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  1. Thank you. I had forgotten that it was linked to that story. It's different parts of the story that I remembered. I think that would actually be a good idea. Thanks.
  2. Hi folks. Haven't been here for awhile. I think it's been three or more years already. I've been away from reading (and writing) gay fiction for just as long. But I'd like some help looking for an old story if you guys can help out. I don't remember the title. But I do remember a little bit of the ending. The male protagonist (teen I think) had a younger brother who fell out from a tree. He got injured and it was discovered when he was brought to the hospital that he had a sickness that would eventually take his life. The younger brother asked his older brother to be there when he would di
  3. You're still my favorite author on this site. Please please PLEASE come back. Pretty sure I'm dying from withdrawal...

  4. Missing you my friend. Where ARE you

  5. I really like stories that take stuff from everyday places or things and put a twist in it as if they weren't just ordinary. That's why I would say that the Percy Jackson series is my favorite series (particularly since I like mythology too). I think Riordan did a great job with it (although I sometimes wish it wasn't as "kiddie" as it sometimes was). That's why I'm liking the second series even more (Heroes of Olympus) cause at least the characters are older. However, I would say my favorite book of all time is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman.
  6. Hamen Cheese


    Thank you M for leaving a review. Glad you liked the story! I definitely enjoyed writing about these characters so much so that sometimes I've thought they were alive there in my head and I'd be asking THEM what happened next. I certainly miss Big C and Hero and we can only hope they're living their Happily Ever Afters. Cheers.
  7. Hamen Cheese


    Hi Lonnie, sorry but I haven't gotten around to writing it yet. I'm actually busy reading (other stories) and playing a certain MMORPG at this time (which is taking WAAY too much time). I don't have as much time to write nowadays.
  8. Hamen Cheese


    Oh wow. Glad that you liked it. Same goes for me. I still remember the first story I read here on GA (from DomLuka) and it hooked me to GA and the other stories here. I'm glad I got to be your first - well, you know what I mean! Thank you too for taking the time to leave a review. Authors here appreciate that a lot so don't be afraid to leave other reviews in other stories too!
  9. noooo.. u get it wrong. sorry for my english is not good. what i mean is, my comment is to represent thousand other fans who loves your stories but have not registered as member in GA. so whenever you feeling down or needed enoucragement, please remember my post here. that you have thousands of fans out there who wanted you to continue. anyway,... when is the nxt installment of adamagika will be up? Aah, I see. Okay, I'll keep that in mind. As for the sequel, I have put it on hold (writing in general is on hold actually). I've been spending a lot of my time reading instead, both efiction
  10. Well, I would certainly not confess to ever having experienced that myself.
  11. Hamen Cheese


    Hi DannyAdams, I'm glad you liked the emotional roller-coaster that's Derek's life. While I'm not working on a sequel at this time (in fact, haven't been writing recently but rather reading), maybe some day it can happen.
  12. Hamen Cheese


    Hehe. Well, I hope despite me "Being. A. Dickhead." I hope you liked the story anyway. Hehe. Thanks for the many reviews you left!
  13. I can't really answer that what if, sirma. Hehe. The thing is she didn't know for sure until later on and Derek never mentioned it.
  14. Hamen Cheese


    Hi Papaya91! Sorry it took so long to reply (one month!). Yes, the story of Jacob's brother will be tackled in the second book. The only thing is that after several drafts of the story which I have been unhappy with, I've decided to take a break from writing it at this time. I sincerely hope I do get to continue writing it again some time soon. I just need inspiration to hit me like it used to. If or when it does get published though, GA is likely my first stop for it.
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