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  1. 4 hours ago, Mikiesboy said:

    :( Sorry Sir ... i hope it speeds up.  Hopefully You have something nice to look forward to. this boy is getting some pizza and a big salad and a glass of wine!   i haven't had pizza forever.

    Please have drink for me too.....

    :kiss: :hug:

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  2. With all that he has been through I really can't see Eric telling Toby off or even telling him what happened


    I also don't think that he is going to be so trusting of Toby any time soon if ever. His fear of people is holding him back so much, but again with all his been through in life I can't blame him, I wouldn't be so quick to trust anyone either.

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  3. It's sad to say but that is so true, it's even sadder that people look at these kids and talk about how there is help out there for them if they would only look, but really the kids are to frightened of most if not all adults at this point because they honestly don't know who they can trust....

    Its so heartbreaking.... :'(

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  4. I STILL have flashes of what it was like in school, everyday being bullied and harassed because I didn't dress like them, being painfully shy didn't help, it also didn't help going home and dealing with more bullying there....

    And at neither place was there any effort at all to put a stop to it, it was just one of those deal with it kind of thing's because nothing was going to change.

    HOPEFULLY things will start to turn around for Stefan/Eric, he has really been through enough.....I just wanna reach in and give him a huge hug and the reassurance that he needs to be given that everything is going to be fine in the end and that there are people he can trust...

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