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  1. It used to annoy the crap out of me when people misused the term "literally". But it's become so pervasive, that I find myself wanting to misuse it as well.
  2. I was a shy and quiet kid, so much so that I used to get in trouble at school for not answering questions when called on, even though I knew the answer. Moving around a lot forced me to get over that and the more excited, passionate or angry I get, the more my volume goes up. My friends have to remind me to quiet down, especially if I am expressing my point of view on something controversial. Once I was getting heated in a topic with a coworker that I was riding to a conference with and she started stating " I agree, I agree!" because she thought I was yelling AT her instead of just yelling in general.
  3. I really liked writing his parents this chapter. Thanks for commenting!
  4. Interesting. Unfortunately, I don't think she is going to scratch that itch for you.
  5. CassieQ

    Chapter Eight: Leia

    Both interesting theories!
  6. Keith has a tertiary role in their developing relationship, it may surprise you. The identity of the rapist is...complicated. More comes to light regarding that later on in the story. Thanks for the comments!
  7. Thank you for the comment. I am in my late 30s now, but I was in my mid-20s when I started NTS. I appreciate the kind words!
  8. CassieQ


    If you are referring to the incorrect word several chapters back, I have corrected it. Thank you for pointing it out. I have never used Grammarly. A human edited this story for me and based on the >64,000 words she had to sift through, I can forgive her missing one or two. Again, thank you for pointing it out. And I already have a beta reader for the NTS series. He is in the story info page.
  9. Thank you. It's going to be a wild ride!
  10. I can assure you that this story is 100% pure CassieQ.
  11. Well, I just vomited on my way into work, so this week is off to an interesting start. 

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      You could read my CSR interview :P  If you're up to it, that is.  lol

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      Thorn Wilde

      Hope you're feeling better now. :hug: 

  12. CassieQ

    pride ready

    You look great!
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