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  1. Story Blurbs

    The title and blurb are a pain.


    Sometimes the title is easy - Accidents Happen because my idea revolved around a near accident. Then you have something like Seeon and I was just name it after the damn character. 


    Blurbs are always a question of did I entice them enough or am I just giving the whole thing away? It is a struggle I'm never sure I'll win.

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  2. Writing Prompts #706 & #707

    On 10/5/2018 at 2:28 PM, northie said:

    I've just completed a month of responding to first line prompts elsewhere. None of them was a speech prompt. I wonder if @comicfan might consider an occasional variation?  :) 

    I am always up to mix things up. Just might be a while until you see it. I usually write them at three month clips, so the admins don't need to worry if something happens to me.

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  3. Ooh. I remember this anthology. I went a bit different in this one, but thankfully people enjoyed it. I'm enjoying seeing these come back up. I've even found some I didn't comment on the first time and have corrected that.

    You can see the ebb and flow with the anthologies over time. Some have just a few enter, and others are packed. Glad people are enjoying them all over again.

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