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  1. Boy, time flies when all you do is work. We made it to another Friday, so, let's see if these new prompts appeal to you. Prompt 818 - Creative Tag - Money Woes This hasn't been your year. First there was there was the accident, where someone totaled your car, but they drove off afterwards and your insurance wouldn't pay for the hit and run. Then there was the hospital bill from your fall where you broke your arm. You have insurance but considering it is only February you hadn't begun to meet your deductible and now had $3000 you owed. Finally, your job announced budget cuts and your hours at work were cut. With bills piling up you're forced to take drastic actions. How do you solve your money woes? Prompt 819 - Creative Tag - First Line "Just you wait 'cause my revenge will be epic!" Hopefully someone will take up the challenge and go write a new tale. If you do please post your response and link it in the Writer's Circle Prompts so it can be featured here. Until next time, remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay safe.
  2. You know things aren't going well when someone asks you what you hope for and you respond with 'a nap.'


    tired dog days GIF

  3. It was cold and Chris was tired from a long day at work. All he really wanted to do was go home, curl up on his couch in a blanket, and watch an old movie. Being single on Valentine’s day really didn’t mean all that much to him. Hurrying up the walkway to the apartment building’s door he heard a high-pitched yip. Pausing to look, he spotted Mrs. Calloway out walking her chihuahua. “Evening, Mrs. Calloway. Rambo behaving?” “Rambo is being his usual self. I swear Ollie has a warped sense of humor. Only my husband would name a tiny noisy dog, Rambo.” Chris smiled and looked away. The Calloways lived two doors down and were the sweetest couple. Rachel was a Doctor of English at the local college and her husband Oliver owned the local radio station. Their love was so apparent that Chris felt lucky to be around them. “Do you have a date, Chris?” “Um, no. Just going home and catching a movie.” Chris smiled and began to make his break for the door. “Evening to you, Mr. Ruiz.” Antonio the building security guard stood holding the door for him. Chris tried not to stare at Antonio's muscular body, square jaw, or deep chocolate eyes as he squeezed past him. Antonio smiled and waved to Ms. Calloway as he closed the door behind Chris. “Thanks, Antonio.” Chris made his way over to the mailboxes and checked his. Taped to his mailbox was a slightly crushed blue rose. He peeled it off, sniffed the faint scent, and opened his mailbox to find it was empty. “Oh, geez,” Antonio hurried over carrying an Amazon box. “Nearly forgot, Mr. Ruiz. This came for you today too. I signed for it.” Chris blushed as his hand grazed Antonio’s. He took the box and headed to the elevator trying to stay calm as he purposely focused on his phone. While in the lift he opened the door dash app and ordered a sandwich and slice of cake for dinner. “Well, at least dinner is taken care of.” He opened his door and hit the intercom button. “Yes, Mr. Ruiz,” came Antonio’s deep voice, “Chris, Antonio. You can call me, Chris.” Antonio’s laughter could be heard. “Yes, Sir.” Chris sighed. “I ordered from the deli place around the corner. Door dash is delivering it. Just send whoever it is up when they arrive.” “No problem, Chris, Sir.” Chris laughed as he headed into his apartment. He set the rose down and looked at the Amazon box. It was addressed to him, but he didn’t remember ordering anything. Taking a pair of scissors out of his junk draw he opened the box. Inside was a pale blue shirt and a gift note from his mother wishing him a Happy Valentine’s Day. Chris looked at the clock and seen it was just after seven. Knowing his father would take his mother out for dinner and a movie he called the house and left a message on their answering machine. He was just heading into his bedroom to change when the intercom buzzed. “Food is here, Sir. The dasher is on his way up.” Chris headed toward his door. “At least it is all paid for,” he sighed as he walked over to the door, opened it, and waited for the guy. The elevator door opened and out walked an ebony god. He stood wearing an open black jacket, with a tight tan shirt that clung to his six pack, and a killer smile. He glanced at the sign showing where the different apartments were and smoothed his shirt out. Before Chris could even say a word, he turned and headed down the hallway in the opposite direction. Chris was about to call out when a short blond guy stepped out carrying a large bag with the distinctive red logo on it. “Hey, you must be waiting on me.” The guy walked over, opened his bag and handed me the paper bag from inside. “Here you go, bud. Happy Valentine’s Day.” “Thanks,” he mumbled almost automictically. He took his bag, closed the door, and went to find something he could lose himself in for the evening. Just as he was about to sit down, he noticed the rose. There was a card attached. He expected it to be a rose from the apartment co-op. Instead it read, “Happy Valentine’s Day, To a Sweet Man, A.” Chris sat down and happily munched on his sandwich as he tried to figure out how to get the only person, he knew with the starting initial A up to his place. Maybe, just maybe, Valentine’s day wouldn’t always be spent alone. Chris smiled and took a sip of wine from his glass as he thought about his future
  4. Okay. I apologize. I'm a bit behind in keeping up with the changes happening on the site. I finally posted the prompts in the Writer's Circle Prompts. If you were looking to link your stories, well, I'm sorry I was slow. Been doing a lot off my phone, but it is a hundred times easier on my tablet. Again my apologies but everything is set up again for you.

