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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy 21st Birthday, oh what a special time I hope you have :)

  3. Sandyraz

    Chapter 14

    Now that's what I call tough love, assuming Will still feels that way for Tony. Tony has been running away from being like his father all his life but, he's making the same mistakes. Sigh... What I would do to be im mason's many "positions" right now!
  4. Sandyraz

    Chapter 11

    And the storm begins.
  5. Sandyraz

    Chapter 8

    The man who started cap!!! Beside mark of course. Wow I really enjoyed that chapter! I love how well JJ is developing, not quite there buuuuut, he's atleast halfway.
  6. Sandyraz

    Chapter 5

    Well if tony is alot like robbie then, Will is one lucky guy! The honeymoon phase has started and will probably last throughout they're stay in Rome then, shit will hit the fan! But, I think they are gonna handle whatever comes well coz, well, getting to where they are now hasnt exactly been smooth sailing.
  7. Sandyraz

    Chapter 4

    I think that deseves an 'aaaaaaawwww'... This chapter left me feeling all warm and chushy! I never read a chapter or book, no matter who the author is, more than once but I cant stop rereading this one. Now I need a joint and a dick!!!
  8. Sandyraz

    Chapter 1

    Will feels that he's responsible for himself and not kyle's promise to be commited to his bf... Okay cool. I personally dont agree but have no problem with that, although not everyone's gonna feel the same way and that's when fists and kicks start getting dished out. I think JJ should be the other narrator. I think the series has reached a point where we, the readers, see him in a different light especially after the incident with his coach and it's only fair we here his side of the story and give him a chance to defend who and how he is.
  9. Oh wow... I think it would be safe to say that paternity is most viewed and reviewed story on gay authors. If it isnt, it was the best! So now what would be so wrong with jeff and will, besides the age gap, ending up together? I can see Jeff treating Will like gold, vice versa
  10. Sandyraz

    Chapter 95

    Well that was a good chapter. I remember how, when we first jeff, everyone seemed to agree on how he had the typical hayes features... If it came out that he is in fact a hayes, it would make for a very interesting story line. Okay, now i'm going to do what I always do after a chapter from partenity. I'm going to jerk off
  11. Sandyraz

    Chapter 94

    I wonder if it's possible to not have your nose in the air, even a little bit, when you are wealthy... Hmmm... Guess I'll find out when I, hopefully, get rich. Anyhoes, great chapter. The family meeting was a little bit too formal for my liking, but, nontheless I love how they interacted with each other. I wish wade was a little bit more sensitive towards JJ, but we cant blame him for the way he feels about lil dude. Thanx mark
  12. Sandyraz

    Chapter 93

    Im sitting here writting this review and im wondering if paternity could actually get 1000 reviews. Im mean its so close to the number... Hmmm... Anyway back to the story. Talk about drama! Im so happy with the progress jj and will are making, im sure it meant alot to jj to hear will saying that he loves him. Can i get a awww! Now more drama please!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sandyraz

    Chapter 91

    Great feel good chapter mark. I love the scene with will and his mother. I dont think she ever stopped loving him, she was pulled into jj's web like Robbie and now, I hope, she's coming out of it. Now bring on the drama!!!!
  14. All I have to say is I LOVE this chapter! I hope simon finds happiness again one day thanx hon, great chapter
  15. Sandyraz

    Chapter 90

    *huge ass smile* thats all I have to say
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