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    Chapter 23

    Love comes in many forms - love for a child, love for a parent, love of a partner, love of a friend, and many more. Amara and Aria both love Drew, and he loves them. The degree hasn't been labeled yet, but everyone can see it. Hell, even momma bear can sense it which, I suspect is why she went after Drew. I love Henley. While he may have abandoned the twins to his bitch wife, he does care about them. While at first comfortable with Drew, he is now worried that one of his twins is in love with the hunky security. What will happen if Aria also confesses to this? Makes you wonder what Jay has going on in their life? They seem to be one of the very few friends the twins have. He evidently wants to educate Drew on what the rest of the world knows or sees in the twins and by extension, themself. Jay is an amazing person. Jeff may just lose his "brother" in this mess yet.
  2. comicfan

    Chapter 22

    Well, Momma is worse than I thought. All hell broke loose and now we have to see where the dust settles.
  3. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. If fixers are real, I need one myself. Happy Holidays
  4. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    Hi Kitt, Ms Diaz just is prejudice and uses her "faith" as a weapon rather than as a reason to do good. Some people hide behind belief rather than look at the message and help. Martin sort arranged a career change for her. As for Mrs. Pop, well, what she knows is open for speculation. Glad you enjoyed my story.
  5. Sometimes as the year comes to an end, all you can do is look back and realize you survived. Good and bad, gains and losses are all part of life.

  6. comicfan

    Chapter 20

    All you see is a massive amount of pain in the very near future. Someone has allowed themself to drop their shields and the problems loom.
  7. comicfan


    I'm glad you enjoyed it and everything made sense to you.
  8. comicfan


    I think you'll find karma is named Jenny, and I dont think she'll let anyone hurt Jonas. I like to think she found a way to make him pay, and not for just the date.
  9. comicfan

    Chapter 20

    There were things I cleaned up and answered in the epilogue.
  10. comicfan

    Chapter 20

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully the epilogue helps with closure.
  11. comicfan

    Chapter 20

    It seems there is often interest in more. I have learned to never say no.
  12. comicfan

    Chapter 20

    The epilogue is up. Hope you enjoyed it.
  13. comicfan

    Chapter 20

    I'm hoping you enjoyed the epilogue.
  14. comicfan

    Chapter 9

    Opie always knows more.
  15. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    I'm always glad when people enjoy my story. As for Mrs. Pop, she's a fixer and a mom. That means double trouble for Martin.
  16. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    Thank you, Jeffery. It seems to be my blessing, or is that curse? I always seem to leave the door open to revisit. I'm glad you enjoyed Martin.
  17. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    Well Martin is just one of many. I might come back to him or one of family again.
  18. Thank you so much for the many birthday wishes. I spent a quiet day at home. It is at times like this I realize how much various people have meant to me. It makes my remaining friendships and family all the more special. Again thank you for remembering me.

    1. Valkyrie
    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Sorry I didn't get there in time, but here's a Tillykke med fødselsdagen fra Danmark

    3. comicfan


      Okay Tim, please translate that. Lol

  19. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  20. comicfan

    Chapter 17

    Blue is important for many reasons in the story.
  21. comicfan

    Chapter 16

    Isn't that the way life goes?
  22. comicfan

    Chapter 14

    Opie's glamor might help hide him, but he is still very much an 'other'.
  23. comicfan

    Chapter 8

    People often want what isn't good for them. The more questionable the object, the more you can be sure that Opie wants to meet the proposed new owner first.
  24. comicfan

    Chapter 7

    Opie can be terrifying without having to try.
  25. comicfan

    Chapter 2

    Well, hope you enjoy it.

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