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  1. Oh, those days with the Sims. My two hot "roommates" getting down to some good old fashioned woohoo in their fashionable houses with the very gay decor. I had straight housemates and a couple of awkward moments of "uh, I don't know why they're doing that...
  2. I'd also suggest using the Save As... command to create a new version with a different file name in your word processor. Doing this, if you accidentally save over your work (classic example - I once hit Select All (ctrl-a), hit the space bar, and saved over my file, making it blank. All in a fit of spastic hand motion. By having an earlier version under a different file name, I recovered almost everything). Also, the "Save" command only saves changes to the document, making it larger because of all the save-tracking metadata that's saved with the file. Using Save as... forces the file to be rebuilt without that extra data, making it smaller and potentially removing corrupted data that could cause problems later. Try it - save a document normally, then use Save As to create a new file. The new file will be quite a bit smaller.
  3. You're right - Apple isn't exactly on the top of my list either It's readable in small doses, but it gets pretty rough when it's more than a paragraph or so.
  4. Use care when changing to the Letter format if you want folks that use Apple devices to read it easily. It should only be used sparingly. See the screenshot for why this is so: on a PC the Letter format comes across as Comic Sans. Apple, rather crassly substitutes a nearly unreadable script font for Comic Sans, which isn't available on those devices. This is why Comic Sans should be scourged from the earth.
  5. Congrats Parker! Well done, sir. Keep writing, I really like your work.
  6. Sweet! Nicely done! Can't wait for more! I need to pee! congratulations🙌👍😄
  7. Hey if anyone sees anything wonky please check the bug reports thread to see if we know about it...and tell us if we don't! Thanks for your patience everyone!

  8. Also there's a conversation going about this at metafilter that you may find interesting: https://www.metafilter.com/157297/I-cant-afford-to-buy-groceries
  9. I'm going to be bluntly insensitive here: Talia Jane, as far as I can tell, was attempting to live in San Francisco - one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. - on a very low salary. That's not realistic. So there's her responsibility in this - expecting that she (somehow) would be able to survive in that environment. It's a common mistake when you're young - just go $there and it will somehow work out. Go to San Fran and opportunities will fall out of the sky at your feet, your career will be instantly successful and you'll have a loft apartment and 209 friends on Facebook in a month. That's not how it works. Yelp has a history of paying low wages and expecting employees to just "want" to work there based purely on the name. Their management is awful. They're terrible to work for - a very little research shows that - and they're worse as a service - it takes even less research to find that out. She should have done her homework before she up and moved to San Francisco, she should have researched the cost of living there, and she should have researched her employer. So, shame on her, but she's young and will recover easily from this, IF she doesn't make a complete ass if herself in social media about it. She's not winning in that regard. On the other side of this is yelp. Their management is terrible, their CEO completely unprofessional, and their business practices are monopolistic and deplorable. They've treated her terribly, and there should be some lawsuits. But it's not one sided, she screwed up, too. So, to answer your questions: college aged people have to struggle to make it because six figure salaries aren't guaranteed out of the gate for ANYONE. IN HISTORY. My dad: spent 4 years in school, got a bachelors in electrical engineering at a highly sought after school, had patents assigned to him while student, spent 2 years as a student (concurrent with his degree) at GMI and then a further three years as a coop student - all of which was to fast-track his career at GM - and still struggled financially as he started our family. In 1960. If you're young, if you have a fresh degree, who promised you a career, specifically? Who said it was guaranteed? It's not, and it never has been. You have to make your way. Should employers pay their people a living wage? Yes. Otherwise, they're going to leave. Should an employer located in downtown San Francisco pay their employees sufficiently to live in downtown San Francisco? No. Going back to my dad for a moment: we lived in Pontiac, Michigan. His office was in downtown Detroit. There's no way that we could have afforded to live a decent lifestyle if he had had to pay the rent in Detroit. the answer here is "commute". What happens to San Francisco if people can't afford to live and work there? It will collapse under its own weight.give it ten years. The housing and COL bubble in SF will collapse. There's no where else for it to go.
  10. I'm going to read it! I don't read stories until they're complete, though, so hurry up!
  11. Dear Neighbor (who lives above me in a 1922 vintage duplex with wood floors and no insulation between your floor and my ceiling): I'm not sure how many children you have by different mothers, but it appears there's a number of them! Seems like there's a new mom/child set every week. Good deal, it's always important to get that gene pool spread far and wide. At 22 years old. The boy is quite a charmer, he really likes to bang on things, I think he's going to be an engineer. The little girl is really shy, until her mom leaves and the screaming starts. She may end up a singer, with those lungs. HOWEVER, I'd really appreciate it if they (the kids) didn't play tag all day, running from the back of the apartment to the front, and back again, all day. I know its cold outside and our backyard, such as it is, is full of a pontoon boat that neither of us own, so they're stuck inside with nothing to do (dad doesn't pay his cable bill very often, I hear), but could you please have them take off their shoes? Thanks. #joiningyouinarant
  12. Well ain't that something. Well done! Congratulations!
  13. Been doing a lot of genealogy lately. Is it weird that I want to dig up grandma and get a DNA test on her bones? my family is starting to think I'm a bit strange

