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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. asamvav111


      OH my sweet GJ! I have missed you. Both ethereally and physically... Gotta have some hot GJ with vanilla ice-cream pronto. ;) Thanks buddy. Hope you are good. God bless. Hugs and Chocolates.

    2. Gulab Jamun

      Gulab Jamun

      Now I am hungry!! Lol! I missed you too. Hugs and GJs ;)

  2. Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday, Asamvav!!! Have a great day :) Done with internship?

    1. asamvav111


      Thank you GJ. Not yet unfortunately.

  4. Happy Birthday

    1. Lisa


      Thanks, Gulab! Lol

    1. zaf89


      I think this is the coolest thing to happen in a long time! Way to go India.

  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. Daddydavek


      Thanks! It has been a busy day and much more is planned!

  6. Happy Birthday!

    1. Cole Matthews

      Cole Matthews

      Thank you! Im having a great day.

  7. Happy Birthday! Have a great day and a great year! Hugs : )

    1. asamvav111


      Thank you GJ! Hugs!

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a great day

    1. lilansui


      Thanks so much, I will.

  9. Hey KC, how are ya? Loved the latest chapter of 'Pour me another'. Hope u are in good health. GJ

    1. K.C.


      Hey GJ- Thanks, I'm hanging in there. How are you? I'm glad you're liking the story :D

  10. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!! :)

    1. asamvav111


      You too. Thank you! Hugs and Chocolates!


  11. I hope u will post a new chapter soon, I m kinda having withdrawal symptoms!

    1. Hamen Cheese

      Hamen Cheese

      Another chapter up, just for you. ;)

    2. Gulab Jamun

      Gulab Jamun

      Thanks, Loved it!!!

  12. *poke* Howz ya?

    1. K.C.


      Hey GJ, I'm good :) How are yoooou?

  13. Hey Em, how r ya? Busy?

  14. Happy Diwali !!! Enjoy !! :)

    1. asamvav111


      Happy Diwali to you too!


  15. Computer wasnt working for a week....had to actually open a book to read a story..o_O I am soooo addicted to GA!

  16. Hey Asam, Happy Dusshera! Cheer up dear!! You are home, surrounded by family ....Have fun!!

    1. asamvav111


      Subha Dusshera to you too and also to your loved ones! Yeah I am feeling better now! Thank you. Hugs and Chocolates.

  17. How was the exam? Now that u have had a taste of both, medicine and surgery....are u a medicine guy or a surgery guy??

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    2. asamvav111


      Thank you! :wub: although I must say your one is cuter! And yummy! Are you similarly cute and yummy in real life? ;)

    3. Gulab Jamun

      Gulab Jamun

      Well I am round and brown...so i have the shape and colour right....the rest..hmmm :P

    4. asamvav111
  18. Stop listening to sad songs!!!!

    1. asamvav111


      aww! Don't be sad! Hugs and chocolates for you.

  19. Hey!! Howz u? Howz the 'distraction'? :P

    1. EmDee


      No longer in the picture and therefore I'm done chapter 20! :D ..I'll post it as soon as my editor gets it back to me :)

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