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  1. I admit I followed your link over to your other site and read most of the Sanataria Springs stories there without leaving or sending you or the other authors feedback. It was mainly because I wasn't sure how to do so, and I was too lazy to search for a way. I don't know what 'message board post' entails, but I'm guessing it's something similar to a blog or FaceBook, something I'm not familiar with. I don't email people if I can avoid it, that's why I like GA with the review and PM system. I guess I should have sent you a PM here saying I liked what I read over there.

    But you're definitely not the first author to be frustrated with the lack of response, and rightly so. I'm familiar with the frustration of having readers who don't give anything back. It was one of the reasons I moved here from LitE, in spite of most of my stories being unsuitable for GA. If one out of fifty readers leaves a review I count myself lucky, but one review per 100 views is more normal and still very good for GA, I think. Some stories hardly get any reviews at all, or only from a few vocal fans.

    Anyway, most authors here will understand your frustration. It's the main reason I try to write reviews as much as possible, but I have to admit I read more stories than I manage to comment on, apart from a like. Though that's also because I don't like to leave meaningless reviews like 'great story' or 'I'd like to read more.' I often return and read a story or chapter more than once before reviewing. I'll get around to Love and Loss again asap.

    I think when we talk about serial stories it's harder to comment each time, but shouldn't be too hard to sum things up- especially since some folks wait for a story to be done before reading at all.

  2. From what I understand about the process, inquire about stability with him staying with you.  Document her lack of stability with him and continue to collect the data.  The most important part is to build a factual case with her as unstable and you as being the more stable choice.  Courts tend to resort to birth parent status unless the facts support severance.  For you to build a positive case as such is important.  Then give the evidence to a competent attorney to leak to the judge.  The story must unfold smoothly for a judge to buy it.  At least, that's my experience in the field.  God bless your efforts.  This sounds like a nightmare. 

    In case I wasn't clear, the mother is petitioning for him to go to someone else to live, but this other person would allow contact whereas we wouldn't. I do intend to show that contact with the mother is a detriment to him, but whether or not the judge buys into it is another story.

  3. Back in Dec. 2010 when I was in a psych hospital down in Texas for attempting suicide, we'd get out of our ward now and then for "social activities" and sometime there was this young boy, couldn't have been more than twelve, who had the tell-tale wrist bandages of someone who had tried going that way.


    Every time I saw him with his handler I would wonder what was so bad in his life to make him want to go away permanently. It didn't help that he was incredibly cute. He had that "little brother" innocence about him.


    And, then, at the Christmas party I heard him speak to his handler, to ask to go back to his ward because he missed being with his family. To be sad at a Christmas party must be horrible for a boy at that age, but his voice probably said more to me than anything. It wasn't that pronounced. I've heard worse, but the lisp was definitely there and with his Texas accent it even more obvious.


    I think back, now, at that young boy. He's probably a junior or senior in high school and I hope he made it this far and has a future planned out.


    Suicide is a horrible, horrible way to die, no matter how you choose to do it. Hanging (my attempt), slit wrists (his attempt), or any of the myriad of ways to cease life really never solves any problem. You're just giving in, letting your demons win, or in some cases, letting your tormentors think what they've done was the right thing to do.

    I hope like hell he made it, too. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Ryan is gone?! I'm so sorry for you--and the loss to his readers like me is very hard. Your colllaborations, and his own stories are among the best I've read, and I regret that I never sent him a note saying how much I enjoyed them. At GA we have easy access to leave comments, but where I read them, it seemed harder...and yet, there was the email link at each story's head.

    My sorrow is deep for having no more of his work once you've posted what remains...but that is nothing to your loss of a valued friend.

    The sun in my day just got a little dimmer, and my heart heavier. Thank you for letting us know.

    His stories are hosted at my site and I utilize a free message board and the email links. I'm not nearly the technical guru that Myr and his cadre of technological wizards are, so mine is definitely dumbed down.


    I'm still struggling to accept that he's gone. I have a few more of his completed Sanitaria stories and one complete, unreleased serial. I am also continuing to post My Secret Identity, even though it's hosted elsewhere, too.

  5. Frequently children who are molested are at high risk to perpetuate that behavior. Since the father was a teen and the mother only 11 the first time they were together, I think there is a certain amount of sense to it. Additionally, because they were determined to continue doesn't make it right. Additionally, they have spent a great deal of time homeless, which also hasn't helped in taking care of their kids.


    But you are, indeed, correct that there is far more to it, not all of which I listed.

  6. A law in NYS failed in 2012 that would have placed a blanket 'no' on parents having custody or unsupervised visits with their kids if they were sex offenders (I'm shrinking it down to that, there was much more language). One counter argument was that the judge's should have leeway to decide on an individual basis, since there are levels of offenders status. Unfortunately, the county seems to want to discharge - even though they have decided that family visits are two kids at a time because the 'parents can't handle them all at once'. Yes, they said that. The hospital is saying he should go back to his foster family, but they have no standing in the process.

  7. I lost my father to cancer in 2003. AS an only child, I know exactly what you mean except that I watched him wither. We had some good conversations, then, though.


    My father was the master of embarrassing my mother. As a child I guess I was kind of dumb. I recall when I found out my father knew all the swear words I did, and be shocked, thinking I had this big secret. It was funny.


    We were in Elyria, Ohio on our way to New York to live. We'd gone down a one way street in a 24 foot U-Haul with a car attached to the back. If you tried to back up, the car wanted to jackknife. So we wind to the end of this street, and it's a dead end. My father throws the truck in park, says 'Fuck' and climbs out of the cab. I turn to my mom and said, at 12 years old, "I didn't know dad knew that word.'


    Unimpressed my mother said, a bit sourly, 'He knows a lot of words.'


    Later, he took me to my first gay bar. I'm so sorry for your loss, Myr.

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  8. I have read repeatedly, though I do not have a link to, that statistics show that using a firearm normally causes harm to bystanders or the person with the gun, rather than the person who was perpetrating a crime. That is why we see so few stories about folks that stave off others heroically or help other heroically with their firearms. If there were, I'm sure the NRA would be trumpeting them.


    I'm fine with people owning firearms. I do think there should be mandatory training and licensing, much like we do with cars. Because cars, at least, have the primary function of transportation, where guns are to kill, to inspire fear and intimidate.

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