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  1. Wow, after the many times I've read my horoscope, this one takes the cake. For all that know me, here's a few highlights, lol:


    "It does get difficult, though, to sort though the myriad of evites that practically spam your inbox. Sorting them all out can require some time and strategic thinking, not to mention some good 'ol fashioned hard headed decision making..."


    "Your ability to deliberate proves you're more than a pretty face. But it can be pretty annoying to your friends, all the time it takes you to get to any kind of conclusion."


    "Don't try to deny it, because I know you've looked in a mirror recently. The dimples, the full pouting lips, and let's not underestimate the power of your nicely rounded posterior. It's a full length mirror you have, of course."


    That was, actually, a rather creepy read, lol.

  2. Okay, I have two theories. First, they never said superhero, but character. So it very well could be a villein, and my dar always pinged on the Joker. Creepy older dude wearing makeup and driving around in creepy vans.... just saying. The other would have to be Superboi, it just seems like he'd be a likely suspect. Him and Bunker are gonna hook up, watch and see.

  3. I'm not exactly sure how I feel on the entire subject. I've been what you would call 'clinically depressed' since I was a child, but more often than not I am happy-ish. A lot of it is me just wearing a smile when I don't mean it, but it still seems to cheer me up somehow. It used to be really bad when I wouldn't leave the house, and actually required psychiatric help, so yes, depression is real, and can have dire consequences.


    (Oh, and just for mark Posted Image )

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  4. I hate to crap on the parade, but I recently read something disturbing in a local paper. The article stated that half of these graduates won't be able to find a job in their chosen field.


    There's no shame in working at Subway. But if someone has a degree in quantum mechanics, then that would be a huge step down.


    I do feel sorry for graduates today. I have multiple degrees spanning multiple fields (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Culinary Arts) and the only one I seem to be able to use is the culinary one. It's driving me insane.

  5. So I went for Los Angeles over Vancouver, as I felt with Sutter behind then bench, they would do much better than if they didn't. What I honestly didn't expect was them to manhandle the overall #1 and #3 team overall in the league so easily Posted Image


    I really felt this was St. Louis' year to shine.


    I will say that I've always maintained Sutter is a great coach. He took the Flames to the Stanley Cup Finals when really they didn't have the talent to be there, on the stat sheet. He is an amazing coach, I just wish he would keep out of the Front Office and not try to be General Manager.


    Could this be a repeat with LA in the Finals? Quick is playing well enough to take em there.


    If they are man enough to take the blues down, I suppose I should root for 'em in the end. I won't be a sore loser, lol. Lets go... eh, I just can't do it, lol.

  6. I can't believe they lost :cry: Why do the Blues always do that when they manage to kick some ass in round one? Oh well, didn't hurt anyone unless myk picked LA. If he did, it's his win this year, more than likely.

  7. I am extremly ocd. I've got the dishwasher fetish, the label fetish, the double locking doors, I can't sleep with any doors in the room open (including the closet), when I shower I was things in the same order every time... um I'm sure there is more....

  8. Here's some good odds, from sbnation.com (http://www.sbnation.com/nhl/odds)



    DATE TEAMS Opening


    05/01/2012 New Jersey 135

    7:30 PM Philadelphia -155

    Over/Under 5½u-130


    05/02/2012 NY Rangers -105

    7:30 PM Washington -115

    Over/Under 4½o-125


    05/02/2012 Phoenix 165

    9:00 PM Nashville -185

    Over/Under 5o-110


    05/03/2012 Philadelphia Odds not yet decided

    7:30 PM New Jersey



    05/03/2012 St. Louis 100

    10:00 PM Los Angeles -120

    Over/Under 4½o-110

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