felt like the same energy of my first kiss. (Which was given to me by him.) He was the first guy I kissed. I will always have an emotional tie with him whether I accept it or not. Each of his kisses proved something to me. The angle of his lips brought more out of me than I knew was there. Mitch’s hands began to get frisky. Roaming my skin, skimming me with the touch of intensity. Things prickled through my body. The fusion of our lips together made me feel like this was my purpose. As if my lips functionary purpose was to kiss Mitch. His hands came around and grabbed my chest. I flipped over to face him, and then our lips found each other’s at the same time. It was done through nature. Neither of us had to force it, or even move. The world did it for us. A pleasant taste entered my mouth and my heart expanded. I had a whole lot more to think about now. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Korbyn called me a few days later. He let me know his trip was nice and he made it to New York safely. Korbyn’s whole ordeal when he called me was to let me know: ‘just because he moved doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.’ It was cute. I completely agreed. He started following me on twitter soon afterwards. Korbyn’s main goal was to stay in touch. Try to keep up with me throughout the journey of our lives. When I told him I might start a new clique. He argued that he was still in the clique no matter how many miles separated us. It was fun to hear him say that. I knew what I created meant something to him. How could I ever forget how he started out in the clique, and how he was a great asset to the team. Korbyn I won’t forget you. Jade moved away too. He moved to a city that was about fifty miles from where I am. Jade spent his last day with me. It was hard the next day seeing him go. I believe he had the hardest time because he cried. He wouldn’t let me go when we hugged good bye. My beta. I had to give him a speech about living life, and moving on to greater heights. Because he started second guessing his move. He started to feel like he was backstabbing me just by leaving. He nearly made me cry. His loyalty to me was so deep… he didn’t feel like he could be himself without me. Surprisingly, Ryan was going to attend the same college as Jade. He better take care of my Jade. He was the best beta the world had to offer. Who knows if I will ever find a stronger clique. Who knows if I will ever find a great beta like Jade, or an enemy gone Romeo. I may never have a set of supporters like I had with those two. One thing was for sure, I would carry on my alpha legacy. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Everyone seemed to have graduated, and moved on with their lives. While my life was ever the same but it had its twists. Jason never found out about Mitch’s apartment (a.k.a. my second home). My mom kept me cleaning the house from top to bottom. I hated chores, but the cute thing that made me more willing to do them was Mitch coming to our house and helping me clean. It lessened my chores, and gave us some time to do things together. It probably wasn’t the best way to spend time together but it counted. When I was done we both would sneak off in his red jaguar. (Which he recently said was mine too.) and ride through the streets of the city. Passing by stores, shops, just us having time alone in the public. Sometimes we would just cruise around with no particular place in mind. Just to clear our heads, and sight see. Then other nights Jade and Korbyn being gone hit me like a violent collision. I would come to ‘our’ home where he would hold me in his arms until the pain settled down. Until the worst of it was gone. My life was on the road to a better beginning I could say. On lonely nights, I wasn’t so alone. Anyone could catch me lying in the brave protective arms of the one who could rebuild me through destruction. Mitch lived to put me back together. He did it every time. I owed him so much more, but all he wanted in return was for me to be near him. It was late one night after I had another one of my episodes of missing Korbyn. (and Jade) Mitch held me so close I almost couldn’t breathe. It felt like he wanted to experience the pain with me. His almond brown hair was resting on my back. The indigo eyes focused on my back, his fair skin melting with mine. In an unexpected low moan, he whispered, “I’m still falling for you.” He attacked me with a kiss. Breaking my pain, and mind from what was happening. His pink lips contacted mine longing for me. We both soon feel asleep cuddled together. One of us falling in love. The other repairing so that he may love one day. I know since I am an Alpha, I’m going to require more than a lover. More like a super-lover that can handle all of me. Who knows, it could be Mitch. After all, he was my mental guard… my emotional guard… and my… body’s guard. THE END ____________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you all who followed the second book of Admire Me. I hope you all loved this story. Tell me what you thought. By the way, I was able to get copies of Braylon’s clique A-lists, that they published before everyone in their school graduated. If you are interested in seeing who all made the lists, just scroll down. Remember: “Not everyone is A-list material.” The Odd-List Most likely to be a suicidal bomber – Missy Most likely to live in a shack and be a prostitute – Hannah Most likely to become a drug dealer – Andrea Most likely to have twenty kids – Shonda Most likely to contract a STD – Kimmie Most likely to become a dead beat/drunk/ porn addict – David (List cont.) The B-List Most likely to become a rap/hip hop star - C.J. Most likely to become a politician – Keylan Most likely to become a millionaire – Ryan Most likely to go bald by the age of 21 – Sabre Most likely to become a Body Guard – MITCH (List cont.) *The A-List* Most likely to become a Model – Korbyn Most likely to become a talk show host – JADE Most likely to take over the world – Braylon Winters!
  5. I played my role. I did what I said I was going to do. Monday I went to the principal’s office pretending to be frightened and threatened by Missy. The principal listened to my side of the story and seemed convinced, but that wasn’t enough for me. I took my cell phone out of my pocket. Then I played the recording from it, letting the principal hear what Missy said when she was thrown into the pool. Recording: [You’re dead, you hear me, dead! I’m going to blow you up! The school will explode when I’m done with you!] The principal’s face dropped. Suddenly the principal began moving swiftly taking extreme actions. The first bell hadn’t even rung, and she was making an announcement. My plan was coming together full fold. Missy was going down in the worse way. She will never recover from this sabotage. Everyone had to evacuate immediately. It was a perfect start to a Monday morning. Even the people who were arriving from cars, and buses were told not to enter the building. Instead, all students were escorted to the football stadium until further notice. Fearing a bomb threat the principal made calls to the police and the bomb squad. There were dogs sniffing lockers, police cars surrounding the school parking lot. People were in a buzz in the football stadium, wondering what was going on? Who was threatening our school? All I could think of was how I rescued these kids from a boring Monday of classes, while also putting Missy in harms way. My plan was working well. Missy was suspected of having a bomb or bringing one. I could hear word passing from one mouth to another. It was starting to sound as if everyone thought she was losing her mind. Missy was escorted off the campus by the police after they violated her a hundred times checking her for any form of a bomb or switch or anything she could trigger. They made her empty her purse and ruffled through her hair. When they found her clean, she still wasn’t allowed on campus. The police drove her away in their cars. It was amazing to know, no one could do anything. Not even her girl plastics. Hannah, Sarah, and Andrea were at the stadium seeming a little out of words. They looked like pink lost puppies. I guess they taught who not to mess with. Missy was punished by the school later that day. Thanks to me and my tactics of revenge, she earned herself suspension. She was not allowed back on school property for the rest of her 12th grade year. (So much for graduation) She was to go to an alternative school from now on. Jade, Mitch, and C.J. were the only ones who knew I was behind Missy’s suspension. I did everything so great. My plan went through better than planned. Now I was going to reign with no interruption. Missy even landed a picture in the city newspaper for making bomb threats against the school. She was no longer ‘Miss popular.’ Oh no, I had stolen everything from her. I took her down, and stole her power. Her girls are just nothing without her in front of them. It’s safe to say, the best way to slay a giant, is to cut off the head first. That was exactly what I did to the girl plastics. Without their alpha, they were powerless mice. Everyone was a gasp at how a teen-dream could go from popular to terrorist in one day… but anything is possible when you have Braylon as an enemy, anything. People may never understand the trouble Missy has been. What she put me through in seventh grade. What all she did this year. How she tried to steal my power, how she tried to steal my boyfriend for her friend, how she called the police on my brother’s party to shut it down, when she took my lunch table, how she had Jade’s car towed, when she had the school to fill out surveys. It was a complete disaster. She was always one step in front of me, I could barely attack. Over time and during that time, my rage built and built. Something wanted to lash out but didn’t know how or where. I had not calculated what was going to happen next. Every blow she threw left me staggering and trying to pick up pieces. Now that it is my turn to strike, it was sure to be a potent and lethal sting. My venom had grew in abundance for an opening and now that I have retaliated there will be no cure, or recovery. I had suffered enough. It was my turn to cause misery and pain. It may seem like I’m finished destroying Missy but I still had more for her. I had to make sure the damage was completely done. I had to be sure when I was finished she was left with nothing to come back with. I succeeded in chopping off the head of the girl plastics. Now I’ll take the rest of the targets down easily. When I walked down the halls of school all week with Jade and Korbyn as my flanks the students seems to eyeball us with mounting fear. I don’t know if signs were showing or if they were figuring out I might have did those things to Missy or what. Everyone was sucking up to me. They were getting worse by the day. Everyone wanted to be on my good side, everyone wanted to steer clear of me. It only meant one thing: They respected me as their alpha. I was the only alpha, and I gladly accepted my crown. Yes, Korbyn was back in the ranks. It was something that took me a while to consider but once I gave him a chance to explain what happened at the party it was convincing. He told me that he saw Sarah writing in a diary. He tried to steal it on several occasions but didn’t get to. He thought since Andrea liked him he would use her crush as a boost to get into the party and get close to Sarah’s diary. It was a load of bull to me. It wasn’t going to work. I started organizing ideas to ruin Korbyn for his malicious betrayal. He knew I wasn’t believing him, so after a few more tries of trying to get me to bite his line he gave up. He went into his bag and presented me with a pink diary decorated with pink hearts. It had a golden lock that sealed the pages together, but luckily the key was dangling there too. I instantly stopped plotting on Korbyn and let him rejoin the clique. His story checked out, and he came through. I’m glad he was able to get us more information. It allowed me to plan more destruction. I thought he was my ultimate betrayer. I thought he turned on me. It was a relief to my feelings, to my heart, to know he had my back through it all. When he handed me the diary. I was no longer concerned about the diary anymore, I just embraced him right there. We were in the middle of the hall right in front of the lockers. People didn’t matter. I had to show Korbyn some kind of genuine affection. After what I said about him in my mind I felt slightly guilty. He grabbed me tightly. Hugging me. “I can’t believe you thought I betrayed you.” He said in my ear. He didn’t back stab me. He was doing undercover, double agent work. His proof was in my hands. There was no denying he had my back. “I-I-…” I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to apologize but I couldn’t do that. It would make me look too weak. I had the right to be suspicious. So I won’t apologize for being cautious. “It’s fine.” He let go of the hug. When I felt his arms dropped I wondered if I should have apologized. Then I began to stare at his green eyes. Looking at his silver lined braces, his spikey blond hair his slender body. I found myself really wanting him again. After finding out his loyalty was never in question I felt like my heart wanted to gravitate back his direction. I had to slap myself mentally. ‘He broke up with you remember? Let him come on to your first. Plus think about Mitch.’ Hearing Mitch’s name called in my head was eye opening, but at the same time, Mitch and I weren’t yet an item so I still had decisions to make. During my classes I picked up Sarah’s diary and started to read it like a best selling novel. Korbyn had already read the thing and highlighted the juicy details we could use to sabotage their clique with. He really did his homework. Now when I think about his face when I left the party, I feel bad. I understand why he looked the way he did when he saw me leave with Mitch. Speaking of Mitch, I still have to think about which one of these two I want. I still don’t know yet. I can’t juggle them forever. When I got bored again in class, I unlocked Sarah’s diary opening up her darkest secrets. La,la,la boring, boring… boring. Let’s see… Ooooh here is something Korbyn highlighted: Dear diary, Do you recall when I told you about my new doggy? Well today I imagined her as my crush. Hannah! It was a brilliant idea. I actually though Hannah was in my bed. It was kind of strange but all I did was add peanut butter to my private and let my (Hannah) lick away. EWWW! What the FREAK! Sarah is a lesbian?? I can’t believe this! On top of that she likes Hannah! The doggy stuff was gross but it is harsh dirt that can be aired to the students. Good job Korbyn. Next highlighted section: Hannah came over. I tried to talk her into staying the night but she wouldn’t. I hope she isn’t getting suspicious. Do you think she knows? Oh, guess what? She totally touched my hand! I wanted to kiss her but I didn’t want to make the wrong move. So instead I pop a piece of gum. I was just so nervous and the gum settles me everytime when I’m near a cute girl. Hannah sometimes let me touch her delicate bleach blond hair. I have never felt anything so soft. Everything about her makes me feel weird in a good way. Wow this girl has an obsession for Hannah. I wonder does Hannah know?... If not, it’s about time she found out… and the rest of the world. See, had she played nice, I would have accepted her as a part of the gay family… but no. She tried calling Jade a fag and look at her. The month only grew more chaotic and more out of whack. (For the girl plastics that is) It started off with me handing Sarah’s diary over to Jade. It was only fair. I couldn’t hog all the glory. I had already downed the alpha. I left it up to Jade to dish Sarah’s information the way he chose best. Being the big gossiper he is, I am sure she was as good as dead. Ever since I handed him the diary he had been face first in it. Reading, laughing, and making jokes at how she confessed her feelings for Hannah. Jade couldn’t find the time to stop. The juicy information he was getting was a lot to take in. Let’s not forget about: Andrea, Andrea, Andrea. She was the one who started this all. I hope she didn’t think she was getting off the hook. I bet she thought she was forgotten about. For my next plan of action I talked to Mitch who talked to C.J. Who snuck illegal drugs into her purse. When I got the text that C.J. had successfully put the drugs in place, without getting caught, I sent Jade the text to finish Andrea off for good. I figured if I went to the principal’s office about the drug issue, I would look suspicious. So I sent Jade to tell the Principal Andrea was involved with drug activity on campus. It was hilarious. Can you say Adios Andrea? She was immediately dealt with by the school, her parents, and was kicked out. She was possibly facing juvy time. Who knows and who cares. All I know is: She was in a grave amount of trouble. She couldn’t come back to our school and rightfully so. She tried hitting on my boyfriend. She bit into my cupcake, and sat at my table. Andrea had it coming. Korbyn finally got rid of the silver necklace Andrea gave him. Not because she was gone weirdly, but it was other reasons. He finally revealed he only kept the necklace to upset me on Valentines Day because I was getting gifts from strangers(Mitch). But since it was all in the past, and we were trying to start fresh he threw it away. It felt good to know he got rid of that skanks cheap necklace. It didn’t fit his style anyway. People at the school quietly witnessed the girl plastics disappearing. Across from my table, there sat only two girl plastics. Sarah, and Hannah. There was a method to everything I concocted in my schemes. There was a specific reason behind my getting rid of Missy and Andrea. One of them was cut short when Jade got all the data he needed. He created a Youtube channel where everyday he would upload a new video of him reading out Sarah’s secrets to the camera. Jade messed Sarah over badly. He sent the link of the videos to people’s Facebooks and Twitters. All month long she was being degraded by her own peers. By the very people she thought held her in such good light, trashed her name. I guess Hannah was one of the video viewers. (Which is what I was hoping for.) She probably recognized the heart decorations on the diary and flipped out. She probably didn’t want Sarah anywhere around her. This only left Hannah alone at the girl plastic table. It wasn’t looking good for their clique at all. If you could call it that. I doubt Sarah could hold her head up in public. She couldn’t even go to the store because people’s parents knew, and families knew. The world was in the know. When Jade gets your information and you are his enemy you are done. So much for her insulting his communication and beta skills, because she fell victim to them. The more girl plastics I ruined, the meaner I got. The meaner I was, the more Mitch seemed to be attracted. I thought he would think I was crazy by now, or even sick, but something about my vengeance turned him on. He started making a habit of calling me every night. He said, ‘he wanted to hear my voice.’ On those nights he bragged to me: “My boo did this and my boo did that.” He was proud of me. This was making him so excited. I really didn’t know what to make of Mitch but if he liked it, I loved it. In other matters, Jade told me he was talking to a mystery guy. Before I could guess he told me it wasn’t C.J. I liked C.J. and Jade together. I guess Jade was moving on. What I couldn’t believe was Mitch telling me he was getting his own apartment. He told me I was welcome anytime when he gets it. He kept pushing the issue with us. It brought back memories of last semester. How he wanted us to live together, and go to college together. He wanted to give me a copy of the key to his home so I can let myself in. Mitch was trying to get me this time. His dream of us being together and living together was no game. First before going too deep into my emotional life, or getting involved with anyone. I had to bury Missy with one major blow. I blackmailed Hannah into sending Missy a message from me. All I wanted Missy to do was make a public apology video on Youtube and at the end she had to say, ‘Braylon is the true alpha. He wears the crown I don’t.’ It was a lovely idea because three days later Missy’s video of an apology went viral. This was a victory for the A-list. The video I had her to make was proof for everyone to see what I am capable of and why I am the one true alpha. “Korbyn?” “What?” “Did you receive the copies of the movie yet?” I asked him deviously while we laid on Jade’s comforter. He hugged me tightly, “Yes. They are ready to be dished out whenever you are ready.” He kissed me on the forehead. “Good. Tomorrow everybody gets a free copy.” I sneered, hugging him back. The both of us laying in Jade’s bed staring at the ceiling cuddled into each other’s body. He was my Hollister model no matter what we endured. He always came through more than he should. With the diaries and with this movie especially. “Let me ask you something,” Korbyn’s green eyes where slightly open, from feeling relaxed while next to me. “Do you think Missy and her girls have suffered enough?” Oh gosh here we go. I don’t know why it’s my wrath that is always thrown into question. Missy did so much I don’t ever think she will pay fully. I still owed here from middle school, plus this year. “Listen, my plan is to socially cripple Missy. I want this to be terrible. I want her life to be miserable.” I spoke proudly and full of vindication. My breathing became rapid. “She has to pay in the worse way. I have to make sure this is a life long victory not a small win. I can’t afford to let her climb her way back to the top and challenge me again. Plus, I had to make a statement to anyone else who wants to take a stand against me for my popularity crown. I won’t have it! It is a great injustice and everyone has to know that I reign supreme.” “Makes sense I guess.” Korbyn muttered through his braces. I don’t know why but he seemed as if something other than my wrathful ways was bothering him. The movies we had made copies of was the guy in the fraternity who happens to be Korbyn’s cousin. It so happens, that Korbyn’s cousin had helped with my final plan. He had sex with Missy and recorded it. We made copies of this video burned it on DVDs. Now I was going to use these to show her how powerful, and how dark falling into the hands of a living alpha can be. When I am done she will never try what she did again. Some people have to be kicked while they are down. To keep them down and to remind them if they get back up, something worse will come their way. My brilliant ‘Free DVD give away was a success.’ Everyone’s complete thinking pattern altered about Missy when they saw the DVD. I gave out the DVDs to whoever wanted to see a good girl gone rouge. I put them in mailboxes, and lockers. I didn’t want to see the movie myself. let’s just say it wasn’t my thing if it isn’t two guys… sorry. It was just like she violated our treaty. I violated the blackmail terms and agreements. I told Hannah if Missy didn’t make the apology video, I would release the video of her and the frat boy. Even though she held her side of the deal I released the video anyway. I don’t know what it is, I haven’t been feeling too generous towards her. What kind of person am I? Well that was answered a long time ago. It’s the principle of my morals that must not be messed with, because I will go as far as I can to make sure someone pays for trying it. This had gone beyond revenge. I had already exacted revenge. It was the retribution that wouldn’t end. If revenge is the answer, retaliation is a must, and retribution is closure. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ The girl plastics table was empty from that day forward. No one had heard a trace from them. Hannah being the sole survivor had left the building after a deal went south. There table was deserted for a while until dorks started to fill in their seats. All the students in the high school were back to treating me like this big time famous star. They were on me like the paparazzi. My life was their energy. It was like everyone wanted a signature or something. Too bad I didn’t want any of these losers with my name on anything they owned. Through the fame and comments I had other problems to deal with. I had a decision to make; Whether I wanted to be with Korbyn or Mitch… or something totally new to get away from all the old drama. God knows I could use something new. I fought in social world war III. Maybe something new was what I needed… who knows. The last time we got together as a group we held a meeting at Jade’s house. This time we wanted a new atmosphere and Korbyn took up the opportunity to let us hold it at his extravagant home. It was our first meeting at his house, but it was amazing. We watched movies together and drank smoothies the whole time. Jade was spending plenty of time talking on the phone with his new mystery guy. He was barely able to get off his phone to watch anything and have fun with us. However, he did find time to make a toast to the continuation of the A-list and to yours truly (me) of course. After hearing his toast I was derailed from celebrating for a moment. “To many more years to come, we are, and always will be, the A-list.” Many more years to come? Was getting to me. I suddenly was having a realization that his statement may not be true. He brought to my attention, that at the closing of this year we should grab ahold of our favorite moments of the entire high school experience because once we graduate we may never see our days in school again. I thought about the road I came down to get this far. The path taken to achieve such high stats and credibility in the popular world. The conniving things I did to maintain my power, the lives I ruined, the throne I possessed, the destruction and remodeling of my clique, my guy interests, Missy breaking our social treaty, and me rising above all of my obstacles. These were my good days and bad days the year kept flashing before me. There were so many times, and things I was going to miss at high school. I know when it is over, it’s over. I will have to go elsewhere carrying my alpha legacy. Meeting new people perhaps. Destroying my way, and ripping heads off to get back at the top of the food chain. I came a long way down a road, but I still think I have a long way to go. In that moment the elegance of decoration in Korbyn’s living room were not that intriguing anymore. The vases, the glass ornaments weren’t quality because a realization set in on me. I’m going to miss this. I’m going to miss high school. The more I thought, the harder it was to hold my emotions in. Korbyn may have noticed a thick awkward quietness in the house after the toast. He probably didn’t know exactly what was on my mind but he knew something. “Hey lets say we take this outside.” Korbyn’s braces glinted. His green eyes trying to get everyone on the same page of happiness. “What do you mean?” I answered lazily. “Oh just a swim around in the pool. Come on.” He eagerly said waving me and Jade over. I’m glad he asked us to swim around, because I was on the brink of tears. Korbyn gave Jade and I some of his bored shorts. (Good thing I was on my diet otherwise I don’t know if I would fit these.) After he warmed the pool we all stepped in having a dip into the blue. I rested my back on the edge of the poolside. I put my elbows behind me so that they leveled me in the water. It was a night with a black starlit sky. The pools edge was cold against my back, the wind was drifting throwing early signs of summer through the air. The three of us began talking about the beginning of last semester up until now. It was almost déjà vu at work. Being in a pool was how it started. It was when I first heard the mention of Korbyn’s name. We chatted about Korby’s arrival. How he entered the group, how he hated me, how David stole Keylan’s girlfriend. It ranged from several highlights that changed the friendship and enemy lines among us all. Like me spilling my drink at lunch, me breaking away from the clique… all the schemes we pulled out of the bag to destroy people. It was so beautiful. It was almost like a story… One thing I knew from my social war with Missy, my brother Jason was wrong. I hadn’t met my match after all. There was never going to be a match for me. My thoughts left my head. I decided to enjoy the rippling cool, light blue water against my caramel skin to concentrate on the present. Korbyn splashed from under the water as he rose from the pool bottom breaking the surface. Causing water to splutter everywhere on my shoulders, and face. He giggled playfully, “What are you thinking about?” his hair was slippery and yet smooth sticking to his forehead and face. “Nothing, just…” I couldn’t finish. He knew something was bothering me. “I tried to scare you.” He said explaining his abrupt splashing to the surface. “It worked.” I said, still leaning against the edge of the pool. Then a kick from his legs, he thrust toward me, pressing his floating body into mine. Trapping me against the wall with his abdomen touching so close to mine that it tickled. Slowly his dark green eyes were fixated into mine. Our hearts began to recognize each other’s. Soon they were both starting to beat in the same rhythm. He leaned his head in kissing me. I kissed him back. I don’t know what came over me but if I had to take a wild guess I think it was the ‘realization’ of graduating soon. When Korbyn release his binding lip lock I heard Jade on the side giving a small laugh. Korbyn took advantage of the night, his next words were unpredictable. “Will you be with me… again?” “Yes.” I replied like it was a reflex. I wanted to hit myself for not thinking. I really didn’t think my choices over. What was wrong with me? My feelings were reckless around him right now. “My turn.” Jade glided through the pool his eyes were excited. I don’t know what he was thinking. Maybe he didn’t like my answer to Korbyn’s question. I couldn’t blame him either. Jade was in front of me now. He was staring at me as if he wanted to say a million right things but didn’t have one word down. “Your turn?” Korbyn grimaced. “Yeah, you kissed him. Now I get to.” Jade quickly said. “What happened to your mystery guy?” I questioned feeling the warming of his body heat under the water. “Oh, him.” Jade’s skin twinkled from the droplets, contrasting with his black hair, his smile was so white, his eyes were light brown bouncing off the pool. His shirtless body was a huge complement in itself. He did look great. “You know the clique comes first.” “Really?” was my response. I didn’t know what else to say but it sounded like Jade had forgotten about the guy that fast. “Well… you come first Bray.” I could hear and feel his heart rate picking up. It wasn’t in rhythm with mine like Korbyn’s was. His heart was bouncing all over the place. Like it was going crazy. “I believe you Jade.” He started to gaze at my lips. Staring softly like he wanted something more. He roamed his eyes to my nose, then he finally made eye contact. “You know I can’t do what I want without your permission.” He said, telling me why he was holding back. He was intimidated to disappoint me. He aimed to please. With a smirk I took a breath giving him a stare like I owned him. (which I did) “Your permission has been granted.” He didn’t know if I was playing or if I was serious. His arms flung back and forth to stay afloat as he stared at me for a sign. Nervously his body drew closer. He was timidly against me. There was so much Jade could have said but his silence was almost telepathic. It wasn’t about what he wanted to say, but what he wanted to show. With a fast dip he pecked me. It was like he was still unsure of if I was joking with him. He was scared of being turned down. There was a rushing into me. Jade took me away when he kissed me wetly with a meaningful force. Our lips met in the middle not wanting to let go. His full lips writhed for mine, begged for mine. He held so much passion I couldn’t hold mine back either. He was bringing something buried out of me. There was a lapse in time where I couldn’t breathe. He desperately wrapped his arms around my neck to break any small space that was between us. I kept kissing him erratically rubbing my hands on the back of his head, gliding down his spine. He must have loved it because I heard a small moan. He was wrapped into my every cell. Jade had electricity sparking through our linking lips. It was so strong, his emotions were coming through into me… shocking me. He moaned again, giving a light pant. He stopped kissing me. Just to hold on to me for a minute. Then he let go as if he wanted to leave or if he was getting shy again. I grabbed him by his jaw with one hand. Holding it tight. I stared into his eyes in a domineering way and brought my mouth to his. He just floated there in the water his arms around my back. He was giving me the control I wanted. He was letting me take charge like any beta would. His lips barely moved, his wet lips were soft and sensual on every contact I made. Our bodies started to get physically active. I grabbed his butt, squeezing hard. He opened his mouth wide for me. He wanted more. I sucked on his bottom lip ferociously. I went into sticking my tongue into his mouth were his tongue met mine and they wriggled needing each other’s licks, needing each other’s moisture and taste. “Hey! HEY – Whoa!” Korbyn broke us up. “Enough already. God!” A bit of jealousy was detected in his tone. Jade shook his head coming to his senses. Licking his lips and wiping the corners of his mouth was all he could do. The seduction of the beta was addictive. He knew giving in to me was always best. “Sorry.” Jade spoke in pieces like he couldn’t think right. “I-I-I don’t know what came over me. I tried to be brief.” Before moving away from my body Jade gave me a drunk glare, as if to say, ‘We are not done. Please control me. I’m at your will. Do what you want to me.’ Korbyn said nothing else. I’m sure he didn’t see the look in Jade’s eyes because he gave me a comfortable smile resting his back on the pool wall next to mine. That’s how we were, side by side. He politely tried to get me to star gaze with him. He begged in the cutest of all cute ways until I was holding his hand under water pointing at the white and blue brilliant mini spheres of light. So many of them splayed over the sheet of shady night sky. “That one reminds of someone.” I followed his finger to a white glowing star that casted its own light. “That star’s name has to be Braylon.” he laughed for a moment. “I can tell by its dazzling prettiness and how it can’t help but out shine the other stars.” It was a feeling of warmth that swam inside of me this time. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ After the night under the stars, in the pool Korbyn treated me with a compassionate care. It was so much compassion I thought he was attempting to take Jade’s position as beta. With the drama, social wars, and Missy out of the way he had more time to learn more about me. In the beginning I had to remind Korbyn of my likes and dislikes now he has a mental check list of everything. Surprisingly there hasn’t been one thing I have had to get on to him about. This was true. This is what I called a real relationship. Mitch called me during the night. Sometimes right after, or while I was on the phone with Korbyn. One night Mitch called me: “What’s up boo? What is my boo up to?” He zestfully greeted. I liked the attention Mitch gave. It was an terrible truth I had to let him in on. I don’t know how he would take knowing I couldn’t be his ‘Boo’ anymore. I’m with Korbyn now. A guy my heart refused to let up on. The boy my heart skipped a couple of beats for when Ryan and Keylan introduced him to me. “Hey Mitch… I have something I want to tell you.” I said nervously. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing. “What boo? You can tell me anything.” I could hear his deep tone cutting into a sexy smile. Oooh that title has to go. I’m Korbyn’s baby. Not Mitch’s boo. Being his ‘boo’ isn’t a bad thing but I’m really into Korbyn. “Um… yeah…” I started reconstructing my words. “I can’t have that title you gave me.” “Why?” He said in a depressed way. “You already tired of it?” “No, it’s not that.” “Oh let me try to guess. You are dating that weak blond headed stick bug?” He was right. “Yes, but I didn’t want to hurt you with my decision…” “Did you really think about this?” Mitch asked almost swallowing his pain to talk. “Well-“ Before I could utter an excuse Mitch said, “It’s cool, its fine, don’t worry about it.” He had a calm scary tone. I wanted to know what he was thinking. “I won’t let that stop me. Last time I let it break me down into depression. This time I’m staying beside you through this until we can be together.” He still had hints of a broken heart in his throat. He tried to shield himself but I could hear what he didn’t want me to hear. His optimism was crushed I could tell. “I understand Mitch.” I tried to soothe him. “It was a hard decision. I wouldn’t want you to give up especially if it meant going to jail and getting wrapped up in the wrong things.” He was silent. Just holding the phone. “Boo… sorry, sorry, my bad. I mean, Braylon.” It sort of made me feel guilty hearing him correct my title. “I don’t get why you gave him a second chance? When you never gave me one. I don’t get it.” “Oh.” Was all I could think of. It wasn’t a good answer, it wasn’t even a real answer. I did give Korbyn a second chance without thinking, but Mitch was still waiting for his second chance. “I don’t know, I guess because he is around more.” My sentence was a stab in the dark. I didn’t know what to tell Mitch. “Okay, so I need to be around more?” He was already trying. He was still lost in this whole emotion disastrous rollercoaster but he was trying to keep a sane heart. “It would help.” I lied not know what else to tell him. There was more silence on his side. “I just keep thinking about how we met, how we came together it was a connection out of nowhere.” He was speaking like he lost something so valuable. Someone he might never have. “I don’t know why, but something inside of me keeps saying we are meant to be… I can’t let go of you Braylon.” “Aww Mitch-“ “You don’t have to reply.” His deep voice was cracking like he was about to cry. “I have something I want to give you at school. I will put in your locker.” Mitch tried to pretend like he could handle seeing me with Korbyn. He appeared to everyone his normal self but I could see beyond the exterior. Ever since we had that phone conversation his indigo eyes were never the same. Although he did keep his word. He gave me something he promised weeks ago in my locker. I didn’t know if I would ever use it though. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I still hadn’t figured out who Jade was talking to. He promised to show me when the time presented itself. I took his word on it. I know the guy had to have some flare to get Jade. He was my best friend and he deserved the best. Sometimes the kiss we shared at Korbyn’s pool hazed in my mind. The feeling he gave me was so strong. Buried deep inside of my soul Jade gave another feeling to me. I couldn’t quite figure out why everytime we kissed or had an accidental touch of intimacy something about him lingered. I may know one day. Mitch was coming around more. He started coming over to my house hanging out with my brother Jason again. I know he was coming over to be closer to me without actually being close. He would come in talk to my mom, Jason as usual, and sometimes he would use the bathroom just so he could pass by my room. It was his own greeting to stick his head in my doorway mouthing a silent “what’s up?” to check on me. Then he would go into Jason’s room before anyone saw him. My mom sad to hear about Mitch down fall a few months ago. How he went to jail. She always bragged about how respectful he was to her. He was like a son to her, he even went to the store and picked up items for her. It reminded me of what I thought of Mitch. My mom seemed to be developing a crush on him. If that was the case she would have to back up, because Mitch was like an ex to me. If only Jason and my mom knew what I’ve been through with Mitch they would lose their minds. My new and improved boyfriend Korbyn behavior toward me was better than before. He was overly sweet and overly good. He was proving that we weren’t friends anymore. That our relationship was to be cherished and held highly. He pulled out a chair for me to sit down. When he picked me up in his car, he would open the passengers door for me. I couldn’t complain about his generosity at the same time I knew something wasn’t adding up. On some of our dates I would catch him staring off like he did that day when I was trying on my new pants at the mall. Tonight he took me to Jack-n-the-box. He wore the Versace shades I gave him on Valentine’s day. He picked a quick table everything was sincere and genuine. It was turning out to be a respectable evening. The table we occupied mysteriously silenced. No words were passed between us. His green eyes stared around at nothing particular. Nothing was said when we went to order our food. Nothing was said while we ate. It was getting weird. What was up with him? He wasn’t affectionate. He was lost in another state of mind. I didn’t know if he was full from the burgers, the tacos, or the salad. He had entranced himself. I snapped my fingers three times to get him to focus on me. The other people scattered at tables were talking and enjoying their jumbo jacks with curly fries. My table seemed to be the only one with no talking. It bothered me to see Korbyn like this. What was he thinking? The rest of our date went by quietly. It was neat but we could have communicated when Korbyn dropped me off at home. He got out of the car, running over to my side of the car to open the door. When he let me out the face he wore looked exactly like the one he had on the night he knocked on my window. Hanging his head down still not talking, then he laid his eyes on me. His face was stone, and his eyes were gleaming with some kind of hidden sadness. “I know I was quiet tonight.” He said sounding sort of disappointed at himself. “I wasn’t trying to be. I had a lot to think about.” “You had me nervous for a minute. I thought you were probably having second thoughts about taking me out.” I said folding my arms. “It’s nothing like that.” He confirmed fiddling with his car keys. “Just… just, something .” he took a sigh ruffling his golden spikes with his hand. “Thoughts about myself.” “Tell me about them. We can talk them over together.” I told him trying to make contact, a connection for him to open up. “I will tell you. Just not yet.” He let out sighing heavy. “Do me a favor.” “Yes?” “Listen to my favorite song tonight. I want you to have memories of us see how far we have come.” He said in a mumble. “Okay.” I didn’t question him although I should have. He kissed me goodnight. He left after hearing me agree. I wonder what did this song have to do with anything he was thinking about. We have come a long way, and we have a long way to go. “Sublime- Santeria” was the song. I waited until I was comfy in my bed sheets before listening to the song. What was Korbyn trying to tell me? What did he want me to see? What was he not telling me? In the instance of hearing the song. I had memories of our relationship. It was all there. Everything in vivid crisp images. I held back tears of joy as the rims of my eyes burned to release them. What was Korbyn wanting me to see? What was his reason for zoning out all semester? Why was he spending much time in our past? There were too many questions and things on his side not being said.
