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  1. I thought I'd try this out. I don't know about a lot of you, but I know I don't do my best work in a vacuum. I usually solve some of this by using beta readers, but I also have had fun writing with other writers.

    So here's what I'm thinking. I have a long running episodic, ensemble cast story called Sanitaria Springs that could use new blood. Because it's established there are some existing characters that need someone to write them, or there can be new characters to bring their own stories to town. Not to toot my own horn, but I've written with people a few times and it normally works out well. I prefer discussion and criticism during the construction process and I tend to offer that.

    So. Anyone want to come to town with me?

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  2. As a reader, @Myr, I like the top stories because I know what people are currently interested in reading. As a writer, it gives me a measure of how well readers are receiving the story and may draw a new reader if they see it listed. The reccomended stories seem to be older, not as many stories get 'reviewed' on average, and while cool to revisit doesn't bring something new to the table.

    Just my two cents.

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  3. I think I've only used a prologue once. The idea for me would be to set up the story to come and whet the reader's appetite. I think, used wisely, they can be an enhancement. I do tend to forget about the prologue once I've gotten into the story, so sometimes when things from that prologue become important in the story, they come as a surprise. I also think that prologues should be rather short, otherwise you get invested in what's happening there and have to shift gears to get to the story proper.

    So, like all things, used properly I read them, but don't have much cause to use them myself.

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  4. I'm looking for someone to help me out with a modern fantasy story  I'm working on. It's around 50 pages at the moment, and I'd consider it about half done. What I'm looking for is someone to read, make notes about things they'd like to see resolved, questions or comments as they come to them and perhaps speculation on where they think things may go. In broader storkes, to be bale to have a discussion on the story that I will use as I finish building the story.

    If you're interested, please in box me. My regular go-to beta reader, well, I seem to have broken him for the nonce.

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  5. I don't know, the fans on TV looked pretty amped - throwing stuff on the ice. Our corporate office in Providence sent some folks in to work with us, and this one guy was like 'I just need to be on my couch by 8'. He was darned cute, too.

    I thought the Celtics would be stronger after their run last year. Kyrie definitely wasn't worth it, but then I've never been a fan of his. I'm old enough to remember when the Patriots were nicknamed the Patsies, and folks cheered for them in '85 (at least at my middle school lunch table) because they felt sorry for them. I, of course, didn't care for them - but like I said, I left football behind.

    The Blues were a great road team, but not as good at home which I find odd. I think Boston having home ice was actually an advantage for the Blues.

    The Indians, they were so good a few years ago. I feel your pain, watching them decline! I'm desperately hoping when the Padres trade, they don't get rid of their future for another that never, ever seems to come. Enjoy your season!

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  6. I have a bad habit of backing lousy franchises. I gave up football after the Chargers left town. I backed the Golden State Warriors way back in the Chris Mullin days (they since have rewarded my loyalty, of course). The Padres haven't been relevant in twenty years. If you find a team that has never won the biggest game, I'm probably in their fandom somewhere. Tonight, one more goes down. After 52 years, I dug out my old school St. Louis Blues jersey and hat - appropriate for their first ever Stanley Cup!


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  7. 23 hours ago, chezdon1997 said:

    I think it is good that this movie was made and I am happy that it entered the mainstream has created not only an impact but is a support mechanism for questioning teens in the community.


    What I didn't like is that the character who blackmails Simon seemingly gets away with it. Sure, he is "embarrassed" but what he did is technically a crime and it is glossed over in order to progress the plot of forcing Simon out of the closet. In reality, Simon needed to headbutt that character and then deny anything was going on. He was using an alias, as was the other boy, so there was technically no material to blackmail old Simon with. I thought it was a poor catalyst to move the story along and was very unrealistic.

    I disagree, to a point. Martin was a cesspool of angst and handled himself badly both in the movie and the book. One of the difficult things with 'villain's' is making them sympathetic, reflecting the shades of gray that are part of our reality. Martin couldn't see the damage he was doing because of his focus on Simon's friend, with whom he thought he was in love. The focus of the story wasn't Martin and his development and that this wasn't tied up with a bow by having him prosecuted or something similar didn't detract from the story for me.


    In telling the story, would it have been relevant to tack on a scene with a police officer visiting and leading Martin off in cuffs? Setting aside whether or not the character did wring (he did), how did it advance the central plot which was Simon and Blue? I think it would have been an unnecessary extension of the story that would have provided little in value to the overall work. Instead we see some contrition, in the movie, of him offering up his final ticket to extend Simon's opportunity for one more revolution on the wheel.


    Perhaps one of use would have 'headbutted and denied', but who knows what anyone would really do in a given situation? I think the hope that we'd do the right thing is universal, and some may even be convinced that they would do what they think is right rather than lock up or be manipulated by the situation. People will react differently to different situations, and this was how Simon reacted as a scared, closeted person who didn't rationally examine things, but reacted with emotion and fear.


    I think it was a good story that examined how things get out of control - from Martin and his blackmail to Simon's interpretation/response to Blue's fear of being found out and how he reacted as well. Adults have often inexplicable reactions; to see a high school kid do so is far more normal, in my opinion.

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  8. True, but you have some options. First is the Heirloom gear that speeds up your leveling. Second, transfer a main character. Or three play a little to see if you like it still - with the cross-realm groups you can play with others who aren't on your server, but you can't help the guild along.

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  9. The new Battle For Azeroth expansion drops next month - so if anyone is thinking of coming back to the game or if your guild has given up - Luck in the Shadows on Proudmoore is waiting for you! If you play and don't want to move, feel free to add me as a friend - Jaketull#1733. I mostly do 5 man content, some lfr with the occasional raid. I enjoy hitting up the older achievements and mounts, etc. If you've earned an Allied Race character on another server, come level up with us!

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