  5. comicfan

    Chapter 1

    Well at least one of them appealed to you and got us something new. Loved it. I'll take the blame for inspiring this. Lol
  6. Happy Valentine's Day.i love you flirt GIF by OTTO

  7. Happy Valentine's Day. Will it be romantic or bloody? Let's look at the prompts and decide. Prompt 816 - Creative Tag - Bloody Valentine. Being single for Valentine's day sucks! However, you got a strange card saying you should be cherished, followed by one saying you took my heart, and then a box with a bloody heart in it and note. The note reads 'Yours is next.' What is going on? Prompt 817 - Creative Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - a sandwich, an old movie, a glass of wine, a new blue shirt, and a crushed rose. So will you take up either prompt to write? If you do please share it in the prompt forum. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Until next time, be safe. Enjoy your Valentine's Day.
  8. Love the twists. Sounds like my normal.
  9. It can be dangerous to let people read a WIP. Reading something I was 8 chapters done with, a friend commented on it. Changed the whole way of looking at it and the story is back to chapter one for a total overhaul. Damn her comment. She seen an opening and now with that one change it is a whole new story.

    1. Brayon


      I agree. Had similar issues with one of my projects. Thankfully, my editors reigned me in on it.

  10. Welcome. Next Friday is Valentine's day and I have some new prompts to help create the mood. Prompt 814 - Creative Tag - Cupid's Beau When you left to go out this morning the last thing you expected to do was fall over a stunning young man. As you apologize profusely you hear him mention a "missed shot" and a "missing arrow." When he finally straightens up and looks you in the eyes you feel drawn to him. When he asks you out, what happens? Prompt 815 - Creative Tag - First Line "True love's kiss? What is this? A fairytale?" So do either of the prompts appeal to you? If so, when you write your story, please, remember to link it in the prompt forum. 'Til next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay well.
  11. Looking at the expected temperatures for the coming week and shaking my head. 50s in February? No real snow yet? Anyone who thinks global warming isn't real needs a reality check.

  12. We made it to the end of January. You know that means Valentine's Day is right around the corner. These prompts will either help you create something romantic or perhaps murderous. It all depends on how you take them. So, another Friday collection of prompts for you. Prompt 812 - Creative Tag - First Line "Do you think it will finally happen tonight?" Prompt 813 - Creative Tag - The Roses After a long day at work you find a long stemmed red rose on your door step. There was no card but you figured it might be a mistake. The following morning you wake and find another rose on the front windshield of your car, another at your desk at work, and when you finally come home again find yet another on your bedroom pillow. Are these romantic gestures or something else? Does either one appeal to you? If so write your tale. Be sure to share it in the prompt forum too. 'Til next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like. Stay well.
  13. I'm always happy when someone reads something I wrote. However, sometimes I can be a little greedy or needy and just long for a comment so I know if something was good, bad, or indifferent to the reader.

    1. Headstall


      I know what you mean, Wayne. Everything I've read of yours has been great. :hug: 

  14. https://youtu.be/ZAf13cKZ4Tc


    Been stuck in my head for 2 days now.

    1. drpaladin


      I must be immune.

    2. comicfan


      Started because of a story I read. Once the song was started I was a goner. Happens to me all too often @drpaladin.

  15. Well, January is flying by and we've made it to another Friday. That means new prompts! Prompt 810 - Creative Tag - List of Words Use the following words in a story - a blanket, a stuffed toy, a pair of shorts, a glass of water, and a sudden storm. Prompt 811 - Creative Tag - Choices With every wish comes a choice and with every decision the fear of what if. Unfortunately, in just three days you've been given three choices and no easy way to decide. Your job just offered you the opportunity of a lifetime, only you'd have less than a week and would be moving nearly around the world to do the one thing you've dreamed of your whole life. Before you could even begin to think about that, your lover of three years has proposed and wants you to move with him halfway across the country. Shocked and wanting guidance, you head home only to be offered the chance to take over the family business and learn everything from your grandfather before he succumbs to cancer. What do you choose and why? So those are the prompts for this week. Does either appeal to you? If so write then add it to the prompt forum. "Til next time. Remember to read, write, comment, and like.
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