  6. The whole time we drove, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to guess what Jade wanted me to see. I was going head first in a direction I didn’t know anything about. Lots of worry and anxiousness was present within me. Jade kept driving through the sparkles of city lights and colors of street lights. We got caught in traffic a few times on our way but there was no talking between us. After a short time, Jade stopped the car. We were in a dark parking lot area, loaded with different cars. Cars that looked like they were crammed in spots without any order. Jade killed his engine and said, “Braylon… however you decide to handle this, I’m with you all the way.” That was all he said and we were getting out of his expedition and walking from the parking lot. As we moved around the jammed cars it started to get noisier. I could hear shouts, loud talking, and techno music. When we step on a pavement, where there were trees planted in an organized fashion in a front yard, the setting became a lot more noisy. From these trees hung pink ribbons and pink glowing lights. As Jade and I passed under the pink decorative trees keeping along the side walk, I noticed there was a house a few steps in front of us. From the edges of the large roof hung pink lanterns that threw pink light everywhere. Smearing it across the grass and the bricks along the house itself. “Don’t tell me!” I closed my eyes trying to regulate my breathing. “Missy’s Party!” I guessed out loud. Jade nodded and we walked to her sliding glass door. Where all the chaotic rampant continued. Why did Jade bring me here? That could only mean he was here. I specifically instructed him NOT to come here! Jade’s eyes seemed to slant down ward as if he knew he did something wrong. Without a word he slid the door to one side… “I thought I was clear to you about no one coming to this party!” I glared at him with my arms folded tightly. This wasn’t just because I didn’t like Missy. This had to do with Missy trying to bait us in and trap us, humiliate us. Trying to use us to get back in the public’s good graces. Jade’s soft, light skin face, altered into a sad puppy’s. His brown eyes grew, almost seeming to water but not completely, “Bray, please I beg you…” I ignored his plea and entered. I was expecting a trap to trigger. Something falling on my head maybe, or a dart coming out of the wall and jabbing into the side of my neck… but that didn’t happen. Jade joined me at my side. He stopped and pointed at a sofa. Sitting there on the sofa, I saw the impossible! The most unlikely thing ever! Jade began to explain in a flurry of quick sentences. “I thought it would be better for you to see. I didn’t know what else to do but come and get you. I’m still sorry I disobeyed your orders.” He fiddled with his palms nervously. I heard him but I didn’t care. All I could see or focus on, was what was on the sofa. Sitting there on the sofa, I stared hard in disgust at Korbyn surrounded by the ‘girl plastics!’ It was betrayal! It was disobedience! It was wrong! What was he thinking? What was he doing? We all swore not to come here! Was this the trap? Is Korbyn working with these girl plastics? Is that how Missy was always one move ahead? “Ugh, Jade!” I started off on him since he was the one I thought would never disrespect my laws. “I can’t believe you. After all these years, you disobey my orders. You defied me! You challenged my authority!” I furiously hissed at him. He just looked down at his feet when I got in his face. I had so many thoughts and ideas on ruining everybody. Everybody on the sofa, everybody in my clique, just everybody. Hannah thinks her house was ruined, they haven’t seen me at my worst. “I’m sorry Bray-“ “Don’t call me that.” “I’m sorry, alpha.” Jade substituted in softness. He was very sincere with his apology. I could feel it even though he was scared to look up from his feet at me. “I would never intentionally disobey you. May I explain myself?” I didn’t say anything back. Which gave him the okay to continue. “Well I noticed Korbyn didn’t agree with your attack on Hannah. It was strange to me, so I thought I would keep a closer eye on him. I waited until tonight and followed his car and he ended up here.” Jade took a small heaving breath sounding intimidated, and sorry. “I didn’t react. I didn’t do anything because you weren’t here. I immediately came to you. To see how you would handle it.” He explained calmly. “I already was horrified I accidentally ended up here and I didn’t want to make any more problems because I had already did enough.” “It’s okay and thank you.” I said residing my anger toward him and putting it away. “You did the right thing.” I realized his situation after he explained. It made more sense to me now than it did before. He did nothing wrong. “Anything for you.” Jade’s face rose to meet mine in all seriousness. “Where do we go from here?” I forced a smirk even though my face wanted to fall off. “Have my back, because things are about to twist at this party.” I warned him. I stepped outside the sliding glass door into Missy’s front yard. Pacing along the side of the aqua pool water and the pink glinting lanterns that colored the grass and reflected in the waters. I thought it would help to calm my extreme fury to walk back and forth getting fresh air. I needed a plan of action. I didn’t want to cause a big scene inside the house because I’m sure Missy would feed off of that. So I sent Jade in to get Korbyn. I stood by the pool waiting for him. Waiting to hear his explanation. I couldn’t wait for him to step away from those whores, to come and answer to me. There is not much of an explanation for his backstabbing behavior. I decided before letting my wrath loose in full effect, I want to hear his side of the story. I know when I feel like this, things get outrageous. Jade came running out to meet me right then. I didn’t see Korbyn behind him so I guess he is on his way. “Missy and Sarah are on their way out here.” Jade alerted me. “When I got Korbyn’s attention and told him what you said, they decided to come out here instead. They told him they will deal with you.” Jade said. At that very instant I heard the sliding door and heels started from the house all the way to the pool side. They wore pink blouses. Their hair had pink bows and head bands. They both wore their usual pink skirts. Missy and Sarah stood in front of Jade and I with hateful expressions on their faces. There wasn’t much said between the four of us. There was more evil eye contact that communicated for us. It was Alpha and Beta vs Alpha and Beta. She had to pay for what she did: Bringing Korbyn here, trying to set him and Andrea up while I was with him…trying to steal him from the clique. Coming here may have been a trap but whatever she did I will retaliate, hard heartily. “Nice of you to come around,” Missy chirpy voice said. “After what you did to Hannah’s house.” “Yeah, we are so going to get you busted.” Sarah added. “Oh please.” I blew it off. “Whoever said, I did it? I’m innocent until proven guilty.” I countered. It was quite hilarious because Mitch in his ski mask kept popping into my head. “Looks like you freak-osities want to get sued for false accusations.” Jade joined in. “You have to give up. When are you going to see that I am the queen bee at school. I’m the most popular.” Missy pointed at her self rolling her eyes as she posed. “You are trying to ride my coat tails to get an awesome taste of popularity. I’m not going to let it happen.” “It’s good to believe that you are most popular Missy, but it’s bad to see that your mental delusions haven’t worn off since middle school.” I told her. “I have a life and it is fabulous. Why would ‘I’ Braylon, ‘the top alpha at school’ want to ride the coat tails of a Z-list?” I brought to her attention. “Let me bring some of your flaws out: You have fashion sense that’s two season ago. Your hairline is uneven. You have a muffin top and you are undeniably jealous of me.” Then I posed in the glory of being me. Missy seethed balling her pink nails into fists. “You aren’t even in the alpha league. I’m almost finished with my last plan to take your reputation off the maps anyway. Let’s see if you will brag about anything ever again.” Sarah gave a smile at Missy’s words. I wanted to know what that plan was. It couldn’t be good at all. “Ha! Both of you must be on crack.” Jade retorted folding his arms. “How could you mislead yourself into thinking you can defeat Braylon? It isn’t possible.” “Shut up Jade. Your beta communication skills suck.” Sarah’s gum smacked as she shouted. “If they hadn’t, you would have helped your alpha when Missy was ruining him.” “Correction!” I interjected, “Missy didn’t ruin me, she is attempting to ruin me. Which is not going to work. In my opinion, Sarah you should be scheduling a meeting at weight watchers.” Both of their mouths dropped open. “This whole trying to be ‘beta’ has stressed you out and has you picking up weight in areas you wouldn’t believe.” Sarah’s mouth was so wide I could see the gum in her mouth. “And Missy, shouldn’t you be packing your bags for fat camp this summer?” Jade joined in laughing at Missy’s flushed expression, “Let’s not forget that Missy is sleeping with a guy from a frat who doesn’t like her.” At the mention of the frat guy Missy gave an astounding glare at Jade. She wanted to hit him, I could see it. Jade knew too much of her business. Then Sarah’s eyes widened at his remark. “Oh my gosh, Jade.” Sarah stepped in. “I know you have better gossip than that. Your gossip is full of retarded lies.” She smirked for a little bit smacking the gum. “At least my gossip is real.” “IS that so?” Jade said disbelievingly. “Yes it is.” She said. “Your gossip sounds… sounds…” She reached for a word. “Your gossip sounds gay!” “Shut it up Sarah!” I blurted before Jade could speak. I wanted to make her remember who she was. “Jade totally ruined you by himself alone in 7th grade. Let’s not forget that.” That’s when I let Jade take the floor, “Or did you forget what I did, little miss Sarah?” Jade’s eyes lowered into a scowl. “The unbeautiful girl. The girl I put gum in her hair and she had to get the freak-hair-cut.” Her face went blank. I rejoiced at her painful look. By this time people from the party slowly migrated out towards the showdown. I had no idea how long people had been standing around either. Missy seemed to wake up when she noticed the crowd behind us. “No need to worry Sarah. These are simply two fags who has life screwed up!” They both laughed like it was something they joke about on a daily. There was the crowd ‘Oooohing’ and laughing at her. Just hearing how people respond to the word ‘fag’ sickened me. A wild fire of anger flooded me. I felt it break through my barriers. I couldn’t contain it any longer. “Fags?? Oh, please. That is what a bull-dike lesbian like you would think right?” I yelled back. I didn’t even know if she was a lesbian or not but it will do. The crowd roared behind me laughing again. Jade tried to move closer to get in her face but I stopped him. He had to regain his cool. “Jealous much, Missy?” “Of what?” She put a hand on her hip flipping her hair behind her. “Two gay fags?” Korbyn came out of the house. He was pulling my arm and telling me to calm down. I had no idea I was trying to charge at her. Then again, why should I listen to Korbyn? He was partying with these hookers! Why is he even touching me? He was a traitor! A backstabbing loser! I snatched my arm away from him with a jerk. “Get away from me!” When Korbyn tried pulling my arm again, Jade rounded on him pointing his finger in his face. “Back off!” Jade grabbed Korbyn’s arm to make him let me go. “You need to back up! Right now!” Suddenly it looked like we were all in a tangled wrestling match. If this was the trap Missy wanted, she definitely got it. When Jade finally undid Korbyn’s hands I seized the oppritunity to get near Missy. “Yes, your days are almost over. My wrath awaits you. Your darkest hours will be my best entertainment.” Following behind me Jade said, ”If only you knew how bad we have already trapped you, you would be begging for mercy.” “OH YEAH?” Sarah screamed pushing Jade. “Show us!” She pushed him again. It was odd that they were getting physical. I wasn’t expecting that. I think we struck a nerve somewhere or were we getting to close to her alpha? The crowd drew in closer making shouts and rambles about Jade getting pushed. Then they started yelling “Fight, Fight, Fight!” Missy had lost control of Sarah. She couldn’t control her anymore. Sarah’s mind couldn’t handle the verbal assault we bashed her with. Now look at her. “You see this people?” I addressed the crowd. Using the situation to my advantage. “This is what people do when they lose their minds. She is an animal! She is a slutty primate. Her getting all violent just shows it.” I had to cut the speech short because some of the people were enjoying the laugh so much they were on the ground with tears. That’s when it started. Jade and Sarah began shoving each other back and forth by the pool, arguing nonstop. It was escalating quick. There were grunts, remarks, and shirt tugging. Missy didn’t know whether to pull Sarah away from Jade or run away from her own party. This had really blown up in her face. I wasn’t finished with Missy. I wanted her party to be the grave of her reputation. So I didn’t want her leaving too soon. I walked over to Missy before she could try to leave. Without any signs of warning I gave her a dreadful, hateful smirk. In my eyes she saw her end. It was all over her face. All these devious thing she did to me. All the ways she tried to turn everybody against me. The way she messed with Korbyn and my relationship… the list goes on. Everything she had done, she knew she was about to pay for it greatly. My eyes flashed with a heat. She looked regretful but it was too late for ‘sorry’. That’s when I pushed her! In a sudden loud wet splash! Missy was in her pool and her make up as running down her face. “NOOOO!!” She cried from the water when her head resurfaced. “NOOO!!” I took my phone from my pocket to snap a picture. Sarah heard the cry of her alpha. The pain she let out in her screech said so many awful things. “Missyy! Oh no!” Sarah started reaching over the pool trying to get Missy’s hand. SPLASH! There was a second splash soon after that. Then Sarah ended up in the pool right beside Missy. Jade came standing beside me with a full lipped smile. “Hey I’m only following your lead.” Wow! It was then, I realized he pushed Sarah in the pool. Which was right on time. Things couldn’t have went better. Missy and Sarah were screaming loudly. It wasn’t from their make-up melting or from pain of any sort. It was from pure embarrassment, which could be more fatal than any of them. After a shocking minute, the party goers started to point and laugh. It was an unreal situation for the girl plastics. Missy swam in her pink skirt trying to stay afloat. “BRAYLON WINTERS you are dead! You hear me? DEAD!” Missy shrewdly splashed the water as she yelled. “I’m going to blow you up! I’m going to blow everything you own up! The school will explode after I am done destroying you!” I listened to her threats but I didn’t care. It was my turn to strike and I was going to make her eat those words literally. She will have to wait and see. All I kept thinking was: ‘Make her miserable, make her miserable. Do unto her, what she did unto you.’ Another idea came to me. I found myself and Jade rummaging through Missy’s empty house for something. The idea was clear when I saw bags full of trash from the party. Jade picked up a heavy black bag and I grabbed one myself dragging it out the side door and propping it by the pool. Sarah and Missy were still in the pool whispering to themselves. They had no idea what was coming next. The trash bags were greasy. I had the most horrific time trying to tear a hole in it. I kept straining but with no success. When I glanced at Jade he was having the same issues. “Braylon what are you doing, boo?” I heard a groggy voice. When I turned my head half way around I was staring at Mitch. He was wearing his sleeping clothes, his face looked like he just woke up. I was so surprised to see him. I wasn’t expecting him at all. “I’m ruining this slut.” I said fingers slipping along the side of the bag. How did he know where I was? Why was he here? Right behind Mitch was C.J. who also looked like he jumped out of the bed and threw anything on. “Mitch, I know you have a knife.” I snapped with my hand out at my side. “What are you going to…” He saw the look on my face and gave in. “Alright.” He reached in his clothes and pulled out a silver shiny blade. C.J. had just handed Jade his pocket knife before Jade could ask. People headed around me to see what I was about to do. As the gathering made a shadow on my back and Jade’s, we used the knives to cut a slit in the black trash bags. The smell was pungent. It was nasty mixture of sickening smells that would turn any human away. I gave Jade a nod. He smiled back at me. At the same time we lifted the bags and dumped trash into Missy’s pool while her and Sarah sat there in the toxic watery mess. I snapped more pictures. It was too hilarious, as I did I kept thinking of more plans to make her nothing. Jade bounced on his feet gripping my shoulder “We need to wrap this up, I someone said something about calling the police.” Before I could do anything, before I could even react to run, Mitch hurried over, took my hand without warning, and ran. He didn’t care that some of the people at the party may have seen us holding hands and running off. It was the last thing on his mind. My safety came first. Next thing I knew I was in the dark parking lot. Mitch and C.J. were whispering for a moment in front of his Jaguar. Then I let go of Mitch’s hand in a panic seeing Jade open the driver’s door to his Expedition. I didn’t want him to leave me. “Hey!” called a voice behind me when I started to move in Jade’s direction. When I turned, I saw Mitch with his hands cupped around his mouth yelling. “Where are you going?” “I’m getting out of here before the police comes.” I answered hastily about to turn around. “Ride with me.” Mitch said. “I can’t, I have to go with-“ “Please?” He said from the short distance. His tone was heartfelt and heavy even while he shouted. “I just want to make sure you get home safe.” I looked at Jade who was firing up his engine. “Go ahead Braylon. I will let C.J. ride with me.” With that being said, we swapped passengers. I was riding with Mitch in his Jaguar, and C.j. was riding with Jade. When I sat in the passenger’s seat, it was instant comfort. Like, his seat was reforming just to fit my body. “I never thought I would get you in my car again.” His almond brown hair moved when he turned to look me in the eyes. He smiled, his lips moist. In the darkness of his car with only the dashboard lights showing, his indigo eyes were studying my very detail. “I didn’t think I would either.” I announced. I was a little nervous but I didn’t want him to see that. “How did you know I was at the party?” “Jade.” He said. “He called C.J. told him what was going on. C.J. called me and when I heard you were involved… I just jumped up. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t splash water on my face, or anything. My main priority was to check on my boo.” It shook me. To know someone would drop everything and put their life on the line for me. It was something not commonly found. “Sorry if I dropped into the party looking a little rough.” Mitch didn’t need to apologize. I guess he thought I was going to criticize his sleeping ware. It wasn’t what he wore that I wonder about, it was his brave actions tonight, that set my mind for a spin. “I just care too much I think.” Mitch hardly ever questioned my motives. His feelings were meaningful and simple. I knew he still cared for me. Even when he knew I sent wrath on my enemies. He didn’t judge that about me. He liked me for everything I did and everything I was. He cared about me so much, he woke up from his sleep and drove to a party, just to check on me. I really like Mitch. I do. I always have… …But Korbyn. The face he wore when Mitch was dragging me out of the party by my hand. A thing so public, So visible, So uncaring and selfless. I guess I wasn’t the only person playing for the keeping… Mitch was too. He wanted me, and he wanted only me. He wanted me for his own keeping. Korbyn couldn’t help but look destroyed. I won’t ever forget the look on his face. He knew I was in someone else’s keep now. His silent, stone large face, in the jeering crowd becoming smaller and smaller. His sunken eye brows, as Mitch instinctively grabbed my hand and pulled me away from him figuratively and literally. It felt like our End…
  7. Mitch would not let me go. I could not believe I almost forgot about him. There had been so much craziness going on this semester. As we held each other, I could feel in his presence, that something was different about Mitch. I guess not seeing or touching him in forever is what made the difference in my heart. When I stopped dealing with Mitch last semester I was trying to leave off on a friendly note. I didn’t want him erased from my life for good. That’s what it felt like right now. My mind was totally oblivious, not thinking or caring where Mitch was, but my heart kept feeling something I couldn’t explain… all I can say is, my feelings didn’t forget him at all. His scent was strange but familiar. His hair was flipped at the ends. It held its usual almond brown color. His eyes were ever glowing indigo blue. I didn’t know what part of him not to stare at. I couldn’t believe it was true. I couldn’t believe he was with me… I missed this guy with all my heart. My emotions started to go haywire when Mitch came into the same proximity. Who would expect him to be at the party tonight? That’s what I was feeling this whole time. Is that even normal for a human? Mitch tried catching me up on all the time we lost, and what he had been up to. I exchanged a few of my problems with him trying to hold my composure and not look like I was drooling over him. Korbyn just stood there watching both of us. He didn’t like Mitch coming into the picture trying to reunite with me. I could see a vengeful glare in Korbyn’s eyes every time Mitch laughed about something I said. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk with Mitch like I wanted to. Right when we were getting into a deeper level of conversation two things happened that broke everything up. Korbyn started being very jealous. He even started making smart comments in-between some of Mitch’s sentences. Then soon, they both started arguing. It wasn’t good at all. They both were getting riled up. It started to get heated at one point where they were going to fight, but I stepped between them hoping to bring this to a halt. I was scared for Korbyn. I knew once Mitch got too mad he would be hard to contain. I held on to Korbyn because I knew I could handle him. Mitch on the other hand, would probably toss me away, so I didn’t want to get in the way of that. Korbyn kept yapping while I was holding him back from Mitch. I was even putting my hand over Korbyn’s mouth to shut him up but he was not letting this happen. He didn’t want Mitch around. Mitch stood in one spot, “let him go Braylon!” Mitch said taking off his hoodie. “Let him step into the opening! I promise it will only take one lick!” Mitch did a stance, putting his fists up, jumping around like a boxer would. “No!” I shouted back. “I don’t want things to be settled this way.” I continuously wrestled with Korbyn. I was getting tired and I didn’t think I could keep this up. I begin to whisper to Korbyn, “This is Mitch you are trying to fight. Remember the one who is a gangster? He has had plenty of fights and probably has a knife on him!! Think about this before you go charging in.” That was not enough warning to keep Korbyn from trying to fight. He kept struggling in my grasp, trying to claw his way to Mitch. “I don’t care if he was a serial killer! I don’t care about any of that! He has crossed the line! He wants a fight…” Korbyn was breathing hard, almost slipping through my hand, but I grabbed his shirt hearing it tear. “He will get one!” They kept arguing about me. It was almost like a contest to see ‘who’s the better man.’ The second reason, I didn’t get to talk to Mitch like I wanted was due to the police. Moments after struggling to keep Korbyn and Mitch from trying to rip each other’s heads off, the police came. They arrived in a flash of red and blue lights shining through the neighborhood. Mitch took off running one way, I saw everybody running to their cars, and scattering into the woods. Everybody ran for it. They all sprinkled in every direction to get away. When I came from behind the house, I saw one cop chasing that guy Gage that I met during the party. Soon the outside of my house was deserted. Like no one was ever there throwing a party. The police coming out of nowhere was enough to shut the entire party down. They talked to my mom and Jason. the cop who talked with them said: A neighbor called saying, ‘they were loud.’ He let my brother off with a warning, for disturbing the peace. On my way inside the house, after all of the wild commotion died down, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Hannah’s pink car rolled down our street. At that moment I knew who our so called ‘neighbor’s’ were. I knew Who complained about ‘disturbing-the-peace’. Jason’s party was shut down by Missy. This had her stench on it. Dang it! She struck again! The stupid part about his party getting shutdown was, my brother think I did it. All because of that dispute we had during the lap dance. He kept brushing by me at home mumbling ‘snitch’ under his breath all night. Jason knew me all my life. He knows that I am capable of something like ‘shutting his party down.’ Hey, I even threatened to do it when we argued… but did I actually do it? No. How do I explain that to him though? The blood was painted on my hands to look like it was me, but who would believe I didn’t do something like that? No one would. Missy played her part well. I will give her that. She can make it look like I am the snitch and I got Jason’s party shut down all she wants. She can paint the blood on my hands and let me take the blame, but the truth of the matter is: I won’t stop until I have her blood on my hands. Those were the reasons I didn’t get to talk with Mitch. The good part about this whole ordeal, before Mitch made his escape he was sure to store his number in my cell. So I can say one good thing happened in the whole mess. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ I kept thinking about Mitch. Memories of him sketched my imagination while I daydreamed. My old feelings for him were trying to come back from the dead. The feelings I had when we first met. The surge of emotion that was so beautiful and yet surprising. Yes, my mind was traveling back into last semester when that great, handsome guy took me to school in his infamous red Jaguar. A day later, I waited until late at night before the thought of calling him crossed my mind. I had to talk to Korbyn and Jade on the phone first. The clique had to figure out what to do about Missy. No one had come up with any new schemes sadly to say. Korbyn still had negative things to say about Mitch. Korbyn was not letting his hard feelings toward Mitch go away. He called Mitch: ‘Paul wall want-to-be.’, ‘Jailbird.’, ‘Drug seller and user.’ He wouldn’t give Mitch a break. It was hard for me to listen because Mitch had a deeper heart than what Korbyn made him out to be. Although Korbyn didn’t care to know that. Jade sounded super excited about something while we were on the phone. He laughed when I told him how both of them were about to fight. Jade was a fan of Mitch… to a certain extent. Korbyn’s hate for Mitch must be coming because he sees Mitch as a threat to us ever getting back together. Not to mention, Mitch was there before he was. I could see why he was angered about Mitch coming back. Mitch came into my life when all of my friends were gone. He was my friend when Korbyn was my enemy. When I pressed the call button, it didn’t occur to me until I heard the other phone ringing, that I had not talk to Mitch on the phone since… since last semester. I don’t know why it feels longer than that. After five rings, there was a sleepy, “Hello?” answering the phone on the other side. “Is this Mitch?” “Yeah,” When he figured it was me, I heard shuffling in the back ground. “Braylon?” “The one and only.” I kidded, “If you are too sleepy I can call you back tomorrow. I know I waited late to call.” “Nah, nah, you good.” He said his voice going from groggy to almost normal in a sense. “Hold on for a second, I’m about to go splash cold water on my face. That will get me up.” “You don’t have to-“ Before I finished what I was saying, he interrupted swiftly, “No I want to. I waited long enough to talk to you period. I don’t want to wait anymore. Fate may not give me a second chance.” My heart was already beginning to patter. The real conversation had not even started and he was making me react. “Ok.” I told him. He left the phone for what seemed like forty-five seconds. All I was hearing in his back ground was a TV in the distance. “Alright, hello?” “I’m here.” “Good, now I’m wide awake. Let’s get to talking.” He said. His voice was still so deep. What I usually called ‘the smoker voice’. It was low and sexy. It played with my ears in ways he didn’t know. We began talking about simple things. Not our lives in particular, or our troubles. This was talk of fun and a few jokes, a few moments we remembered about last year. Like when we first started riding in his car together, when he kissed me, and Shonda the girl who had his baby. It was rocky when I heard her name. Shonda was the reason I didn’t want to deal with Mitch anymore. She had a baby for him. It sickened me that he got a girl pregnant and he would have the responsibility of a child forever. In my book, that meant he would always have to talk to her. I would always have to wonder if they were sneaking around, if I got with him. It was a lot to handle and in the pit of my stomach, I still felt that way sort of. I switched the topic. I had to. Too much of the old was coming into the new. I wanted to let that go, and give him a clean slate even though that stain won’t go away. I began to talk to Mitch about what my life has been like since he was away. The whole Missy thing, and my clique issues, what happened between Andrea and Korbyn. He really missed a lot of chapters in my life. When I filled him with the ‘T’ on what was going on, it was like he never left. As usual Mitch instantly went into my defense. In his opinion none of this was my fault. He already had unresolved issues with Korbyn, and to him, Korbyn was looking pretty faulty at this point. I finished catching him up with me. Now it was his turn. “So, what have you been doing since we last spoke?” “Are you really ready to hear what I have been dealing with?” He asked me as if it was something he was so ready to share. Something that he anxiously waited to get off his chest for a long time. “Yes. I’m sure it can’t be any worse than what I have been through.” I told him. “Alright…” Mitch gave a breathy sigh. It was like he didn’t know where to start, or how to start with his issues. “Okay, I’m going to start right where we left off. Remember during Christmas break when I let you see my daughter and I wanted to get back with you?” “Oh.” I sort of felt bad, because I remembered it clearly. That happened to be the night Korbyn knocked on my window, and kissed me. The night my relationship with Korbyn was born… I will never forget that moment. I was startled out of my sleep, thinking it was a stalker, a killer… I even thought it was Mitch! It was crazy. “Yeah I remember.” “A day or so after that, C.J. told me that you and Korbyn started dating.” His voice was getting rough, he sounded like this was still a fresh wound for him. Like it was hard for him to even muster the story all because what the pain of saying it brought about. “I felt like you forgot me. All I could hear was C.J. telling me about how happy you were. It broke me… it broke me down.” His tone picked up and fell back down. “It hurt to know you found happiness without me. You found a happiness that was not within me…” Mitch on the other end of the phone was going back to that space. I could feel his words getting choppy, his breathing getting a bit faster. I almost could see the images he called forth from his remembrance; I could taste every detail of the longing he endured. “I messed everything up, I know I did.” He admitted like a victim. “I remember it all. Like it was all my fears of emotion had come to life. I kept thinking to myself: How could he forget all the emotion we had? How was it so easy for him to cut me off?” He wasn’t finished caring about me. In so many words he just wanted my happiness to come from him. He want to be the person responsible for the happiness in my world. This made me feel awkward. Like maybe, I gave up on him too soon, or I didn’t give him a real reason to be done for. “Mitch… it wasn’t my intention.” What do you tell a guy who had such strong feelings for you and you left them feeling like that alone? I was stuck. “It wasn’t my plan to leave you feeling like that. I thought I was doing a favor by getting out of your way so you can have time with your daughter.” He heard me. He listened but he continued to tell his side of things without replying back. “I had a break down, I’m not going to lie. My temper flared, my body was reacting before I thought.” It was amazing how underneath his hard exterior Mitch had soft spots for me. He was the thuggish guy you never hear express themself. “I couldn’t keep you out of my thoughts. When I tried to force you out of my thoughts, you appeared in my dreams. I needed something to keep me occupied.” He drew quiet for the extension of a minute. He let the quiet soak into the phone. I don’t know if he was letting me grasp what he was dealing with or thinking of what to say next. I encouraged him to keep talking. I wanted to hear what he experienced. “Then…” It took him a while but he found his footing back into the discussion. “I got deeper involved with the gang stuff. I sold some drugs here and there, I got a new number, I stayed out of contact with everyone, and-“ His voice cracked from the weight of his problems. He stopped all of a sudden. “And?” I said carefully. I was trying to get him to speak more. “Say what you are thinking Mitch ‘And what?’ I’m here now.” “Annnd,” He held it for a second, scared of something. “Don’t judge me… but things were bad for me then, and I went to jail.” “No judgments made.” I told him when he finished. “I’m not going to judge you. You have been more that a great person to me. It wouldn’t be right.” I was praying that he felt my sincerity. “Thanks,” Mitch said in a way that sounded like he was picking himself back up. “At those times I thought I was losing my mind. I didn’t know how to handle you being with a sneaky weird guy like Korbyn. I didn’t have a reason to go to school when the break was over so I didn’t go.” It made me sad to hear him talk like that. Mitch was no softy, and when he talked like this it made me come undone. All these days I had forgot about Mitch. Not one of those days did he forget about me. Yes, I was thinking that my problems were feeble compared to the misery he had been through. He had an inferno of troubles. At the same time, I felt like I could correlate with him in his frustrating trials. “I had no idea it was that bad. I don’t even think I can say anything right now.” All I could do was put my hand over my mouth while I laid in my bed shocked. I left him but I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. “It’s cool now. I mean, I took part in my own destruction. I will admit that.” “How?” “Because I got drunk and fell for peer pressure from the straight guys.” He went on, taking the bullet when he didn’t have to. “I should have had my own mind then. I should have just been myself and not did anything period. My mistake affected my future. I should have seen that coming.” “You can’t take the whole blame Mitch.” I sharply said. I couldn’t let him be hard on himself after dealing with all that pain. “Yes I can,” He said quickly, “and I will.” “I’m not going to let you take all the blame. I just can’t.” It was so hard to let someone be so noble. He was not even blaming me for this situation. Not even a fraction! “It’s too late, I already taken the blame for it, I suffered my guilt… and I did it for both of us.” I lost my words. Nothing was worth saying after he said he did it for ‘us’. He took on my pain and dealt with it. He was like a shield of some sort. He picked up my silence and started to talk, “Now that we are back talking again. I have been losing my bad ways, and staying free of trouble.” I heard his gentle smile as he spoke. I know that smile anywhere. “That is a good thing.” I complimented him. After that I tried getting him to come back to school, it would be nice having Mitch back. He disagreed though. We switched the topic to my situation at school. Mitch was asking many questions. I could hear his phone shuffling when I explained the reason Korbyn and I broke up on Valentine’s day. “I have never heard of something like that.” Mitch thought out loud. “It’s pretty dumb though. I think you had every right to ruin those gifts that ho gave him.” “I know.” I caught myself sounding a little down. I realized I couldn’t sound too sad because Mitch was back in my life. Who knows where we might end up this time… if he still felt like he once did. “Quick question for you Bray.” He said out of the blue, in his husky sensual tone. I switch the phone to my left ear, smiling “Okay, go for it.” “What did that metal-mouth-boy get you for Valentine’s day anyway?” Mitch was prying. It was a serious question however. I had to be honest because Korbyn did give me gifts from the heart. Gifts I still hold at night. “He laid a rose on the porch for me when I woke up and came outside. He gave me a pair of black underwear with his initials on them. He tried to give me a cupcake but I’m on a salad and granala bar diet.” I named off. Mitch listened intently “That’s nice, I guess.” He wasn’t liking it. I could hear it. “There is more.” I shouldn’t bring up the other gifts but he wanted to know so why hold it back now? “He sent a white furry bear with the same brown eyes as mine. It was so romantic, it showed he paid attention to my eyes. He left me a card, a new rose because the one on my porch was showing signs of withering, and a balloon that said: ‘Admiring You!’” I thought I was finished but I had one more thing to add. “Oh, and he stuck a granola bar in the bear’s pouch to make up for the yucky chocolate cupcake he tried to feed me.” I happily ended. “As much as we fought I think he still cared.” Mitch laughed then his mood shifted from the sad depressed guy to an exuberant light hearted man. “Ummm, yeah,…” he stared off. I don’t know why he was acting so freakish, he sounded like a jealous person trying to act nonchalant. “What is your deal?” I said feeling a rush coming on. “Braylon, baby? Is it okay if I call you that?” A shiver wildly traveled my spine. It had been a long time since he said that. I don’t even know if I could handle being called baby by him without losing it. “I don’t care as long as you answer my question.” “Cool, cool. So I can tell you something, right?” “Sure.” I was beginning to worry about him. “I laid that rose on your porch.” He confessed slowly. My mind went black, and then blank. I didn’t know what to say. “I bought you that bear, that new rose, that granola bar, I even wrote you the card.” He opened up with all the heart he could. “Wait but… but…” I tried to replay Valentine’s day. It made sense, but some pieces Where missing. “If it was you, how did you do it? I thought Korbyn-“ “No Korbyn didn’t! He doesn’t watch you like I do.” Mitch finalized. “Those were my gifts to you. Although we left off on bad terms, and I was going through my stage of a break down, I couldn’t go without giving you something on Valentine’s Day. I’m surprised you couldn’t tell I sent you that stuff. I pay attention to you even when I’m not at school Braylon. I want you to know that.” My phone wanted to drop to the floor. My heart sunk. I felt things swimming, and swinging around inside of me. This was a total new outlook. Mitch gave me those gifts! No wonder Korbyn looked at the roses so strange… no wonder the teddy bear smelled so familiar but unfamiliar at the same time. “How did you do it?” “C.J. was my eyes since I didn’t want to go to school anymore.” Mitch began to explain with a new alacrity. “C.J. would tell me everything you were doing, everything you wore, what you ate, your little diet and everything. That’s how I knew to put a granola bar inside the bear’s pouch.” Mitch was giving me every detail, and it was matching up. I can’t believe I gave Korbyn his credit. “Early that morning I woke up and dropped that rose off for you. The night before I bought the bear because its eyes were just like yours and I couldn’t pass it by. The red balloon that said: ‘Admiring You!’ was all me.“ He went on. Before I could ask: ‘how did you leave the bear and balloon?’ he was already answering the question. “I know what you like. I have been around you long enough, I might not have been there at school, but I was there. I know you probably didn’t want to see me so I gave you my gifts at a distance. That’s why I had C.J. to give my gifts to the student council. He signed your name, and left it there for it to be delivered to you. To be honest, C.J. helped me out a lot.” “Wow. I don’t know what to think, but I can say thank you for everything. I loved it!” I was talking but still in an amused shock. All these nights I was hugging Mitch’s bear? The same scent the bear held was the same captivating smell I got from Mitch when I saw him at Jason’s party. One thing I should have known was Korbyn’s scent is way different. Mitch loves the color red. His hoodie, his jaguar. It explains the color of the balloon, the ribbon around the bear’s neck, the roses, it just all made matching sense. I flashed back to the day I had the rose from my porch in Korbyn’s car. He took credit for it, but he gave a weird look. Everytime I mention it. It never occurred to me until now, that if Korbyn was going to give me something he would do it when we did ‘gift exchange’. (Which he did.) Knowing that Mitch sent the card was wowing me. It certainly changed things. I remembered the card. It spoke truths about Mitch I was feeling: “Know in your mind that someone is always thinking about you and most of all, Know in your heart that someone cherishes you.” When we hung up, I squeezed the bear to my chest with a new admiration. I appreciated him. He had been with me through all of my troubles. The bear I held through my break up, through Missy’s attacks, through everything, was actually Mitch in a small sort of way. He proved he was always with me, he was always guarding my heart, and there when I didn’t know it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ I told Jade about who the Valentine gifts really were from. He almost fainted, at the same time, he seemed happier than I was. I wanted to confront Korbyn for lying and taking credit for Mitch’s gifts. I thought about it for hours before I decided to let him off the hook. It didn’t occur to me until later that: Korbyn seeing me get these unknown gifts is probably why he kept Andrea’s necklace. It would make sense, but I still think it was lame of him. I don’t think it was a good enough excuse to keep a necklace even if it was true. School was getting better. When lunch time came my alpha spirit was reflated. I came to school encouraged and ready to make a statement. My first idea was I getting my table. I informed Jade and Korbyn that today would be our day. I charged into the situation believing in myself. Believing that my plan to get my throne back would not fail. Of course Jade tried to give me good counseling. Reminding me of what happened last time we tried to get our table back. Korbyn on the other hand was wondering if I had lost my mind. What I was thinking, wouldn’t be smart… if I didn’t have some sort of alpha mind set. On my clique’s arrival Missy and her girl plastics put up the same boring fight. They gave there petty jokes, and tried to make us leave, arguing with us back and forth. Everyone knew how this ended last time. It was almost like a reenactment of the last scene of me trying to get my table back. I wasn’t going to make that mistake twice no matter what it took. Even if I get squashed by the oversized jocks I won’t backdown. “Missy, it’s time to get up!” My tone alerting her of danger. I was sick of arguing. She had to move. “You and the other ‘Golden Girls’ have to leave.” She shook her head, trying to summon her body building jock guys. “I don’t think so.” She put her arm up and her fingers looked like they were about to snap. “We have been through this before. We all know how this ends.” The guys at the table wearing lettermans, underneath their jackets had bulging muscles that could turn me into cream with one fatal punch. They all waited on the sound of her command. Giving me glares that could start wars. Each of them was still taller than me and the way they out numbered my clique set the intimidation factor into play. “Snap!” went sound of Missy’s pink nail polished fingers. without hesitation each of the boys at the table stood firm, and giant size over us. i started to feel a bit shaky all of a sudden. I didn’t know if I would be able to face them man to man. It was frightening being in the shadow of athletes who could crush you in seconds. “Move!!!” The biggest one jumped at me. His boulder sized shoulders flexing. He growled like a grizzly making Jade tremble, and Korbyn take a step back. I wanted to close my eyes and count to ten hoping it would make him vanish. I wanted to take a step back like Korbyn did, I wanted to run again… but I didn’t. I had to make a statement. Everyone was laughing about this time the jocks started to step toward me,… … “SNAP.” Went my fingers. I heard noises of students in awe wondering what I could be snapping for. Jade was lost, Korbyn was baffled. I was standing in the way of danger and I was hoping I just bought myself a ticket out. On the command of my snap C.J., Mitch, and a crowd of other guys from the urban table ran to my rescue. I had my defenses ready. (Yes I was shocked. Yes I was even more shocked to see Mitch back in school.) All of the Jocks bodies seemed to lose their intimidating muscle. They were looking less angry and more friendly by the time the urban guys made their way over to stand between me and them. I was wondering what was wrong? They didn’t seem to tough now. I wasn’t backing down. This time I had a plan. “I have troops too.” I sharply hissed at Missy. She sat there in the seat with her eyes big. I knew she wasn’t expecting me to have a plan or any type of back up. “Get up.” Krobyn ordered them. “Or this cafeteria gets ugly.” Mitch stepped in front of me at that point. He pushed me back slightly to stand before the boulder bodied jock who yelled at me earlier. “We got beef?” Mitch roughly spoke. Ready to attack. The big jock began to back up after seeing Mitch wasn’t going to toy with him. The other jocks started stepping back too. They knew their place. I’m sure in their minds they were wondering, ‘why did Missy get them involved with this?’ Everyone knows gang violence doesn’t end with fighting. I knew what Mitch, C.J. and the other urban dudes were capable of. “No dude we don’t have beef.” The big jock said glancing from side to side backing away. His hands were shifty, he looked out of sorts. “I thought we were cool, Mitch?” “Yeah, Mitch we haven’t seen you lately where have you been?” another Jock stammered. “You heard what he said!” Mitch ignored the two jocks who tried to be nice. Walking around them to the table where Missy sat, “GET UP! GET UP! GET UP NOW!” He banged his fist hard against the table scaring Missy and her girls. All of them stood up, after going white in the face from how threating Mitch was being. It was so terrifying to them that all the girl plastics, and jocks scuttled away like rats. Not even putting up an argument, not even leaving with a sarcastic look. They picked up their purses, jackets, and trays, leaving so fast no one would have thought anyone sat there. It was good to have troops. After all, they won me back the table. My security was back. I knew that for sure when Mitch winked at me before going back to his table. Korbyn saw the wink. He said nothing about it because he knew what Mitch did couldn’t be done by him. I know Korbyn wanted to thank Mitch for scaring the Jocks away but couldn’t bring himself to do it. Being that they both wanted the same person. I sometimes felt like I was in the middle of a tug-a-war. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ We were attending a schduled meeting at Jade’s house. Thank goodness his mom was not home. Our meeting was long waited for. When I arrived Jade welcomed us to buttered biscuits that sat on a glass plate in the middle of his dinner table. He gave out tea cups, and poured Korbyn and myself a hot serving of honey tea. The treat happened to taste delightful. I couldn’t eat anything that was too fattening. Jade let me know before hand I could eat anything sitting on the table. Everything was low calories. He took the liberty of adding up the calories to make sure this was something I could enjoy as we held our meeting. Jade managed to stay inside of my dietary guidelines with this snack of choice. This is what you would call a ‘tea party’ or a ‘tee party’. (Either way you put it, someone’s tee will be spilled.) I started the meeting off after reaching for a buttered biscuit putting it on my plate. I had a little bit of gossip that Jade would want to hear. “You know Mitch told me something you might want to tune into.” I said looking across the table at Jade as he sipped the hot tea. “About?” Jade’s brown eyes put him at the edge of his seat. “This concerns your ex.” I threw in watching him grab his chest as if the tea burned his insides. I knew better though. “Yeah, C.J.“ “Oh what is it? If it has to do with him being with a new girl-“ “It’s not what you think.” I stopped him from making an assumption. “I’ll just tell you.” I didn’t have time to have him getting depressed when this wasn’t a situation to worry his pretty face about. “Okay so, Mitch told me, C.J. said ‘he would never date a pill head.’ He isn’t dating Candice. He never was dating Candice.” “Then why were they always hugged up by his locker?” Jade was going into a fluster. I didn’t want him to get upset just yet. Not until he heard everything. “To be honest, he was only trying to make a sell. He was trying to keep her buying from his product… that’s what Mitch said, I know Mitch wouldn’t lie about something like that.” Jade’s skin seemed to fill in brightly. Underneath the shell of anger for Candice I could tell he wanted to smile. “I don’t know if I want to give C.J. a chance anymore. Even if it is all true.” Jade shrugged it away. Korbyn wasn’t in the conversation. He minded his own business when it came to matters like these. If it wasn’t a situation that affected him directly then he was not going to talk on it. Like I said, he was not a gossiper. He was there for the refreshments of tea and biscuits at this time. Letting the butter melt on my tongue in the steam of the honey tea. I cleared my throat, feeling my nasal passages opening up more. “Okay, next order of business.” I told them changing the topic. “Does anyone else have any gossip or information they have heard?” Korbyn shook his head. His golden spiked hair wagging above his head making him seem adorable. “I have nothing as usual.” He glanced down at Jade. “I know you do.” “Now that you mention it.” Jade smirked setting his tea cup down on the table steadily. “I heard Missy is throwing a party.” The blood in my veins started to jump. It was exciting news to hear. “Oh really?” I chewed some of my buiscuit. “We just attacked her for the first time. The whole party thing sounds like another opening for another strike.” “Agreed.” Korbyn said. “Jade what else do you know concerning this matter?” I inquired for details. “It will be held at her house on Saturday, around 9:00pm. She has been devastated about the A-list taking back the table. I hear her support for the students at the school fell a lot since you took the table back. So she is throwing a party and inviting anyone who wants to come.” “Hmm that isn’t like the girl plastics.” Korbyn’s green eyes were concentrated on something in the talk finally. “They normally do the invite only type of parties.” “Good point.” I picked up on what he was saying. “The only reason this isn’t ‘invite only’ is because we took our table back. Missy is losing the support of the students, and throwing a party is a way to get them on her side. At least to be behind her.” I explained. They both sat there thinking about what I said. Letting it sink in. I didn’t know if they were lost or just didn’t know what to say. Korbyn put a finger to his tea cup running it over the rim. “I think the real question here would have to be: Are we going to this party?” Jade stopped chewing, “That is true.” He thought for a minute, “but I don’t know if going would be a good thing. What if it is a trap? I mean, she already wants the school back on her side. Plus, she has been so unpredictable with her moves.” Jade had a good point. In my planning phase I was wondering if it would be best to go so I can strike at her again, or not go because this could be a chance for her to set me up again. “I don’t think this is a good move for us to attend.” I made the final conclusion. “I want to go and destroy her, but something tells me that wouldn’t be a good idea because she might have something up her sleeve.” “True.” Jade voiced. “I feel like that too.” Korbyn followed, staring at me with his eyes digging deep into me, as if he wanted to know if that was really how I felt. “Great. So we make a pact now. None of us go to that rotten skank’s party. All in favor say, ‘I’.” I was the first to raise my hand and say ‘I.’ “I.” Jade’s hand went up almost as soon as mine did. “I.” Korbyn said later. “Good. So it is settled.” Jade poured more hot tea when I slid my cup to the center of the table continuing to talk. “I think I just saved our hides. Meeting adjourned.” _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Over the week our plan was not to go to the party, at the same time, get less people to go to Missy’s party as possible. How else would it embarrass her if no one showed? That would be a big slap in the face. It would embarrass her like nothing else in the world. I can’t say if we were successful at disinviting the kids at school but it was worth a try. I for sure know that one person isn’t going. That person being Mitch. He said ‘he wasn’t going if I wasn’t going.’ I know I could count on his word. I was so set on getting Missy back that I called Mitch and told him to shake Hannah up. Scare her a little. I was thinking if Mitch and his gang pretended to be after one of the girls, people at school would be too frightened to attend the party. Let’s just say, I was getting more creative with uninviting people. My mind kept cycling and cycling. With each new cycle my thinking was getting malicious and carless. It came to the point where, I called Mitch again and told him, to scare Hannah in the worst way he knew how. Mitch, C.J., and a few others waited until late night to start their plan. A time when the streets where quiet, very dark, and the majority of the city slept. He was keeping me informed on the status of his plan. What he was going to do, who was involved, and how it was going to go. It felt like his gang was my own private military. That type of power at my fingertips was luscious. Mitch stopped by my house before his big mission. It was terrifying in an unexpected way, to see him huddled in a car with five other guys who I could not recognize. They were all dressed in black. From the shoes, to the black sweat pants, to the black sweaters, all the way to the black ski masks that only showed their eyes. I was uneasy seeing them at my house at this late hour. It was like I was going to be mauled or held at gun point. I approached the passengers window with my arms folded, trying to keep the night’s cold air at a distant, and also to try not to look frightened around these strange masked gang guys. I had to remember I was calling their shots. I was the one who was making the rules, not them. Mitch wouldn’t let them hurt me. The window let down as I bent down a little to look inside. The guy in the passenger seat took his ski mask off… it was only Mitch’s face that came from beneath it. I was so glad it was him. “I wanted to stop by so you will know that I am really doing this for you.” The indigo blues of his iris’s seemed to glint. It was safe to see him, it put me at ease. he reach a gloved hand out the window, gently touching my elbow. “Hey… why are you so tense?...” He pulled me closer to the car. “Relax. We aren’t going to hurt you. Especially me. Don’t let the black masks fool you.” His friends in the car snickered behind their creepy ski masks. It was nurturing to hear Mitch say that but it was scary still. “I’m not… scared.” I shook, feeling the wind making me jitter. “I just wanted you to wish me luck.” He gave me a smile. His friends began to shift around in the car, like something was making them question, or wonder about our friendship. “Good luck Mitch.” I said so that his friends would be thrown off his trail. God knows who they would tell if they found out anything about Mitch. God knows what they would do. “Have fun, and scare the living crap out of her.” He laughed in a deep voice. “I can make that happen.” He stared at me in a daze, not know what to say. Not knowing if what he wanted to say was the right thing to say in front of his crew. “It feels good to help out with your evil schemes.” I know Mitch wanted to say more, that wasn’t what he wanted to say at all. Mitch came through with his side of the deal. He did the drive-by on Hannah’s large doll like house. Him and his creepy friends rode by her house, and unloaded paint balls on the windows, shooting the car outside, shooting the doors all with paint ball guns. Her house was splattered in a mess of colors. Something that would take years to clean off. A decoration of violence. Her house was rained upon by my wrath. She should be happy I didn’t let Mitch use real guns because it could have gotten too messy. Not that I didn’t think about it before hand. But who knows what I am capable of? Oops. What am I saying? This was a social war. Destroying her house and frightening her was enough right? All I do know is, If her or her loser friends push my anger. I don’t think I will be able to stop myself. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ The newspapers had pictures of Hannah’s house plastered everywhere. What once was a beautiful home, looked like a shack now. Hannah’s dad was on the front of the newspaper. He was bald, with aging wrinkles on his face. The drive-by shook him up so bad he was on the cover of the newspaper crying next to Hannah. The plan was a success. I had finally delivered a strike to her clique. Korbyn thought that I went too far but who is he to judge me? I’m in control here. If I didn’t make a call soon, we would have been under attack again. I had to punish these whores for their action. They didn’t care about me when I was going through my troubles. At least Jade agreed with me all the way. I was proud of that. I ultimately thanked Mitch for his hard work. He really came through. I bet no one would want to go to their party now. Good luck with your bash Missy. Hahaha! ____________________________________________________________________________________________ The night of Missy’s party, I was at home staring at my ceiling. I tried to keep my mind from wondering what the party was like. I couldn’t wait to see if I scared all of her party goers away. I wanted this to be an ultimate embarrassment for her. I had to teach her lesson, after lesson, for what she did. It was ten o’clock I know the party was happening. I tried to keep my mind from wondering what was going on at the party. I know her party had the best dance music, the best refreshments, and a gyrating crowd (if my plan to scare them didn’t work.) I laid there imagining rainbow of lights coloring the dance floor, students mingling, and having a great time. ‘Stop Braylon!’ I had to force myself to stop wondering. I know if I went to Missy’s party, it would be traps waiting for me every step I take. I had to resist this urge. Not only that but Korbyn, Jade, and I all agreed not to go. They would really be questioning my leadership qualities if I went anyway. I couldn’t have that. Maybe I should call Mitch? Talk to him a little. Maybe he could take me riding around to get this party mess off my mind, or even take me on a date like he did the other day. It was funny when we went out on a date to celebrate his accomplishment in my plans. He wanted to go to KFC. I wanted laugh in his face but I was trying to be considerate. The date actually turned out better than I thought. I wasn’t used to his way of going out on dates. Mitch was trying with me. I had never been on a date with him and I didn’t realize it until that day. He ended up eating the food I didn’t eat, including the rest of his own. Mitch wasn’t on a diet, he didn’t care what he ate, when he ate. He smacked, chewed with his mouth open, burped out loud, and had grease all over his fingers. It was something seen as disgusting to me… but not that night. I kept telling him: ‘Mitch, could you stop smacking?’, ‘Close your mouth when you chew.’, ‘Don’t suck your fingers.’, ’Wipe your mouth off.’ He would do what I said but after a while he would go back to his eating habits. He did try to apologize when he would catch himself. I could remember his mouth being stuffed while he said, ‘Sorry baby, I can’t help it.’ Something about it wasn’t too disturbing. I guess I saw it as him being his natural self around me. It takes a lot of comfort for someone to be that way. I didn’t want Mitch to call me, baby. It was something Korbyn called me. When Mitch heard me tell him that he slowed his chewing, and his eyes dropped. I could never forget his expression. That’s another reason I wanted to call him. He decided to call me his ‘boo’. That title was new for me. At the end of our date, I wiped his mouth with a napkin. Getting the grease and chicken crumbs off his lips. His only response was, ‘Thank you, boo.’ [We want that candy life. I’d like the candy life. Could we get a taste of the candy life…] I was instantly torn from my imagination of the other day. My ringtone started playing and before I knew it, I was not at KFC eating chicken with Mitch, I was laying in my bed holding on to the white fluffy bear he gave me. It was Jade calling. When I answered, he asked me what song did have for my ringback. “It’s a song by Lady Gaga. I heard it recently and fell in love with it. I had to set it as my ringback tone.” I told him. “I heart that song,” Jade said “I have to download it later.” “I’m sure you did like it. You know I love Lady Gaga’s music.” It was a fact Jade already knew. Jade was starting to sound antsy. “Yeah, I know. How could I forget.” His breathing started to fasten, “but I have something very important to tell you.” His voice went into a light pant. What could be wrong? “What?” I asked him wondering. “First off, you are not going to believe what I am about to say. So, I’m outside your house right now Bray.” My heart quickened. I didn’t know if he was trying to stalk me, or if he was planning something secretly. “You have to see this to believe it…” Jade was in no joking manner. His tone was serious. From the sound of his voice, something happened! Something went wrong somewhere! I rushed to my closet hanging up my cell. Picking out my best areopostale shirt, throwing my shades on the ridge of my head, and yelling to my brother Jason, “I’ll be back soon. Don’t lock me out.” Within a short span of time I hopped into Jade’s expedition. I couldn’t believe he was outside my house this late. I know it had to be urgent for him to be even out around this time. Jade buckled and let me buckle up, and we started to drive to God knows where. I know Jade wouldn’t get me stirred up for no reason. He knew me too well. He wouldn’t dare try to make a fool of his alpha. “Jade you have to give me something, some kind of detail. What is going on? What happened?” I was on the edge of a tantrum from lack of information. My mind kept thinking of the worst case scenarios. “I would say it.” Jade politely said. “I could come out and tell you everything I know,” he paused his voice thinly spreading through the car’s engine, “but no words can capture this, like seeing it with your own eyes.” “Jade don’t play a game with me!” I was stressing. It was showing. My foot couldn’t be still. “You have known me for years. You know how I would react if you are messing with me. You know you could be punished for-“ Jade immediately spoke then, “Braylon, you have known me too.” He was sounding soft, and submissive. “I would never get you out of the house at this time for no apparent reason. I am your beta. I am forever in your service.” He took his brown eyes from the road to gaze at me slightly. “You know one day I should come by at this time to pick you up… that is if you would allow me. We do need personal time together.” He focused on the road again. “You know how I feel about you-“ “Jade…” “But that is another matter entirely.” He tried to say before hearing if I would reject him. “What I have to show you, will make you know I am loyal to you. It will also catch you off guard.” All I could do was stare at the road ahead through the windshield. Trying to think what I was about to walk into.
