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  1. ZOMG!    I love goats and lambs.  I always threaten to buy my grandson a goat and my hubby goes crazy.  Animals are a gift, good or bad, they all have a purpose. LOL

  2. The death of a mentor in my life that was probably the most positive influence I've ever had besides my father.  May he rest in peace and his family find a way to enjoy the love and warmth of this holiday season knowing he's looking down on them.


    Same q

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  3. Wrapping gifts is a favorite part of Christmas to me.  I find myself getting nostalgic as I wrap.  I was one of the lucky ones that had five siblings and very warm parents that believed in making Christmas all about family.  Reflections seem to take up a lot of my free time during the Christmas seasons.  I remember my siblings and cousins as kids and all the great times that we had.  When I'm wrapping I feel that a part of me is adding some of that heartfelt nostalgia to each gift hoping that the receiver feels a part of that warmth as they unwrap it.


    I'm not a snooper.  My hubby and I put one gift under the tree for each of us and it's a total surprise.  The rest is for family and friends.  What they give us is always a surprise also.

    I have Christmas music playing in my house anytime the telly is off during the holiday season.  People expect it.  There's always something baking also unless I'm caught up which is not very often.


    My heart squeezes at times when I think of my parents not being there to share it with us anymore, but I'm the one that does our family Christmas now so I feel that they are there in spirit glad that I'm trying to keep the family together.  It's the time of year where all differences are put aside and we spend the day enjoying good food, company and a lot of reminiscing.


    "don't have to tell ya'll.  I LOVE Christmas."

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  4. After giving it much thought and thinking of so many wonderful stories, I have to go with Porcupines by Cole Matthews.  I watched this story progress and the author hone his skills as he made his way through this story.  It cultivated a loyal audience and the author continued to improve as this wonderful story progressed.

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  5. A blonde finished her Christmas shopping and got into her car to head home.  When she tried to drive forward, the wheels spun in the snow and ice.  The same happened when she tried to back up.  Talking to herself she said, "Remember what father said.  If you're ever stuck in the snow, a snow plow will come along sooner or later.  Don't panic.  Just get behind it when it comes by."  Sure enough a few minutes later, she saw a truck with a snow plow coming.  After it passed her and moved the snow in front of her she got in behind it, happily humming along with the radio.


    The man in the truck noticed her following him and after about an hour stopped and got out of the truck, walking back to her car.  He tapped on the blondes window and when she rolled it down he asked, "Why are you following me?"


    The blonde repeated what her father had told her.  The man replied.  "Well, I'm finished with Wal-Mart's parking lot.  You're welcome to follow me on over to clear Best Buy's parking lot.

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  6. Every weekend in December is planned for me.  The first one is finishing my Christmas shopping.  The second is making sure all is wrapped, all decorations are in place and start planning for the family Christmas which is the next weekend.  Grandson will arrive to stay as soon as he gets out for the holidays on the 19th and will stay until after the New Year.  From Christmas Eve through the weekend, it will be Christmas at my house.  I enjoy all of it though.  We do a lot of bonfires, walk in the woods and I always keep my fingers crossed for ice cold temps and snow. :)

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