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  1. I just got in from a bit of shoveling(2 hrs). I am currently trying to explain to my lungs their need in supplying me with enough oxygen to remain alive. They are a stubborn pair and though as old as I, we tend to get along pretty well and work things out. Right now they adamant that I lay down, close my eyes and do nothing strenuous for several hours. I have also been (not a Minute ago) chastised by my traitorous heart, all but demanding that I call for a time out.


    Therefore dear readers, wanting to be around till my next birthday, I am pulling the plug so to speak, for tonight. I will double post later on today.


    Turning computer off now,




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    2. droughtquake


      While we enjoy your Status Updates, no one is insisting that you do them. Never apologize for putting your health ahead of them. I agree with @mogwhy, we want you to be healthy and around for a very long time!  ;-)

    3. SolarMaxx


      I want you to be around for your next birthday too! 


    4. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      We want you to be here for your next birthday and those next coming on. So take care of yourself and post these anytime and anyhow you want. 


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