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  1. It is a cold, dreary day. I decided I needed something bright and cheerful, so I baked an orange loaf cake. Everything smells good. Going to make a stuffed flank steak for dinner.

  2. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    Truthfully, people have a right to be as private or as out as they like. I'm horrible at keeping my life secret. It leaks out in stories, poems, and regular conversation. I always feel that everyone leads many lives, and they are as open or closed as they need to be. As long as the life you live is fulfilling to you and you aren't hurting others, that is all that matters.
  3. comicfan

    January Plans

    New year - same me but trying new ways. After a horrendous year last year I needed help and have been talking. Hard admitting one is only human. It also helps to hear or be reminded that there are two or more sides to any story, and while your choices are your own, sometimes the things leading up to it,and the choices others make after it you aren't responsible for. In other news I'm working on three projects. A story for the anthology using Seeon and the Waza family. A new chapter in my seer story. (I know I said it was done but sometimes your characters just don't want to be forgotten.) Finally I'm hoping to complete a 5 or 6 chapter story I'm calling Next Chapter. It is about a man forced to start over after being kept on the edges of everything. That's all for now.
  4. comicfan

    Chapter 26

    Aria is nearly comatose. Jay is the sort of friend everyone needs. Amara is hurt and fighting to keep those most important to him close. These are who Drew was afraid of? Drew's mom is in full mother mode. She is going to protect and care for the twins, Jay, and Drew. I can see many pots of coffee and tea being made. Drew has two broken souls to help. Both love him, and he loves them. He has a lot to do. Jeff needs to he contacted, the hospital needs to be updated, Amara needs a doc if just for medicine, and Aria needs help to come back to himself. Drew really is in the deep end with the men he loves. Can't wait for more.
  5. Funny, you grow older but not always wiser. Sometimes you need help to make sense of things. Worse, sometimes you can't fix things and what was once so important becomes a wreck in your life's rearview mirror. 

  6. comicfan

    Chapter 3

    So they are face to face and neither lays their cards on the table. Not only is one a powerful mind reader but he knows his mate is in trouble. The other is a King unwilling to communicate. I get the feeling there is a lot more to Ivan. Until your next chapter and a few new pieces of the puzzle.
  7. comicfan

    Chapter 2

    So Nico is in an odd position. His mate needs him, Craig senses him, and his powers are warning him. Seems like a powder keg ready to go off. Onwards.
  8. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    Late to the party but enjoying this. Nico is an interesting character and you have a lot of intrigue just below the surface.
  9. comicfan

    Chapter 25

    As usual, a mom knows when something is off with her child. Drew might think he is doing what is best for everyone, but neither his mother or the twins see it that way. I expect the former soldier and body guard is about to have his ass handed to him.
  10. comicfan

    Wedding Day

    I've learned never to say no.
  11. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    Ouch. I know other PKs and it hard to live under the microscope. Glad you made it out the other side. I just remember what one of them was told by her dad. Excuse the paraphrase. You were given life and free will. It is your life to live. You were given my last name. It has no marks against it, so keep it that way. Always remember to live a life you're proud of so when you face your final judgment you have nothing to fear. I was born and raised Catholic so guilt works well on me. Lol.
  12. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    I watched a few of those shows but never really seen them as religious. At least not Quantum Leap or Early Edition. Fixers work on all sorts of issues. I picked school shootings mainly because it was being discussed again on the news just before I sat down to write. I wanted something most people could relate to. Glad you enjoyed, and we might yet see the Pops again.
  13. comicfan

    Chapter 24

    Well that was a proper mess. Henley hasn't been in his children's lives, so trying to be the father now is a little bit too late. Instead of fixing things, it appears he has made them much worse. Drew is a mess. Running away without speaking to the boys, correction, men is wrong. Hopefully, by going home he will hear from his mother the one thing he really needs to hear, to get his butt back to them. Alicia should have shoved her foot up his ass. The whole damn staff knows Drew is good for the boys. Someone is going to have fill in the twins. God help them all when the chips fall this time. Have I mentioned how I love Mason and Emma. Both of them want to smack Drew but keep hoping he'll come to his senses. I hope they are right. I'm grateful Jeff filled Drew in. However, I kept hoping he would realize how much the twins need Drew and Drew needs them. Til your next chapter and few new pieces of the puzzle.
  14. Just wanted to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

    1. Mikiesboy


      All the best to you as well.

    2. Valkyrie


      Same to you, Wayne.  :hug:  I hope you have a better 2019 :kiss: 

  15. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    It's never easy to admit to being abused. I'm glad, even though he had to be kidnapped, that he finally is breaking free. Powerful story.
  16. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    In many respects, a horrific future. I kept thinking of British mathematician who helped win the war and then was punished for being gay. I'm glad that Loy and Kee escaped and it causes a changed future.
  17. This cold just keeps lingering. Every time I think I'm over it, it comes back with a vengeance. Would really like to breathe again. Vicks and tea can only go so far. 🤧

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    2. Mikiesboy


      Yeah, it sounds like more than a cold ... stuff that comes back over and over needs looking at and likely antibiotics.

    3. MacGreg


      Listen to your friends' advice. My cold transformed into a nasty sinus infection. I finally took myself to urgent care yesterday and now am on antibiotics.

    4. DynoReads


      May also be bronchitis

  18. comicfan

    December blahs

    I'm terrible at keeping a blog. Then again I'm terrible or so I've been told. I'm feeling older than ever. Work has been crazy. Considering I work the return desk, this is crunch time. Long hours, little sleep, and worry about friends drains what reserves I have. Add that I have a cold and blah. My circle of close friends grows smaller and I know a few people are concerned. Considering my health and the end of a seven year relationship and friendship has been rough on me. I have no one to blame but myself. Christmas was quiet, with me sick in bed. Hope others had a better time.
  19. comicfan

    Door#1 - The Sweater

    The memories of loved ones at the holidays is always bitter sweet. Beautiful story.
  20. comicfan


    Now that was sweet and heart wrenching. Glad Dean could help. Looks like he might be getting just what he needs.
  21. comicfan

    Santa's Visit

    Carlos, A story so naughty and nice. Loved it. Send Santa my way, and I can find out which one I am.
  22. comicfan


    Now there is a dark take on Christmas. So didn't see that ending coming.
  23. comicfan

    Christmas Story Special Review

    Awww. Thanks for highlighting Last Christmas. Mann's Rudolph story is ... well, different. Lol. The rest are new to me so off to read.
  24. Happy Holidays everyone!


    1. Valkyrie


      Same to you, Wayne :hug: I hope you had an awesome day :hug: 


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