  8. The soup, the bath, and our friendship was the cure to get Korbyn back into full swing. We were finally holding a meeting. It wasn’t at our favorite table, but would do. We had to get Korbyn caught up on what he missed. Then we could start plotting for revenge. “Korbyn, did you ever get in touch with your cousin? The one that is in the fraternity.” I eagerly asked him, feeling a plan coming on. “Uh, yeah, he’s agreed to help.” Korbyn notified. “Good.” I was aiming the conversation for the next plan when I was abruptly interrupted. I didn’t see it coming… Once again. “Hey, Braylon.” Missy said innocently. Her gang was behind her smiling like they were all saints. Each of them were holding a stack of papers. “Hi.” I curtly waved. “This table makes you guys seem so much smaller for some reason.” She threw her hair over her shoulder in an arrogant stance. “Oh, these are for you.” She let the stack of papers she held hit the table with a dull thump. Missy immaturely snickered, “You might want to look over those.” “What is this crap?” I picked up one of the papers in the stack it said: I hate Braylon! Sarah took the liberty to explain, “We let the school fill out a survey about you.” “We also moved a few steps ahead of you by letting them anonymously sign the surveys.” Hannah’s voice rang beside Sarah. “That way, you don’t try to go back and ruin them.” “Yeah, we know how you think. So we granted our protection for their honesty.” Missy brightly added. I picked up the next paper: I think the best place for Braylon is an asylum. My mouth dropped to where I thought my jaw would unhinge. “L-O-L.” Missy sweetly cued, “There are funny comments about you in there. I thought maybe you should see what people really think of you.” “Ha, nice one Missy.” I scoffed “I don’t care what these low class, nothings think of me. Besides, they are all similar to you in ways.” “In what ways?” Sarah lost her temper for a second. “First off, they are insecure about their faces, lives, and bodies so badly, that they wish they were someone of my kind. They are jealous creatures with no personality… like I said, ‘they are just like you, Missy.’” Sarah tried to shout something else at me but Missy threw up her hand to stop Sarah from speaking. “No Sarah. Our work here is finished. We should head off to prepare for our next attack.” She turned away from me sharply, and clicked through the cafeteria. The rest of the girls followed her lead. Jade grabbed another survey reading it out loud: “Braylon Winters destroyed my reputation! I’ve always dreamed since 8th grade of killing him.” “What the…” Korbyn was surprised. “I think that was a goth.” I guessed. “Judging from what the tone of the message was, I can tell.” “How do you know?” Korbyn asked perplexed. Jade took over, “First off, the goths always threatened to kill Braylon but they are too afraid to try it. Braylon struck horror and fear among all social groups. The goths got it worse than any of them in eighth grade.” Jade went on as if he was remembering a text out of a history book. “What happened next?” Korbyn’s blond spikes went up with his eyebrows. “Okay, I know you have heard of social suicide?” Jade mentioned and Korbyn looking lost just nodded, “Okay there are others… Have you ever heard of social homicide?” Jade asked him. Korbyn’s face went blank almost, and Jade exasperatedly sighed. “Social homicide is when someone kills another person’s reputation. Just like social suicide is someone killing their own reputation.” While Jade explained I skimmed through the nasty comments of the surveys. The students really hated me at this school. “Oh, I get it now.” Korbyn followed. “So what does this have to do with the goths and eighth grade?” “In eighth grade, Braylon almost wiped the goths from our school system. He ruined as many goths as he could. The few that were left… he gave them a chance to depart from their gothic ways.” Jade told him proudly. “Hmm… so why did he do this to them?” “Oh lord.” Jade rubbed his eyes. “Because they were obsessed with Braylon. They hated him, and they were plotting a way to make him a port of some sacrificial thingy. Plus they were trying to rally other eighth graders to help them ruin Braylon’s rep.” Jade’s brown eyes went serious, as he recounted the memory. “This was so bad, that they were sending hate notes, and e-mails to Braylon. Bray’s life was at risk, things were getting out of hand so he started to purge them.” “Wow.” was Korbyn’s comment. “So he almost wiped them out?” “Well I think he did. They haven’t started dressing in gothic clothing again, until this year.” Jade happily bragged. “You see, what Braylon did in eighth grade to the goths is called, social Genocide.” Korbyn’s green eyes bucked and he looked to be having trouble breathing. I pretended not to see his reaction and kept reading the hateful, harsh words people left me. “Braylon?” Korbyn said as if he was my mother. “What? What? What?” I felt so distracted by his tone. “You… you are capable of this?” Korbyn was acting as if he had never heard of someone doing something like that before. Oh god. “Yes I am capable of that and much, much more, but for now, let’s talk about these freaking surveys.” I growled to myself. Surveys: Braylon is a homo! He thinks he is the prettiest person in the world… I think not. His mother should be ashamed. Letting her son walk around thinking he owns the world. I bet his family is screwed up like him. Braylon is like the male Barbie to me. –Ryan “Oooh, look what Ryan put.” I shared with Jade and Korbyn. It was a good thing in the stack of filth. I can’t believe he thinks so highly of me. How could these raggedy, broke down, fly faced children think I am screwed up? Missy knew what she was doing. She knew these people were too afraid to say this crud in my face. She gets them to express their selves and then bring it to my attention. How dare she! Ooooooh, I want to hurt her so bad! It’s like she’s always one step ahead and she is still planning another attack. She is more of a challenge than I thought. She’s attacked me three or four times and I haven’t did anything. Surveys: One thing to say, Mr. America! Only fags care that much about their appearance. He is a fag! He had started a revolt against me. He had everyone boycott me. I wish someone would give him his own medicine. Wake up! You are not popular Braylon! He thinks he’s a celebrity… gag me. The worst thing to happen to our planet is those three in that group. Korbyn is too freaking arrogant. Ugh! That Jade dude starts a lot of mess. He is a messy homosexual. Jade’s mouth is always going. He gossips too much. I hate the blond haired spikey dude. I don’t know his name but he is a fool. Jade is a Queer, Braylon is a faggot, And so is Corbin. That’s the bottom line. Comment upon comment were thrown out. The whole school hated me. I’m reading all the evidence now. Missy was pressing too many of my buttons and it seems like she has won the support of the school. What am I going to do? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ My brother did as he planned. Jason threw his party. I could hear roars of excitement and plenty of people talking outside my window. It sounded like everybody was having a blast. I tried laying in my bed with my pillow over my head to rest. I kept tossing and turning trying to block out the shouts and loudness of the stereo music. It was no use. I laid in bed trying to drown out the words I read in the surveys. The bad thoughts of what everyone really thought of me. I thought what people wrote about me wouldn’t matter but it was digging into my conscious. I didn’t know if the music of the party was bothering me or was it the surveys. The whooping of fun everyone was having kept getting through my muffled ears. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to see what these party people were doing in my yard. I couldn’t prevent myself anymore from looking out my room window. I peeked out seeing how Jason had lamps leaning over the body of dancers outside like torches floating in the air of the night. The lights were dimmed but it was enough to see who was dancing with who. I should have known he was going to play all rap music. The beat was causing everyone to get overactive. All I could see was girls grinding on the boys to the sound of fast beats. Other people who weren’t in the dance scene was having casual talk drinking out of red cups. My mom sat at the food table to serve hungry dancers, and partiers who had worked up an appetite. (I know she was also there to make sure no one tampered with the food.) To be honest I didn’t know Jason had it in him to throw a lively party. I mean, from the lighting the raving music and the crowd of people. I wanted to fuse with the fun myself. It’s hard to remember Jason is popular in his own thuggish way. I bet he is somewhere getting a dance from a prostitute. Eww! I should join them. Maybe a wild party like that could help me free my thinking from all of those words I saw today. I chose to join the entertaining crowd of dancing bodies and excitement. When I made it to the backyard I noticed Jason, and a few of his other friends, (Whose names aren’t important) were getting lap dances. My mom watched the activity of grinding like it was nothing to her. She would sometimes clap her hands and nod to the beats of some of the songs in fact. As for Jason, he was having too much fun. His party was getting heavy with nastiness by the minute. Since mom is too busy dancing at the food table to keep this party from turning into a sex fest, I’ll handle Jason. I marched over to my brother with my arms folded. The closer I got the more upset I was seeing some tramp flipping her butt on my brother’s lap. Ugh what a disgrace. “Jason!” I screeched over the music, or at least tried to. “Jason!” Jason gave a curious look, as if I was his ex-girlfriend coming to ruin his fun. “Hold on a sec,” he told the girl who was on his lap. Then he turned in his seat to face me. “Wha… oh Jesus, Braylon! What do you want? You are messing up my lap dance.” He whined. I seem to always embarrass him in front of his friends with my stiff, no tolerance policy. His stupid friends were laughing at this time. “Maybe your little bro wants a dance.” His friend with a gold grill in his mouth suggested. “Uh, I sure don’t.” I snapped at the friend. Shutting him up. Then I looked at Jason, “Jason your party is getting out of hand. There’s too much grinding and nasty dancing. Next thing you know everyone is going to be nake…” “Shut up! This is my party!” Jason shot out. His muscles were getting tense in his shoulders. I know he was getting mad. “I don’t care what it looks like to you. This is what I like. If you have a problem…” Jason stood out of his chair getting in my face. “You can go in the house or get whooped.” His body was like a tower all of a sudden. Although I was shaking I didn’t back down. “Don’t test your luck in front of you little friends.” I stood in his face putting my hands on my hips. “I’ll let this little party go on. But know this: I will shut you and your party down if I keep feeling uncomfortable about the hoochies in my backyard.” I threatened. By this time, Jason went into a little fit. He started fussing with me. Giving me word for word. We went back and forth until most of the party noticed me. He tried to say I was acting like a teacher. That really fired me up. Finally, my mom pulled me away from the party. Yelling at me for trying to mess up Jason’s fun. What made me fill with happiness was some of Jason’s guy friends were staring at me. I guess his friends have never seen anyone stand up to him. Either that, or they were wondering if I was gay. As I was walking off, I heard one of the guys ask, “Was that your brother?” Another guy said, “I didn’t know you had a brother.” My mom was getting on to me about the way I acted. As she strolled me off I was listening to the group of guys surrounding my brother ranting about me: “What is his name?” “How old is he?” “Is he coming back out to party?” “Jason don’t be mean to your little bro. He doesn’t look like a bad person.” “Why haven’t I ever seen him?” I stayed on the other side of the house away from the party where my mom told me to stay. It isolated me from conflict and causing disruption to my brother’s party. If anyone wanted to see me they would have to walk around the house just to do that. The sounds could still be heard behind me. The music vibrated my chest but I sat there sulking I toyed with my Versace shades thinking about those surveys Missy made everyone fill out. I know some of the people who had those bad thoughts about me were at the party tonight. I wanted to stand here and cool off but the more I thought about school the angrier I got. I was losing so bad… I just, couldn’t take it. I put the shades on top of my head about to walk inside. I believe stepping out to the party was a bad idea. Why did I think an untamed party could clear my thoughts of all those negative comments? “What’s up man?” a guy with saggy pants tipped my way. He wore a pair of shades similar to mine. The hat on his head was twist to the left. “What’s going on?” “Hey.” I mumbled low. I really should go inside. Not in the mood for a conversation. The guy took a lighter from his pocket, lighting a cigarette, and started smoking. He coughed a few times then lifted his shades up from his eyes. Whoa! I don’t know what was on my mind at the time but this dude was hot! I know this had to be one of Jason’s friends. He had to be. “Why are you over here all alone?” He asked puffing out smoke. “I needed to cool off. I’m dealing with a lot.” Suddenly I was confessing to a stranger. Maybe it was his hotness that made me do it. Maybe it was the build up of stress at school. Who knows. He laughed, a little smoke blowing out of his mouth. “I didn’t know you were Jason’s bro. He never talks about you.” The guy went on, “When I saw you arguing with him I was like: ‘dang… who is this kid?’ So, me and a few others started asking about you.” I smiled with a blush. It was dark outside so it was good he didn’t see me blushing. The fact he was asking about me, made me feel good. Someone actually wanting to know me. This guy was making the surveys sound worthless. “Oh really?” He stuck his hand out, “I’m Jarrod, but your brother calls me Gage.” He had this familiar energy to him. Well… all Jason’s friends acted the same. They were urban from the inside, out. I caught myself reaching out for his hand to shake it. “I’m Braylon,” what was I doing? “It’s good to meet you Jarrod.” Jarrod gave an indistinctive laugh letting smoke flare from his nose, “Nah, you can call me gage.” “Okay, Jarrod” I said ignoring his last statement. “I will keep that in mind.” “I see you are feisty.” He joked putting the cigarette to his round lips. Jarrod’s skin was milky brown, his nose, eyes, and face fit together well. His saggy pants, the twisted hat, the cigarette… everything was calling me to him. I don’t know why. The more I stared the more I liked. Loud screams came from the party. Jarrod’s eyes moved to the direction of the party as if he forgot all about it. He crushed his cigarette at that moment, “I’m about to go party. You should come back after you cool off.” He offered. “Okay. I will consider it.” He shook his head, “Well… at least come out more or come around more so we can meet you.” I gave a weird look. I think he saw me, then he explained, “You know, the rest of the guys that don’t know you. Probably want to meet you. We come in your house all the time… So this won’t be the last time you will see me.” I went along, “Ok, bye Jar… Gage.” “Bye, Bray.” He walked around the house back to the party. I was in wonderment about why he called me Bray? The only people who calls me ‘Bray’ is my friends. I guess he wants me to know he will be back for sure. Gage, I’ll keep my eyes out for you. A few minutes of alone time I was approached by someone else. This time I knew the person fairly well. I was surprised. I never thought he would come to a party hosted at my house to be precise. “Braylon!” “Korbyn?” We both greeted each other in a hug. It was all that needed to be said after that. We held each other in a long embrace. There were moments of mistakes he made, arguments we had, breaking up, Andrea, and him being sick, flipping around in my head as we stood there wrapped tight. I know he had to be thinking the same thoughts I was, because we just couldn’t let this hug go. I told him what happened at the party and why I was on this side of the house. He immediately started trash talking about Jason. It was funny to hear, plus Korbyn was kind of drunk. So it made me wonder how long he had been at the party before finding me. His words were beginning to have a slur the more he drank from his red cup. His green eyes were dark and low. He staggered near me to whisper in my ear, “I haven’t forgot about you.” He said softly. “What do you mean?” I was confused. He tilted his head to the left as if I was forgetting something, he slurred, “You took care of me while I was sick. I remember you feeding me, partially bathing me.” He was still Hollister material even in his drunk state. “I’m yours, and I will never forget that. That day meant something to me. It made me think.” Okay, Korbyn had too much to drink. I didn’t know if this was his words or was it the alcohol talking for him. He was pouring his heart out to me. He was coming closer into me every second. Invading my space without a conscious, “I have been thinking about you and everything you mean.” He whispered staring at me without blinking. “What you did for me is stuck… it’s stuck up here.” He pointed at his temple. “It won’t leave. It sits there all night and day. I can’t get it out of my head for nothing.” I didn’t know how to respond to him. I just listened to his thoughts wondering if it was real. Even though I was silent it didn’t prevent him from going on, and on. He kept whispering lusty, sexy thoughts in my ear. Pressing his slender body over mine. He wanted a reaction or something to know that our romance hadn’t died completely. After a minute, I stopped resisting his body contact. I let his firm abs rub against mine. His drunk body leaned on mine with his head on my shoulder for support. He started to talk gibberish in my ear. “What did you say?” Right then, he started asking me, “Will you take me back?” it was something so strange to hear. It had to be the alcohol. Korbyn didn’t mean any of this. He probably wouldn’t remember any of it by tomorrow.” I’m sorry for ever, breaking up with you.” “I don’t know.” I tried avoiding it. “Please… please think about it.” “Okay, I will think about it.” He wouldn’t let it rest. He wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. He put his red lips to my ear, “I was mad that day. I was a loser that day. You were right about everything, I’m sorry.” He licked my ear tenderly, leaving a wet cool stain. Then he did it again, “You thinking about it?” “Give me time.” I was trying not to fall for this drunk person. It was sweet and everything but what is it, if he didn’t remember it? What did this mean, if he didn’t mean to go this far? He started kissing my cheeks. When that didn’t work he kneeled before me. I started to blush when he stumble on his way down. “Oh Braylon, I bow to you.” I glanced around. As beautiful as this was, I tried not to show emotion. I was trying to hide the blush coming on. “Korbyn… you don’t have to do this. It’s okay, its fine, I heard you.” Did he listen? No. “Please forgive Korbyn, your ex-boyfriend.’” He rambled on with sincerity and slurs. His green eyes sparkling in the dark. “I know, just get up. I forgive you.” I was saying anything to get him to stand. To be honest, I was finding his submission hard to ignore. I loved it! He knew it. He kept his head down as he bowed. His golden spikey hair was only visible. “The only alpha that matters. I realized the color of your skin isn’t an issue, your feminine ways wasn’t an issue… I had the issue.” He gestured never meeting my eye. “Please, please…” It was getting hard not to take Korbyn back. I’ve never dreamed of him bowing to me. He always put up resistance. What was this?? When I wouldn’t reply, he broke. He begin to change before me like nothing. Then suddenly, Korbyn snapped out of his drunken stagger and slurring. It was like he had awakened from sleepwalking. “Braylon, I’m being serious,” He stated with a new calm. “I’m not that drunk… maybe a little tipsy but I really want you back.” He said standing up. It was all an act. I think when I told him he was just drunk and it was only the alcohol talking. He probably thought that wouldn’t work anymore. Him thinking that I couldn’t take his words seriously because he was acting drunk probably caused him to drop the performance and just tell what he was here for. I chuckled, blushing from his little charade. I thought it was cute, drunk or not. I almost fell for him again. What should I say?? Things were flying in my head. I wanted to answer him, but every time I had the answer, the answer changed, and I had to reconsider the new answer. What do I do? Yes or No? Yes or No? Yes or No? Pick one. Circle one. Say ‘yes’, and be with the guy that hurt you. That has caused open attacks from Missy. Your ex-boyfriend and old enemy. Say ‘no’, and maybe you will be lonely forever. You might start wanting him back just when he has moved on. You could miss out on a shot at love… or even worse: say no, and Andrea ends up with him. “Look at what I have on,” Korbyn broke my concentration. Turning around, unzipping his pants, and pulling them down a little. I was surprised at his courage when he was so quick to drop his pants just below his butt. His underwear were black with a pink ‘B’ on the butt. “Korbyn I’ll think about it.” I sighed trying to avoid his sad emotional green eyes. He pulled his pants up and fasten them, “Ok…” he let out, as if he were thinking to himself ‘he did too much’. At that moment my senses were opening things up. I could feel something hanging around in the air of the night. It was a mixture of feelings building up. It wasn’t all Korbyn, oh no. This was a new presence. Something I haven’t felt in a while. The light feeling I had was making chills go up my spine because as distant as my heart was to the feeling, I recognized it for what it was. The noise of the party behind me seemed to decrease. Korbyn was moving in slow motion. I was beginning to feel the effects of something, and it wasn’t alcohol or any other drug… and it wasn’t Korbyn. Braylon get yourself in line. What are you doing? Your emotions are leaking out. At first I thought I was suffering from a breakdown after all the things Missy did. I thought it was all catching up to me. Then my mind tried to shield me for another attack. My inner alpha began to rise… Or was that my heart swelling? What is wrong with me right now? This wasn’t happening earlier! These emotions just hit me out of nowhere and I couldn’t identify where I knew them from or why they were coming back. It felt right, then it would feel wrong. It was a battle happening in the chambers of my very beating heart. It was all happening so fast and I didn’t know what was fighting, or who. I didn’t know anything. Was it Korbyn? No it can’t be. I would know for sure. It has to be a mixture of feelings for something else… or someone… I don’t know. “Braylon?” Suddenly I heard a deep voice. It wasn’t coming from Korbyn, but it was coming from behind him. The voice caught Korbyn by surprise too. It had style to it, and the slang was wrapped in the words so heavy it ripped with a sudden passion. When I saw who the voice belong to, it tore me in half. It told me why I was feeling what I was feeling. It explained why I was feeling so weird a moment ago. “Braylon, I’ve missed you!” Korbyn stared in my direction, looking slightly unpleased with the voice. Then I felt strong arms wrap me in an unforgettable hug. Squeezing me like I never felt before. I smelled something odd and familiar. It was taking my breath from me how he showed up. It had been a long while. The hug we shared was different. This was one of those hugs that came from a missing part of yourself, that makes you hang on to the contact of their physicality because there is no words that are good enough to greet the person. There was probably so much that I wanted to say, so much to know, so much to ask, but the only thing I was doing, was letting him hold me. This wasn’t the part where we talk… this was the part where we hug. Where we simply submerge ourselves in each other’s presence. All I could do was hug him back and close my eyes. My heart was going crazy, beating like it had been trying to reach out for this particular connection. This particular guy… this type of closure only he could give. How could I have forgotten him? He was M.I.A.. Where had he been? How did my feelings know he was here before I actually did? When we pulled away from the long warm hug, I opened my eyes. When I looked into the natural, true indigo eyes of Mitch, all the questions answered themselves.
  9. Korbyn severed our emotional ties. It was hard to hear him say the words. It left me dizzy. I thought maybe an apology would come to clean up my messy day. I only got the worst in the end… a break up. I know we broke up, but I still hung on to his gifts. I reread the card he left me over a million times. My body had been so stretched to its limits. I was emotionally hurt, and physically tired, From all the heart breaking things I faced on Valentine’s day, I didn’t think I could feel anything anymore. After Korbyn’s words, I lost connection with those emotions we shared. I know the pain had set in somewhere, it left me empty and blank. The days carried on. I didn’t show any signs of distress. Jade would catch me alone and ask questions out of concern. Korbyn was being a good gamma in the group. He still contributed more of his thoughts and plans to the clique meetings. That’s the only thing we talked about as a broken couple… clique business. There was nothing more than a friendship. Ryan saw me and said ‘hi’. Keylan asked me: how was everyone in the clique? All I told him was, ‘Things couldn’t be better.’ I couldn’t believe he said he missed being in the clique. It was nice to hear. Besides that, all the meetings that we held we weren’t able to predict Missy’s next move. My mind was blocked off by the break up that happened. It’s hard not to think about. The bell rang for lunch. There was a herd of wild students who ran to lines like they’ve never seen food before. What was the big rush? I was one of the last students in my line to get a salad. I could take my sweet time getting my food, because when you are a social leader, you always have a spot reserved for yourself. The other lunch lines had a few people in them, so I wasn’t that late. Strutting to my table after getting my granola bar, I walked passed my fans. Giving all of the low rate students a look at what they could never become… ME. I heard giggles coming from some of the tables. I walked passed them, knowing it was clearly jealousy. They were laughing but I knew it was only fake laughs. The closer I walked to my table I heard students snickering like idiots. It wasn’t my fault I was born to be popular. Laugh about that. I suddenly stopped walking. It was like my legs were stuck in some glue. ‘This is only a dream I told myself.’ As I stared at my table, I kept telling myself it was only a dream over and over again. This is real! Standing inches away from my table, the problem was, I couldn’t sit anywhere at my own table. There was a reason why. Then out of nowhere it all started to make sense. This is why those low lives were snickering as I made my way to the table. Sitting at my table, was Missy. She was accompanied by Sarah, Hannah, and Andrea. The four of them were having a good time, as if this was where they sat every single day. Seeing them taking my throne, made me want to hurl. This was disrespectful! This was an outrage! How could they sit at my table carrying on a conversation like nothing was wrong? The other problem was, these girls weren’t alone. It was others with them at our table. They invited company to my table. Which were the jocks. These guys taking the other seats at the table were athletic and rough. They were all wearing lettermens and flirting with the girl plastics. I saw boys who ran track, played basketball, and football. All of them gathered around Missy and her clique like she was the Queen Bee. These guys were so mesmerized by Missy, it was obvious she had them wrapped around her fingers. This was her attack! She had planned her attack all week, right under my nose. That’s why I kept seeing her with all these guys in the halls. At first I thought she hired security, but I see she was only getting enough bodies to take over the A-list table. She isn’t getting away with this! She can’t! There is no way I’m going to let this continue. I had to take a few breaths before confronting Missy. I didn’t want her to think she was getting to me with her attack. I had to play it cool. This was what everyone was laughing about. This is what they were waiting to see. Okay Missy. It’s show time! I approached the table faking a smirk. Missy had her head turned talking to big puppy eyed, gum chewing Sarah. Hannah was sitting there with a glossy pink smile letting the jock boys touch her bleach blond hair. Something they obsessed over. She was loving it. Andrea being the new girl at school, and the newest member of their clique, was getting loads of attention too. The jocks couldn’t resist her. I’m sure they thought they were pretty, but I am about to end their fun. When Missy never turned to look at me, I grew a little impatient. “Ahem!” I coughed getting her attention. “Missy, you seem misguided today. I know you want my power and fame,” I nastily added, staring deviously at her, “but let’s be serious. You aren’t me. So get up! Shaking her blonde hair, giving me a small laugh, “Braylon, what are you crying about?” She said earning a few deep laughs from the boys. I was out numbered here. She did her math as well as her plan. “Did you wake up in a new world today?” I asked her, ignoring the jocks. “You’re trespassing on my territory. Like I told you before, Get up!” this was insane. I couldn’t take this. That was my territory. No one ever dared sit at my table in the history of high school. Missy tossed her hair to one side blocking me out. She acted like I wasn’t standing there anymore. She was completely ignoring me, and not taking my words seriously. She then resumed her conversation talking to her girls again. What is this? I will not be humiliated! Missy was whispering, and Sarah’s big eyes were squinted from laughing. Hannah was leaning on this other guy holding her mouth trying hard not to laugh. While Andrea was so ugly, sitting there trying to whisper insults about me with Missy. I could hear, you know. “Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!” The boys were in fits of laughter. Nothing was that funny. The whole scene Missy created made me so embarrassed. She made sure to have the numbers on her side. So that no matter how lame her jokes were they packed a punch because her friends would laugh with her. This was ridiculous. She takes over MY table and had people all around me, laughing at me. I held my tray lowering it, waiting for the laughing to stop, so I could be heard. Missy turned to face me, “Oh, you’re still there??” She acted so shocked. “That’s weird, I thought you ran off.” By this time Jade and Korbyn had come to stand on both sides of me. They had finally got out of the lunch lines and saw that our table had been compromised. They were exchanging confused looks at each other as to what was happening. “Duh, I’m still here.” I harshly told Missy. Gaining energy from my guys. My team… my clique. “You are at my table. I’m not going anywhere until I get my seat.” Sarah and Missy gave each other looks as if they were disagreeing with what I just said. Then at the same time they both looked at me. “Oh, Missy lighten up. I think you are making Braylon cry…” Sarah smacked on her gum saying, “Maybe we should give him his table back.” It was a taunt. The jocks at the table broke out in giggles, and my smirk was breaking into a frown. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I felt like I was losing control over everything! “No Sarah I can’t do that.” Missy crudely said, “Braylon has to learn who wears the social crown at this school.” She chuckled at my frown. “Even if it means he has to cry.” “Wow Sarah.” Jade said with boredom, “It makes you a true beta to follow in Missy’s footsteps. Even if you know she isn’t designed for a throne. She can think she wants Braylon’s crown, but sorry to say the crown isn’t a one size fits all.” Jade realized that I needed back up. I was so grateful for him saying something, instead of me standing in silence. “You know what they say,” Korbyn decided to come in, “if the crown fits wear it.” He smiled a bit. “Looks like the crown was fitted only for Braylon. You tried it on, and it seems you can’t fit his crown. I suggest you step down and step away from the table.” Thank you, Korbyn. It’s always good when your boyfriend comes in to the rescue… I mean when your best friend saves you. I have to get used to saying friend. Missy remained. She was sitting there unmoved, and unbothered by Korbyn’s threat. She and her girl plastics didn’t seem the least bit affected by any of our remarks. “I’m not moving.” Missy stated in a chirp with her eyes closed. Hearing her calm unfazed tone, I felt like she was challenging me. Trying to have a face off with me. If she wouldn’t move, I would have to move her. Getting physical is never an option, but this looks like a job for it. I stepped closer to the table, thinking of all the ways I could snatch her out of my seat by her long blond hair. “OOOh, Oooh Missy. Can I please do the honors?” Exclaimed Sarah on my nearing approach her eyes getting even bigger. For some reason she wasn’t threatened by my approach but more excited that I tried to do it. What honors was this beta trash talking about? Was something else coming? Did I walk into a trap? What was happening? “Sarah shut up!” I snapped rudely at her. “You keep drinking haterade, I hear it is loaded with vitamins like ‘F’ and ‘U’.” “Don’t worry Sarah I can handle this.” Missy said quieting everybody, and stopping Sarah from saying something back. I could feel the entire cafeteria watching the scene. I knew all the eyes were on me, because the stares burned from my back, and on my sides. “Braylon, I’m going to ask you to back away from the table, and not take another step forward.” Missy put it in a nice way. So nice that it was so disgusting. Like she meant no harm. “I’m just going to ask you to leave our table, or I will make you leave.” She said. Jade followed behind me, “Humph.” He sighed disbelieving Missy could do anything to make us leave. Korbyn from behind me spoke, “Make us leave?” he disagreed. “More like make us laugh.” The three of us laughed at his response. I stared into Missy’s eyes challenging her now. Challenging her Alpha to do what she said. There was no way she was going to make us leave our own table. I wanted to show everyone how much of an empty threat she was. We planted our feet where we stood. Unmoved. “Missy the joke is on you.” I sneered at her. “Just get up. You already made yourself look enough of a fool for one day.” She put her head down shaking it. As if we didn’t get something. Her shoulders jumped as she laughed to herself. She then gave me a nasty smile. “Sorry Braylon, I asked you to leave. I didn’t want to have to do this…” “Do what?” I said, wishing she would get up and try something. I was sick of her. Missy glanced around at each of the girl plastics in turn, and each of them giving her a nod as she met eyes with them. It was like they all had agreed on something. Missy then put her elbow on the table, scowling with a slimy smirk, “BOYS.” She snapped her fingers. “Get this loser away from MY table… I meant throne.” Sarah, Hannah, and Andrea’s faces beamed with excitement. It was like they were watching an action movie. What did she mean by, boys? Suddenly all of the heavy muscular athletes sitting at the table rose slowly from their seats. They were taking off their lettermens. These guys were even bigger when they stood up. I felt like a mouse in the shadow of a thousand giants. The biggest one of them who flirted with Missy a lot, rolled his neck around and a different guy rotated his shoulders. They were about to pound me. Uh-oh. The jocks were in full effect. They weren’t only at the table to take up our seats, they were there to make sure everything went according to Missy’s plan. They were her muscles. They were her guard dogs… Their gestures made my alpha spirit deflate. I couldn’t stand there. These guys were really going to kill me! Missy had protection and force. She spent time rallying troops just to take over my throne. Why didn’t I see it? I should have thought this up in the meetings. The students in the cafeteria weren’t being a good audience. They could smell my fear. They were so entertained by my embarrassment. I could hear it all happening behind me as I stood face to face with these jocks. I can’t take this. I started sweating and heat began to rise in my face. I didn’t know what to do. If I stayed here I would be smashed by these guys no doubt but if I left it would be like I am a punk. A little punk who gave Missy what she wanted. It would prove all in one move that she was wearing the crown. It was a trap. “Braylon, what do we do?” Jade whispered staring at the boulder sized guys. I could hear that he was scared as well. Him being my beta, and not knowing what to do almost sent me into a frenzy. “I…um…I…” Everything was switching off. I couldn’t think of what to do. I was out numbered, out muscled, and out maneuvered. Missy was embarrassing me at my own table… I could feel the crown slipping away... She was way worse than she once was in middle school. “Braylon?” Jade panicked. Korbyn voluntarily grabbed Jade by the arm, whispering something to him. Whatever he was saying, I hope it would get me out of this mess. I had accused him of not being clique worthy, but if he had a plan, I would erase those words. One of the biggest jocks took a step forward when he noticed I didn’t move. While Missy and her girls were dying with laughter. She sat there unscathed, giving me a smile and looking at me waving ‘Bye-bye’. She knew the move she played only left me with two options. Either way it goes, I was going to go ‘bye-bye’. I took a step back when the big guy came forward too close. Where the heck is my inner alpha? I always have told myself never back down from anyone. It was a sure sign of weakness… but this time I had no choice. I took another step back hearing people laughing. Then another step, then another, and another until I finally turned away from the whole scene of the table heading for their old table. If I could do nothing else I could take her table, right? I didn’t know what else to do. I knew this was making me look weak on all counts. Shockingly, when I got to the girl plastic’s table, I couldn’t sit there either. The geeky girl with the bad built body and her mix matched socks was there laughing at me with her dorky friends. The cafeteria started to laugh louder when they saw I had nowhere to run. Missy had thought steps ahead of me in this plan. A blast of burning heat shot through me. I tried finding a different place to sit. Moving through the ocean of laughing high schoolers. I was trying to hurry and find a nice sitting place. I didn’t want to sit by any losers, and I didn’t want to stand up getting laughed at either. It was no use. Every table I turned to wasn’t worth it. I saw a table where David sat, but I ruined him too bad to sit there. (Not that he would let me). I saw Keylan and Ryan but the table they sat at wasn’t enough for three. I had to get away! While I ran around aimlessly, Korbyn was somewhere. He and Jade went off to make these losers give up their table. They both came over to rescue me from running around blindly. I guess that was Korbyn’s plan he whispered earlier. He was a good Gamma. If it wasn’t for him I think my fall would have been a lot worse. When I finally sat down, I felt like all of my blood was drained. Missy set this all up! She plotted everything so neatly and sneaky. I looked at Jade and Korbyn in defeat. I failed to come out of Missy’s first plan unscathed. If this was only the beginning of a war, what else did she have set up for me? My clique had never seen me like this. Ever! They both had sad faces too. It was very quiet at this new table. None of us could speak. I didn’t know what to say. I was… I was scrambling for anything to tell them. Instead I tried to eat my salad. I had been standing all lunch period trying to get my table back and lost. Now I’m at an unknown location trying to fill my hungry stomach. When I took the first bite of lettuce the bell rung. My stomach growled letting me know, Missy had planned that too… No lunch! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My classes inched by. I was hungry, upset, and embarrassed. The next few days my clique had to continue sitting at our new seating arrangement. It was uncomfortable. The lighting here was dull, and the tables that surrounded us were full of losers. While Missy was loving her new table. Her girls were having fun at my old table. It was a disgusting sight to see. I wanted to blame Korbyn for all of this happening. He was the one Andrea liked. He was the one wearing her necklace despite what they did. He was the one who broke up with me, and made me lose focus. All of that, is the reason I couldn’t see what was coming. Things were hard. I knew my inner alpha was in me somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. After what happened a few days ago it seemed to evaporate. I had to reconnect myself with myself. I couldn’t live a popular life broken in two. To regain myself I had to call an emergency meeting. Which is normally held at Jade’s house, but since he told me his mom was home, we had to meet at a new spot. I decided to hold the meeting at Starbucks. I figured we could use a day out. To get away from the drama, and have talk time. I was already seated. Jade entered Starbucks calmly. His tight skin looking freshly cleaned. His black hair brushed low and in place. He definitely was looking sexy, mature and suave. He took his seat across from me. I thought it would be good for my nerves to sit at a table near a window. I wanted to chat, gossip, plot, and enjoy a view to clear my emotions. What I was dealing with was not easy. The whole impression of the place put a whole new outlook on things for me. I was already starting to feel calm, and find my center. Jade and I sat there as he ordered a latte. The both of us around a thick concentrated smell of coffee. I ordered a vanilla Frappuccino. This was one of my favorite flavors served here. For a minute there was not a single word said. Jade watched me careful of what to say. The only thing you could hear was us sipping our cold coffees without murmuring a sound. Watching people around us quietly eat muffins and drink hot coffee. It seemed they were enjoying the delightful setting as much as us. Jade’s full lips connected with the tip of his black straw. He made eyes at me studying my mood. Trying to test and see when was the right time to speak… or if he had permission to speak. Not taking a chance at conversation, he stirred his coffee using his straw and looked out the window beside us. I wanted him to talk first. I don’t know if he could see it on my face or not, but I couldn’t be the first to talk. I still feel like I let him down. I was busy sipping vanilla and trying to flip through my file of problems. “Where is Korbyn?” Jade broke the silence taking his cell phone from his pocket. He looked at it checking the time. “He said he would be here.” I informed him taking another sip. It was good Jade knew to start the conversation. He knew me so well. Jade swallowed back, “It’s been ten minutes pass the time we scheduled to meet.” “You do have a point.” We waited for Korbyn to show up. We had to start the meeting soon. The importance of the meeting was vital. We had to get Missy back. Something had to be done about my throne, and I had to reconnect with my inner alpha. Ten minutes later Korbyn never showed up. I was so irritated by him. He was causing too many things to happen. This is why I was so hard on him. Small slip-ups can throw us in a world of trouble. There is no excuse for him to be missing a meeting. He lied to me. What is wrong with him lately? We finished our drinks. Korbyn had shown no signs of coming. No calls, no text, no arrival, nothing. I took the lead in starting the meeting without him. He will answer to me later for his failure to appear. I started telling Jade how I felt. Pouring out to him about the break up with Korbyn, and the Missy mishap that happened. It was something that I needed to get off of my chest, and talking to Jade was relieving some of that pain I carried by myself. Jade’s eyes were staring deeply at me as I went through my side of the story. He was entranced by everything I was saying. He was looking at me like it was only us in Starbucks. When I finished, he had awaken from his long stare. Then he started to console and comfort me. “You are Mr. America to me and everyone else.” That’s when the compliments started. Jade’s support was really what I needed. He was helping me. “You are like, the male Barbie.” “No worries about Missy. The crown still fits you, and only you.” His words were sinking in. My inner alpha was making a connection with me again. It was weak, I could feel it, but jade was bringing it back with his beta spirit. Jade continued saying things until I could feel my inner alpha ascending. Jade’s voice cut off. It was like someone playing your favorite song and as soon as it got to your favorite part, they switch the song. I was puzzled as to why Jade stopped the inspiring words. When I saw him looking out the window, I followed his eyes to see what it was that had stunned him. “Oh no!” A sweet voice behind us chirped. It couldn’t be! I looked behind me to see Missy! How did she find us here? What was she doing now? Wasn’t lunch enough? “Is that your car Jade?” Missy she pointed out the window, faking her concern. Sarah was right behind Missy, along with Hannah and Andrea. They all laughed as Jade dropped everything and ran out of Starbucks chasing after his expedition. “I hope you have a way home.” Missy called to me still using that yucky sweet voice. “I guess we will see you lat… I mean at school.” She laughed at her little joke, leaving Starbucks drinking a coffee. Jade came rushing back in moments later flustered. His suave yellow skin had tints of red. His fist hit the table, “My car got towed away!” He gritted his teeth. We were stuck at Starbucks now. Korbyn had not showed up, and Missy had struck again. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My brother Jason, drove to Starbucks to get Jade and I. I had never been so glad to see my brother in my life. I was so excited to see Jason that I hadn’t realized he was meeting Jade. Something I wasn’t expecting. Of course he knew of Jade, but never met him. This was something I wanted to avoid. When Jade met Jason, it wasn’t something I intended; surprisingly, Jason was nice to Jade. He was so nice to Jade that he started a small conversation with him. Trying to see where he lived, and what kind of person he was. It was so weird to me. Jason dropped Jade off at his house. When Jade left that’s when my brother snapped into big brother mode, being over protective of me like always. He started asking question. “Why were you stranded at Starbucks?” After answering one of his questions I had to answer another one. Soon, Jason knew everything that happened at school. The only thing he had to say was, “I told you, you were deceitful. Looks like you’ve finally met your match.” His last words echoed in my head. ‘Finally met your match.’ ‘Finally met your match.’ ‘Finally met your match.’ Jade’s mom yelled at him. She was so angry because she had to retrieve the car for a price. All night on the phone Jade and I couldn’t say a word to each other. We were dealing with everything on our plates. What made us madder than anything Korbyn wasn’t answering our phone calls or text messages. Jade told me he thinks Korbyn quit on us. The cafeteria was too much for him. It made sense. When things get bad people leave you. Only the strong ones stick around. I felt something inside of me descending once again. My world had caved in. Things were coming at me so fast. I didn’t know what to do. Korbyn had given up on us… How could he? I was worrying myself at night. Wondering what Missy was going to do? I laid there in the dark hugging the bear Korbyn gave me. I can’t lose. I can’t give up. I can’t keep letting my clique… well Jade, take damage with me. The next day, I barley woke up. I felt like I was dying. School was a place I didn’t want to go. I had to see the girl plastics with the jocks, and the embarrassment of eating lunch at a lame table. Once again, Korbyn failed to show his face. I was really counting on him being at school today. So we can hold a meeting. My plans were cancelled though. If Korbyn would do something right, we wouldn’t be open for all these attacks. UGH! I went through my classes lagging in a dull sense. I wasn’t paying attention to my work. Instead, I was in deep thought praying I wouldn’t be caught off guard. When the lunch bell rang. I felt dread hit me in the chest. I had to live through another day of eating lunch away from my original table. “Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz.” I looked at my phone vibrating phone. Waiting to see if Jade was giving me a heads up, or telling me he was being attacked. I need help! I know it’s lunch time but I need you guys to stop by. I’m sick and my dad left two hours go. Korbyn text me! The message sounding frightening. I knew he wasn’t at school. I found Jade as soon as I could. Since it was only Jade and myself at school, we had already made plans to skip lunch. Which was a lucky move, because Korbyn needed us. If we help him, maybe he will come back and we could hit Missy hard. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We drove off campus to a nearby store, getting weird looks from older couples and adults alike. They were probably thinking ‘shouldn’t you be at school?’ but we didn’t care. Our mission was to help Korbyn. I bought a few items and we rushed back to the road. It took us about ten minutes to get from the store to Korbyn’s house. When we arrived, I happen to notice this was my first time at his house. The house had luxury written all over it. There was a pool in his front yard that glittered with blue water. The grass was trimmed low. There was a curved cement walk-way leading to dark green hedges. Jade was awe struck by the scenery around Korbyn’s house. I was amazed too. Walking down the cement walk-way, we were faced with two French doors waiting for us to enter. At our knock. We heard feet moving towards the doors. Then the door swung open, and Korbyn stood before us… well I don’t know if I could call this guy Korbyn. Under his eyes were dark sagging bags. It made him look odd. He lost his model look. He let us inside. My eyes went from wall to wall checking out his dad’s taste in decoration. The picture frames, and vases matched each other. The tables were neatly adding to the quality of the home. Is Korbyn rich? Korbyn’s arms and legs were pale white. They lost a lot of color due to his sickness. He was even moving like an old man to the couch were he laid down. He was sick for real! I was so angry for him not coming to the meeting, or to school. Seeing him in this awful condition changed my mind about things. Barley moving his head, his low lidded eyes found me, “I haven’t eaten anything all day. I need a bath because I have been sweating from my fever.” He was complaining in mumbles. His voice wasn’t the same either. “I have been so uncomfortable laying on this couch. I have been dealing with migraines… everytime I try to do something on my own, I feel dizzy.” When he finished he let out a cough that made me feel sorry for him. He tried to cover his mouth but he seemed too weak to do that. I couldn’t take the sight of him down like this. I went straight into business mode. I had to take care of my members. After all, he did call me for help. He knew I would come no matter the case. “Where is the kitchen?” “Where is the bathroom?” Korbyn pale thin arm pointed down the halls telling us where. I told Jade to warm the chicken and rice soup we bought him from the store. (I’m glad I made the stop by the store.) When Jade was finished I sent him to run a warm bubble bath. While Jade was handling those things, I stayed by the couch next to Korbyn keeping a close eye on him. I didn’t want to leave him unattended. He didn’t look like he was going to live and that scared me. I kept him talking, and made sure to talk to him in a quiet low voice. His migraine had to be killing him. I didn’t want to make anything worse but I had to talk with him to be sure he was still with us. His green eyes were unfocused, staring at me. “I’m sorry… I haven’t answered your phone calls. I’ve been feeling sick.” He told me. He grabbed my hand. I had not realized his hand slipping into mine. He then squeezed my hand pretty tightly to be in the bad shape he was. “It’s okay, It’s okay.” I whispered to him, while holding his hand. “We are in this together. If you are sick, then we all are. I have to take care of you.” I petted his blond hair with my other hand as I spoke softly to him. “I’m glad you called.” He closed his dark ringed eyes, as if he was sleepy as I rubbed his hair “I didn’t want you guys to think I quit on you…” he said in a stuffy voice. “We didn’t think that.” I smiled at him lying. Soon Jade came in the living room carrying a warm bowl of soup. I reached for the bowl as Jade handed it off to me. I kneeled next to the couch sticking the spoon in the soup. I scooped some out and put it to Korbyn’s lips. He started to eat. The first two bites he was very slow and shaky when he ate. His throat was so dry from coughing he could not swallow. I was happy to see him eating every bite with ease now. Jade smiled at me for some reason. I guess he loved how I would do anything to make sure my clique guys were in top shape. Korbyn ate all of his soup like a big boy. I was so proud of him. This was a special moment to me. It really made me put the break-up behind me. Korbyn was my ex, but he knew who to call when he was in trouble no matter if we didn’t resolve our problems. It was quite funny thinking about how I was his ex but still helping him as he suffers. I don’t think that is a common thing for most people. Shortly after eating, Jade and I braced Korbyn as he stood up from the couch. He leaned on us heavily. We walked him to the bathroom where a bubble bath was awaiting him. I respected his privacy by turning round while he undressed himself and stepped into the warm suds. When I saw he was safely in the bathtub I stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Jade was standing in the hall outside the bathroom. He was happy for some reason. “O-M-G. That was so cute.” Jade chanted excitedly, “but most importantly, Korbyn didn’t quit the clique.” I was excited too but I still wondered how I was going to get Missy back. “Braylon!” Korbyn’s voice gave a shriek behind the door. Opening the door, I walked in to check on him. All he wanted was for me to wash his back. I didn’t mind doing it for him, only because I thought he was special. I voluntarily washed his arms and hair. I thought he would stop me before I got too carried away but he just closed his eyes. Letting me do as I wished, letting me care for him in my own way. When I finished he gave me a solid, “Thanks.” He dried himself off putting on a fresh new pair of clothes. We helped him back to the couch were we gave him a pillow to prop himself upright and threw a new blanket over his body. I hope he was feeling better. If not, I hope he gets well soon. We needed him. “Okay,” Jade said looking at his phone. “We have to leave, like now.” When we were saying our good-byes Korbyn wouldn’t stop staring at me. It was like he didn’t want me to leave his house or leave him. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking or feeling by the stare he gave. One thing I do know is: When he called I came. I did my part as an alpha. We made it to school in time. We didn’t get to eat lunch but I really didn’t want to eat. The way things were going in the cafeteria made me hate lunch. Plus Korbyn’s health mattered more than anything. Jade kept asking me did I see Korbyn’s privates when I was bathing him. For the hundredth time I told him ‘I couldn’t see past the bubbles.’ I wanted to see his privates I really did but I figured it would have to be a time when he wasn’t sick. It dawned on me that Korbyn trusted me. He trusted me a lot more than I thought. I see why, the cupcake ordeal got him upset. He put more into his trust than I gave him credit for. Late that night a weird feeling crept over me. I lay in my bed cuddled with the white bear Korbyn sent me on Valentine’s day. For some reason when I hugged the bear, I could feel it hugging me back this time. Trying to make me remember something I forgot… but I didn’t know what.
  10. Korbyn grabbed the string of the balloon Andrea gave him. He wasted no time to open the envelope tied to the end of the white designed balloon’s string. Andrea stood over his shoulder, like Jade and I wasn’t there. Inside the envelope a necklace fell out. Korbyn was ecstatic to receive this piece of jewelry. His entire mood was shifted. He was enjoying the gift. I could see it in his eyes and in his smile. “Thanks, I really like it.” Korbyn exclaimed to Andrea. When his thanks was given, that was all Andrea needed. How is this happening? Someone flirting with my boyfriend right in front of me… NO! This is unreal. I thought Missy told Andrea to back off? Who was I kidding. I should have known Missy had other plans. She would make sure her girls got what they wanted. It was a direct quote from her mouth. I hope she is going to have Andrea’s back when I wreck her life. Because I clearly said: ‘No’ about this Korbyn thing. I stand by that answer all the way. I have a feeling Missy told Andrea, to wait until Valentine’s Day so she could try to win Korbyn over with affection and gifts. It seemed to be working too. This had to be an alpha’s plan. This had to be Missy’s work. When Korbyn read the note and she gave him a flirty small talk, “I’ll see you later Korbi,” she pranced off eating my cupcake. I wanted that… Well, I do want it now since she was eating it. That has to be a sign, and not a good sign either. When Andrea was at her table, I had to regroup my thoughts. Korbyn was fiddling with the necklace he got, staring at it with enormous eyes. “Korbyn, get rid of her gifts this instant.” I could feel lighting striking inside of me, every second he admired her stupid cheap balloon and necklace. “What was that ‘Korbi’ crap about?” Jade disgustedly questioned, “Missy did that. I can tell.” he concluded taking the words out of my mouth. “This has her stench all over it.” No one was going to disobey my orders. When I told Missy ‘no Korbyn’, I meant it. This is not a game. My boyfriend is not up for negotiation. Andrea doesn’t know what ‘No’ means. I think I’m going to have to show her what no looks like. I was talking to Jade when I noticed Korbyn was still fixated on his new gifts, “Throw her gifts away, Korbyn!” I couldn’t hold back the force. It shot out. “NOW!” how could he still be playing with those trashy gifts? I’m all he needs. I gave him shades. What does he need with a necklace? “I’ll think about it.” He mumbled, staring at the thin necklace thinking about something. “Think about it? I am your alpha. I gave you a command,” I hissed with venom. “This isn’t something you get to think about, follow IT!” Korbyn rubbed his eyes like he was bored, “Well she at the cupcakes without any complaints of poison. She seems to appreciate me, and doesn’t talk down to me.” “Appreciate??” Jade and I both said at the same time. How could he? This is a betrayal unlike any. My mind had blocked everything off. My temper was shooting up. I was getting upset about this whole thing. Andrea walks over here, eats my cupcake, gives my boyfriend a gift, then he has the nerve to disobey my orders? Now he’s defending her? Missy must have been watching our reactions. I could hear the girl plastics laughing and slapping high-fives. At this point I just didn’t want to be here. Jade was getting on to Korbyn about defending Andrea. It felt nice that someone understood how I felt about this whole ordeal. I know I’m not the perfect boyfriend but Korbyn took up for her. He took up for her! What kind of crap was that? I’m hurt by this. I feel like I’m falling from a ten story building. A strong uncomfortable feeling waved over me. I put my head down on the lunch table because I didn’t know what else to do. I was breaking down on the inside, and I didn’t want anyone to know it. There was a soreness breaking through. Minutes after, I gave in to the soreness. It conquered my heart so fast. I felt my limbs aching. The distress was clouding my thinking, sucking me in and spitting out my remains. I lifted my head from the table to look around the cafeteria. I was hoping nobody knew anything was wrong. Right in front of me, Korbyn and Jade were still in a heated argument. It looked like the clique was falling apart. Everything I worked to establish in this clique was coming apart. All because of a new girl with a crush, and her stupid gifts. I can’t do this… I can’t let this happen… I can’t believe, today of all days. Not today. Not on Valentine’s day. Missy was doing exactly what she wanted. Planting the seed of division between us. If Korbyn disobeys me, he will be under his own free will. If he is under his own will, then Andrea will swim in to take him. I had no idea he would have this nature in him. Yes, he did a lot of things last semester, but this is crazy. All the kisses felt like nothing now. All the things Korbyn did for me… felt like they didn’t have an existence. “… You were wrong for that Korbyn! Braylon shouldn’t have to tell you to get rid of the gifts. You as a man, should have done away with the gifts. Instead, you turn into a little punk, and somehow defend a z-list smut?” Jade eyes squinted as he rambled in my defense. “You’re the punk!” Korbyn aimed back at Jade. His face steamed with anger. “By the way, if you didn’t notice, Braylon wasn’t going to eat the cupcake anyway. So there is no point in getting mad. All she did was give me a gift.” There he was defending that tramp again. “So, shut up! None of this has anything to do with you.” “If it has anything to do with Braylon it is my business,” Jade face went into fire, “and you know Andrea likes you, so those are more than gifts. I’ve never seen a more irresponsible, idiot child in my life.” “Braylon’s love life, is separated from this clique, which means it has nothing to do with you!” Korbyn began pointing his finger in Jade’s face. “You should worry about C.J. instead of Braylon.” Jade slapped Krobyn’s finger down out of his face making it hit the table, “No! You listen to me! It takes a mentally injured jerk, to do what you just did, and don’t tell me what I need to worry about.” Korbyn’s body posture changed. It was more aggressive, “Don’t touch me!” He rose out of his seat with a growl. “Don’t put your finger in my face then!” Jade stood up sharply. “Hey!” I squeaked. I didn’t know my voice was out of order too. I swallowed trying to get my regular voice back. “You guys stop for a second.” I quietly told them feeling wooziness. Suddenly they both stopped their rants. They stood there staring at each other like two uncaged pit bulls. Soon, they both eased back down into their seats, watching each other the whole way down. Making sure neither made a false move. “Korbyn,” I looked at him, lowering my tone. Trying a different, kinder advance. My body didn’t want to face him, my eyes were even afraid to look at him, “Can you get rid of the gifts?” There was a sigh he gave. Then he rubbed the necklace between his fingers, and looked at the balloon, “I don’t want to.” was his calm statement. Jade began to say something but Korbyn interrupted. “…because, I like the gifts she gave, but it doesn’t mean I like her.” “How do we know that?” Jade countered with fierceness. “You know what, I don’t care who believes me anymore.” Korbyn strongly added. “Nobody trusts me anyway. So it doesn’t matter to me what you guys think.” “Hey! I’ve been good to you.” I confessed putting a hand over my chest. What he said was hurting me. “Don’t sit here throwing shade at me about trust, because I don’t like it.” I could feel myself on the verge of snapping. It wouldn’t be long before I did something vindictive. The immense pain was causing so many triggers to pull inside of me. Korbyn was about to say something else but I didn’t let him. “You want to throw shade? Well guess what, I have a few things I want to say,” there it was, rising from the inner alpha. The pain had turned into a weapon. It was too late. The alpha sprung forth in my time of hurt. For some reason it wasn’t going to let my exterior collapse even though my insides already did. “You are a mindless, metal mouth, loser of a boyfriend. The best word I can say that sums it up is LAME! You don’t listen to my needs or my wants. Most importantly, you are a freaking whiny little punk.” I was fueled with a fire. “All you do is cry when I give a command. Suck it up, and grow up! If I don’t trust you or anybody else…. So what? Get over it Korbyn! Stop being a B-list softy.” Korbyn stared at me like something struck him so hard he could barely breathe. It looked like for a minute I could see straight through him. His green eyes were out of order. “I-Is that how your truly feel about me? Huh?” He asked, “Really? I’m all of that?” I sat with my nose in the air. Almost regretting what I said, but when I looked at the gifts and remembered him wanting to keep them against my will it upset me. “Yes,” I said with no remorse. “Okay. Fine.” He shook his head, “I’m keeping the gifts.” He turned away from me in his seat. “Good keep them!” I shouted with acid. It was hurting me to hear him say that. He knew it. I was so sick, of this whole Valentines gift crap. Andrea is a tramp for this. Missy is an even bigger one for putting her up to it. This Tramp disrespected me on so many levels. She ate my cupcake, and gave my boyfriend a gift right in front of me. I can’t let this happen. They will think I am a push over. When have I ever been a push over? Not thinking, I yanked the balloon’s string, and snatched the card off of the table. Korbyn reached, after seeing what happened, “Give me that…” I ignored him, then handed the balloon to Jade as I dodged Korbyn’s grip. Looking at Jades pretty light smooth skin, I said, “Give them a warning.” Without a moment of waiting, Jade was walking away with the balloon. “Hey, Where is he-“ Korbyn was saying as Jade strutted over to the girl plastic’s lunch table. I sneered at Korbyn, ignoring the hurt within myself. What I was sending Jade to do was making everything better. If Korbyn gets angry then that will be too bad. He needs to see how I feel. He needs to learn his place. Whatever happens later I will deal with it. Looking at the envelope in my hands I twirled it in my fingers. We were both standing up at the table now. He watched with careful green eyes as I held the envelope. “Just give it back dude.” He wanted to come off nice but it wasn’t there. “Remember I told you to get rid of this?” I held the envelope up to him. I didn’t care who saw. This needed to be handled professionally. “This….Is…” I snarled tearing the envelope into many shreds, letting the white pieces of paper fall. “garbage…when…I say get rid of something… you do it.” I sprinkled the tiny pieces of paper over his food on his lunch tray. Korbyn gave the most dangerous, killer look I have ever seen him give. It was so deadly that I had never seen this look even when we were enemies. “YOU BITC-“ He was cut off by a “POW!” echoing throughout the whole cafeteria. The loud sound caught my focus and hindered Korbyn from calling me a name I already knew I was. Everyone in the cafeteria jerked at the sound. Wondering, and asking each other in mumbles, “What was that?” It was like hearing a gun shot. Over by the plastics table I saw Hannah covering her ears. Sarah was holding her neck, like she swallowed her gum, when the loud noise sounded. Missy leaned over holding on to that skank Andrea. Everyone wasn’t looking at the girls. They were looking at Jade. Who was stand at their table holding only a string. He popped the balloon. It was a great move. He really got their attention with that. “That was from Braylon.” Jade said to them. “Message to Missy: Play in your own territory.” He told her before marching away. He always knew how I wanted things handled whether I told him or not. “What? Why did you… Ugh! Braylon!” Korbyn was standing in my face, he was so mad. “I’m so sick of you… Don’t say anything else to me.” he hurried off running out of the cafeteria. “Bye, Korbyn.” I teased, “You forgot to thank me.” It pained me to say these things but I was left with no choice. Plus I had to retain my image in front of the crowd as alpha. Jade sat down. I knew from the look on his face and by what was going on in both of our lives, the remainder of this semester was about to get worse. Once everything calmed down something was unsettled in the atmosphere. Yes everything was calm, but I could feel something headed for me. I don’t know If it was Korbyn, or… Heels were clicking my way. Danger! Hovering my table with her girls, “Braylon! The social treaty is over!” Missy shouted, and everyone could hear it. “You’re done!” “I think the treaty was bound to break at some point.” I spoke as a fearless leader. I couldn’t show any signs of distraught even when one of my members walked out on me. “Missy, I think it’s about time I show you who’s the alpha that is wearing the social crown.” I gave a smirk that seemed unbothered. I could show no weakness especially not right now. Missy puffed putting her hand up, throwing off what I said. The she stormed out of the cafeteria with her army of skanks. Oh god. This is really bad. Right after Korbyn leaves, I get an invitation to war. A war that was going to be long, and very brutal. This is going to get ugly fast. In seventh grade we turned the school inside out. Now that we are seniors, fighting for the crown, who knows if there will be a school. This was a battle I had to win. I had to graduate with everyone knowing I was the king, and there will be none other like me when I am gone. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jade text me during my classes to keep me from feeling bad about what happened at lunch. It was strange I found myself texting him in return to support his hurt from C.J. Korbyn brought it up, and he went too far with that remark. Jade and I had to feed off of each other’s support. Between the new war that was coming and our spoiled relationships, our feelings had been shredded into pieces. It wasn’t like we had anyone else to talk to. The social treaty was over. Anytime, any day, any second, Missy could plot an attack on me. Jade knew what happened in seventh grade. Missy and her beta Sarah were sending out multiple attacks on my clique. Things got so bad, Ryan and Keylan started to back away. Jade was the only person who was giving ideas, and helping me go through with my plans. Jade was in a thin line of panic about Missy’s plans. He would stop randomly and ask ‘what do I think she was planning?’ or ‘When do I think she will attack?’ I soothed him, even though I know Missy will do something to get me back. Jade and I spent time texting about what are some possible things Missy could do to us, and things we could to do to counter attack. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In my sixth period class, the teacher stopped teaching. It was to allow the student council members to go around the school and deliver Valentine’s gifts to other students. It was a transaction set up by our school, and it was done every year. It gave people who had a crush on someone, a chance to mysteriously have their romantic gift delivered to that someone they were afraid to approach. It worked like this: Students would give their gifts to the student council early in the morning so they can hold the gift for them. It keeps other jealous people from stealing, or tampering with someone’s gifts. It helps someone pull off a surprise or even a secret admirer stay in the shadows. I thought the idea was neat, and romantic. The surprise and suspense it gives to the person who receives the gift is unimaginable. I was sitting there in class watching the Valentine’s transaction happen. The student council members were bringing people cards, boxes of chocolates, balloons, big Hershey kisses, and bouquets of flowers. Red, pink, and white wrappings, covering cups filled with M&M’s, hearts, and suckers. All these gifts from someone who cared for them, all of those gifts from someone who probably admired them from afar. One girl in my class, boyfriend sent her a card with a lollipop shaped like a heart. It said: ‘I love you’. There was a basket of assorted chocolates, and gum. Everything was pretty about it. Seeing her gift made me feel sadder. I wish my day would have gone something like that. “Here you go!” One of the student council girls said. She put a furry white bear on my desk. The bear had a red strip of ribbon tied around its neck. My look of confusion increased when she sat a small clear vase next to the bear. It was filled with water, and had a blossomed red rose leaning out of it. Just like the one I found on my porch. “Who is this from?” I asked her. She shook her head, “I don’t know. Whoever sent it didn’t leave a name. They just signed the slip of paper telling us who to give it to.” She smiled tying a mini red balloon around the bears’ furry arm. That’s when she was me giving another weird look, “Oh… the person left instructions on how to deliver the gift.” She explained to me. It was something bothering me. I wanted to know who it was. When did they leave this for me? “Can you tell me who it was, who left it?” “No I can’t do that.” She said like she wanted to tell me but knew it went against the student council’s tradition. “If they would have left a name, I would be able to say more.” “What did the person look like?” She walked away shrugging her shoulders, “I don’t know.” Then she handed out other gifts to people before leaving. The bear had the same delicate brown eyes as I did. My stomach was unsettled. An easy feeling of contentment rose, and quickly fell back down. My eyes moved over the small bear’s white fur. All the way to the tip of its black nose. I noticed there was a small pouch stitched on the bear’s stomach. Something I didn’t see before. Inside the pouch held an envelope, containing a Valentine’s card. From: Me To: Braylon Winters I looked at the lovely rose again resting in its water. I knew then it had to be Korbyn who delivered this to me. I glanced at the small red balloon tied to the bear’s arm. The balloon said: ‘Admiring you!’ A flash of Andrea’s balloon came. Then I heard a loud ‘pop’ in my head from Jade popping the balloon. I had to shake it away. I did feel bad that Korbyn left me these gifts, and we weren’t on good terms. The rose he left on my porch began to shrivel. The petals were black at the tips. I did take it to all of my classes in memory of his kindness, but ever since lunch, I shut it in my locker. Leaving it in the dark to die. In so many ways that dying rose reminded me of our relationship. I opened the valentine’s card. I sadly started reading it, thinking, ‘what else did I have to lose?’ Happy Valentines Day, Know in your mind that someone is always thinking about you and most of all, Know in your heart that someone cherishes you. I wish you the best Valentine’s day today and let the next year be better than today. I tried to ignore the growing heartache. I was trying hard to quiet it down. I could feel it coming anyway. The card was beautiful. The more I thought about its message, the more I didn’t want things to go this way. I flipped the card open and there was a hand written message there: Hey sexy, I hope you like the gifts. I know the rose I left on your porch is probably shriveling by now. So I had them to hold this rose for you. A chance to keep a romance alive. I’ve been irritated by a lot of things lately, but thinking about you cleared my conscious no matter what I went through. I can’t explain my feelings, I can’t write them either. I don’t even know what I’m feeling. The only way I know how to say it is, “I think I’m falling for you.” My fingers felt something rattle in the bear’s pouch. I gripped it and saw a honeywheat granola bar. The message was written before all of the catastrophe happened at lunch. I know if Korbyn could take his gifts back he would. ‘Falling for me’?... Yeah right. I left my new gifts in my locker to share the gloom of my feelings with the dying rose. What’s the point in having gifts that didn’t mean the same as they did when they were sent to you? In my last class of the day. I had to sit by Korbyn. He didn’t attempt any conversations with me. It hurt me to see him toying with the necklace Andrea gave him. I couldn’t stop looking at his face. He was still the adorable model I had feelings for. That couldn’t be ignored, but he ignored me through the entire class. Instead of talking to me he would toy with the chain Andrea gave him. I can’t lie, it was a painful sight. It stung so deep. ‘I cleared his conscious’? I was sooo special that he gave me a bear? Whatever! I think he felt so bad about the cupcake idea that he snuck a granola bar in the bear’s pouch. Only problem with that is: it was too late. I would have had the best Valentine’s Day ever, if things would have taken a different course. If Missy would have stayed on her own rotten turf. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jade’s mom drove us home. The back seat was full of sadness from both Jade and I. Korbyn drove off campus without caring to give us a ride. This whole situation had blown up to be way worse. When I got home, Jason and my mom were making a shopping list for a party. Jason decided to throw a Valentine’s day party. My mom was okay with this. They both didn’t want a huge crowd of party people to turn our house into a mess, so they were having the party in our back yard. They wanted me to help out with it. Jason was asking for my thoughts and ideas, but I could only help to an extent. I had other things to deal with. I was still juggling clique/relationship problems. I soon went to my room, dismissing myself. The party was too much. I had a lot to think about of my own. I set the vase of water containing the red rose on my dresser. I tied the balloon from my bear at the foot post of my bed. Then I curled in my bed. Not caring to shower or eat or anything. I laid on my bed holding the soft white fur of my bear close to my chest, breathing in its weird but captivating smell. Still familiar like the early morning rose but unfamiliar. I ate my granola bar as I lay there replaying my Valentine’s day. So much happened and yet, so much emotions were missing. “I’ll be your girl Backstage at your show Velvet ropes and guitars Yeah, cause your my rockstar Inbetween the sets Eyeliner and cigarettes. Shadow is burnt Yellow dance in return My lashes are dry Purple tear drops I cry, it don’t have a price Loving you is cherry pie Cause you know that baby I….” I woke up hearing Lady Gaga’s music playing in my ear. When I looked around, I realized I had fallen asleep, with a half eaten granola bar, and my teddy bear, and my phone was ringing. “Hello?” “Hey,” Jade answered sadly. Jade was telling me something, when out of nowhere he clicked over suddenly. When he returned to the line, he told me to ‘hold on, because someone wants to talk to me on three way.’ In a lost sense of panic, I didn’t know who would call Jade to talk to me? “Hello?” The voice said. It was Korbyn. I suppose he was too mad to call my phone. After Jade established all three of us were on the phone, Korbyn began to speak through the phone. His voice was the best and worst thing I have ever heard. “Braylon.” He said making sure I was there. “Yeah, I’m here.” “I have a few things I want to get off my chest. But I ask that you hear me out before interrupting.” Krobyn promted The phone line fell into an empty silence. While Korbyn gathered his thoughts, and Jade and I waited to hear him out. I was a nervous, picky mess…. I didn’t know how to feel or what he might say. “Today was crazy. The way everything happened was too, too dramatic. Today you let me know I was a ‘loser boyfriend’. I was a ‘B-list softy’ and a ‘whiney little punk.’” Korbyn was in a clam but irritated mood. “I sat around the rest of the day thinking about how I could improve myself as your boyfriend. When I came to the conclusion, I don’t know what to do to improve. I don’t know what you want from me.” Korbyn went on for a long time explaining how he didn’t like feminine guys before meeting me. He brought up a surprising issue. Mentioning that he normally didn’t date outside of his race! It was something he didn’t expect to happen at all. After revealing two major facts he paused for a minute. I knew he was sorry for what occurred earlier. He was fumbling around for the right way to apologize to me. Despite my color, or my actions, he still wanted to be with me. He better apologize for what he did. This was his fault. I squeezed the white bear he bought me closer and closer to myself, while holding the phone. Waiting for us to kiss and make up. My hurt would soon be gone. All I need to hear was his upcoming apology. Something I knew I was going to get. Something I deserved. Korbyn had no reason to keep Andrea’s gifts, and disrespect my authority. I’m glad he can see I was right all along. A smile started to widen on my face. I knew an apology was next to come. We can get back on track after this. “I want to share with you what I told myself.” Korbyn insisted with a sigh. “Sure,” I barely smiled, trying to play victim. I knew he would see things my way. “I want to stay in the clique with you. I know hard times might be coming.” “That’s great.” I rolled my eyes pretending to sound elated. Where is my apology? “But…” He grumbled. Thinking a quiet moment before saying, “I don’t want to stay in a relationship with you anymore.” There was a sigh from him, finally freeing himself from the weight of me.
