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  1. Today is also The International Geocaching Day
  2. Presidantial jokes! Okay I have very very many of those, are you ready??? since I don’t want to get warning poinys today I think I’ll pass
  3. Great idea, Wildone I want to swap with someone near Seattle, the Geocaching HQ is there and I really want to go there Anyone? lol
  4. He must be a seagull then Snatch !!
  5. I visited the city I grew up in yesterday with my sister. We walked around for hours.  It was nice being back on the east coast again. Must visit again soon :)  

  6. No wi-fi !!! Poor nephews I have no idea what Shark week is but this is cute.. King of the Sharks
  7. International Bear Day !! Oh no, I read it wrong.. Darn
  8. *gasps* No, never talk in a lift !! I did that once and they all stared at me like I was some kind of freak !! I did wear the Shiny at the time KING LBO
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