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  1. Wow! So many loose ends, It was really difficult to get to know Dylan as there wasn't a lot said about him, just about where he lived and the people he hung out with. There is incredible potential for follow-up stories that can go in numerous directions: Being Nate's friend; getting to know Chris better; modeling for Todd. This could easily turn into a full length novel.
  2. Great story. I am looking forward to its conclusion so that CJ can begin a new story! I believe that Trevor and Shane need to get to international waters as soon as they get by Cape Horn. I'm guessing that Trevor's uncle will contact the Brits in the Falklands and get them to provide an escort to protect them from the Argentinians. After all Trevor has some very valuable evidence against the drug cartels that has international significance, so it would behove the Brits to come to their rescue. Piet
  3. This is my first post. I am very much enjoying the story with its many twists and unexpected turns. On several occasions I have awoken very early in the morning so I could read the next chapter. Sometimes I have been disappointed when I discovered there would be a delay, but I understand that writing is your avocation, not your vocation. One reason I have not replied earlier is that signing in is a challenge, although I appreciate the reasoning for this. I suspect there may be many others out there for whom this may have also impeded their willingness to comment. I look forward to the conclusion, although it is very difficult to speculate how it will end. As I recall some of your earlier stories, things don't always end happier ever after for all the characters involved. Sometimes the 'bad' folks win, at least to some degree.
  4. Hello and welcome to GA! :) Hope you enjoy, if you have any questions just shout

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