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  1. New Zealand has had a mass shooting at a mosque. For me to write such a sentence produces an anger that I cannot describe. It disgusts me that such poisonous ugly thoughts are apparently alive and well in my country.

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    2. Stellar


      Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate it. It's difficult to fathom the scope of this event, because we are a peaceful nation. Individual homicides would sometimes make the national news because such things aren't the norm.


      Yet, here we are ... with a death toll that rivals tragedies in the USA, committed at a place of peaceful worship. You are entirely correct -- there is nothing 'right' about this situation.

    3. Bleu


      I offer my condolences to you and the New Zealand nation. The news are all over French media, especially since far-right "theoretician" Renaud Camus seems to have been an inspiration for this despicable act. 

    4. Stellar


      Thank you Bleu. I have not heard anything about the man you mentioned, just that the main perpetrator was an itinerant Australian who idolised Anders Breivik and -- apparently -- felt emboldened by the attitude and statements of the current American president.

      To be honest, even though I understand, in the coldest subjective terms, the point of the attacker's message, I don't much care what the reasons were, nor the basis for motivation at any level. Killing innocent people invalidates whatever political statement is being made, because it regresses us to barbarism and denies the essential humanity of modern enlightened civilisation.

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