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  1. Okay, I won't tell you that the site with the black lettered holidays, events, births and deaths was off line until 0:30 AM or that I zigged when I should of zagged and I lost all the illusions. So with the one off line site and the redoing of the illusions, here we are at 1:39 AM.




    (on a happier note,  the house is back to normal temperature)





    Q. Why were the teacher's eyes crossed?

    A. She couldn't control her pupils!            





    An elderly pastor was searching his closet for his        

    collar before church one Sunday morning. In the back

    of the closet, he found a small box containing              

    three eggs and 100 $1 bills.                                             

    He called his wife into the closet to ask her about the

    box and its contents. Embarrassed, she admitted       

    having hidden the box there for their entire 30 years 

     of marriage. Disappointed and hurt, the pastor asked

    her, "Why?" The wife replied that she hadn't wanted  

    to hurt his feelings. He asked her how the box could

    have hurt his feelings. She said that every time        

    during their marriage that he had delivered a poor   

    sermon, she had placed an egg in the box.                

    The pastor felt that three poor sermons in 30 years

       was certainly nothing to feel bad about, so he asked

    her what the $100 was for.                                          

    She replied, "Each time I got a dozen eggs, I sold   

    them to the neighbors for $1."                                    





    There once was a man who was so proud of the fact     

    that he had six kids that he insisted on calling his wife

    "mother of six."                                                                      


    His wife hated this name and asked him repeatedly     

    not to call her that, but he was a stubborn man and     

    was very proud that he had six kids.                               


    One evening they were at a dinner party for his            

    company and it was getting close to the time that      

    they should be leaving. The husband yelled from       

    across the room over to his wife, "mother of six, are  

    you ready to go?"                                                                


    Annoyed with his question, she responded, "In a         

    minute, Father of four."                                                      





    There was a perfect man and a perfect woman.                     

    They  met each other at a perfect party. They dated for two

    perfect years. They had the perfect wedding and the           

    perfect honeymoon. They had two perfect children.            


    One day the perfect man and the perfect woman                  

    were driving in their perfect car, they saw an elf by            

    the side of the road, being the perfect people they              

    were they picked him up.                                                          


    Well as the perfect man and the perfect woman were        

    driving with the elf, somehow they got into                          

    an accident. Two people died and one lived.                       


    Who died and who lived?                                                      


    The perfect woman, because the perfect man and            

    elves aren't real.                                                                       





    How do you find Ronald McDonald at a nude beach?


    He's the one with sesame seed buns!                           




    14 January




    National Dress Up Your Pet Day

    Ratification Day

    National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day


    National Sunday Supper Day(2nd Sun in Jan)

    Caesarean Section Day

    Feast of the Ass

    Intl Kite Day

    Organize Your Home Day

    Take a Missionary to Lunch Day



    14 January


    2005 - The European Huygens space probe lands on

                 Saturn's moon Titan

    1967 - The Summer of Love is launched with the Human


    1953 - Tito becomes President of Yugoslavia

    1943 - Churchill, Roosevelt and de Gaulle meet in

                 Casablanca to discuss their WW II strategy

    1559 - Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England




    1969 - Dave Grohl

    1963 - Steven Soderbergh

    1950 - Rambhadracharya

    1875 - Albert Schweitzer

    1741 - Benedict Arnold




    2016 - Alan Rickman

    1977 - Anthony Eden

    1957 - Humphrey Bogart

    1901 - Mandell Creighton

    1898 - Lewis Carroll






    15 January




    Martin Luther King Jr. Day(3rd Mon in Jan)

    National Hat Day


    National Strawberry Ice Cream Day

    Elementary School Teacher Day(3rd Mon of Jan)

    National Day of Service(3rd Mon of Jan)

    Humanitarian Day

    National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

    Wikipedia Day



    15 January


    2001 - Wikipedia goes online

    1992 - Croatia and Slovenia are internationally recognized

                 as independent nations

    1973 - Nixon orders ceasefire in Vietnam

    1892 - The rules of Basketball are published

    1759 - The British Museum opens




    1965 - James Nesbitt

    1941 - Captain Beefheart

    1929 - Martin Luther King Jr.

    1918 - Gamal Abdel Nasser

    1622 - Moliere




    1994 - Harry Nilsson

    1988 - Sean MacBride

    1950 - Henry H. Arnold

    1947 - Elizabeth Short

    1919 - Rosa Luxemberg






    Did you know?


    Anger makes you honest - WTF fun facts







    Did you know?

    The Queen’s purse - WTF fun facts









    Did you know?




    I learn something new here almost every day

















    Roses and Noses Optical Illusion





    The only size offered and no hints given

    Good luck










    Feng-Shui Dragon

    by Chow Hon Lam






    1 Dragon







    Don Quixote Silver Coin Illusion


    The author behind the Don Quixote motif (engraved on this coin) is the great, Sandro Del Prete, and  the illusion should easily be seen, specially if you’re a Don Quixote fan.



















    A Few Solutions / Answers
















    The 5 Red Balls Optical Illusion



    Did any of you use his fingers to count the number of red balls?





    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. droughtquake



      And thank God there are no perfect people.

      The joke suggested that the woman was perfect…  ;-)

    3. Puppilull


      I saw that and obviously I don't agree.

    4. sandrewn



      I forgot to mention that I’m glad you got your power back! Unlike my own situation, your loss of power was potentially life threatening for you and your tenant! We’re anticipating a drop in temperature to a low of 39°F (4°C) on Friday.  ;-)


      Thank you very much. This winter so far has had the greatest temperature variations that I have ever experienced.

      When I was in the Sinai desert (Egypt) in 75/6, in the summer the average daytime temp was 100 F and a couple times up to 110 F. At night it would drop to the low 70s F and we would have to put on sweaters and coats to keep warm. Until last week that was wildest that I ever experienced.


      Last week will I think remain the record for me for the rest of my life.  Within a 36 hr period It went from a high of 12 C / 53 F to a bone chilling -45 C / -49 F (with the wind chill). An over  100 F degree  difference, now that is mind blowing. I'd take that desert furnace over this ice cube maker in a New York minute!!! Even with the scorpions / vipers and malaria carrying mosquitoes, stand in my way at your own peril.



      (wishful dreaming):boy:

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