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  1. Hi all,


    I'll start off by saying I'm healthy for the moment. Last year, it was detached retinas. This year, I had triple bypass surgery.  Needless to say, I haven't been in a good place and writing was very sporadic if at all.


    I'm trying hard to make a comeback.  Right now, I have finished a story for the fall/winter anthology which is being read and commented on, so yeah, something is done.


    The final chapter/epilogue for Jonas is written. Now it is waiting on me finding a beta and editor. Yes, the long wait is over.


    I have been writing a dragon shifter story. It was put off when a beta read it and we couldn't mesh. Took a while, but finally gone back to it and am determined to finish. 


    Finally, writing on a story that was begun and was abandoned. It's not because I didn't like it, more like health issues stopped it, and to be honest, I forgot it completely. Anyway, in process of finishing the last three or four chapters. What i did have written was lost when my computer died at the time, so basically been trying to remember what i did, and recreate it.


    Sorry for delays, but think I might be ok for a bit. Anyone interested in beta or editor work, let me know.

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  2. I'm putting this up so people know. I'm crazy and with less than ten days I have two stories going for the anthology, one for each topic. If I pull this off I might need a hail Mary in the form of a beta and edit. If anyone feels crazy look for my plea for help if I get them done. Good grief. 

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  3. Basically I've run into a problem.


    Due to issues with my health and then not having a computer, the normal people I tap for beta work aren't able to do it anymore. In some cases it is real life has interfered, which I can understand, or they have sort of faded away from GA.


    Just so people know, I was made aware by a reader of one story left undone. To be honest, it was a 10 chapter story, 5 were up and my beta found a plot hole you could drive a cruise ship through starting in 6. No problem, I could just redo 6 to 10. Then I got sick, computer died and to be completely honest, I forgot it existed. However, now working to create an ending again and will need someone who can be as honest and tell me where I mess up.


    That brings me to project 2. Working on another limited chapter story called Dragon''s Hoard. I've advertised for a beta and again, no answer.


    So while my one shots - Anthology and Halloween contest are nearly complete and shouldn't have an issue with beta or editors for them, sort of sunk on the others. Longer projects require a real commitment. I need both a reader/task master to keep me going. While there is no time schedule to keep, I will not post unless the story is complete. I'd also prefer not to spread this out over months. I'm trying to keep both projets between ten to twelve chapters. 


    If anyone is interested,  let me know. Thank you.

  4. I've been dealing with eye surgery, but haven't been idle. Thank god for speech to text programs.

    1. I've been working on an entry for the Halloween contest. Figured I'd give it a go.

    2. Also, way into the fall anthology story.

    3. My beta is working on the reworked piece I had done in my prompts, from Cia''s project about opening your door and finding.... Well, mine had a lot of people asking for more. Let's see how much my beta makes me add and rewrite.

    4. Working on a multiple chapter story about dragons. Was hoping for a beta but no luck yet. Still writing it though.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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  5. As you can see I've been getting things out. I'm working on a dragon story, but having learned from past mistakes I am not putting up a single thing til it is complete.  That way my beta and editor will see it all and can tell me all my problems and my readers won't be stuck if life sends me off course. So enjoy the shorts and anthologies until I finish my dragon story.

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