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  1. My feeling is get the tape to the authorities, and the Cartel will get rid of Bridget. The best of all scenarios. Any error in my thinking?
  2. Just learned how to use the quote thingy. lol The thought about the crusher occurred to me too. When I read about the crusher I immediately thought, "Why now?" Thank CJ for the early posting. WinStuart you have a nice smile
  3. This is getting good. I had goat stew while in Mexico City a few years back. Not bad. No pasta though you just dip it on top of mashed potatoes. It is my thought that everything we read are cliffhangers, otherwise there would be no chapter 2s. Take care all. Spittune
  4. No problem with the delay in answering my post. I have began to reread this story. It is as entertaining the second time as the first. Congrats on finding an editor, I am sure all will be well. I have been quite ill for the last couple of years with Luekemia and the effects of chemo. You will never know how much you and the other authors mean to me, and I am sure others, that read them to help pass our time. Do take care. Spittune
  5. Hi all, I am back from the chemo everything seems ok, blood work is climbing. I was glad to read about Trevor and Shane surviving yet another three chapters. Yeah!!!! Keep up the good writing CJ.
  6. I am due to go to the hospital for more chemo at the end of this week. If I don't make it, I certainly hope Trevor and Shane do. Thank you CJ for a great story.
  7. CJ. I love this story (including the cliffhangers, lol). I am impatiently waiting for the next chapters and your next epic story if one is on the drafting board. Ed
  8. I am enjoying this story very much. At the risk of sounding too critical, I would suggest a new editor. There are too many mistakes in subject/verb agreements, spelling, and grammer. The story, as I said, is very entertaining and keep up the good work.
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