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    Good morning everyone!


    I could not let this hiccup continue, so I came back to try and finish what I had started. What ever the problem was before, it was no longer there. So the triple update is complete. Thank you all for your patience.







    What do you get if you send the Godfather to law school?


    An offer you can't understand.                                                





    A game warden came upon a duck hunter who had     

    bagged 3 ducks and decided to "enforce the laws        


    He stopped the hunter, flashed his badge and said,     

    "Looks like you've had a pretty good day. Mind if I       

    inspect your kill?"                                                                

    The hunter shrugged and handed the ducks to the       


    The warden took one of the ducks, inserted his finger

    into the duck's rectum, pulled it out, sniffed it, and      

    said, "This here's a Washington state duck. Do you     

    have a Washington state hunting license?"                   

    The hunter pulled out his wallet and calmly showed   

    the warden a Washington state hunting license.         
      The warden took a second duck, inserted his finger in

    the bird's rectum, pulled it out, sniffed it, and said,    

    "This here's an Idaho duck. Do you have an Idaho      

    state hunting license?"                                                    

    The hunter, a bit put out, produced an Idaho state    

    hunting license.                                                               

    The warden took a third duck, conducted the same

    finger test, and said, "This here's an Oregon state   

       duck. Do you have an Oregon state hunting license?"

    Once again, only this time more aggravated, the     

    hunter produced the appropriate license.                 

    The warden, a little miffed at having struck out,     

    handed the ducks back to the hunter and said,       

      "You've got all of these licenses, just where the hell

    are you from?"                                                               

    The hunter dropped his pants, bent over, and said

    "You're so smart, YOU tell ME!"                                  





    We got lucky when we heard the old Piedmont Hotel

    in Atlanta was getting a face-lift and its beautiful     

    maple doors became available for sale as salvage   

    items. We bought several and had them installed    

    in our 19th-century home.                                             

    Showing a friend around the house, I pointed out,   

    "You know, these doors are from the Piedmont       


    He raised an eyebrow. "Most people just take the  






    This woman is about to board a bus, but when she     

    steps up, she realizes that her skirt is too tight, and   

    she can't lift her leg to board. So, she reaches around

    behind her and lowers her zipper a bit and tries          


    Skirt's still too tight, so she reaches behind her and   

    lowers her zipper some more, and tries again. She    

    still can't get on, so she reaches back and lowers the

    zipper a bit more. She tries to step up, and feels two

    hands on her butt push her up onto the bus. She       

    spins around and says, "Sir, I don't know you well      

    enough for you to do that!"                                              

     He says, "Lady, I sure don't know you well enough for

    you to lower my zipper three times."                             





    How do you make a pool table laugh?                      

    Put your hand down its pocket and tickle its balls!








    7 February




    National Send a Card to a Friend Day

    National Girls & Women in Sports Day(1st Wed in Feb)

    National Periodic Table Day


    National Fettuccine Alfredo Day

    Intl Clash Day

    " e " Day

    Ballet Day

    Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

    Rose Day

    Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day




    7 February


    2009 - The Black Saturday bushfires in Australia kill 173


    2005 - Ellen McArthur breaks the speed record for sailing

                 solo around the world

    1992 - The European Union is established as the

                 Maastricht Treaty is signed

    1986 - Haiti's president, Jean-Claude "Papa Doc " Duvalier,

                 flees the country, ending 28 years of family rule

    1984 - NASA astronauts take the first untethered





    1978 - Aston Kutcher

    1962 - Garth Brooks

    1962 - Eddie Izzard

    1906 - Oleg Antonov

    1812 - Charles Dickens




    2015 - Dean Smith

    1994 - Witold Lutostawki

    1998 - Cheikh Anta Diop

    1959 - Nap Lajoie

    1938 - Harvey Samuel Firestone





    8 February




    National Boy Scouts Day

    National Iowa Day

    National Kite Flying Day

    Fat Thursday(obs 52 days before Easter)

    Laugh and Get Rich Day

    National Molasses Bar Day

    Opera Day

    Propose Day



    8 February


    1971 - The NASDAQ holds its first trading day

    1960 - The first 8 stars are added to the Hollywood Walk of


    1950 - The Stasi, East Germany's notorious secret police, is


    1910 - The Boy Scouts of America is founded

    1879 - Sandford Fleming proposes the use of time zones




    1941 - Nick Nolte

    1932 - John Williams

    1931 - James Dean

    1925 - Jack Lemmon

    1825 - Jules Verne




    2007 - Ian Stevenson

    2007 - Anne Nicole Smith

    1998 - Enoch Powell

    1957 - John von Neumann

    1587 - Mary, Queen of Scots




    9 February




    National Pizza Pie Day

    National Bagel Day

    National Toothache Day


    National No One Eats Alone Day(2nd Fri in Feb)

    National Develop Alternative Vices Day

    Chocolate Day

    Intl Winter Bike to Work Day

    The Inbox Day(2nd Fri of Feb)

    Read in the Bathtub Day



    9 February


    1996 - The Irish paramilitary organization IRA ends an 18

                 month ceasefire by exploding a large bomb in London

    1969 - The Boeing 747 flies for the first time

    1964 - The Beatles embark on their first tour of the United


    1959 - The world's first intercontinental ballistic missile

                 becomes operational in the USSR

    1950 - U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy launches his anti-

                 communist campaign




    1987 - Magdalena King

    1942 - Carole King

    1932 - Gerhard Richter

    1846 - Wilhelm Maybach

    1737 - Thomas Paine




    1981 - Bill Haley

    1957 - Miklos Horthy

    1881 - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    1857 - Dionysios Solomos

      967 - Sayf al-Dawla




    Did you Know?

    Man who was wrongly imprisoned for 31 years gets $75 - WTF fun facts

    Any comment here, would get me censured for sure:X




    Did you know?

    Percent of billionaires who don’t graduate college - WTF fun facts

    I wonder what % came from poor working class families?



    Did you know?












    For your interest



    This bonsai tree is over 400 years old and that alone makes it special. What is truly

    amazing is that this tree survived the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, on

    August 6, 1945














    Ominous Butterfly Optical Illusion






    Why is this one called ominous?







    End Note



    It is 6:25, I restarted a 4:00. So this is the only illusion for today.

    Now I am going back to sleep.



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    2. droughtquake



      1950 - The Stasi, East Germany's notorious secret police, is


      1910 - The Boy Scouts of America is founded

      I’ll just say that I bought four boxes of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies last week.  ;-)

    3. droughtquake



      WTF fun fact #8416

      They force the tree into a form of dwarfism by cutting away part of its root system and repeatedly pruning back its trunk, branch, stem, and foliage. Many of them are also trained into unusual shapes using wires to hold the form as it grows. Fans of the Karate Kid will remember that Mr Miyagi had a collection of Bonsai.


      Bonsai is pronounced like the ‘Bon’ in Bon Voyage and ‘sigh’ like the verb.


      Banzai, which some people inexplicably confuse it with, is an exclamation or a cheer.

    4. droughtquake





      I think that a Preying Mantis already has its arms on the butterfly.


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