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    Chapter 39

    Mark, I am re-reading the Bridgemont series, having first read it as it was posted. I have got to say that it is some of the best historical fiction I have read. I really appreciate the amount of research of society, naval and military history that has gone into this series of books. The characters are well developed and the story lines have made me shed a few tears from time to time. Although I find the sex scenes well written and arousing, there is one area that I find is less than realistic. There seems to be no mention of the foreskin in any of the sex scenes. None of these characters (or very few) would have been circumcised at that time and there is a world of sensory information that should be included to take advantage of this. I am disturbed that the first time foreskin or circumcision is mentioned is in a negative way related to a phimosis; a rather rare condition. This is a minor negative in a large world of positives. I thank you for sharing your talent with us. Joe
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