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  1. Timothy M.

    #765 The Mackerel

    LOL, of course - I forgot about that.
  2. I think I wanted to come back and make a comment after I thought it over and I just forgot. I'll get there eventually.
  3. Timothy M.

    #765 The Mackerel

    Why ? I like to eat rugbrød med makrel i tomat og mayonaise (mackerel filet in a tomato sauce on rye bread with mayo), but otherwise the only association to Makrellen is a Danish BS biker who got killed by a Hells Angel biker. I'm guessing the fish statue lets you turn into a merman, so if Jer picks it up from the sand he may be able to follow Gil. But would he want to ? Especially if they can't turn back to make love, since fish sex is pretty boring.
  4. Two of my series are OK, but these are wrong: Fire Prompts 94 comments, but should be 120. Viking Valentine 1677 comments but should be 1707 - or 1624, if I exclude the two stories where Aditus is the primary author. Windows and Google Chrome on laptop. None of the stories have had any new comments since July 2nd.
  5. Great story and now I know what that reader meant.
  6. Timothy M.


    Well, at least Susan gave Thomas a much needed lecture about tolerance, and he did apologize for making his brother's childhood hell, but I'm not sure he really understands what a jerk he is. I'm glad Robbie gets a chance to spend time with his mother.
  7. Timothy M.


    Thomas still doesn't understand, he's so self-absorbed and unable to relate to other people's feelings. No wonder Lisa got fed up and had an affair. Mark is the one I feel sorry for if he's in love.
  8. Right, that does it. I now hate Thomas just as much as Robbie does. He's a bully who terrorized his little brother, and he can't even sven see it as a grown up. I hope his marriage and his career fails and his mother finds out what a horrible homophobic person he is.
  9. I think Robbie is showing how needy he is for approval and to feel wanted. Something his father and older brother never gave him.
  10. I bet she isn't having an affair, but that Mark is a gay friend, and that's why she hasn't introduced or mentioned him to Thomas.
  11. Timothy M.


    Not caring much for Thomas right now, but I'm glad Jamie decided to stand up for Robbie.
  12. Timothy M.


    Oh, I guess my suspicions about his father and oldest brother were spot on, what a shame.
  13. Timothy M.


    At least we know Robbie survived and he's out, rather than hiding in the closet due to his father and older brother.
  14. Timothy M.


    Hmm, Thomas was unemphatic and ruthless as a child, so not surprising he's the same now.
  15. @Mark Arbour If you want the list above to be completely accurate, I'll need to know what Will and Dillon did regarding oral sex. Or in other words, who did whom.
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