  11. Weeks went soaring by. Andrea made no attempts on Korbyn. Everything was back to normal. I was able to finally let go of that vindictive desire to humiliate her. I guess Missy had proven herself to deliver my message loyally. She told Andrea what I said, and left it at that. The last thing Missy probably wanted was one of her girls dating one of my boys. The last think I wanted was her girl dating ‘My Boyfriend.’ I was so not cool with that. Jade’s mom wasn’t home a lot, so he was letting us hold our meetings at his house. We discussed my new ideas for the A-list. One of my ideas was to publish an ‘A-list’ at school. All those who are popular and beautiful will be listed on the A-list. Then a B-list would be created for all the second rate people. Who were followers. Then there was the ‘odd list’. The odd list was the third most awful list. Whoever goes on the odd-list, was considered: meaningless, unwanted litter. They would be the punch line of every joke. They would be so low, and odd, that even losers would pick on them. Korbyn and Jade approved the lists. They thought it was another brilliant idea… (they actually didn’t have a choice.) After the meeting, Jade was on Facebook. Sometimes he would turn from his computer to tell us what some people status’ read, or who posted new photos. Korbyn sat on Jade’s bed with me sitting on his lap, kissing me. It was one of those only times we could be intimate. He never wasted time to caress me into his ripple of abs, or sit me in his lap and hold me from behind like now. I felt him kiss the back of my neck, and sexually touch me. I could feel his crotch was hardening against my butt through my pants. Then he groped me while kissing me, rubbing my chest and body. I was heated by lust and arousal. So heated, that I wasn’t listening to Jade’s Facebook review. I was such a beginner at being intimate. I didn’t know how to respond to the rapid tingling of feelings he sent through me. All I could do was sit on his lap letting him go on with his touching. I was frightened if I made the wrong move the intimacy would die. I didn’t care what Korbyn did to me at this time. My mind threw all but one rule away: ‘no sex yet.’ Korbyn knew not to break that rule, but he found creative ways to work around it. Korbyn grabbed my chest through my shirt whispering in my ear, “I want this,” I was leaning on breaking my own rule. “I want this,” he said, sliding his hand down to my butt, while his small pointed nose ran along the side of my neck. Then he squeezed my butt. I was being so awkward, blushing as I sat there on him just going quietly along with his passion. My boyfriend knew how to give me the feelings I’ve yearned for. He gave me the support in the clique and gave me adoration as a man. Something I barely got in one person. His intense kissing and touching occupied me. He sent me spiraling out of this world even though I was just sitting on his lap. “I really, really, want this too!” Korbyn’s jaw was clenched as he said it. Then he grabbed my crotch through my pants, and held it gently. Jade heard it, and turned to me giggling. My face went numb. Slight tingles of pleasure went down my thighs from his hands. Right before I got too aroused to where I couldn’t hold back he did something so unexpected. I was about to break my on rule. Then he released his hand from my crotch, moved me off of his lap to stand up from Jade’s bed saying, “I’ll be back,” Suddenly everything in the room started to lose its heat and cool down. I wiped my forehead. ‘Why was I sweating?’ I thought to myself. He didn’t do much… I don’t think. “Jade do you have any more of those Lipton green teas in the fridge?” Korbyn asked so coolly. Standing around like he wasn’t heated or aroused. “Yeah,” Jade answered him When he and Jade went into the kitchen I sat there on Jade’s bed not knowing what came over me. I was so close to breaking my own rule. I didn’t know how to process what just happened to my body… what Korbyn did. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At school Jade, Korbyn and I did our elegant entrance through the halls. It was funny seeing Keylan and Ryan stepping aside with the rest of the crowd to make way. Keylan’s green eyes focused on us. Ryan stood beside him smiling at us. They both sucked in their feelings and waved like last semester never happened. That was a sure sign of respect. I think they both knew what would happen to them if they ever crossed us again. I waved back at them and kept strutting. I didn’t want them to start talking to us. Then they would try to sit with us, which would lead to them trying to get in the clique again…uh-uh. Knowing, Ryan and Keylan, they would try to sit with us. I thought it was nice that they made a habit of greeting us everytime they saw us. Like I said, Respect. I think they were sorry for leaving the clique. They were destroyed last semester and lost everything. I’m surprised to see Ryan still coming to this school. I wonder did his adopted parents let him live with them again? David saw me going to my locker the other day. When he opened his mouth saying “Hey,” it was scary. I guess he realized there was only one alpha that matters at this school. Needless to say who that is. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It was February. A cold start for a day, where not much sunshine was out this early in the morning. It was more cloudy than anything. I stepped outside into the cold cloudy morning realizing it was Valentine’s Day. The only way I knew was right on the cement steps of my porch, there laid a single, long green stem, red rose. I picked it up in surprise and uplifted by the sight of the gorgeous flower. How could I forget Valentine’s Day? I smelled the lush fragrance of water, and sweetness, while rubbing the velvet soft red petals along my cheeks, and nose. This flower was special. Korbyn remembered. He always had a cute way of being romantic. When Korbyn pulled up to my house in his black Camry I sat in the passenger’s seat. My heart skipped so many beats before I could speak to him or Jade. The rose played its part in starting my day off happily. It was also something like a reminder to me how much Korbyn cared no matter how much we fought. I looked at Korbyn smiling, knowing he was the heart behind the meaning of my happy start today. He made a super difference, he reminded me of our relationship, of our ability to keep hope alive for the sake of our hearts. It is wonderful to know what a rose could do without the person having to speak. I was at a loss for words on the way to school. All I kept doing was playing with the petals and glancing at Korbyn. He was driving acting unconcerned about the whole thing. He was so generous he didn’t even bring the gift of the rose up. I had to thank him but he seemed like he didn’t want a thanks. When my voice was back, I told him, “Thanks Korbyn,” he leaned sideways not taking his eyes off the road to hear me, “I love the rose. It is beautiful.” He glanced at me for a short second in confusion. He blinked about thirty times at the rose. “Oh yeah… Happy Valentine’s day.” He wished me, as if he didn’t want credit for his own gift. Jade sat in the backseat, looking like he was in tears. I bet it had to do with C.J. I know seeing the rose Korbyn got for me and these romantic talks, made Jade want to have someone special too. I hate he was dealing with something so devastating. I wish, I could find him someone. “Happy Valentine’s day you guys.” I tried to bring Jade into the mood of romance and Valentines, but I don’t think it worked because he didn’t say anything back. When we pulled into the school’s parking lot, I gave Korbyn a tender kiss on his red lips. It wasn’t a peck this time around. I thanked him again for the rose before getting out. Just looking at the petals of the rose reminded me so much of his lips. As everyone knows Korbyn couldn’t hug or kiss me the way I wanted him to at school, but today his rose will do the job for him. During my classes made a small habit of brushing the petals over my face while the teacher talked. Getting sucked into another world where only Korbyn mattered. I would stop writing for a minute to admire Korbyn’s rose. Then when I thought everyone was busy working on their assignments I would pick up the rose sniffing the remarkable fragrance of the red petals. I noticed there was a weird smell to the rose, it wasn’t bad just something I smelled somewhere before. I started to think the school air was tainting my beautiful rose. It wasn’t fair. Jade wasn’t having a good Valentine’s day. In the class we shared, he gossiped dryly while the teacher wrote on the white board with her back turned. “Have you seen Candice today?” He asked. “She looks really ugly.” Jade was so sad. He reached over to my desk to whisper, “I hope she doesn’t get anything from C.J. today. She doesn’t deserve anything…” When he stopped I started to rub his back. I wanted to take his hurt away. Just knowing I couldn’t, sickened me. “I feel so horrible right now, I just want to ruin everyone else’s day.” He whispered to me. I could understand his point of view. I would do the same thing if the situations were reversed. I listened to him vent in my ear, and at the same time I opened one ear to the teacher taking notes. “C.J. is in a gang anyway! Plus he lives in the projects. Who wants someone like that?” Jade tried to convince himself, but I could see differently. All those things didn’t stop him from liking C.J. before. “And Candice, is another name for cheap. She can’t do anything for C.J.” Jade continued, “I should call the police on him and tell them he’s a drug dealer. That way, he would go to jail on Valentine’s day and Candice wouldn’t be able to date anyone.” It was like a hissing in his tone now. There was a spark of evil in what he said. Jade had been around me for years. The plan he had for revenge sounded like something I would do. He was such a good boy. I stopped writing for a minute, “C.J. sells drugs?” Jade smirked with wicked eyes, “Well of course he does. I tried to keep his secret but now it’s getting hard to do.” I snickered, “I should have known.” I said picking up my pencil. “See, but what you don’t know is: Candice used to call C.J. a lot when we were together over the Christmas break.” I gave him a questioning look. Before I could asked he said, “The reason why she was calling, she wanted to buy some pills from him.” Jade included pursing his lips. I almost dropped my pencil. “Candice is on pills?” “She sure is. C.J. told me so. I even saw him hand her a few one day. She is a ‘pill popper’!” Jade’s gossip was powered by his anger and he was telling it all. His rant wouldn’t stop. “She doesn’t swallow the pills either. She throws them in her mouth and chews them up like candy.” He gossiped angrily, letting it all out and I was enjoying every minute of it. “What!” “Yes.” Jade smiled. I guess the gossip was relieving his stress in some way. “C.J. told me she likes to drink cokes or other soda’s after she chews them for faster effects.” “Oh dear God. This girl is a pill popping, maniac.” I commented wanting to hear more dirt. This would be good to use against her. “She really is. I think the only reason her and C.J. are dating is because she wants quicker access to the pills and at a lower rate.” Jade guessed with a shrug. If you ask me, it does sound accurate. Why else would she be with C.J.? She messed with Jade and that’s not a good thing. I’m sure if I don’t destroy her, Jade will do it without a second thought. Candice really has a mess on her hands now. “You know what,” I turned my head to Jade, “I bet that’s what’s going on. It makes so much sense.” I instigated. “Braylon and Jade!” The teacher was screaming from the front of the class. “Stop Talking And Listen!” The way she said it was so disrespectful. These teachers always say things and think they can get away with it. I rolled my eyes, about to say something smart, when Jade took over. “I was listening.” He said in his defense. This teacher better watch out and learn her job, if Jade gets riled up I may not have to say anything. “No you weren’t! You were running your mouth talking to Braylon.” The teacher fussed back. “Don’t pretend like you weren’t, because I was looking right at you.” “No I wasn’t. I was listening.” Jade emphasized. “You probably ‘thought’ you saw something you didn’t.” The class chuckled briefly at his response. “Don’t lie, you and Braylon were back there yapping up a storm.” She better stop using my name. For one, she isn’t worthy enough to say ‘Braylon’ for two, I’m not going to sit back like a little punk and let her talk down to me. She wants to stand there and get an attitude about us talking. Let me show her why I am an alpha. “Hold on a second, I keep hearing my name.” I stepped in. “Don’t say I was talking, because I was taking notes the whole time.” I lifted my paper for her to see. “See this! You can’t say ‘Braylon was talking.’ So I don’t want to hear my name anymore unless you have proof.” The teacher saw my notes and turned red sinking down in her posture. The class began to laugh louder. “Well if you were listening like you say you were Jade,” she said turning the argument from me to Jade. “Tell me something is said.” Jade’s eyes flew from left to right. Like he was caught red handed. He seemed like he didn’t know what to say. I started to feel sorry for him because I know he didn’t know what she went over. That’s when he said, “Oh I remember now.” He laughed to himself, “You said: Braylon and Jade stop talking and listen.” He fired back, nodding his head sure of himself. The teacher was so frustrated she had to dismiss herself to go stand outside and cool off. From her expression she wanted to kill us. I guess Jade did ruin one person’s Valentine’s day. The kids in our classroom gave us praises, and bragged. They were so happy that we got them off the hook of writing more grueling notes. What else could they do? I mean duh, we are like, plastics! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We were at lunch and Jade was telling Korbyn what happened in our class. Korbyn thought it was funny. He congratulated us on a job well done. He wished he could have been there to see it for himself. We talked for a while longer and then I clapped my hands to silence the conversation. “Okay, I think it’s time to exchange gifts.” I told them, unzipping my backpack to pull a red sparkling gift bag from it. Did they really think I forgot about them on Valentine’s day? Their eyes grew with reluctance and excitement. They both pulled out their gift bags too. It was officially time for the ‘A-lists’ Valentine’s day gift exchange. I already explained how this would work, so they knew. It was the first time Korbyn was a part of a gift exchange. I went first, since I was the boss. Reaching into my sparkling red bag, I withdrew their pair of Versace shades, handing them each to their owner. “OH-EM-GEE!” Jade grabbed the shades applauding and looking them over in surprise. “Matching Versace shades.” He perched the shades on his dark trimmed hair, “How lovely.” “Awesome.” Korbyn said putting his shades on top of his blond spiked scalp. “How do I look babe?” He asked me striking a pose. “Um… like I always say, a Hollister model.” Jade laughed, and Korbyn Gave me a sexy green eyed wink. I was elated that they enjoyed their gifts. “See you guys actually thought I forgot about you.” I beamed brightly. Jade was next to give his gift. It was the order we followed because he was the beta. He stuck his arm into his shimmery pink gift bag, pulling out three neatly folded pieces of clothing. When he handed me mine, I didn’t hesitate to unfold it to see what it was. “Jade! Oh my God!” I was in amusing shock. How did he do it? ”You shouldn’t have!” “I know, but I did.” He was so happy to please me. His facial reaction said everything. “These are hot.” Korbyn added putting the shirt against his body. Jade got us custom made shirts for Valentine’s day. On the front there was an image of all three of us posing. Each shirt had the same color of lime green, but on the back of the shirt we all had our names embossed in dark pink letters. Underneath our names it read: The A-List. This couldn’t be topped. My gift was trash compared to this. This was the ultimate respect. It was magnificence in the form of a shirt. Jade was really dedicated to the clique. I loved that about him. “Well I’m glad you both like them. It was a lot of work.” He said grinning, “but to see my alpha smile was worth it. It’s my way of saying I am in this clique forever. My loyalty and trust is with you both.” The shirts were fabulous, and Jade knew my favorite color was green, so he out did himself. “Okay it’s my turn.” Korbyn broke up the little party fishing in his blue glossy gift bag. He took out a container holding three cupcakes. Then he pulled out something else from the blue bag that was folded. “I got these for us all to eat.” He said taking the lid off of the container, “Well I totally made them.” He mentioned presenting cupcakes to us. These cupcakes were chocolate with swirly pink and white frosting, topped with a rainbow of sprinkles. They were very cute. I know it took him a long time to do these. They were carefully decorated. Korbyn handed me a cupcake first. It had a ‘B’ sprinkled on its white and pink frosting. He handed Jade a cupcake that had a ‘J’ sprinkled on it. Then he grabbed the last cupcake out of the container that had a ‘K’ on it and bit into it. After taking a huge bite, he had pink frosting on his red lips. It was so cute of a moment, but so many things were wrong. I wonder if Jade knew what was wrong with this picture. It was so crazy that Korbyn tried to give a gift and messed something up. Ugh! He just had to mess something up today didn’t he? When I never took a bite out of the cupcake, Korbyn knew something, “What happened? What’s wrong?” Korbyn asked noticing my pouting face and folded arms. I saw Jade with the same sour expression as me, “Korbyn this was a neat presentation. The frosting, the nice colors and the thoughtful letters of each of our initials.” Jade said with a Judging voice, “but as usual, there are things you need to know.” It was good that Jade was about to lay down the obvious, because I was likely to scratch Korbyn across his pretty face for making three fatal mistakes. “First of all, you made three chocolate cupcakes,” Jade pointed out. “And??” Korbyn shrugged licking pink frosting from his upper lip. “What’s the big deal about three cupcakes?” Jade grabbed my cupcake, sliding the papercup of it back to show Korbyn, “first issue, Braylon is still on the salad and granola bar diet.” Thank you for remembering that Jade. It’s not hard to see I have a salad sitting right in front of me. Duh, Korbyn. “Oh… I totally forgot!” sympathetically Korbyn looked at me. “I’m sorry about that.” I rolled my eyes. “And,” Jade said getting his attention before he could fully apologize. “Braylon doesn’t eat chocolate cupcakes, or cakes, or anything else like that. Maybe if you would have made something strawberry or vanilla you would have better luck.” The inside of the cupcake was sure enough chocolate. I wasn’t going to eat it. Jade just knew me too well. Jade gave my cupcake over to Korbyn. Then he slid his cupcake back over to him too, “If Braylon’s not eating these cupcakes then neither am I.” Jade folded his arms to match my posture. “The third and last thing you need to know is: Braylon isn’t going to eat anything you make or made for him.” This took Korbyn by surprise. His eyebrows went up, “What? Why not? I don’t get it.” He was astonished. “I don’t have a disease.” Shaking his head Jade dove in to answer, “Because you were his enemy once, and not long ago.” He implied to Korbyn. “He is still trying to get into trusting you. You could poison him or something, who knows. We have to be very careful with someone like you. You are still new.” “Poison?.... Oh come on!” Korbyn pleaded, slapping the table. “He is my boyfriend, I wouldn’t do that.” “Yeah, but we don’t know what you would do.” Jade argued back. “I bit my cupcake,” Korbyn showed us his cupcake with a big chunk taken out of it. “If I would have poisoned something I wouldn’t be eating my own baking.” “So,” I butted in, “You still could have poisoned the ‘B’ and the ‘J’ ones and yours was never touched. That’s probably why you gave the distinct letters so you could make sure you didn’t get the poisoned ones.” “Wow.” Korbyn sighed in a blank frustration, nodding his head. “Diet, chocolate, and poison… were the three mistakes.” “Yeah, you basically stuck out with this one.” Jade told him unblinking. “The rose was beautiful,” I moved everything to a different, lighter subject. I wanted him to recognize his errors and fix them but I didn’t want him feeling too down. Korbyn wore a weary facial expression. His eyes looked like he had taken a beating. Ignoring my comment about his rose he unfolded the black clothing. His brows were lowered, and his whole attitude was sad. When he showed me what he unfolded I was… I was… “Korbyn!!!” I snatched the underwear he held in his hands down below the table. “Don’t hold those up. People around us are eating. Showing underwear at a table is bad manners.” I was almost embarrassed that someone may have seen the black underwear. “Okay, okay,” Korbyn said throwing his hands up. “Hey, Braylon just one thing… The underwear you snatched were mine.” I almost went white in the face. “Yours are right here.” He pointed down on the table in front of him. I grabbed the underwear off of the lunch table. Unfolding them to see a pink ‘K’ on the back where the butt goes. “These are yours,” I tried to tell him. “No, these are mine.” He held on to the other pair. “I had them made, so that I could wear your initial, and you could wear mine.” He explained, beaming at me. “It would be hot.” I tucked the underwear away. I liked the idea of wearing his initial as my underwear. It was attractive, and it certainly made up for the mistakes he caused. I would wear the letter ‘K’ for him. The three of us sat there after gift exchange time, eating our lunch. There was a simple small talk floating between us. It was mostly about the gifts and Korbyn’s mishap. It was nice of them to like my Versace shades. We even considered wearing the shades, with the shirts Jade made. It would be a killer combination. Korbyn started to seem down again. It caught me by surprise when he said, “I feel like you don’t trust me as a boyfriend.” To be honest I was trying to trust but I wasn’t there yet. “Umm,” I was stuck. I chewed the grains in the granola bar thinking of something to say. “Well… we can work on that.” Jade quickly knew I was at a stumbling point and began taking over, “You know I started the same diet as you Bray.” He gushed with a white smile. He was so cute… starting my diet was such a nice thing of him. Plus he stopped Korbyn from questioning our relationship. Perfect save beta. In the midst of our conversation someone suddenly came over to our table. It was a clear violation. They reached over Korbyn shoulder while he was talking and picked up the cupcake he had in front of him. It was unannounced and wrong. Who does things like this? Not to mention, it was the cupcake with the ‘B’ sprinkled on it. The one that was made for me! MY CUPCAKE! Then the person brought the cupcake up to their mouth and bit into it slowly. “Hey Korbyn.” Andrea chewed, licking the pink frosting from her fingers trying to be seductive, “Did you make this?” “Y-y-yeah,” he stammered watching her lick her fingers. It was the sickest sight ever! I am going to kill them both! That big forehead, clumpy eyelash having- “They are good.” She told him with a light hearted pink smile. “I got you something.” she handed him a red balloon with white designs written and drawn all over it. At the bottom of the balloon’s string there was a card attached to it. Korbyn accepted the gift. “Thanks.” His once sad expression lit up like the summer sky.
