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  1. I basically grew up less than 10 minutes away, and I really don't think the area was surprised that this happened. There are like 15 cities that meet right in that area, each with a different class, government, and background. It is strange to be able to sit on one side of the line and crime is non-existant, and walk a single city block and there is a recordable murder rate. I cannot speculate on the event itself, as it would be just that, speculation. I do feel heartbroken to see my old stomping grounds being burned to the ground, however. It is an upsetting situation for all parties involved and the U.S. itself.

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  2. You made me cry a bit Karl... My own mother wasn't there for my ordeal at all, though, so at least you have that on your side. Either way, they may have both given you life and supported your life, and fostered your dreams, but from here on out it's your partner's and your friend's job to keep you going, and I damn well hope I help. (As well as keep that gift of music happy :D )

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