    1. James Bond007

      James Bond007

      I do not think that is weird :)

    2. James Bond007

      James Bond007

      It sounds like you are enjoying the genealogy :)

  14. I'm a moderator! What does THIS button d....

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      This button will self-destruct in 10 seconds. 9...8...7...6...

    3. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Ask AJ... he can fix any button!

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      Do not push the button!! You have no idea what it.... *disappears*

  15. I get a kick out of seeing that she started a gofundme campaign, and they cancelled it lol. She's a real piece.
  16. It is way too early in the cycle to even consider which candidates are viable. Let's talk next summer.
  17. Sooo... did you color in Africa with the same crayon as Konstantine?
  18. I started to clean my bedroom closet out, and was putting things away, but then I found a bill I forgot to pay in the jeans I wore the other day, so I ran a load of wash to get the jeans out of the way, and then I remembered the bill so I paid that, and that led me to file all the paid bills, and then I organized the top of the desk, and found some other stuff to file, and then I found a spoon that was dirty, so I took it to the kitchen, and I was hungry so I had lunch, and then I started cleaning out the refrigerator, and took some stuff out to the trash, and then I passed by the car, which needed washer fluid so I did that, and then I took a nap. Final frontier, indeed
  19. Many students, especially in inner city and depressed areas, don't have the money (or the parental or community support) for school supplies. So the teacher provides them, and there's no budget for the cost. Also, if the teacher wants to teach something that requires additional "stuff", they often pay for that too. It's now fairly common to see gofundme campaigns set up by teachers so they can actually concentrate on teaching. It sucks.
  20. Haha, yeah. I worked with my dad for a while before he died, and before we split off to start a new company, I worked for him at an IT staffing company, where I was totally in the closet. They had a Christmas party, and one of our staffers was a cute, young gay dude. He brought his boyfriend to the party (that's how we found out his orientation). My dad comes up to me at some point and said "so, xxx is cute, you keep looking at him." I said yeah, but I was really just admiring the balls it took for him to bring his partner to this party. My dad said "bullshit, you want to do him." I was appalled. I said (a) get out of my business, and ( he's got a partner. He said "well, there's your challenge then", and walked away. We never spoke of it again, except for when this guy quit and got a new job, and my dad made a comment that I'd missed my chance. Sorry for your loss, Myr, go be with your mom and take care of business. It's gonna suck for a while, and you'll never really get over it. But you'll remember him always and, when you dream of him, give a little nod and say "hi dad" when you wake up. Cause that's when he'll pay you a visit.
  21. Leave it to a bunch of fags to get all worked up over the design hahaha weirdos Also each star should be a rainbow color, leave the background the same and put it in a gold filigree frame
  22. I don't know why they needed a time machine. The 90's were only last year.
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