  12. OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh! I rushed through the house, getting dressed and pretty for school. I was trying to hurry because I was running late. My alarm clock didn’t go off. So here I was trying to beat the clock that never went off. My clock was set for 6pm instead of 6am. Luckily I was able to get up at 6:40am. It wasn’t good, but it was waaay better than waking up at 6:00pm. It’s never good to be in a rush in the mornings. There is always something you feel like you are forgetting when you walk out the door. I had to really get a move on it. I know Jade and Korbyn will be outside waiting for me soon. If I’m not ready by then they can’t get mad. As their alpha, I’ve always told them ‘beauty can’t be rushed.’ So, they better wait or suffer consequences… my consequences. I was putting on my shoe when I heard someone knocking on the door. It couldn’t be Korbyn or Jade. I specifically told them never to knock on my door. Just wait for my call or my arrival. So it can’t be them. Another reason I told them not to knock is because, if Jason answers the door, they could be in for a rude awakening. I put my shoes on quickly, slinging my bag over my shoulder. When I got to the front door, Jason had already opened it. He was staring at someone crazy, and talking to them. It was probably one of his friends. It better not be one of my friends. I gave them direct orders not to knock. It had to be someone else. “He will be out in a minute. I think he woke up late.” Jason said lazily, he closed the door, but stopped halfway when he saw me standing there. “Who is that??” from what he said at the door, I didn’t want to think or even dream it was who I thought. It couldn’t be anyone for me. It just couldn’t be! I told them not to… “I don’t know,” Jason retorted in irritation. “It was one of your ‘little’ friends.” He was being funny saying ‘little’ friends like he knew more than what he was saying. I stepped pass Jason swinging the door open. Korbyn’s blond spikes, green eyes, and silver braces met me in the door. He was waiting for me on the porch. His eyes were brighter green than normal this morning. He smiled when he saw me, “Are you ready?” he jingled his car keys. “We have to get going.” Who was he to knock or say, ‘what we need to do’? He broke a rule! There was nothing to smile about. This was a total violation. Just because he is my boyfriend doesn’t mean he can get away with breaking rules. It’s not going to work! When I sat in his car a wave of heat came over me. I liked Korbyn being in our clique. I liked him as a boyfriend but he has problems obeying my orders. If he can’t learn who’s in control, I’ll end everything with him. He knew what he signed up for when he joined, and he knew what came with me when he approached my window wanting to be with me. When we were on the road for a good while. I lashed out. “Korbyn, I told you and Jade specifically: Never knock on my door! You disobeyed what I said, and did it anyway. Why?” “Well you were taking too long, so I did what I thought was necessary.” He implied, driving. “Hey, I had to make sure we all weren’t going to be late.” “I tried to tell him five times,” Jade said sitting in the back, “but noooo, he wanted to be the boss and go knocking for trouble.” “You should have listened to Jade, Korbyn.” I griped more. I was getting so tired of him making mistakes. “You don’t jump up and make decisions like that. It’s not your place… There are reasons why I tell you not to do something. I just don’t say it, just to say it.” “Well what else was I to do? Huh?” He started to get a little rash with the comment. “I thought you might be sleep, or something so I knocked hoping that I could wake you up if you were sleep.” “Well that wasn’t the case now was it?” I was about to slap him. You don’t defy me and then catch an attitude when I get on your case. “I have everything under control. I don’t need any help making these decisions, I just need for you to follow them.” “Okay, I hear you.” Korbyn wanted to remain calm but it was getting to him. I could see his face getting more strained. “Just never do that again.” I threatened him. I didn’t know why it was so hard for him to understand orders. I shouldn’t have to repeat myself. “Why not?” He said steering through traffic. Jade’s mouth was gaping at him. I’m sure he was thinking, what I was thinking: ‘How dare Korbyn question my orders?’ what does he mean by, ‘Why not?’ “First of all, because I said so,” I attacked turning my body to face the driver’s seat. “Secondly, my brother Jason could suspect something about you guys and I don’t want him in my business, period.” I fumed crossing my arms. His mouth better be shut soon, “and third of all, I don’t have to answer to you.” “He wouldn’t know if we were gay or not.” Korbyn went on disagreeing. His temper rose and so did his volume, “and if you think about, it nobody thinks that about his friends when they knock on your door!” He looked at me for a second then turned back to the road. “I think it’s an excuse that you use.” “That isn’t the point dummy!” I was close to hitting him so hard in his sarcastic lips. “What I say is final. Never knock on my door. Jason might think something and if he gets any idea that you are gay he will know that I am too.” It was like talking to a first grader, “and what would I be making an excuse for?” “I think you are assuming stuff.” Korbyn said plainly. “You are assuming too deep into the situation.” “Assuming?” I scoffed, it offended me. “Korbyn, sweetheart, I think you have forgotten your place! I am the alpha in the clique.” I started leaning into the driver seat, staring him directly at the side of his face. “What Braylon says is final. Don’t’ ever tell me I’m assuming anything!” I was stretched over shouting in his ear. If the cops saw us we would get pulled over. “I have to live with Jason unlike you. If he thinks or suspects or finds out anything about me being gay I don’t think I will be alive.” Jade was in the back seat nodding his head agreeing with me. He knew how my brother was. Even though it might not be hard to tell that I am gay. I don’t like my family in my personal business. Korbyn stopped the car. The school was right in front of us waiting for our arrival. Korbyn sighed turning the engine off and latching his green eyes on me, “Anything else?” “Yes. When I’m talking shut your mouth!” I demanded of him. “When I speak you listen. Don’t think it’s okay to argue back with me.” I clarified ending the argument. Moving his face closer to mine staring at me, there was a small space between us and it began to burn the air, because of our tempers. That’s when he whispered, “I’m sorry baby.” He kept looking in my eyes trying to calm me. I could tell he regretted the whole car argument. “I thought you didn’t want me knocking because you were ashamed of me.” His response was so strong and endearing when he said it. I started to lose the anger for him suddenly. It was like his feelings of me being ashamed of him was something real. I don’t want him to feel that way. I was his baby, and when I hear this sexy Hollister boy call me ‘baby’ it made my steam blow away. I didn’t say anything to him. All I could do was stare at his red lips while he spoke, and listen to his medium deep voice try to make things okay. “Don’t stay mad at me, I’m sorry baby.” He was trying to get me to remember we were a couple and not just friends. I tried to stay mad but it was getting harder as I looked into his promising green eyes. ‘Braylon snap out of it! Tell him how you feel. If you don’t, he will continue to disobey you.’ I was almost pulled under his sexy spell but I had to uphold my power. “Next time, I will commence to punishing you.” I gave a fair warning. “The only reason I haven’t kicked you out of the clique and demolished your reputation is because you are my boyfriend.” As I talked we didn’t move out of the close range of each other’s face. It was a little passionate heat there, as well as anger. So we were transfixed on one another in the car. “I’m sorry Braylon.” He sincerely said. “I’ll act better. It’s just that I’m having trouble learning all the rules to the clique, but I’m getting it down.” He admitted to me. Then he puckered his lips wanting a kiss. I knew one thing, if I didn’t know anything: no matter how I argued with Korbyn, he will always come around and try to keep our relationship off the rocks. I liked that about him too. I pecked Korbyn’s lips. Then stepped out of the car. “Come on! What was that?” He said unhappy with the peck. “That was a peck. When you recognize who’s boss, then I can give you a real kiss.” I walked ahead preparing for my entrance into the school building. When the three of us got to the school doors, we threw them open. I had went over our walk a thousand times. Every step was synchronized. I planned this and planned it. They knew to treat the halls like our very own cat walk. Everyone would clear the way or step aside when we strutted by. That was procedure. These whimpering low lives knew we were untouchables. Lowering to their lockers, making way for our greatness was all they were good for. The secret to us staying in sync was playing ‘paparazzi by Lady Gaga’ in our heads. I figured it was the perfect song to give us the right amount of speed to be seen, and worshiped. Our heads held high and our bodies straight, they wouldn’t be able to stop us. This was the best runway song. (So I thought) it also explained in so many words how the school felt about my popularity. {We are the crowd, we’re c-c-coming out. Got my flash on, it’s true, Need that picture of you … I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me, Papa, paparazzi Baby, there’s no other superstar, you know that I’ll be Your papa, paparazzi.} The song ran through my head guiding my footsteps until I sat down at the breakfast table. Once again a flawless entry to the table. I am a wonderful leader I should say. Who else would think of that? Jade immediately started to gossip. His voice sounded down about something as he spoke, I couldn’t help but notice. Korbyn didn’t care about what Jade was saying or how he sounded. He was to worried about touching me and being close after our fight in the car. He just kept trying to find excuses to rub my back or graze my thigh. He was so sneaky with it, that people around us, mistook the touching as nothing. It was arousing. He did arouse me when he did things like that right in public under their noses… I was supposed to be mad. I had to peel myself from his hands and break myself from the red hot lust that was wanting me to do something sexual with him this early in the morning. Korbyn’s soft touching was seeping into my body, and I had to find an excuse to break the connection. “Jade what’s wrong?” I asked, trying to keep my normal voice. I remembered last night when Korbyn, Jade and I were on three way, Jade was sad about C.J. again. Jade put his hand on the side of his face. Lightly letting his skinny fingers tap against his hair. I could see worry taking his eyes as he tried to ignore my question, but I could see his face breaking from the pain of the emotion behind it. “So I found out, last night. The boy who lives up the street from me, has five women living with him in his house and he never lets the girls leave the house.” Jade continued gossiping lowly. “Well last night, one of the girls wanted to make a break for it, but that crazy guy shot her in the leg, and locked the door.” “What!” Korbyn and I both were into this story. We hadn’t even heard this on the news yet so this was extra juicy. I was surprised Korbyn had a reaction. He normally doesn’t listen to gossip. “I know, I know. That is not the bad part.” Jade’s voice was still sounding pain struck. “When she asked to go to the hospital because she was losing blood and her leg was hurting, he told her, ‘No!’” “What happened after that?” Korbyn pressed on before I could. His whole body was into it. “Did anyone come?” “Well instead of letting anyone leave and break his golden rule. The guy decided he would pick the bullet out of her leg himself. After he did that with he wrapped a shirt over he wound.” Jade ended giving us a serious look. “That’s the latest I have heard on it.” “Ooh my God! That is the craziest thing I have heard in years.” I said holding my chest. Even though I know Jade would rather gossip that talk about what was really bothering him. Korbyn sat there still rubbing my thigh and agreeing at the same time. When the story ended Jade went back into his depressing stare. “What is bother you, Jade. I can’t sit here and watch you like this.” It was hard for me to see him not energetic and happy. It was affecting my mood. “Don’t try to switch the subject either.” “Nothing really… just C.J.” He mumbled, “I’ve been having mixed feelings about everything we shared.” He sorrowfully added, putting his head on the table. “Before we walked in the school just now, I saw Candice laughing with her friends about something.” “Aww Jade. Don’t feel down.” I comforted him the best I could. “C.J. is a male whore. He has issues coming to terms with his sexuality. He is confused, so you may feel like you are having mixed feelings because of his uncertainty. By the way just think of Candice as his puppy.” I coached him, hoping what I was telling him would help. Jade nodded his head taking my advice. Then before he could say another word the bell sounded. We got up from our table, walking together. When we walked through the halls I had to hold Jade up. He almost fainted at the sight of Candice and C.J. hugging before class. Then I had to give him more comforting advice. He just kept saying, ‘that was supposed to be me, that was supposed to be me… hugging him.’ __________________________________________________________________________________ Throughout classes, Jade was sending me text messages about how he was hurting more and more. My thumbs were sore from writing notes for class, and texting back to him. I had to continuously tell Jade positive things. I hated that he had to deal with a guy like C.J. Lunch came around, as we ate Jade’s light skin seemed to be dull. He was in a gloomy mood. The whole clique seemed darker and gray without the beta’s entertaining news for the day. It was so off. Korbyn on the other hand was trying to sit as close as he could to me. for a minute, it felt like we were joined at the hip twins. He was in one of those romantic fits. I could see a spark sizzling in the green iris’s. He cupped his hands around my ear, “Can I feed you?” “No, people are watching,” I reminded him, I don’t know why he asks me that all the time. It’s the same answer. Although it is pretty hot. Then I saw Jade’s eyes shifting. “I heard that,” He pointed at Korbyn and said, “Braylon isn’t going to eat anything you feed him anyway… remember he is on a diet.” Jade seemed to be coming back, but I could still see something bothering him. He pointed his head down at my salad for Korbyn to catch the clue. “Thank you Jade.” It was good Jade wasn’t too hurt to support his alpha. His loyalty was very strong. He remembered the diet when no one did. Korbyn seems to live in a blind world. I think he believes no one is watching him or listening because a guy feeding another guy attracts attention. He thinks he can get away with it for some reason. I just don’t think he is ready for that type of display yet. “Hey Braylon!” a voice chirped. It was a distant tone that I knew and had not heard in some time. It was so familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, that I didn’t think I knew who it belonged to. Jade’s head turned at the sound of my name. Korbyn stopped his flirty sayings and looked to see who this could be. We all were on alert. When I saw who the voice belonged to, who actually said my name… I knew something wasn’t right. She walked to our table without permission. “Hey Missy,” I acknowledged with a fake smile. Old thoughts of unfinished business was moving in my head. It was crazy I had to remind myself of the treaty at this moment. Missy the alpha for the girl plastics was at our table. Surrounding her was the usual followers: Sarah, Hannah and the new girl Andrea. They all wore pink skirts and light pink lip gloss. What could they want? I haven’t talked to her in years. Missy stood around making small talk. She wasn’t talking about anything in particular which was strange. I knew this had a different meaning than trying to be friends. We were both alphas. There was something only I could see glinting in her eyes. Something I didn’t like at all. It was an old look I remembered her giving. She wasn’t here to say ‘hi’ like she wanted me to believe. She wants something from me. That is the only reason I would talk to someone I haven’t spoken to in years. She made a few more attempts to make me laugh and get on my good side. I played her game analyzing her words for any hints of what she wanted. Her clique was silently staring at my clique. There was tension there. Jade and Korbyn were giving Sarah, Hannah, and Andrea unwelcoming glares as their alpha talked. Missy’s girls shared a couple of whispers between themselves. What was Missy here for? Out of all the days she could have spoken to me, she didn’t. All those years and she picks now. I kept following her eyes as she talked. I noticed she was watching Jade, and Korbyn, almost as if she was studying how I ran my boys. This is why I was so hard on them. It was times like these they had to be ready for anything. “I think it’s lovely how you have full alpha control over these two boys. I see these guys won’t budge without your consent.” She gleamed at them, tapping her French pink nails on my table. It was annoying. I studied her girls, seeing that she had the same power over them as I had over my boys. “I could say the same concerning you.” Hannah sat down. She was a bleach blond. Her hair fell down her back. Her medium blue eyes scanned Jade, and Korbyn for a closer examination. Her thin layer of make-up was neatly placed. Sarah sat down at the table next. She was a dirty blond haired girl, but always wore her hair pinned up. She had big puppy eyes covered with mascara. Underneath our table I could hear her flip-flop clicking. It was a sign of impatience. So I knew Missy hadn’t pronounced why she was her yet. Andrea’s light brown eyes were searching for something. When she sat down, whatever they were looking for didn’t have much to do with me. She had eyes that wouldn’t be still. She seemed nervous or just new to this all. They had just invaded our domain without asking and sat down. These girls were disrespectful and brave for the most part. Jade better be paying attention, so should Korbyn, this is serious. I might need them. Missy continued to talk, “I guess we train our members with the same discipline.” Her glossed lips smiled again. “I wouldn’t say that exactly, but I get your point.” I countered quickly, telling her in so many words that her girls were on my property. She was an alpha like me, the way she was acting showed she wanted something more than a conversation. I was done talking nonsense, I wanted to know the reason she came to my table. If she wanted to interview me she should have scheduled an appointment. “Missy what do you want?” I cut to the point. Her girls not used to hearing someone coming at Missy with such force eyes opened wide. Jade smiled at my bluntness, but Hannah and Sarah were shocked. “Well since you say it like that.” Missy came down from her acting so innocent and nice act and got to the point. “You know the ‘new girl’ Andrea. She wanted me to talk to you about something.” her face seemed to twist with old distorted feelings. “So could you call your boys off for a minute, please.” Discomforting eyes were exchanged between both cliques. No trust was there, and it was felt by us all. I gave Korbyn and Jade the ‘Okay’ to leave. They didn’t seem to want to leave me here alone, but they respected my orders. Korbyn looked back at me checking to see if I was okay, but I gave him knowing eyes. Letting him see that I knew what I was doing. Jade took the initiative seeming to read my mind he knew exactly where I would want them to sit as if it came out of my mouth. Both of my boys went to sit at the ‘girl plastics table. Which was empty due to them sitting here. it was a chess move, a way of telling Missy that she had no power here. Most alpha moves made were given in a series of movements eye contact, and special coded words. Everything your clique members must know or recognize in case times like these. Nonverbal communication was an alphas go-to code when they couldn’t say what they needed to out loud. Missy watched them go, seeming not so happy with where they chose to sit. She still tried to play it calm. The only thing an alpha would do in a crisis. Suddenly she snapped her finger and immediately her girls stood up from my table, filing out in a line. When they left I wasn’t surprised to see her girls sitting at their own table now. Nice move. Leaving just Missy and I for one-on-one talk. Alpha to Alpha. “What is it?” I hastily asked, wondering what could the new girl Andrea, want from me. Missy being the one that recruited her, probably wanted her to feel like if she stuck with the girl plastics she was guaranteed anything she wanted. “Well you know after so many years of not talking, this would be the last place on earth I would rather be.” She said sounding like herself. This is the Missy I remember. “Andrea being the new girl in the clique, wanted something. Something I know I can’t give her. Something I tried to talk her out of, to avoid us sitting here now.” “What is it?” I grew impatient. What was this about? What could I grant her that Missy couldn’t? That Missy had to do something she hated to get it? “Of all things in the world Andrea wants something you have.” Missy swallowed readying herself to say the unthinkable. “As her alpha I have to see to it that my girls get what they want.” “So what is it that she wants?” It came out arrogantly with a smile. I guess her girls even new the true social leader when they saw him. In one breath Missy said, “Andrea has a big crush on Korbyn.” “What?! Korbyn is my…” I stopped myself before saying boyfriend. At that instant I almost died. Of all guys, and all people she wanted what was mine? No way! “Korbyn is in my clique.” I hurried to fix the sentence. This was wrong on all accounts. That’s why the girls were sitting here whispering with shifty eyes. It was something not right about the whole set up. She can’t have my boyfriend. Not ever! “I know right!” Missy replied with her hand out agreeing with me. “I didn’t want this. I tried talking her out of it but she was pretty sure of what she wanted, so I told her I would have a talk with his alpha about it.” She explained through a pink glossy pair of lips. “I say, NO.” I responded hotly. The thought of Korbyn with someone else was eating me alive. I was losing my composure. “Korbyn doesn’t have my consent to date her.” So that is why the girls were eyeing my clique… well Korbyn at least. “Plus he is still learning the rules to how things function. So I have to keep a close eye on him.” A twisted sense of realization, and spite crawled through my mind. Andrea you little girl, you are lost. Going for my boyfriend isn’t going to happen. Through the fake smile I gave Missy I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to hurt Andrea. How could she? Looking over at the girl plastic’s table, I began to worry that Andrea was trying to make her move on Korbyn while I negotiated the terms with Missy. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted my members to hurry back here. “Well I’ll go tell her what you said.” Missy announced, shrugging her shoulders, “I tried.” She walked to her table whispering something in Sarah’s ear. Sarah passed it down to Hannah, and Hannah passed the word down to Andrea. By that time Korbyn and Jade were already sitting at our regular lunch table again. It was a golden relief to have Korbyn back at my side. I couldn’t lose him. I would let him feed me or touch me in public if he wanted. Just don’t go to that Andrea nut case. “Okay what was that all about?” Jade wondered coming alive and leaving his depression behind. “Missy has never done this. I have a weird feeling.” “Those girls are weird.” Korbyn’s face looked distasteful. “The whole time they just kept staring at me. Not saying anything.” When he said that another switch clicked in my head. I knew this would be dreadful. I was trying to decide if leaving the situation alone or planning Andrea’s destruction was the best option. The thoughts kept pestering me, I wanted to ruin Andrea for even having the thought she had about Korbyn. “Andrea.” Before I knew it, I said her name. I snarled bawling up my fists staring at her as she giggled at something Sarah was saying. “Likes…….. K-K-Korbyn.” I stammered fighting myself not to say it out loud. “Are you…” “It can’t be, it’s impossible.” “That’s what Missy was here about?” Jade and Korbyn’s reactions were baffled. It caught them off guard too. They were talking at the same time and I didn’t know who was saying what at the time. “That’s why they were staring so hard at me.” Korbyn pieced together “I think that is trifling.” Jade said. “What did you say to Missy about it?” he asked me. “I told her ‘No!’” Korbyn was still thrown off balance about everything. He better stay close to me, because I am not taking any chances with Andrea. If I catch her attempting a flirt on Korbyn she is a goner. I don’t care if that means Missy and I Battling all over again, I won’t let this happen. Korbyn sat there eating quietly. His face was pure and pretty. His gold spikes, and green eyes were lovelier than usual. He was mine. Losing him was not something I was ready to take on. I won’t let it happen. Jade was asking me numerous questions. He was worried there was more to the plot than what was given. It was like him to make sure I was calculating every move before it happened. It was good that he kept me in the game. This might get ugly. “So, do we attack her or what?” Jade whispered his brown eyes, looking at Andrea, and waiting on my approval. “Not yet.” I smirked coolly, maintaining my head. Korbyn took my hand into his, under the table. “I’ll give her one chance to get the message. If she doesn’t get it then we socially cripple her.” “Got it.” Jade was the first to say. He fought many wars with me, so he was always ready. “I,I, captain.” Korbyn laughed showing his braces giving me lovey, dovey eyes. This Hollister model was worth world war 3,4 and 5. I won’t sit so easily knowing I have someone after him. Andrea is digging her own grave, very fast and deep. If she makes one wrong step, I will push her in, and bury her.
  13. flawlesss

    Admire Me 2

    this picks up where the first book left off. Braylon is entering the second semester of the same school year. there will be new drama, new relationships, surprises, and new threats... through these upcoming things will the clique last? will Braylon reign over the school or will his clique be toppled?
  14. The Christmas and New Years break was over. Two holidays equal lots of food. Everyone knows lots of food means weight gain! One of the worst things an alpha like myself could deal with. In the history of popularity, cliques, and groups, there has never been a fat alpha. I am certainly not planning on being the first. Over the holiday break, Jade told me many times I had not gained any weight. Even though he could be telling the truth I had to take extra precaution. Jade was the right-hand man in my clique. He was the second in command. What alpha’s would call ‘beta’. His loyalty always was there. He stuck with me all through last semester’s drama. Even when I spilled milk on myself and no one helped me and I wouldn’t talk to him or anyone in my clique. Jade kept trying to reach me. He was a true jewel of Jade. A gem in all his rights. My clique was broken last semester. There was Keylan, who was a football sports jock, very sexy Hispanic with green contacts. Then there was Ryan, who was quiet, black haired, and hazel eyed rich guy who later we found out was adopted into the fortune. They both were excommunicated from the clique due to their ultimate betrayal. These two refused to join the clique and found a new alpha to serve. Which was David. David is a player, nothing needs to be said about him. He is currently a nobody. When my new and improved clique finished ruining David, Keylan, and Ryan, their entire clique broke up. All three of them lost their current titles in the popular scene. It was mean and spiteful, but things must be done to maintain my social order at school. I’m the ‘King Bee’. I wear the crown at high school. If my throne is being threatened, my clique will eliminate it. Simple. Anyway, I was happy to see I could fit into my jeans from last semester. It gave me the clue that Jade was telling the truth. (which he always does) I hadn’t gained a pound. I believed my pants wouldn’t lie to me, neither would Jade but I had to make absolutely certain that I hadn’t gained weight. My way of finding out, was a trip to the mall. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ I scheduled for my clique a trip to the mall today. It was only three of us in the clique now ever since last semester’s war. So we traveled in small numbers. We drove to the mall in Korbyn’s car. Korbyn was my boyfriend. Who happens to be the third member in our clique. Our history was complicated. With him being in the clique and being my boyfriend made things more complicated but not to the extent they used to be. Korbyn and I started off as bitter enemies. It’s crazy how it happened. We started off on rough ground after a violent spat between us. We would argue, give each other crazy stares, and be really mean to each other. Looking at us now, no one would believe we were enemies at first, because how close and nice we were to each other. We really came a long way. He figured in the end there was more he wanted out of me, and arguing was not the key to getting it. I chose Korbyn as a member in the clique because he was witty and hot. He had the skinny tight muscles in his body, the Hollister style, and a good social status. In simple format, Korbyn was a Hollister model! Hot all the way around. There’s not one thing about him anybody would call ugly… even his silver lined braces were a plus. No points could be subtracted from him no matter what he did. At this moment, Korbyn’s head of Blond spikes were in motion trying to keep up, and carry my shopping bags. He was behind us. It was funny how my enemy turned out to be my boyfriend. I still couldn’t get over that. I can’t deny it, his piercing green eyes are pleasing to stare into, even when we were fighting. He was better as a boyfriend than an enemy. While we shopped Korbyn was trying to keep up with Jade and I. We were experts at shopping. My footsteps were taking me from store to store. I was not only picking up pants, but searching through racks for only the best clothing to wear on my body. As everyone knows fashion in the popularity world means everything. Especially in high school. Keeping your appearance up, and your clothes up, is always a must. After all, it is another way of showing the people what category of social group you fit in. Soon after plenty of shopping, I found a changing room in a store. While Korbyn and Jade sat on a bench near the door talking, waiting for me to come out. I was trying on a pair of never before worn pants. These new pants will really show me the truth. Trying them on will tell me if I have expanded from eating that big Christmas dinner my brother Jason begged my mom to make. Jason was my older brother. He wasn’t in high school thank god. My brother always invited his urban friends over to smoke and talk about dumb guy stuff that no one cares about. My brother was a thug, and even though he wasn’t in high school and we didn’t agree on anything. He somehow managed to be in high school. All his urban/thug friends seemed to be his eyes and ears in the high school. Watching me, and protecting me. It was weird to know my brother had that much say-so in a crowd of gangsters but it came in handy last semester. Putting on the pants, I burst from the changing room, “How do I look?” I asked, taking a small spin to give them a full view of the pants. “Do they make me look fat?” Jade and Korbyn stopped their talking, to look at the view. Jade was the first to reply. “Oh no, no, no! Those are too cute on you Bray.” He blinked excitedly. “Skinny and fabulous.” My stare went from Jade to Korbyn. Who was staring at something else now. Jade quickly nudged him, making him come back to our planet. “Oh what did you say?” Korbyn shook his head dumbly. Jade gave him a rude glare. “I said, do these make me look fat?” I forced out almost losing my temper. He needs to be paying attention. What does he think we invited him along for? Korbyn waited a minute putting a finger to his red lips. He checked out my legs, then said, “I think they make your butt look plump and round.” Jade’s jaw dropped he put a hand up to his mouth. He was appalled at Korbyn’s comment… and so was I. How could he say that? “Plump? And round?” I snapped angrily looking at myself in the pants. “Are you kidding me?” I stepped back into the changing room slamming the door shut. I took my pants off, “Oh my god!” I can’t believe he said that. Those words are so not me. “What did I say wrong?” I heard Korbyn asking. Jade was making him understand ‘plump’ and ‘round’ were two words for fat! The precise words I didn’t want to hear while trying on clothes to see if I gained weight. How dare he offend his alpha/boyfriend like that! “You never in a million years tell any popular person that Korbyn. Especially, Braylon.” Jade explained to him. Jade had been in the clique for years. Korbyn only joined last semester, so he was still in a learning process of what works and what doesn’t work. “You basically told Braylon he was ‘fat’.” Jade translated in my defense. That is why Jade is beta in the clique. He knew the way things were ran. He knew how to support his alpha and he knew what it took to please me. His Beta attitude was fierce, he could do any task I assigned to him. He was the energetic, feminine type of guy who was a light complexioned beauty. His hair was black short even cut. Eyes were strong, and his lips were full. I remember when we kissed last semester. There was something very rewarding about his lips. I knew then his lips weren’t only meant for gathering gossip and telling it. One thing I know about Jade, he would do anything I told him. If I wanted another kiss I would have got it. He started to date this guy named C.J. so we never truly went down that road. I never put much thought into that since then. Maybe it was a good thing. Who knows. I could still hear the two of them bickering. “I only said-“ Jade cut Korbyn off, “Don’t say that again! Especially if you want to keep Braylon as a boyfriend.” I came out of the changing room. Ready to leave this freaking mall! Korbyn had ruined my shopping mood. “We are leaving.” Korbyn picked my bags up from the floor standing up. “I’m so sorry,” he constantly apologized for his mistake. “I didn’t know.” I heard him but I was too mad to care. If I said something now, it wouldn’t be cute. “You know I’m still new.” Yeah he was new, but he should be adapting to the rules. He can’t just say what he wants and think ‘I’m new’ will save his hide time after time. A punishment is required for mistakes. That way, he knows next time not to do it. Punishing someone in your clique that is new is the quickest way to teach them the do’s and don’ts of the rules. Before we left the store, the guy at the register rang up the prices of my pants and shirts. When he finished scanning everything he looked at me, “Paper or plastic?” Jade knowing what mood I was in spoke, “Duh, Plastic.” Korbyn rolled his eyes, dropping the bags. He got his wallet and slid his credit card out to me. I smirked a little sliding his card. Knowing that I purposely bought those pants he said I looked round and plump in, and an expensive shirt. It was his punishment for his mistakes. We all got in Korbyn’s car. It was a black Camery. It was a nice car his dad bought him for Christmas. It was our transportation to go out and spend time together. He always wanted me right next to him in the passenger’s seat. I normally would sit there beside him proudly, but not this time. I sat in the back seat. His comment was rude and I didn’t want to deal with him. Jade took the passenger’s seat instead. As the car began to drive, Korbyn already seemed to feel awful. Jade turned to face me in the back, “Braylon, you aren’t fat, plump or round.” He told me, in the dearest way. “You are petite, well defined thin and your butt is perky.” I started to smile. He knew just what to say. Somehow the words he spoke put ice on my temper. Now that is a compliment! I’m sure Krobyn was taking notes. Everytime he messed up in the clique he gets to feeling down. It’s almost like a look of failure on his face, and then he starts to silently mouth words. It was probably his way of remembering the lesson being learned. We pulled up at my house. From the front seat I saw Jade messing with his phone. I exited Korbyn’s Camery feeling better and less aggravated. I didn’t want to be around him. My phone buzzed. Bye Jade text me. It was so sweet. He wanted me to calm down and be happy. I knew it from that single text. When I approached the door to my house, I suddenly didn’t want to be there either. Now I would have to deal with my older brother Jason and my mom. Ughh. Jason answered the door wearing his boxers and a white shirt. Yawning and stretching in the door way, where I couldn’t get by. “Move out my way Jason!” I shoved him aside, walking into the house. I wasn’t in the mood to put up with him either. Yawning while answering the door was beyond rude. “Boy, I almost knocked you out.” Jason threatened after locking the door. He pushed me from behind, and walking to his room. Jason was lazy. Everyday it’s the same thing with him. He wakes up late in the day, invite his friends over, get rowdy, and then fall back to sleep. Nothing adventurous or important. He doesn’t clean anything in the house. My mom pesters me to do the chores and pick up for his slack. While I’m cleaning, Jason is laying in his bed. It is one of the reasons I would kick his butt if I could beat him up. Jason flopped on his bed, laying down. I looked around his room and there were dirty socks of the floor. His clothes were hanging out of drawers. He had an ash tray knocked over. There were hangers on his dresser, and old paper plates scattered on top of the clutter. He was too dumb to throw his plates in the trash. What really crawled under my skin was seeing him lay down in the midst of his clutter. I left after seeing snack wrappers in his covers. I couldn’t stand the sight of him. Ewww, like clean up! I went to my room. Sitting on my bed, It was always orderly here. I could always count on that. My room was my safe haven from the world. I went through the shopping bags arranging my new clothes. Afterwards I took a shower and decided to relax myself by laying down Today in the mall was horrible. I couldn’t believe Korbyn’s choice of words. It just makes me so mad and Jason’s room is so nasty I can’t stop thinking about it and tomorrow starts the second semester of school. I was feeling the stress. I was already missing the holiday break, but I have to go back to school not just to learn, but to keep my throne as the social king. God knows what would happen if I wasn’t running the school. “Braylon!” my mom screamed. “What?” I was so annoyed. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Can’t she see I am relaxing? “Don’t you ‘what’ me.” She yelled. I don’t know where she was in the house. I think she was yelling form the kitchen somewhere. “Ma’am?” “Take out the trash! It stinks.” I got up and stomped all the way into the kitchen. Why couldn’t Jason do this? His room is closer anyway. I gathered the trash, trying not to get any on me. It was just my luck that I lifted the bag and it had a small hole in it. A brown sticky slime, poured out of the hole and got all over my feet. This was sick! I hurriedly doubled the bag, power walked to the dumpster and slung the big, stinky retarded bag of trash in there. I was gradually building to a breaking point. This was so sick. The brown mess that came out of the trash was smelly, and it was cold on my feet. This made me take another shower after taking out the trash. Jason and my mom were getting on my nerves. Ugh!! That is why I said I didn’t feel like dealing with them. My mom wasn’t finished bothering me. I thought after a second shower I would be clean and everything would go to normal. I was wrong. My mom made me wash dishes, and clean the bathroom. I felt like a tired slave when I finally laid in my bed. Something had to be done about lazy Jason. Thoughts of ‘tricking him into cleaning up’ crossed my mind… before too long, words started to come up in my head like: ‘plump’ and ‘round’. I rolled over in my bed hearing the words again. Wishing they would leave. Wishing they were never said. It’s the start of a new semester. Meaning, I have to put today behind me, and at least when I go to school, everybody will be jealous, and begging to hang out with me. They all will try to be a part of my clique as usual, and try to sit at my table. I can already see them bowing down as I make my way through the halls. Especially when I go there with my new outfits, that is something great to expect. Thinking of my return to school, helped get some of the negativity out of my head. Tomorrow, I Braylon winters, will return to my throne. Enemies beware. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ School was moving slow. One of my classes changed since last semester. It was convenient because this new class I had with Jade. The school made a major mistake putting us in a class together. Jade and I, alpha and beta, sounds like a takeover already. In our new class, Jade spent most of the class period gossiping while the teacher was teaching. It was better than hearing the lady tell us things I would never care about. Instead I was getting the 411 on everybody’s lives over the break, and who did what. “Oh my gosh, Bray remind me to tell you about C.J. at lunch.” He whispered softly. I stopped giving him a bewildered look, “Why not now?” I had to know. “Because we have nosey people,” he let out, turning his head to a girl with glasses behind him. “Trying to listen to everything I say!” I couldn’t stop laughing. The look on the girls face said it all. “Okay,” I laughed grabbing my sides. Jade was going to be my amusement for this class. So there is a good chance I won’t get bored. ***** Later at lunch. Jade, Korbyn and I took seats at our original table. Looking down on everybody else. Students we didn’t know were walking by smiling, some were waving at me. I didn’t know or care to know them. Um I know they missed me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to lower my standards and wave back. A chubby girl came by our table as we discussed clique business. It was a trashy thing to do, but what else could you expect from a bad built geek. Ignoring the geeky girl, I announced, “So anyway, I want our clique name to be…” “Hi Jade!” the chubby girl waved happily. She was red in the face as she was rocking back in forth looking down at her mixed matched socks. “Eww Jade.” Korbyn jabbed, “Who is the follower?” “I don’t know.” Jade said through a fake smile towards the girl. “Someone get rid of her before I do.” I was upset. It was going against every social code in the book. How could this girl? You are never to interrupt a plastic’s conversation with his clique. Especially the alpha. That is a bad move. The girl invited herself over to our table. “What is she doing?” I said watching her coming closer to us. This was a double violation! No one is allowed to sit at our table. It was clique member only. If you weren’t Braylon, Jade, or Korbyn you have no right coming to the table. “Hey! Stay where you are.” Korbyn told her holding his hand up to stop her in her tracks. “We can hear you from there.” being that he was new to the clique he knew a follower when he saw one. We started to sniggle a little before she started talking again, “Oh I was only trying to say hi…” she started to say but was cut off by Korbyn again. “We don’t even know you!” he said in disgust. His gorgeous green eyes were shooting darts at her. “We would like to keep it that way. So stay back!” “Yeah, and to be honest, I don’t care about what you had to say.” Jade jumped in. The girl started to tremble from the words. She stood at a distance, like she had a problem. I wanted to finish my conversation with my clique. It was way more important than this ‘thing’ standing in front of us. Korbyn focused his model like face on me. “Ignore her, she’s desperate for popular people’s attention.” Jade’s attention was now on me too. “Yeah, she isn’t worth anything. Let her stand there until she faints.” He suggested with a smile. “I hate when someone calls my name like I know them.” Taking their advice I moved on with the conversation. Hoping the geek would leave or disappear when she was ignored. “So anyway, like I was saying before ‘grandma’ over there interrupted me…” I referred it to the girl, in a shady way. Korbyn and Jade howled with laughter. “Awww sweetie you are mean.” Korbyn braces gleamed. I’m sure if there was no one around he would have kissed me. “I know,” I smirked glancing at the girl who was crying now, but who cared about that? “I want our clique name to be: The A-list.” They both exchanged smiles at each other. Then they turned to face me, with looks of satisfaction. “Yeah ‘A-list’ fits.” Korbyn said drinking his powerade. He seemed to be proud. “Braylon, I’ve always said you were a social genius.” Jade chimed with a grin. “That is a perfect title.” “A-list it is.” I finalized. We gossiped a little more about people. Korbyn listened in, but he never said much about anything. I don’t know why I guess he thinks he is too manly for a gossip secession. Everyone feels good after a bit of gossip. “Oh, Jade.” I swallowed a piece of lettuce. I was on a diet. I know I didn’t gain a pound over the break but I feel like I ate too much. So I’m only eating salads and granola bars, at school. “You haven’t told me about C.J. yet.” I excitedly reminded him. C.J. was a guy at school. Who happens to be one of my brother’s urban friends. Last year he and Jade started talking. “Oh God, him!” Jade grabbed his forehead frustratedly, “okay, C.J. broke up with me,” Jade whispered. “What!” I exclaimed, Korbyn giggled. “What happened?” I couldn’t believe Korbyn was wanting to hear this. This was new. “I don’t see anything funny.” Jade replied to Korbyn. “I wasn’t laughing at you.” Korbyn shot back. “Anyway Braylon,” Jade smacked his lips disbelievingly. “C.J. told me ‘it was over’. Then he hung up the phone in my face.” “What!” “That’s not all.” Jade said. “He is trying to date Candice now.” “Oh no! we have to ruin him.” I automatically spoke. Not caring if C.J. was one of my brother’s friends, who watched out for me. “You never, dump a gay guy and then date a girl flaunting her in your ex’s face. That’s a no, no.” Korbyn laughed again. Something about this was funny to him. “What is so funny?” Jade struck at him again. “Not you.” Korbyn started, he pointed at something, when Jade and I looked we saw a fat chubby girl still standing there watching us. How long had she been there? Jade started laughing then I was tired of the girl stand around. She wasn’t near our table but the sight of her was pressing my buttons. I couldn’t even enjoy time with my friends because she was standing around like we were going to feel sorry for her. “Excuse me. Do you have a problem or something?” I shouted, she just looked down crying. She replied, “You are rude. Why do you treat people like that?” she wiped her eyes. “You can’t treat people like you do.” “Well to answer you correctly, I can do whatever I want, to whoever I want.” I made the statement rising from my seat. It didn’t take Jade and Korbyn long to follow my lead joining me to stand. “Another thing you should know, I always treat grandma’s with mix matched socks and bad bodies, like garbage.” I smirked hard. “Now could you please stop drooling over my perfect figure, and continue your geek agenda elsewhere?” People in the cafeteria took notice of what was going on and they joined in on the insult by laughing at her. She looked like she wanted to run as far away from school as she could get. “Aww don’t tell me you are going to cry.” I said in a baby voice. “I truly don’t care. The gig is up pig lady… you are dismissed.” There was fire streaming from my mouth. I didn’t know I was going to say that much. What I said must have burned her pretty bad. She hung her head down, wiping her eyes. When I sat back down, I felt so much better. Jade and Korbyn couldn’t stop jeering. They both kept saying things like: “Pig lady. Haha!” “Grandma with mix match socks.” “Geek agenda” “Braylon you are a legend.” The chubby, attention seeking, girl ran off. The whole cafeteria laughed at her as she left. I guess she had enough humiliation for one day. I’m sure next time she will take the warning when we say leave us alone. Sometimes you have to make an example out of someone just so everyone gets the hint. After a short discussion and a few more laughs we settled down. So did the onlookers in the cafeteria. Everything was back to normal, and the geek was gone. “Oh my goodness,” Jade eyes grew, he gasped and paused his laughter. “Look who it is.” He pointed to a table in the distance. “It’s the new girl, Andrea I heard everyone talking about.” I glanced at the brown haired girl. She had pink lip gloss on her small pair of lips. She wore a pink and white skirt, she had a purse thrown over her shoulder, hat also happened to be pink. I didn’t see anything important… “She doesn’t matter.” I told the flatly, “As long as she knows not to cross us she will live to graduate. Good thing we made an example out of that geeky girl.” They listened to me but it seemed like they were studying the girls actions. “Look at who she is sitting with!” Korbyn urged, he was sending an alert to me. Andrea this ‘new girl’ was sitting with Missy, Hannah, and Sarah. Which is another group, known as: The Girl Plastics. The only other group of plastics besides us. That was something I hadn’t even noticed. The girl plastics has never changed their group in years. For this new girl to be sitting with them all of a sudden was a sign. Missy was the alpha for the girl plastics. I believe they let Andrea sit with them because she wore pink on her first day of school. Pink is Missy’s signature color. Wear it on the first day, or more than often she will have Hannah and Sarah keeping an eye on you. If her henchmen tell her you are worthy to be in the ‘Girl Plastics’ she will recruit you. It must be what’s happening right now. The thing about Missy’s clique is, they are popular. All the Jock guys wanted one of them. Missy and I had one problem in middle school. We both wanted the crown over the school. It was a war to see who was the King or queen of the school. social order had to be established and I was going to take that seat early. Our battle for the top was a brutal one. It almost came to physical blows. We ended up signing a social treaty. It was ‘never to ruin each other ever again.’ It was that bad. In 7th grade the school had turned upside down, and there was a little anarchy happening. Teachers were even getting involved. It became a zoo. We were both alphas fighting over the popularity crown. It was dangerous and bad. A lot of people stopped coming to school, or got burned accidentally in our battles for power. Ever since the treaty, Missy and I have no problems. We haven’t since 7th grade. She stays on here side, and I stay on mine. Looking at their table I saw Missy playing with her hair as her beta who was Hannah chewed gum and gossiped. I wonder what it could be about. “Who cares about who the ‘new girl’ sits with.” I blurted feeling a bit agitated. I didn’t want my friends paying attention to any other clique or alpha besides me. For some reason I was getting a bad signal from this all. Korbyn curled his hand over mine under the table. Letting me know he was still with me. “We all know you are the ONLY alpha at this school.” he blew me a quick air kiss, and winked. I blew him one back. He was right. Everyone knew I was the alpha running the show. They should ‘beware of the boy plastics’. We clearly will always have the upper hand.
