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  1. Happy Birthday Guy,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year :)

  2. Mark is one of my favs. on the group and there are definitely a whole lot of excellent writers here in this group.

    Don't forget we won't know you replied to us here, you must click on the person's name and leave your message at their profile...

  3. I have been reading stories on GA for sometime now. I first discovered Mark Arbour and the Bridgemont series. Then, I discovered his CAP saga. From Mark, I discovered Adam Phillip's Crosscurrents. Finally, through Adam, Dan Kincaid's It Started With Brian. I have been posting on their yahoogroups but with ISWB, I finally decided to join GA.

  4. Welcome to GA! Enjoy. :o)

  5. Thanks for the welcome. It was so nice of you to notice. Cheers!

  6. If I may also add, ending with the Lifehouse song, was most positive and truly inspiring especially knowing that Sam and Brian will be truly good forever. It does make me feel everything will be better.
  7. I recently saw Adam's post on ISWB on his yahoogroups and was too curious to check on the story given the fact that it wasn't his and he "merely" helped to finish. I was astounded, to say the least, when I read ISWB. I got hooked and read all 35 chapters in one sitting. It's not so much about the style and what have yous but the story was so alive it prods you. Beneath the gloom and hurt pervasive in the story, it actually is a very inspiring story of love, joy and victory. I must agree to what have previously been said that all these fixation with labels are what creating all the me
  8. Hola! Welcome to The GA Family ~!!~ To reply to comments left for you click on the persons name and leave your words at their profile.

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