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  1. MJ85

    Tear Night Pt 2.

    Old habits die hard?
  2. MJ85

    Tear Night Pt 2.

    I myself am 5'6, so I'd probably consider guys who are...say, 5'9-5'11, taller than me enough that it's noticeable, but not really beyond that. Go 6' and above, and for me it starts to look like a mismatch if me and the other guy got together. In any case, the consistent reference to David being tall made me wonder what kind of height dynamic was in play here.
  3. MJ85

    Tear Night Pt 2.

    Question. I'm not sure if this has really been mentioned or not, but how tall are David and Corbin? With the continuing references to David being tall and the moment where he helps Corbin up onto the table, it makes me wonder.
  4. MJ85

    Tear Night Pt. 1

    Now that makes more sense. The one potential X-factor in this is - technically, we don't know yet that Lee was the other guy who picked Corbin. Dom and Hutch never actually confirmed that Lee was the second guy - Corbin just guessed that Lee and David were the two, and from among those two choices in his mind, decided to give up Lee. David is obviously confirmed as one - but what if Lee did actually pick someone else?
  5. MJ85

    Tear Night Pt. 1

    Spoiler alert? No...rather, I was figuring, why would he tell just anybody? Why tell David of all people just to brag? (Plus also, the possibility that lovestruck David slipped up somewhere we (and Corbin) wouldn't otherwise be privy to.) Does this mean we should expect him to go full-on dynamite explosion when he finds out as opposed to simmering his anger into some kind of future power play?
  6. MJ85

    Tear Night Pt. 1

    There's something about the fact that Lee apparently told David all about...well, them (and Lee wouldn't just go offering that up for no reason) - that makes me wonder whether Lee isn't already expecting them to hook up.
  7. I'm not sure if this is 100% true or not, but I've heard that the story of the making of Bohemian Rhapsody boils down to that it started out by focusing on Freddie without any kind of reservation. The inherent problem, however, is how you pull that off without involving the rest of Queen whatsoever. Three guesses as to whose viewpoint that film really takes...
  8. And in a strange case of life imitates art:
  9. Pulling this from one of the older threads I linked previously: I finally ordered this off Amazon, and it came in last weekend. Watched it once, then proceeded to watch it three more times. Why did I not pick this up sooner? Also, a couple weeks ago, the local LGBT non-profit around here was a co-sponsor of an entry into a film festival, which was the Finnish film A Moment in the Reeds. Definitely an engaging film, even if I could only lament how it ended.
  10. Hi MJ85. What can I say, you do it all, write stories, comment, post and socialize. Every thing a site like Ga needs to succeed. So stay with us, carry on please and thank for being here.

    I want to wish you a very Happy 33rd Birthday and that you had an awesome day of celebrating. Positive thoughts always going your way, best wishes.


    Take care


  11. Happy birthday you!

  12. Happy Birthday :) 

  13. See, this is one of the two main reasons why I did not go see Brokeback Mountain when it was released in theaters, and is the main reason why I don't really have interest in ever watching it now. I had the basic plot spoiled for me when I was reading an article addressing its then-current controversy, and knowing that it ends so unhappily killed my interest completely for the simple fact that we've had more than enough unhappy LGBT stories (both real and fictional) already, dammit. (The other main reason I didn't go to its theater release is that its release was mere weeks after I'd only just begun to come out in general - no way in hell was I going to risk going off to see it alone, and my odds of seeing it "not alone" were pretty much nonexistent.)
  14. Cheating , but: British electronic group Years & Years released their 2nd album Palo Santo on Friday. I'm now on my 3rd stream-through of this album as I type this. I got into these guys three years ago, when they released "Desire", followed by "King", and a string of appealing singles led to their first album Communion that July. To say that I was both looking forward to this album and hoping it would be just as appealing as the first would be an understatement. I definitely recommend.
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