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    One Little Snowflake - Full Story

    I really enjoyed this. When they started out per lottery, I thought this isn't going to last long. I was right and wrong. I love how you handled the war. I'm grateful both men got to be dad. The only thing I want more details about the big bads. They aren't affected by gamma radiation but nuclear radiation has done them in. What are they like? Why did they pick earth? Good story, but would love more. Now I sound like others. Lol. Grateful for what you shared.
  2. comicfan


    There is a reason we cling to our freedoms, because we are so lucky to have them. Carlos, as a former teacher this story gives hope in a lot respects. First, Roge is a stellar student. He works hard, is the top of his class, works for the mayor. As a teacher, I'd have told him cursing isn't the way to go, but I'd applaud his desire and need to see a change in how things are handled. Unfortunately there are too many administrators who dont want to rock the boat or see any kind of change if the publicity could be bad in any way. Instead of guiding and standing up for Roge, she attempted to silence and bury his accomplishments. She deserved to be let go. Finally, Mr Cruz and all elected officials need to remember they work for those who put them in office. They are supposed to represent those who elected them to office, and carry out the will of the people, not their own desires. Finally, guns in schools are deadly. Year after year, the death tolls rise and we are left with "thoughts and prayers" for the fallen. Laws need to be changed to protect us all. Thank you for a thought provoking piece. Wayne
  3. comicfan

    Fall Anthology: Fight Back & Good Intentions - Set 1 *NOW LIVE*

    Val, You mean you didn't read them all yet? Lol
  4. comicfan


    Hmm. Lu has nothing to do with the sea, other than being blue. We know he is not the original Lucifer, but he has innate power, comes from a very powerful family, and Fire doesn't trust him at all, even if Opie does.
  5. comicfan


    To say I read a lot, is like saying there is a drop or two of water in the ocean. Fantasy, Mythology, and Science Fiction have been major influences. From Tolkien to Brooks, from Greek to Norse, and countless others I find the "others" interesting. Some I like to befriend, some I'd love as guards, and others I'd love to just meet out of curiosity which is how I used them in Jonas. As for how Opie "opened" Jonas' dad, well. I think most of us would hope someone changed because of their love for us and not due to someone else's influence. I agree, Opie could have done much worse, and we still dont know what Lu might have done if he got involved. Thanks for the comment.
  6. comicfan

    November Loss

    We are barely into November and the holidays are right around the corner. For most, this is the happiest time of the year. Unfortunately, I am looking at the loss of friends. This year has been rough. I've faced my own mortality, my own stupidity, and then death kept knocking. I was barely out of the hospital, when a young soldier found military life didn't suit him. He wrote to tell me he was sorry, but he had too much blood on his hands and the next thing I heard was he'd committed suicide. My brother and sister-in-law came up from Florida. My sister-in-law spent just over a week up here dealing with her mother as illness stole everything from her. My brother got time off and rushed up in time to help his wife and her family deal with the death. I managed to see them for all of maybe 5 hours for the first time in nine years when my mother passed. So the year isn't over. We have reached autumn and here in the Northeast the leaves are changing and the temperature is dropping. While most are focusing on the holidays, my attention turns inward and my memory is filled with those I have loved and lost. The only thing I can do is go on. Never miss the chance to say you love someone. You never know when that might be your last opportunity.
  7. comicfan

    Last Post Wins #47

    I've worked three 10 hours shifts, so that darn shiny is mine!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


    1. Valkyrie


      I hope you had a great day :hug: 

  9. comicfan


    I'm not sure what that is, but ...hmm. Opie is different. 🤣
  10. comicfan

    Chapter 18

    This might just be what both boys need. However, I doubt we've heard the last of Ben.
  11. comicfan

    Make us Laugh! #2

    Building off the last one. Thanksgiving memes....
  12. comicfan


    I try to leave things open, but find as much as I might be ready to go back to a set of characters, sometimes by the time I'm able, the interest is gone.
  13. I have 5, 4, 1. So Grinch, cane, and tree. Beware every Who down in Whoville! I'm a mean one. Poor Dr. Seuss has no idea what is loose. Five words times a hun is the max, and no more is a fact. Hard at work on this, might just be bliss.
  14. comicfan

    A GAME #3

    Barely a poet. The person below me loves to cook.
  15. comicfan

    Weekly Wrap Up (Nov. 11 - Nov. 17)

    It's sort of a mixed bag, but here goes. I am thankful to still be here, for a doctor who spotted an issue and had me go to a surgeon. For a good surgeon who helped me survive a triple bypass. I am thankful for having met a man who was a close friend until his passing. He has left a mark on my heart that I'll carry to my grave. I'm thankful for also knowing a young soldier, who did what he could. He too will be remembered. I'm thankful for family and friends who have rallied around me and each other with love and support. I'm thankful that I'll get to spend part of Thanksgiving day with my father before I have to work my retail job. Finally, I'm thankful that I was able to donate to the foodbank for those with less.
  16. comicfan

    Story Blurbs

    The title and blurb are a pain. Sometimes the title is easy - Accidents Happen because my idea revolved around a near accident. Then you have something like Seeon and I was just name it after the damn character. Blurbs are always a question of did I entice them enough or am I just giving the whole thing away? It is a struggle I'm never sure I'll win.
  17. comicfan


    Fire has never been happy with Lu, but his family seems to push her buttons. Opie knows more than he let's on, but that is nothing new. Jonas stands slightly confused but happy as his strange life unfolds around him. Thanks for reading and commenting @Puppilull
  18. comicfan


    Well, some stories are just fun. Jonas always seemed to grab everyone's attention, so I wanted to make the ending the opposite of the beginning. Instead of Jonas knocked down and left alone, he was swept off his feet and surrounded by people who care. I just hoped people would enjoy it.
  19. comicfan


    I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  20. comicfan


    Well, while this story ends, the characters go on. Not everything is tied up, so who knows. Thanks for reading though @Zenobia
  21. comicfan


    You open that bakery and I'll be one of your first customers! Thanks for staying with me, LBO.
  22. comicfan


    I thank you for the kind words. My mind just works a bit differently, luckily, I have wonderful people who work as my betas and editors who keep me grounded and focused.
  23. comicfan


    Opie has a soft spot for Jonas, but his sense of right and wrong is based on his view as a dragon. If he can fix the issue then he is right, no matter how wrong the fix might be to humans. Besides, both Fire and Lu have sampled Jonas and it has altered both in that they care and know what makes Jonas tick. Jonas goes forward to a bright future. The Meyers, Lu, Fire, Opie, and others are there to support him. Thank you for caring about my guys.
  24. comicfan


    So glad you enjoyed it, Daddy. I've written and rewritten it a few times, but with Val's help it is finally done. Just happy people can read the finished project now.
  25. comicfan


    No story is ever truly over. Fire doesn't want Jonas anywhere near Lu's parents. Lu wants Jonas to meet his parents. Opie, after his disasterous intervention with Jonas's father, is just trying to keep the peace. Jonas has accepted that strange and unusual events are now part of his normal life. Hope that make sense foe you, @Starrynight22.

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