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  1. Timothy M.


    And in Danish: tørkeskælv
  2. Timothy M.


    I can't resist: https://satwcomic.com/nothing-is-perfect PS the comments to this SATW comic are hilarious too. Especially the one about how to pronounce the name of the Icelandic national park Þingvellir.
  3. Oh, I don't mind about more drama between the two guys. But I shall be upset if Aidan doesn't use his new deal with Heathcliff to tell the people who exploit him a work to take a hike.
  4. Timothy M.


    I know the feeling. It's why I try to avoid writing short stories, because the hungry birds start chirping for more.
  5. Timothy M.


    Aahh,, I wondered if this was the case. But did they also met like this the first time after they broke up? Also, the name Günther had me because in Danmark 'en ordentlig Günther' ia a very large Very good take on the prompt, Aditus.
  6. @Brayon I agree with your choice of story to recommend. It's not always an easy read, but it grips your heart. @Renee Stevens God bedring ! (that's Danish for I hope you get better soon)
  7. Timothy M.

    Up For Discussion

    Another way of selling the idea of the food bank to Eric would be to tell him to view this as compensation for not being paid enough for his labor while he worked, and for losing his home help due to cuts. That people who donate see it as a way to give to those who deserve a helping hand. In the best version it would be like going to the supermarket, but not paying. And who knows, he might find a friend or two, who will understand what it's like to have struggled to make ends meet all his life. Oh, and why hasn't Eric said something about the tea? Adam will be mortified when he finds out. If he went to the trouble of getting Eric's chair, making a stronger cup of tea for him would be a piece of cake.
  8. Timothy M.

    Chapter 24

    I had the feeling something was wrong with Ranegar when he said he didn't have as much power as he used to. Whatever it was, Rhys and Kieran fixed it with the healing. Now they have a knowledgeable and strong ally.
  9. Timothy M.


    Not to worry, it works well the way it is. Wolfgang should have know better than to invite Franklin without asking Jed first. But at least the guy was genuinely attracted to them beforehand, and he enjoyed the sex.
  10. Ohhh, a nice Rob First Line Prompt, or maybe I should do the unexpected and give it to someone else.
  11. So what will happen after the update ? Will the editors now be listed alphabetically, or by the order we entered them ? And will this apply to already posted stories or only future stories ?
  12. I know you're not in Switzerland, but thought you'd appreciate the pun. :P 


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    2. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      @aditus  :blink:  umm, where did that come from ?

    3. Puppilull


      Funniest mix up! I can somewhat understand getting European countries confused, but these two... 


    4. aditus


      Here in Belgium... no wait!

  13. I'm delighted you don't consider the incidents with the nosy neighbor as social interaction. Harassment by a fiend is what I would call those situations.
  14. Oh yes, I'd almost forgotten about Silly Gilly nearly killing the guy who saved him. I had to go read the story again, to remind me. We definitely need to know what happens next.
  15. There will be no DDD chapter today as we need more time to work on the important first date. :P 

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