  15. Before I could take two steps, there was an engine roaring down the street. I was just about to come from behind the apartment building when a car emitting intense light shined. I could only stand there, when the car lights shut out, and the door slammed. … I really didn’t feel like dealing with- “Stay right where you are.” Bram came rushing from the car like the wind. No need to rush now. He was late as ever, and he left me. I was caught. I folded my arms and leaned against the brick building. I hate that he popped up on me before I could figure out a way to deal with him. Sprinting over to me he wore a gray muscle shirt and a pair of dark solid black jeans. I waited to hear what he had to say, because I had some crucial words for him. “I tried calling you.” He panted for quick second almost catching his breath instantly. I didn’t respond to him. At that moment he knew something was wrong. He walked closer to me, “When you told me you walked home it scared me.” He knew I was avoiding him. He gripped my arms which were folded and shook me a little, being meaningful. Trying to get my attention like he cared. I know he didn’t care. It was the total opposite. This was all his fault! “Whatever.” I snapped at him. “Don’t play like you care. You left me!” “Left you?” He made a confused face. His auburn colored eyes pretended to be lost. “Oh, cut the crap.” I gave him a daring stare. “You left me at the stadium looking stupid. Don’t play dumb.” “Wait a minute.” He said in a misunderstood way. “You didn’t leave-“ I didn’t want to hear him make excuses so I interrupted, “Wait for what?? For you to leave me again? For you to try to get back at me? Wait for what?” “Hear me out.” Bram raised his hands to calm me in an innocent gesture. His muscles through his muscle-shirt showed his chest. Every chiseled line in his torso was visible. Every move he mad he accidentally flexed something. “Hold on Brice…You didn’t leave the game with Levi?” “No dummy! Otherwise I would not have walked home. Plus Levi and I aren’t friends.” I vented angrily avoiding his continuous attempt to make eye contact. “You knew that but you saw me and still drove away.” He moved closer to me, trying to make sure he took every word I said. His eye brows furrowed with concern. “Come on. Me drive away? Why would I do that Brice?” He really was trying to sell me this story, but I am not buying it. “Why wouldn’t you do that? Oh, maybe it was payback, or… or maybe it was because of that stuff with Melissa. Whatever the case maybe, it was your way of getting back at me.” “What?” He looked taken back. “I don’t do the revenge thing Brice. If I tell you I am going to pick you up after the game, count on that.” shaking his head, he let out a sigh as if he wasn’t getting anywhere with me. I could not believe him. I didn’t want it to be true. “Well you said it, and it didn’t happen.” While I was talking the tips of Bram’s fingers touched my elbow, but I steered my body from his grasp with a mighty jerk. “I don’t want to be around you anymore! I can’t stand you! I don’t even want to look at you!” “You don’t mean that do you?” his eyes showed a sign of something breaking. “I had no part in this. Don’t throw away our years of friendship over this misunderstanding.” “Oh, I understand perfectly!” I didn’t care if he hurt or not. It was his turn to feel some of my pain. “You left me there to die! Do you know how dark it was? Do you know I was freezing out there?” He wiped his face with his hands in frustration, “I know, I know, and I am sorry you had faced that alone.” “I wasn’t alone after Kenton came to save me.” I rubbed it in his face. “Kenton?” Bram’s whole posture went from good guy to a something totally different. “Wait a minute.” His curious honey wheat skin on his face scrunched. He was putting together his next words. “There’s the problem.” He went on, knowingly. “Kenton told me in the locker room that you rode off with Levi. So I felt like there was no need for me to rush out.” Bram cleared the air. I was blank. I didn’t have anything smart to say or think of. It was like I was on mars, and everything I thought I knew, was not true. “Kenton? Kenton told you that?” It came out in a shattered tone. Images of Kent formed in my head. I remember he had something to tell me but wouldn’t say it… but it wasn’t this. Why would Kenton do that? Play with my life then play like the hero? Then I remembered how he kept on apologizing for no reason… Was that why? Because this was his doing? “I know it is weird, but yes he told me that.” Bram nodded. This changes everything! Once again Kenton saved me just to hurt me. I felt so betrayed and awful. Kenton would not do this. Bram was lying! “No I don’t believe that! Kenton wouldn’t do something like that. You are lying your way out of this.” I said catching on to him. I really didn’t want to think Bram was telling the truth even though his eyes told me it was the truth. “Kenton was the one who brought me home after I almost got killed.” I stated confused. Why would he lie? Why would he play a game like that? “Kenton lied to us both… I don’t know what he was doing.” Bram told me out of pure notion. “Maybe he didn’t want us being friends, or he wanted the attention, I don’t know.” He took a deep breath, before taking on the next topic. It looked to be the thing that bothered him. “So tell me what happened to you? You keep saying you almost died. What is that about?” My anger was redirecting from Bram to Kenton. The part that left me stumped is: I was mad at Bram for some unexplained reason. He wanted to know, so I had to tell him, since he was innocent. I began to breakdown. Shoving my anger to the side briefly to open up to Bram about my walk home. I told him how lonely I was, how dark things had become. I told him how much I wanted every car I saw to be him coming to get me. Then I told him about the old creep that almost killed me. Bram shot a look of worry, “Next time something like this happens, call me!” He demanded. “It doesn’t matter if I am mad at you that day or not.” Hidden in the root of his words was the emotion of compassion. My heart dropped in my chest. “I will never let something like that happen to you. Do you hear me?” I nodded my head, agreeing with his generous heart. I didn’t want to shed a tear in front of him so I lowered my head a little until my eyes didn’t want to fill with water. True and strong feelings of sympathy exuded from his masculine beauty. I could tell he didn’t mean for things to happen the way they did. My voice wanted to choke like thorns were in them, but I let it break free. “I-I-I… I thought you were getting revenge or playing a joke on me.” “Brice. Oh my god, you know me better than that.” his hand on his forehead. “I am not like that.” “I see that.” I felt a little guilt covering my shoulders. As my friend I should have known Bram better than to do something like this. “It’s bad enough I almost lost my best friend tonight.” Bram added in shock. His muscles were so seductive and viewable in the low lit street light. “After I deal with Kenton, that old creep is going to get it!” “Don’t worry about it. I will handle them in my own way.” I said hoping to put him at rest. “You know what, I do feel like this is my fault.” He said kicking the grass below. His face had sorrow plastered on it. “I shouldn’t have listen to Kenton in the first place. I should have checked on you myself.” After hearing him beat up himself, I lightened up on him. “You are innocent. Stop saying that. You didn’t know.” I put my hands in my cheer jacket’s pockets. Squinting my eyes as a wind blew. “The important thing is: I am alive… I guess it wasn’t time for me to die yet.” I made a joke about it, but wasn’t able to laugh. Neither was Bram. Bram looked at me for a long fixed time. Never moving his eyes away. He looked to be considering the words I just said. “I am sorry this happened.” He stepped closer to me with his arms held out, as if he wanted a hug. “I want to make this all go away, and make it better for you.” Without my approval, he snagged me into a hug! I didn’t have any time to prepare or protest against his hug. It just happened. The entire time he hugged me, I kept my arms folded. I refused to let his body too close, it was almost like a trap. I had to keep my arms up as a guard. If he could read the words of my heart he would back up soon. This was not safe for me. Bram unwrapped his arms from around me, looking down at my folded arms. “Why the folded arms? You still don’t trust me?” I didn’t answer him back. It was not a trust issue. It was that: I didn’t know how I would react to him being right against me. I had a feeling I would flip out and do something stupid. “Don’t resist me Brice.” He was telling me in a relaxed natural tone. Even his voice was seducing me to do something crazy to him. He was blowing my mind! Bram needs to back up. Seriously! “Stop it.” He warned me in a whispered voice that was low and slow. My ears rattled with heat. I shut my eyes trying to make him go away, or to wake up if I was dreaming. He said ‘stop’ again, only this time he pulled my arms down and then around his slim flexed body. Wrapping his lean arms around me, he laid his head snuggly on my collar. I could feel myself shivering from him being so close, and touching me. My body was about to scream, and I was scared Bram was close enough to hear it. “I made a promise, not to put my hands on you in a hurt or harmful way ever again.” he whispered tickling the ends of my soul. He then tightened his arms on me, making my body press against his with no space between. “I don’t have any intention betraying that promise.” He was holding me in an even warmer embrace. His body temperature was just enough to keep the winds of the night from coming through my cheer jacket. When he kept holding on to me a tear formed. I looked up to keep it back and saw how the purple sky had made a few stars twinkle down on us. The night was quiet surrounding us. It was as if everything around us had to respect what was going on at this moment. It was a sign of friendship, and a promise. One that no man could break. He pulled the hug halfway loose so that there was a small gap between our linked arms. I still held on to him. I could not let him go. There was no more parts of me resisting him. My guard was completely down. His loving auburn eyes made contact, breaking through to my own. “Does this make you feel better after what all you been through tonight?” I just smiled and nodded. “The thought of losing you forever, messed with my head on the way here. When you text me I threw these clothes on and rushed to come see you.” He thoughtfully told me, his jawline was angled and clinched. Bram went back to fully hugging me. The direct contact we shared was like my soul finding its other half. This is the comfort I needed. This was what I deserved. Especially in my life or death situation. “Bram.” “Hmmm?” “I am sorry,… for everything.” I confessed whole heartedly to him. “The lies, the anger, the revenge, all of that crap… if you knew how I-“ “Its’ okay.” He stopped me before I told how I truly felt. “All is forgiven.” His mouth was being muffled by my shoulder. I could feel him raise his head resting his chin on my collar. “No more of this. We have to stop fighting, hitting, the lies,…everything. No more of it!” He expressed his mind not hesitating. “It is time for us to be friends. I’m tired of fighting with you.” My heart thirsted for him now. “I feel the same…” I said. “You are not my enemy.” “Neither are you mine.” Bram said right after me. “We have to stop treating each other like this.” He was right. We had to stop doing this to each other. “Right. We are better at being friends, than enemies. It is less toxic.” Bram broke out singing. “Beautiful girls, all over the world. I could be chasing…” he sang in a whisper careful not to wake the neighborhood. It was his way of lightening the mood. Being comical. Trying to make me laugh. How could he think of girls at a time like this? I blew it off acting like I didn’t hear it. “But my time would be wasting,… they might say hi, and I might say hey, but you shouldn’t worry about what they say…” he continued on with it. He finally let me go. When he did, I felt like something was missing. I didn’t know if he could feel what I was feeling. He licked his pink lips and then smiled at me. “You know I was thinking.” He stopped to say, “I don’t know what I would do if something bad happened to you while I am alive…if you died, I think I might have died.” His face was stone serious. Patting on my shoulder he said, “This year taught me a lot about our friendship.” I was glad he was doing most of the talking because after a long hug like he gave, I was in space. “I learned a lot too.” He laughed his face free of stress. “One more hug before I go.” He finalized, stretching his fit arms out. I rolled my eyes playing like I didn’t want another, but I went into him. He wrapped me up in his hold once more. He pulled back halfway looking into my eyes, reading something. It was like I was naked before him and I could not cover anything anymore. He waited, perceiving things not seen before. We were reconnected, and my emotions could not stay with held any longer. When he stared deeply I felt something tingle, and my emotions released in the form of his arms. His eyes narrowed, looking me over. As if he could see this reaction cooking inside of me. He stared at my lips, “This year also taught me,” he paused as if he was drunk, “Something else. Do you want to know what else I learned this football season?” Behind his question lingered a hot lust. I don’t know if it was his chest tensing against mine, or the auburn eyes, but something felt steamy and seductive. Please don’t do anything stupid. I coached myself. “What else did you learn this season?” I realized that I was hypnotized by his aura. His honey wheat skin, and his entire essence was beaming through me. The fabric of his muscle shirt as twined in my fingers. His voice vibrated the cells as he spoke, “It taught me…That you, stole my heart.” It came out so fast that I could not replay. He had already made his move! Softly, he put his lips to mine and sweetly kissed them. It was smooth. The little added force in his jawline pushed to my lips, letting me taste the moistness of them. Bram made fireworks of dazzling colors pop in my chest. There was a big explosion! My blood pressure felt like it had risen and my heart seemed to have no beat to it. There was no world. Nothing mattered. I was in an everlasting peace. The night left us and nothing was left but the two of us. When my lips moved to get more of him, the connection made a mighty powerful jolt, that made my insides squirm. Bram broke our lip lock sighing, “Was I wrong for that?” He sweetly wondered. “I didn’t ask you, or give a warning…” “No, no, it was…” My words was chopped when I got sense of what actually happened. “It was my first kiss….” I shyly mentioned looking to the sky. This was too much for my head. My mind was not on earth at all. My emotions were gyrating out of control. I could not keep myself in one feeling. There was so much going on that my vision started to shift colors. “Brice, what are we doing?” The realization hit him harder than it hit me. He was sounding ashamed. He let me go putting his head down. I shrugged at him unsure what to say. I was afraid if I answered, it would ruin the moment. I think Bram kissed me without thinking. Now he is coming to his senses realizing that I am not a girl… remembering his sexuality. “Oh god!” He grabbed his head, “I think, I am losing it! I don’t know…” he was going through an identity crisis. It was scary seeing him act like this. “I don’t know what I am. Am I still straight? Am I curious? Bi? Gay?” He question shaking his head with a heavy doubt. “I don’t know the difference between straight and gay anymore!” He seemed to be damaging his own self. His brain trying to cross into the doorway of my world. From the looks of him sweating and pacing around in small circles I could see that he was not ready. He was having a breakdown. “Bram, it’s okay.” I wanted to calm him before I lost him to the straight side completely. If he goes too far that way, I would lose him for good. “It’s not okay!” He cried. Oh gosh. He is totally flipping out! This isn’t good at all! What if he hits me? What if he thinks I turned him gay or bi? What if… “Bram, it could be a thing were you felt like we have a strong friendship link between us and that kiss only was a way to express yourself.” My brain was shooting excuses to give him, anything to bring him to slow down and think. “You are still straight, it was a kiss. Lots of friends do it.” He shook his head, standing with his back straight staring off, “It’s not that. What I feel is way deeper than a friendship. Way deeper than anything I had with Melissa.” His facial expression was like a bird cracking its egg and seeing the world for the first time. “I just don’t know how to place these feelings.” It stunned me how far he opened up, but it scared me because I don’t know what he will make of everything growing between us. He was more confused than a two year old in calculus. I began staring out at the night’s stars, twinkling silver lights. Wondering what would become of this. Bram was a wreck after a simple act of passion. Now I have to wonder what he will do. I decided to leave Bram alone and ignore that this ever happened. This would give him time to think and figure out what he wanted, Never in a million fantasies did things end like this. Something I fought for, something I wanted, someone I wanted and waited for so long, turned out to be not what I thought. Bram came over to me. His cute face different from the one he wore seconds ago. Giving me a more seductive glare, he put his arms around my waist. His chiseled cheeks went into a reassuring smile. It was like he had come back alive but more confident. “Bram?” I asked worriedly. Making sure this was him. “Are you okay?” I didn’t want him to lose it again. So I called his name hoping to see if he would come to his senses, “Bram?” “Don’t worry, I’m fine.” He answered back biting his bottom lip. His hard arms pressed my waist into his. “It’s me. I had to ask myself, ‘what do I really want?’” He grinned gazing at me with fever. “Hey, look at me.” He ordered the second my eyes strayed from his. I was curling in on myself looking at the marvelous angles of his face. “Why are you looking at the sky when you have a star right here?” this time his pupils twinkled. I gave him a shy laugh. Not knowing how to handle a man such as Bram. I could feel the imprint of his soft lips on my jawline when he asked, “How do you feel about this?” It was a lust filled whisper that burned the tiny hairs along my face. Letting out a long wind of air, I didn’t know how I was going to word this. How do I put into words how I’ve been feeling about him all season? “To be honest-“ “Don’t be shy, Brice.” Bram laid his warm cheek to my cheek. Then he put a loving grip to his squeeze. “It’s between me and you. Just let me know: How do you feel about this? How do you feel about me?... About us?” He leaned back to see my facial expression. “Am I doing too much? Are you not ready for this?... Or what?” No matter how shocking this was, I couldn’t afford to let the shock get the best of me. If I never answer Bram, I could leave him hanging. Then I knew for a fact I would never get this opportunity again. “I don’t want you to hit me.” I nervously said, trying to put my hold tighter on his ribs, “but I like this… I like what we have here. Our whole football experience has brought something inside of us to the outside.” I told him, meaning every word. Also I was careful not to say anything that would be too much. I know Bram is still coming to terms with this sexuality. “I am not going to hit you. I made a promise.” His face was a bit tense, “and it feels good to know I am not alone when it comes to these feelings.” He chuckled a little. “No, you are far from alone.” I said. “One more question,” he said looking at me almost daring me to guess. “What?” I was slowly melting into body, and words. The whole atmosphere he created was recreating my mind. “Will you please… teach me…” he stumbled over his words as if he was twisting his courage to say the unthinkable, “how to be a good boyfriend, now?” It ended like a plea. “You can’t get out of this one, this time.” “Hahahahaha sure.” My life lit up. “If we ever take the steps of becoming more than friends.” I was too shy to say a simple ‘yes’. I can’t believe after all this, I am still playing games. Bram silently stood there holding me. Then in a calm easy motion, he made his forehead touch mine. It was so cute. The breath in my lungs cut short. After that, he brought his nose to mine too. Then He bit his lip again, “So if we feel the same about each other… I want you to ask me.” Our heads were perfectly lined up. Our lips were centimeters apart, and the heat from his pulsing veins was carrying over to my skin. “Ask me the question.” I pretended like I didn’t know what he meant. I shrugged. I was locking down at the wrong time. Why now? He was acting like he was ready, why can’t I do the same? I let his sentence brush by me, like it meant nothing. My shyness was making this more complicated than it needed to be. If I don’t let him know something he is going to think I don’t like him!!! I can not let that happen. I would never forgive myself! “Brice,…” he called lowly, “Ask me the question.” He paused, “Go on… I can handle it.” I made a face like I didn’t know what he meant, then he spoke, “I am ready, if you are.” I put my nervousness behind me at his last words. It was what I have waited for all season! Throwing forth my best confidence, I let it leave my mouth. “Bram will… will you be my boy-“ He interjected, “Yes! Yes, I will.” Then he kissed me with the wettest and hottest lips ever. Once he started he wouldn’t stop! It was like he wanted it as bad as I did. He started sucking at my bottom lip with a purpose and desire. I started kissing his smooth mouth back. I felt the healing of my broken heart that he caused this season, mending back together. The more we kissed, the more I healed. I don’t think either of us knew what was going on. Or what we were doing, but it made this, that much more marvelous. He broke away from the kiss. Leaving my lips twitching for more. “Brice Hails is it?” He joked, switching our names like I had done so many times in my notebook scribbling. Ughhhhh! His power over me we getting too strong. I had never wanted someone with the heat I was having now. There was a pressure of body heat rising in me. I started to feel dazed and only had my mind set on him, and sexual things. “Yeah that’s my name.” Suddenly I took initiative and kissed his lips with all the passion I saved up over the season. Letting loose what buzzed around my heart for months. He began to let out deep manly moans. And I started to pant wanting it more and more. His hands rubbed down my lower back and curved around my butt. With a small slight grab he clamped it. Throughout our mouths sloping together he kept squeezing my butt off and on. Tenderly touching with an expert’s hand. I didn’t know what came over me then. There were sensations coming from his hands and into my butt where he squeezed. My cheerleading reflexes kicked in without warning, and I jumped into him… Not knowing what I had done the first second I did it, I was in the air! Bram never breaking the kiss, football reflexes kicked in on time, and he caught me like I was a long pass. My legs were wrapped around his strong firm body, and his arms were holding me up so we could continue our hot hunt for passion. I smeared my hands on his tough chest. Feeling the tightness of his pecs through the rigid fabric of his gray muscle shirt. “Ooooh Bri…” he moaned. An intense desirable flash of fire consumed us both. A spicing sensation fluttering through our bodies as our hands roamed the corners of each other’s bodies. “We have to stop…” Bram tried to say but I we flooded each other with more lip locking. “If…(kiss) we don’t stop..(kiss) something might happen right here, right now!” “Uh-huh,” I heard him, but I didn’t. I wanted it to happen right here! “Brice…(kiss), Brice…(kiss)” We couldn’t stop kissing. But I noticed he called my name. “I have to get home…(kiss) ok…?” “Okay … (kiss)…” I wanted to stop but his lips dripped with a bane of addiction. (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) He moaned, “I’ll call you when I get home…” He put me down letting my feet touch the ground finally. “So this is bye?” He made a sad puppy face. We disconnected our hug. “Okaay,” I pouted, already starting to feel empty without him. He started to walk away to his car. I hated to see him leave. He waved bye and blew a quick kiss. “Bye, bab-, I mean boyfrie-, uhhh I don’t know.” He opened his car door about to step in. “You mean boyfriend? Is that what you were trying to say?” We both laughed. It was okay to me that he wasn’t used to calling me boyfriend. In due time it will grow on him. “Yeah, that’s it!” His laughed echoed. “You took the words right out of my mouth.” He ducked inside his car gleaming with a bright smile. “Be by your phone,” he let his window down and screamed. “I want to call my baby.” When I got inside of my house. I took a shower and fell face first in my bed covers. The way today went was the worst and best day of my life. I really didn’t know which one to label it as. I can’t believe I came home with a title that was better than being on Varsity. I could officially say that Bram Hails was mine. This was really happening for me! I have a boyfriend who is on Varsity, a wide receiver! Oh my God! I fought all season long for him, putting up with broken hearts, cuts, scars, and stress, but I won! My first boyfriend, will hopefully be my only boyfriend. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bram spent time around me everyday. We were barely ever seen apart. Our dynamic duo was back but with even greater means. Only we knew about our relationship. It was our business, and we didn’t want everyone to interfere with our happiness. Not only that, Bram had to take baby steps before yelling to the world he was with a guy. He didn’t want to be labeled as gay so soon just because he had strong feelings for one guy, (but in my book he was Bi. He will realize it soon) but as he says ‘Baby steps.’ To be honest Bram never needed to learn how to be a great boyfriend. He already had the qualities in him. I guess being with the wrong people made it harder for him to be himself. Around me he could be relaxed and be Bram all day with no hassle. When the last game of the entire football season was played. I surprised myself yelling out, ‘Go, 88!’ No one heard me of course, but it was a good feeling to cheer for him knowing we were together. The last game was a big loss for the Eagles, but Bram didn’t lose, he had me to lift him up. ‘That’s my cheerleader’ he said when I inspired him with my words. I would always say in return, “That’s my football player’, we knew that we would always have each other’s backs. The same night of our last game day we started to miss the season already. We took a lot of pictures on our phones with each other. Some were me doing jumps, or flips. Others were him throwing the football, and posing with his jersey on. The best ones happen to be us together kissing, and him giving me a piggy back ride. We both wore our uniforms. It was a season to be remembered. We wanted to remember what all came with our first year of being athletes. The more we spent time behind my house, and at school, or wherever we were, Bram was able to say boyfriend, and baby to me without stuttering. He had improved so much. Kenton look to have a stomach ache when he saw Bram and I closer than ever before. I still wondered what he had to tell me the night I almost died. I guess it doesn’t matter now since he could never say it. My punishment for Kenton was ignoring him. I let my friendship with Bram be enough hurt for him. I confronted Kenton about him lying and almost getting me killed. He felt so bad, and he hasn’t been the same since he found out that I knew. His confidence went down a few notches without me there to support his charm. I could not deny him as a friend completely. So I did make small talk with him. Although I had to keep it short until I got over my near death experience. Plus Bram was my boyfriend now, and he would steal me away from Kenton if we were ever alone. Giving Kent even more reason to resent Bram. Bram really came through for me this year. He caught my heart, broke it, then handled it and healed it with love. He wrapped it in his masculine kindness and had it beating unbroken, in a perfect rhythm. He cared so much for me. He really fell into our relationship. It was done. I had the auburn eyes, the honey wheat skin, the sexy wide receiver, and my best friend… as my boyfriend. I didn’t have to fight anymore, because the war was over. The price I paid to become a cheerleader was a large and heavy one, but it all paid off in my favor. I can say following my heart got me the happiness I always dreamed that I deserve. We had different dreams for different teams. He was a football player, I was a cheerleader. He was straight, and I was gay. In the end it didn’t matter whether if it was football, or cheerleading, straight or gay… we were now on the Same Team. I’m so glad we made it work. Bram was mine. ALL MINE! THE END
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