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  1. I'm just realising, as the book is about to end.... I'll be halving to say goodby to my friends.... Damn! Now that makes me sad. I love this book.
  2. ahhh... does chapter number M0 = ten million??!!? Maybe it just seems like it. Don't get me wrong, I love every word and CJ have you ever considered going mainstream?? I think you could make some big bucks!
  3. Hell, I do the same thing. It seems to scroll to the bottom much too fast and then I'm left there with my fingers dug in so I don't fall to my death. Damn those cliffs!!!
  4. What does "Warn Status" mean? What did I do wrong? Would an apology help?
  5. QUOTE: He [Basingstoke] checked his rear passenger seats, where the box containing the shark jaws was strapped. Below the box, still in a hardware store bag, were two lengths of strong wire, two crowbars, and a rubber mallet. Hmmmmmmm!! Whatever does he plan to do with that stuff??? Mr. Goat... your very detailed and accurate depiction of central and south Florida really pulls me in. Do you or have you ever lived in Florida or is it just damn good research???? Also, I now know Austrailia better than ever. I love your writing. BTW I usually live in central Florida but presently dangleing by one arm from a cliff-like location somewhere in Western Austrailia. I'm not saying Goat would lie but......................
  6. Well for my first post ever I would like to wish "Happy New Year" to everyone. I have just one resolution for 2012. Never will I ever start reading a novel that is still in progress. At my age I fear I might be the one falling off the cliff. Just can't risk it! .... LOL
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